Arsenal smash all records on deadline day, they didn’t disappoint!

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Frank Lampard guards Arsene's millions

So we loaned out 3 players and got shot of one that we had been waiting for to be a star for what, 5 years? And for nothing, great.

We were the only Premiership club to get no one in, not even on loan, the only club. Now whilst I don’t sanction the utter madness of spending £35mil on a striker who has been in the EPL for 6 months, or the Chavs trying to buy their way once again to success, I do believe that if you need players to help the team, you should buy them, if our manager thinks the likes of Eboue, Denilson, Diaby and Squillaci are good enough to challenge for trophies then he must be seeing something we are not, clearly.

Yes we are in a final and that’s fantastic, but let’s not forget we played an understrength Spurs, and understrength Newcastle, a crap Wigan and lowly Ipswich, not hard really, the other trophies though need a good solid first eleven, and that we have, but only when all fit, the second string are simply not good enough.

We supply the footballing world with players, 18 loanees is simply stupid, how many of them will ever make it, 18 for goodness sake, it’s madness. It like going to the bar and ordering 42 pints when you’re alone, how many can you fit in for goodness

Still we’ve once again failed to act in a window and we will no doubt suffer in May, but will anyone be judged, no, never. Here we go again.

Onto tonight, I refuse to let him get me down, I am an Arsenal fan, was before he arrived and will be long after he has gone.

As usual the boss has told us how good Everton are, read all the pre match reports from Arsenal this season and every team we play are dangerous, still he doesn’t write a blog and couldn’t really say we should tear this mob a new ‘r’ sole could he, but I can.

I think we’ll win this one 3 zip. Even without our Samir, Everton are dangerous but we are the Arsenal, and as many say are second in the league and are still in all the cups, we didn’t strengthen so we have no excuses if we come away empty-handed.

This would be my choice for tonight.


Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy

Wilshere Song Fabregas

Walcott Robin Arshavin

That should get us three points we need and providing they all stay fit, we should be in a good place later tonight. We do have a wonderful team and hopefully they will get us the results we so badly need, there was talk about bring back some loanees, JET, Lansbury and Ramsey spring to mind but I don’t think we have, lets just hope we don’t need them for a while.

Pedro has some interesting information from our friends at the AST which he’ll share later in the week and as I understand it, those questions many of you were putting forward in the comments section yesterday stand a great chance of getting answered by Arsenal at some point this week, that should hopefully clarify the many concerns that were raised on here, let’s not spend hours debating it today, we’ll find out soon enough, if they are answered of course.

I expect a real full house tonight and I expect a lot of noise, as for Eden Hazard joining us next season, you can now forget that, the amount of money that changed hands last night will ensure he goes for £200mil in the summer, out of our league of course.

I really don’t sanction the sort of money that was spent, yes Suarez was a good deal, but the others were madness, utter madness and I’m glad we don’t do that, but there were a good few centre backs for sale that were good value and we didn’t act, let’s hope the boss is right this season and it doesn’t come back to haunt us, either way, he has no excuses now.

Over to you Arsene, have a great day grovers and enjoy the game.

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1,497 Responses to “Arsenal smash all records on deadline day, they didn’t disappoint!”

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  1. DeiseGooner

    i cant back this up with any kind of stats and i may be wrong but i assume Squil has mostly played when we play our second string without our first choice fullbacks and midfielders

    any one back we up on this?

  2. albo

    Not been mentioned much but, re-watcing the match, Diaby actually had a very solid game. Given its only his 2nd outing for ages its a very positive sign I think. (After all, its easy to forget just how good he was for us at times last season)

  3. Keyser

    Suga3 – You obviously can because people were doing the same to Koscielny earlier in the season. Who was saying that Squillaci makes Koscielny look good ?!

    Can’t remember. Yeah Samba might have been good as cover, but again weigh it up, what would he cost ? Is he willing to sit on the bench, and what if we want to buy a top class player in the summer ?!

  4. SUGA3


    quite possibly so, but quite frankly, we should never have got rid of Senderos to bring in Silvestre then Squillaci in the first place – he is head and shoulders above both of them and probably wouldn’t mind sitting on the bench a lot either…

  5. Keyser

    Diaby had a good game, he played well to come off the bench like that, but guess you need something to moan about or it just isn’t worth it.

  6. Supergunner07

    Doublegooner says:
    February 1, 2011 at 23:27


    Stewards had a better game than Diaby & Rosicky


    Ros definately didn’t play well, Diaby was more calm than Song when he came on plus his height was useful as Everton had a tall team today apart from Heitinga who is 6ft, Saha Rodwell Fellaini Distin Bilaletdinov are taller than 6ft 1

  7. Keyser

    Suga3 – Think about it, he’s first choice at Blackburn, he’s not going to come in on loan, probably wants first team football and a decent contract.

    If he flops we lose out all the place, if he plays well we’ll have a decent player who may break into the first team, you weigh it up and make your mind up one way or the other it’s not straightforward and it won’t be season defnining, that shits beyond retarded.

  8. DeiseGooner

    the senderos thats been injured for 12 months now?

    my thinking is Squill is settling in still – Kos has played more to his benefit – and Squill seems to have been involved in the games where hes playing with a less cohesive unit

    he does seem a bit rushed at times though causing him to make the wrong decisions in a rash moment

  9. albo

    The other question, is how often has Squill been paired with JD? Because for me it is JD who gives us confidence under the high ball etc. I reckon either of them are probably actually a decent enough partner for JD.

  10. SUGA3


    the same Senderos who sat next to AW on the bench trying to earn brownie points to get a game, watching the Mancunt spy (not even really a CB by trade) playing instead?


    loan? what loan? I am talking the permanent deal here with possibility of selling him six months later, simples…

    tough on him, but that’s tough shit…

  11. albo

    Seriously SUGA, you just sound like you are searching for something to moan about if you are saying we shouldn’t have got rid of Senderos!!!

  12. SUGA3


    which begs the question: where is the balance? turns out there are three players who can play with JD, what about a capable deputy for him?

  13. Lurch LeRouge

    just finished watching the highlights…

    sags had a monster game as well… yeah i can see rosicky was the weakest link, but i’d mostly put that down to being a little rusty rather than anything terminal, it was a shame JW got booked so early on as it looked like he played with a touch of reservation.

    really hard to pull a motm decision from that lot, the desire all over the pitch was evident… the team spirit certainly looks to be solid.

    Arteta and moyes are right cocks…funny listening to AW denying that cesc even spoke to the ref at half time.

  14. SUGA3


    Senderos, Silvestre, Squillaci, Senderos, Silvestre, Squillaci…


    I am a bit of a fan of Sendy, say what you want, but I think AW’s treatment did not do him much justice…

  15. Man

    On Alex Song’s injury…
    He cannot walk. I don’t know what he has got. He was kicked, I think it was by Koscielny, he knocks out everybody in our team. So we have to see how he responds to that in the next days, but he cannot walk at the moment.

    Great result today.

    Suga spare us your bullshit it is getting boring!!

  16. SUGA3


    and you are a fucking troll, coming on here and picking on me for no good reason whatsoever…

    what a fucking wanker you are, pinko piece of shit…

  17. albo

    Senderos is a great shame, because he had all the raw attributes. He is also a very decent guy by all accounts. But I don’t really think Wenger can be blamed for benching a player whose confidence was shot the way his was by the end.

    And Deise is right to point out that his injuries since means we were maybe lucky to ditch him when we did…

    Mate, I just think you sound way too happy when you are given stuff to moan about. That’s all. We have had an unbelievable 2011. In terms of results (and in cup competitions I mean winning the round) the only blip is a draw against City. That’s a cracking return from 10 games! You wouldn’t know it on here half the time though…

  18. Big Dave

    Ref a cunt.

    What is the law regarding the goal, he was miles offside, but the ball comes off Kos, does that make a difference ?

  19. Man

    I pick on the weak ones Suga, you are the weakest of the weak. You are mentally challenged aren’t you.

    You are incapable of logical reasoning just mindless rants.

    Believe me I will Pick on you every time I am on until you evaporate you fucking ass wipe.

    This is must feel like high school for you all over again 🙂


    should we win the following
    surely the answer is yes

    west brom

    that will surely put us at least 3 points behind the mancs and the game against them at emirates is fucking huge and could be our biggest game since the yids at the lane 7 years ago

    just need to grind out each game like a cup final

    barca is a distraction we could do without to be honest

    this could be our year but we will need balls and a bit of luck along the way

  21. SUGA3


    I like to think that everything comes to you when you apply the right mixture of hard work, correct attitude and all that…

    amazing 2011? it’s not even started yet, care to double check the fixture list so far?

    draw against Citeh: they came for a draw and got it…

    I am more of ‘credit and criticism where & when it’s due’ kind of person…

  22. SUGA3


    listen, cocksucker, do you think you’re so smart? think again…

    fuck off back under whatever rock you call your home, you fucking dimwit…

    picking on the weak and reassuring yourself of your own ‘superiority’? I shall not even dignify that with a comment…

    high school? little wonder you even know what that is 😆

  23. Man

    Uuuuuuuu Suga look at you, the little test tube cunt done good trying to stand up for himself.

    I am smarter than you, better than you in every way and you know it.

    At least you admit that you are weak…I might be gentle then.

    Are you on a wheelchair? You look handicapped.

  24. SUGA3


    you really are a trolling comedy gold, keep them coming 😆

    yeah, whatever, smarter, better, fuck me, you are really ‘special’…

  25. Lurch LeRouge

    have to say the way we ended the game was pretty tasty… like to see us start from the off like that against newcastle…


    nite Big Dave

  26. OPG

    I reckon Moyes is not happy with his board either, he has a small squad, little money to strengthen and can’t rotate with the injuries to some players (Jagielka on the bench)
    He doesn’t help himself with those tactics or comments though.

    Every game is winnable but one game at a time, there’s alot of games in a tight schedule with Cup games and a international break.
    Not every game will be easy even today was a little flat and shaky and you have to pray there’s no more injuries or suspensions in key areas.

  27. albo

    SUGA3 – but that’s exactly the sort of negative nonsense that I can’t stand. That fixture list includes Birmingham away, Man City, and Everton. Those are 3 tough games right there. And in those games we conceded exactly 0 legal goals!

    Trouble is at the moment – and to be honest, we see it a lot in Geoff’s posts right now – is this preposterously arrogant assumption that every game ought to be easy for us, ‘because we’re Arsenal’, but allied to this ridiculous negativity about the squad. We can’t have it both ways. Either we’re shit, in which case those are not easy fixtures. Or we’re good, in which case we should tone down the moaning a bit!

  28. zeus

    SUGA3 says:
    February 2, 2011 at 00:04

    listen, cocksucker, do you think you’re so smart? think again…

    fuck off back under whatever rock you call your home, you fucking dimwit…

    picking on the weak and reassuring yourself of your own ‘superiority’? I shall not even dignify that with a comment…

    high school? little wonder you even know what that is

    Man says:
    February 2, 2011 at 00:10
    Uuuuuuuu Suga look at you, the little test tube cunt done good trying to stand up for himself.

    I am smarter than you, better than you in every way and you know it.

    At least you admit that you are weak…I might be gentle then.

    Are you on a wheelchair? You look handicapped.

    What the fuck. You two aware we won the game right. Why so hostile?

  29. SUGA3

    Lurch 😆


    I am the one to think that no game is a gimme, what pisses me off is the arrogance, complacency and all that stuff, which inevitably leads to ending up with a massive stinking egg on the face…


    with regards to languages, I speak five, whereas you can barely string two sentences together in your mother tongue…

    let it go, son…

  30. SUGA3


    if you care to scroll up a bit higher, you will find that I was on my way to bed, following a good debate, when that unsavoury individual came out of the swamp and carried out an unprovoked attack…

  31. zeus


    Well said. I just ignore the people that come on here with their uber confident bravado about our chances about certain games.

    Last season we had that ‘easy run in’ and we all know how that turned out.

  32. Man


    This spastic knob, Suga, comes on here spazzing out shit rhymes every time that has no bearing on reality. He knows absolutely nothing yet feels he has to be heard or read. I consider it a civic duty to rid this blog of this twat before he corrupts the place. He is a bloody cancer!

    Lurch I can hook you up with some pussy if you are that desperate!

  33. SUGA3


    to be honest, I just laugh when I hear all the ‘we will spank them 5:0’ bollocks, I really do…

    funnily enough, great performances come when everyone is humble, no?

  34. albo

    Well, your analysis of the fixture list sounded pretty arrogant and complacent to be honest mate. And 10 games in a month (and a day) is a tough road whoever you’re playing.

    The bottom line is that for me, tonight showed what a pumped up crowd can do for the team. We are NEVER normally like that, and we should be. And I think a big reason we aren’t is that there are too many people busy finding fault and not enough people actually getting behind the team. And to be honest, I don’t think anything you can say is going to sway me from that view…

  35. SUGA3


    you can’t let it go, can you?

    remember one thing: every time you come on here, trying to pick on me, you will get owned, mauled, broken in half, shat on and left for dead…

    what is your fucking problem? did I fuck your girlfriend or something?

  36. Man

    Suga there is no point to your existence yet you feel you must impose your pointlessness on us all. Keep shut and hide away. That is what you have always done in real life using the internet will not change that. Bloody gremlin!!

  37. Keyser

    I thought you two were joking.

    albo – We have been like that before, just not all the time, the crowd always needs a spark to get it going today we had it in the referee.

    Most of the big games the crowd’s really up for it. Guess they’re just as nervous as the time about what the results going to be.

  38. JJ

    Keyser – Samba reportedly would have cost 8MM and wanted to join us, Cahill reportedly about 20MM (English player over-inflated) but IMO both would challenge for a first team place. I don’t know why you are saying they would have to sit on the bench.

    Who cares if they don’t have UCL experience? At this point in time I would settle for anyone who is better than Squirrel. He was average when we bought him, he soon became poor and now he is a liability.

    Btw – 20MM might be a high price but if it significantly increases our changes of trophies, which IMO it would, then it is worth it. Oh, and Paul Merson went on record saying that he wished the boss took another look at Cahill as he believes that Cahill is just what we need.

  39. A

    What a result, really feared the worst at half time, and what a douche of a ref, just incredible some of the decisions he gave even without the goal.

    Still – mental strength and all that, the team showed alot of fight.

    Injuries are starting though, first Nasri, and now Song and Theo. Just need VP and JD to follow them and we’ve got the set….

  40. SUGA3


    oh my, now you got me, I have no other choice but to top myself 😆

    do I know you? I don’t think so, I select my friends REALLY carefully and you are nowhere near the standard, I’m afraid…

    you are really funny, you are…

  41. A

    JJ Squillaci was good at the start of the season, it looked like he’d probably be Vermy’s partner, but his form did tail off. He’s still a good back up though, far from a liability.

    I’d have certainly taken Samba though, pity we didn’t snap him up. Wouldn’t have wanted Cahill though

  42. JJ

    The crowd was much better in the second half but to be fair, the “rules” at the Emirates are ridiculous. I was in the club level a few years back and was asked by a steward to sit down and be quiet after trying to sing along with the lower tiers. How can you create environment when only half the stadium is allowed to sing???

  43. SUGA3


    sorry to break this to you, but it will stop the very moment I get bored with you, that’s how all the pencildick trolls end up, but I don’t need to tell you that, do I?

    Man up, you twerp 😆

  44. Man

    Lurch you prefer tables don’t ya? Only a sick cunt could come up with your last post…accept my sympathy.

    Suga, you are imagining things again.

  45. Lurch LeRouge


    great shout about the crowd tonight, they certainly turned up… but i think you give the ‘doomers’ too much credit if you think it effects the crowds reaction.

  46. A

    Gotta say I was hating/shitting it after we’d scored though Lurch, great feeling after the game. Terrible at half time though, so despondent- just didn’t see us turning it round, Everton are a solid side.

    Just gotta build on it by winning up in Newcastle at the weekend

  47. albo

    “Lurch LeRouge says:
    February 2, 2011 at 00:48

    great shout about the crowd tonight, they certainly turned up… but i think you give the ‘doomers’ too much credit if you think it effects the crowds reaction.”

    Yeah, you’re probably right there actually. Was a great night to be there from the sounds of it. Sadly my horrific self-employed tax bill that I just paid means I probably won’t be able to afford to be there for a month or so!

  48. Man

    Suga fuck off you are thick, a dunce, a bloody vermin, the stupidest nincompoop alive…evaporate will you…fucking leper

  49. JJ

    A – On Squirrel, you say good, I say average. That’s your opinion and that’s cool. I presume that he was bought as maybe 3rd or 4th choice and was not expected to play this many games. That said, he has played more than expected and his form has been on a downward spiral as a result… Culminating in a diabolical Dawson-esque game against H’field. He looks completely lost atm… Confidence is shattered.

  50. Lurch LeRouge

    AW deserves some cred for his substitutions…its on nights like this that becomes easier to define the true meaning of squad depth.

  51. A

    Yeah true Lurch, and we did create chances. I dunno why I was so nervous about tonight, wasn’t feeling it at all! We did create chances though to be fair….

    Anyone else sitting near the Liverpool fan? What an idiot

  52. SUGA3


    I think from the neutral position it’s actually easier to poison the crowd with bad vibes than get them on the positive side, i.e. stand up, sing and all that…

    lower tier is better atmosphere wise, when I go to sit in the upper stands, I am the one to start singing, but these around me are giving me funny looks…

    but yeah, in the end ‘influence’ is a tad overrated, everyone (well, most) has a pair of eyes and a brain to think for themselves 😉

  53. albo

    JJ – yeah, the club level is a problem isn’t it? I know it brings a lot of money in, but it does rather split the stadium in half in terms of vocal support. And it’s often totally empty for the first 10 minutes of the second half!

    I usually get a ticket for the upper tier cos I like the higher view point, but its often so quiet up there compared to the lower tier, and I swear its partly cos we’re separated by the club level…

  54. SUGA3


    to be honest, the atmosphere should start on the pitch, sure, there are supporters like you or me, who don’t need to be told twice to chant, but for it to be more collective thing, the level of entertainment needs to be top notch, simple as that…

  55. Lurch LeRouge

    historically we’ve had the ‘library’ criticism levelled at us well before blogs were about and I’d say it has loads more to do with our demographic and the rise of PC behaviour more than anything.

  56. Keyser

    JJ –

    I posted this before, don’t take it as my opinion, but just in general if this really is a professional footballers perspective it is quite telling. It could be made up.

    I don’t really care what Paul Merson says, you should be able to have your own opinion.

    Look you don’t seem to be getting my point, you’re placing way too much emphasis on the impact of what one covering defender could have on our own chances this year.

    You said cover, and honestly mate they play for Blackburn and Bolton respectively, it’s a massive and I mean massive step up to play for us and to be part of the first team.

    So that’s why I don’t get why people would want a player with potential to come in as cover, saying we need a top class centre-back is one thing, saying our whole season hinges on getting in another average defender that might or might not make it is ridiculous.

    It’s even worse if you think they wouldn’t even have to sit on the bench.

  57. SUGA3


    I have noticed that the acoustic parameters of the stadium leave quite a bit to be desired, and I know quite a bit about sound engineering…

    it is REALLY difficult to synchronise chanting due to the echo – I think properly calculated allocation of seats for the singing sections would do wonders…

    there is a way, is there a will?

  58. Lurch LeRouge


    yup being self employed has its pitfalls, certainly know about that little kick in the guts.

    I think Cesc and JW helped set the tone for tonight nicely with their kicks on arteta – certainly seemed to liven it up a little.

  59. albo

    “SUGA3 says:
    February 2, 2011 at 00:58

    to be honest, the atmosphere should start on the pitch, sure, there are supporters like you or me, who don’t need to be told twice to chant, but for it to be more collective thing, the level of entertainment needs to be top notch, simple as that…”

    Yeah, I do totally agree. But there are 2 caveats I’d give:
    1) I think we are so inured to the quality of the football at the Emirates that sometimes it needs to be SOOOOO breathtaking to get people up off their seats its almost impossible.
    2) I still think there will be that 1 game a month where they are just not on it. Either the energy levels aren’t there. Or the ball just won’t go in the net no matter how many shots we have. Or we just can’t get our passing rhythm going. And on that 1 game we can either make them more uncomfortable and desperate with our silence and scorn or we can get behind them and roar them on.

    But Lurch is right, its probably less to do with ‘doomers’ than I’ve been suggesting. Part of it might be that the support is just a little bit too middle class to be so demonstrative! 😉

  60. albo

    “SUGA3 says:
    February 2, 2011 at 01:04

    I have noticed that the acoustic parameters of the stadium leave quite a bit to be desired, and I know quite a bit about sound engineering…

    it is REALLY difficult to synchronise chanting due to the echo – I think properly calculated allocation of seats for the singing sections would do wonders…

    there is a way, is there a will?”

    Yeah, I was talking to a Villa fan the other day who felt that the seating wasn’t raked with a steep enough gradient. Meaning it wasn’t as much of a cauldron as it could be. Could be true I suppose.

    And I totally agree as singing section could work wonders. Might be difficult to organise. I guess season ticket holders all have their specific seat that they’re happy with etc…

  61. SUGA3


    fair points, I can only speak for myself and I can tell that I do my bit whenever called upon and I am the first to get my bum off the seat and vocally contribute to the atmosphere, hoping there will be a few alike people in the close enough vicinity…

  62. Lurch LeRouge


    hasn’t the grove been designed to take another 20-30k people in time? in which case its probably only then that the atmosphere will come into full effect, raking etc…

  63. albo

    “SUGA3 says:
    February 2, 2011 at 01:21

    fair points, I can only speak for myself and I can tell that I do my bit whenever called upon and I am the first to get my bum off the seat and vocally contribute to the atmosphere, hoping there will be a few alike people in the close enough vicinity…”

    Me too. Though in the upper tier that usually means I perform a glorious solo chant 😉

  64. Lurch LeRouge

    nothing like walking out of there with no voice! standing around in the pub for afters still screaming in an attempt to get a peep out.

  65. SUGA3


    apparently, it is easy to extend the stadium by the 20-30K structure wise…

    but I think singing section allocation is the key here, I wrote a piece about it once, I think most ST holders would not mind getting relocated a sector to the left/right, you just have to put a radar/sonar like thing bang in the middle of the pitch and hit the ‘ping’ button…

    an egghead will calculate the most efficient ‘singing’ spots, then you just ask people what kind of section they would like to be in…

  66. Lurch LeRouge

    i’d hazard a guess that the biggest architectural problem must be the dipping roof line, whilst its great for low sun on the pitch and the eye, it does nothing to hem the sound in. But yeah, the biggest factor to overcome is organisation.

  67. albo

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    February 2, 2011 at 00:58
    historically we’ve had the ‘library’ criticism levelled at us well before blogs were about and I’d say it has loads more to do with our demographic and the rise of PC behaviour more than anything.

    I agree about the demographic thing. Let’s face it, it can’t be about how good the entertainment is – Stoke have the loudest crowd in the premiership! 😉

  68. Rohan

    I’d just like to put a word in for van Persie. Worked tirelessly, came close with a freekick and produced a few moments of absolute magic, those dragbacks are such a joy to watch.

    van Basten was right when he said when fit, van Persie could be one of the best players in the world. It’s no coincidence our best run of games comes when he’s in the team and firing.

    Long live the Boy Wonder!

  69. albo

    Rohan – I’ve always believed that a Van Persie who goes a full season without injury will be one of the best and most influential players in the world.

    His all round game is just jaw dropping – close control, shooting, link up play, dribbling, dead ball. It’s all top notch. And he seems to be adding some physical strength to his game that wasn’t there a season or 2 ago. When fit, he’s every bit as influential as Fabregas, imo.

  70. Rohan

    Not to mention he’s a gentleman and Mr.Arsenal. Wouldn’t let him go for the world.

    Against Barca, there won’t be a single player on the pitch who will want it more than van Persie. Just hope Nasri can somehow get some placenta on him and get back for that, although it’ll be hard. With Arshavin back, hopefully we don’t miss him too much.

  71. Rohan

    I think you’re right in that the relatively low gradient of the stands may be a factor in the acoustics. Makes sense physics-wise but I won’t go into that.

  72. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah Albo,

    i don’t subscribe to the ‘entertain me or else’ credo. the crowd’s there to assist the team every bit as much as the team is there to ‘entertain’.

    the flying dutchman is the glue in the tentacled leviathan that is TheoVanNasriGas!

    ps arsene knows something….until he fuckin forgets again!

    nite creeps.

  73. ANELKA

    Loaning out players who are skilled but not yet ready to make the first team, to me is more like renting out investment properties… thereby minimising expenditure whilst maximising any potential capital gain.

    It was a great win against Everton today. The celebrations after Koscinely scored are the celebrations of a title winning team.

    We have the belief, we have the skill, we have the unity and we have the desire to win. All these elements combined should make for a title winning side.

    COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!

    Your thoughts?

  74. Rohan

    Anyone found it funny how the fat Russian just flopped upon the heap like a walrus on a beachhead. Legend.

    Really loving the team right now. Great spirit, attitude, and dare I say it, mental strength. 😀

    Oh, and I know Clichy has been slated a lot for the past few years, but I don’t think you can deny that this season, he’s been absolutely fantastics, solid as a rock, works like a machine. Good on you, Gael.

    I also think that Diaby will have a rather crucial say in where our season goes. Get Song and Nasri fit ASAP, coz, we’re in this for the long haul.

    We’ve beaten Villa away, Everton twice, City away, Chelsea, Birmingham away…Those are some very very impressinv results. Doubt anyone’s going to do the double over Everton this year.

    Come the fuck on you gooners..This is our year
    Come the fuck on you gooners

  75. nishanth

    Excellent performance from us yesterday.Have you noticed a trend??After nearly every game the oppositiion manager comes up with a talking point about one of our players and most of them are targeting Cesc.These cunts wouldn’t give a fuck when game after game the likes Rooney,Terry,Vidic Ferdinand etc abuse the refs.Also i am pretty had Cesc abused that badly the ref would have been delighted to send him off considering he is spanish and plays for Arsenal!!

  76. OPG

    All fans moan about decisions that benefit or go against their team throughout the season, the officiating is really bad at times but seems to balance out.

    Dunno why our players seem ‘tired’ especically in the first half most of them had a week off unlike Everton, even Wenger says it but that doesn’t mean we should play them every week.

    Our luck seems to be running out with the injuries though, even Djourou is constantly having Shoulder problems which may be affecting his game.

  77. nishanth

    OPG-Agreed.But was happened yesterday was a complete farce.I am not talking about the goal incident.How many was times was theo fouled and yet ref didn’t do anything.There was a blatant foul by rodwell to stop our counter attack and ref did nothing.Yet that cunt had no problem booking Wilshere in the 5th minute

  78. pantsR2long

    Top comeback from the lads after one of the worst refereeing decisions this season, missed it live cause it was on at 6:40 in the morning where I live and I had to work. just finished watching the replay now and I gotta say, we didn’t play too badly, finishing was poor, midfield was out-muscled a bit and few nervous moments in defense but besides that it was a good contest and we showed that we are not going to give up with out a fight!

  79. Rohan

    Our next 7 or so games in the league are all completely winnable and those that we should win. Going on a run like that would put us level if not ahead of Utd. imo.

  80. nishanth

    Difficult to say that Rohan.Newcastle away is certainly a touch fixture.Depends on whether our key players stay fit and making Denilson is nowhere near the pitch.In case Song’s injury is bad Diaby should play there instead of him.

  81. Rohan

    Newcastle w/o Carroll would struggle. No cutting edge. I’d be very disappointedi if we didn’t get a relatively comfortable victory with our first team.

  82. Rohan

    I’m not saying that the games are easy. Just that we should win those games if we are to be champions. Plus they’re winnable imo.

  83. nishanth

    Arshavin is going to have a huge say.He usually does well in the away games.And i think Wenger has given him a lot of support during the lean patch he has had

  84. Geoff

    Morning all, a message for all those half witted cunts that think I get pissed off with Arsenal when we win.

    Were you there last last debating the game a coach load of Everton in-breds that all looked like Wayne Rooney? Were you fuck, you were sitting at home deciding who is and who isn’t an Arsenal fan.

    Pricks, I’m delighted with the win, worried that the ref was giving everything to them and wondering how on earth our scouting system missed out on sideshow Bob, he bossed the midfield and we could sure as hell do with him.

  85. OPG

    There’s alot of games in between league fixtures including the CL, FA Cup, International games, many teams who are still in ongoing competitions with games left to play will need to prioritize with the overwhelming amount of football.

  86. nishanth

    Sczesny tends to make really important saves doesn’t he??Kept us in the FA Cup by making that important save against leeds.Also has been fucking terrific in the carling cup run.Made an important save yesterday as well

  87. OPG

    Even if we drew yesterday it would only be a blow there’s plenty of games left, United could be further ahead if they didn’t throw away leads and if that Birmingham goal didn’t stand. It’s been a very unpredictable season.

    If Wenger brought those subs later it might have been another one of those days but he outfoxed Moyes on that who got his subs wrong.
    Fellaini was very good but got tired unsuprinsingly and Rodwell has talent but needs to learn from his mistakes.

  88. abnet

    i was not online during z game last night but after reading the comment in here when we were i nil down all the haters in here was making jock of our club but after we won the mach all of them just gone !!!
    Lat night was one of the best team performance of the season and the best 3 point IMO

  89. abnet

    plus one thing i have notice last night the importance of Nasri its like the teams creativity to open up defense goes with him we need him more than any thing ASAP

  90. goonerT1m

    well said geoff, i would love some of these clowns to actually come up with something constructive as to why the like of denilson/almmonia etc are in the side, instead of slagging people off who are quite rightly concerned about the depth and quality of the squad. idiots.

  91. OPG

    Nasri is important but Cesc and RVP were still on the pitch they were just outmuscled and lacked a bit of killer instinct.
    What is took is a bit of luck and graft, Rodwell’s header dropped nicely for Arshavin for the equaliser and then Koscielny rose unmarked for the 2nd they took advantage of that period when Everton let their guard down.

  92. IvoryGoonz

    Moyes is such a douche.
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
    He can feel lucky he hasn’t been shot yet.
    “maybe some bad tackles?” who else than Moyes told them to tackle like that?
    Look at the amount of yellows they got. At least one of these should have been a red one.
    But again.
    Trying to turn the attention to Fab to avoid being questioned about tactics is only gonna work with some medium mr Moyes.
    Truth is that you have no answer to the beauty of Arsenal football apart from rough tackling. One more manager who’s never gonna coach out of England…
    “we heard what Fab said” ??? WE? Are you feeling like Julius Caesar Mr Moyes?
    You should be ashamed. And even if Fab said it, first he was right, second he was off the pitch.
    Dont tell us you’ve never insulted the ref…

  93. OPG

    Everton should have been playing football especially when they took the lead fortuitously, Moyes didn’t have the guts that Huddersfield had which cost them so he makes excuses indeed.

    abnet, Berbatov may be top scorer but funnily he changed roles with Rooney last night, he couldn’t hit a barndoor whereas Rooney was like that for months. It would have to take a Vidic or Rio injury to derail them just like us on the defensive side but Fergie seems to be able to keep them fit and rotate when needed.

  94. abnet

    no OPG the importance of Nasri for us when i see it now is more greater than the reo and vidic for the mancunts the man is unbelievably great this season

  95. abnet

    and on the everton goal i have never seen in my footballing life after the refs agreed its offside they let the goal to stand i guess its only happen on arsenal in EPL

  96. big ernie

    Has anyone noticed how the top half of this blog is “get Wenger out” cause he didn’t buy anyone. But, due to the fact that we turned around a possible goal defeat in great style, by showing some grit and balls, that the comments at the bottom has switched to the game. I’ve supported Arsenal since 1973, though thick and thin and YES I get frustrated sometimes, but what would things be like if you were a West Ham supporter or Wolves (even Liverpool). Those supporters turn up week in week out and support the team on the pitch. They get behind the team and make a lot of noise showing the team how they love them. All we do is boo and moan, Leeds and Huddersfield made out support look like a joke ! Come on, stop all this bleating and get behind the team FFS …. lets start making some noise as a stadium like Liverpool, Leeds, West Ham e.t.c. and stop wingeing all the time, we are a great team who are only going to have Fab4 for a few more months, so lets enjoy it and show him how much he means to us ! be true SUPPORTERS and look to other clubs for an example of how to do this !

  97. Jonathan

    When will this madness of signing and loaning of kids end?It will only end when Wenger leaves either vouluntariy or he is fired.The thing about the kids is they will be great when they can be a quality epl player.
    Wenger can see things down the ten years from now which we fans cant see. We all know the team needs a ac and a mf enforcer now as back up.
    Either Wenger is right end of season when he has won a trophy or season ends in utter disappointment outraging even the in Arsene we trust brigade.
    I am afraid if Wenger doesn’t bring in a trophy despite all the promises,Arsenal could be the laughing stock in the fw with kids galore who can’t perform at th epl stage. This is the true tset for younsters. Yeah I know Wilshire /Ramsey have delivered but what of the other kids?