Mad Jens back in town… | United host us today, pay back time

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Massive game today.

Thought I’d state the obvious as many of you probably didn’t respect your bodies as I did last night. So you might have forgotten. I don’t have a hangover today. You do. Gutted is all I’ll say.

Anyway, the good news is that Robin is fit for today as is Alex Song. We head up to United to take on a club who don’t enjoy being beaten at home. They have no Nani, probably no Rio, no Jonny Evan’s (that’s bad news for us) and no Anderson.The fact they’ve got a tough tie in three days time against Marseille works very much in our favour. I could see them resting a few names just to make sure. United really don’t have the squad to be taking risks when they’re still in 3 competitions.

I guess Wayne Rooney will play and maybe that little Mexican ferret. To be honest, if we play as we know we can, it shouldn’t matter. This United side are more about grinding out results than playing people off the park. Pound for pound, even without Cesc and Chezzer, we’re the better side. We need to go out there, play with the handbrake off and pay them back for all the FA Cup heartbreak they’ve dished out to us over the years.

I want to see a big game performance from Robin, I’d love to see Arshavin give us a solid 90 minutes and I’d like to see an improved performance from Diaby. Wilshere just needs to continue to do what he does best and drive the team on. The back 4 have a big challenge learning to play with a keeper who is very much line based. I’m hoping Almunia can hold it together, he has a habit of bowing to pressure in the big games. He didn’t have the best time against United last time we played them in an important cup game. I feel a hoodoo banishing coming on…

This is how I’d line up…


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Song

Arshavin Robin Nasri

I expect Rosicky will find himself getting the nod over Arshavin. I don’t know why, his passing isn’t clinical and I’m not sure he’s that good at the defensive work. He’s a bit of a nothing player, expert at looking like he’s doing something. I’d rather put someone like Arshavin in who can produce a moment of magic at any time.

Nasri needs to find his form again. He hasn’t been the form player we knew from the first half of the season for a few games. What better occasion to make a claim for player of the year than in this game?

I have a good vibe about tomorrow. The tide has to turn at some point and United’s lucky streak has to run out some day. I think we’ll turn them over, if they pick up a few injuries along the way, no tears will be shed at this keyboard.

I’m really going to be looking closely at the work ethic and motivation of the team tomorrow. We have a habit of feeling sorry for ourselves after a loss, Wenger loves to play the victim and make countless excuses. That rubs off on players which I personally thinks allows some of the boys to justify failure. We’ve been poor over the past 3 games, time to address that on the pitch.

Make it happen Arsene…

P.S. In other news, Wenger is rumoured to be bringing Jens out of retirement to cover for Almunia. Good stuff, it’s great to have a Champion in the dressing room. His attitude could be a massive bonus at this stage in the season. Jens is a warrior, how we could do with a bit of his fire tomorrow!

Enjoy the game everyone, if you need a feed for it later, I’m sure the Grover’s will point you in the right direction later!

UPDATE: I thought Song was in the squad, I missed his exclusion on!


Sagna JD Kozzer Clichy

Diaby Jack Rambo

Arshavin Robin Nasri


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  1. incesc

    remember when we were the best team england ever saw and we had henry and bergkamp?

    now we have 15 games a season rvp and fucking bender who has never ever ever done it. and chamakh who apparently needs 3 months off a season.

    where is the world class?

    our centre backs have no world cup, european experience, our keeper hurt his finger catching a ball and our captian desperatly wants to leave.

    our best player arshavin gets booed, wilshere is over played for a 19 year old and nasri is left on the wing unable to influence the game.

    basically out manager is fucking awful

  2. arsenal4ever

    agree with all points incesc but not for Arshavin. He is so fukking lazy. Needs to sort it out or to go but rather ship out Rosicky over him


    incesc lets not forget we also had kanu, wiltord and reyes we had real quality uptop then

    neither of chamakh or bendtner would even get into the tottenham squad

  4. arsenal4ever

    Big Dave says:
    March 12, 2011 at 23:54

    spot on but Wenger had this time another excuse. This time the barca game effected them. What a bunch of idiots the players and manager are. Only Jack showed real grit and class!!

  5. WengersSweeties

    How’s is it that Valenica comes back to play a whole half from a broken ankle and yet Wenger ops to give Ramsey only a 20min run out.

    Ramsey did more in that short time than Denilson has done in the whole season. He even had time to fill-in in defence for JD and still push up into midfield.

    Now we have Ramsey back we shoulkdn’t have to see sideways anymore.

  6. Taxi for Wenger

    As a 44 year old who’s followed the Arsenal through some pretty testing times I find my hatred towards this current squad overwhelming I’m at the point where nothing surprises me anymore Wenger should do the decent thing and step down I can’t stomach sitting through he’s post match interviews anymore same old mental strength bollocks is he senile ? Why not Owen Coyle with Keown as he’s no 2 might be worth a go . WENGER OUT

  7. zeus

    And how many teams lose all 3 goalkeepers during a season.

    First it was Almunia thankfully.
    Next it was fabianski and now it’s szczesny.

    Might as well perform an exorcism and be done with it. Clearly the emirates is cursed.

  8. Jimbo

    Yeah, some pale spectre haunts the home technical area about 25 times a season. Get rid of that, and we’re sorted

  9. David

    Its pretty fucking simple.

    Fergie hits us on the counter and wins.

    Wenger plays tippy tappy and loses.

    6 years and counting.

  10. zeus

    Yeah that’s it. Smdh

    Pep is gonna leave a team that rivals the best ever assembled with the vest player of a generation, potentially the best ever, to come to arsenal where the board is cheap and players use the club as a stepping stone.

    If anything he only signs one year contract extensions so he doesn’t become complacent. If only wenger would take his idea to heArt.

  11. Jimbo

    I know Guardiola wouldn’t come here, but you can dream.

    Just get Wenger out. Tomorrow. It’s our best shot at winning the league. Worry about his replacement when le Senile is finally gone.

  12. Jimbo

    A more realistic option, sixx pac.

    Alternative would be Hiddink for a year. That makes so much sense it hurts.

  13. Jimbo

    Even more realistically, le Senile will be allowed to promote his own successor, and hire Gerard Houllier, just to ensure that le Senile’s destruction of the club is complete.

    What a cunt.

  14. zeus


    Hit the books. I fear for what might happen if you start a bendtner love anytime soon.

    Le- grove would be a mindfield. TOTAL anarchy.

  15. paul mc daid

    Worst i have felt in forty years following this club,never seen a more lazy bunch off gutless bastards wearing our jerseys,this cant be allowed to continue,its pathetic.

  16. zeus

    paul mc daid says:
    March 13, 2011 at 03:30
    Worst i have felt in forty years following this club,never seen a more lazy bunch off gutless bastards wearing our jerseys,this cant be allowed to continue,its pathetic.

    Speaking with older arsenal fans they tell me we’ve been through worst.

    And today I can’t say we were lazy. We just have no clue how to win a big game. Simple.

    I can’t be bothered anymore. Seeing the Japanese’s mental strength being tested as it is now, I can’t be bothered to raise my blood pressure because of guys that get paid 10s of thousands if pounds PER WEEK.

    If they don’t hurt, why should I?

  17. moray

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch today. I knew we would lose and I’m tired of watching it. Man U could have put out a 5-a-side team and we would still have bottled it. When was the last time we beat them in a decent competition?

    I’m afraid the whole philosophy at the club is wrong and it cannot continue. It would be better to be playing for 6th place than always getting near to success then failing. And embarrassing. The club is embarrassing at the moment – reminds me so much of the French national team.

  18. 1886-2006

    zeus says:
    March 13, 2011 at 03:41

    Agree there Zeus, during the 70’s and 80’s we weren’t exactly world beaters but the players still give everything for us fans. They weren’t getting these sky high wages either.
    And the fella’s on the turnstiles used to let us kids in for free if we were skint (always were), under the turnstile and watch your heroes. You’d get nicked and prosecuted for that now and the fella would lose his job. It’s a business first and sport second, and fourth place brings almost as much rewards as winning the title.
    Go back to the old style european competitions, first gets into the champions league and the also rans get the UEFA cup.
    You’ll see Arsenal spend some money then i can tell you.

    I’m off to bed now, but one thing before i go.
    I hope that wenger and co read LeGrove so that they understand how much we love “OUR” club and only want what is best for it.

    Night all.

  19. paul mc daid

    Zeus,we have never been through worse in the sense that there was always light at the end off the tunnel,this squad give no indication that they have any interest in our club at all,sure we have had players with maybe less talent but not one off them would not off died for the jersey,this crowd just do not care,in the 70’s and 80’s we punched above our weight,this crowd are on easy street and they are milking it,the players think they are bigger than the club,shame on them,and shame on Arsene and the board for letting them get away with it.

  20. SUGA3

    I started supporting Arsenal whilst still back in Poland in the late Graham era, having taken the cannon thing and all that to heart for no clear reason, like it was destiny…

    we had some real warriors at our disposal back then…

    then along came Wenger, topped up the batch of English warriors with the bunch of the French ones, the same who won the World Cup and the Euro, there was no way we could fail…

    now? if it was for me, I would keep only a selected few players, give them payrises and build around them, now we have so many unreliable or simply shit elements in the machinery, there is no way we can succeed!

    keeping the likes of D******n, Diaby, Rosicky, Bendtner, Almunia and the others who I can’t be bothered to mention is like using a piece of basic string as fanbelt in the Ferrari engine!

  21. SUGA3

    what I mean is that Wenger used to win stuff, having the right mixture of brawn and brains at his disposal, now we have a bunch of technically gifted oompa-loompas and his idea of physicality is playing Diaby in the middle and Bendy upfront!

    I rest my case…

  22. moray

    SUGA3, right. We are mentally and physically fragile, and it just seems to be getting worse! Now we are banking on winning the league, yet a couple of defeats and we will be out of it for sure. Even if we really are broke, there is no excuse for growing and fielding teams of chokers.

  23. SUGA3

    we will not win the league and it’s as simple as that – anyone who thinks we will needs to lay off the Prozac and get his head checked…

  24. SUGA3

    neither of the goals would have been conceded with Szczesny in goal y’day…

    the defence is getting back the Keystone Cops look, now with Coco the Clown in goal and the famous Chuckle Brothers playing CB, brace your good selves, there’s a lot more where that came from…

  25. moray

    …and now Wenger will act all smug by bringing back Lehman, like this is a masterstroke. Similar to his smugness when he brought in Silvestre.

    We have two fit defenders. One can’t defend and neither can play together. and a terrible goalkeeper. And we all knew it was going to happen. The league is at our fingertips but I think we all know we will conspire to fuck up. I just hope we can hold 2nd place: we obviously need the money.

  26. SUGA3

    TBH, the keeper situation is not something we can blame AW for, no matter how much we would like to and we could do a lot worse than Lehmann…

    it’s the CB situation that pisses me off, we just knew TV was out for the whole season, the very moment the club started coming out with these Rosicky-esque statements, resting our season on the shoulders (pun not intended) of one player who just spent the entire previous season out of action was nothing short of criminal…

    and don’t get me started on not getting a capable DM or a striker who is competent, not just thinks of himself as one!

  27. SUGA3

    looking at our fixtures between now and the end of the season, I can see FOUR big potential banana skins in quick succession:

    – Pool at home on 17/04
    – Spuds away three days later
    – Mancs at home on 01/05, preceded by Bolton away, which is no gimme either
    – Stoke away on 07/05

    now, let’s assume we have a team of mature professionals for a moment (outrageous idea, I know) and we did not give away the points dropped against WBA, Magpies and Spuds (grand total of 11) and that we beat WBA (trust me, I know it’s not a gimme too!) – that shows you that we would probably win the league if we managed to get two draws or scrape one win out of these four games I listed above!

    the other games I class as ‘winnable’, then again it’s the Wenger’s Arsenal of late we are talking about, right?

    so, dear Wenger apologists, please stick your ‘we are up against the injuries, bent refs, voodoo magic and the butterfly effect’ drivel where the sun does not shine!!!

  28. charliegeorge


    It’s gonna take a lot more than Mad Jens to fix Arsenal’s problems.

    The whole f…..g place needs an exorcism!

  29. Karma

    We’ll never win the league this year. I hope the boys can prove me wrong but I think I’m going to be right

  30. SUGA3

    if we don’t win the league, and come within 10 points off the top, the blame must be laid at Wenger’s door, simple as that…

    we have lost 11 POINTS just because of the players thinking they are better than they really are, thinking that a game is won in the dressing room or after 45 minutes and crumbling under some serious pressure…

    and who is to blame for not ironing that shit out? you’ve guessed it…

    so, once again, fuck you very much Mr Wenger!



  32. SUGA3

    probably no one is willing to pay them what they want? Chavs were after him and bought Torres in the end, value for money was probably the deciding factor, shirt sales and all that…

  33. Gooby

    aguero has been brilliant since he was at independiente. We could have bought him then instead of denilson, sunu, freeman bla bla bla

  34. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Grovers, I’ve finally snapped, I love Wenger, I really do, but let’s be honest we don’t play football like we used to. One example Pats goal when we won the league at the Spuds. Now we get the ball, go down the flanks, refuse to cross 1st time, come back to the midfield, then back to the other flank, by which time the opposition have two banks of four. We have wingers that don’t beat there man and no pace up front. Fuck Fabregas off and build the team around Jack, once again immense. I hate to say it but the Spuds are looking like how we used to. We have a back four that don’t get protected.
    Someone explain to me how Valencia Broke his leg at the start of the season and is now playing, like Zamora, yet Tv5 is still out. I saw TV5 after the Cup final walking fine to me with his fit mrs at a quick pace, I have one word to our overpaid injury prone players. Man the fuck up!!!!
    Sorry to be all doom and gloom, but my season ticket since Highbury has always been costly and I now feel I just ain’t getting back what I give, financially and emotionally!

  35. simon mcmahon

    Wenger is a serial looser , he has taken an unbeaten team and dismantled it into this shower who dont no how to win, he is to blame full stop , remind me was it judge me in may or march.
    We need a major change and i’m not talking about moving him upstairs he needs to go and take the average players he’s been pampering with him.

  36. Taxi for Wenger

    One more Mental Stength reference from Wenger and i will fucking explode The guy is delusional and destroying this club A team that’s can’t win a game when 4-0 up away from home!! Only Jack and Sami worth keeping the rest can fuck off with Wenger.. WENGER OUT

  37. goonerT1m

    way to clear the fixture pile up arsene, there are no more excuses for him, he has the easiest run in, he has no fixture issues, there are no excuses over injuries, win the league or go…simple as.