Mad Jens back in town… | United host us today, pay back time

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Massive game today.

Thought I’d state the obvious as many of you probably didn’t respect your bodies as I did last night. So you might have forgotten. I don’t have a hangover today. You do. Gutted is all I’ll say.

Anyway, the good news is that Robin is fit for today as is Alex Song. We head up to United to take on a club who don’t enjoy being beaten at home. They have no Nani, probably no Rio, no Jonny Evan’s (that’s bad news for us) and no Anderson.The fact they’ve got a tough tie in three days time against Marseille works very much in our favour. I could see them resting a few names just to make sure. United really don’t have the squad to be taking risks when they’re still in 3 competitions.

I guess Wayne Rooney will play and maybe that little Mexican ferret. To be honest, if we play as we know we can, it shouldn’t matter. This United side are more about grinding out results than playing people off the park. Pound for pound, even without Cesc and Chezzer, we’re the better side. We need to go out there, play with the handbrake off and pay them back for all the FA Cup heartbreak they’ve dished out to us over the years.

I want to see a big game performance from Robin, I’d love to see Arshavin give us a solid 90 minutes and I’d like to see an improved performance from Diaby. Wilshere just needs to continue to do what he does best and drive the team on. The back 4 have a big challenge learning to play with a keeper who is very much line based. I’m hoping Almunia can hold it together, he has a habit of bowing to pressure in the big games. He didn’t have the best time against United last time we played them in an important cup game. I feel a hoodoo banishing coming on…

This is how I’d line up…


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Song

Arshavin Robin Nasri

I expect Rosicky will find himself getting the nod over Arshavin. I don’t know why, his passing isn’t clinical and I’m not sure he’s that good at the defensive work. He’s a bit of a nothing player, expert at looking like he’s doing something. I’d rather put someone like Arshavin in who can produce a moment of magic at any time.

Nasri needs to find his form again. He hasn’t been the form player we knew from the first half of the season for a few games. What better occasion to make a claim for player of the year than in this game?

I have a good vibe about tomorrow. The tide has to turn at some point and United’s lucky streak has to run out some day. I think we’ll turn them over, if they pick up a few injuries along the way, no tears will be shed at this keyboard.

I’m really going to be looking closely at the work ethic and motivation of the team tomorrow. We have a habit of feeling sorry for ourselves after a loss, Wenger loves to play the victim and make countless excuses. That rubs off on players which I personally thinks allows some of the boys to justify failure. We’ve been poor over the past 3 games, time to address that on the pitch.

Make it happen Arsene…

P.S. In other news, Wenger is rumoured to be bringing Jens out of retirement to cover for Almunia. Good stuff, it’s great to have a Champion in the dressing room. His attitude could be a massive bonus at this stage in the season. Jens is a warrior, how we could do with a bit of his fire tomorrow!

Enjoy the game everyone, if you need a feed for it later, I’m sure the Grover’s will point you in the right direction later!

UPDATE: I thought Song was in the squad, I missed his exclusion on!


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Rambo

Arshavin Robin Nasri


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  1. Steve Biko


    Wenger will not change. Simples. You have a more likely chance of Charlie Sheen abandoning his lifestyle and becoming a missionary in South Sudan.

  2. SUGA3

    We’ve gone out of three (imo irrelevant) competitions

    you should be ashamed of yourself, there is no such thing as ‘irrelevant’ trophy, wouldn’t you prefer if the bunch of fairies did not choke at Wembley? or played like shite today?

  3. Maciek

    With Squilacci and Almunia we will lose most of our matches.

    Everytime Denilson, Diaby and Clownunia play for us we are crap and got hammered.

    Every -fucking -time. Everytime

  4. LAzer

    I think sometimes a change at the top is needed to galvanize the team and club. With the injuries sustained and with us pissing away every cup we were in and with the confidence level where it is right now I don’t see us winning the title.

    Forget the title where is even that next goal coming from? We have scored a single goal vs. Stoke in two weeks of professional football and 5 matches.

  5. G STAR


    West Brom vs Arsenal = 2 – 2

    Arsenal vs Blackburn = 3 – 1

    Blackpool vs Arsenal = 3 – 3

    Arsenal vs Liverpool = 1 – 1

    Tottenham vs Arsenal = 3 – 2

    Bolton vs Arsenal = 1 – 1

    Arsenal vs Man Utd = 1 – 2

    Stoke vs Arsenal = 2 – 1

    Arsenal vs Aston Villa = 2 – 1

    Fulham vs Arsenal = 0 – 0

  6. Hitman

    No more Frenchmen please Bengali. Blanc is good. But I think we need a complete change of culture at the club. I have had enough of the surrenderers.
    The last 6 years has knocked everyone for 6. We need to move on.

  7. G STAR


    West Brom vs Arsenal = 2 – 2

    Arsenal vs Blackburn = 3 – 1

    Blackpool vs Arsenal = 3 – 3

    Arsenal vs Liverpool = 1 – 1

    Tottenham vs Arsenal = 3 – 2

    Bolton vs Arsenal = 1 – 1

    Arsenal vs Man Utd = 1 – 2

    Stoke vs Arsenal = 2 – 1

    Arsenal vs Aston Villa = 2 – 1

    Fulham vs Arsenal = 0 – 0


    TOTAl of 11 POINTS = 68

  8. SUGA3


    moving goalposts, as usual? if I did not have better stuff to do, I would dig up your quotes from this season and it would be full of pearlers about being in all competitions and how important that is to continue the roll…

  9. G STAR


    West Brom vs Arsenal = 2 – 2

    Arsenal vs Blackburn = 3 – 1

    Blackpool vs Arsenal = 3 – 3

    Arsenal vs Liverpool = 1 – 1

    Tottenham vs Arsenal = 3 – 2

    Bolton vs Arsenal = 1 – 1

    Arsenal vs Man Utd = 1 – 2

    Stoke vs Arsenal = 2 – 1

    Arsenal vs Aston Villa = 2 – 1

    Fulham vs Arsenal = 0 – 0



  10. A

    I would prefer it yeah SUGA, obviously, but the be all and end all for me is the league, as I’ve said all season.

    Anything else is just a bonus, but the league is by far the most important competition and regardless of what we’d done in the others this season would still be a failure if we didn’t win the league imo

  11. LAzer

    Clown’s decision making is horrendous. He makes the back line nervous as hell. Sagna has gang tackled his own center half in that nervousness.

    And with Squillachi and koscielny (our worst pairing of CBs the entire season) for the run in we have 0% chance. No chance at all to win this thing. In fact I think we will be out of it even before we play Utd at home starting with a WBA away fighting relegation next week.

    Better, we can all return to our lives and forget about what a sad state of affairs this club has become.

  12. Arsenal1Again

    Lehmann being a great addition to the changing room???

    WTF … If you’re such a big fan of ‘Mad Jens’ how come you missed the part when he said himself he doesn’t speak to others in the changing room. Other players have said the same about him too.

  13. G STAR

    Almunia is better than Buffon

    Diaby > Viera

    Denilson is better than Essien and Xabi Alonso

    Gibbs will be better than A.Cole

    Bendtner is the new Ibrahimovic

    Chamakh is the best finisher in the world

    Lionel Eboue – “Nuff Said”

    Squillaci makes Maldini look average

    Rosicky is better than Fabregas

  14. Michael

    If we’re to get a new Manager let’s have it large, let’s go all out for Mourinho, I’m fed up with six years of having to make do, we deserve better !

  15. Gooby


    OUT: denilson, diaby, squillaci, almunia, eboue, bendtner rosicky.

    IN: ramsey, jack and frimpong to replace diaby and denilson. get a new back up keeper, a promising solid RB. an out and out winger like hazard and a defender who can defend like hummel, subotic.

  16. Steve Biko

    DIABY has mental strength. He is a Vierra in the making.

    One day he will play for Barca.

    Honestly we live in an alternative universe.

  17. Rohan

    We need atleast 3 of TheovanNasrigas on the pitch at all times. FACT

    Theo really is a dick for getting himself injured at this crucial point. He’d have been oh so useful..

  18. A

    I’m not that bothered about the defeat either tomb, not too fussed about it.

    Much more bothered about Sunderland and JD/Szczesny injuries

  19. Maciek


    And a quality left back, since Clichy is average and Gibbs is crap.

    Also a striker who can score is needed as well as Lukaku.

  20. Gooby

    am usually positive but i can’t believe we’ll win the league with a spanish waiter between the sticks, sorry my mind just can’t work out the possibility

  21. Maciek

    Contrao, Cahill, Sissoko from Toulouse, Marko Marin, Rodwell and Lukaku with someone like Forlan or Eto’o.

    Promote Frimpong, Bartley and Afobe.

    Sell the dead wood.

    Amd bring a world class coach to the club and Keown.


  22. G STAR





    Fabio Coentrao
    Van Bommel





    what a shambles
    denilson diaby fuck off and take almunia, fabianski, squilaci, eboue, bendtner, chamakh, rosicky, vela with you

    those are the usual culprits who come in for critisim and the reason for that is because they stand out from the quality we do have in our squad

    they need replacing with better players

    had wilshere not played the games he has this year, our season would have been dead a long time ago

    his attitude and heart put the others to shame

  24. LAzer

    Just seen Wenger’s press conf after the match. Forget us fans, even he knows it is over now.

    Lets look at the facts:

    We have shipped more goals with Squillachi and Koscielny at the back then any other pairing. In fact I think in every loss in the league those two played at the back.

    Almunia single-handedly gave the game to WBA at home and lost his job in the process. He will ALWAYS make the wrong decision, panic, and go chasing in the box.

    Diaby has played a good half of football in the entire season, and then he got a red card and we snatched a draw from the jaws of victory.

    Rosicky has been toothless and ineffective the entire campaign and had a nightmare vs Brum in the final.

    Chamakh can only score vs. Championship teams now.

    Gibbs looks a very average player who is tactically clueless.

    Denilson may have had a decent game or two but will always jog back in the middle of the park and expose the back four.

  25. Gooby

    gibbs never really impressed me. he either needs time or isn’t good enough.

    we should go for a solid left back, we can’t afford to wait for Gibbs to come good.

    imo we don’t need MAJOR changes, just a fix. i’d keep some of the fringe for back up except denilson, rosicky, almunia and squillaci who are really not good enough.

  26. G STAR





    Fabio Coentrao
    Van Bommel






  27. Cloggs

    AW: We’ll buy in the transfer window if the right player comes around
    REALITY: The right player might not want to play for us because he’s ambitious and want to win something.

  28. Arse&Nose©

    Nasri doesn’t deserve the award he is not wining us big games and to be PFA player of the season you have to take games by the scruff of the neck and win them, Nasri is yet to do that.

    Look at past winners Rooney, Ronaldo, Terry, Gerrard all players who have the ability to single handedly get results for their teams. Nasri doesn’t do that and until he does its premature to be calling him player of the season.

  29. dennisdamenace

    SUGA3 says:
    March 12, 2011 at 21:52

    We’ve gone out of three (imo irrelevant) competitions

    you should be ashamed of yourself, there is no such thing as ‘irrelevant’ trophy, wouldn’t you prefer if the bunch of fairies did not choke at Wembley? or played like shite today?

    Don’t worry Sug, when we choke (again) and fuck up this piss weak league, the league also will become an irrelevant competition……..fucking ludicrous comment

  30. WengersSweeties

    I just don’t know what to say.

    I am desperate for changes at Arsenal DESPERATE!

    We need a new board and I think we need David Dein back but as Chairman.

    And of course we need a new manager, I’d love Hiddink or someone of that mould but I’d also like Pat Rice gone and have Adams and Keown their as assistant/coaches.

    But what now, it’s so painful to go on and watch this club struggle at every given opportunity. We could be something really good but it’s all being held back by one deluded man! Wenger.

    How can he be so untouchable, if he stays at the club (which he properly will) then will he make the changes necessary to make us a great side again.

    He knows what it takes! why doesn’t he do it!! For F**K SAKE!

    Now, for the rest of the season our squad is thin and we have to watch what we’ve already seen for the past 5 seasons!


  31. Gooby

    Maciek says:
    March 12, 2011 at 22:09
    Contrao, Cahill, Sissoko from Toulouse, Marko Marin, Rodwell and Lukaku with someone like Forlan or Eto’o.

    Promote Frimpong, Bartley and Afobe.

    Sell the dead wood.

    Amd bring a world class coach to the club and Keown.


    we would never buy all those players at the same time. we’d be lucky to get coentrao alone. sissoko form toulouse is a better version of diaby, more physical impact, more direct and a fighter, good shout. i’d have lukaku over bendy, we need fresh faces


    gibbs has seen denilson and diaby and bendtner put in so many disgusting performances he thinks this is the best way for him to get games at arsenal

  33. Steve Biko

    March and April-

    Two months in a year when the Pharmaceutical giants reap in profits as Legions of Arsenal fans devour antidepressants like Skittles. Yeah! That is what I call mental strength!

  34. Gooby

    selling denilson alone would be an improvement, i lost patience with the lad, he simply doesn’t care about the arsenal. seeing him jogging around, loosing balls and getting bullied drives me crazy.

    i can’t believe wenger still has faith in him, embarrassing

  35. A

    ddm the league will never ever be an irrelevant competition. It always will be the number one, and anything else on top of that is all well and good, but any season not winning the league is a failure, regardless of wins in other comps imo

  36. LAzer

    The problem starts at the top, always. These players are so used to being in a regime where it is ok to lose even they accept it.

    Arsene Wenger we all loved you once, yes even Raugaj and Gambon, Paulinho and the rest. But you are stale and a broken record now, that is the reality and truth. If potless again I think it is best you retire in the summer and let Arsenal FC move on from your overbearing involvement.

  37. Bengali Gunner

    Very true Hitman
    Hiddink would be good but i doubt hed come to Arsenal. Owen Coyles an option but hes unproven, Mourinhos never gonna come, Germanys manager in the WC???

  38. Paulinho

    Ha Ha A.

    Funny he was playing at home to West Brom this season, Sunderland this season, and did f-all.

    The player not playing is always the key one. Amazing coincidence.

  39. Maciek


    I know, but it’s Wenger’s fault and now he must act.


    If not, chenge the owners.

  40. A

    Yeah Paulinho, he doesn’t single handedly win those games, but makes a big difference.

    He didn’t single handedly win us the matches against WBA nor Sunderland but he wasn’t the reason we didn’t win either. WBA we had no Cesc, Wilshere, VP, and had Eboue as a right forward.

    Against Sunderland we had no VP, Cesc, Song

  41. G STAR

    Diaby vs Liverpool – Away = 1 – 1 = Draw
    Diaby vs West Brom – Home = 2 – 3 = Loss
    Diaby vs Chelsea – Away = 0 – 2 = Loss
    Diaby vs Wigan – Away = 2 – 2 = Draw
    Diaby vs Newcastle – Away = 4 – 4 = Draw
    Diaby vs Sunderland – Home = 0 – 0 = Draw

  42. Maciek


    Do you honestly belive that we can win the title?

    With Squilacci as our cd and Denilson with Diaby in our midfield?

  43. Gooby


    we can’t count on cesc, RvP, song, sagna, nasri to be fit all the time and save our arses.

    Djourou is a big worry imo. we can’t win the league with squid and almunia at the back imo. simply not good enough

  44. G STAR



    Pld W D L F A GD

    Record v. Top Half 14 5 5 4 22 17 5

    Record v. Bottom Half 14 12 1 1 35 10 25

  45. zeus

    How ling can Arsene gobwithout winning a trophy and still have the respect of the dressing room.

    The tipping point surely is when cesc leaves this summer, submitting a transfer request to boot.

  46. A

    Maciek I believe that we SHOULD win the title, we should be able to at least match Utd’s results, although the injuries to Szcesny and JD do make it tougher.

    Gooby having your best players fit isn’t them “saving your arses” – it’s the same for all teams


    adebayor said something that sums it all up

    when he signed for us along with theo it was when we already had rvp, thierry henry and dennis bergkamp

    look at the state of it now, we have RVP for 70% of the time and then chamakh and bendtner

    we need a pacy direct hungry striker, not players obsessed with dilly dallying outside the box

    when theo is out of the team we are one dimensional and teams aint scared of us

    anything but 3 wins on the bounce is unacceptable

    if we do then we should be top with 7 games to go, which is a great position to be in, but with almunia and squilaci to be heavily relied upon its looking grim

  48. Paulinho

    A – Exactly A. Far too many variables. I’m pretty sure most of our good home results with Diaby came with RVP, Cesc et all playing.

    Unless Diaby is having of those days when he’s running rampant, he brings abolutely nothing to the side in terms of hard work or intelligence, so I find it hard to believe he brought that extra 5% in the games we won. Thinking of the Brum game we won 3-1 last season for instance, where they very nearly equalised late on only for Arshavin to score a third on the counter, shows how drawing any connection to Diaby’s presence is flimsy at best.

    Anyway, he is a shit footballer who slows down counter attacks, and loses control of the ball far too easily, as well as being shit at closing down. A player so poor wouldn’t be capable of being so important – in any context.

  49. LAzer

    If it wasn’t for A I think we would most likely have nothing to debate here right now.

    Its hard to explain but today felt like the end of something that once was very special.

    Btw people are forgetting Nasri hasn’t signed. Maybe he looks for a move along with Cesc and Arshavin. Vp will play his 15 games as usual. And Wenger will revert to putting out shit teams in CC and FA next year after what has happened this term.

  50. Taxi for Wenger

    Wenger must go we were once feared now just laughed at can’t believe how he can be allowed to get away with it year in year out. Avoided the game today as I knew they would fuck up .Times up wenger time to fuck off

  51. A

    Gooby I agree about JD being the big worry – he is a huge loss and one player we REALLY can’t do without.

    Squillaci was good at the start of the season though, with a run of games he might get sharp again

  52. A

    Paulinho it isn’t about being rampant, it’s just that his athleticism and ability to just drop a shoulder or turn a midfielder and drive through creates the space for the likes of Cesc and VP to exploit. If they aren’t playing then there isn’t anyone there to do it in the same way, and he isn’t capable of doing Cesc’s job himself.

    Steve Biko I think we could sell Clichy in the summer

  53. LAzer

    I don’t know why it is even a debate about the title anymore. We have Utd at home, Spurs away and Liverpool at home that are tough fixtures even when we have our full first team and in form.

    So those three are guaranteed points dropped, losses or draws.

    Stoke away with Almunia and Squillachi at the back I can see us dropping points as well.

    Then there is Bolton away and Villa at home, with current form I can even see dropping points there.

    Actually what I am talking about, I can see us losing to Aldershot Town currently.

    Repeat after me, Arsenal will NOT win the title.

    and lets get back to our normal lives.

  54. zeus

    It’s baffling that a man that used to collect quality strikers, even when what he needed was a quality defender in the past, has now come to
    The point where bendtner and chamakh are good enough.

  55. A

    Not at the moment Steve Biko, he’s still very raw. I reckon he’d be the man who was thrown in there though which would be a worry.

    What do you mean current form Lazer? We’re unbeaten in the league since December!

    By next Saturday and West Brom we should be only JD and Szczesny short of our 1st team again, and by Liverpool might even have Szczesny back, although maybe not quite

    League wise it should be a real benefit to us being in no other competitions now, the players have played alot of games and the rest should do them good, starting with a week long rest now

  56. Big Dave


    If you think this squad is good enough to win the league, then think again. Squid back for starters, a manager who has completely lost it and has no clue, at this rate we will be lucky to get 3rd

  57. Nightman

    Agreed….Zeus great point

    RVP, Bendtner, Chamakh????????

    my god

    We would score 20 more goals with

    Suarez, RVP, Chamakh

  58. Cloggs

    League wise it should be a real benefit to us being in no other competitions now, the players have played alot of games and the rest should do them good, starting with a week long rest now

    AW: We have now ze big advantage over ze Man Utd as zey still have to compete in ze three competitions ans we can now fully concentrate on winning ze League!! it’s like having ze two new signings!

    LOL; A doing a wenger on himself..

  59. Nightman

    And can we get a LB or RB who is at least somewhat competent going forward???

    Sagna puts in a decent cross now and then, and scored 2 cracking goals this year,

    but there is a LOT more that we could get from an Alves type…..

    KEEP SAGNA, get rid of clichy and bring in someone who can attack well as a left back

  60. dennisdamenace

    Let’s be honest here boys, we have trouble (big time) in seeing out major games, the chances of us seeing out the remainder of a season will be slim.

    I will hold my hands up and state that i am one of the ones who slates certain (normally the usual suspects) players. However, for me the problems run much deeper than a handful of very average players. The constant failure to deliver on the big stage (Chavs at home in the league and Barca at home excepting) is a MAJOR problem, the wrong mental approach/attitude, the wrong philosophies/policies of the management are contributing to this annual capitulation. And, that is why i fear for the remainder of our season, they way Bentner choked when he could’ve put Barca out is the same way the team collectively chokes.

    And, as for tonight, remember how many of us were belittling ManUre’s negative lineup before kick off, and laughing at some of their players, particularly their piss poor midfield, well where does that leave us now? Where does that leave our players? Where does that leave Wenger? Well in Arsenal’s cosseted little bubble nowhere, nothing will change, Arsene is untouchable, and that filters down to and is reflected in the on-field attitudes of a number of Arsene’s players. Embarrassing failure follows embarrassing failure, but he is beyond they are beyond reproach. In reality though he should be in the last chance saloon for yet another annual collapse.

    I know, i know, we could still win the league……….yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn! We can’t even muster up our first choice eleven anymore, couple that with a proven questionable attitude, and you have all the ingredients for a yet another potless season. Can Arsene turn this malaise around? He’s had six years to knit together a winning team with a never say die attitude, unfortunately his recent (six years) track record suggests no……

  61. Nightman

    Im with you Big Dave…Bendtner is the single most glaring example of our current position…


  62. Steve Biko


    Over the next few weeks expect to see the picture of that thin old fellow at the touchline whining at fourth officials, smashing bottles of water at the ground, sitting down with his hands tucked at his midriff and rocking back and fourth with anger and despair etched on his face.

    REMEMBER! He brought this on himself by refusing to make the necessary purchases of quality players.

  63. A

    So you don’t think that our being able to rest is better than having to play every three days Cloggs?

    Fair enough

  64. Big Dave


    It’s gone, like i said before that Martins goal killed it all. we wont recover, we have no mental strength.

    Wenger has become bigger then the club and their lyes the problem, he’s untouchable

  65. Joppa

    I keep saying it, you keep putting me down but more ENGLISH players are needed.

    Get rid of Fabregas – you know our capt who loves hugging the Barca players pre-match. Why do we have a capt who would rather play for another club and would be gone in a shot if we said yes.

    Get rid of:


    Bring in Parker/Mascherano. Bring in Reina. Bring in Gyan. Bring in Cahill and Wickam.

    The squad would be miles better off and we would make profit on the player sales – particularly Cesc.

  66. dennisdamenace

    A says:
    March 12, 2011 at 22:18

    ddm the league will never ever be an irrelevant competition. It always will be the number one, and anything else on top of that is all well and good, but any season not winning the league is a failure, regardless of wins in other comps imo

    Amen to that A, ANY team with aspirations of greatest MUST view a season without the league title as a failure….

  67. A

    agreed DDM.

    The winner of the league = the best club in the country.

    That is the pre-requisite for ANY successful season.

    A winner of a cup comp without the league is just the winner of a cup comp, not a side who can claim to be the best even in their own country

  68. Raugaj

    I’ve told you

    The senile retarded wanker Wenger would take the club down to the drains before he fucks off with the fortune off the poor fans.We wont win anything with under him.

  69. simon mcmahon

    wow even hammers fans are rippimng it into me it’s ok boys the board and wenger are extermely confident that we will win the fourth place trophy agian,
    what a wanker of a manager we really have to take the invicibles and turn the arsenal into the laughables !!

    fucking pathetic I hate wenger and his blind cronies on the board , they fool us with arsenalisation initatives , here’s fucking one for you gazidis, buy some quality players start there you areshole..

  70. Cloggs

    Yer right mate! Let’s rest boys for the rest of the season, they’ll have 4 months to recover, not to worry about this season and they will come back stronger as ever before!! Why? because they have had 4 months of rest!
    Get a grip, yer deluding yourself with the same bullshit AW is trying on us.
    The problem we have ain’t the refs, ain’t the awful turf at the opponent, ain’t the many games we play, ain’t the injuries. The problem is the bloke responsible for selecting and running the current squad. Plain simple as that.

  71. patthegooner

    Really cant see us winning the league

    Chesser will probably be missing for the season. i know they say 6 weeks but we are talking Arsenal here.

    Djourou out for the season is the final straw. If Vermaelen was due back, then I would have hope, but Squilacci and Kosser together fills me with dread.

    I would love it if we managed it, but our fixtures are suddenly all looking tough. We need to get off to a flyer against West Brom next weekend. Cant afford to drop any more points.

    Its a shame as we are close again, but dont have the umph to get over the line. Cesc, Song and Theo back will help.

    It is also imperative that if we want to win the PL, that we dont start more than one of the following in any game

    Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Bendtner.

    We already have Squilacci, that is enough shitness in itself without adding more to it.

  72. Man

    I don’t think the board are happy with us getting knocked out of comps – it’s not financially rewarding.

  73. patthegooner

    FFS he cant go one week without mentioning Mental Strength.

    “I don’t feel like the season is slipping away,” Wenger said. “I believe we can [win the league]. It is a good test for us now to show we can regroup and show the mental strength and togetherness quickly.

    I wouldnt mind but we have got the mental strength of a crack whore.

  74. Man

    I keep harping on about mentality but it seems to me that Fergie imbues his players with a certain mentality that allows them to thrive no how much quality the lineup might have. They know how to win. That, I feel, is the hardest part of football – that ability to deliver results consistently. Wenger even hinted at this, pre-match with his ‘they always approach a match in a realistic way’.
    That manure squad should not be top of the league, if one considered the quality of the side. The team they put out today should not even come close to ours yet they beat us. Okay VDS made some great saves but so did Almunia, it could have been worse that the 2-0.
    There is no shame in learning that from them.

  75. Cloggs

    At least a crackwhore delivers for what she’s is worth.. a toothless blowjob for a tenner anden she collapses.

  76. A

    Cloggs don’t let negative emotion after a shit result cloud your logic, and end up with you refusing to actually talk rationally about things!


    johan is out for season
    its squilaci kocielny and miguel as our only CBs left for the remaining 10 games

  78. Rohan

    I didn’t even expect Johan to last as long as he did. 😀

    I hate that we always get injuries at the business end. It’s always something or the other. I know it’s an excuse, but I just wish we could be completely full strength for once.

    The next 3 prem games are all must must win games.


    weve lost 3 finals and 4 semi finals in last 6 years
    and choked in every big game in the league in that time aswell

    what was it they used to call Tim Henman??

  80. 1886-2006

    Glad I stopped drinking a few years back. I would be standing in a street with me strides round me ankles giving out abuse after the last two weeks.

  81. gnarleygeorge9

    Johan ou for Season?????????? 🙁

    We’re FLICKED!

    I don’t want to sound all negative 😉 but for a Captain who says he wants to win trophies. Cesc failed to front for the Carling Cup Final; looked all @ home in the Camp Neu & didn’t front 4 the FA Cup quater final.

    Please don’t tell me he that coming off the bench @ taking penalties late against lower division clubs makes him Mr Fix It.

    Cesc has 10 games to turn it all around. That is turn it all around for me to actually believe he is the right man for Arsenal, otherwise………….!

  82. A

    It’s insane the injuries that we’ve gotten Rohan, we were so close to getting through the really tough period of games without any heavy losses then Szczesny and JD both longish term within 4 days of each other is a real real killer.

    Gotta win at West Brom then desperately hope that we don’t lose anyone else in the international break

  83. Cloggs

    Like I said before: Yer doing a cognitive dissonance on yerself, follow the link and read what it means.
    There’s no real benefit from it because that isn’t our problem, if it was our problem then we are not capable of being in 4 comps simultaniously. In that case Wenger should have made it clear by selecting a B squad and thus resting all our key players at Camp Nou, at old trafford and Wembley.
    Yer deluding yourself with the idea that being 2nd in the table now will give us a realistic chance to win the league which isn’t. We have been up there before but the REALITY is that we haven’t won it for 6 years and we’re still not competitive. When it truly matters we won’t deliver, not then, not now.
    Wenger’s excuse for the CC failure against f*cking B’ham; The boys were nervous because it was there 1st time at Wembley!! FFS!! FFS!! What are we? A bunch of fucking teenagers in the Amsterdam red light district?
    You’re not being realistic but eluding yourself with phoney perspectives.

  84. A

    gnarley i’m not sure you can blame cesc for being injured over the last few weeks!!?

    not like he just didn’t bother turning up….

  85. WengersSweeties

    I can see Song being used as a centre back and slotting Rambo into midfield.

    Losing DJ is massive. Playing Squid is curtains!

  86. gnarleygeorge9

    I was just thinking that Rambo may be the X Factor in getting The Arsenal accross the line in the PL run in, then down went YOYO20 🙁

  87. Rohan

    Yeah, I can see RvP doing himself in the break. Wouldn’t that be just perfect.

    It has to be said though the JD’s and Chezzer’s injuries are pure bad luck


    squilci and kocielny have been partners to 7 losses this season already

    now we are aksing them to play 10 games knowing we cant lose 1 and thats will almunia behind them

  89. LAzer

    Bad luck?? nah. every team has injuries. Utd have played with Smalling for much of the season. We just have a shit squad and a team of bottlers.

  90. gnarleygeorge9


    I’m not blaming Cesc 4 the losses, I just saying he has been missing in action physically 4 2 of the fixtures & missing action mentally 4 the other one. For a Captain to not be out there leading the troops @ times like this, goes against the notion he wants to win trophies @ Arsenal.

    But he has 10 games to turn it around 4 me.

  91. Rohan

    These aren’t crock injuries. A broken finger and a dislocated shoulder aren’t muscle injuries. Hence bad luck.

    As is vermaelen’s. Who the hell expected that?

    Rio is a crock. We all knew that. The above were completely unexpected.


    squialci record
    played 26

    11 wins / 6 defeats and 2 draws

    not including the 2 games against leeds, ipswich, leyton orient

  93. incesc

    we arent cursed

    a top football club shouldnt fall apart like this

    young players are getting pushed to their limits

    the back ups are useless

    our 2nd striker cant hit a barn door

    our back up midfield is denilson and diaby who hasnt played football for more than 5 months in the last 5 years.

    itd bad planning and and rubbish management.

    we get rid of pires who is a legend because he is “too old” but keep rosicky

    remember flamini and edu?

    well we still have denilson