The Cesc campaign gathers momentum, come on Arsenal!

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After yesterday’s post when we were asking you and all the other blogs to sing a song letting Cesc know how much we love him, a few things came up, some surprising, and some not.

The first surprise was my Spanish isn’t as good as I thought, the first person that corrected me, I changed the Spanish, then all day long others came on and corrected that correction, the idea was to sing this ‘HANDS OFF CESC FABREGAS’ and in English, it still is, I was just trying to be clever with my Spanish, so it didn’t come off, just be glad he wasn’t Chinese!

So today I will publish the real message, I hope you all remember! And I hope those of you that are going sing your lungs out!


There are a few blogs that have already intimated they will support LadyArse, Aculturedleftfoot, Arsenal Addict, Joppa Road, You are my Arsenal, Highbury Heart and Gooner talk, hopefully today more will join.

It’s not just the bloggers though, you guys all have a massive role to play, you’ve all got Facebook and Twitter accounts, if you can, pester other bloggers, players and Arsenal journo’s to mention the song and you never know, we could get somewhere.

“Hands off Cesc Fabregas” (to the regular tune of “we’ve got…”)

This idea supersedes the individual sites here, lets hope all the others see it that way, we’re all gooners at the end of the day and we all want Cesc feeling inspired and special on one of the most important nights of our season.

Onto the game, well done Chelsea, you really are proving the point that money doesn’t always buy you success, I said at the start of the season they are too old to be a force and they would slow down in the back half of the season, they haven’t disappointed have they! And on top of that Roman is no longer the richest Russian in London football anymore, ha, ha, I bet that hurts! They’ll struggle to finish in Europe this season, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer team, that and West Ham getting the Olympic stadium have made my February.

Theo is saying that if we chase after every ball and get in their faces we can win this tie, as has Jack, I have been saying that all season, chase every ball, get in their faces and shoot on site, that’s all they do, and they can’t be that good, we came back from two down last year and don’t forget, we went one up at the Camp Nou with half a team, and anyone that calls their ground Camp, has to have something wrong with them!

So a day today to ponder the big one, a day to get excited about the biggest game we’ve had since the ManU semi in the same cup, this time though we are better, stronger and more skillful, prepare for a rip roaring post tomorrow.

The big question is will he play Samir, and if he does, where? I always  had him down as an attacking midfielder, he seems to have played a lot of games up front, either way it’s him or Arshavin, I’m not fussed, the little Russian will produce the goods, of that I have no doubt, maybe save Samir for the return leg, either way Theo and Jack have to start.

Have a great day grovers, tomorrow is the big one!

I will be doing a special one off post tonight and that will stay on until the pre-Barca post at 9am. Read it, it’s a great cause and tomorrow is a day to be kind to everyone, don’t forget Santa knows who’s been naughty or nice!

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517 Responses to “The Cesc campaign gathers momentum, come on Arsenal!”

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  1. Keyser

    Dial Square – It’s not all that think Sagna, but even less venom. Sagna at least pushed his head a bit forward.

    Gattuso kind of bumped into a door.

  2. Keyser

    Suga3 – Really ? Think about Joe Jordan as a door, Sagna would’ve probably not cared an gone through it, Gattuson kind of bumped into it and though ‘Doh, need to pay more attention’.

  3. SUGA3

    dunno Lurch, Bassong (?) and Gattuso had to be pulled apart, I guess it could end up with a proper melee if they were not…

    plus, Gattuso pushed Jordan during the game right in front of the lino and the ref did fuck all:

  4. Lurch LeRouge

    shit so theres even more at stake tomorrow for bragging rights now!

    except the scum – in typical limp wrist fashion – will probably get done 2 nill at home thinking its in the bag!

  5. Lurch LeRouge

    keyser, close your eyes and picture two roosters chesting each other…. Frape is frothed milk. you work it out.

  6. Keyser

    Like Frottage ? Heh.

    Definetly going with the door analogy here.

    Sagna – ‘Fucking door, who put that there’

    Gattuso – ‘Ah shit, oopsy’

  7. SUGA3

    Meelan would have more of a chance, had that Ibra’s goal not been disallowed…

    now Spuds only have to score one goal and it’s game over, no way AC will score 3…

  8. Zeus

    Is gattuso on coke? He did wrong there. Now the cocks will progress further than us in the cl.

    A sure sign of the end of days.

  9. Hitman

    Milan havent got it in them to come back from this. They make Spuds look good.

    There arent that many good teams left in CL to be honest. Apart from Barca is there genuinely a world class team in good form left?
    Bit worried Spuds could get easy route to semis or heaven forbid Wembley itself.

  10. GalteeGunner

    okay. I Haven’t read the comments but just wanna get more ideas for Cesc related songs for tomorrow. 2 suggestions we came up with were 1) to the the Kings of Leon Sex on Fire we sing “Yeeeeeeeeah-heh – our-Cesc is on fire!” nad/or 2)Cesc has Arsenal D.N.A”
    to the tune of you’re not singing anymore.

    BTW not surprised AC Milan lost tonight at the San Siro. We broke them in 3 years ago when they were still European heavyweights, boo-yah

  11. SUGA3


    really, Spuds had pretty easy group (and yes, that has to include Inter under Benitoss) and were on fire back then, now they scored one gifted goal against pretty dire Meelan, this is where their CL adventure ends, never to return…

  12. Gooby

    can’t believe how shit milan were. they have loads of injuries as well.

    would have been a whole different game if pirlo was there

  13. Lurch LeRouge


    yup that works. is that the same commentator from that cesc vid the other night? mahaaaaaadasada! that guy get all the cool stuff!

    to be fair to to gatusso, jordan has it coming when he steps on the pitch – well, the moment he leaves linate technically speaking. 😉

  14. Lurch LeRouge

    lol, yeah i know what you mean…

    yeah i suppose so. its very hard to see the justice served by slapping gatusso on the wrist tho. 🙂

  15. SUGA3

    thing is that if either Gattuso of Flam got sent off it would end up with much bigger advantage than one goal…

    have to say once again, Flamini was easily their best player on the pitch!

  16. SUGA3

    A policeman with a sniffer dog came up to me the other day & said, “my dog tells me you’re on drugs”.

    “Bollocks” I replied, “you’re the one with the talking dog”.


  17. GalteeGunner

    Spurs win was starting to spoil the buzz I was building up for the Barca match but we gotta remember that Milan’s team tonight are a pale reflection of the Champions League holders we beat 2-0 in San Siro, 3 years ago. Kaka and Gattuso played tha night and Cesc and Flamini destroyed em. Gattuso is finished now though and Milan were missing players, like Van Bommel. They looked nervous. I feel we are in the right place to beat Barca tomorrow night. I want 2-0 but would settle for 2-1 win.

  18. SUGA3

    Wayne Rooney was dragged away from the awards ceremony last night. He felt rather sheepish and explained later that he misread the sign “Grammys”

  19. Lurch LeRouge

    on a more relevant note. tonight we crush the cuntalonians with this guy at the helm.


  20. SUGA3


    well, we pretty much have the best XI available, now it is all about drilling the selected few to keep it simple and firing them all up…

    I want AW to prove me that he was right all along 😉

    on that note, I am off, g’nite!

  21. OPG

    Italian Clubs haven’t been able to compete with PL clubs for years apart from when Mourinho was Inter manager, a couple of years back Milan had a ageing squad but now they have a better squad with a couple of ageing players and younger players.
    Still not good enough though.

  22. bnsb

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger refuses to rule Chelsea out of the title race.

    Blues manager Carlo Ancelotti says a top four finish is now the priority.

    “I would say no [they are not out of it], because Chelsea plays Man United twice,” said Wenger.

    “If they want to challenge for the title, I still believe they have the quality to do it. They are in a position where they need to beat Manchester United twice or at least make one draw and beat them once – minimum.

    “They are not completely out. They look to me that they are on their way back, but they cannot drop many more points now.”


  23. AA23

    Tomorrow is a good test for us and nothing more. We should just play our game and try forget that we are playing European and world champions Spain, plus the best player in the world…
    Let’s just hope for no injuries and that we can continue our push for the prem with our first 11.
    There isn’t a football fan on earth that isn’t excited about this tie.
    The two greatest attacking sides in football from two very different leagues playing the way God intended and for once we have our best side fit.(other than Sagna, and I’m gutted about that)
    But we have no excuses, let’s see what happens.
    But what a fucking game it will be.

  24. luke

    How hard will it be to find a stream for the game. I dont have the bloody channel that the game is being aired on. Think this tie is a win:win. If we beat em, that will give us enormous confidence and I could see us winning the champions league. If we lose, less games to play, and it will allow us to focus on PL/FA cup

  25. luke

    lets hope Ebway can find some form for tomorrow. Im having nightmares of him trying his fancy footwork in our penalty area

  26. bnsb

    If we lose, less games to play, and it will allow us to focus on PL/FA cup

    If we win it could be less pressure on us for second leg. Loss would lead to a pressure situation, which last year we did not deal well.

  27. luke

    Were really going to need our reserves to step it up here ie Rosicky, Chamakh, Bendtner, Denilson. When is Ramsey coming back, imagine where he would be right now if not your that cunt shawcross. Cant wait to see him and Wilshere together.