Easy peasy lemon squeezy Arsenal, next up the Mancs.

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So we had Ignasi Miquel again and we had newcomer Henderson on the left wing, not sure why as he’s a midfielder, but there you have it, the interesting way we pick a team.

I like Miquel and think he’ll make it, he looks like a proper centre back.

We scored early on when Rosicky went on a run down the left, accidently passed it through the legs of the Orient defender and Chamakh slid it in the left corner.

A goal is a goal and hopefully Chamakh can now push on.

The second came shortly after, Gibbs crossed and Bendtner headed high and it looped into the back of the net, great finish as the cross was more of a lob and he got a lot on it.

The third just before half time was a mistake seized upon by Bendtner and he turned inside and hit one, it bounced twice as it bent into the far right hand corner.

He celebrated like he’d scored two against a first division side at home as a third choice striker who’s leaving at the first opportunity, need I say more, one of the few players that can score a goal and not look like he cares a shite.

Why on earth Manuel Almunia is captain when Rosicky was on Sunday is a mystery, but Eboue and Denilson are truly crap, at least Almunia plucked a corner out of the air like we always hoped he would, better late than never Manuel!

Diaby made some good runs and it’s nice to see him before he has a thigh strain and goes missing for a few weeks, bless, he does look tired.

There were massive gaps all over the ground, it was good of the announcer tell the crowd there are 60,180 of them watching.

The second half began the same as the first, on top, Denilson showed his two sides early on, the first his shite side, the gormless no idea what to do side, then he had a shot, the other side, he can hit the ball and I don’t know why he doesn’t do that more often, oh it was easily saved by the way.

Soon after Diaby goes round three players and misses an open goal, ho hum!

Gibbs went around 2 players and landed a penalty as Nasri comes on for Rosicky, you never saw a player hit it so quick! He thought Nasri was going to have it! Well done Nikki B, first Arsenal hatrick since Ian Wright against Yeovil in 1993, 18 years ago, wow, the year we won the FA Cup! Omen??? Still at least it made the big Dane smile.

He sure as hell wasn’t when Chamakh scored the first! So Wilshere and Clichy on for Diaby and Bendtner, Diaby though made 69 passes that all found an Arsenal player.

Why does this ill educated bell end of a commentator keep calling Miquel Miguel?

Still can’t work out why he took Bendtner off and left Chamakh on, after all Bendtner got the hatrick didn’t he?

Well the 5th goal was scored by Gael Clichy, a rocket from 20 yards, was that his first goal? No, I’m just reminded his first was in 2008 against Stoke City.

We won and I’m delighted, but we ought to have won, it was Leyton Orient, had I had the choice I would have taken the Carling Cup on Sunday, as I said it was great, a big win and we are through, but winning tonight doesn’t feel as good as Sunday felt bad, and still does.

I don’t think they has a single shot in 90 minutes. Sorry, 90 minutes 40 seconds Almunia had his first shot and tipped it around the post.

Have a great day Grovers, next up in the cup, the Mancs away, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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  1. Arsene Nose Best

    afc mancs

    h – sunderland a- liverpool
    a – westbrom h – bolton

    h – blackburn a- west ham

    a – blackpool h – fulham

    h – liverpool

    a – spurs h – everton

    a – bolton

    h – united a – arsenal

    a – stoke h – chelsea

    h – villa a – blackburn

    a – fulham h – blackpool
    a – newcastle

  2. Keyser

    Joppa – I think Wilshere’s pretty interersting. I can’t speak for many other Academies, but Wilshere’s pretty small as a player, but we seem to have let him develop technically before we’ve put any pressure on him to bulk up physically.

    Would you say that’s the norm now ? About 10 years ago when I was playing Sunday League as a kid, the bigger quicker kids would get scouted far sooner than the smaller ones.

    I remember my mate who was pretty short got rejected for being too small at 13 from Southampton.

  3. Moray

    Arsene Wenger on thursday: “We did not lose anyone last night. There is a meager chance we could have Koscielny back for Sunderland. But he is the only one we can hope to have available.

    [Laurent] Koscielny has a good chance [for Barcelona] though. His hamstring is getting much better and he is not completely out for Sunderland yet. However Alex Song is out on Saturday and he is doubtful for Barcelona. At the moment he has not practiced at all. He has this knee problem that gets better everyday. But we’ll assess it on Monday.

    As for Cesc [Fabregas], we go day-by-day. We assessed him today and he is positive about his injury. We feel he has a chance. I do not want to disappoint people so I say he has ‘a chance’, I strongly believe that.

    Ok, so what does it all mean? well, potentially we will have to play Squillachi against Barca at the back. In the middle, it looks like we will have NO defensive midfielder if Song is out (he is our ONLY defensive midfielder, remember) and possibly a half-fit Cesc. And up front, no VP10, so Bendtner.

    It seems all our hard work in the last game will be for nothing. Remember what happened last year when we played barca with an under-strength team? Oh, the humanity…

  4. Rohan

    Actually I think Denilson won’t be too bad against Barcelona. He might even do a better job than Song. If he can intercept like we know he can and break play and distribute well, it might just be ok.

    Either way, I feel the 2 key men will be Nasri and Bendtner. Both of them need, really need to step up.

  5. Kushagra India

    I would play Diaby he can be a handful and Wilshere sitting which he has mostly done this season…

  6. LeProf

    “…but winning tonight doesn’t feel as good as Sunday felt bad, and still does.”

    Indeed, nothing worse than being beaten by a 43-year old Nigerian(le-grove.co.uk/2008/07/05/43-year-nigerian-coming-le-grove-1-million-hits-old-today) easy peesy goal which served one thing for sure: don’t count the chicken just yet eg. before winning MM Cup, JD asked Cesc to lift it 1st.

    Anyway let’s move on as Futurist not Nostalgic (Wenger said).

  7. chozzer

    Saw a fat bird walking down the street this morning wearing a T-shirt with I love HIP HOP

    I think the letters C and S had fallen off.

  8. chozzer

    Only the British could send a navy ship named after a pork sausage to rescue English citizens from a Muslim country… God speed HMS Cumberland.