Arsenal smash all records on deadline day, they didn’t disappoint!

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Frank Lampard guards Arsene's millions

So we loaned out 3 players and got shot of one that we had been waiting for to be a star for what, 5 years? And for nothing, great.

We were the only Premiership club to get no one in, not even on loan, the only club. Now whilst I don’t sanction the utter madness of spending £35mil on a striker who has been in the EPL for 6 months, or the Chavs trying to buy their way once again to success, I do believe that if you need players to help the team, you should buy them, if our manager thinks the likes of Eboue, Denilson, Diaby and Squillaci are good enough to challenge for trophies then he must be seeing something we are not, clearly.

Yes we are in a final and that’s fantastic, but let’s not forget we played an understrength Spurs, and understrength Newcastle, a crap Wigan and lowly Ipswich, not hard really, the other trophies though need a good solid first eleven, and that we have, but only when all fit, the second string are simply not good enough.

We supply the footballing world with players, 18 loanees is simply stupid, how many of them will ever make it, 18 for goodness sake, it’s madness. It like going to the bar and ordering 42 pints when you’re alone, how many can you fit in for goodness

Still we’ve once again failed to act in a window and we will no doubt suffer in May, but will anyone be judged, no, never. Here we go again.

Onto tonight, I refuse to let him get me down, I am an Arsenal fan, was before he arrived and will be long after he has gone.

As usual the boss has told us how good Everton are, read all the pre match reports from Arsenal this season and every team we play are dangerous, still he doesn’t write a blog and couldn’t really say we should tear this mob a new ‘r’ sole could he, but I can.

I think we’ll win this one 3 zip. Even without our Samir, Everton are dangerous but we are the Arsenal, and as many say are second in the league and are still in all the cups, we didn’t strengthen so we have no excuses if we come away empty-handed.

This would be my choice for tonight.


Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy

Wilshere Song Fabregas

Walcott Robin Arshavin

That should get us three points we need and providing they all stay fit, we should be in a good place later tonight. We do have a wonderful team and hopefully they will get us the results we so badly need, there was talk about bring back some loanees, JET, Lansbury and Ramsey spring to mind but I don’t think we have, lets just hope we don’t need them for a while.

Pedro has some interesting information from our friends at the AST which he’ll share later in the week and as I understand it, those questions many of you were putting forward in the comments section yesterday stand a great chance of getting answered by Arsenal at some point this week, that should hopefully clarify the many concerns that were raised on here, let’s not spend hours debating it today, we’ll find out soon enough, if they are answered of course.

I expect a real full house tonight and I expect a lot of noise, as for Eden Hazard joining us next season, you can now forget that, the amount of money that changed hands last night will ensure he goes for £200mil in the summer, out of our league of course.

I really don’t sanction the sort of money that was spent, yes Suarez was a good deal, but the others were madness, utter madness and I’m glad we don’t do that, but there were a good few centre backs for sale that were good value and we didn’t act, let’s hope the boss is right this season and it doesn’t come back to haunt us, either way, he has no excuses now.

Over to you Arsene, have a great day grovers and enjoy the game.

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1,497 Responses to “Arsenal smash all records on deadline day, they didn’t disappoint!”

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  1. Gooby

    pharo9ja says:
    February 1, 2011 at 21:50
    after 65mins how many of u thot we’d get 3points? Better still how many of u doomers wanted us to loose? Imagine OPG’s excuse for everton…what a wanker! Honestlx Geoff are we letting such comments grow just because of the hate for wenger? Has such excuses ever made or allowed for us when we’re on the loosing end?

    i was sure we won’t lose that one, we were the better team by miles it was only a question of time before we destroy them

  2. OPG

    Since when am I making a excuse for Everton pharo9ja? Doesn’t excuse them for their negative football which Moyes set out to play.
    Thanks for using the w word internet hardman.

  3. patthegooner

    He did Keyser but was quite poor. They had him out on the right and did not really get him involved in the play. Was then subbed on the hour.

    If we are looking for a recall from loan, Lansbury put in another blinding performance tonight apparently and scored the winner.

  4. Cescs_MyBoy


    give it a rest, just once mate.

    we have won in really tough circumstances, dominated the game, 19 attempts on goal, countless corners, got duped by an illegal goal, and chezzer made one decent save.

    feel happy and proud that we have come through with a massively important 3 points.


  5. SUGA3


    stamina is something that can be improved in training to a bigger extent than speed, strength…

    and you can’t improve the size and application, can you?

    anyway, fuck that, YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!


    – Arsha is coming good at the right moment
    – we did not crumble with everything against us, including the cunt ref


    – Song’s injury

  6. Cescs_MyBoy

    Im sure there was some massive scottish cunt swindle at work tonight.

    mason was an utter disgrace.

    arshavin finding form now could be the difference.

    its all about inches!

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Had to read the post pre 70mins…a lot of you need to lay of the doom coffee! serious! You know who you are

    Top kudos to those who believed in Arshavin and predicted he’d score! Top kudos to those who always stood behind Kosser, and shame on you if you could not even yell his name when he scored, instead of typing a lame “Yessssss”


    Have faith brethren! Now i hope Song and Nasri are back soon. Best Squad Ever!!

  8. goonermichael

    I told you we’d win. We were by far the better team. That cunt gale and the other muppet tried to make it sound like everton were better

  9. gazzap

    dont be too hard on Rosicky. he had a bad flu and was out for a 10 days and that would have a big impact on energy levels. and then he comes back and plays 60 mins versus Huddersfield – he really should not have been asked to play tonight. He’ll need a week to recover, but he’s better than what we saw tonight.

  10. albo

    SUGA3 says:
    February 1, 2011 at 21:53

    but we looked really poor in the first half, IMO…

    Well, I guess. Personally, I thought we did ok. Not our best, most flowing half of football, but aside from the offside goal its not as if they had tons of chances.

    Everton are a good, physical team. A lot of their poor results have been without key players. Any team with Arteta and Felleini is going to threaten from set pieces etc, but we coped well with it.

    And its always difficult to settle after an appalling refereeing decision (just ask England in the WC!)

  11. Keyser

    Alright, alright, Fellaini’s not shite, but he still tires towards the end of games and the way Everton play suits him because he doesn’t have to be up and down the pitch all the time.

    I dunno about Vela, he’s got the talent, I think he just needs to play regularly so he can work out what he can and can’t get away in games.

    Should be good for him still.

  12. albo

    Btw, Nigel Winterburn on ATVO hinting that he has inside info that there is good news on Vermaelen and that they’re confident he’ll be back in a few weeks…

  13. SUGA3


    I was the one of those who maintained that AA will come good and that Koscielny is forming a formidable partnership with JD…

    the thing is that my heart paused for a moment when Djourou went down, same goes for Bac, and we could really make it sooo much easier for ourselves 😉

  14. goonermichael

    Bengali Gunner says:
    February 1, 2011 at 22:06
    Ryan Babel needs to photoshop a picture of Lee Mason in an Everton shirt for us

    That wasn’t for everton it was for the mancs

  15. Keyser

    If Everton could have planned it they would have been more than happy with what they got out of the first half.

    That’s exactly the sort of goal they’re set up for and they got it through a dodgy refereeing decisions.

    We were always going to find it tough to break them down, and that goal made it twice as difficult, because Everton would probably be happy with a draw and they know we need a win so the team had to make sure we didn’t leave ourselves exposed and try to get some creativity going.

    Today was impressive for me for that reason, they had to find something more than what we’ve seen so far and they got it together.

    Compare that to the WBA game where as a team we didn’t get the balance right and despite the lift couldn’t come back.

  16. goonerT1m

    the manager wants to do it the hard way suga, i think thats fairly obvious to all of us, come may he will have to answer for his decisions, i hope he is right i really do

  17. G STAR













  18. SUGA3


    realistically, up until the 70th minute we were out of the title race, no?

    all the games left to play in the league are pretty winnable, ManYoo CAN drop 6 points, but 9 would be pushing it, IMO…

  19. G STAR

    E12 GUNNER

    E12 GUNNER

    E12 GUNNER

    E12 GUNNER

    E12 GUNNER

    E12 GUNNER

    E12 GUNNER

  20. Rohan

    Out of the title race? No, hell no. Huge hit to our chances, but no.

    Criticize Wenger all you want, but you can’t deny that he knows, just a little bit.

  21. JJ

    Keyser – On yesterday’s conversation. I think we both agree that we will need a little luck to get some silverware this season. Key players need to stay injury-free. My concern is that Wenger is taking an huge/unnecessary gamble with our CB position. One more signing would not have been the silver-bullet answer but it would provide us some cover in an area where we are already thin.

    For me, our season rests on how many games DJ and Kos can keep Squirrel off the park.

  22. Rohan

    I’d also like to say that I was the one who believed in Kozzer from day 1. Told you after Liverpool, that he’s the classiest defender I’d seen in a long long time.

  23. SUGA3


    he knows how to assemble a good team, I will give him that, but the belief in certain individuals who just don’t cut it is baffling…

  24. Cescs_MyBoy


    I have to side with Suga in this one.

    Anything other than 3 points would have ended our title hopes. 100%.


    It didnt happen!!!

  25. albo

    “all the games left to play in the league are pretty winnable, ManYoo CAN drop 6 points, but 9 would be pushing it, IMO…”

    Seriously? This is a team that could hardly buy an away win this season!

  26. patthegooner


    Given what happened, I think Cesc is perfectly entitled to say what he wants to the officials in the tunnel.

    They bang on about respect and yet make a decision like that.

  27. Daniel

    Sorry G STAR, I was referring to the Nasri/Verm comment, not the links to the highlights.

    DeiseGooner, what’s going on?

  28. patthegooner

    G star

    At some point, you have linked us with every player in world football, coming out that you were the exclusive on Kosser is a bit lame

    Do you also admit that you got it wrong with approx 700 other players??

  29. Iceman10

    wow Moyes isn’t happy with what Cesc said to the ref…i wonder if we someone will come out and say it…wenger of course didnt hear anything lol

  30. albo

    I absolutely HATE when managers bring up stuff that goes on in the tunnel like that. Why does Moyes bring it up if he ‘doesn’t want to talk about it’. Pathetic. Just flinging mud!

    (And frankly, about 10 players should be sent off every match if they got red cards for being rude to refs etc)

  31. Raynor

    Great to see Kocieslny have another corker. For the few mistakes he made initially (which you really have to expect coming into a league a clear jump up in pace and quality) he’s been pretty good. The great trhing is he’s clearly improving in terms of positioning. I think he may just be Vermas partner…I think JD looks a little less composed as our new fave defender

  32. TonyS

    what the fuck is moyes going on about, all he kept saying was “the game changed at half time”…..cunt

    its not like our goals were anything to do with the ref

  33. DeiseGooner

    Moyes says Cesc should have been sent off for the comments made to the ref / officials at half time in the tunnel

    Wenger says Cesc didnt speak to the ref, he did, so he told sky to get a video of it to prove it!

  34. Keyser

    JJ – Thing is we’ve got a squad of 25 players, all fit, we’ve got 4 centre-backs.

    For me unless the player you bring is SOO good that he will make an obvious difference to the defence, then it’s something you just weigh up and go with.

    You say our season hinges on centre-back cover, not a first team defender, but cover, put that into perspective it’s one player who’s not good enough to start but could be rotated right ?!

  35. Gooby

    they have wolves away and shitty at home next.
    1st march the go the chavs before going to anfield.

    i think they should at least lose one of those and draw another one.

    my guess would be draw at pool a loss vs chavs and shitty.

  36. Keyser

    They’ve got it wrong, I think Moyes mean’t Cesc was just mouthing off about the officials in general.

    What’s the worst he could have said, unless he did a goonermichael, what could he have said that was soo bad ?!

    That they’re cunts or they’re corrupt ?!

  37. ritesh

    We miss the physical edge in midfield when Nasri is not around….. He knows how to dictate the tempo and change the balance….Cesc should work on that side of his game.

  38. SUGA3


    Djourou is yet to play a complete season with no injury, the moment Squillaci steps in, we are buggered…

    I sure hope this is not going to happen and same goes for Song, as it means the Deckchair playing and that is enough to make a grown man have nightmares and wet his bed 😆

  39. pharo9ja

    my apologies then OPG, I just get fustrated with the reasoning on here sometimes. Gooby u always fancy ur boys to win! So may it continue. Whats that Ref’s name?

  40. Daniel

    And we are now 11 points ahead of the Spuds! If we had kept that half-time lead it would be 17 by now. Spuds are nowhere near us.

  41. Lurch LeRouge

    didn’t see that coming Suga.

    TBH my broadband is shit when im in kent – about to watch the replay on sky.

    what i did see had Kozzer in front….

  42. ritesh

    David Moyes was out of his depth in that interview…
    you can see why the main teams are reluctant to appoint local coaches.

  43. Keyser

    Suga3 – He needs to shoot though or be a bit more aware and pass to Bendtner.

    Dude, I think we could have done with cover aswell, but if it gets to the point we have to use a player who’s little more than cover than I wouldn’t be too confident either.

    I’d rather we found the right player instead of bringing in someone for the sake of it who’s going to want to play or whatever.

  44. zeus

    Just seen the kozzer goal and what passion he showed after scoring. Was truly scared when all the boys jumped on him and then fat arshavin dumped himself on top if the pile.

    Kozzer should have been crushed there and then.

  45. Doublegooner


    Lee CUNT Mason was a disgrace..He deserved nothing.

    Even Moyes said ‘we were fortunate with the goal’

    His decisions bordered ‘ I hate Arsenal’..

    Something a certain ex ref now officiardo Mr ‘ArseHole’ ( ryhmes with Roll) once said in private at a football dinner to an ex Tottenham manager.

  46. Keyser

    zeus – I get scared to, we always do the old ‘bundle’ celebration, when Song scored at Citeh or West Ham, you could see his face and I swear he was having trouble breathing.

    Watch the Lansbury celebration after he scored for Norwich, sure way to get a knee ligament injury.

  47. Keyser

    Does anyone think Wenger went back to the changing rooms..

    Sat down, head in hands.

    Waves over to Cesc and when he comes over goes..

    “What did you do this time ?”

  48. patthegooner


    Arshavin for me, I thought his cameo was excellent.

    Closely followed by Kosser and Djourou and then Clichy.

    It is nice to have a night where I cant be critical of any of them. They all played very well and as a unit too.

  49. patthegooner

    Not quite sure why there were people being critical of the 1st half performance either. Apart from the a rusty 1st 15 mins, I thought we played well in the 1st half but the Ref was doing his utmost to ruin the game.

  50. Bengali Gunner

    Clichys been excellent recently. Ive always liked him. He seems to have worked on his defending, much aware and his agression and strength seems to have improved

  51. Doublegooner

    Just got home from that & have to say the crowd were good tonight.

    Team showed bottle, but tonight also showed what a waste of space Rosicky is & Diaby is dogshite.

    Djourou needs to get his game back on track.

    It really shows why Wenger has missed out buying reinforcements.

  52. nishanth

    One thing is for sure.The refs are going to make it as difficult as possible for us.If this is the situation at emirates imagine during the away games

  53. SUGA3

    I liked the way Clichy went on a few ‘angry’ runs when things were not going our way and then busted his gut to track back – a shining example!

  54. albo

    SUGA3 says:
    February 1, 2011 at 20:39
    stadium cursed?

    yeah, it is and the curse is PHW, AW, IG and other geniuses!

    Jeez, I dread to think how you’ll be when we actually lose! 😉

  55. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah know what you mean Pat, rosicky came in for some though…

    lol just saw the rake from cesc across artetas achilles. nice.

  56. OPG

    Moyes has only himself to blame he says the goal was ‘Fortunate’ but he was happy to sit back with that goal and get any points if they can.

  57. zeus

    To be fair, my understanding of the rules is that the Saha goal was indeed offside. We’ve benefitted from calls such as that one.

  58. SUGA3


    I suggest you double check the post time 😉

    what am I to say? one can be fickle sometimes, especially after the nothingy transfer window, no?

  59. patthegooner

    Lurch, I was saying it to Keyser last night. I cant complain if they are putting effort in. If they do that and things dont come off then so be it.

    Rosicky was not vintage but he was putting in the effort. Sadly for him, he is probably not at Arsenal’s level anymore. Cant see him being with us past the summer.

  60. Gooby

    the RvP free kick was awesome, inchs away form being a goal.

    agree that clichy was very good today.

    i’m still waiting for cesc to hit second gear.

  61. ritesh

    Suga, Clichy needs a good winger in front of him. We dont have that when Nasri is not around.

    You know Denilson used to play well for us there when he joined the first team 😉

  62. nishanth

    To be honest cesc has started whining a bit too much this season.But can anyone blame him??After watching the likes of Ramsey and Eduardo breaking their legs,Getting kicked game after game u just can’t blame him for complaining.Game against Wigan is a good example.They kept fouling cesc.Thomas himself committed some 3 fouls on cesc and yet all ref did was give him a verbal warning.And today Wilshere gets booked for his first tackle.

  63. SUGA3


    I thought Denilson was a bit of a battler when he first came, compensating his slight frame with application and excellent attitude…

    then what happened?

    as for the player in front of Clichy, I think Gibbs could do well, but we would have to switch to 4-4-2 or something…

  64. Lurch LeRouge

    agree with all that Pat. Still i’m happy for rosicky to have a reduced roll though, its not sentimentality talking – its about having a couple of older heads around.

    hazard has to come in the summer

  65. albo

    “SUGA3 says:
    February 1, 2011 at 22:47

    I suggest you double check the post time

    what am I to say? one can be fickle sometimes, especially after the nothingy transfer window, no?”

    Oh, don’t worry, I knew the post time. I suppose so mate, but the less fickle the support is the more chance we’ll roar them on when they go 1-0 down…

  66. Doublegooner

    The ‘Cunt’ in blacks 1st half performance was disgusting. Cesc cares, thats why he burst at Everton’s 12th man.

    It was just one or two or three terrible decisions..Moyes has got a fucking cheek as if those decisions were all against his team I defy him to have stayed calm.

  67. ritesh


    Absolutely. He would have to work on his technical play but can more than compensate in other areas like speed, agression, crossing.

  68. Big Dave

    Massive 3 points, knew it would be a hard game, was getting worried at one point.

    TR7 is done. Well done AA.

    What happened in the tunnel with Cesc?

  69. SUGA3


    fair point, however, I think it should start on the pitch – there should be at least one ‘come-the-fuck-on-heart-on-the-sleeve-desperado-cheerleader’ type who would gee up both the players and the crowd 😉

  70. ritesh

    On a seperate note…Mubarak is off…maybe Jordan, Yemen next.

    I wonder when Bernanke will resign or be given the boot.

  71. JJ

    Keyser – Talking about 4 fit CB’s is pointless. As of yesterday, we only had 3 fit CB’s. One of which is on a ban and another is so injury-prone that Wenger wont risk playing him twice in one week. Red cards happen and that is why we needed reinforcements.

    Having to play Song as CB weakens us in 2 areas. It was an unnecessary gamble when there were options in the market that we could afford. Samba and Cahill were there for the taking and Wenger choked. They may not be first class but IMO they would have given us enough to get over the line in a few comps.

    Simply unnecessary.

  72. zeus

    On Everton’s goal…
    For me the first goal was offside. If someone can demonstrate mathematically to me that it was not, I am ready to accept it. But it was offside because the pass was destined to Saha at the start. He was three-yards offside. I think Koscielny touched the ball and they interpreted it as a pass. I interpreted it as a deflection. But clearly the intention was to give the ball to Saha was offside and he took advantage of his offside position. After, he finished fantastically well. But we were 1-0 down and had it all to do in the second half.


  73. albo

    ritesh says:
    February 1, 2011 at 22:53
    Congratulations to Albo for a post of less than 10 lines!!!!

    Haha. its a fair cop 😉

    What can I say, sometimes simplifying an issue to 2 sentences just leads to lazy generalisations…

  74. zeus

    On Alex Song’s injury…
    He cannot walk. I don’t know what he has got. He was kicked, I think it was by Koscielny, he knocks out everybody in our team. So we have to see how he responds to that in the next days, but he cannot walk at the moment.

    What the he’ll?! No time for jokes either arsene.

  75. JJ

    Zeus – LOL! Well, at least it is better than him saying, “if someone can demonstrate to me in monetary terms…”

  76. albo

    “SUGA3 – fair point, however, I think it should start on the pitch – there should be at least one ‘come-the-fuck-on-heart-on-the-sleeve-desperado-cheerleader’ type who would gee up both the players and the crowd”

    Yeah, maybe. Should be ‘6 of 1, half a dozen of the other’ imo. The one good thing about the first goal was the sense of injustice fired up the Emirates crowd better than I’ve ever seen it. Makes you realise the role we could play if we weren’t such moaners 😉

  77. SUGA3


    it was Szczesny, actually and yes, he has the knack for knocking the shit out of our players: Sagna, Song and apparently, Fabianski got injured in training, saving his shot…

    I also recall him colliding with one of ours last season or in the pre-season game?


  78. JJ

    Keyser – So Song is injured and DJ looks like he could break down at any moment. Do you really want our season to rely on Kos, Squirrel and whoever Wenger can pull out of the reserves? Completely unnecessary.

  79. Walking Wounded

    Moyes is a miserable cunt.

    What a grass, takes the flak off of his team, by jumping on the “jump on Cesc” bandwagon

    Whatever was said in the tunnel, was both justified and as long as it was not to the referees face, perfectly fine.

    Moyes is just a miserable shit

    PS how badly injured is Song?

  80. albo

    zeus – I know! Weird. Need to see the conference to see what tone of voice it was said.

    That said, if he was kicked, then hopefully that’s not as bad as a muscle strain…

  81. Keyser

    JJ – That’s my point, you’ve mentioned two players, neither have played for a top team, neither are experienced in the Champions League, they don’t play in teams that play similar styles.

    One of them has been mentioned with some ridiculous prices attached to his name, you weigh it up as manager, will they make the step up ? will they be happy sitting on the bench ? Are they worth the price that we could pay.

    The key is here, you’re not even buying players who would step in as first teamers, you’re saying they’d come in as cover.

    Think about it, if we bought in an average player as cover everytime we looked a bit short, then how many times could you get away with that.

    It’s not clear cut, it’s something Wenger will have thought about, it’s not season defining that’s bollocks, it’s just something we will have to live with.

  82. Keyser

    JJ – It’s simple, am I happy we might not have cover ? No, would I be happy with Samba or Cahill stepping in when we were up against it ? Not really.

  83. Keyser

    Suga3 – Why not neither ? Squillaci’s decent, he’s just not first choice, we’ve just played shit as a team some of the times he’s played and like the others he’s mades mistakes because of it.

  84. Keyser

    Also either Fellaini’s clumsy or he DID Walcott, we were passing it out at the back late in the game and Fellaini went in late on him.

  85. Doublegooner


    With injuries as usual starting to mount, isnt it reassuring Wenger didnt make any signings to so not to ‘kill’ any players.

    Sure Keysers relieved too !

  86. DaleDaGooner

    LOL Keyser…

    Keyser says:
    February 1, 2011 at 22:39

    Does anyone think Wenger went back to the changing rooms..

    Sat down, head in hands.

    Waves over to Cesc and when he comes over goes..

    “What did you do this time ?”

  87. SUGA3


    stats suggest that he is the proverbial weakest link and just watching him play should tell you a lot…

    you can’t blame the poor team play for him being old, tired and a bit shit – give me Samba over him any day…

  88. sidney896

    My first post, been reading for a while, I thought we got a great outcome from a shit first half.
    Ref was a twat, Everton were, as expected, bit rough round the edges with a great goalscorer up top.
    Fuck Moyes, knob.
    Got a chance at the league? I thought so before the worst transfer window in history.
    Need Torres to kill the Mancs, followed by an implosion at the chavs. Then the best run of luck ever…..

    One question, would you take the CL, or the Premiership?

    I don’t think we can do either without the luck of the Mancs in the 94th minute….but I live in eternal hope!

  89. Doublegooner

    Guarantee Ferguson will come out with comments about Cesc to back up his mate Moyes..

    Also, we’re now becoming a threat so its time he started picking on us again.

  90. Supergunner07

    Well done to the stewards in the blue quadrant exactly opposite the red action groups 4 allowing our section to stand up to sing. It created a great atmosphere, sang the boys home.

  91. TonyS

    To be fair, I think Moyes only wanted the ref to send off Fabregas at half time, award Everton 3 pens, burn down the Emirates stadium and organize some hookers in the presidential suite at the Marriott.

    He should lodge an official complaint.