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So the worst kept secret since Wayne Rooney entrusted a hooker with £200 to buy him some fags is out…

Jens Lehmann is back!

I was told about it on Sunday, totally forgot about it amongst all the other stuff, then missed out on an exclusive


Anyway, I’m pretty excited about it. I’m not really sure why so many people are getting bent out of shape about it. The likelyhood of him playing are about as slim as Denilson picking up an injury or getting that much mooted transfer to Barcelona this summer. Manchester City, with more money than Wayne Rooney’s hooker after buying him some fags, had a similar situation last year and they ended up ushering in Márton Fülöp.

Jens will come in, kick a few puppies, shout at a few people for standing on his shadow and possibly chase Almunia round the shower with a damp towel (that’ll get some colour in his gaunt cheeks). He’s been around the camp for a few weeks apparently and he’s been great. You can’t argue with his inclusion, the guy is a legend. It’s amazing, when he was with us, I always used to find myself getting angry at his petulance… how I’d have opted for that over the calamities we’ve faced over the past few years.

Still, we’re in good shape on the goalkeeping front. No one could account for the mess that’s happened this year. Chezzer is our number 1 now, he is probably the best young keeper in the world and he will be a great asset going forward.

Onto news of a more serious nature. Geoff and I received our club level season ticket renewals through the post yesterday, Arsenal have lumped us with a 6.5% price increase taking a pair of tickets up to £5540 for the season. All in all, the total additional revenue generated by this pocket busting exercise is about £6million. That’s 2 Abou Diaby’s in wage terms. I find it disgraceful that we’re employing an expensive collection of International Commercial monsters and the best they could come up with for revenue generation ideas was a ticket price increase.

I also find it amazing that we’ve employed a new Communications guy and he didn’t look at the fixture list before landing the bombshell on our doorsteps. What an absolutely believable piece of toilet Arsenal PR. Where do the club get off doing this to us at this time?

People will say that 6.5% when you consider inflation and the VAT rise isn’t that much. Well, it depends what angle you look at it. If you think we merit the most expensive ticket in the game, fair shout. If you think like most that we’re being shafted, you’ll probably find the increase harder to stomach than seeing Wayne Rooney naked smoking a £200 box of fags after sex with a hooker.

We pay all this money and the coach doesn’t invest in the squad, we haven’t won anything for 5 seasons, the wage bill is going up, the managers salary is at £7million, the CEO is getting a 70% bonus and we’re lumped with the increase in inflationary costs?

@TimPayton made a great point on twitter yesterday, if we’d won our Champions League group and qualified for the quarter finals, we’d have an extra £8million in the bank right now. That’s 40,000 boxes of Wayne Rooney fags.

If you thought that was bad enough, we’ll be donning two new strips again for our 125 year anniversary (The away one will be blue because they sell more). It’s absolutely relentless being an Arsenal fan and it’s becoming an unfeasible for even the well off middle class these days. Arsenal need to be careful they don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg, even if Arsenal promise to engrave that egg with your name for an extra £45.

As with all things, there comes a tipping point, with all the empty seats we’ve seen in a pretty competitive season this year, you wonder if fans are reaching it?

I don’t mind wedging out for a ticket if I know the club are going to invest in the playing staff… and I don’t mean paying our poor players more than they’re worth, I mean buying in what we need. I’d much prefer a lean squad of top players who want to fight for the shirt than a squad of over paid teenagers who might make it with a dubious attitude. Paying out football tax and seeing it squandered is gutting and if it’s not pricing people out of paying, I’m sure it’s making them feel a little queazy at the prospect of handing over their pay day loan to cover the cost.

Since Arsenal purchased Dennis Bergkamp way back in 1996, we’ve never had to sell a season ticket on general sale. 8,000 people bought a season ticket off the  back of his signing. Who says superstars are a waste of money?

The sad fact is, we’re still 50% more expensive than Manchester United across all levels. Now, I know it’s pretty under privelaged once you’re outside the M25, but not to the extent where ticket prices are that much lower.

It was interesting that last year people flew down the waiting list. People claimed that Le Grove lied about that, well, I’m pretty sure if you know anyone on the list they’ll tell you first hand their number dropped significantly. The thing with a waiting list is that there is a big difference  between being on it complaining about not getting a chance… then actually being presented with a £2,500 bill for two tickets. Now, I know plenty of people wouldn’t have paid, however, I can’t lay my hands on those statistics. What I can tell you is that a number of additional season tickets were made available last year in the areas that didn’t sell well when on general sale.

Last season the overall ticket churn was 3%, question is, what will it be this year?

I can’t leave you without giving you a balanced argument, we’d never do such a thing on this Arsenal blog.

If there was a tick box on your season ticket form that said, ‘The keep Cesc & Nasri‘ fund and the cost was 6% on your ticket, what would you do? That’s the reality of it. Samir Nasri is not going to sign up for anything less than what he’d get at Chelsea or Manchester City. Arsenal did not have those two clubs in mind when they moved over to the Emirates and for those of you asking why we left Highbury, well, our wage bill is now equal to the total revenue made at Highbury. We’d be dead and buried like Everton if we’d stayed.

That said, I still believe when you earn the money the people at the club earn, you lose touch with reality. Who on our board is thinking about the fans? No one is my guess… Can you see people like PHW caring a hoot about fans struggling to pay their fees to see their beloved club? I can’t. It’s days like yesterday that make you feel what you have become… just another paying customer.

Shame on you Arsenal, shame on you.

P.S. Le Grove had ventured into the exciting world of tumblr! We used to have a funnies page, it became too much for me to handle and it was hard to access. So instead, we’ve set up a Le Grove Tumblr so I can stick the best photo shopped pics on there. In fact, any pictures or videos you might have would be of interest. As long as they’re unique and most importantly… funny!

Finally, if I haven’t responded to your e-mails over the last month, it’s mostly because I went all big time when the band Morning Parade said we were their favourite blog. We didn’t hang out or anything, I just stayed in, drank coffee and ignored e-mails. Anyway, I’m back online, so if you do e-mail in, I promise a prompt response.

Finally, finally, if you have any spares for WBA, get in touch, I have buyers galore. I also have club level renting opportunities if you’re interested. Enquire within!

Also… pray for JD, could be back sooner than expected… according to others.

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720 Responses to “Season ticket stinger… | Mad Jens signs | Some great stats for you!”

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  1. Master P

    jimbo, when i saw chamakh fluff his chances against manure, you were the first thought in my mind!

    he is absolute pants.

  2. Jimbo

    Master P – I think most people can see it now with Chamakh.

    The lack of goals is just bordering on ridiculous now.

  3. OPG

    Djourou feels no surgery needed on dislocated shoulder. Hopes to resume training very soon & play for Swiss 26March. Scan results today.

    Doubtful atm though even if he hopes..

  4. Jimbo

    If he plays for Switzerland, I’ll be fucking gutted. Somebody needs to have a word in that boy’s ear and remind him which side his bread is buttered. And it won’t be our pathetic twat of a manager.

  5. Master P

    Hope the french drag the game to extar time, injure a few of those dirty mancs and then beat them on pensalties!

  6. Big Dave

    I agree someone should have a word in his shell like and say your not playing for Swiss, in fact they should all pull out of international week

  7. gambon

    Good post.

    So we bring in Gazidis on huge money to push the club forward, who then employs Tom Fox & numerous other executives to bring a huge increase in commercial revenue.

    2 years later….our commercial revenue hasnt budged, and actually dipped last season, and the best they can do is increase ticket prices.

    But as long as Stan and his mates are making big bucks all is OK, along with Wenger on his £7m, and his babies in £3m.

    Fucking horribly run club…theres about 5 people at the club that actually care about winning things, and theyre massively outnumbered by the likes of Wenger, his babies & the board.

  8. Big Dave


    He won the J-League title with Nagoya Grampus in 2009/2010 season and named the coach of the year in Asia

    Talk about groundhog day all over again

  9. paul mc daid

    Arsenal are playing a dangerous game rising the prices this season but thats the way the club is being run at the moment,ZERO consideration for the supporters.

  10. Stone Roses

    If Djourou plays for Switzerland, AW should read him the riot act. Can you imagine what that red nosed bastard would say if Dj was a Manure player?

  11. kenyangooner

    top 20? not good enuff. off to read the post. by the pedders, did good ol’ geoffrey elope with qos? where are they?

  12. A

    If JD is fine then I don’t see the problem in his playing for Switzerland….

    It isn’t a knee injury or muscle strain that he could get a recurrence of

  13. Albo

    Fair post Ped. I’m glad you had the paragraph about the realities if we had stayed at Highbury to nip that particular nonsense in the bud.

    (And the paragraph on Jens made me laugh very loudly and give away that I wasn’t paying any attention to the meeting I was in!)

  14. Jimbo

    Yeah, I know Dave.

    If we could get back the same Wenger that understood pace, power, and mental toughness, I wouldn’t be averse to groundhog day. As long as he doesn’t turn into the senile pathetic arrogant idiot we’ve been left with now.

  15. A

    Not from playing a week earlier rather than a week later. It has a chance of recurrence at ANY time, not (as with muscle injuries) chance of recurrence if he comes back too early.

    The rest of the season without surgery if he gets a knock on it at any point then it could go and he could be fucked, it isn’t dependant on how long after the injury though, coming back too early etc

  16. Jimbo

    I have a problem with him playing for Switzerland FULL STOP.

    He should be focussed on Arsenal. The rest of our CBs are shite, we need Djourou badly.

  17. galviniho

    Don’t listen to Balague he knows nothing about Arsenal. He may of been mates with Rafa Benitez but Stoijkovic is not going to be Arsenal manager. He is recycling something Wenger said to the Croatian press.

    The most likely candidate is Guardiola after next season. He wants to come to England and Arsenal fit his profile.

    I heard Vermelean may be back soon also.

  18. Clacko the gooner

    Morning all.

    Now we have a shortage of CB’s why haven’t we recalled Bartley from Rangers. He has been fucking class for them. So good in fact that they want him next season too, yet we struggle on with the Squid at the back. Shocking really…

  19. galviniho

    Gambon, I heard he may be ok shortly. His Achilles is fine but because of the long period he has been out for it has impacted his other muscles. Here is hoping. Likewise Frimpong may be back before the end of the season.

    Arsenal have a reserve game at Barnet this week….a certain German may play.

    Mad Jens is back in N5!!!

  20. Jimbo

    Clacko – don’t be stupid. We took a fee for sending Bartley to Rangers. We couldn’t possibly pay it back!

  21. Sue

    There’s been no rise for a few years so I will stump up the 6% but would tick the following boxes

    Pay Cesc, Naz, Szez more

    Maintain rates but gentle application of footwear to rear end
    Arshevin, Theo, Chamakh

    Get rid Rosicknote, Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner – if he comes in shouting the odds just play the last 2 mins of the Barca game over and over

    Djourou can NOT go to switz for the interlull. Dislocated shoulders pop very easily soon after the incident he is asking for it to happen again even if a swiss mate slaps him on the back. He wont play v WBA and if the swiss get the hump dont play him v Thugburn and get him back in for Blackpool.

  22. Moray

    Nice long post today, Pedro.

    2 points here:

    1) 2 x Diaby = nothing
    2) I would rather play Djourou with a dislocated shoulder than a fully fit Squillachi

  23. gazzap

    Wenger hints that we are lucky to have him, but I think he was lucky to find Arsenal. A top club with a loyal and relatively wealthy fan base. The stadium move wouldn’t have been possible without us, the fans. Lots of teams move to new stadiums, Wenger makes out like he’s the first one ever to do it. The fans just keep coming, forking out massive money to watch their team fail and wenger make bad decisions on match day. He is indeed the luckiest manager in the world.

  24. Jimbo

    Given that ref against Barca, Switzerland can stick their fucking cuckoo clocks up their fucking arses. Chocolate-making-neutral-monkeys.

  25. Stevie

    Great Post Pedro, I was one of the people who was accused of being a liar when I highlighed how many places I hade moved up the season ticket waiting list last year. Well I have just checked my place on and will again highlight how many places I have moved up the list by the start of the season. I wont take up the offer of a season ticket as I am still feeling the pain of paying 3K of a club level ticket a couple of years ago to watch complete tosh, much easier just to pick the games you want through ticket exchange and keep the other couple of grand in your pocket

  26. Cloggs

    Jens will come in, kick a few puppies, shout at a few people for standing on his shadow and possibly chase Almunia round the shower with a damp towel (that’ll get some colour in his gaunt cheeks). He’s been around the camp for a few weeks apparently and he’s been great. You can’t argue with his inclusion, the guy is a legend. It’s amazing, when he was with us, I always used to find myself getting angry at his petulance… how I’d have opted for that over the calamities we’ve faced over the past few years.

    LOL!!! :mrgreen:

  27. Jimbo

    They bump you up the waiting list if you go to more games on a red membership.

    That’s what my mate at the club told me anyway, and explains why it took me only 5 years or so to get a ST – that was a few years ago now though.

  28. Stevie

    Sue at 10.08 says
    gid rid of “Rosicknote, Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner”

    I agree but would alos add at least 10 of the 17 players we have out on loan who are clearly never going to make it at Arsenal

  29. nuudles

    hi grovers, good post, I am also very excited about mad Jens! I just wish it was rather Chezzer who he backed up as opposed to Almunia since I think Chezzer has a bit of the madman in him and Jens could show him how to focus the madness! Jens is busy getting his training medals, hopefully he can continue on with us after he has helped out. Now just get Koewn or one of the other legends as defense couch, Viera as midfield couch, Dennis as AM/wing couch and we will be golden!

    Also reports of Blackburn wanting Bendy in exchange for £15m… Tempting! Make it £18m or so and we have a deal (go get Benzema for a little more = little net outgo)

  30. Jimbo

    ZAR – just another spineless idiot that guy.

    Think how you’d feel if it were him with a dislocated shoulder instead of Djourou – that should tell you all you need to know about how dodgy Koscielny is.

  31. Jerry

    A popped shoulder is a tricky one just look at Theo the other year. Could go any time you fall with arms outstretched either forward or sideways, he’s a defender, he’s going to fall often and heavily. What are the chances of us being lucky with this? Got to play him though.

    Can’t be easy to promote commercial value if your not winning things. A new fan is especially fickle, the press undermine all we do over here and our lack of success has the same outcome abroad.

  32. ZARgooner

    Jimbo – disagree.

    Agree with all your list of outs barring Kosclielny and maybe just maybe Vela although indifferent to him.

    Unfortunately NO TEA in the world can have 4 world class centre backs. Koscielny as back up is about as good as you can get imo

  33. galviniho

    Like I said don’t listen to Balague. He is on talksport. Says it all really. Read Marcotti’s article on Arsenal as he gives a good perspective on things.

  34. Nick

    There is a serious lack of passion and drive at the club. The commercial revenue is a joke and as usual its the fans who pay.

    I would rather see reasonably priced tickets and if this means selling Cesc, Nasri, Almunia, Bendtner, Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Clichy, Chamakh, Koscielny, Squillaci so be it.

    The following team would have more passion to wear the shirt and we wouldnt see these “couldnt give a shit performances” from certain players:-

    Sagna Vermaelen Bartley Botelho

    Ramsey Frimpong Jack

    Lansbury Van Persie Walcott

  35. Jimbo

    ZAR – no, Smalling is about as good as it gets for a backup CB. That’s the benchmark, and he’s aLOT better than Koscielny.

    Koscielny’s just so dozey it’s untrue. He’s cost us goals in pretty much every big game he’s played this season, it’s astonishing – mentally, he’s a wreck. compare him to Big Tone.

  36. galviniho

    Koscielny has done well. If you watch him live and see his reading of the game you can appreciate him a bit more. For a third choice centre back he is good. I would like us to buy Phil Jones or Ciaran Clark however. I would also have a punt on Connor Wickham.

    If Wenger is happy to go back for players, we should get Flamini back.

  37. A

    Perhaps Nick, although we’d also be languishing in mid table with that team.

    I’d rather pay 6% more and challenge for the title.

  38. Gooby

    Why would we sell kozzer? He’s a top defender.
    Some people can’t admit they were wrong. Time to eat a slice of humble pie

  39. nuudles

    galvinho, does Pep really want to come to Arsenal or is that just your logic because he wants to someday come to England? I really doubt him coming to us, no offense to the Arsenal but that would be a bit of a demotion coming from managing Barca to managing us, at least at the moment, maybe in 2-3 years we can be at their level if we make the right purchases (Hazard, Benzema, Hummels/Cahill, decent DM) and sell the correct players (Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, etc), but obviously not yet…

    I see him wanting to go to Mancs (but Jose wants to take over from Fergie) or Chelsea/City (much bigger budget) or potentially even Liverpool. Maybe the possibility of him going to Liverpool is a bit lower than him following up Wenger. IF he plans to come to us then we should tell that to Cesc, Pep is Cesc’s hero and he wouldnt leave to go to Barca so easily if he knew Pep was going to manage us after another year!

  40. A

    Yes nuudles it’s been talked about alot in terms of Guardiola, and he’s always been very coy when asked about it.

    We’re a perfect fit for him, same footballing philosophy, he’s gone on about how much he admires us as a club etc etc. Barca are even worried that we’ve already spoken to him about taking over at the end of next season, although I doubt that very much.

    In England he’d come to us over any of the others.

  41. Jimbo

    Actually, nearly every game is harsh, considering how well he played in the Barca first leg.

    But the guy’s a liability.

  42. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    still gutted!
    we have to win the league
    two fuckin disgraceful weeks for us and still we care about who posts the comment first
    i dont understand you guys

  43. Jimbo

    galvinho – I watch him live every week mate, and I simply don’t agree. He’s rash. Plain and simple. Dives all over the place, and needs someone to pick up the pieces because he ruins the defensive line all too often. I’d have actually thought it’s the opposite – you watch him live, you see how naive he is. On TV, you get the flash tackles more than anything else, and think he’s brilliant. He’s a really, really poor defender.

  44. galviniho

    Nuddles, Guardiola loves London and spent time here before coaching at Barca.

    I cannot see anyone else up to the task other than Pep. Its not a demotion to come to Arsenal BTW, we are one of the top clubs in Europe. He also has found his time strained at Barca and Arsenal could be the perfect place for him.

    I hear what you are saying about Cesc, but Arsenal have always been bigger than one player and for me as a fan and season ticket holder, the future lies in Jack Wilshere. He is Arsenal captain in the making.

  45. ZARgooner

    Jimbo – his mental side is actually a part of his game that I think is quite good. Senderos was an example of a a defender, who perhaps had the ability, but after any blunder he mentally could not recover. I love how Koscielny dusts himself off and gets on with it.

    Remember this is his first season and those blunders will disappear and what you will be left with is a great defender to call upon as back up.

    Enough with the united love as well Jimbo. Smalling is good but no need to cream yourself over him

  46. Hussain

    Come on Saurabh
    Learn to enjoy small happiness’s of life when the bigger things aren’t giving anything in return!
    Come on IRELAND!!!

  47. TOMTOM

    We should sell Bendtner,he’s as unpredictable as a Japanese nuclear power plant. We should sign Mario Gomez from Bayern Munich imo.

  48. galviniho

    Jimbo, its a matter of opinion, but I think he is a good defender. I agree his style is a bit rash but on the ground one on one he is exceptional. Djourou plays the spare man role like John Terry and Ferdinand so Kozzer will always make a rash challenge as did Carvalho and Vidic.

    You have to give him until next season to develop however, look at Pires and others, it took them a full season to fully adapt from Ligue 1.

  49. Jimbo

    ZAR – really?

    He didn’t have time to dust himself off after losing the Carling Cup final. He was a disaster for the entire second half against Barca, and conceded the winning Peno. He was a disaster both halves against Man U and they barely attacked him.

    I think the pressure gets to him.

  50. galviniho

    Jimbo, we had 10 men against Barca, the best attack in the world.

    If you look at the Man Utd game, Gibbs, Denilson and Diaby provide no protection. They were all terrible.

  51. Jimbo

    Problem is, galvinho, with anyone apart from Djourou, our defensive line falls to bits because the other defender has to always watch out for Koscielny’s next clanger. And the thing is, Laurent can’t adapt his game, at all.

    I don’t particularly rate Squillaci, but I can sympathise with him having to play next to Koscielny – he doesn’t communicate, at all, and he massively unpredictable. Koscielny’s quieter than a fucking convent.

  52. Jimbo

    galvinho – didn’t mean Koscielny had to make a stupid tackle like that in the box, did it. And it still doesn’t mean he played well – he didn’t.

    Agree, Gibbs, Denilson and Diaby WERE all terrible. But we can come onto them aanother time – hopefully, they’re all gone in the summer too.

  53. A

    Really Jimbo?!

    He fucked up against Brum along with Szczesny, that’s about it, he hasn’t had any or been a disaster at all imo at any other time.

    Your obsession with him is worrying, and you see things that aren’t there as a result….

  54. Jimbo

    A- no, Koscielny was majorly at fault for the Birmingham error. Sczezney didn’t make a late call, Wenger has explained as much, Koscielny was just being an idiot. That’s a fact.

    But let’s face it, you’re detached from reality. Not bothering to track runners, or making stupid tackles int he box is about as par for the course as it gets with Koscielny.

  55. galviniho

    Jimbo, we have different views, fair enough.

    To be honest all I want to see and I suspect the rest of the fans do is some fighting performances until the end of the season. If we go down, then do it with some passion and fight.

    Its time to step up.

  56. Jimbo

    galvinho – that last post was to A, not you.

    I happen to agree, if the players put in some effort, unlike the Barca first half, unlike Birmingham, unlike Old Trafford and unlike Sunderland, I’ll be happy. But Wenger apparently can’t motivate them any more.

  57. James Hickey

    If I am honest I dont think Wenger can be faulted for all that is wrong with AFC. It is true we do have some poor players. Denilson would not be considered if Aaron Ramsey had not been assaulted. Thomas Rosickey should have been sold when he “recovered” from “treatment”. Abou Diaby likewise.

    Since David Dein was sacked we have won nothing and this more than anything else is to blame for our demise over the last 6 years. I am not suggesting for one moment that Dein was a saint but he was a football man through and through. More than that he worked closely with Wenger and would not have let the situation with the team develop to the extent it has today. Where is Vermalen his parents saying his achilles is cured and were surprised when they heard he was not back training. The question that need to be asked is this are injured players subjected to blood and drugs tests. Rosicky springs to mind. its a common problem i know.

    Dein sacked, Lady Nina Bracewell Smith sacked, (for opposing the appointment of Gasidis), Stan Fitzman is very ill. This effectively leaves Gazidis in charge and while he talks the usual rhetoric, History, Tradition etc he has been almost Anonymous in guiding/supporting (bollocking) Wenger. He looks at the balance sheet and he can’t see anything wrong. The crescendo of discontent is growing and May will be their time If we fail to win the League.

    The toxic atmosphere growing amongst the home supporters is caused by the high turnover of new season ticket holders. Mainly wealthy, middles class, doing football.

  58. Jimbo

    Lady Nina was not sacked for opposing Gazidis. Don’t know where you got that, but you’re wrong.

    and the atmosphere at home games is caused by a pack of players who can’t be arsed, won’t be dropped, and an unaccountable manager.

  59. gazzap

    Its quite telling that Jimbo lists about 10 players we need to get rid of and people can only respond and debate about one of the players on the list! I think that indicates a massive problem, if 9 or 10 players are basically not good enough to pull on an Arsenal shirt. You cant hope to win a thing with that many bad players.

  60. nuudles

    I am also a fan of Kozzer, yes he has made mistakes but for the greatest part he has been brilliant. I agree that he should be third choice if Djourou and Vermy are both fit, and I do not rate any other 3rd choice cb in the league above him!

    A 4th choice who is better than Squilly would be nice, but Bartley looks really promising for the future and Miquel possibly a year or two behind Bartley in his development.

    There are many other areas where I think we should improve first:
    DM – Song is decent but his style is badly exposed the more technical teams, he generally does well against the thugs of the PL, and he is decent as long as he stays back. Frimpong looked promising pre-season, but I would like if we could get 1 more because we must sell Denilson and only 2 DMs are not enough! Get Muntari/M’vila. I even think Kozzer would make a brilliant DM if both TV & JD are fit. His control on the ball and pace would make him a tough caracter as evident in the run he made on Saturday into the Manc box.

    Wing – Yes we have Nasri, Arsh & Theo, but that is it. Arsh is not getting younger, Theo is unfortunately quite injury prone and even Nasri is out for at least 1 month out of the year. Hopefully Miyachi will be eligible next season as he looks the business. I know we have other kids coming through too but Hazard would be a very good addition, freeing Theo up to occasionally play at CF and Nasri to occasionally play CM. Vela can also play here if his loan goes well.

    Fullbacks – Only Sagna and Clichy really fit the bill. Gibbs needs to go on loan to a club like Bolton where he can get a lot of game time and constantly face big clubs (week in, week out deal with players like Nani, Malouda, Rooney, Suarez, Kuyt, Nasri, Theo, it would do his development worlds of good). Eboue can stay on as back-up, yes it would be nice if we had someone a bit better but he would not demand too much game time and it would not cost a young prospect’s development by sitting on the bench more often than not. There are quite a number of fullbacks who can play on either side, so a back-up fullback in that mould would do nice.

    CF – Keep RvP, sell Bendy & get Benzema as his replacement so that we can use RvP more sparingly. I would go so far as to sell Chamakh too, yes he helped out a lot when we needed him most, and he is a decent enough CF, but it looks like he is a player who needs lots of games to get into the groove, not the best characteristic to have in a back-up player. Rather use JET/Vela or even Theo from time to time. If we feel their development is not at the right level yet then maybe keep Chamakh for another season.

  61. gambon

    Koscielny is awful, and if anyone stumps up £2m+ we should get rid, and bring some decent players in.

    Squillaci & Koscielny out, Cahill & Hummells in.

  62. arsenal4ever

    galviniho Pep would be awesome. Heard we are readying a bid for Ayew. Hope this doesnt mean any end of interest in Hazard which would be madness. Best player in a few years. Him and Jack in the squad would be just awesome and I would forgive WEnger, heheh.

  63. Gooby


    You blame kozz for everything and refuse to see that our defense has been quite good in the league
    With him at the back. you focus on a mistake. Every defender makes mistakes and kozzer doesn’t make a lot of them
    He saved us a lot of goals this season and you failing to admit it is down to your obsession and your inability to change
    Your mind.

  64. Arse&Nose©

    Lansbury needs to come back from Norwich and go into our first team, he runs and runs and at the moment only JW runs.

  65. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    guys there’s no point going on and on about possible signings cause we know that he aint going to sign anyone
    and if he does it’l be a PROMISING young kid from some shit league
    happy about mad jens though

  66. Arsenal Tom

    selling a player because he has taken the world by storm in his first year is ridiculous. he’s played a massive amount of games for his first season probably too many and has done well overall.

    by that logic nasri wouldn’t be here now!

  67. Jimbo

    Gooby – Koscielny makes loads of mistakes. I have no idea how you can claim otherwise. Our defence is mediocre, just like it has been for years.

  68. nuudles

    So Wenger MUST sell at least Denilson, Rosicky & Bendy.

    On the fence about whether we should sell or keep: Diaby, Chamakh, Eboue & Squilly

    In addition if we get appropriate replacements then we can think about selling: Arsh (get Hazard & Miyachi), Almunia (get Mannone back)

    Either get quality replacements or promote some of the kids who have done well (Lansbury, Miyachi & Bartley seemed to have done the best thus far).

  69. 1886-2006

    Balague, the same man who has said every year for the past 4 years that “Cesc will leave in the summer for Barca”.
    Typical talkshite journalism, take someone else’s story, start a rumour and hope it comes true.

    Bunch of wankers who like to stir up shit, and an audience of mugs to fund them with their texts and calls.

    Dragan Stojkovic would be a good shout though, good football brain and technical nouse. I was talking him up weeks ago.

  70. Jimbo

    Arsenal Tom – I don’t rate him because he’s mid-20s, timid, doesn’t shout, makes loads of mistakes, and is about 3-4 years behind the curve where he should be in terms of his development. Abysmal signing, really, when you consider the general lack of leadership and experience at the back.

  71. gazzap

    i’d be happy enough for a while if we sold denilson and diaby. even if we dont replace them I beleive we’d be stronger. the young players would be better than them.
    I mean I cant stand Almunia or Eboue either, and I think Ros is past it, and Nikki isn’t quite good enough but you cant have it all.
    unfortunately we are more likely to lose Cesc and Nasri.

  72. ZARgooner

    Gambon – Cahill will cost 15mil (maybe plus). Do you see him as a starter…. I dont. Is see TV and JD. The point is not really the money but rather spending that money on a player who is a definite starter. I fail to see spending that money on someone who may not be no 1 and sit on the bench – when Koscielny imo is great to fill that role.

    I know you will prob disagree (and likely be condescending) but I honestly dont believe that Cahill is better than Koscielny. Cahill has been around where as Koscielny is still settling in and WILL get better

  73. Arsenal Tom

    jimbo… the mistakes are always gonna happen being thrown in at the deep end in a new league – thats down to the manager.

    i agree on not being a shouter and organiser but i as the least experienced CB we have i wouldn’t really expect that from him. him and JD together have got a pretty good partnership, but it has to be verm & JD when they’re all fit.

    he’s got potential but the problem is he’s been massively over exposed this season

  74. Jimbo

    Why do you think Cahill won’t get better too?

    He’s already less clanger-prone than Kos, and more experienced, AND he actually opens his mouth (apart from to catch flies).

  75. gambon

    “Gambon – Cahill will cost 15mil (maybe plus). Do you see him as a starter”

    Only Arsenal fans start a sentence like this.

    Obsessed with price…wengers legacy.

  76. A

    Cahill has been in the prem for quite a while – he isn’t going to magically improve massively because there’s no adaptation there. He should certainly get better than he is at the moment but I doubt he’ll ever be at a level where he could be first choice at a top club

  77. arsenal4ever

    Arsenal Tom says:
    March 15, 2011 at 11:32

    he will soon sign a new contract with Dortmung. Tough agree with you about him. Bartley and him could make a brillant CB partnership for the future. Subotic anyone?

  78. A

    I think you’ll find any football fans other than those associated with City or Chelsea start sentences like that gambon

  79. Jimbo

    Arsenal Tom – I think that’s a bit of a revisionist attitude, actually. Remember, back at the start of the season, how Djourou had to force his way into the team? He certainly didn’t start the year as the partner for Vermaelen – that was supposed to be Koscielny. It only became obvious after Koscielny proved to be an idiot too many times, and then Vermaelen got injured, that Djourou was our only other really competent defender.

  80. Jimbo

    ZAR – I think Cahill will get better because he’s got a much more positive attitude. Koscielny looks like a bottler, and plays like a bottler.

  81. gambon

    Not at all A.

    Its pathetic.

    I remember once reading on here, someone said “I would take xxx for £10-12m, but no way is he worth £15m”

    Its just about the most stupid thing ive ever read.

  82. Arse&Nose©

    Look, even if we get Cahill he will start defending like an Arsenal player within a month. Our system and coaching is the problem not the players.

  83. Arsene Nose Best

    even if djourou makes a miraculous recovery,wenger will make him miss the rest of the season,just so he can use it as an excuse….

  84. Arsene Nose Best

    Jimbo says:
    March 15, 2011 at 11:39
    ZAR – I think Cahill will get better because he’s got a much more positive attitude. Koscielny looks like a bottler, and plays like a bottler.


  85. Arsenal Tom

    jimbo, i agree to an extent he probably isn’t first choice material at the mo butselling him wouldn’t make sense, id rather keep him and loose squid cos at least kosser has the time to improve with age.

    he’s also looked allot better with a proper keeper (chesney) behind him either of the chuckle brothers

  86. Spectrum

    A bad decision to bring Lehmann back. But then it’s a decision we have come to expect of a manager who’s lost the plot in so many ways. Lehmann hates Almunia. What effects do you think this is going to have on team cohesion and morale if, as likely, a war of words breaks out in the dressing room ?
    Do you mean to tell me that we couldn’t find a quality keeper who’s much younger, and free of emotional baggage, to join us on loan ? Even perhaps a former first teamer who may have been displaced, and now plays in his club’s reserves, and so is keen to prove a point ? Come on !
    Oh I forgot – that might mean having to spend a bit more !
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  87. A

    gambon that’s what all fans who have any sense think like!

    Apart from City and Chelsea clubs have finite transfer budgets. If you pay 3 million more than you want to on one player, it means that you have 3 million less to sign another player

  88. A

    Spectrum, can you come up with the name of a “quality keeper who’s much younger, and free of emotional baggage” whose third choice at his current club or a free agent, so actually a potential emergency signing?!

    The best City (the richest club in the world) could come up with last season was Martin Fulop

    Lehmann is an amazing emergency signing, we’ve lucked out massively imo with being able to get him

  89. Jerry

    10 games to go and it’s buy him, sell him, he’s shite and he’s the answer, I know I do it to. Why do this to ourselves? We all know deep down that at the very most Wenger will buy 2 decent players, 2 cheapies and Cesc will be off. We will net spent bugger all and most likely win bugger all again. Yet we won’t be skint and will look awesome for a third of our games.

    Wenger is unfortunately going the same way as Cloughie, apart from the 2 European Cups that is. A once brilliant manager with the Midus touch but who’s fall was painful and dramatic.

  90. Arsene Nose Best

    chozzer says:
    March 15, 2011 at 11:52
    Have we signed Cahillofshit yet?

    no,but we signed koshitney,HE’S GREAT.

  91. Arsenal Tom


    lehman is a great bit of business…. knows the club, allot of the players, is fit, is mental and knows what it takes to win.

    and he’s already said he’ll support almunia, ever since he left arsenal he’s been very complimentary about him

  92. Arse&Nose©

    I remember how Campbell gave us a boost at the end of last season, he has the winning mentality and it helped those around him to step up. Even if he never played having him in the squad this year would have been massive, especialy for the big games!

  93. Big Dave

    So the swiss find know that our JD, might be ok in 2 weeks but yet our backroom staff are all sitting round a table wondering if he will make it again this season, scratching their heads, pens in mouth.

    Our traning methods do have to be looked at I reckon.

    The swiss make great chochalates, Lindt. Arsenal fc make accountants

  94. Spectrum

    A@ 11;57 – O.k. that’s your opinion, fair enough.You may be proved right.But I worry that it’s a risk that shouldn’t be taken. And is he fit ? Has he been getting actual match practice recently ? And how do we know he he won’t do some eccentric thing in a match that ends up costing us, as he was prone to do in the past ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  95. Bob John

    Why is everyone getting a hard-on about Gary Cahill? Watch Birmingham’s second goal on Saturday when he is stood watching a long punt down field as 37 year old Kevin Phillips scores. God knows what would have been said if Kos or Squill did that!!!

  96. Gooby

    7 clean sheets in the last 9 prem game. That’s a good basis to buid on for the run in,

    Even kown said kozzer is impressive, and he knows a thing or two about defending, the guy has been huge this season and yet some people want
    Him out because he wasn’t good en football manager, is french, came froma small club, they want gary cahill(they love him on talkshit).
    It really gets funny sometimes, it’s pure obsession

  97. Jimbo

    Yeah, nothing to do with the fact that he’s just knocked us out of 2 cups Gooby. It’s ‘cos he’s French.

  98. A

    Spectrum it isn’t my opinion – I think people don’t understand that emergency signings aren’t normal signings. You can’t sign anyone unless the other club will let them go for free or they’re on a free transfer.

    Lehmann already training with the club, knows the prem inside out and alot of experience.

    We’re very lucky to get him in rather than have to get in a Fulop or equivalent as most have to in that situation

  99. Gooby

    Yes of course jimbo he’s the only one to blame. It wasn’t even a penalty, pedro dived like a bitch. Go watch the replays.

    Cahill not error prone? Give me rest!

  100. Jimbo

    Pedro dived? Are you serious?

    Comedy gold, first time I’ve heard that. Still, nothing like re-writing history to make your point. Maybe I should blame Koscielny for the Stalinist purges…

  101. A

    Cahill = Lescott in two years time. Standard average overhyped English defender who’ll be found out the second he moves anywhere bigger

  102. Paulinho

    Problem I have with Kozzer is that he looks like he’s playing with flippers and always tackles using the outside of his foot which gives his tackles less surface area and less margin for error.

    Explains why he often goes in for tackles to his left and completely misses the ball.

  103. Gooby

    yes Pedro dived, watch the replay.


    do you expect us to move stadium and start spending huge amounts of money on players right away? we were never big spenders anyway

  104. gambon

    Koscielny = Boumsong

    Shit French defender who some rate cos they think anyone that comes from an overseas league is awesome.