Theo aims to prove Capello wrong and I’m glad Nikki B is unhappy, I wish a few more were.

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Theo aims to prove his omission from the world cup squad was a mistake, NEWSFLASH Theo, it wasn’t, you were hopeless.

Now that may seem strange coming from the man that once dubbed Theo ‘The saviour of England’ the same man that has never doubted Theo as a future Arsenal great, even when many fans thought him overpaid and over rated.

Let me explain my twisted logic here, Theo has always had bundles of talent, trouble is he’s rarely shown it for us or for England, this is the guy who scored a hatrick against Croatia and then nothing, playing him out wide hasn’t helped and if you saw his goal on Saturday, you may have noticed it was Owenesque and down the middle, where by the way I see him playing his best football.

However he wasn’t doing it for England and I think that Capello made the right choice, those that went ahead of him were even worse, but that’s another story, Capello not taking him was the toe up the arse this precocious and highly overpaid young man needed. Having spent his whole young life having smoke blown up his arse, he came down with a bump and probably realised he needed to start paying back those with faith in him, in this case, Arsene Wenger and me!

Well this season he started injury free and on fire, he has now added consistency to his repertoire and we are seeing the benefit of Capello’s snub, so a big thank you to the other overpaid person that is the England manager.

The great thing about having Theo is we have years of him to come and he will only get bigger and better, fantastic!

Nikki B on the other hand has dropped behind, I like Nikki but for me he won’t get better until he gets older, I think one day he’ll be a superstar, but I’m guessing he won’t wait that long, he sees the Afobe’s and the JET’s lining up and knows that he can’t hold them off and jump ahead of Chamakh, so unless he has a change of heart, I see him going in the summer, I like the fact that he’s upset though, perhaps if Denilson, Eboue and Squillaci weren’t happy being back up they might be better players for it.

If Wenger asked me to come over in the summer to wield the axe there would be carnage, he won’t though and I suspect few will go, I said in pre season that Denilson could have a Flamini season, sadly he didn’t and has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he never will, shame, he wasn’t cheap, has cost us a ton and like Senderos, Hoyte and Aliadiere before him will no doubt just drift away into the sunset never to be seen again, I wonder how many points that lot have cost us?

So we have Djourou, Nasri and Vermaelen out, two of them our best players this season and one of them our best player last, what to do with Barcelona coming up?

Here’s my idea, what do you think?


Sagna Kozzer Clichy


Theo Wilshere Cesc Arshavin

Robin Bendtner

Flood the midfield and play three at the back, now Sagna and Song have played centre back before so we have cover at set pieces, but with that team we can keep the ball and save us from the horror of playing Squillaci again.

Dalglish played three at the back and had Anelka, Drogba and Torres coming at them and they won that one, so what have we got to lose trying it against Wolves, who knows, it may be enough to turn Barca over, we know the alternative, we had a glimpse of that against Newcastle.

Have a great day Grovers, I hope I have given you all food for thought.

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