Mad Jens back in town… | United host us today, pay back time

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Massive game today.

Thought I’d state the obvious as many of you probably didn’t respect your bodies as I did last night. So you might have forgotten. I don’t have a hangover today. You do. Gutted is all I’ll say.

Anyway, the good news is that Robin is fit for today as is Alex Song. We head up to United to take on a club who don’t enjoy being beaten at home. They have no Nani, probably no Rio, no Jonny Evan’s (that’s bad news for us) and no Anderson.The fact they’ve got a tough tie in three days time against Marseille works very much in our favour. I could see them resting a few names just to make sure. United really don’t have the squad to be taking risks when they’re still in 3 competitions.

I guess Wayne Rooney will play and maybe that little Mexican ferret. To be honest, if we play as we know we can, it shouldn’t matter. This United side are more about grinding out results than playing people off the park. Pound for pound, even without Cesc and Chezzer, we’re the better side. We need to go out there, play with the handbrake off and pay them back for all the FA Cup heartbreak they’ve dished out to us over the years.

I want to see a big game performance from Robin, I’d love to see Arshavin give us a solid 90 minutes and I’d like to see an improved performance from Diaby. Wilshere just needs to continue to do what he does best and drive the team on. The back 4 have a big challenge learning to play with a keeper who is very much line based. I’m hoping Almunia can hold it together, he has a habit of bowing to pressure in the big games. He didn’t have the best time against United last time we played them in an important cup game. I feel a hoodoo banishing coming on…

This is how I’d line up…


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Song

Arshavin Robin Nasri

I expect Rosicky will find himself getting the nod over Arshavin. I don’t know why, his passing isn’t clinical and I’m not sure he’s that good at the defensive work. He’s a bit of a nothing player, expert at looking like he’s doing something. I’d rather put someone like Arshavin in who can produce a moment of magic at any time.

Nasri needs to find his form again. He hasn’t been the form player we knew from the first half of the season for a few games. What better occasion to make a claim for player of the year than in this game?

I have a good vibe about tomorrow. The tide has to turn at some point and United’s lucky streak has to run out some day. I think we’ll turn them over, if they pick up a few injuries along the way, no tears will be shed at this keyboard.

I’m really going to be looking closely at the work ethic and motivation of the team tomorrow. We have a habit of feeling sorry for ourselves after a loss, Wenger loves to play the victim and make countless excuses. That rubs off on players which I personally thinks allows some of the boys to justify failure. We’ve been poor over the past 3 games, time to address that on the pitch.

Make it happen Arsene…

P.S. In other news, Wenger is rumoured to be bringing Jens out of retirement to cover for Almunia. Good stuff, it’s great to have a Champion in the dressing room. His attitude could be a massive bonus at this stage in the season. Jens is a warrior, how we could do with a bit of his fire tomorrow!

Enjoy the game everyone, if you need a feed for it later, I’m sure the Grover’s will point you in the right direction later!

UPDATE: I thought Song was in the squad, I missed his exclusion on!


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Rambo

Arshavin Robin Nasri


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  1. albo

    Isn’t Song out too?

    We really need a win to pick ourselves up after the last couple of weeks. Looks like a good time to play united both in terms of the CL midweek and their injuries.

    Must say I’m gutted about Chezzer. Hopefully Big Al will have been fully focussed by his spell on the sidelines and have a blinder.

    On another note, am I the only one looking at the league run in and actually thinking ours is just as hard as Man U’s?!

  2. wattsy65

    Agree the team Pedro, except Diaby and Rosicky should not be anywhere near the pitch, I’d play Gibbs left side midfield, and stick Rambo in in place of Diaby.

    Always full of hope, but never far a way from that nagging feeling of been here before and bottled it.

    Lets hope today everyone is on top form.

  3. Michael

    Park’s out which is handy but heard yesterday that Fletcher is also out which is great news as he always plays well against us !

  4. slimshady

    Morning. So Pedro’s posted all week then lol what a legend 😀 Lehman back could be as big as Sol back last season

  5. Bergo 10

    We’ve had pockets of important games in the last 4 years which I’ve looked at and thought “Well we can’t f*ck them all up. We’ll at least get one right.” We have then proceeded to f*ck them all up, perhaps getting a damaging draw as a bit of light relief (a la Sunderland). Nothing about the last two weeks’ implosion suggests this game is going to be any different. They are weak physically and incredibly weak mentally. Brace yourselves.

  6. Pat

    Pretty sure Wenger said there is no chance of Song playing. Also pretty sure that Fletcher is fit for United.

  7. terry

    we dont need a diaby or denielson or rosicky anywhere around our team…

    i would play a diamond 442 formation


    sagna dj kozzer clichy

    nasri gibbs
    nikki b arshavin

  8. Scorpion

    Agree with you albo couple of weeks ago their run in was far more difficult but they have played two of the most difficult games and now it has come at parity with ours

  9. Pat

    I hope the lineup will be:

    Almunia(forced upon us)
    Sagna JD Koz Clichy
    Ramsey/Diaby Denilson Wilshere
    Nasri RVP Arshavin

    or move Nasri in the middle and Rosicky on the wing, but I really don’t want to see him out there at all!

  10. terry

    uniteds best player against arsenal time and time again has been nani he makes those runs around clichy without him i guess we could elasily beat them….
    the onli other player that actually plays well is flecter in their midfield… if we copuld stop him then guess well easily win this one.

  11. Gooby

    c’mon you gunners


    ramsey off the bench

  12. Young Guns Rule

    i would love it if the Lehman story is true, a true legend and absolute nut bar to boot, he is what we need, imagine what the youngsters can get from him, he is a true gent as well having met him, we all love a fruit cake and Jens is the fruitiest of them all

  13. patthegooner

    Yes I agree Albo, our run in is as difficult if not more difficult than Man Ure’s now.

    That is why getting the 3 points at Sunderland last weekend was vital.

    As for Lehmann, what a great shout by my good self a couple of days ago.

    patthegooner says:
    March 10, 2011 at 16:29

    I have a feeling it is mad Jens Lehmann A

    apparently he has been doing some bits and bobs at Colney recently.

    He is only a year older than Van Der Sar who is still performing at the highest level.

    You never know, stranger things have happened

  14. albo

    patthegooner – I’d have thought Jens is a genuine possibility. And yes I totally agree about Sunderland.
    That damn offside flag…

  15. skandibird

    Lehman as an emergency signing? God I hope NOT!! I never rated/liked him, he was capable of mad moments, like suddenly running for a ball which was 30 yards outside his own goal area, not to mention being sent off in the CL final after only 6 minutes. Anyway, if he is retired is he still registered as a goal keeper that can be used, or does that not matter? I hope Arsene has someone else entirely in mind, but, with Arsene you never know…….

  16. albo

    Big Dave – while I agree with some of what Lawro says there, how fucking ridiculous is it to blame RvP’s sending off on a lack of leadership?! And blaming our ‘implosion’ on his first yellow card. Total nonsense!

    I love it the way these guys just try to attach a narrative to things even when there is no connection whatever.

  17. (bernard) bade the gooner

    morning boys,
    geoff still in grief i believe …
    onto today’s game, we are winning
    i just hope not see diaby, rosicky there ….
    i rather see denilson! believe even he couldn’t get as worse display as those both did against barca, they dont deserve to play for us again. period.
    DIABY IS POTENTIAL? fuck that, he plays as he is already better than messi, & already won us 3 times the double…. i hope he will get world class someday, ii dont want to wait to see it happening at arsenal

  18. patthegooner

    Thing is Skandibird

    The chances are we will never actually see this reserve keeper in action. It is a worst case scenario precaution.

    Also, we are limited as to what we can do. We can only get a loan or get someone in of a free transfer. We cant buy a player, so I think Jens makes sense.

    I guess it comes down to a straight choice between having someone like Jens as backup or going for one of our youth keepers. Personally, I think we are now at the business end of the season and the pressure is on, so I would like Jens.

    Someone also mentioned Chris Kirkland yesterday. He recently missed out on a an emergency loan to Cardiff last month. That would be a good option too.

  19. chozzer

    Congratulations gambon.

    Hopefully you’ll have less time for blogging when you’re married. 🙂

    Only kidding, I love you like I love Liam Brady’s left foot, really.

  20. OPG

    Not sure he’ll go with a strong lineup, lots of tired legs from Tuesday.
    Oh well my heart goes out to Japan, there’s more Tsunami’s apparently.

  21. patthegooner

    Michael that article also lists Fletcher as being in the Squad for the game

    Manchester United squad for FA Cup tie with Arsenal: Van der Sar, Kuszczak, Lindegaard, O’Shea, Rafael, Smalling, Brown, Vidic, Evra, Fabio, Gibson, Fletcher, Scholes, Carrick, Obertan, Bebe, Giggs, Rooney, Berbatov, Hernandez, King.

  22. patthegooner

    OPG, I hope not and remember we have no game during the week.

    They have had 3 days off since Barca, surely that is enough.

  23. pantsR2long

    I’d love it Fergie played Vidic against us and he picked up an injury. Anywho… I think we’ll win 2-0 with both goals going to RVP.

  24. (bernard) bade the gooner

    united squad isn’t that hit by injuries as claimed…
    true, they are missing 1st choice cb, rio, but they have smalling which we succeeded to let go to the mancs in the january transfer of last season, when we weren’t that decisive & they come across & snatch him.
    they have vidic, evra & oshea & van der sar. so it is almost their strongest defence.
    they have shrik, chicharito & berba up front.
    they have enough for midfield, gibson (i rate very highly this bastard), carrick, scholes.
    their only week position is the third man upfront, were giggs can play & obertan. their twoo first choices there are injured, nani & valencia.
    so for our game they have enough players to dish us out, even though i feel it is our game & we will win it…. just dont get rosicky & diaby near the pitch & we are fine….

  25. Michael

    patthegooner I did notice that, I only hope he is out because love him or hate him he’s always up for the fight !

  26. (bernard) bade the gooner

    i disagree with your line-up this time pedro
    i would like to see this line-up:
    jack-song (rambo, if song isn’t 100% fit)

    AW should give chamakh to play on the flanks, with nasri getting the cesc role. he is good at their also.
    if song isn’t fit & rambo still needs time to get back to full form, them i would field denilson.
    AW should start learning that punishing players in games time is the best way to get the best from them.
    that said, rosicky diaby & cesc, shouldn’t see the pitch after such a shocking attitude & display. so for me el capitan was out even if he is fit!
    they should get the clear message that such an attitude shall not be tolerated at arsenal

  27. skandibird

    Gambon married? Are U saying there actually is some sad woman out there that desperate??
    PTG; if a choice I would prefer Kirkland, when did Lehman last play and how old is he anyway?

  28. OPG

    They are missing some key Wingers but they still got big threats and it’s at Old Trafford where they are very strong at, I worry about the teams fitness level and if we have to play the likes of Denilson or the other average squad players.

    BTW “Theo Walcott (ankle), Thomas Vermaelen (Achilles) and Alex Song (knee) remain out.”

  29. (bernard) bade the gooner

    if fletcher starts for the mancs, it wouldn’t be that bad for us.
    he is a fighter yes, but he lack technical qualities & always seems to cause penalties although they ain’t always given against …
    for me i’d rather him playing & not scholes ….

  30. albo

    Whereas I didn’t feel Song was a massive loss for us against Barca (due to the way they play) we will really miss his physical presence against this United team.

  31. (bernard) bade the gooner

    stated in few sites, though there are not the most reliable ones ….

  32. Michael

    Bade the Gooner Man U have enough players who are technically gifted as do we but one thing we don’t have is a Fletcher !

  33. Tobias

    Best wishes for today Gunners !

    the game hasn’t been played yet, so stay positive !

    See you guys later !

  34. leon

    i expect manu game to be very tough game i think fletcher will be looking break up thae arsenal play i aslo think they will be looking to play a direct style but they wont that much width.although we have by far better attacking midfield there not dought in my mind they have better strikers in berbotov rooney and hernadez

  35. albo

    Haha – nah I reckon Gambon is a bit of a keyboard tough guy. He’s probably walked all over by some girl. Next time I see a fat guy trailing after a woman with all her shopping bags I’m gonna shout ‘Gambon’ and see if he turns round…

  36. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    i hope he doesn’t start Diaby in the midfield
    we need dictator in the Central Mid
    and since we dont have cesc on the bench nasri should start in CM IMO.
    Diaby’l only make those 10 yard shit passes and ruin the game ultimately
    we need urgency against man u
    and wenger wont start arshavin, he’d rather go for rosicky on the left flank and didy to partner song
    song need to hold the the ball if we want to win this one
    Come on song, prove us wrong that you can perform gaainst big teams

  37. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    F**k you Michael
    we’ve got jack
    remember how he held on to his own against barca in the first leg?
    go and support Spuds instead

  38. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    i’ve checked out the site and there was no mention about song being fit for today
    where did you get that from Pedro?
    tea lady at arsenal or someone insider?

  39. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Morning Grovers!!! Where’s Geoff???? Anyway let’s be honest, if we have a full team we should spank these fucking cunts end of discussion!!! Although why do I have a feeling will see Shitachi at the back and our crab in the middle and ” my 2 touch is a tackle” Bendtner up top!

  40. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    Chamack? (bernard) bade the gooner
    are you serious?
    i know his workin rate is much betten than arshavin but he cant F**kin shoot!
    and if we are goin to create chances we need some1 like arshavin to take those chances
    by the way taking off arshavin at the Webley final was the most dumbest thing arsene has ever done

  41. Hitman

    Fergie will play his cloggers. Tell them to not bother about the game but ‘get in our faces’.

    That should be more than enough to see Utd through. Plus they have Clattenburg.

    Sorry to be negative but I have seen it happen so many times.

  42. (bernard) bade the gooner

    for me diaby, rosicky, bendtner & denilson should be off the end of season, with their huge wages we could get 2 decent players at least to bolster out midfield.
    bring a better player than song & another striker that scores more than he talks, & not injury prone, & we’ll be OK

  43. (bernard) bade the gooner

    yes you read it right, chamakh …
    he is far better than NB52, especially having nasri, AA & RVP, they will do the shooting, chamakh will work his socks out & distribute the ball well…
    he also gives us another dimention of getting loose balls & tough headers, as NB is a more central forward & not winger….

  44. Corkgooner

    :O Gambon’s engaged? Does she realize he will want to trade her in for the girl next door in a few years? Does she realize he will make mental note of every utterance so that he can gleefully shove it down her neck when she is proven to be mistaken? All out of love for the marriage of course.
    Silly silly girl.

  45. Michael

    Bade the Gooner You have a point mate !

    Saurabh_Bombay_Gooner Don’t fucking insult me and tell me to go and support the Spuds. I’ve been a Gooner for 40 years, ex North Bank Boy Highbury (You know the stadium before the Emirates) was at Anfield 89, let’s see your fucking credentials, you prick !

  46. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    (bernard) bade the gooner did i mention about Nick b?
    i said chamakh is an average player and arshavin is thousand times better than chamakh
    i know chamakh can head the ball but where are the wingers to provide that zipper of a cross?
    do we have one f**kin proper winger?
    apart from sagna and clichy(though sagna produces better ball than clichy IMO) who in this team would be able to cross from the flanks?
    and those two are not wingers by the way
    arsene has bought so many central players but not a single winger in these past years.
    and nicky b is a liability, i think we should sell him
    he think he’s great but he’s not
    he should come to india, i am sure he’l be a top scorer here

  47. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    You should never ever, ever insult a fellow Gooner and tell them to go and support the CUNTS!!

  48. albo

    Admit it Gambon, she lists Denilson as her favourite player, is very excited about our current crop of 14 year old academy players, thinks the team has good ‘mental stwength’ and hates it when we play with the ‘handbwake on’…

  49. pawel

    gambon, congrats! hope she wont became a doomer alongside you 🙂

    as for todays game, just please: not denilson and not rosicky

  50. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Needed to be said. I wouldn’t like it. Had them wankers txting me all week, they are that sad! Anyone would think they have won something? They worry more about our results than there’s.

  51. gambon

    Pawel, its spelt ‘realist’.

    Cheers Albo, you’ve taken the first step on the long road to Gambonistadom.

  52. gambon

    Does anyone remember going to OT in 03, they tried to kick us up in the air & we took them apart. Another one of those required.

  53. gunner90

    Simple – if we play Denilson – we will definitely lose!! He has to be shipped out in the summer along with Eboue,Dialby,Sqillaci,Almunia(cannot believe he is our number one again),Fabianski and Cliche(who wants to go anywway). Money has to be spent to get some top quality replacements otherwise we are a team on decline with MU,Chelsea,Liverpool,Man City and Spurs getting stronger.

  54. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    thanks chozzer
    what a relief
    but “slut” alex does have that efeect on every ref though
    clattenburg and howard webb
    cunts of highest order

  55. incesc

    united 2nd team have been as dour as ours this season.

    i hope that useless wanker obertan plays, he is truly shit

  56. saurabh_bombay_gooner

    thats a good idea sam
    that’l affect their title race and CL also
    though i dont think they’l be able to beat barca

  57. patthegooner

    I think those rumours of a replay being next Friday could be true.

    Spurs are at home on the Saturday, so we cant host it then.

    Then TV will be booked up for the PL games on the Sunday and they will want to televise any replay

    So yeah, I think the replay would be next Friday

    I guess it all depends on how many of Squillaci, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky or Bendtner starts.

    If it is more than 2, there aint gonna be no replay.

  58. Gooneroo

    I saw RVP get choked but I didn’t see Nasri’s. That’s fucken pathetic, the ref was right there as well!!!!

    AW’s engagement present to his biggest fan (gambon) is a win today. Congrats champ.

  59. albo

    patthegooner – it also massively depends on their line-up. For example, do they risk a ‘less than 100% fit’ Vidic, if it might mean losing him for the CL.

    I am ridiculous levels of pessimistic when it comes to any Arsenal game (despite my positive outlook on the club in general), but I have a feeling we might win it this afternoon…

  60. Pedro

    Pawel, he does, he’s playing like he did last season… he’s going missing in the big games which isn’t good enough for a player looking for £120k a week!

  61. Dial Square

    Santos says:
    March 12, 2011 at 11:42
    Congrats Gambon! She will make you blog less.

    Let’s hope so.( Only kidding………Not )Are you going to name your children Den, Abu and Manuel or even Arsene? BBK your best man,jaguar bridesmaid.

  62. (bernard) bade the gooner

    he saurabh, pedro
    i thought about chamakh as there is no other option, either him or NB52 on one of the flanks, AA the other side & RVP in the middle….
    i wont include diaby & rosicky in my team, i even rather have denilson there

    pedro, rambo for me is first option in the middle, even with the whole squad fit.

    i would play him alongside jack & nasri in the MD. if he ain’t fit yet for 90 mins, so i’ll give him the forst 60 mins & then get denilson there.

  63. (bernard) bade the gooner

    pedro, pawel,
    nasri isn’t missing in all big games…. this would unjust to say for him….
    i think in such a game, nasri better played the playmaker than in the flanks … doing cesc role there

  64. pawel


    Nasri is so ineffective in the central position that it’s a bit funny to discuss it 😉

    he is at his best cutting in from the flanks, making runs, etc. – when he’s central, he’s in the tippytappy mode, no directness

    and you have to admit that he hasnt shined in the big games, if he did he would be a rock-solid favourite for player of the season…

  65. (bernard) bade the gooner

    i don’t know why, but some of my posts go missing …
    but pawel, i’ll just say i disagree with you, & looking at our other options for the creative role, i would stick even more with nasri in the middle (rosicky, diaby, denilson)….
    rambo & jack can’t do that role. jack will be busy ruling the MD as holding DM, i hope rambo will get the nod over denilson too, though i’m pretty sure denilson will play song role, so you have to play nasri in the middle otherwise you will have nothing…

  66. (bernard) bade the gooner

    BTW, i have a strange feeling we will face the brummies again, in the semi-final, or the final, at wembley again!!!

  67. arsenal4ever

    cant agree with the post this time. Are u all that mad? Lehmann doesnt offer something anymore. Wenger fukked it up again not buying a GK in jan. How can you defend this old senile bas….? I for one made my mind up and want him out. It is said we will loose out to Hazard cause the chavs are more ambitious to get him and their team back on track next season. With Wenger I really have no hope anymore. Even if we are in the final we will fukk it up again. This team has no grit and passion nor does the manager. PHW sad in daily star today Wenger should have just shup about the ref. Right so, I think Wengers time is up. Hopefully. Anyway this is all unimportant.

    God bless Japan!!!!

  68. Man

    I think I’ll start one of those legless mannequins over Denilson atm. Just chuck an Arsenal kit over the damn doll.

  69. Charlie boy

    Don’t know how anyone would want Lehman back, you all got short memories, we were all screaming at wenger to drop him and put almunia in during his last playing days.

  70. 1886-2006

    I would love to see Jens’ attitude back at the club, Kicking players up the arse and screaming at them to fucking work harder.
    Whether you like him or not (I fucking love him) his attitude to games is what we are missing, a winning mentality.

  71. arsenal4ever

    Dial Square: With Wenger in charge I have no faith anymore. Hope to prove me wrong. Still think he has to go in summer.

  72. Arsene Nose Best

    all fergie will do is pack the midfield,which will win them the game,we all saw how shit we were in the league up there,today will be no different.

  73. Gooner786

    Arsenal4ever,be careful what you say mate or you might get banned just like that E12 guy.

    Le-Grove is a site where people can exchange views on issues without fear of being abused by other fans, their own or others.

    A site where they can feel safe in the knowledge that they are expressing their own opinion without fear of ridicule.

    If anybody does get abusive, we immediately remove their comment and block them from returning.

    We are a shelter for bloggers and a haven for Arsenal fans.

    We always post on current club issues and never shirk a subject, we also post every day, including the weekend.

    We are non religious and non political and do not tolerate extremists from any faction.


    E12 got banned for having an opinion.

  74. incesc

    are you talking about the guy who kept saying he wanted spurs to win the league to get at wenger?

    he was a fucking plum

  75. Gooner786

    I would rather have a one legged and one armed Lehmann between the sticks than that piece of shite Almunia.

  76. (bernard) bade the gooner

    oh… arsenal fans & freedom of speech!
    it is football we are dealing with,
    for me you can be even a spuds fan… this is yourlife & your misery your dealing with!
    i don’t give a shit about anything that is not arsenal.

    i wouldn’t ban people even if their opinions is not suitable to my ears. i would remove their abusive comments. maybe a day-ban if the guy keep acting childish, but not permanent one.

  77. Arsene Nose Best

    Gooner786 says:
    March 12, 2011 at 13:54
    I would rather have a one legged and one armed Lehmann between the sticks than that piece of shite Almunia.


  78. arsenal4ever

    Gooner786: I dont care if I get banned but I dont swear like the guy you said. I have enough of this “we are near” bullshit anymore. Wenger had enough time. Now it is time to move on and bring in a new manager.