Time for a change at Arsenal…

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Well, there we have it. Another season, another predictable disappointment.

You know what made it sadder? This was the first game since the ten-year anniversary of David Rocastle’s death and the players couldn’t motivate themselves to do the great man proud.

It’s hard writing these match reports because I’ve said everything so many times already. Since our Carling Cup loss in late February we’ve beaten Orient in a replay, lost in the FA Cup to United and drawn 3 games on the bounce. That’s three games against teams currently sitting 11th, 12th and 14th in the league table.

Sure we can make excuses. That’s the easiest thing in the world to do. We can talk about goalkeepers always doing well against us… for me, that’s like jailed burglars complaining that the police are too good for them. The simple and hard to stomach fact of the matter is that Arsenal are simply not good enough to win the league. Wenger has assembled a team of chokers who don’t know how to win. Looking at the performance yesterday, I wondered if they even wanted to win?

Almunia shouldn’t be on the pitch. He looks like he’s been told he must play or shameful pictures of his yorkshire terrier will be leaked to the Daily Mail. Sure we didn’t lose yesterday, but I think it’s worth pointing out that Arsene Wenger knew a player wasn’t fit to the wear the Jersey in August, yet somehow, he’s our number one for the crunch run in.

That tells me we have a coach who has lost his touch. He puts his personal affections for players over winning and for me, that’s half the problem with his management style these days. If he’s not buying in the cream of the crap from the bargain bins of Europe, he’s fattening up average players with huge contracts for extended loyalty. Wenger is the over lord at Arsenal and the group of players he’s been fostering for 5 years have totally let him down again.

I’ve said on numerous occasions that achieving in life is all about the fight. If everything is handed to you on plate, why would you work for it? There’s got to be some sort of incentive as a player. That’s the problem with Arsenal football club these days. We’re paying 16 year olds 35 times what they’d get at Barcelona as youth players. We’re giving them everything they want before they’ve even had the chance to show their value and then we’re scratching our heads as to why they don’t show the needed desire on the pitch.

I mean seriously, look at our youth policy. If we’ve been stealing the best teenagers from around Europe for the past 8 years, why aren’t we getting a far superior hit rate to other clubs bringing through players? I think it’s two-fold. Number 1, these kids know they’ll get a chance regardless and I think it’s because money corrupts. I mean look at United. They keep a player out on loan until they’re ready to play in the first team. If they’re not good enough, they’re pulled and replaced. Danny Wellbeck looks a top player, he’s an England international and he’s still out on loan at Sunderland. If he was at Arsenal, he’d have been in the first team struggling away for the past 3 years…

That is the difference…

We had plenty of chances out there yesterday to win the game but we didn’t take them. We were kept out of the game by a goalkeeper who did his job properly, our strikers were kept quiet by a defender many in the blogosphere stated was average. If he’s so average, how come a team as good as Arsenal couldn’t work out a way around him? How could a Blackburn defender who everyone stated wasn’t good enough to play football also give us problems going forward?!

Why are our options up front so blunt? Did Wenger really think bringing on the Ego and Chamakh was going to change things for the better? How many times do those two prove that we blundered by not signing top class back up. Why did he take Andrey Arshavin off when he’s one of the few who can produce something out of nothing? Why take Theo off who is the only example of proper pace we have in the team?

How flat were we out on the pitch again? Where was out leader in such an important game? Who was out there driving the team forward? Who was out there saying, ‘Boys, stop cutting the ball back and have a f*cking rip!’, who was out there saying, ‘boys, this is the f*cking Premiership we’re playing for, show some urgency!’

No one as far as I could see. We opened well, and we finished well… did very little in between. A familiar pattern this year.

It’s sad. I’ve watched our manager put out team after team over the past few years that can’t defend, can’t pick themselves up when the chips are down and can’t get over a set back. In the last three years, I’ve watched the manager ignore huge transfer budgets, fail to address glaring deficiencies in the squad and worst of all… fail to motivate players.

We’ve been saying for a while the dead wood needs clearing out, I guess the question hot on everyone’s lips will be whether the manager comes under that category. His poor squad planning, his inept tactics and weak substitutions combined with his lack of achievement lately all leave me wondering if he’s as dynamic as he used to be?

He’s 6 years into a project that has failed all the major tests. He’s worked hard to create a culture of utopic friendliness that doesn’t equate to results on the pitch. His idea of getting players to love the club by indoctrinating them young has bombed and he’s shown time and time again he’s incapable of changing his ways, so I wonder where we go from here? He won’t leave, he won’t be pushed… so what does the future hold?

I’m not one for booing… but that chorus from the fans at the end told you everything you need to know how the fans are feeling at the moment. Some people who don’t pay to attend will speak out, claiming it’s outrageous, but the simple fact is, you’re not facing a 6.5% price increase to watch crap like that… if you do speak to someone who has a pop about it stating they’d do anything to get a season ticket and that the home fans are a disgrace, call their bluff, ask them to drop me an e-mail, send me £5k and they can have mine and Geoff’s… we’ll be downgrading to normal seats next year and we’d be happy to sell them ours.

You know what though? None of the online big shots will take them… they’re full of more excuses than Wenger.

I’ll leave you on this… David Rocastle once said,

‘Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent’

Who thinks the current crop are paying attention?

I don’t…

See you in the comments.

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523 Responses to “Time for a change at Arsenal…”

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  1. zeus

    gambon says:
    April 3, 2011 at 19:36
    If I had a blog & wrote what I really think of Arsene the earth would shift on its axis.

    That’s just irrational hatred. If I’m gonna harbor such negative feelings about someone I have to know them personally, it won’t be because of football.

  2. rellends

    i watched yesterday’s dross on a stream. with half an hour to go i wet out to do the dishes in the kitchen as i knew it would be nil nil. utterly predictable. utterly depressing. the players looked like they didn’t give a toss. the fact of the matter is that they don’t.

  3. Hitman

    With Cheski & Manure playing poorly, this year was the golden chance to win the league. It was an open goal waiting to be scored.

    This was the year all that rebuilding should have materialised into an easy 14th title. Yet Arsenal went backwards and had one of their worst seasons in the Wenger years.

    Q: Had anyone else been out manager (same players and any they would have brought in the two transfer windows) would we have won the league ?

    A: My answer is yes. Any of the top mangers and even some of the mediocre ones would have done a better job than Wenger this season.

  4. Comrade Wenger

    Greeting Comrades,

    Well it seems the end of the first 5 year plan is at an end, and we must review our most bountiful of years!

    Production of underage seedlings in pink boots is through the roof and a factory in northern Siberia has reported a 30,000% increase in handbrake production! Encouraging news comrades, and shows not just an eficcient maturity of production but also a maturity in efficient production!

    Now, some of you may have been hearing rumours of famines and trophy droughts! NONSENSE!! We are well on our way to achieving our goals and to be honest who would have thought we’d be where we are today considering our terrible lack of resources and those evil doers who dared boo at the end of yesterdays match!! These terrorist infidels must be ousted especially as we embark on a new glorious 5 year plan, where we shall all live in a perfect utopia of golden handbrakes and efficient maturitys!!

    Remeber Comrades: War is Peace; Defeat is Victory, Mediocrity is Brilliance.

    Comrade Wenger

  5. Arsene Nose Best

    any team that consists of koscielny,denilsong,bendtner,almunia,fabianski are not going to win anything,and you can have any other manager in the world thrown in there.

  6. bennyboy

    SUGA heh thanks mate-you as well-a frank exchange of views has definitely enlightened me-I don’t spend much time on these sorts of message boards cos I find they can be a bit depressing but it has been interesting sparring with you matey

    And now: dinner

    See ya

  7. gambon

    Cavani should be a real option to replace bendtner & chamakh, however you just know it won’t happen.

  8. Zorr0

    Evening lads. Just to say that yesterday was the tipping point for me! Time for a change in direction without doubt!

  9. JJ

    Wenger is supposed to be a stat’s guy. Surely our goals conceded stat’s are worse than an already poor prior year. How can he conclude that he has stengthened the defense? My guess is that he will use TV being out as (another) excuse…

    Add to that the joke that is our GK situtation. We are the laughing stock of the world there.

  10. jay

    I am so fed up with people having a go at this team and the manager.
    When Arsenal decided to take on Ashburton Grove Arsene said that there would have to be changes and that we would not be able to buy players.
    He enbarked on the youth project and that project is not something you stop the instand you have £40 million, its something you pursue till success.
    I believe in the project, I am proud we do not buy every player under the sun. I also know that we cannot compete with Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd in terms of spending so we HAVE to do something different. This is it an it WILL work if given time.

  11. Dial Square

    So Jay when is this time, this season,next season? I only ask because Arsenal are telling me if i dont part with £2900 by tomorrow for renewal of my season ticket i will lose it.

  12. JJ

    Jay – That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. It is my opinion that WE DO have the money to buy established players. Not only have we made money from recent sales but we have way too many people on loan and are paying our young players too much before they have made it. Add to that the amount of opportunities we have given to players that should be nowhere near our squad (Denilson) then we have quite the kitty.

    I agree with you that the youth policy made sense when we built the Emirates and were tight on cash. Those times have been and gone but Wenger is just being stubborn now. He wont even spice up his tactics for different opponents. That, in itself, is poor management.

  13. JJ

    Anyone who still has belief in this team/manager needs to go back and watch yersterday’s games. You will see what Fergie did with a team of fairly average players (bar a few) that had their backs to the wall… and then compare it to what Wenger did with the team.

  14. A

    He’s from a world who’s very being and existence is produced by the unimaginable power of Arsene’s belief.

  15. Gavin

    Great post and really sums up exactly how I feel towards Arsenal FC right now. How difficult is it for us fans to watch us throw away every season because we cant handle the pressure that comes with winning. Its all too predictable now and under Wenger I really cant see it changing until he stops playing the father figure to the players. Some of the players need a right kick up the backside not a friendly hug telling them things will get better. Like you said if winning was easy everybody would do it, sometimes you need to fight for that win and we just dont do it.

  16. Santos

    Now when we are linked with a wishful-thinking transfer, shit clubs like spurs are mentioned.. Arsene has turned kur club into a less feared club.. Nobody has regards for us anymore. It breaks my heart when he decieves fans that he is going to amend and ends up dissappointing them. I question his ambition and mental strength . If a good manager misses out on 24 trophies in 6 years, is he still ‘top’? I pity the resident fans who are annually fed with this shower of shite and bottler’s attitude by Wenger and his Children. Do not renew your season tickets !!!!

  17. gambon

    Interesting fact.

    The invincibles first XI combined age was 48 years older than our current first XI.

    When you consider our back ups were keown, van bronkhorst, parlour, wiltord, kanu you can see that we were MUCH more experienced.

    What on earth is wenger thinking? He absolutely 100 % KNOWS this team of kids can’t win anything.

  18. Dial Square

    You lot are missing the point.FACT we have great bars and restaurants some of the best in world football

  19. Santos

    You lot are missing the point.FACT we have great bars and restaurants some of the best in world football

    By Dial Square on April 3, 2011 at 22:47

    Which were innovated by Gazidis,who knows nothing or doesn’t care about football . Where is the ambition ?

  20. Dial Square

    Santos we have lovely prawn cocktails on the menu, and fine wine. What you want a winning team as well?

  21. Dial Square

    Suga i’m a bit short this week lend us a tenner, joking apart we will be looking to change from club level, to sit with the working class


    cant wait to see what arsenal.com (aka north korea.com) tomorrow

    it always makes me laugh seeing the twitter section on what fans thought of the game

    shows how far away the club is to the fans nowadeys

  23. SUGA3

    good for you mate, it will probably give them a thing or two to think about if there will be more people doing that…

    anyway, I am off, see you lot tomorrow, you can check out my blog tomorrow morning as well, I have just written a bit of a satire about the financial stuff 😉


    maybe we should have a parade down islington, when we win best hospitality of the year

    the days of standing up in the clockend with proper banter and atmosphere watching all the great players winning trophies to now sitting down quietly watching half hearted performances

    what has happened to our club

    protest is so badly needed otherwise get ready for another season like the last 6

  25. fizman where are you

    wow, arsene is under the cosh on this site… i was there yesterday as well as at the hawthorns our last game… so what to do? its all about fizman not arsene.. time helps us, what has changed since 2006? dein is not arsenes incredible double act, why? fizman booted him out in spite, we all know the story… kroenke has done nothing, said nothing, he is nothing, i heard from a good source he is dim… so everyone we seem to be totally fucked, does anybody know the status with fizmans illness? we have a STALEmate vaccum… i love my arsenal, go home and away, was in the nou camp… but i cant see any out at all… anybody got any serious thoughts about it?

  26. SUGA3

    Online Gooner is conduxting a poll on whether OGL is or isn’t the right man for the job, current result:

    Yes 52.25%

    No 47.75%

    fuck me, this was pretty much unthinkable 12 months ago, eh?

  27. Telboy

    All well and good moaning but until we start protesting after games like this nothing will happen. Got to kick start something so the pathetic board have to start coming up with answers. At the moment eveything is to comfortable for them which is reflected in the players who play without any passion because they are in the comfort zone!

  28. Santos

    Wenger who said the int’l break was a blessing in disguise has retuRned to his excuse-givng ways again, saying it was to blame.

  29. arsenal4ever

    but this french cu.. is speaking about Spurs can win agains RM. Fukk off Wenger. Sadly he is the most overpriced manager in football history. Wont resign!! :-(. He even said not to care of some fans attitude. Fukking arrogant wanker he his!!!

  30. Santos

    Spurs will get a legendary spanking from Real Madrid. I think mourinho is playing mind games regarding Ronaldo,Benzema, Marcelo being out.

  31. incesc

    Wenger believes Harry Redknapp’s men have nothing to lose.
    The Arsenal manager said: ‘It is very open, it is 50-50.
    ‘Who cannot be beaten? If everything went all right, Barcelona would be out today. If it had stayed 11 v 11, I am convinced of that.

    its must be drugs, the guy is a lunatic

  32. SUGA3

    er, perhaps he should fuck off and manage Sp*ds?

    or do we have a ‘voyeur’ comment coming our way from ‘Arry?

    I will leave you with that thought, nite!

  33. Joppa

    There is no way Spurs will get spanked. As much as it pains me to say it they have been by far the most impressive English club in the competition. The CL seems to suit the system they play.

    Spurs have a great chance to progress.

  34. Santos

    Do you mean continually crossing the ball to Crouch? They would have go devise other plans if they want to win. Mourinho studies his opponents and is not a predictable muppet like you know who… Real Madrid have better players and an effective counterattacking system.

  35. Wenger the liar

    Jay @ 21:30

    “when we were moving to ashburton Arsene said we wouldnt be able to spend on players”

    I would love a quote from that time that backs this up because my recollection was of a pitch from the board down of the exact opposite, how we were moving to compete. Maybe they meant in 25 years time when the bills have been paid, rolling.

    If they would have been honest from the outset how many people would have signed up to this? The good news is whilst they have had Arsene spinning everyone a perfect picture of the future the share price has increased over 50% and if they are able to keep Arsene in the hot seat for the rest of his contract building up the cash reserves by selling the odd captain here, the odd captain there the share price will have more than doubled from the time we played at highbury.

  36. ColdFire

    Is it me or is Cesc injured on purpose to help reduce his market value???

    Cash-in on the guy, his heart ain’t here. And get some top class players… Wenger

  37. Comrade Wenger


    All the time we waste discussing players and tactics, would surely be better spent ploughing my back garden or perhaps sucking my wifes strap on?

    Dont you agree?

    War is Peace; Slaery is Freedom; Denilson is Vieira.

    Comrade Wenger

  38. Munitionsman

    Great post. Aw has lost sight of what afc stands for. Assembled by a group of men in a munitions factory, having an enduring legacy of loyalty to the shirt and fighting spirit. He has taken that legacy and morphed it into a kind of mutated French ballet club where “collective expression” is valued higher than passion and commitment. He repulses me. I can’t even look at him any more. Sad thing is that this group of players could actually win the league and one cup, in the hands of a real manager of men.

  39. alan b'stard M P

    I checked facebook. There are 61 “Wenger out” type boards

    They are all split and it’s a waste of time. Better off with one site only and all others as members. The newspapers would love that. Good publicity for us. However, the egos take over

    Just don’t turn up to games BOYCOTT ASHBURTON GROVE

  40. eric

    Jose Mourinho to lead Arsenal for winning our overdue Champion League. Time for Wenger to retire, really don’t see the day that we will ever lift the Champion League with Wenger

  41. alan b'stard M P

    Look at this

    # Net Spend 03 – 10/11 Purchased Gross Sold Nett Per Season
    (Buys Gross)
    1 Chelsea £524,700,000 £135,400,000 £389,300,000 £48,662,500
    2 Manchester City £475,220,000 £107,075,000 £368,145,000 £46,018,125
    3 Tottenham £295,400,000 £163,250,000 £132,150,000 £16,518,750
    4 Liverpool £336,680,000 £235,530,000 £101,150,000 £12,643,750
    5 Aston Villa £167,700,000 £73,625,000 £94,075,000 £11,759,375
    6 Birmingham City £96,325,000 £43,725,000 £52,600,000 £6,575,000
    7 Manchester United £264,350,000 £215,200,000 £49,150,000 £6,143,750
    8 Sunderland £127,730,000 £81,950,000 £45,780,000 £5,722,500
    9 Stoke City £55,070,000 £13,495,000 £41,575,000 £5,196,875
    10 Bolton £60,650,000 £26,850,000 £33,800,000 £4,225,000
    11 West Bromwich Albion £70,085,000 £37,190,000 £32,895,000 £4,111,875
    12 Wolves £45,275,000 £16,625,000 £28,650,000 £3,581,250
    15 Fulham £72,980,000 £47,045,000 £25,935,000 £3,241,875
    14 Everton £106,050,500 £83,100,000 £22,950,500 £2,868,813
    15 West Ham £117,230,000 £98,925,000 £18,305,000 £2,288,125
    16 Blackpool £4,700,000 £350,000 £4,350,000 £543,750
    17 Wigan £72,565,000 £74,600,000 -£2,035,000 -£254,375
    18 Arsenal £147,050,000 £149,870,000 -£2,820,000 -£352,500
    19 Newcastle £136,100,000 £147,400,000 -£11,300,000 -£1,412,500
    20 Blackburn Rovers £68,702,000 £83,590,000 -£14,888,000 -£1,861,000

    Middlesbrough £76,900,000 £66,850,000 £10,050,000 £1,256,250
    Hull £24,080,000 £10,475,000 £13,605,000 £1,700,625
    Burnley £15,005,000 £15,825,000 -£820,000 -£102,500
    Portsmouth £95,600,000 £116,460,000 -£20,860,000 -£2,607,500
    Leeds United £5,900,000 £40,250,000 -£34,350,000 -£4,293,750

    This is terrible. Arsenal board should be sent packing

  42. June Pelligrini

    We know AW likes to play with 10 midfielders. OK. So then why leave a poor RvP completely exposed up front? RvP lays off beautiful balls to oncoming players. He is no Carroll or Drogba. That does not fit into triangular midfield play. This team sweeps the ball from side to side but there is no incision like the Invincible team where they created triangles through the penalty box Bergkamp to Pires to Henry in a rotating and circular motion. AW the old French lover; plenty of foreplay but no penetration. The answer is simple. Just play a 4-6 formation. So Walcott and RvP spearheading through the center which would have given Blackburn’s central defenders nightmares. Nasri and Arshavin either side. And Fab and Jack running through into the box to create the triangles to break down teams.

  43. ray1219

    Title? Forget it with this team. Just hope our team do not have to clap and welcome the Premiership winner in Emirates on May 1.

  44. James Otieno

    True we are playing poorly and many are suggesting Wenger should go but no one is telling WHO it is they think will do better than Wenger. WHO would you guys like to take over ? Based on WHAT ? Is he/she available ? Would he fit in the club ? I SUGGEST WE FINISH THE SEASON AND SEE WHERE WE ARE THEN MAKE A DECISION. After all we could still WIN the title.

  45. Anfieldchamps89

    I’m a strong supporter of Wenger but I am getting more fustrated with every performance over the last few weeks. I don’t know what the answer is but maybe performances would have been better if we has not conceded a ridiculous goal at the end of the carling cup final. Lot’s of bloggers and twitters seem to think they know what is wrong at our club at the moment. All I know is that it’s a long way down from where we have been for the last 14 years under Wenger.

  46. eric

    Joe Cole did say this before:-

    “Arsenal are the Harlem Globetrotters” which is really spot on.

    We did to win ugly like Man U and Barcelona and lift the cups at the end of seasons. But this is in fact mission possible to Wenger

  47. saminator

    wenger is just a nerd! should offload the following the players asap, come may:…..almunia aluminium, clichy clueless, denilson damn it! diaby diabolic, fabregas full of fuss (if he chooses to go so vermaelen becomes captain), rosicky roseless, bendtner bent; that means of the current regulars, only four are good enough to be there. i doubt if the rest can even fit in a middle club first eleven!

  48. saminator

    my appeal to the season ticket holders; trash them, stop buying any more…that’s the only message arsene wenger and his stupid board will understand..after all have they not just hiked dem prices? and you accept that crap? using your money to pay a bunch of nobodies, crap players fit to be in the championship and league one!

  49. saminator

    i’ve begun to doubt whether arsenal’s defensive woes were purely because of the bogus players we had…i begin to feel strongly that it’s partly to do with nerd wenger’s winless one-dimensional style of play!

  50. Jay

    Suga3 – I’m from London, what about you?
    As for the ‘quote’ WtL, I can’t produce it (not for want of trying mind but I def remember it. I also remember DD saying it was no good having a great ground but no team to fill it so point taken.
    I have to say the most sensible posts are from Skandibird, albo and james otieno. Who would you bring in to GUARENTEE your desired results in the next two seasons say?
    I looked at the team yesterday – before we started playing – and thought;
    Wilshire – played two internationals under intese media scrutiny; probably knackered.
    Nasi – played two international as new Captain of France with high pressure media attention; probably knackered.
    Arshavin – played two internationals under intense media pressure on his form. Also travelled 7,000+ miles; probably knackered.
    Song – just back from injury; probably not match fit or sharp
    Walcott – ditto
    Fabregas – ditto
    Do I need to go on?? Of course they were a bit flat and lacking energy.

  51. Gemechis

    What a good idea! the very problem is wenger himself. who the hell is he to impose his stupid phiosophy on millions of funs of gooners? he should accept his youthe policy didn’t work for the last six seasons. His bunch of no class collections could’t replace the invincibles. look have we replaced viera? NO; have we repalced Seaman? No. Have we replaced keowel, Cambell, Pires or Bergkamp? NO, No, NO……………

  52. GOONER89

    This is the most accurate article I can remember reading on the current plight of this great club – Very sad BUT very true.
    How can any gooner honestly read it & not completely agree?

  53. MistaKen

    So sad to see Wenger routinely fail after producing the best footballing team in the PL with so much promise. His philosophy failed not because he plays the wrong style of football or system but purely because he fails to see that we need 3 experienced quality fighters to drive the team to victory.