Mad Jens back in town… | United host us today, pay back time

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Massive game today.

Thought I’d state the obvious as many of you probably didn’t respect your bodies as I did last night. So you might have forgotten. I don’t have a hangover today. You do. Gutted is all I’ll say.

Anyway, the good news is that Robin is fit for today as is Alex Song. We head up to United to take on a club who don’t enjoy being beaten at home. They have no Nani, probably no Rio, no Jonny Evan’s (that’s bad news for us) and no Anderson.The fact they’ve got a tough tie in three days time against Marseille works very much in our favour. I could see them resting a few names just to make sure. United really don’t have the squad to be taking risks when they’re still in 3 competitions.

I guess Wayne Rooney will play and maybe that little Mexican ferret. To be honest, if we play as we know we can, it shouldn’t matter. This United side are more about grinding out results than playing people off the park. Pound for pound, even without Cesc and Chezzer, we’re the better side. We need to go out there, play with the handbrake off and pay them back for all the FA Cup heartbreak they’ve dished out to us over the years.

I want to see a big game performance from Robin, I’d love to see Arshavin give us a solid 90 minutes and I’d like to see an improved performance from Diaby. Wilshere just needs to continue to do what he does best and drive the team on. The back 4 have a big challenge learning to play with a keeper who is very much line based. I’m hoping Almunia can hold it together, he has a habit of bowing to pressure in the big games. He didn’t have the best time against United last time we played them in an important cup game. I feel a hoodoo banishing coming on…

This is how I’d line up…


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Song

Arshavin Robin Nasri

I expect Rosicky will find himself getting the nod over Arshavin. I don’t know why, his passing isn’t clinical and I’m not sure he’s that good at the defensive work. He’s a bit of a nothing player, expert at looking like he’s doing something. I’d rather put someone like Arshavin in who can produce a moment of magic at any time.

Nasri needs to find his form again. He hasn’t been the form player we knew from the first half of the season for a few games. What better occasion to make a claim for player of the year than in this game?

I have a good vibe about tomorrow. The tide has to turn at some point and United’s lucky streak has to run out some day. I think we’ll turn them over, if they pick up a few injuries along the way, no tears will be shed at this keyboard.

I’m really going to be looking closely at the work ethic and motivation of the team tomorrow. We have a habit of feeling sorry for ourselves after a loss, Wenger loves to play the victim and make countless excuses. That rubs off on players which I personally thinks allows some of the boys to justify failure. We’ve been poor over the past 3 games, time to address that on the pitch.

Make it happen Arsene…

P.S. In other news, Wenger is rumoured to be bringing Jens out of retirement to cover for Almunia. Good stuff, it’s great to have a Champion in the dressing room. His attitude could be a massive bonus at this stage in the season. Jens is a warrior, how we could do with a bit of his fire tomorrow!

Enjoy the game everyone, if you need a feed for it later, I’m sure the Grover’s will point you in the right direction later!

UPDATE: I thought Song was in the squad, I missed his exclusion on!


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Rambo

Arshavin Robin Nasri


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  1. Sam

    If we dont win the league, Arsene should resign. If not he should be sacked.

    No other big club will let anybody go on like this.

  2. Dutchman

    Seriously ,we need players who care. A player like lansbury would be good. A player like bartley would be good!But we have squillaci and denilson!

    We have seen denilson,diaby,almunia etc. for 4 years now. And in the first year, everyone knew that they were absolutely bad, but they are still here! How can that be! That’s bullshit! Our second team is not better then the likes of sheffield united!

  3. dennisdamenace

    Let’s be having you then, all those knobheads that belittled the Carling Cup after we lost with not bothered, it’s a mickey mouse cup anyway, THE best chance for Wenger’s children to actually win something.

    Six fucking years for this.

  4. GoonerT1m

    Another thing about our friend mr wenger that I gruel find disgusting as that he never goes to thank the away support when we loose. Pathetic for someone on that kind of pay

  5. zeus

    That’s the season over then.
    Nit only have we lost chezzer, Johan is out so it’s the crap duo on their own in central defense with Almunia behind.

    Hahaha. U can’t make this shit up.

  6. Big Dave

    We are not good enough to win this league, don’t kid yourself.

    They allways beat us am hurt, depressed.

    Wenger plan is just not working, now fuck off and take yr plan with you

  7. N21 Tone

    Do you think they will parade the 56m in an open top bus with a civic reception at Islington Town Hall?? Cunts!

  8. Dutchman

    choy says:
    March 12, 2011 at 19:16
    sell the fucking stadium.. sell all the fucking players.. build a fucking hotel!

    Comment of the year, this is arsenal 100%.

  9. BillikenGooner

    Don’t worry guys, we are on our way to being the best team in history.

    It will just be next season.. or maybe the one after that… or the following one…

    whatever… it’s coming!


  10. Big Dave

    Not of proud of it but did call it last week after we bottled it v sland and said we will be out of 3 competitions in a week

  11. Maciek

    I knew we will lose. Shame Djourou is out. Knowing our bottlers we will now end up outside the top 4.

    Maybe it will a wake up call.


    And take Diaby and Fabregas with you.

  12. peman33

    just sack him! fresh start! he obviously cant inspire the players anymore! and his tactics were poor yet again! his signings are consistently poor! and he has ignored time and time again floors in our squad and now we are stuck with a clown in goal and central defence for the run in!

  13. tonyadamsisgod

    Diaby – shit, get rid
    Denilson – shit, get rid
    Rosicky – shit, get rid
    Sagna – never performs well against Evra
    Gibbs – Poor season, shouldn’t have been played tonight
    RvP – Isolated, no service
    Kos – Not good enough for Arsenal
    Djourou – not good enough for Arsenal

    Wenger – Shit tactics (if any), assembled a shit squad, instilled a completely non competitive environment where bad performances are rewarded with further game time, shit in the transfer market, shit at defensive aspects of the game. He must go.

  14. Dutchman

    Haha, wenger is talking about the quadruple. And we have won nothing! No cup games won! Shameful. Every manager would be pissed of now and would buy some real quality but wenger won’t.. And it’s true that any other club would fire their manager if they haven’t won a trophy for six years!!! But you know arsenal! What a strange club. Do they care about the fans? NO!

  15. Kayciey

    Wenger is some piece of slimy shit. What tactic was he using? Its time up for Wenger. He should go Coach his France Team. I suppose he’ll have his French coshits like Diaby, Squid, Kos …..he can add Almunia too to his bunch. This Arsenal team is tactless, clueless, thick, empty brains, n not worth Arsenal Jersey. WENGER SHOULD JUST GO.

  16. tonyadamsisgod

    Why does everyone talk about tactics? How did we go about the game any different from how we played Barca, Sunderland or Birmingham? Its the same shit every game and that’s why so many teams have figured out how to play against us now!

  17. Rob The Goon

    What’s the excuse now arsene, the ref had a good game apart from the scholes incident.

    We need a summer sale…

  18. incesc

    worst thing is wenger played wilshere even more into the ground whilst not giving him anyone to play with.

    pointless decision, he cant play against wb now hes fucking 19.

    relying on him to the extent he cant run anymore is fucking horrible horrible management.

  19. albo

    You have to credit Van der Saar – what a stunning player he is. Fergie got it right yet again – ridiculously defensive line up but trusting them to nick a goal. Then he was able to bring on some class when they were up a goal.

    In the end, I don’t actually think we played that badly. Their Cbs and goalkeepers were fantastic. With Kuszczak in goal we might have won that 3-1.

    Djourou’s injury just makes it an even bigger kick in the crotch…

  20. Dutchman

    Yeah, wenger can’t motivate his players! But what can wenger? Nothing. If we don’t win the league then we need to protest, but no-one will protest.

  21. Man

    Sagna was our best player today…I don’t think i have seen anyone put in as many good balls in teh box as Bac today shame nothing was made out of them

  22. tonyadamsisgod

    To whoever slated me for saying Kos was ball watching for the 1st goal….the commentators are saying the very same thing right now!

  23. Eaglegunner

    Now irrespective of whether you are pro or Against, it seems it is time for a change in manager. I have been a big fan of Wenger since 1996 and in the last few years my trust in him has waned.

    But i’ve got to be honest with myself, i have lost total faith in him as a manager. I have watch Wenger morph from a winner into a loser giving excuses all the time.

    Im not a doomer at all, but i have had enough, this team today was gutless. Why play RvP when its obvious he’s not fit and gibbs is not a left back.What is he resting Clichy for?

    I will not spend a penny on the club until Wenger leaves. This is no longer a coincidence, this team is an extension of its manager Gutless! This ManUre team was poor, yet he couldnt beat them.

    Why didnt he start with Ramsey???????? Diaby is a useless player.

    Wenger please leave, thanks for your work

  24. zeus

    I’m nit even hurt. The first step is acceptance. I expect nothing from this team. Nothing when it really counts.

    The only good thing about being a supporter right now us the arseblog arsecast and the tuesday club with Alan Davies.

    Oh and an early goodbye to our captain. Have fun in Barcelona boy.

  25. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    I’m with you Gambon – I always shout “Wanker” at him when he is on screen!
    He is past it, move on!

  26. Evan

    Lansbury has got David Bentley written all over his mug not Arsenal standard and that goes for a fair few youngsters. We should have signed Xavi Alonso, Gary Cahill players alike. You can’t be selling players like Hleb, Flamini and Adebayor,cunt (love em or hate them but they were impact players) and replace them with youngsters and expect them to blossom into the finished article.

    I mean why didn’t he keep Sol for another season he was easily the best defender in his second stint, some may say he was past it but he has passion and he’s a winner and i don’t see much of that at the moment

  27. Telarse

    RVP sucks dead dogs’ balls when it matters!

    Completely ineffective against weak Man U defence, Nasri was pretty shit too – I know others were bad but these are the two we should expect to show up to help Jack.

    I feel sorry as fuck for Jack in this – I really hope Utd fuck up enough for us to fluke the league cos he deserves it!

  28. incesc


    wenger ball works in the emirates when we are on top.

    but that is it.

    it never wins big games, or games when we are up against it.

    nasri is a fantastic player as is wilshere but the run themselves into the ground making up for the rest of the dross.

    the team has no shape, no verve, no attacking intent other then looking for small holes.

    we cant dominate corners, we never dominate midfield, we never counter attack at speed.

    big teams need far more than what we have in the locker. we are wasting careers, money and time on this shit.

    and we never see any CHARACTER.

    we dont grind out results, sometimes teams get tired, but now our fitness is down because of our shit squad players we have no plan b at all.

  29. Dutchman

    This team:

    can beat every team in the world but if there is one player injured, we are facking shit. thanks wenger.

  30. tonyadamsisgod

    Henry Winter on Twitter –

    “Policy shift required by Wenger in summer. He needs 1 or 2 experienced bulldogs to protect his butterfly collection.”

  31. Big Dave

    VDS played a blinder for them today as did smalling and vidic.

    However they were their for the taking and we offered zilch

  32. Rob The Goon

    Wengers time is up…he has rebuilt this squad twice in 5/6 years. It normally takes him around 3 years to build a premier league winning side but how long is it going to take!!!!!!!!

  33. patthegooner

    One life left Arsene and that is hanging by the minutest of threads after that.

    Wenger said: “We want to go for every single competition. How far will we go? I personally believe we can go in every competition to the end. But we can as well stop very quickly.”

    It certainly did Arsene

    27th Feb: in four competitions
    12th March: Barely in one

    And I cant see Djourou playing again this season, that looked really nasty and sadly for Wenger his incompetence in the transfer market has bit him in the arse, and unlike the keeper situation we get an emergency loan for a CB!!!!! I think we should be looking at getting Bartley back. Squillaci and Kosser are a ticket to 4th place…..or worse. Song playing CB means I have to endure more of Denilson or Diaby.

    As for the game, as ever we had loads of possesion but did not do a lot with it, and when we did, Van Der Sar was eqaul to it. As for their goals, I think Almunia could have done a lot better with the first and the second, but I also have to question Denilson for the 2nd, he was caught ball watching again and was wondering around aimlessly with his hand in the air for what reason I have no idea.

    I think the big problem is that when Cesc is missing we dont have the personnel to play this formation.

    I dont think we are dead an buried in the PL after Djourou’s injury but a difficult task has just been made a lot harder, and it would take a brave gooner to put any money on it. Personally I can see us falling from the chase in the next few games.

    Finally no point in him going now, but if we do as expected end up potless, Arsene quite simply has to go. I would love to think that he would change and buy the additional quality needed to get us over the line in competitions but he wont, there will be a lot of hot air about doing this and that, and ultimately we would go into next season 2-3 players short.

  34. Dutchman

    Guys, if you talk about this team. Do you talk about the team that beat chelsea?? Because that team had everything! But the second team is facking shit.

  35. gooner

    2 Things we have learnt this season

    1) Our first team, our absolute best starting 11 can beat barcelona, the best side of a generation, the best since Capello’s AC Milan of the 90s

    2) Our second string, or team lacking not every single member of our best 11 cannot beat Leyton Orient

    result; fielding anything in between those 2 is probably going to end in disappointment

  36. incesc

    nasri wasnt shit

    hes left on his own on the wing with 3 players on him and no support.

    heruns his bollocks off everygame, but hes not bing given the chance to shine at all anymore.

    diaby and denilson dont run over, give him options or play him in.

  37. Rohan

    Fucking Theo crock Walcott. He had to, just had to get injured at this point of the season.

    Hazard, Vertonghen/Rodwell, and another creative player I guess would be nice.

  38. arsenal4ever

    BillikenGooner says:
    March 12, 2011 at 19:31

    In Wenger words “what call you a trophy” hahahhahahah

    Unbelieveable, now the league is gone, too.

  39. Rohan

    Can’t complain of fixture congestion as well now. We only play once every week.

    Hope they can pull themselves up and get us out of this rut because I just can’t see it …

  40. Gooby

    lansbury is an arsenal boy evans, he is no bentley!

    agree with winter, we need a midfield destroyer, not fucking denilson

  41. incesc

    what about bender?

    2- down and our 2nd choice striker is so shit we know he will never get close to coming on and saving us the game

  42. arsenal4ever

    rohan Rodwell going to manure and I can see why!! More ambitions like we have. How can Diaby and Denilshit still wear our famous kit? both are on 50k!!! Spend some fukking cash!!!

  43. BillikenGooner

    We should have gone for Van Bommel.

    Even if he missed every 3rd match because of reds, he’d have made sure Scholes didnt walk off the pitch under his own power.

  44. patthegooner

    Keyser I know you will say ‘well what did you expect’ but once again Diaby was Diabolical tonight. Such a frustrating player, when he is good he is great but he is so inconsistent and his good to bad game ratio seems to something like 8-1 and it seems to be getting worse.

    A few times tonight we seemed to be breaking fast, the ball got to him and it was muddy puddle syndrome again.

    Denilson I thought played better than his usual utter shite standard today, but still not good enough.

    Almunia made one excellent save towards the end, but thought he really could and should have done better with the two goals.

    As for Chamakh, I have a feeling he might not be with us next season. Looks completely unhappy and disinterested. I wonder if he was at his level in France. Would not surprise me if he makes moves to go back.

    Positives: Jack again. He really will be our Paul Scholes type player (but better), an absolute terrier.

    Though Kosser did well, but sadly for him, his shit magnet Squillaci will be back alongside him next week.

    RVP dissapointed me, but I felt he had no service and kept coming deep for the ball.

    So as expected a tight game, but they capitilised on mistakes a couple of times and won it.

  45. Rohan

    Almunia just does not inspire confidence in our defence does he. He’s a good shot stopper and all but I do think he just makes us lose a lot of our defensive stability.

    Only Nasri had a good game today imo and to an extent Jack and Sagna.

    Gibbs and Diaby were dogshit.

  46. atlanta_gooner

    “Do you think they will parade the 56m in an open top bus with a civic reception at Islington Town Hall?? Cunts!”
    Comment of the day!

    telearse…nasri should be playing down the middle wih Jack behind him and a new DM

    two new wide players…miyachi in on the left and walcott on the right obviously next season.

    new strikers up front.. someone like benzema powerful and direct

  47. HerveDeNerve

    Seen your trophy cabinet on UEFA’s website???

    Jam packed full ain’t it???

    And just in case your wondering……….

    Thanks for the fukkin entertainment this year….
    2-0 and you fucked it up….
    4-0 up at Newcastle
    Mickey Mouse cup losing to Birmingham
    Barcelona….not even a fukkin attempt on goal
    And tonight….. What a luvly 2 weeks it’s been
    And don’t think it’s over yet…. Your gonna get your clocks well and truly cleaned at the lane next month. Nite nite gooners…. I’ll leave you to fight amongst yourselves… Wot saddos…everyones larfing at ya….enjoy yet another great weekend!!!!

  48. tonyadamsisgod

    Such a frustrating player, when he is good he is great – Absolute bollocks! Remember the players that we used to have who were actually great and then see if you still think he fits that bill!

  49. incesc


    You seem confused, let me help you out.

    this is what we have won in our life times.

    league titles – 5

    1988–89, 1990–91, 1997–98, 2001–02, 2003–04

    Fa Cup – 5

    1993, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005

    Carling Cup – 2

    2007, 2011

    Cup Winner Cup – 1


    spurs have won 2 cups?

    nice one!

  50. goonerfantx

    Denilson should never be allowed to pull on an arsenal shirt again. The team can not win with him in it. It would be one thing if he was solid defensively but nothing going forward but he’s not. He provides no benefit to the team and if we’re in a position that he has to play we might as well keep him out of the team and play with defensive midfielder at least then someone in his place offers something. Absolutely pointless player to have in the team. Why Wenger didn’t play Nasri in Cesc’s role is a mystery to me and has to be to everyone else. I understand we need someone on the right to make runs and provide width with Theo out injuried; however when he’s on the right and Man U sit so deep everytime he comes back to the ball and there is not much space behind so why waste him out wide. Besides Sagna gave us the width with his over lapping runs and crosses. It’s just a pitty none of our players busted a gut to try and win the ball in the box or cause Man U problems.
    Diaby only served a purpose when he decided to run from midfield past someone to get a pass. Our game is based on movement and quick one and two touch passing. Diaby always takes more than one touch and only slows down play when he brings the ball forward which kills our tranistion in the final third which kills our own momentum going forward. Rarely did Man U have to chase back to their own goal and our opportunity to attack without Man U having their defensive wall setup was almost never because of our Patience. Diaby’s only dangerous when he’s running not standing still.

    Gibbs had an awful game. Clichy has to be hurt because how can you play someone in a game of this importance when he’s barely played all season. It’s stupid decision by Wenger regardless if someone needs a rest. Sagna played with no issues. Anyone notice how Gibbs almost never tries to go past his man and create penetration? You can’t tell me he can’t run past Brown. Arashavin almost always goes insider so if we’re going to stretch MAN U Gibbs needed to mirror Sagna but having not played very much he’s a player with no confidence. What an utter joke. We lost to a regular team. There’s nothing special about Man U and it’s just a joke. An utter joke. They can setup to drop deep and we can’t figure what to do. Totally unbelievable that the team isn’t instructed how to cope and come to grips with what must be done.

    We had very little drive today in midfield with Den-NOTHING in the team. Wilshire and Nasri pushed forward with urgency to drive the team. We have one thing to look forward to but unless Cesc, Theo and Doujouro or Vermaleen comes back along with a keeper other than Alumnia then we might as well kiss Cesc goodbye and possibly other players. We play like we’re cursed or something. Anything that could go wrong does go wrong. We need a damn witch doctor or something.

  51. Evan

    All about West Brom, its a shame the team will likely look exactly the same as the one that lost in September 2010

    Arsenal Sept 2010 line up

    * 01 Almunia
    * 03 Sagna
    * 06 Koscielny
    * 18 Squillaci
    * 22 Clichy
    * 27 Eboue
    * 02 Diaby
    * 08 Nasri
    * 17 A Song
    * 23 Arshavin
    * 29 Chamakh

  52. Hussain

    my brother (a utd fan): your state is miserable, tonight we united fans can’t even laugh at you, you are laughing at yourselves! out of 3 comps in 15 days? Get a life

  53. gooner

    One key difference is back in the day, we had the likes of Edu and Parlour, and van Bronkhurst who could come on or slot in and do a job in others absence, wiltord to maybe make a bit of a nuisence in an attacking role

    now what do we have?


    They are all shite

    Axe list:

    money saved on wages: £200k per week

    Add bendtner to that and its 250..

  54. Rohan

    actually you do. my bad. 😀

    Either way, this is the last time you’re even going to qualify for the Champions Leage.

  55. Paulinho

    Ptg – Heh, what did you expect. I don’t understand people thinking this was gonna be easy. Just knocked out of two cup competitions. It’s only gonna get harder. Heh, Denilson and Diaby are fine. You can’t think of any other factors out there today apart from those two?!!

  56. Gooby

    redknap first english manager to get into the last 8 of the CL since terry venables in 86, sad record for english footie

  57. patthegooner

    Where did I say it was going to be easy Paulinho???

    Or are you being sarcastic because surely you dont believe Denilson and Diaby are fine!!!!!!!

  58. Goonerpower

    Herve-murve-ya-mums-a-dirty-bird, you fucking smelly pikey bastard. Go play with your sister u inbred faggot fucker!!! What you doing on an Araenal blog, is it there fuck all to talk about…..!

  59. BillikenGooner

    We have a great crop of 18 year olds about ready to come through.

    Just another 5 years for them to mature into the proper belief in themselves and we will be the dominant force in football.

    Give it time. Keep the faith.

    (Oh wait… I think I copy and pasted that from a comment from 5 years ago.)

  60. Jake

    1. Dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest.

  61. gambon


    One of clichy & gibbs
    Pedro Botelho

  62. Rohan

    lol @ Arsenal’s facebook status.

    A good performance against strong opposition. Today’s game finished Man Utd 2-0 Arsenal. Match Report:

  63. albo

    Arsenal had 55% possession and 12 shots to utds 6. All 3 of utds goals against arsenal this season in the league and cup have come from rebounds…

    Personally I don’t think we played that badly today. Van der Saar is 1 second slower to react to Kozzer’s strike at the start of the second half and the game would have been totally different.

    That’s football I suppose!

  64. leon

    i feel it was very poor team selection and tacktics wenger must have known manu would look get lots of men behind the ball and counter attack so why leave 2 big strong on the bench in chamkh and breta he is nasri aa gibbs and sagna who cross the ball and give manu problems with players particualy bretna would give muna problems with phsical presence and heading ability,it was all to predictable they all played to central knwo biting pace you to have more than just one pacy winger,and were was our captain once again rvp was nowere.

    wenger had more than enough funds to get a striker,winger dm but this save a buck mentality is killing the team everyone know 2-3 top signing this team can win something

  65. gooner

    gooby hes also going to be the first not to retain that clubs status as a champions league club as well

    I cant wait til those spud cunts go back to mid table mediocrity. Thing is, theyve been so starved of success that they see involvement in competitions as like a trophy

  66. Hitman

    I didnt bother watching the game tonight.
    Because I had already seen it many times before. Groundhog, deja vu all over again.

    Knew our player dont have what it takes to win the big matches. 4-3-3 doesnt work. Our players simply are not good enough.

    Too slow + too physically weak + no work ethic + no game plan + high wages = no trophies (recurring)

  67. patthegooner

    I do TAIG

    Newcastle first half before he lost his head. Diaby can be very good when he wants to be. I think it is a problem with motivation and complacency.

    After all he has put in 3 shit games on the bounce now, but you just know that he will play next weekend.

  68. dennisdamenace

    FFS i getting it well and truly on texts from people i don’t even know!! Fucking Wenger and his failures, we should all be able to redirect our mobile phones to him, let him deal with all the abuse we take……

    Still don’t worry, we made £56m last year, and everyone got new, improved contracts…….all well deserved!!

  69. Cloggs

    Knew what was coming, nevertheless, still gutted.
    Anyway.. Let’s the blame the turf @Old Trafford.
    In Arsene We Trust.

  70. albo

    dennisdamenace – how come people you don’t know have your number/know you are a gooner? Be more careful with your number!

  71. tonyadamsisgod

    Albo – Stop kidding yourself about van der Sar. Yes, he played well but none of his saves were truly world class and any decent keeper should have been no different. We still conceded 2 goals and Utd looked rarely troubled in the grand scheme of things….

  72. patthegooner


    Season ticket renewals should be interesting!!!

    I think we are getting to that time, where we see a snippet from Wenger that he has identified what is wrong and he will buy some super super class players in the summer!!!!

    I wonder if he has found that chequebook yet!!!!

  73. desmoinesgunner

    Well, that’s that then.

    We have given enough rope to wenger as he dismantled the invincibles – so now he should do the honourable thing and hang himself.

    Disgrace. Get rid of 70% of the first team squad…cut the reserves / loans / crocks and use that mass of money saved and BUY SOME FUCKING READY MADE TALENT YOU CUNT!

    Why pay the price at the Emirates to watch this shit?

  74. Sabeel

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says Gunners defender Johan Djourou will be sidelined for the rest of the season with the shoulder injury he sustained in his side’s FA Cup defeat by Manchester United. On the game itself, Wenger added: “They were much more clinical, we have had a very difficult week. The team will recover from that and refocus.”

  75. Gooner786

    Q.If you had a goose that laid golden eggs would you sell it?

    Q.Will the board ever let go of Wenger?

    Answers on a postcard please.

  76. Jake

    and its not like it was a surprise,theyve played us that way for years and he still obliges with the tactics.
    same ol same ol.

  77. Kreshnik

    Talked to my Bayern mates right now. They’re all in for a switch Arsene – Van Gaal … Fucking bring it, we’ll give them a pack of chips as well. They got no clue what pain they’re up to.

  78. Rob The Goon

    not suprised about djourous injury, looked painful…

    season is just crumbling before our eyes…just like wengers legacy

  79. gooner

    the fact that fans are discussing recalling bartley, an unknown random youth player, who probably wont cut it at the top level shows how fucking stubborn and obstinate wenger was in NOT BUYING A FUCKING CENTRE BACK IN JANUARY.

  80. tonyadamsisgod

    ptg – fair enough. For me he is not where near the likes of Vieira, Gilberto, Parlour, Petit, and so on.

    But, yes, we all know he’ll play next weekend!

  81. raynor

    positives – I felt we outplayed them, but where they are able to counter and be extremely direct, we are indecisive and over-play.

    LJW -awesome again

    Ramsey – showed in 10 minutes he pisses all over Denilson

    Nasri – Starting to at least work hard

    Kocielsny – Immense today

    We just need a more clinical style. That will involve some pretty big personel changes. The tippy tappy isn’t working anymore and we need more player with the skill and speed, ala LJW who is fast becoming our best player.

    RvP on his onw clearly isn’t enough. If he has an off day or a slight injury – we are a little toothless.

    Another world class striker is really needed if we wan’t to compete next year

    We are unlikely to win the league, so the best we can go for is second and Champs league, but I think the board need to wake up now. Next year will see all the top 6 (apart from us) spend big and we are in danger of being left a bit behind.

  82. gooner

    Id love an Usmanov takeover, wipe the smile off that cunt hill-woods face, and we will get the indispensable David Dein back where he belongs

  83. Rohan

    We’re down to 2 defenders who don’t play well in tandem and a dodgy keeper and no recognized defensive midfielder.

    Our run-in isn’t that easy as well. Every single match for the last month we’ve consistently been losing players.

  84. Sabeel

    lets hope walcott,fabregas help us in outscoring the 10 EPL games that we have…

    Else just bollocks….whatever we are debating is just like “MOVIE DISC PLAYING ON A REPEAT EVERY YEAR” with ONLY the Year number changing

    Have Fun again on repeat Mode justified moanings…

    Nite…and Yes NEXT time Just dont have too much is YOURS and OURS MISTAKE to have such expectations that hurts us…

  85. albo

    tonyadamsisgod says:
    March 12, 2011 at 19:51
    Albo – Stop kidding yourself about van der Sar. Yes, he played well but none of his saves were truly world class and any decent keeper should have been no different. We still conceded 2 goals and Utd looked rarely troubled in the grand scheme of things….

    Yeah, maybe. I think a couple of saves were pretty top class – particularly the reaction stop for Kozzer’s shot.

  86. patthegooner


    I do agree with you on that, he is not and never will be at their level. Even on his day he is isnt worthy of cleaning Vieira’s piss off his own boots.

    Lack of consistency means he is not as good as the others listed. And for a player who is nearly 25, when do you hold your hands up and say enough is enough.

  87. Gooner786

    Mourinho is DESPERATE to come back to the EPL.And I would love him to be our next manager but the stale board wont let go of the golden goose.

    I know that Mourinho is a grade A c**t but I would rather have him over that PUSSY Wenger any day of the week.

    Mourinho is a champion who wins trophies for fun.Wenger is ……………..

    I GIVE UP!!

  88. useroz

    great players do something great in difficult times

    don;t think nasri is that good …some said he’s a 120k bracket i doubt it

    from the ‘out’ list gambon put forward, i’d just keep koz and chamakh as backup; at least they look a littl diligent unlike rubbish diaby and rubbish dennilson

  89. goonerfantx

    We shouldn’t give a shit about any young player getting killed right now because someone is brought in. If your good enough you’ll play but defenders take forever to develop because it only happens with games and when a defender makes a mistake it can lead to goals which leads to losses so trying young players in the back or responsibilty to defend our goal aka DEN_NOTHING, is an awful idea. Were not some team that has to develop and sell players to survive so enough of this crap. Were one of the most historic teams in the world and this utter crap that have to deal with this. Our manager is insane because he does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. He should be locked up or shit canned.

  90. luke

    Well, there goes another season. Only 2 fit CB’s for the rest of the season. Brilliant. Oh and Almunia too.

  91. Arindam@KOL

    Keown said after the Barca debacle that Wenger has a five year plan and this is the final year. IF we win fuck all again this season , Wenger will change things around.

    Hope its true.
    Because its getting unbearable now.

  92. Rohan

    Mourinho’s a fucking classless cunt and I don’t want him, but he’s on track for 150 games unbeaten at home.