Mancs open the door but will injuries to Arsenal prevent us walking through it?

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The news that Robin Van Persie is injured again should come as no surprise, although he is super talented and fab to watch, he is a crock, probably up there with the most crocked in world football. No the surprise here is we have no one to step up and fill his boots, the early season promise of our free player Chamakh has gone down the toilet and Nikki B continues to be ordinary, Theo has stepped up but he is almost as much of a crock as Robin.

So that leaves only Nasri, I love that guy but I’m still not sure what his best position is, he’s not really a striker and like Arshavin although he scores goals, he’s not a leader of the line in the mould of Henry, Ade or Robin.

So big cup game tonight that Barry Hearn has revised his predicted score down from 27 nil to 11 nil, thanks Barry, but I would be happy with a win, at least 5, but a win. Even with our second string we should clean up, this will be the team I think provided they are all uninjured and available.


Eboue Squillaci JD Gibbs

Diaby Wilshere Ramsey (not Denilson)

Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

I didn’t say I liked it, I just figure that will be the team. If we can’t beat this lot, we may as well pack it in, 18-1 are this morning odds.

Anyway if we play the Mancs like we did Birmingham I would sooner go out tonight, it will be one less game and our tired athletes will get a rest.

I did watch the chavs last night and thought it was hilarious when all the cameras could do was pick out Luiz and his body check on Rooney, the fat ugly dirtbag cheat. They completely left out the dirty challenges he made, conveniently ignored the karma involved and forgot to mention the fact he was rolling around clutching his ugly mug when it was his body that was clippped.

The only thing that was funnier was watching red nose jumping up and down like Homer Simpson outside of the Springfield fair wanting his free beer. And when he said bad referreeing decisions change games, no one pointed out the irony of his stupid comment! Ha, ha, and then Luiz not getting carded made the night complete, well that and the non exsistent penalty awarded.

Someone on Sky news when talking about the Cole shooting incident said what would the headline and the reaction from Ancelotti be if the kid had shot Cole with an air rifle? Good point . Would Ancelotti be saying ‘it was just a mistake and only god doesn’t make mistakes’

He obviously forgot about our manager then!

So if we win our game in hand we go one point behind and if they draw at Anfield we could go top against West Brom away on the 19th, sweet.

Have we the squad to do it though? There is little point in banging on about signings we didn’t make, we always get injuries and we never learn so best leave that alone, we do have the players though so maybe we should bring back the loanees.

This is what the team could look like tonight if he did.


Eboue JD Miquel Gibbs

Lansbury Ramsey Diaby

JET Bendtner or Chamakh Arshavin

Thing is we can, they are our players, I would sooner see that line up than whatever we put out tonight. Then again I’m not the manager and I expect Denilson to figure along with Eboue and Song, you know, the Marmites.

We play barca next week without Robin and Theo, the two main tormenters in the first leg, but we do have Nasri back and maybe putting in a Bendtner or a Chamakh would allow us to sling in some crosses as they won’t have Pique or Krusty.

Why it takes 3 weeks to recover from a sprained ankle is beyond me, and what ever happened to Vermaelen and he’ll be back in 3 weeks, what was that 7 weeks ago I think.

In some ways I wouldn’t be fussed if we crashed out, Wenger now has the excuses, injuries, at least that way we can concentrate on the EPL whilst watching the spuds progress. (kidding)

Whatever happens I think we should bring back those players, what’s the point in having them if we can’t use them when we need them? Loan out Denilson if you want to, we don’t need him do we!

Enjoy the game tonight Grovers, no rallying cry from me, it was a waste of space on Sunday, and to think I wrote that on a plane and didn’t finish it until 2.30am on the day of the match.

I expect a resounding win tonight, but I won’t be going, I’ve done enough travelling this week. Anyway, they’ll be the usual 60,000 there, you’ll see and if your eyes don’t believe it, the stadium announcer will make your ears take note.

Enjoy the game Grovers and expect a resounding win.

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893 Responses to “Mancs open the door but will injuries to Arsenal prevent us walking through it?”

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  1. OPG

    This should have been the scoreline in the first game, bit more urgency in the final third with Orient’s defending. Rosicky apparently injured..

  2. LAzer

    Job done. Looking forward to testing ourselves away at Old Toilet. But of course Sunderland is the biggie coming up. Don’t give a shit about Rosicky right now. Sorry son your display in the CC still burns a deep hole.

  3. LAzer

    Denilson looked good today, apart from that run. But then again he was playing against opposition he belongs with the cunt.

  4. albo

    Well, in the end that draw at Orient may have done us a huge favour. A chance to banish some of the gloom around the club by thrashing a poor team at home before the important games kick in.

    On another note, I know they are playing for some pride, but some of the tackles that have flown in from Orient when 5-0 down with 10 minutes to go have been pretty unnecessary. That kid could easily have bust Clichy’s leg if he hadn’t jumped over it…

  5. BillikenGooner

    The soccernet live commentary guy is getting a bit snippy with Arsenal fans for jeering, so through out this tidbit:

    “Total Gunners dominance. They may expect the same in the Nou Camp next week so perhaps should enjoy having the ball while they can.”

  6. Dutchman

    I hate those- barca-lovers! Whole the world is catanolised. We always have much possesion! Hate barca! I hope we kick barca out of the CL, but with our key players out, i think we have no chance!

  7. Man

    Nasri and Wilshere really shouldn’t be running so much.

    Hitman I think you’re the only one that got it

  8. Hitman

    We should sell Denilson to the O’s. Glad to see he has found his level.

    As for AFC – the rollercoaster moves on to Sunderland.

  9. Dutchman

    I hate those injuries at arsenal! We always miss our key men in the most important fixtures! And then we get beat by barca and we are not good enough etc……blabla. Facking injuries!

  10. LJWNewnumber7

    Arsenal doing to Orient what Barcelona will do to them next week can’t wait…So says Lord Sugar!!

  11. patthegooner

    Well Done Arsenal.

    Cant ask for more than that.

    A few standouts for me.

    1) Bendtner, well done Nic, 3 goals will do your confidence the world of good
    2) Chamakh, well done the drought ends and hopefully this will sort your confidence out. Still thought he tried being too fancy at times when he just had to smash it.
    3) Denilson, thought he played well tonight, so credit where it is due
    4) Almunia, Also did well, commanded his area well, caught everything and made a good save towards the end.

    Only sour note for me was Eboue who kept getting himself caught out of position.

    Apart from that, safely into the next round and good confidence builder going into Sunderland home…a must win

  12. SUGA3

    ATTENDANCE: 59,361. A chuckle goes up around the stadium. I’m not sure all of the season ticket holders made the trip tonight…

    from ATVO text commentary πŸ˜‰

  13. SUGA3


    2:1 is not too far from 1:1 and we are yet to play on their turf…

    sure, I am praying that we will not get thumped like we did last year, although to be honest, I don’t give a shit about CL, as it’s just a pipe dream and an unnecessary distraction…

  14. Keyser

    It’s weird how many times United get the home draw against us.

    I can’t remember many where it’s been the other way around.

  15. patthegooner

    They do Big Dave, but they have got Marseille on the Tuesday night and that is finely poised, so yes they get the rest, but they wont want to risk anyone before the Marseille game.

  16. Rohan

    David says:
    March 2, 2011 at 19:03
    Mayank says:
    March 2, 2011 at 19:00
    How does it matter if the goal proved a winner or not? Does it take more skill to score a winner than a goal that puts you in the lead?



    David, you make me laugh

  17. albo

    SUG – yeah I do actually agree with you there. Would have taken a win on Sunday over beating Barca every day of the week.

    (Tho ‘2:1 is not far from 1:1’? I’m not sure I agree there. Football is a low scoring game, so every goal is a huge deal. Afterall, it’s a 100% increase in our goal tally! πŸ˜‰ )

  18. Rohan

    haahahahhahahah, Bendtner for president!!!

    What did I tell you?

    When we really need him. He does fucking step up each and every fucking time. Come crunch time, the pinkiness does falter not.

    Chammooonnee! I have renewed hope for Barcelona.

  19. Savage

    I enjoyed watching Rosicky tonight – he’s a “buzzing” player, buzzing around. Glad he finally got a season under his belt with very few injuries. Pleased for him.

    Also enjoyed Miquel’s style, looks so much livelier than Squid.

    Some very interesting finishes from Bender tonight. Should get the whole B vs C debate well and truly up and running again.

  20. Confidentgoner

    We have a pique in the making. Miguel is gonna come very good. And Henderson is not too bad either.

  21. BillikenGooner

    I’m going into the Barca match with the mindset of expecting to not go through, but being pleasantly surprised if we get a result such as 1-1, 2-2 or shootout after 1-2.

    I prefer us take the League, so won’t be gutted if we go out of the CL at this point.

  22. SUGA3


    congrats to him for a hattrick, League One side or not, but I would hold my horses with the ‘each and every fucking time’ stuff at least until Monday…

    just a piece of friendly advice πŸ˜‰

  23. albo

    Bad news about RvP, but at the same time, if he genuinely is only 4 weeks out, then the only league games he will miss is Sunderland at home and (maybe) West Brom away…

  24. Rohan

    BOOM BOOM Nicklas.

    Hernandez has 13 in 30 goals for a United team playing in his preferred position and against teams that don’t plays as deep.

    Bendtner has 9 in 26 this season, more improtantly almost always playing with the B team. He has a knack of scoring crucial crucial goals and his coming into form couldn’t have come at a better time. Roll on the pinky show.

    Given that van Persie is out for the month, it isn’t too bad considering we only play 2 league games this month. Saves him getting injured in the int’l break as well.

  25. Rohan

    How did Henderson play? He looks quite big and strong doesn’t he?

    What about everyone’s favorite Cuntalonian Miguel?

  26. Telarse

    Thank jebus, we’re through, Jack & Sam not injured.

    Really need to beat Sunderland and, apparently, they’ve lost their last 4 games – Hope not they’ve been waiting for a soft touch like us!

    Good move by Valencia sticking a defender in left mid to subdue Alves. Just like wot I said we should do with Gibbs!

  27. Rob The Goon

    Its funny how the team can raise themselves for a sh*tty replay against orient but not for a cup final.

    How can you be scared to win a cup!?

    …and yes im still bitter

  28. Doublegooner

    Still buzzin after tonight..

    Dont get much better than this..Arsene tactical genius risking Nas, Jack & Clich to secure a massive win.

  29. zeus


    Does Rohan realize that the opponent was leyton orient? You must if jizzed your pants when he scored what was a quality hattrick in fairness.

    Those counts in Barcelona better do us a favor and knock us out.

    We can’t go on all fronts. We just don’t have the quality or numbers to do it.

    11 wins to finish the league and we are champions.
    March 2, 2011 at 14:59
    1. Sunderland (Home)

    2. West Brom (Away)

    3. Blackburn (Home)

    4. Blackpool (Away)

    5. Liverpool (Home) Sunday

    6. Spurs (Away) Wednesday

    7. Bolton (Away)Sunday

    8. Man UTD (Home)

    9. Stoke (Away)

    10. Aston Villa (Home)

    11. Fulham (AWAY)

  30. Gooby

    anyone has a download link for the game, i didn’t have the nerves to watch it live so i went out(shame on me)

  31. albo

    Have to admit, wasn’t able to watch the game live as I was stuck on a train but, based purely on the highlights, Rosicky looks like he had a really decent game…

  32. SUGA3


    yeah, shame he did a Diaby impression and got injured having played the first decent game for donkey’s years, eh?

    and on that note, I am off – good fight, good night!

  33. zeus

    Tomas was slightly better than his recent pointless showings.

    Was trying his 25 yard piledrivers and he did provide the assist fir the goal.

  34. albo

    Actually SUG, just read somewhere that it was a concussion? So hopefully shouldn’t be out for any time…

  35. Rohan

    naaah, i didn’t watch it live. Had class. Just got back to my room to find out.

    I just found it apt given the arguments on here today.

    What I just don’t understand is why people are so keen, keen being the key word, to big up other team’s players and slate ours?

    It may very well be true, and you’re entitled to your opinion, but why sound like you’re proud of it?

  36. albo

    Zeus, yeah he provided the assist for the first. It was also his pressing and harrying that got the ball to Bendtner for his second (In fact, he might even get an assist for it, come to think.)

  37. SUGA3


    I don’t think it will be enough, however, it sounds like a realistic target – real shame we dropped all those points (11 in total) where it was completely avoidable, no?

  38. Rohan

    If only we hadn’t drawn United away in the FA Cup, RvP’s injury wouldn’t have mattered too much.

    Good thing it didn’t happen a few weeks earlier or we’d have been well in the shitter.

    I have all confidence and trust in good ol’ Nicklas that he’ll save our day. I’m willing us to hold Barca to a 2-2 draw at their place with a Nasri opener before Messi scores twice to take it into extra-time before Bendtner strikes with 5 minutes to go for penalties.

    imo, the further the game goes on as a contest, the higher the chance we’ll have to progress. We are in much better physical condition than them and we’ll have much greater intensity in extra-time and all…
    The first half is going to be crucial. If we can keep it level until then, we have a legitimate chance.

    Have a feeling both cesc and theo will make it for Barcelona. Wenger’s just playing “les joues sur le mind”.

  39. Rohan

    Why the fuck won’t it be enough? You expect United to get more than 26 points out of 30. There’s no way that’s happening.

    They’ve only won 4 games away from home this season.
    Without Rio and Vidic, I expect up a fired up Liverpool under Dalglish bringing up old rivalires to give them more than a game.

    This weekend will be crucial. I think it’s imperative that we go into the United game with atleast a point or two over them. Win that and we’re within reach.

  40. A

    Would be very nice Gooby, I’d take a draw though.

    Wonder if Utd will go for the win or just try and park the bus as they did at Spuds and City?! I’m sure with their away form this season they’d take a point….

    Then it’s just about keeping winning as they probably win matches too, until we play each other.

    Liverpool, Spuds, Utd are gonna be tough

  41. Doublegooner

    Tonight showed what utter shit Diaby, Denilson & Rosicky are. Chamakh also looked clueless.

    Also, was Wenger on magic mushrooms ?

    WTF was he thinking bringing on Nasri, Jack & Clich at 4-0 up with 15/20 mins left.

    Mind boggling extraordinary decision.

  42. A

    Tonight was an exhibition/training match, nothing more, and couldn’t have gone much better.

    The only negative was the Rosicky knock, which was a pretty weird one.

    The result was straightforward from the start though, noone had to over-exert themselves at all, very good for Bendtner to get a hattrick in preparation for acting as understudy to VP over the next few weeks, and got an hour under his belt as did Diaby, who could also prove very important over the next few weeks.

    Little bonuses too in that Henderson and Miquel got another 90 minutes for the first team.

  43. Lurch LeRouge

    Can’t see any irony in DoubleG’s comment? πŸ™‚

    Denilson offers nothing but a bit of possession, eBay is still a mindless freak with no final ball, Chamakh is gun-shy, Henderson was reserve material – just and the subs, asside from resting nb52 were a waste of time for the sake of a cleansheet and inflated Scoreline.

  44. Lurch LeRouge

    Oh and Rosicky’s dizzy spell. But he could have played through that, were used to it now. πŸ˜‰

  45. Rohan

    Having watched the game’s rerun, I feel that Denilson had a very good game today. Transitioned the ball from defence to attack very very well and injected a bit of pace which was surprising.

    Henderson looks decent. Nothing too fancy although he had a couple of very nice touches. Lansbury’s probably the better prospect though.

  46. A

    Denilson did well when it came to winning the ball back, but his distribution was a bit wayward most of the time today, and I agree that Chamakh wasn’t much of a goal threat.

    Henderson has promise, intelligent, tidy and good technique. Pretty strong on the ball too – can’t see him being involved in the first team anytime soon though with Ramsey back and Lansbury in the summer.

    The subs were as straight forward as subs can be, Rosicky off because he was fucked, Bendtner because he’s starting on Saturday, and Diaby because he’s just back from injury and could well start on Saturday too if Song is out.

    Eboue got an assist for Clichy’s goal – there’s your final ball! he should’ve taken the shot on a few times today though, would’ve topped it off nicely

  47. Lurch LeRouge

    Obviously I need to watch it again because after the first half all I thought Henderson did was turn the ball over with bad pass after bad pass.

    Seeing Denilson outpaced by his opponent a couple of times is gut wrenching, but yeah he did keep it lively and always made himself available.

    Diaby undestandibly needs games, a lot of games. But reminded us of his quality, he looked pretty tired by the end.

    NB had me eating my hat, for now. One could argue it’s a hatrick against a team of minnows but 2 out 3 were pinpoint precision so I won’t argue that one. The third we’d all expect is a given.

  48. Lurch LeRouge

    Ok I stand corrected on ebays assist but my point isn’t so wide of the mark, because with slightly lower blood pressure he could make some cracking assists.

  49. Lurch LeRouge

    Can’t recall what he hashed incesc, aside from an underpowered pass the miquel?

    Speaking of miquel, he’s certainly got the making of a ball playing CB. Some tasty distribution and box interventions. Needs to get stuck into the nandos though.

  50. gnarleygeorge9

    “When irish eyes are smiling, means Australians are laughing too” πŸ˜†

    How much did you lot & the curry eaters make out of that match fixed tie πŸ˜†


    Nice calculated post. Level headed approach to the remainder of the season = success IMO. If there is any justice, Arsenal will beat manu twice in games to come. The Club deserves it.

    Its the Hotshit one I’m a bit worried about. You there Reggie πŸ˜‰

  51. Rohan

    Miquel reminds me a bit of Pique in his style. If he bulks up a bit and becomes a bit more nasty in his tackle, he could be a good prospect.

  52. Rohan

    The only fixture where I could see us slipping is Liverpool to be honest and then a random game somewhere. The rest we should win if Cesc, Nasri, Theo and RvP are back by the end of March.

    I think we’ll batter Spurs in revenge.

  53. Keyser

    Lurch Lerouge – I’d get checked for concussion, or at least a serious case of ‘doom’ the blog seems to be getting to you.

  54. LeProf

    For now it’s half-fucked for the team expecting to win the rest of 11 games.

    RVP is out way longer actually and Wenger lied about it. Fine. Fuck. Bendy,Chamakh,Arshavin must rotate, complement each other for strikers role in 442, the only formation we can afford.

    The tricky part will always be the poorly covered Nasri-Cesc-Song-Wilshere/crazy gang (decent but still pubic compared to Pires-Viera-Ljungberg-Parlour). Theo is out, Rosicky is gone Hleb-ish, Denilson still headless and Diaby, well, wait Frimpong to replace him perhaps.

    And you all know how great the defence, eh!

    Year after year the team chocked out 11th hour to win something because of this: lack of beef.

    Wenger must change their diet – eat more beef and win it all.

  55. Rohan

    It’s exactly that sort of mentality which has seen England fail year after year on the international circuit. Diet my fucking arse.

    Oh, and you have proof that Wenger lied, do you? Knob

  56. LeProf

    And FFS a win against a team sounds like Lewd Orgasm considered a quick fix to our Brum defeat?

    Tell you all how to beat Manure in FA game up next: scream this word ‘Jenny Thompson!’ and kill the Shrek to pieces.

  57. Keyser

    By the Summer, we put Van Persie on a pay as you play contract, and then Torres should be well within our budget.

  58. zeus

    on Van Persie’s injury…
    I am not a specialist but he overstretched his knee at the back of his knee when he made the volley [to score on Sunday]. He got kicked or blocked by the defender and overstretched when he hit the ball. In fact we lost Van Persie after 30 minutes, we tried to keep him going in the second half but he was injured.

    It’s quite annoying really. Rvp specializes in injuries that confounds specialist it seems.

  59. zeus


    You really can engage in hyperbole sometimes.

    Best volleyer of the ball? Are you serious?

    Top talent but again, only he could injure himself scoring a goal like that.

    Brilliantly annoying he is.

  60. Rohan

    Who’s better zeus. I honestly struggle to think of any today.

    Please enlighten me. I might jsut be forgetting someone obvious.

  61. Rohan

    Either way, it’s time for the 2 wingmen, Andrei Arshavin and Samir Nasri to step up and support super Nick in our ongoing quest.

  62. OPG

    Facepalm. Need to watch more football around the world.

    Oh well anyway looks like last night Rangers got 3 players sent off, our old Friend El Hadji got sent off (2nd yellow) after the final whistle.
    Real Madrid play tonight aswell..

  63. SUGA3


    just dropping by on the way to work: you say we need 28 points to ManYoo’s 26 – am I missing something, or are you considering the win against Sunderland to be a foregone conclusion?

    you should know better than that, methinks…

    OK, we have beaten Orient and that means that I am interested, now time for the good guys in red to give us something to really cheer about!

  64. gnarleygeorge9

    Gotta say Geoff, I know you’re there. Everyone here are having a laugh @ England’s expense πŸ˜† The England cricket team is the best comedy act to come outa Blighty since the Mighty Boosh. Chammmmoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  65. gnarleygeorge9


    What would you call 6-1 in footy terms? πŸ˜† I know the Stephenov debarcle @ manchester still makes Arsenal fans cringe. So I guess that makes you lot, our bunnies, again πŸ˜›

  66. Geoff

    Ha, ha Gnarley, if we got beaten by the Irish, and we beat you, what does that make the Aussies?

    As far as Wenger thinking beating a first division side equates to mental strength he should ask himself where was the mental strength at Brisbane road and Wembley.

  67. GoonerT1m

    indeed, quite shocking that he even makes a statement involving any kind of mental aptitude after only beating orient at the 2nd attempt and at home!