Arsenal are king of the cup finals, under Wenger, our record is nine.

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Trouble is we lost 5 of them, and that makes us the biggest non-winners of trophies in the last 14 years as well, not including titles we missed out on.

So we win the FA Cup in 1998, 2002, 2003 and 2005, impressive. However we lost the UEFA cup final, the FA Cup final to Liverpool, the Champions league final to Barca and now two league Cup finals.

So is your cup half empty or half full? Some would say at least we were in them and some may say it’s unacceptable and are Arsenal perennial chokers?

Me, I find it hard to take that long walk home after a final loss, the taunting, the piss taking and the amount of money I had laid out.

I also find it sickening when for the 8th time this season, the players apologise and the manager tells us we have great mental strength and the players will learn from this, so what exactly have they learned this season? How can he say we have great mental strength when we constantly buckled in games and how can he say we have great intelligence when Diaby gets sent off like a spoiled child and costs us 2 points and 2 players do what cost us a final on Sunday, I could go on.

I tell you what though, we the fans have learned that at least 5 of our squad are crap and should be on the first boat out in May, on the up side though one player that always apologises needn’t, Jack Wilshere, what a star that boy is, and after Sunday, one of the few to come away with anything, Nasri and Robin the others.

As for Chezzer, yes he did make a carbon copy error like his mate Flappy did, but I would sooner persevere with him, than the other two, he will one day be world class, our manager won’t spend so we should keep the faith with him.

We have to watch Chamakh and Bendtner run around like headless chickens while a real goalscorer in loanee Carlos Vela bangs them in at WBA, odd that.

We need to sit down and take stock, I think we are too predictable and got beaten by Birmingham in the same manner as we beat Barca, too arrogant, we were even debating whether or not Cesc should lift the trophy, blimey, win it first.

We have time to get our season back on track, starting tomorrow, beat Orient and then pick up 3 points on Saturday and who knows, the mancs aren’t better than us on our day, so we could beat them both times.

What we are becoming though is a team of hamstrung injured players, coincidence or training, we don’t by hamstrung players, yet we get these injuries every few games, what gives Arsene?

We announced a loss yesterday, why? It seems that we are paying massive salaries and that’s costing us, maybe it’s time to be realistic Arsene, yes I know if we want to keep the Cesc’s of this world we have to lay out large, same with RVP and Samir, but what are we paying the likes of Denilson, Squillaci, Eboue, Fabianski and Almunia? I thought the idea of moving stadium was to compete, well we don’t appear to be buying and yet we still lose money, let’s not go there, Pedro covered that last week, the full details are on the AST site, but lets decide whether we want to win trophies or be a business model for turning over cash and turning out profits, maybe even pay a dividend, like other big corporations do. Now that’s a proper business.

We have way too many youngsters in our squad and we don’t need that many, it’s crazy, most of them never make it, we have 18 out on loan and it’s just nonsense when it stops us buying in ready made talent. It’s like we buy every young talent to stop the others having them and work on the law of averages that one or two will make it.

Finally I was discussing this on Sunday with a pal, we should insert a pay as you play clause in all player salaries, if they are injured, they have to claim on their insurance, we have way too many players that are paid for sitting on their arses and yes the prime offender is Diaby, now Arsene, tell me what he adds, except debt, he’s been with us as long as Theo and how many games has he played? At least we made £19.5mil profit on Ade, who joined at the same time, how much would we get for Diaby?

Have a nice day Grovers, tomorrow is redemption day.

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  1. Kushagra India

    I am fully backing Bendtner just don’t want his talented to be wasted by too much boasting u know I never slag off any player good luck to himand ARSENAL!! cheers!!

  2. SUGA3

    seen the pictures of ‘party boy’ Clichy from the last season?

    I know I have – this is not what you would expect from the professional athlete…

    one of our best players in the season? sure, he picked his game up and has some heart, but there are a few things to be ironed out before we see Clichy playing the way we know he can…

  3. Kushagra India

    and I am desperate to beat Barca really am that’s why so much anxiety ,we need to earn respect and now is the time to do it…

  4. SUGA3


    no, I don’t, perhaps if I put the word ‘relatively’ in there somewhere, it would be a bit more understandable?

    come on mate, do I really need to spell everything out to you?

  5. Rohan

    hahaha, are you really going to bring that up now? That’s a good 80 percent of professional footballers. Isn’t he married as well? You won’t find a nicer bloke than good old Gael. This is what I mean by you being too eager to jump on anything negative and amplify it to some sort of melodramatic tragic criticism.

    If you’re now saying that Clichy is anything other than a proper professional you’re off your rocker.

    Clichy is the model professional in our team. Works his socks off, very humble and polite and as far as I’m concerned, he’s been as good this season as he’s ever been.

    I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about Clichy’s attitude. Get a grip mate.

  6. Rohan

    He’s never disrespected the club and has always acted as the ultimate gentleman. He’s served our club with pride and honour. Give him some fucking respect.

    He’s gone through a few bad patches, but he’s always fought like a lion.

  7. nishanth

    Clichy has been decent this season.Better than last 2 but still he does seem to get basis things wrong at times.And as for the CC final Rosicky and Song had a shocker.Song’s passing was completely off and Arshavin also was back to the old lazy arshavin

  8. Rohan

    Funny thing is, it’s our captain if anyone who hasn’t conducted himself the best, openly courting Barcelona and all….

  9. Rohan

    I agree nish, Song’s only any good when Cesc is playing.
    Actually almost all our players, especially theo are only any good when Cesc is playing. He’s the most integral player of our team.

  10. SUGA3


    ‘isn’t he married as well’ – are you fucking kidding me?

    I never said he did not fight like a lion, did I? what I said was that he was a bit off at times and still is getting the basics wrong, loike playing Villa and Bowyer onside…

  11. LAzer

    Utd have a better strike force than us without doubt. Rooney, Berba and Hernandez are definitely better than perma crock VP, Bendtner and Chamakh.

    Without Theo and Cesc out for the next few weeks its back to the usual folks. The good times are gone. Barca will spank us, Utd will do us at home with the ref surely in a Utd jersey that evening and in the league…fuck we may lose to WBA away at this point.

  12. LAzer

    We may be seeing this team soon

    Denilson, Rosicky in midfield

    Chamakh and Bendtner up top

    and Almunia at the back.


  13. Rohan

    You do realize that was a joke? Christ..

    Problem is SUGA, I feel you criticise when it’s not due.

    Maybe I’m a naive plonker. I don’t fucking know do I.
    I’m off. Perhaps it’s for the best if I take a hiatus from Le Grove for a week or so.

  14. Mayank

    “by ‘served on a plate’ I understand playing a totally beatable side in the final and fairly easy draws to get there…”

    Sorry SUGA3, that’s simply not true, in getting to the CC final we’ve only played away games. That too to PL sides. If you consider that fact that CC fixtures are seen as extra fixtures by most top clubs we’ve done well to get there.

    It was the biggest game of many seasons for Brum. They also by far better rested. Some of our promising but inexperienced players fucked up in their first Cup final. But I think I’ll give Szczesny and Kos another chance, wouldn’t you?

  15. SUGA3

    no worries, Rohan, one just can’t guess when you are joking and when you are not, given all the Bendy-loving stuff you write 😉

    and yes, you are a bit naive…

  16. LAzer

    So within a week we lose Cesc and Walcott vs. Stoke, than VP, Koscielny, Song vs. Brum.

    That is 5 starters. Oh and he says Sceznsy won’t play either so 6 first team players are gone.

    Talk about a week from fuckin hell.

  17. LAzer

    We might as well throw the FA cup while we are at it followed by the CL. Then Wenger can take his mental strength and shove it up his tight french arse.

    He knows he fucked up big time by not “risking” Diaby in the final and instead started Rosicky. That is why the prick is now defending his decision and says he was being careful with Diaby. Fuck it man, he will get injured anyways, may as well get the minutes out of him you jackwagon.

  18. SUGA3


    only the away games, you say? I recall attending home game against Wigan, first game was against the Spuds’ second string and the other against Newcastle where we played like we should for once…

    and then we played the might of Ipswich Town in the semi and made a meal of it…

  19. Doo Woop

    fuck, no van persie, no walcott, no fabregas (maybe) for the barca game

    seriously, for once only, could we play with our first team complete? damn

  20. Eaglegunner

    Morning all, Good result last night i was able to stuff my ManUre mates and they are not happy. I tormented them all nite and this morning wasn’t going to let them get off so easy.