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Interesting that we still have the title in our own hands this season, shock horror we can win this, maybe our boys are planning on peaking at the right time or have we a midfield so bare we are going to struggle? Here is my take.

We can do nothing about what we have left, Djourou won’t be fit for 4 weeks so Wenger will go for a Squillaci – Kozzer duo or will he try out Miquel and Kozzer, for me we know how much Squillaci offers so i would be tempted to persevere with Miquel and see if he has what it takes, we can do no worse at the back, I like this kid, at least he looks like he has what it takes and he is keen.

The midfield is the real challenge though, Jack is a nailed on, Ramsey for me is too, will Cesc return and if he does will it be his swan song? Talking of Song, does anybody know if he’ll be back? He seems to get a lot of injuries these days, Diaby? Forget him, he’s way too inconsistent and always has a strain of some sort, don’t even consider him, he’s let us down more than any player and doesn’t deserve any more chances. Nasri? Is he a forward, a winger or a midfield player. Me? I would put him in the midfield with Jack and Aaron, in the middle, Barca have proved size isn’t everything as has Jack Wilshere, if Cesc and Song return to their best then there are 5 that we can mix it up with.

Up front we have Robin and then the choice of Chamakh, Bendtner, Arshavin and maybe Rosicky, I would recall some of our kids or promote what we have in the reserves, so I would go for Robin, Chamakh and Arshavin, maybe JET can step up, so we should get him back.

We are pretty threadbare and what we have doesn’t excite me, it wasn’t that long ago when we had the likes of Freddie, Reyes, Pires, Dennis and Thierry to fetch on, oh how I miss those days.

Still we have just over a month to win this, I really think we can, but I also believe we have to stop kidding ourselves with players like Eboue, Bedntner, Diaby, Denilson and Almunia, it’s time to go with our best team and if they get injured then they get injured, playing teams with players that are simply not good enough must stop as we’ll win nothing if we don’t.

I’m fed up with reading how we must get behind the team, we always get behind the team, it’s the team that don’t seem interested, not us.

Maybe we should pack out the lower North bank with terracing next year, it would increase our crowd, encourage singing and may make an atmosphere again. Gazidas doesn’t even have to work for that one, the government has asked us, imagine 80,000 of us every week, imagine all those real fans (or so they tell us!) singing and getting in for 4s6d to watch Arsene’s heroes, now that would be interesting.

Blimey if we increased our crowd by 20,000 (oh and the stadium was built to accommodate those extra fans) then maybe, just maybe , we could afford to buy what we need. We sure as hell don’t need 18 players out on loan that’s a fact, and if we do loan them out, then isn’t now the time to bring them back? To help us over the line, because if they aren’t good enough now, they never will be.

Back a petition that matter and sign up to push the Government to back safe standing.


I still believe we can win the league, the others are all playing each other and will drop points, in the old days Arsenal would have won a bunch of titles if the league was played in the second half of the season, we are traditionally strong finishers, come on Arsenal, now’s the time!

Have a great day grovers, only a week and a half to go!

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266 Responses to “Jack, Aaron and who? | Gazidis, help Arsenal bring back safe standing for the masses!”

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  1. KM

    Steve Biko

    I think if Cesc was to leave in the summer, it wouldn’t be a big loss because we now have Wilshere who can play as the CM.

    I’d love Wilshere to play CM with Arshavin and Ramsey rotating as the AM. We would definately need another high energy defensive midfielder

  2. Steve Biko


    Yeah I agree. If we sell Cesc for big money then perhaps reinforcements in other positions will do. I would love Sergio Aguerro as a forward.

  3. KM

    I still think Vela lacks the pace/physique to be a striker in our team or a winger.

    We now play a system with 1 striker…i know RvP isn’t fast but his physique makes up for it.

    We need a winger with raw pace…We’v seen Nasri & Arshavin play as wingers when in reality they are attacking midfielders. They always end up coming inwards towards the centre of the pitch rather than going to the byline.

  4. KM


    Yes Aguerro is a beautiful player. V.similar to Suarez in that he doesn’t roam upfront on his own ala Torres/Drogba/Anelka etc but he’s got pace,tricks and a very powerful shot. He’s better than RvP imo

  5. Steve Biko


    You raise a very pertinent issue. The lack of good wingers has been our bane. I look at manure and see Nani and Valencia and wish we had that kind of delivery to the box. We would have been a very lethal team especially against teams that park the bus.

  6. gooner

    Ramsey is a £5mil insurance against cesc leaving

    IMO if the leg break didnt happen, cesc would have been let go (for a better price than the derisory sum that the cuntalunians offered), and ramsey promoted to that role.

    Hes going to be a star

  7. Geoff

    PHV, because Denilson is shite, Miquel on the other hand looks promising, how can you possibly use lack of confidence for Denilson when he’s played over 150 EPL games?

    Not to mention what he gets paid and his wanker of an attitude.

    I hope that helps you understand me and my reasoning more.

  8. arsenal4ever

    @ Tobias says:
    March 24, 2011 at 14:21

    probably? There is no way Kos or Squichy are better like CAhill. Cahill is a monster and we need an english CB.

  9. sixx pac

    Cahill is pure and utter shite. Why would we buy a Centerback who’s gonna be 4th choice when we already have Squillaci/Miquel? Cuz he’s English?

  10. MatthewT

    Why should we even be discussing if Kos will come good, he may or he may not but at the moment he should only be a squad player and we should have signed someone that was already top class.

    I am sick of the bullshit that some fans come out with, saying we don’t need to sign players because Player X will come good, usually giving Flamini or Song as successful examples of this policy.

    Honestly Flamini and Song are not that great anyway, its just they were so poor previously that when they became average we all thought they were billiant.

  11. Tobias

    Arsenal 4ever,

    I havn’t seen cahill in Arsenal, but my guess is that he is better than Squill, but I think kos has a big part to play for us !

  12. Big Dave


    Turnover: £312.3m

    Operating profit: £58.8m

    Net debt: £297.0m

    Interest payment: £16.6m

    A pocket of financial sanity. The club’s 08-09 accounts show the outstanding value of the bonds issued to finance the building of the Emirates stadium at £244.9m. But this is repayable over a 20 to 22-year term at a fixed interest rate of 5.3 per cent. The club is also paying off some of the principal sum of the bond each year (£5.3m in 08-09), which means that Arsenal, managed by Arsène Wenger, will not be saddled with debt indefinitely. The bank loan taken out by the club with Barclays to finance the Highbury Square apartment complex, on the site of Arsenal’s former ground, stood at £137m, with a repayment date of December 2010 and an interest rate of 2-2.5 per cent above the London inter-bank lending rate (Libor). Since then, however, the club has reduced the property bank loan to £47.1m, financed by selling apartments at Highbury Square for a discount. The main financial risk for the club would be a failure to fill the Emirates.

    Is that net debt still the name at present,anyone know ?

  13. KM

    Steve Biko

    Nani & Valencia provide ManU with amazing width and at present they are the main source of goals because frankly speaking their midfield is shit.

    If we have 2 good wingers it would complement our amazing midfield

  14. Steve Biko


    I agree fully. I also think that good wingers would get the best out of our center forwards. Remember the headed goal RVP scored against Newcatsle? or when he hit the post against WBA? Imagine if we had quality balls into the penalty area on a regular basis? The likes of Chamakh would score as many as 25 goals.

  15. Tobias

    I’ve started reading the book ” Arsénal, The making of a modern superclub” again. and all I can say is,

    We really miss David Dein.

    If he gives Usmanov thumbs up, so will I.

    Is there something we as fans can do, to make the board understand that we want red & white as top holder ?

  16. maximus

    135.6M was our net debt,when the last balance sheet was issued big dave. your figures are the year before

  17. Jimbo

    Tobias, you’re spot on there mate.

    I wouldn’t follow Dein blindly (or we’d be at Wembley!), but the guy is more of a visionary than our current board.

  18. Steve Biko


    What I don’t get is if such reports have any meaning. They always seem to appear at this stage in the season as if to convince us that Wenger really tried to make the necessary purchases. The fact is if Wenger was not able to get Reina why not bid for another keeper. Seriously the WC showed a lot of promising keepers yet Wenger chose not to act.

  19. Jimbo

    Steve – apology accepted mate. Sorry to keep going off on one – I know it’s tedious!

    Just praying Jack and Rambo don’t injure each other tonight!

  20. Tobias


    no ofcourse we won’t follow him blindly, but at the moment, we are at a real stand still.

    Nothing is happening with our board.

    Atleast with Dein, things were happening. Things progressed.

    found this pretty interesting article and is basically sums up all of our problems,


    We need some one to shake the cage around a bit.

  21. Dutchman

    Steve, yes, strange thing. Stekelenburg is a topkeeper too. He will go to united. But wenger is too stubborn. He only bid for a player he surely knows “that makes us stronger”. I’am fed up with him!

  22. KM

    India going ahead slowly but surely

    it would take something extra-ordinary from the Aussies or reckless from the Indians to derail their passage into the semi’s.

  23. Steve Biko


    You know Bellamy is not captain material right? On a more serious note I think the Welsh really rate Ramsey and perhaps want to prepare him for future leadership role by making him captain at this moment.

  24. KM


    It was either going to be Bale or Ramsey.

    These 2 are the long term future of the Welsh side.

    Bellamy is too erratic a player/personality to captain a side, although he’s got fire in his belly. He can’t control himself.

    I agree its too early for Ramsey to be captain but to be honest Wales haven’t got many quality players who can stand up and inspire the team

  25. Steve Biko


    When I think of Bellamy I remember what Bryan Robson said about him. The only player he knew who could start a fight if he was alone in the room!

  26. Tobias


    But this is what I meant, Gazidis is supposed to be our guy, but he hasn’t done anything.

    I don’t know how the protocol is at the club, but can it be that it is Gazidis who has failed with the signings, other then Wenger ?

    And that is a pure question, not an argument =)

  27. maximus

    these were the full results posted for the last financial year Big D.

    The completion of sale of 362 (2009 – 208) private apartments at Highbury Square and the social housing site at Queensland Road generated £156.9 million of revenue from property (2009 – £88.3 million) and allowed the Group to repay £129.6 million of bank loans.
    The Group’s property business is now debt free and generating surplus cash for the Group. The overall level of Group net debt had been reduced to £135.6 million (2009 – £297.7 million) at the balance sheet date.
    Group turnover increased to £379.9 million (2009 – £313.3 million) boosted by the income generated from property sales.
    Operating profit (before depreciation and player trading) in the football business was £56.8 million (2009 – £62.7 million) after increased wage costs.
    Operating profit in the property business was £15.2 million (2009 – £7.8 million) reflecting the sales activity at Highbury Square.
    Profit from player trading of £13.6 million (2009 – £2.9 million).
    Group profit before tax was £56.0 million (2009 – £45.5 million) and profit after tax was £61.0 million (2009 – £35.2 million).

  28. Steve Biko


    Where did Jaguar go? I hope he is not still frothing at the mouth as he watches “Duduyaby” on an old Arsenal season review DVD!

  29. KM


    I’m also hoping u guys win

    It’d be good for the old enemies to meet again in the semi’s 😉

    Imo India has the strongest batting line-up in the world, but Pakistan has the best balling in the world.

    So it’l be a nice contest if these two meet in the semi’s

  30. Santos

    I just read your link. Some people have accused LG of being against Arsene’s philosophy and that some people were ecstatic when they heard about Usmanov’s increase in shares. Pls who wouldn’t be? All I wish for is for financial buoyance and Wenger to change his methods. Whats AAA btw?

  31. Dutchman

    Tobias, i don’t know what gazides does but i do know that wenger only buys players when he is 100% sure that this players are good enough, that’s why he doesn’t buy big names because when the big names fail…… You know what i mean.

  32. arsenal4ever

    KM says:
    March 24, 2011 at 16:27

    he is nothing but gets 50k p week. Brillant business from Mr. stubborn himself!!!

  33. arsenal4ever

    Dutchman says:
    March 24, 2011 at 16:35

    but this makes no sense. We bid 8 mill for Cahill but got Squichy for 6 mill. This isnt a bargain buy. This is just shit!!!

  34. KM

    Problem is though our system only allows 1 striker…..so we can’t accomodate Aguerro & RvP.

    If u were playing 2 strikers then you would want a partnership of Aguerro & Torres. Rvp and Aguerro are both 2nd strikers. I know many argue different but RvP is a 2nd striker.

  35. Kushagra India

    Pakistan have built their successes on part timers like Shahid Hafeez Rehman ….Gul is the only threat they will get a royal thrashing at Mohali….GO INDIA GO…

  36. gooner

    That robbie savage post is bang on.

    Lets hope its the blank cheque go sign a world class keeper, defender and striker or your sacked option

    never happen though

  37. zeus

    Problem is though our system only allows 1 striker…..so we can’t accomodate Aguerro & RvP.

    Messi leads the line on his own just fine.
    Freak of nature talent I know.

  38. Kushagra India

    The phone rings in the Australian Cricket Team’s changing room.
    “G’day. Could I speak to Ricky Ponting, please?”
    “Aww, look, sorry mate, he’s just gone out to bat.”
    “Oh, that’s alright, mate. I’ll hang on.”

  39. Mayank

    Brilliant match! Watched it in a pub where the bill came out twice of what I expected because the upped the rates for the match.

    The look on Ponting’s face was priceless!

    Feel for Brett Lee though, top player…

    I wish Aussie’s are a bit more humble in defeat and don’t fall back on the usual doctored pitches routine. One can but hope.

    Standing areas if they work out will make matches in England almost unwinnable.

  40. Mayank

    Ramsey captaining Wales is he. So now we have Cesc, Arsh, Ramsey, Rosicky and Verm as players who’ve captained at the top level. Besides that RvP, Sagna and JW are definitely leaders on the pitch.

    Hurray for Mental stwength!!

  41. Kushagra India

    BBC News: England women suffer Ashes defeat against Australia

    “The women were a disgrace, they do not even know the LBW rule.”

    Says BBC’s new cricket pundit Andy Gray.

  42. Kushagra India

    The Australian bobsleigh team have asked the Aussie cricket team for a meeting.

    They want to ask their advice about how they managed to go downhill so fast….

  43. gambon

    Lol, what’s that elephant washing crank Steve biko talking about…when has the mighty gambon ever judged a player by nationality.

  44. Rohan

    ‎”Never argue with an idiot. They’ll bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience.”

    Sid Lowe

  45. Dial Square

    incesc says:
    March 24, 2011 at 21:36
    biko is a xenophobe, he hates welsh people

    Doesn’t everybody ? Apart from Rambo of course.

  46. Marko

    Sign up some of them Udinese cunts snd here’s hoping they miss out on the Champions League cause Inler, Zapata, Asamoah and Sanchez will be looked at in the summer and are having very good seasons indeed. We have enquired for Inler before so hopefully he’ll be a target in the summer.

  47. LeProf

    Arsenal good old memories….ahhh…”Have you ever seen England play like this?”…”That was some of the best football we’ve seen here in a long time”…

    December 3, 2007
    Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal…
    Goals: Gardner (14) 1-0; Flamini (23) 1-1; Adebayor (36) 1-2.

    Aston Villa (4-4-2): Carson; Mellberg, Knight, Laursen, Bouma (Berger, 76); Gardner, Petrov (Maloney, 32), Barry, Young; Agbonlahor, Carew. Substitutes not used: Taylor (gk), Harewood, Davies.
    Arsenal (4-4-1-1): Almunia; Sagna, Tour, Gallas, Clichy; Ebou, Diarra, Flamini, Rosicky (Silva, 74); Hleb (Walcott, 60); Adebayor (Bendtner, 90). Substitutes not used: Lehmann (gk), Senderos.

    From The Independent news:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2: England woe stressed by Wenger’s fluent foreigners
    By Glenn Moore, Monday, 3 December 2007

    …The problem with hiring Wenger was neatly encapsulated in the two chants which echoed from the away support as his team passed their way around a bewildered Villa in the first half: “You need more foreigners”, and, “Have you ever seen England play like this?” Arsenal play football of a fluidity and style rarely, if ever, seen in the English game. There is, this season, a nod to local traditions when an occasional long ball is sent to Emmanuel Adebayor’s brow, but generally Arsenal play pass-and-move on the ground…

    …Wenger can also bring in players from around the world, and does. The question has to be asked, if Wenger cannot find one English player good enough to start for Arsenal, is it possible to select a squad of English footballers capable of playing this way?

    …Where is the English Alexander Hleb, who dictated the game before being chopped down by John Carew? He comes from Belarus, a country which has never qualified for a major tournament. When asked, O’Neill largely avoided the question, except to argue that Manchester United, with several English players, had played just as well against them.

    …But Gareth Barry echoed so many opponents when he said: “We were taught a footballing lesson in the first half. “They showed us how to play the game. There is not a team in the country who can touch Arsenal on that style of football.” That probably includes the national team, whoever the manager is. O’Neill’s Villa, by contrast, play in a style which is recognisably domestic.

    From The Sun:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2
    By JANINE SELF, The Sun, Published: 03 Dec 2007

    …In Fabregas’ absence, Mathieu Flamini pulled all the strings in first half and never gave up when the going got tougher after the break. Villa skipper Gareth Barry would agree with that verdict – especially after what was ack-nowledged as Arsenal’s best 45 minutes of the season.

    …The England midfielder said: “The first half was a big lesson for us. That was some of the best football we’ve seen here in a long time but we thought about it at half-time and responded.

    …”We were taught a footballing lesson in the first half. They showed us how to play the game. They are so easy on the eye.

    From The Guardian:
    Aston Villa 1 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal pass skill and spirit test in the face of Villa’s best and worst
    The Guardian, Monday 3 December 2007

    …Shortly after the final whistle confirmed the end of Aston Villa’s four-game winning run, their manager, Martin O’Neill, was standing expressionless, staring at his feet and preparing to explain his feelings, presumably of crushing disappointment, at his side’s frustrating failure. Instead eventually he said: “Obviously, I’m delighted.”

    …If O’Neill was that happy, imagine how Arsène Wenger must have felt. “We were absolutely amazing,” the Arsenal manager purred. It was that kind of game, the kind it is impossible not to enjoy. For Arsenal, this was unequivocally impressive: in the first half they proved their skill, in the second their spirit. Villa also proved two points: the best way to approach a game against the league leaders, and the worst.

  48. Gooby

    when robin’s asked if he would leave arsenal that’s his answer

    “Absolutely not. I’m happy here, I have a contract with Arsenal and I fully respect that.”

    what a classy fella

  49. SUGA3


    he must be our current Mr Arsenal, here’s to hoping that he will gee everyone up enough to give 110%!

    and oh, let’s hope he explains to the certain Brazilian that he should go AWOL until May, or forever 😆

  50. goonerT1m

    will be interesting to see how rambo copes on the weekend, might take a lot out of him physically as well as mentally, last thing we need is another injury, we are going to need him fresh to keep out some of the usuals.