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So the worst kept secret since Wayne Rooney entrusted a hooker with £200 to buy him some fags is out…

Jens Lehmann is back!

I was told about it on Sunday, totally forgot about it amongst all the other stuff, then missed out on an exclusive


Anyway, I’m pretty excited about it. I’m not really sure why so many people are getting bent out of shape about it. The likelyhood of him playing are about as slim as Denilson picking up an injury or getting that much mooted transfer to Barcelona this summer. Manchester City, with more money than Wayne Rooney’s hooker after buying him some fags, had a similar situation last year and they ended up ushering in Márton Fülöp.

Jens will come in, kick a few puppies, shout at a few people for standing on his shadow and possibly chase Almunia round the shower with a damp towel (that’ll get some colour in his gaunt cheeks). He’s been around the camp for a few weeks apparently and he’s been great. You can’t argue with his inclusion, the guy is a legend. It’s amazing, when he was with us, I always used to find myself getting angry at his petulance… how I’d have opted for that over the calamities we’ve faced over the past few years.

Still, we’re in good shape on the goalkeeping front. No one could account for the mess that’s happened this year. Chezzer is our number 1 now, he is probably the best young keeper in the world and he will be a great asset going forward.

Onto news of a more serious nature. Geoff and I received our club level season ticket renewals through the post yesterday, Arsenal have lumped us with a 6.5% price increase taking a pair of tickets up to £5540 for the season. All in all, the total additional revenue generated by this pocket busting exercise is about £6million. That’s 2 Abou Diaby’s in wage terms. I find it disgraceful that we’re employing an expensive collection of International Commercial monsters and the best they could come up with for revenue generation ideas was a ticket price increase.

I also find it amazing that we’ve employed a new Communications guy and he didn’t look at the fixture list before landing the bombshell on our doorsteps. What an absolutely believable piece of toilet Arsenal PR. Where do the club get off doing this to us at this time?

People will say that 6.5% when you consider inflation and the VAT rise isn’t that much. Well, it depends what angle you look at it. If you think we merit the most expensive ticket in the game, fair shout. If you think like most that we’re being shafted, you’ll probably find the increase harder to stomach than seeing Wayne Rooney naked smoking a £200 box of fags after sex with a hooker.

We pay all this money and the coach doesn’t invest in the squad, we haven’t won anything for 5 seasons, the wage bill is going up, the managers salary is at £7million, the CEO is getting a 70% bonus and we’re lumped with the increase in inflationary costs?

@TimPayton made a great point on twitter yesterday, if we’d won our Champions League group and qualified for the quarter finals, we’d have an extra £8million in the bank right now. That’s 40,000 boxes of Wayne Rooney fags.

If you thought that was bad enough, we’ll be donning two new strips again for our 125 year anniversary (The away one will be blue because they sell more). It’s absolutely relentless being an Arsenal fan and it’s becoming an unfeasible for even the well off middle class these days. Arsenal need to be careful they don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg, even if Arsenal promise to engrave that egg with your name for an extra £45.

As with all things, there comes a tipping point, with all the empty seats we’ve seen in a pretty competitive season this year, you wonder if fans are reaching it?

I don’t mind wedging out for a ticket if I know the club are going to invest in the playing staff… and I don’t mean paying our poor players more than they’re worth, I mean buying in what we need. I’d much prefer a lean squad of top players who want to fight for the shirt than a squad of over paid teenagers who might make it with a dubious attitude. Paying out football tax and seeing it squandered is gutting and if it’s not pricing people out of paying, I’m sure it’s making them feel a little queazy at the prospect of handing over their pay day loan to cover the cost.

Since Arsenal purchased Dennis Bergkamp way back in 1996, we’ve never had to sell a season ticket on general sale. 8,000 people bought a season ticket off the  back of his signing. Who says superstars are a waste of money?

The sad fact is, we’re still 50% more expensive than Manchester United across all levels. Now, I know it’s pretty under privelaged once you’re outside the M25, but not to the extent where ticket prices are that much lower.

It was interesting that last year people flew down the waiting list. People claimed that Le Grove lied about that, well, I’m pretty sure if you know anyone on the list they’ll tell you first hand their number dropped significantly. The thing with a waiting list is that there is a big difference  between being on it complaining about not getting a chance… then actually being presented with a £2,500 bill for two tickets. Now, I know plenty of people wouldn’t have paid, however, I can’t lay my hands on those statistics. What I can tell you is that a number of additional season tickets were made available last year in the areas that didn’t sell well when on general sale.

Last season the overall ticket churn was 3%, question is, what will it be this year?

I can’t leave you without giving you a balanced argument, we’d never do such a thing on this Arsenal blog.

If there was a tick box on your season ticket form that said, ‘The keep Cesc & Nasri‘ fund and the cost was 6% on your ticket, what would you do? That’s the reality of it. Samir Nasri is not going to sign up for anything less than what he’d get at Chelsea or Manchester City. Arsenal did not have those two clubs in mind when they moved over to the Emirates and for those of you asking why we left Highbury, well, our wage bill is now equal to the total revenue made at Highbury. We’d be dead and buried like Everton if we’d stayed.

That said, I still believe when you earn the money the people at the club earn, you lose touch with reality. Who on our board is thinking about the fans? No one is my guess… Can you see people like PHW caring a hoot about fans struggling to pay their fees to see their beloved club? I can’t. It’s days like yesterday that make you feel what you have become… just another paying customer.

Shame on you Arsenal, shame on you.

P.S. Le Grove had ventured into the exciting world of tumblr! We used to have a funnies page, it became too much for me to handle and it was hard to access. So instead, we’ve set up a Le Grove Tumblr so I can stick the best photo shopped pics on there. In fact, any pictures or videos you might have would be of interest. As long as they’re unique and most importantly… funny!

Finally, if I haven’t responded to your e-mails over the last month, it’s mostly because I went all big time when the band Morning Parade said we were their favourite blog. We didn’t hang out or anything, I just stayed in, drank coffee and ignored e-mails. Anyway, I’m back online, so if you do e-mail in, I promise a prompt response.

Finally, finally, if you have any spares for WBA, get in touch, I have buyers galore. I also have club level renting opportunities if you’re interested. Enquire within!

Also… pray for JD, could be back sooner than expected… according to others.

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  1. Rohan

    Oh damn, you’re the one who signs off every single comment with the “In Arsene we rust” catch phrase, aren’t you.

    Good for you. You must be very clever.

  2. Master P

    just saw this on skysports….does that mean we dont have the record anymore ❓

    Didier Deschamps’ side can also take heart from a record which has seen them go 512 minutes without conceding a goal in Europe – currently the longest run in the Champions League.

  3. Cloggs

    With all respect mate, but I’ve seen that remark before.
    It’s typical how folks like you who still advocate the presence of Wenger, (don’t get me wrong there, you’re entitled to have your opinion on that as well is I do) avoid that question…
    Why is it so difficult to answer?

  4. Arse&Nose©

    Maybe I will rate Henry as a legend in 10 years time but now it is too recent.

    I can not forget the way he would frown at younger players for every mistake, how he shook hands and hugged teddy sheringham after a derby when sheringham scored and ran to arsenal fans, how he flirted with barcelona every year, how towards the end he strolled around and acted like a primadona.

  5. Kushagra India

    We may or may not win the league this year but some serious work needs to be done in the summer if we want to progress and compete in future..

  6. gambon


    Think youre being a bit harsh on Titi there.

    he may have done them things, but more importantly he used to be a fucking goal machine, and is the best player we’ve ever had.

    Im sure Denilson is a lovely guy who never flirts with other clubs, but he’s a fucking mong on the pitch.

  7. Master P

    Kushagra India says:
    March 15,2007,2008,2009,2010 and 2011 at 15:24 😉
    We may or may not win the league this year but some serious work needs to be done in the summer if we want to progress and compete in future..

  8. Kushagra India

    Master P its time to forgive and forget that’s the only thing left in our hands or become Raugaj…. 😉

  9. Wrighty7

    @Cloggs and Jimbo

    I think this will be Arsene’s last contract at the club anyway.

    He will not be sacked, even if he doesn’t win a thing, and I believe he will move on when his current deal runs out.

    Personally I won’t be able to answer that until the end of the season.

    For all we know we COULD be champions. If we don’t win then I believe things will be freshened up at the club anyway.

    Be it on the playing field or behind the scenes.

  10. Master P

    gambon says:
    March 15, 2011 at 15:34
    BTW, if we win the league i still think Wenger should go.

    You fucking akb-retar-spastic 😉

  11. Raugaj

    If we win the league,the wanker would say that he has been right all along,and would sell Fabregas, Nasri and Arshavin for his bonuses,and double the wages of Dudaby,Denilshite and Clownmunia.Happy days.

  12. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, compare him to Bergkamp not Denilson.

    Bergkamp was class on and off the pitch. Even when arsenal left him hanging at the end of seasons with a 1 year extension he wouldn’t flirt with other clubs.

  13. Rohan

    The French national team job is just being warmed until 2014 for him to take. It’s pretty obvious.

    So gambon, we have 3 more years of the Wengooner.

  14. gambon

    “the Wengooner”

    Calling Wenger a Gooner is ridiculous, he couldnt be less of a gooner, he doesnt give a fuck about the fans.

  15. Rohan

    Wenger loves Arsenal. He could have left at any point for big paying moves to the likes of Madrid. Even if he left today, every single club in the world would want him as their manager. Every single one.

  16. Master P

    Wrighty7 says:
    March 15, 2011 at 15:45
    So Raugaj you would rather us lose the league so that “wanker” can be proved wrong I take it?

    There’s logic for you Wrighty!

  17. Raugaj

    Wrighty.Thats debatable.

    If we win the league this year,there will be new contracts for all his shit love children,which means more of misery for the next few years.I would rather us not winning the league if a new manager,with winning ideas take charge,who would take us to the next level.

    You are talking crap as usual.Wenger wouldnt last six months at Real with his crap cheap shit French players.Not many clubs would waste their money for him either,apart from may be a few shit clubs in France.

  18. thierry4life

    Arse & Nose –
    Complete different situations.
    Bergkamp coming to the end of his career.
    Thierry at his peak – probably had his Crystal ball out that Arsenal were in decline. Went to the best team in the world & to be honest his Trophy cabinet justifies the decision.

  19. BillikenGooner

    I’m still one of the minority, I guess, in that the late ’90s-early ’00s winning years should be considered the Bergkamp Era and not the Wenger Era.

    And he is/was the best Arsenal player ever.

  20. gambon

    No Rohan

    He loves being the big man, and having more power than any man in the history of club management.

    He loves having no boss, and making the rules.

    He loves his huge paycheque that he doesnt need to justify.

    He loves his crazy experiment, that no one else would let him run.

    Oh, and he likes to be close to Paris for obvious reasons!!

    He doesnt love “Arsenal” or the fans.

  21. simon mcmahon

    bergkamp was class personified the greatest player I have seen in my time supporting the club.
    I get the feeling with him it was never about the money,he cared.
    Unlike this lot..

  22. Wrighty7

    Can I ask you a question then please Raugaj, or anyone else too if they want to answer too.

    What if Arsenal went very very close to winning the title or actually won it and then in the summer sold the likes of Denilson, Diaby etc the ‘dead-wood’ and then brought in some major signings, would you still be so dismissive about Arsene then?

    Try and answer both scenarios if possible.

  23. Master P

    BillikenGooner says:
    March 15, 2011 at 15:52
    And he is/was the best Arsenal player ever.

    True dat.
    Absolute master

  24. Big Dave

    “A rise after another year of profit hoarding? I think it’s an absolute disgrace and about time Arsenal fans voiced their discontent about the way things are going online and in the ground,” wrote Arsenal blogger Le Grove.

    “We’re being run by a manager who is accountable to no-one, who has flunked three out of four trophies again and you’re being whacked with an increase in price in one of the hardest recessions ever despite record profits over the last five years. That is almost as disgusting as our annual collapse.”

  25. BillikenGooner

    I don’t necessarily agree with the “by some distance” part, but I easily understand that most consider Henry the best.

    However, if I’m starting a team and have the schoolyard pick… I’m picking Bergkamp. He could make a lot of strikers look good.

  26. Wrighty7

    IMO Bergkamp and Henry are there in the top 3 of Arsenal legends alongside David Hillier.

    Seriously though it is refreshing to see the likes of Bergkamp and Henry only ever talking positively about Arsenal.

    Its clear they love the club.

  27. sixx pac

    He’s mad he’s French and he’s taking over
    Drogba beware of the man they call Kozzer
    A smile on his face you’ll never see
    Did I yet mention he’s bad and he’s mean.

    You boys need glasses if u can’t recognize this talent.

    Jimbo says:
    March 15, 2011 at 11:30
    Why do you think Cahill won’t get better too?
    He’s already less clanger-prone than Kos, and
    more experienced, AND he actually opens his
    mouth (apart from to catch flies)

    Is that a frog reference? So it cuz he’s French then? 😀

  28. Cloggs

    I think this will be Arsene’s last contract at the club anyway.

    Concur that but I think he won’t be sitting out his contract.

    He will not be sacked, even if he doesn’t win a thing, and I believe he will move on when his current deal runs out.

    Concur, they won’t offer him a new one anyway.

    For all we know we COULD be champions. If we don’t win then I believe things will be freshened up at the club anyway.

    For all we know we SHOULD have been picking up some silverware in the last 5 seasons, including the title.
    I’m sure he won’t do it this year, not next year and not the year after that. Unless he radically changes his philosophy but for him that would be close to become a different person so it won’t happen.
    The nearman won’t succeed, his philosophy is flawed, his tactical hindsight hampers, his stubborness is blocking him from accepting and adapting to fresh input, all opponents have read his book.
    The only thing he (still) is very succesfull with is doing an encyclopedia salesman on the fans each season for his own rigid plan. For the board it’s perfectly allright and even a big part of the fanbase is still prepared to swallow that bullshit.

  29. Wrighty7

    Arse & Nose, I’m not sure about Ian Wright any more mate.

    When I was young that man was my hero. Even more so as we shared the same surname. I loved him. Like a brother from another mother.

    I just don’t feel the vibe to him anymore.

  30. Jerry

    Got to be the Ice Man for me also, Bergkamp was class on and off the field, best player ever to grace the Highbury pitch, no question.

    Nevermind all the media shit about the immortal Cantona, Dennis was far better, imagine the accolades if he had played for those fuckers.

    Henry was the best finisher no doubt but without DB10 serving him on a plate he’d not have scored so many either.

    Shame about Reyes, TH was a cock to him but he had quite a few off field problems as well, not least the fact that he was a Pikey and all the family shit that brings.


    i agree wrighty about wrighty

    djourou according to bbc is still out for season

    im waiting for the day denilson has a signing session at the club shop

    someone needs to tell him his wrongs
    i think he may need a police escort if that was to happen

  32. gambon


    Ill answer that.

    If wenger won the title and made major changes (not just in personnel) then of course he should stay as manager.

    However that just isnt gonna happen. Fans have been waiting for him to have an epiphany for 5 years and he hasnt.

    This is why he isnt the man to manage the club IMO, regardless of what we win this year.

  33. Wrighty7

    Thanks for answering Gambon.

    What of Martin Keown saying this was the last year of Wenger’s 5-year-plan though?

    The more I think about about it the more I think there will be a shake-up this summer.

  34. ZARgooner

    Jimbo says:
    March 15, 2011 at 15:09
    ZAR – then you’d be wrong. But cheers anyway.
    Then you would know that not all spending goes through the income statement…. what about capital spending? SO your attempt to belittle someone else, as usual, is not necessarily correct

  35. Master P

    gambon says:
    March 15, 2011 at 16:20

    Ill answer that.

    If wenger won the title and made major changes (not just in personnel) then of course he should stay as manager.

    However that just isnt gonna happen. Fans have been waiting for him to have an epiphany for 5 years and he hasnt.

    This is why he isnt the man to manage the club IMO, regardless of what we win this year.

    Gambon, it hasnt been 5 years mate, it been less than that, I’d say at most 3years because imo denilson, diaby, eboue et al did show signs of progressing into top players (remember eboue when we beat real madrid? he was immmense!) when they arrived and got some game-time.

    @Wrighty, if he did shift the dead-wood and buy accordingly def still the man for the job.

    Can you genuinely see him doing that though?

    I know a lot of true gooners who actually hope WE dONT win anything so he will effectively be FORCED to either buy some quality or move on….

    If he doesnt, i will def reconsider renewing my ST. In fact if he doesnt, I wont be renewing and I know atleast 15 others who wont, as Im sure we all do.

    *prepares rizzla and grinds the purple haze*

  36. Master P

    As in if he doesnt sign some quality players this summer.

    My theory is that even if he does buy, they will be players for the next manager coming in.

    And it WILL be Guardiola.


    regarding the bergkamp / henry debate

    dennis’s arrival was a huge moment for us as a club and the guy in 97-98 was out of this world, i remember sitting in the northbank that season and being mesmerised by him
    and the fact he gave us a decade and the sucsess we had with should make him the greatest arsenal player ever


    thierry as a footballer is unrivalled, he was electric, the buzz that he created was amazing. When he started a game for us, it was like starting 1 nil up physcologically
    he’s goalscoring ratio is thehigher then shearer, van nistelrooy, andy cole and any other premier league player in history
    but it wasnt all about the goals with him, or the fact he had nearly 100 assists when he left

    the fact is he was by far the most skillfull, entertaining player i have ever seen

    was anybody at highbury for the last ever north london derby? and can they remember when he got the nod from wenger to come off the bench and his reaction and what a lift it gave the stadium

    they are both deservedly called our greatest ever players, but imo thierry could do what dennis could do but more

  38. gambon


    Yeah, but both Keown & Dixon have said numerous times that Wenger will change it at the end of a given season, and he never does.

    I honestly think that in the aftermath of a big or humiliating loss, Wenger thinks “these guys arent good enough”…..and I honestly thinks he plans to change things after every season……but when May rolls round his loyalty to his players takes over, and he cant bear to change it.

    Or maybe he just talks utter bollocks all the time. I remember in the interview with martin Samuel, he said that if they didnt get there this season (last season) he would change things, again he didnt.

    Lee Dixon was adamant that changes would be made last summer, and was a bit puzzled when they didnt happen if i remember rightly.

    I think Mourinhos qoute recentley said it all for me, nail on the head.

  39. Raugaj

    That scenario is highly unlikely.If thats the case,I wouldnt mind giving him a chance for one more season.But the fact is it wont ever happen because the wanker is more concerned about French national team and his shit love children than the club itself.

  40. BillikenGooner

    Whether we won it or not, if he did do that, it would mean that Wenger is able to rethink his “belief” in some players, something it seems he has been reluctant to do the past few seasons. (other than some offloading of real youth players)

    And I’d be happy with it, even if some of them didn’t pan out.

  41. Wrighty7

    Cool guys.

    Its been blinding coming back on here. I’ll try and get on more regularly in the future.

    Keep those chins up!

    Even if you don’t believe in Wenger lets give the side our support until the end of the season anyway.

    See ya all later.


    scenario 1

    we win the league this year, and then in the summer sticks with denilson, diaby, bendtner, almunia, rosicky, squillaci and chamakh and adds 2-3 players in the(5-7 million pounds bracket)


    we totally blow the league and dont even take it to the last 3 games but all the above names are replaced with quality

    what is more important for the present and future of arsenal??

  43. zeus

    Rafael Benitez: Bayern Munich are an ‘incredible team’ & are amongst the favourites to win Champions League.

    Funnt to watch him angling for this job.

  44. Arsene Nose Best

    what is more important for the present and future of arsenal??


  45. Arsene Nose Best

    what is more important for the present and future of arsenal??

    get rid of wenger thus leaving a mass exodus of chockers,then start again.

  46. Melvyn

    A letter came yesterday saying :

    Dear Mug

    We are in the hunt for a number of trophies (we’re not)

    We have improved your club level facilities (actually you have reduced them by 50%)

    Please send us a cheque for £3,800.

    Ivan Greedies

    Sadly after 44 years I won’t be going next season – the manager ,the players, and the board are taking the piss.

  47. Marko

    Things to do this summer (irrespective of winning the league):
    Get rid of Hill-Wood, Denilson, Almunia, Bendtner, Arshavin, Squillaci, Diaby, Eboue and Rosicky and replace with a younger chairman who’ll be involved more and a striker we know will score 20 goals a season like Gameiro or Llorente or even Cavani.

  48. Kushagra India

    Bendy scores some fantastic ones as ….he misses some sitters as well quite regularly in way near Arsenal quality ,forget it….

  49. Kushagra India

    Bendy scores some fantastic ones as well ….he misses some sitters … quite regularly in way near Arsenal quality ,forget it….

  50. David

    A says:
    March 15, 2011 at 10:53
    Really Jimbo?!

    He fucked up against Brum along with Szczesny, that’s about it, he hasn’t had any or been a disaster at all imo at any other time.


    Have to give credit to you A,

    You never give up in being wrong.

  51. David


    If its an argument your fishing for im not bitting.

    Cavani is shite?

    He’s scored almost a goal a game. If that is shite then thats welcome at Arsenal

  52. Kushagra India

    In modern football, it is difficult to get in behind the opposition defence, as teams are often very compact at the back with eight or nine players behind the ball. That is why teams now need outstanding individual players who can make their mark in one-on-on situations down the centre of the pitch, but particularly down the wings, there they can drive as far as the opponent’s goalline to create space that often does not exist down the centre of the pitch.”

    Here we have an apt description of (despite the predominance of 4-2-3-1 formations) the decline of the classic number 10. Whilst Wesley Sneijder, Mesut Oezil and Xavi all played broadly in that position, Sneijder and Oezil were so close to the forwards that they were more reminiscent of withdrawn forwards, whilst Xavi played a unique role where his priority was ball retention, rather than creativity. It is notable that Germany and Spain, probably the competition’s two best sides, featured players in wide positions (David Villa, Andres Iniesta, Thomas Mueller, Lukas Podolski) who had all spent the previous domestic season playing in central positions – Villa and Podolski as strikers, Mueller as a ‘link’ player, Iniesta (generally) as a creative central midfielder. There is a need for width, if not necessarily a need for ‘natural’ width, because players cutting in from wide positions can be more dangerous than players who start from central zones.

    Thomas Mueller: “Dynamic and hard-working midfielder, dangerous in front of goal, good technique and passing”
    7. “Balls played in behind the defence from the centre created a significant number of goals (31) and chances, mainly because the weaker teams did not stagger their defence, which meant they were easier to bypass.”

    On first glance this might seem to contradict the above point, but a large proportion of these goals surely stem from balls played from the central midfield zone in behind the opposition full-backs (rather than the centre-backs), for onrushing wingers and wide forwards to run onto. This is a better ball to play than a straight ball through the centre of the pitch – in that situation, the ball is always running away from the forward, and towards the goalkeeper, but these diagonal balls from in to out are extremely difficult to stop.

  53. Kushagra India

    I like his movement but he misses sitters time and again…maybe as a second choice…but I want better …

  54. David

    Fox Soccer Channel always shows the Seria A right after the EPL matches and everytime ive seen Cavani he’s been electric.

    His movement is refreshing and he’s been much better this season.

    YOu have to remember he’s Bendy’s age.

    And galaxy’s apart.

  55. nishanth

    Bendtner is just too clumsy.He has potential no doubt.But his attitude stinks.I like Bendtner but i think he has to leave at the end of this season.Is Gervinho any good??

  56. Gooby

    Jimbo says:
    March 15, 2011 at 12:47
    Gooby – I suspect you don’t work in finance, but Profit is what you have left AFTER you’ve spent your money on the running of the club.

    what in my comment suggested i might work in finance for the club, ffs how didn’t you understand the comment

  57. Kushagra India

    David ok time will tell…..will watch more closely now ..although it doesn’t take me long to identify a player…could be a scout in future..

  58. Kushagra India

    I always like tasty humble pie as I seldom eat it.. 😉

    point on the article that sums it up

    Arsenal looked better when Denilson and Diaby were both withdrawn. There’s a time and a place for Denilson’s solid, reliable passing, but it’s when Arsenal are ahead and want to slow the game down, keeping possession. He wasn’t needed in the second half. Diaby continued to be cumbersome with the ball, and the return of Aaron Ramsey saw a Ramsey-Wilshere partnership in midfield – which might be something we see more frequently in years to come. Those two offered direct forward passing from midfield, and Arsenal had several half-chances (and better) – the finishing simply wasn’t there. Chamakh was introduced to get on the end of moves, but with one goal since November (and that was against Leyton Orient) he hardly provides the potency the rest of the team lacked.

  59. Albo

    So after reading a few articles today about the season ticket situation, I feel it’s worth pointing out a few cheeky omissions from the article. Firstly, I hadn’t realised the ticket price increase only applies to club level? And while that might be a bit of a pain for the few thousand club level holders, I still feel that club level holders have specifically chosen to pay way over the odds for things other than football. If they want to cut their costs, the should get on the waiting list for regular season tickets (and since that list is so short and moving so quickly I’m sure it will be no time before they get their seats!)

    Secondly, the press is reporting it as a 4% increase. I’ve no idea who is right, but thought I’d point it out.

    Thirdly (and by far most importantly) there is no mention on here of the price freeze that has been in place for 3 years! In other words, taking inflation into account the cost of a ticket has been decreasing for the last 3 years. In fact, taking inflation into account it’s probably still cheaper than it was 3 years ago…

  60. Gooby

    wenger himslef said lansbury will make it, the kid clearly got talent and he’s got the gutts to play in the prem imho

  61. David


    The price freeze thing is misleading.

    The tickets were already high enough to offset the losses.

    The other clubs like United have been on a price freeze as well and look set to continue

  62. David

    Dont rate Lansbury at all.

    He’s nothing special.

    Infact, Id say out of all the youth talent we got he’s prob the most over-rated.

    I did love his goal against spurs though. That was sheer quality.

    And its a shame that not a single Arsenal player has been instinctive enough to make that type of run ever since

  63. nishanth

    David-Lansbury is not super talented like Wilshere.But he could be a very useful squad player.He is not a special talent but will be a very useful player to have in the team

  64. Rohan

    I rate Lansbury. Very highly in fact. Even more than JET.

    He has a great work rate ,a great engine, good defensive attributes and more than decent passing. If Denilson can play 200 games, this bloke definitely can. He’s doing very well at Norwich.

  65. Rohan

    Wilshere and Ramsey are destined for stardom and being one of the best players in the world

    Lansbury will be our Romford Pele.

  66. SUGA3

    anyone speaking about rating Bendtner?

    if there is an ounce of truth in the Blackburn rumours, we should snatch their arm off and drive him to that shithole before they recover from that nasty hit to the head 😆

  67. Gooby

    lansbury works hard on the pitch, he’s got an eye for the pass, he can finish, he isn’t afraid to put a foot in and won’t get bullied. pefect squad player in the making.

  68. Rohan

    Bendtner’s ego won’t be satisfied by a move to Blackburn fucking Rovers.

    He’s a city lad. I highly doubt that move will materialize.

    If he does leave; it’ll be to Bayern Munich I bet. Or maybe even Inter.

  69. SUGA3

    well, the problem is that neither Bayern nor Inter will touch him with a barge pole…

    get over it mate, he is not a top class footballer, with his attitude he will never become one and it’s as simple as that…

  70. Rohan

    Both Bayern and Inter were seriously interested in him last summer. He’s pretty highly rated in Europe imo.

    His goal scoring record for a young striker isn’t to be scoffed at. FACT.

  71. SUGA3

    Kenwyne fucking Jones has a better average goal to game ration and he never got the kind of service Bendy does…

    now that is a FACT!

  72. Big Dave

    I miss Edi, he would had been a star here if he had not got his leg broke. That goal v man city, was like a wow moment

  73. Rohan

    been playing out of position and appearances tell a falso story especially when he has hardly started games not to mention that when he has, it’s almost always with the B team.

    He probably gets worse service than Kenwyne fucking Jones. Granted he hasn’t been that great this season, but I remember proving that at one point last season, Bendtner had a better goals to game ratio than Robin van Persie over their two careers.


    lansbury frimpong coquelin aneke all over denilson

    i bet they would at the very least give 100%

    which is 50% more then that fake brazilian

  75. Rohan

    Fuck Chicharito. We had the proper fox in the box. Fuck Martin Taylor. He destroyed what could have been a great career.

  76. SUGA3


    Bendtner was only good for a short period of time at Arsenal and had a good season at Brum and that’s it – ‘form is temporary, class is permanent’ springs to mind…

    he may have a better goal to game ratio than RvP (which I am finding hard to believe, but there you go), but does not bring half as much to the table!

    not to mention his embarrassing first touch and lack of pace…

  77. Rohan

    40 odd years for animals. 90 odd for humans from the date of the incident.

    I’m not joking. I’m an educated and learned man 😀

  78. Rohan

    Of course, that still doesn’t make it completely safe. It’ll practically be eternity before that place is perfectly safe. God knows how the water and the ground/soil is

    of course, I don’t believe for one minute that the Japanese incident will be anywhere near as devastating as Chernobyl. Let’s hope not atleast.

    You can visit here. I know someone who did. Told me it was absolutely soul-destroying.

  79. albo

    David – well, its not misleading as such. Whether they were high or not, the bottom line is that this ‘hike’ isn’t really anything of the sort given the rate of inflation.

    And like I say, as far as club level goes, the ‘fair’ price is essentially whatever people are willing to pay for it, since it is as much about status as it is about football. Like many luxury items the exclusive nature of the price will be as much of a draw to a certain type of customer as anything else…

  80. Rohan

    I said, at one point last year you knob. Oh, and sorry, it was minutes to goal not appearances to goal.