Mad Jens back in town… | United host us today, pay back time

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Massive game today.

Thought I’d state the obvious as many of you probably didn’t respect your bodies as I did last night. So you might have forgotten. I don’t have a hangover today. You do. Gutted is all I’ll say.

Anyway, the good news is that Robin is fit for today as is Alex Song. We head up to United to take on a club who don’t enjoy being beaten at home. They have no Nani, probably no Rio, no Jonny Evan’s (that’s bad news for us) and no Anderson.The fact they’ve got a tough tie in three days time against Marseille works very much in our favour. I could see them resting a few names just to make sure. United really don’t have the squad to be taking risks when they’re still in 3 competitions.

I guess Wayne Rooney will play and maybe that little Mexican ferret. To be honest, if we play as we know we can, it shouldn’t matter. This United side are more about grinding out results than playing people off the park. Pound for pound, even without Cesc and Chezzer, we’re the better side. We need to go out there, play with the handbrake off and pay them back for all the FA Cup heartbreak they’ve dished out to us over the years.

I want to see a big game performance from Robin, I’d love to see Arshavin give us a solid 90 minutes and I’d like to see an improved performance from Diaby. Wilshere just needs to continue to do what he does best and drive the team on. The back 4 have a big challenge learning to play with a keeper who is very much line based. I’m hoping Almunia can hold it together, he has a habit of bowing to pressure in the big games. He didn’t have the best time against United last time we played them in an important cup game. I feel a hoodoo banishing coming on…

This is how I’d line up…


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Song

Arshavin Robin Nasri

I expect Rosicky will find himself getting the nod over Arshavin. I don’t know why, his passing isn’t clinical and I’m not sure he’s that good at the defensive work. He’s a bit of a nothing player, expert at looking like he’s doing something. I’d rather put someone like Arshavin in who can produce a moment of magic at any time.

Nasri needs to find his form again. He hasn’t been the form player we knew from the first half of the season for a few games. What better occasion to make a claim for player of the year than in this game?

I have a good vibe about tomorrow. The tide has to turn at some point and United’s lucky streak has to run out some day. I think we’ll turn them over, if they pick up a few injuries along the way, no tears will be shed at this keyboard.

I’m really going to be looking closely at the work ethic and motivation of the team tomorrow. We have a habit of feeling sorry for ourselves after a loss, Wenger loves to play the victim and make countless excuses. That rubs off on players which I personally thinks allows some of the boys to justify failure. We’ve been poor over the past 3 games, time to address that on the pitch.

Make it happen Arsene…

P.S. In other news, Wenger is rumoured to be bringing Jens out of retirement to cover for Almunia. Good stuff, it’s great to have a Champion in the dressing room. His attitude could be a massive bonus at this stage in the season. Jens is a warrior, how we could do with a bit of his fire tomorrow!

Enjoy the game everyone, if you need a feed for it later, I’m sure the Grover’s will point you in the right direction later!

UPDATE: I thought Song was in the squad, I missed his exclusion on!


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Rambo

Arshavin Robin Nasri


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  1. santino

    ramseys lack of pace is worrying …diaby and edurado lost quite bit of pace after the leg break …hope it is not the case with ramsey….

  2. albo

    Gooner786 – While I am all for a world class replacement for Wenger, I’m not sure Maureen is the right fit for us. Not many of our players have the qualities needed for a Mourinho team so it would mean yet another rebuilding job.

    I’d prefer Hiddink or Guardiola…

  3. luke

    we’re fucked. Wenger needed to buy in January knowing Vermaelen was in the position he was. He left us vulnerable and now we will pay for it. Cue Squilaci, Almunia, and denilson to the rescue.

  4. Eaglegunner

    I agree 100% with that list and from the choice of either clichy or gibbs i’d have both of them out!

  5. Danny

    @dcreasey I think he linked up defence and midfield well, his tackling was very good and intercepted the ball on a number of occasions.

    This was from an Arsenal fan on Twitter who said Denilson had played well. I asked him what he thought he done well…. DEPRESSING

  6. albo

    MatthewT – depends what shit you’re talking about. Don’t think I’ve written anything particularly controversial today…

  7. Arindam@KOL


    You fucking serious ? Get Van Gaal ?
    The cunt Van Gaal makes Arsene look like Sachhi when it comes to defensive organisation.

    He will get us to the semis of the Champs League in his first year . However , we’ll also finish outside the top 4.
    He has been shocking in his decisions for Bayern this year.

  8. patthegooner

    Hiddink would be my choice too Albo

    But if there was a buy out and we had some serious wedge, I would have Mourinho.

    Either way, I dont want Wenger there next season.

  9. goonerfantx


    What’s sad is for any Arsenal fan to talk like this but I have no confidence that Wenger can give his players balls of steel to tell all comers to piss off and stand up like a man. He has reasons for everything instead of calling it like it is. It’s time for some action.

  10. Rob The Goon

    i’d get rid of chamakh, what player goes to sky sports mid-season and says he feeling tired and suffering a loss of confidence…poor you!?

    Fcuking tired of this shizzle, year after year (x6) same shit…same………….

  11. zeus


    What you all fail to realize is that simply put, there Is too much changes need to address in one window.

    Had wenger been doing the yearling necessary maybe 1quality per window along with a water carrier we would be so much further ahead.

    Certainly a cb is needed. A QUALITY one at that.
    We need a better RB than sagna frankly.( and I do love sagna)

    Certainly better than clichy.

    A better dm than Song. Den, abou can go.

    Lightning quick wide men apart from walcott.

    And a fucking quick, direct, skillful finisher to go with rvp.

    Too much for one window in my opinion.

  12. Steve Biko


    Stop being selective. Van Gaal has won trophies with Ajax, Barca and Bayern. In what universe is Wenger better than him in anything. Get your bloody facts right.

  13. raynor

    useroz – maybe i’m his twin!

    We outplayed them, and had we been more clinical we would have beat them. Its frustrating as the fans are getting fed up with the way in which we play and pull back looking for the perfect pass. It just gives teams enough time to get 6 players behind the ball. We really have lost any directness we used to have when we had the likes of TH14, Freddie and Bobby P.

  14. leon

    this was fa cup game and you need high energy player wjo are going to put in a real shift for the team and he plays diaby who is gifted but is luxury player i dont know why he did start ramsey and bretna.manu won that match through pure hard work and direct play.

    i dont get it at all arsenal have god wingers in the team now in aa and nasri but to play rvp upfront on his own he cant play there, he is very much like berdkamp who plays off the main striker
    he has not got the work rate or the phsical presence to play there,there were crosses comming and did see anyone running get on the end them. this team creat tons and tons of chances but its clear as day they dont have top finisher, boy they miss thoe and song

  15. albo

    patthegooner – Mourinho has a get out clause doesn’t he? Ie he can leave without us having to pay any compensation to Real.

    I’d LOVE Hiddink. Guardiola is a great fit to our style of play I guess, but I think there has to be a suspicion that he hasn’t really proved himself yet. Until he manages a team without such a ridiculous level of talent its hard to know how much is down to him IMO…

  16. Rohan

    Replace Sagna? You off your rocker?? You’d struggle to find a better and more solid RB than him in world football.

    And no, Dani Alves is shit defensivley. He just kicks people.

  17. Gooner786

    Rohan,I admit that Mourinho is a classless c**t,so is Ferguson,but they sure as hell know how to win and put that winning mentality into their players.

    What would you prefer a classless manager who wins the DOUBLES AND TREBLES for fun or a goody two shoes manager who likes to play tippy tappy shite and wins fugg all?

    I know what Id prefer.

  18. patthegooner

    Not sure where the line

    ” Arsene would like to take this time to apologise for his incompetence, stubborness and arogance in not buying any back up for the CB position during the January transfer window. He would also like to apologise for lying to the Arsenal fan base for saying that Vermaelen was only 3 weeks away 6 weeks ago”

  19. Steve Biko


    Arsenal does not necessarily need new players as such. They need a new manager more. Seriously, a full stregth manure drew with WBA at home! Seriously a full strength Manure were lucky to get a draw at OT to Wolves! What is it with the likes of Macarthy that enables them to motivate their substandard players so well? Wenger even with the class at his disposal still messes up. Get Hazard, Benzema, Subotic and a new keeper he will still find a way to F*ck things up. He always does. It will be a great day for the club when he walks the F*ck off.

  20. spa

    Don’t worry (fans) our player have mental strenght….The mental strenght that doesn’t faze them when we lose. Our team have the mental strenght to go out of every competition within a fortnight yet still think that beatiful football will will rule over results…. Well f**k it bring back George Grahams philosophy. I’ll take a 1-0 boring win anyday as long as it brings the right result!!!

  21. luke

    Fucking Gutted. There goes another season of getting our hopes up, truly believing and having it all fall apart because Wenger was too stubborn to buy. We only realistically needed one player!!

  22. patthegooner


    I would love to see Hiddink with Keown as his number 2. And also would love to see the likes of Bergkamp and Seaman having roles too.

    Who are we kidding though, Arsene will still be here in September and probably a couple of septembers after that.

    The man is unsackable and that is where the complacency starts and it breeds from there.

  23. Telarse

    dennisdamenace says:
    March 12, 2011 at 19:48

    FFS i getting it well and truly on texts from people i don’t even know!!


    That’ll learn ye to leave cards in phone boxes!

  24. Steve Biko


    Van Gaal has won trophies in three different leagues all of them competitive leagues in what way is Wenger better than him.

  25. desmoinesgunner

    I just wrote a long post about not wanting any french players linked to us in the next window…then deleted it…because what’s the fucking point? when we do buy one player in the it will be a second division french potential…i.e. cheap as shit…so I deleted it…just like i want to delete these last two weeks.

  26. Steve Biko

    The Bible says

    And the Ethiopian can not change his skin neither can those who are accustomed to evil change their ways. Wenger will never change. If he remains in charge next year at this point we will be here whining about the same crap. That is Arsenal fans morons or zombies we expect different even when we know it will not change. You can be an educated Professor but if you support Arsenal under Wenger you are likely to be abused by a 5 year old manure fan.

  27. Ricky

    I agree gambon.

    I have zero confidence in these lot & even I thought we would beat this utd side.

    I said it before & i’ll say it again, With wenger we win………………..?

  28. Lou

    It was all so predictable that I find it hard to get pissed off about it any more. I have sort of slid into the position where I just don’t expect us to win anything any more. There is no attitude or determination and in Arsene we have manager who does so much right yet makes mistakes that you would have thought were beneath him. Nothing has really changed for me. The team has not been improved despite the transfer windows and the financial situation offering the opportunity. Wenger is still persisting with Diaby and Denilson. Gibbs and Rosicky have gone backwards. Bendtner is a posing Wally and Chamakh has not shown Arsenal quality, buy hey, he was free. Vermaelen will be out for the whole season, but you all knew that at Christmas didn’t you? Only Arsene didn’t. There is no accountability. Nobody will knock on his office door on Monday and say “this isn’t working”. And the worst thing for me is that he has become very, very unlucky. These days it all just drifts by me but I feel sorry for the fans who continually follow the team all over the country and abroad. And you know what? It ain’t gonna change. If it was, it would have done by now, surely.

  29. hitman49

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!

    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!


  30. Arindam@KOL

    Our transfer policies need a massive revamp.

    – Its plainly obvious to see that you have too many youth players when 19 of them are out on loan.
    Solution : Trim the youth team. Wilshere is the only great player we have produced from the academy in the last 6/7 yrs.

    – Getting in more English players. If the rest of the side had Wilshere’s heart , we’d be still in all 4 comps.

    OUTS :
    Bendtner – 15m
    Arshavin – 12/15m
    Rosicky – 5m
    Denilson – 8/10m
    Diaby – 10/12m
    Squid – 3/4m
    Almunia – 2m
    Thats 55-60mil in just from the clearout.

    INS :
    Mats Hummels – 12/15m
    Mario Gotze/Kevin Grosskeutz – 10/12m
    Chamberlain – 8m +
    Scott Parker – 6-7m
    Tiote – 8-10m
    Gamiero – 12-15m
    Total INS : 65m

    Net spend : 5/10 mil

    Make it happen , the board and Wenger !

  31. leon

    steve arsenal do have alot quality players all in one area central midfeild you get away only having 1 top striker and 1 good dm player yes i think arsenal most likely need a another manaher but they also need some top signings which i dought will happen under wenger rain

  32. hitman49










  33. Dial Square

    Ricky says:
    March 12, 2011 at 20:24
    I agree gambon.

    I have zero confidence in these lot & even I thought we would beat this utd side.

    I said it before & i’ll say it again, With wenger we win………………..?


  34. zeus


    You are probably right but it could hurt could it.

    I’m just here thinking that wenger MaSSIVELY miscalculated about how long he could keep a team uncompetitive.

    I think he internally thought that the team would have to take a step back to move forward. That the losses incurred would drive the boys on even further and make them close because they went through it together.

    After they finally turned the corner and started winning it would make them closer as a squad and closer to the fans.

    That we could accept, but it’s now at the point now where the scars are too deep. No healing can take place. If you lose long enough that takes a toll on the psyche. And if you continue to lose and you look to your left – it’s the same guy that you have been losing with for years- you look to your right- it’s one if the sane dudes that you have been losing with for years- certainly that can’t be a good thing.

  35. Jerry

    As Zeus said earlier, there is now too much to sort in one transfer window. He’s tinkered and fucked about with cheap potential for too long. A couple of good players a season to maintain momentum is the minimum required, had he done only that we’d be pissing this league and no doubt won a couple of cups. Yet he hasn’t and that is plain arrogance on his part.

    When he finally does go our team will be in a worse state than Blair & Brown left this country. We’ll have a nice stadium though eh!

  36. Arse&Nose©

    Yes it was, but I thought I should highlight it today because many of us can empathise with the feelings of the young man who did it.

  37. Arse&Nose©

    Failure to reinforce the squad has again cost us. How many times must the cycle repeat itself before Wenger and the board realise they must bolster the squad!?

  38. Steve Biko


    I am Kenyan I cant see another Kenyan doing the same. Killing yourself for Wenger’s mistakes is beyond silly.

  39. Cloggs

    AW: We have now ze big advantage over ze Man Utd as zey still have to compete in ze three competitions ans we can now fully concentrate on winning ze League!! it’s like having ze two new signings!

  40. Arse&Nose©

    Steve, nothing to do with being Kenyan its about being a depressed gooner. Every year we suffer the same hit at the same time of the year it has to be bad for our health!

  41. patthegooner

    I bet there wont be an open floor Q&A again this year.

    What does amaze me is that a lot of Gooners are still very anti Usmanov coming in, yet likewise they are also incredibly fucked off with the current board and the immortal manager.

    As I see it, with the current board, nothing changes. Wenger will stay, we will endure another painful summer of pressing F5 in the desperate hope that his bullshit spin about super super class players that he will inevitibly spin at some point between now and June will come true. Then come 1st game of the season, Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Bendtner, Eboue, Rosicky will all still be here. We will probably have lost Cesc and replaced from within and banked the rest (That line about transfer revenue must be reinvested in squad should realise that it has no time limit!!!! and even then it just dissapears in contract renewals).

    No, it is time to stop the rot. Hey there are a lot of clubs in a far worse position than us, however I feel that we are seriously failing to fully take advantage of our position and potential.

    Wenger is stale, it is time (at the end of the season) for change

  42. MM

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!
    Wenger’s mind is corrupted with his arrogance. He has done great things for Arsenal, but unlike fergie who also holds absolute power Wenger is corrupted with his economics degree !

    Being an ordinary player has become acceptable at AFC!

  43. RitchiePowling

    How much more humiliation will this team inflict upon us before season ends. Guaranteed Spurs double over us.

  44. Arse&Nose©

    Pat, even if we were relegated I still wouldn’t want that fat corrupt cunt Usmanov anywhere near the club.

  45. MM

    We lost to a midfield made of two average full backs (but with a lot of fight) and Gibson (who?) and O Shea…!!

    It hurts tremendously that we lost but it kills to know we lost to a poor united team

  46. RitchiePowling

    Time for action by fans. Apathy from fans will mean enduring another groundhog season. A protest before last game of season is needed.

  47. Man

    All will be well again if we win the league. I thought Stuart Robson made some good points in his commentary, for those who watched it on Fucksucker!

    What a player Wilshere is, what a player. Having Ramsey back means we don’t need to rush Cesc back.
    I didn’t think Ramsey was slow at all, whoever said that. He has never been the quickest anyway.

  48. Steve Biko

    Today showed we have mental strength! LOL. How can Wenger’s favourite phrase totally not be reflected in his team.

  49. A

    Well said Arse&Nose – that’d just be a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face….

    JD out for the rest of the season, just terrible. All about Squillaci now

  50. Jerry

    Anyone confident of beating Spurs (our game in hand?

    Anyone really confident of us beating West Brom, Stoke & Bolton away?

    Anyone in the least bit confident we’ll beat Liverpool or Manu at home? Will the Manu game even make any difference to the League by then anyway?

    Scillaci is our centreback for the rest of the season, until he get’s injured that is. Oh dear! Another season crumbles within a two week period, later than usual but just about the only sign of consistency we can count on anymore.

    I wish Djourou well, poor fucker.

  51. 1886-2006

    Slaven Bilic would be a good candidate for me. So what if he has not done club management yet, you have to start somewhere.
    He is highly regarded in the game by fellow managers and understands the EPL game.
    His style of play is good as well.

    But we know that a change of manager will not happen, Would not be surprised to see Denilson made captain when Cesc goes.

    Also surprised by a comment made by Stewart Robson commentating today, he said that Wenger did not rate Ramsey when he was first at Arsenal. Sums the man up in my opinion, someone we adored has become an arrogant ignorant shadow of his former self, shame really.

  52. A

    lol 1886-2006, if Steve Robson really said that then he was being sarcastic, Wenger pulled out all the stops to get Ramsey to the club and then fast-tracked him into the first team and gave him as many opportunities early on as possible!

    Speaking of Ramsey it’s good to see him back, hope he has an impact on the rest of the season.

  53. Steve Biko

    Dial Square

    No I was making fun of him. He loves the term mental strength but it is the character most lacking from his sides.

  54. Wenger the liar

    Hitman 49 is one of the akbs trying to get some positivity out of you cunts.

    For a long time now ive suspetcted that Arsenal have people posting positive shit on blogs – think im mental? check out how many companies employ people to post positive shit on boards.

    How many women do you know that like football? and know anything they are talking about, funny how there is an abundance of these fuckers that are all positive on AFC on all the blogs though.

    Shit, where are the usual cunts.

    Honestly only Arsenal could fuck the weekend I am having, cunts.

  55. patthegooner

    And do you know what fucks me off more than anything today

    Cesc Fabregas.

    His desire to play at the Nou Camp when he was not fully fit. The fact that it appears that he dictated that he would play and that no one on the medical or coaching staff stood up and said no. Any other team at any other stadium and he would have gladly sat out,

    He might not have been fit for tonight anyway, but there would have been a better chance of it, and if he had played or even been on the bench, maybe just maybe we could have had the creative edge to feed in RVP.

    Cesc is the best player at our club but this obsession with all things Barca is really starting to get on my tits.

  56. Arse&Nose©

    We ran the midfield today, and we run midfield against almost every team we play against the problem is up front and at the back.

    Its embarrassing to have RVP,Rosicky, Arshavin,Nasri,Diaby, Chamakh all on the pitch and couldnt carve out a single clear cut chance!

  57. A

    What do people think was the more inexplicable/ridiculous refereeing decision, Clatteburg telling the ref that he felt he took appropriate action with Rooney’s assault or Hoy not sending Scholes off for the disgusting attempt to hurt Nasri?!

    I’d take a league win due to an Italian style corruption/ref bribing scandal resulting in Utd being relegated

  58. Jerry

    You shouldn’t need to keep bringing up “mental strength” if you’ve already got it, only if you feel they need encouragement.

  59. Cloggs

    Bin talking to some fans after the Sunderland game and what puzzles me is the support AW still has in the rank and file. Some even feel sorry for the guy wtf!! That persisting IAWT banner at area 8 is doing me head on..

  60. Rohan

    “How many women do you know that like football? and know anything they are talking about, funny how there is an abundance of these fuckers that are all positive on AFC on all the blogs though.


  61. wattsy65

    Yes Goonerclive we should, the whole crowd at the next home game should stand and chant Wenger Resign for the whole 90 minutes without stopping. Perhaps our board and the twat will finally get the message.

    As for the title, there is little chance now, and I think we should actually be grateful, our only chance for the future is for Wenger to go. I hear a fairly passable Dutchman will be available come the seasons end, has a bit of experience, OK having a bit of a blip right now, but likes attacking football and knows how to defend, he needs a new challenge we need fresh blood, seems a simple solution. Perhaps Dennis Berkamp would come as his assistant, he must be super qualified by now.

    Normally a defeat like tonight would depress me for at least a week, but the numbness arrived before kick off, I knew it was coming. No shouting and screaming at the telly anymore, just past caring.

    So Geoff wherever you are, we need you now.

  62. Wenger the liar

    A –

    Oh the refs, YEAH TRUELY?



    What a fucking joke of an excuse to use.



  63. SUGA3

    refs, my arse, fuck right off…

    we have lost 11 points on our own accord this season so far, there was not a single ref around back then…

    that’s EIGHT points clear, but hey, there is no advantage big enough for this lot, is there?

  64. Wenger the liar

    My first hope is that we dont lose.

    My second hope these days is that if we do lose there is no excuse for losing…..

    Barca –

    We played ROPE-A-DOPE

    had it not been for the ref we would have won that shit no doubf.


    4-0 up away –

    Halftime –


    Against Barca, the greatest attacking team ever assembled we can play “rope-a-dope” against newcastle a bunch of northen cunts we cant hold on to a 4-0 lead with 45 to go.


    What a bunch of losers.

  65. Arse&Nose©

    A I have been having premonitions about the very thing you mentioned. Over the last 10 years Man utd have had it too easy with officials and it wouldn’t surprise me that after Fergie retires the lid will be lifted on the level of corruption and influence man utd have had with the authorities.

  66. Steve Biko


    Yes. Wenger must a great believer in New age crap. Just saying Shit does not mean it will happen.

  67. Wenger the liar

    Fuck off.

    I lived in Italy when that shit broke.

    There is no conspiracy against us.



    Fucking losers love to make excuses for reasons they have nothing.

    Makes me sick, makes me angry, I saw a blog blame the fans about results just yesterday, LOL

    What utter bullshit.

  68. Arse&Nose©

    On the Scholes tackles it was very clear that after the Djourou injury and us being down to 10 men the game was dead and over. Intresting that every player was winding down except Scholes who targeted Chamakh and Nasri in a very deliberate fashion.

    Would not surprise me one bit if he had orders to add to our injury list, there is simply no other reason a 35 year old would tackle like that when his team were comfortably cruising.

  69. Rohan

    I hate the commentators with their “it’s only paul scholes” comments whenever he makes a bad tackle.

    Just because he’s a shit tackler and a manc, does not excuse him from making bad tackles.

    Cunts the lot of the;m.

  70. Steve Biko

    Dial Square

    I havent seen QOS here in a long time. She probably got tired of the so called “Realists”.

  71. 1886-2006

    A says:
    March 12, 2011 at 20:53

    Rohan says:
    March 12, 2011 at 20:55

    He sounded pretty serious, was sky sports commentary i think (was watching veetle online) so maybe someone recorded it and could link it somewhere. Was fairly damning of Denilson as well. He picked up on the fact that Denilson was not closing down Valencia, i think? just before std’s 2nd. He pointed out that he was not doing his job as a DM, well Duh!!!!

  72. Wenger the liar

    The alkie homless bum blaming the world for his shit is the same as the trophyless goooner.

    Big issue, big issue, help the loser.






    My only solace is that the rest of my life is in my control and I win and my expectations are high, I am going to get back to my wet weekend and while the losers tell their mum they dont want dinner (they still live there) and they bore the shit out of you with how great we are and what a fantastic job heir wenger is doing.

    Did I mention that they never say boo to Mr Wenger? Ask A and Keyser to show examples of times, OVER THE LAST 6 YEARS ON HERE, they have said “wengers to blame”.


    Lets blame scholes, “he made a bad tackle”



    You cunts cant be new to this country, I work with hungry people with degrees from everywhere but not this shithole. The more generations deep people are the fucking lazier they are.

    What cunts.

    A – remember our bet yeah dont be mr forgetful hey loser.

  73. 1886-2006

    He was also critical of denilsons passing, always short, back or sideways, no real penetration or drive.

  74. Hitman

    Maureen for Wenger swap anyone? Would enable both clubs to get rid of a problem manager.

    Gazidis aint smart enough nor has he got the balls.

  75. Steve Biko

    Dial Square

    Yes, She did. Definitely one of the best posters in this blog but I guess taking on Jaguar on a regular basis can be hard for anyone.

  76. A

    WTL who on earth is making excuses or using the ref as an excuse?!

    What did the ref have to do with today’s result?!

    Nothing to do with anything you muppet, it really isn’t that difficult to understand that you can talk about something other than the fact we lost?!

  77. A

    Seriously WTL it’s really difficult to pinpoint ANY logic or intelligence in those last couple of posts, bit worrying.

    Fair dos 1886, wasn’t sky though, that’s what I was watching. Today was so shit, still can’t believe the JD injury, why couldn’t he have just not played?!

    Squillaci REALLY needs to step up to the plate, we can’t do with Song there, he’s as important to our midfield balance as Cesc is, we can’t afford to move him back into defence

  78. A

    Hitman if we did that we could rule out champs league football next season!

    Mourinho wouldn’t be able to do anything with the types of players we have at the club, and offloading them all would take a period of adaptation etc.

    Not to mention the fact that we don’t have anything like the monetary advantage that Mourinho is used to having….

    When Wenger goes we need a manager who can play offensive football, although being able to make the defence solid at the same time wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Guardiola all the way for me

  79. Wenger the liar

    A –

    Pinpoint some logic in this:



    Fucking know it all wanker.


  80. Rohan

    I want Didier Deschamps or Laurent Blanc. Both are extremely underrated.

    If not them, then Owen Coyle, Unai Emery of Valencia or Jurgen Klopp of Dortmund.

  81. A

    I dunno Rohan, certainly not Coyle, I’d want someone a bit more proven, maybe Blanc, although I can’t see past Guardiola. Or Bould or Thierry/Bergkamp dream team

  82. Rohan

    I don’t want Wenger gone just yet. I’m willing to give him more time.

    Those are my picks for his successors, Steve.

  83. GoonerT1m

    Why not A, much better than anything you mentioned, pep will not come to arsenal, stop with the la la land stuff.

  84. Rohan

    I think Dennis or Thierry would be absolutley fantastic.
    They’re both highly intelligent and tactically astute as well.

  85. A

    No of course not Lazer, we’ve been very good this season and although things have gone downhill in the last couple of weeks we still have a great shout of being champions.

    I don’t see how any sane person could say that Wenger should go now.

    If the wheels fall off then in the summer things could be reassessed but at the moment obviously not – we win our game in hand and we’re level on points at the top of the table ffs!

  86. A

    GoonerT1m if/when he leaves Barca if he wants to come to England then I’m sure that we’re the team he’d want to come to, and he’s intimated that in the past. Refused to give an answer when questions pre-match earlier in the week too.

    He’s someone who likes footballing philosophy etc – we’d be a very good fit.

    Coyle has never managed anyone even half decent, it’s a completely different job managing a side at the top of the table compared to a team mid/lower table. We could never manage anyone who has no experience of managing a side with real expectations

  87. SUGA3


    with our defence consisting of two CBs who can’t play together for shit, being essentially the same player and a clown of a GK we can forget about winning the league…

  88. Maciek


    Wenger will stay for the next 3 years. You can be sure of that.

    And we will be shit for a long time because thanks to Wenger we need serious rebuilding.

    We need many new players.
    He has fucked us up.

    Besides when Klopp or Hiddink arrives he will ask for money to spend.
    And you know how this arrogant c*nt Hill-Wood will respond.

    We are in serious mess. We need to change our ownership as well.

    New defensive players, a world class cdm, 2 world class strikers, a winger, Martin Keown as our nr 2.

  89. Rohan

    I know what you mean, A but I think Coyle can do it. It’s a moot point though. There’s still a lot to go before the season ends and we start to pick the pieces.

  90. Steve Biko


    You are very patient. If Wenger remains come next year at this point we will be here whining again. Betting against Arsenal when Wenger is in charge is guaranteed riches.

  91. LAzer

    The wheels have fallen off. Within two weeks we have lost Song, Walcott, Cesc, Secezesny, Djourou to injuries.

    Rvp and Nasri looking out of form all of a sudden, Arshavin looking disinterested.

    We have thrown away a cup, gotten smashed in the other two. Going from four challenges to one in two weeks. If that doesn’t mean the wheels have come off I don’t know what does.

    We don’t win this title, in fact I think we may not even finish second if Chelsea and City challenge.

    Then do you think it is time for Wenger to go?

  92. A

    It’s certainly going to be tougher than it would’ve been before this week’s injuries SUGA, but far from a situation where we should forget about winning the league! Big games are gonna be difficult with Almunia certainly

  93. G STAR

    2 Goals

    1 1st Half Goals

    6 Shots on Target

    4 Shots off Target

    1 Blocked Shots

    4 Corners

    6 Fouls

    8 Offsides

    1 Yellow Cards

    0 Red Cards

    80.5 Passing Success

    22 Tackles

    63.6 Tackles Success

    40.4 Possession

    43.4 Territorial Advantage





    2 Goals

    1 1st Half Goals

    6 Shots on Target

    4 Shots off Target

    1 Blocked Shots

    4 Corners

    6 Fouls

    8 Offsides

    1 Yellow Cards

    0 Red Cards

    80.5 Passing Success

    22 Tackles

    63.6 Tackles Success

    40.4 Possession

    43.4 Territorial Advantage




  94. SUGA3

    guess what A, Coyle’s team has just gone further in the FA Cup than we did and vanquished the might of the latest Carling Cup winners!

    expectations? please…

  95. GoonerT1m

    A, the wheels have fallen off. The rest of the season will be a huge challenge with these injuries, not to mention how mentally shot they will be. Arsene wenger had not managed a top league team before he came to Arsenal so your argument there falls flat.

  96. Arse&Nose©

    We don’t need to change manager, we are almost there every season all that’s needed is an extra 5% which can be achieved through investment in the squad.

    Wenger is the right man for the job he just needs to loosen the purse strings and not worry about ‘killing’ youth to achieve success.

  97. Maciek


    Blame Wenger. Co kibice w Londynie myślą o Wengerze. Czas na rewoltę, zmianę warty.

    I just asked what English fans think about Wenger. Nothing offensive.

  98. tomb

    Another day
    another loss
    10 men
    Same old reasons
    Same old excuses
    6 years on the trot,
    Same time every year 1 -2 weeks define our season were we go out of all comps.
    Lets face it we knew this was going to happen, but we kinda kid ourselves a bit.
    Whats going to change. Probably nothing.
    Bit depressing really.

  99. A

    Lazer we’re 3 points behind top of the table with a game in hand – obviously the wheels havn’t fallen off yet!

    We’ve gone out of three (imo irrelevant) competitions, and for me the only damage there is the injuries we’ve suffered, and damage to our confidence.

    We dropped two points to Sunderland in the league, that’s the most harmful result we’ve had this week imo

  100. Hitman

    A- what do you mean rule out champions league football next season? Its not like we do that well anyway. We usually get knocked out by the 1st decent team we meet.

    Maureen may not be the answer and he isnt everyones cuppa but he would increase performance of everyone at the club by 20%.
    Wenger doesnt have those man manmagemnt skills. Plus Maureen inst lazy like wenger. He has a game plan for every game.

    Wenger has got stale. The whole club is in a rut. onstantly going sideways. We were an animal we would be a Crab.

    Wenger has shown over the last 6 years that he isnt prepared to/ doesnt know how to change.

  101. Rohan

    Not to mention that if it weren’t for Marseille and them cheating, he’d probably have won more than just one.

  102. SUGA3

    with the clown in goal, our defence resembled fucking Keystone Cops once again, I doubt we would have conceded either of the goals with Szczesny…

    dignified? grrr…

  103. G STAR

    A i thought we could win the quadruple



  104. A

    lol SUGA, yes because that’s very relevant when it comes to managing a team who are the favourites in all about from 3 games every season, with all the pressure that comes along with it.

    Not to mention the tactical requirements when playing against sides who just try and play anti-football and cheat/time waste their way to a point against you.

    I wouldn’t want any manager who hasn’t been in charge of a team that has won or at least challenged for a title.

    Don’t give a shit about cup comps