A little Project Youth of our own – read on…

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This is a call for any of you out there that believe in project youth, at the Arsenal, Project Youth means bringing in the best talent worldwide and turning them into Arsenal players, tomorrow we hope to see the benefit of that project when we this team stuffs Barcelona at the Grove 3nil.

You all know I am involved with charity work but today I wanted to highlight another project youth that is underway in Kenya.

It’s called the Kayo project and we found out about it via our good friends at UK Youth (Another extremely worthwhile Charity).

We are all very fortunate in the UK and the developed world, we don’t bat an eyelid when we hear of the fabulous salaries that are paid to our young stars, I would like you to spare a thought for this guy. Joshua Opondo is from Kenya, many of our Grover’s are from Africa and many are indeed from Kenya.

Hey and many of our players are from Africa as well!

Joshua works to help keep children off the streets and on the straight and narrow, with a donation of just a $1000 he has achieved the following initiatives.

  • Bee Keeping
  • Goat herding and Rice farming
  • Car Washing
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Video shooting and a Music studio

He works unpaid and through his tireless efforts gives many young people in Kenya a break and some self respect as well as putting food on their families tables. I hope that if any of our African friends are close by, they can do something to help Joshua and the Kayo project and will get in touch, I attach his email address.

Joshua playing football in a shirt that doesn’t look like an Arsenal one. We’ll sort that…

I am sending him an Arsenal shirt from us at Le Grove, without people like him many young people in Africa would have nothing to look forward to.

If any of you feel you can help, please do, it’s not only about cash, you may be able to offer him something else he needs. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what colour you are or what religion you believe in, we are all living in the same world.

It puts a lot of things into perspective and you know what, there’s a lot of Arsenal fans in Kenya. Don’t forget, young people are our future!

Joshua hanging out with the kids in 13-16 year old program. Wenger rumoured to be sniffing around…

I will follow this with a footballing post.


If you feel you can help Joshua email him, if you are close by maybe a visit, either way your help would be greatly appreciated,


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  1. Dantezgood

    I admire the good work Joshua is doing. I definitely want to get involved with this noble mission. I’ll get in touch with him, I live in Kenya and I can offer a helping hand. FYI, ARSENAL has the most supporters in Kenya and East Africa, yeah baby!!!

  2. Smizzy

    Wow!! This is amazing, im an Arsenal fan (dahh) and i live in Kenya and i read LeGrove everyday, this is one touching post and ill contact Joshua. Just to clarify, £1000 is Ksh.130,000 and he has done all that, imagine what he can do with £5,000.

  3. Jasir

    It’s called V O L L E Y ball, what those kids are playing in the first picture. You’re probably going to delete this comment, but at least have the courtesy to make sure you know what you’re writing about the next time.

  4. Nightman

    hello all,

    side note, in case you havent seen already, miyaichi is impressing at feyenoord…looks liek real quality…good to see him go immediately and gain this experience.

  5. Brian

    I come from Kenya too, and though I have never heard of Joshua or his project, I would love to be involved and to help out.

  6. Geoff

    Melvyn the best way is to email Joshua or contact the UK Youth link and tell them you want to help him, thanks.

    Fahad no, it’s the way they play football in Kenya!

  7. wandaoof

    which one is he?

    why doesn’t a search for ‘kayo’on the uk youth site render any results?

    is this a huge fucking piss take?

  8. Brian

    Geoff, I have already emailed him, but that is definitely volleyball. It is more common to find posts without the net or two stones acting like goal posts, but not the one in the pic.

  9. Geoff

    Wandoof, don’t email Kayo, email Joshua, it’s on the post, and it’s very serious.

    Brian and Fahad, creative license! I’m an adman.

  10. razer25

    Hehe, football academy? The photo depicts a volley ball game, by the way am in Accra,GHANA. Hope u did ur double cross check lol Geoff.

  11. Brian

    What time is the football post Geoff? Can’t wait to know if Nasri is playing and how JD is going to keep Messi quiet.

  12. Geoff

    Brian it’s legit, I promise you. The football post will go our at 9am, but we aren’t sure if Nasri or Arshavin will start.

  13. Geoff

    Jasir, I posted your small minded comment, just to show what sort of people comment on here sometimes, yes we know it’s volleyball, that’s why there’s a net in the middle.

    In England we call this IRONY with such a serious post it’s funny how someone like you will come on to pick holes, put your hand in your pocket instead, help people instead of digging.


  14. chozzer

    Chim-chiminey, Chim-chiminey, Johan Djourou,
    He hates those bastards that play at Camp Nou.
    Chim-chiminey, Chim-chiminey, Johan Djourou,
    Big, black and Arsenal and coming for you.

  15. Gooby


    thanks for this post, the guy is doing a massive job, i’ll make a donation.

    just woke up from a nightmare where we lost to manure, fucking shit night.
    c’mon you goooners!

  16. Geoff

    The guy really is isn’t he Gooby, thanks for that. I hope we beat Barca big time because the spuds win last night will go on for ever.

  17. abnet

    morning all morning Goeff
    I’m proud we have so many Africans in LG thats shows what a poplar fan sight it is
    On Joshua’s project its a lovely thing that LG is supporting it !! I’m my self are from Ethiopia and Kenya is our neighbors i dont know i can help in this moment of time but i’ll try in the future

  18. Jasir

    Geoff, I apologize for doubting your intellectual capacity to differentiate two different games. Obviously you’ve spent a large part of your life in Kenya studying the mannerism in which football is played there.

    IRONY is global, not from England, we know when to call one when we see one.

  19. Geoff

    abnet verbal support is good too, email him, I’m sure he’d be delighted to make contact.

    Chozzer, he’s growing on me!

  20. enibee

    This, is most kind of you, geoff. I’m emailing the guy. I’m in Nigeria, and I’m sure myself and others can help as well as probably start up something like it here. Very thoughtful of you…

  21. enibee

    This, is most kind of you, Geoff. I’m emailing the Joshua. I’m in Nigeria, and I’m sure myself and others can help as well as probably start up something like it here. Very thoughtful of you…

  22. Geoff

    Enibee, thank you and good luck with that, let me know how you get on and if I can help.

    GoonerT1m some people just can’t be helped can they!

  23. Smizzy

    Jasir, what the fuck is wrong with you dude, you must be gay or a spurs fan, its all the same really. Dont you have a parade to attend or something?
    Follow me on twitter guys, @simosmizzy ill follow u back.

  24. abnet

    i read John Cress from z mirror said something about it on his twitter account Brain so it think its going pretty well I hope the grove will rock tonight

  25. abnet

    johncrossmirror John Cross
    Follow/back #Arsenal group @LeGrove singing ‘Hands Off Cesc Fabregas’ at the #Barca game. Had my fill of Barca arrogance. Great idea/song

  26. Brian

    I hope so too. It will be massive. And to think that we will have almost all our best players out there, save for Sagna! Damn!

  27. kenyangooner

    excellent piece geoffrey! as my name obviously suggests, i am kenyan and in kenya. will email josh and see how i can help. thanks for highlighting the good work he’s doing. can’t wait for tonight…

  28. SAgoon

    Hi Geoff. First time posting, although I havent missed a le grove article this season. I live in South Africa and have a mate who does charity work in Kenya with a lot more funding than Joshua. I’ll give him a call and see if he wants to help Joshua obtain a bit more cash, which i’m sure he’ll be happy to do. If it doesnt work out, we can always send Jag over there to teach them the power of positive thought lol. Seriously though, great initiative, and keep up the awesome work.

  29. David

    Im Kenyan and i must say that me and my friends here are humbled by your work, its so kind of you. Arsenal are the most supported club in E.Africa especially in Kenya and i hope they’ll pay us a visit one day (off course not for commercial reasons). I’ll do my best to give a helping hand. Happy times

  30. Mo

    *Long time reader, first time poster.

    Very Noble, I am from Kenya and surprised about the number of Kenyan gunners who have been reading Le Grove.

  31. karanja

    Am from Kenya too and will get in touch. Kenyan goons, we need to create a forum where we can meet and help out on such projects, any suggestions?

  32. NW5 Gooner

    @David From a London based fan, I wish Arsenal would go on a trip to East Africa, not for commercial reasons, just because there are so many fans there who will never ever get the chance to see a game live. It should just be written into their contract, a week at the end of the season, surely no drama. It’d open these players eyes.