Arsenal smash all records on deadline day, they didn’t disappoint!

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Frank Lampard guards Arsene's millions

So we loaned out 3 players and got shot of one that we had been waiting for to be a star for what, 5 years? And for nothing, great.

We were the only Premiership club to get no one in, not even on loan, the only club. Now whilst I don’t sanction the utter madness of spending £35mil on a striker who has been in the EPL for 6 months, or the Chavs trying to buy their way once again to success, I do believe that if you need players to help the team, you should buy them, if our manager thinks the likes of Eboue, Denilson, Diaby and Squillaci are good enough to challenge for trophies then he must be seeing something we are not, clearly.

Yes we are in a final and that’s fantastic, but let’s not forget we played an understrength Spurs, and understrength Newcastle, a crap Wigan and lowly Ipswich, not hard really, the other trophies though need a good solid first eleven, and that we have, but only when all fit, the second string are simply not good enough.

We supply the footballing world with players, 18 loanees is simply stupid, how many of them will ever make it, 18 for goodness sake, it’s madness. It like going to the bar and ordering 42 pints when you’re alone, how many can you fit in for goodness

Still we’ve once again failed to act in a window and we will no doubt suffer in May, but will anyone be judged, no, never. Here we go again.

Onto tonight, I refuse to let him get me down, I am an Arsenal fan, was before he arrived and will be long after he has gone.

As usual the boss has told us how good Everton are, read all the pre match reports from Arsenal this season and every team we play are dangerous, still he doesn’t write a blog and couldn’t really say we should tear this mob a new ‘r’ sole could he, but I can.

I think we’ll win this one 3 zip. Even without our Samir, Everton are dangerous but we are the Arsenal, and as many say are second in the league and are still in all the cups, we didn’t strengthen so we have no excuses if we come away empty-handed.

This would be my choice for tonight.


Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy

Wilshere Song Fabregas

Walcott Robin Arshavin

That should get us three points we need and providing they all stay fit, we should be in a good place later tonight. We do have a wonderful team and hopefully they will get us the results we so badly need, there was talk about bring back some loanees, JET, Lansbury and Ramsey spring to mind but I don’t think we have, lets just hope we don’t need them for a while.

Pedro has some interesting information from our friends at the AST which he’ll share later in the week and as I understand it, those questions many of you were putting forward in the comments section yesterday stand a great chance of getting answered by Arsenal at some point this week, that should hopefully clarify the many concerns that were raised on here, let’s not spend hours debating it today, we’ll find out soon enough, if they are answered of course.

I expect a real full house tonight and I expect a lot of noise, as for Eden Hazard joining us next season, you can now forget that, the amount of money that changed hands last night will ensure he goes for £200mil in the summer, out of our league of course.

I really don’t sanction the sort of money that was spent, yes Suarez was a good deal, but the others were madness, utter madness and I’m glad we don’t do that, but there were a good few centre backs for sale that were good value and we didn’t act, let’s hope the boss is right this season and it doesn’t come back to haunt us, either way, he has no excuses now.

Over to you Arsene, have a great day grovers and enjoy the game.

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1,497 Responses to “Arsenal smash all records on deadline day, they didn’t disappoint!”

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  1. Meneurdejeu10

    Seamus Coleman a very underrated player for me.

    So is Andrey Arshavin. The Russian is gonna run the Toffees ragged tonight. The confidence has started to return. If we are to win the title it is he who will carry us.

    Arshavin is so good he can bend light. Have no fear Arshavin is here!!!

  2. Master P

    Tonight will be a big test.
    As will every other game this month.
    Fuck sake, we dont like making life any easier do we?

  3. Dan

    Fingers crossed his gamble pays off, unlikely mind. Maybe if we pay a bit more for tickets then we can afford someone? 😐

  4. Chipo

    A Geoff is right, that team is spot on. We need pace down the flanks against the scousers, and Arshavin had his best game in a while vs Huddersfield

  5. nuudles

    £35m for Carroll is pure stupidity, sooo glad we didnt spend such stupid amounts on a player with a decent (decent, not great) 6 month record, kind of hoped Liverpool came knocking with £20m for Bendtner, surely we would have let him go for that much and he is not much worse (if any) than Carroll, surely not £15m worse! David Villa cost Barca £34m for goodness’ sake!!!

    Moving on to more sane things: is Sagna back from his concussion? I thought he would have been out for longer… Agree with the rest of your team, but with our crop of poor performing second string we do not really have any other options than to play those 11?

  6. peman33

    its almost as if wenger needs the excuses! he knows ultimately the team have no bottle when it comes down to it. a straight shoot out for the league our best 11 against fergies and we all know what the outcome will be in may! but now he can justify it becuase we didnt spend stupid money on an inflated cb! the right quality was not available! well i am very sad if squiddy at 6m is the right quality for the arsenal! 15m on sakho or cahill, who are miles better stacks, especially when in a couple of years we could then flog em to the chavs or spanish chavs for a load of profit! afterall that is the arsene way! 3-1 tonight btw!

  7. bergy

    arsene knows he cant win the league,so he goes for the carling cup.just to proof this average team can win something.i just wish arsene will fuck off

  8. nuudles

    Master P, do you hope he will be back or is that a fact?

    I agree that it may be a good time for Arsh to get back into the first team, he has been improving and effectively won us the match with a brilliant last gasp tackle… He also made a couple of decent runs and less pointless passes than before, just lacking his usual brilliance, but that will come with time!

  9. ArsenalKenya

    Wenger is shielded in his philosophy of not buying sucess by the board and PHW. Anyway lets see how things unfold…We will see how all the big egos unfold in the Stamford dressing room now…TORRES, DROGBA, LAMPARD, TERRY, ESSIEN…..n bla bla bla.



  10. dennisdamenace

    So, missed opportunity to bolster our team, limit the impact of injuries, and ultimately push on.

    We’re now reliant on an injury prone JD20, who to my memory is yet to complete a whole season for us. Vermin, who has been out for virtually the whole season, and how well will his (possible) return pan out? Kosser, who is in his first season at EPL level, and although doing well is making errors because he’s still learning And, Squillachi, oh my god, a player seriously out of his depth.

    These are the four CB’s we’re pining our hopes on EPL glory.

    Will AW really remove Song from his vital CDM position where he’s doing rather well to fill in a CB, then play that car crash Denilson in Song’s place? Holy Mother of God, the whole structure of the team is a risk there..

    Fucking house of cards.

    Let’s recap here we made £56 clear profit last year alone. And AW could not find a worthy CB, or was it really would not. He does nothing to disprove his own words claiming that he (personally) does well because he makes the club money – and that is the most important thing, His words, not mine!. When he sits idly by stating garbage like “I will only buy better than what we have” quickly followed by “buying experience would kill A, B, C”……….excuse after contradictory excuse!

    Arsene is a chancer, a man who is gambling with our season yet again. And, as a result once again we stand still, while our rivals strengthen.

  11. A

    lol Geoff. I just reckon on current form I’d go with Bendtner, not to mention Arshavin struggles with his fitness on the best of days and he played 90 minutes 48 hours ago. Bendtner had a very good game away at Everton last season too….

    Not sure what Wenger will do though, another option is to go


    Sagna JD Koscielny Clichy

    Cesc Song Diaby

    Wilshere VP Theo

    Push Wilshere up into the Nasri role, although from the right rather than the left

  12. tonyadamsisgod

    Why oh why doesn’t Wenger just spend a little more money to get us that much closer to greatness! Lets say he spent £15m-£20m on Cahill or the like. It would benefit us so much and he would still be able to turn around and pronounce to the world that he did whilst spending so much less than everyone else!

    Running a self sustaining business (football club) is very admirable in today’s climate. But there is that word…..’sustaining’ which can be defined as below:

    1. To keep in existence; maintain.
    2. To supply with necessities or nourishment; provide for.

    We (Wenger) are cutting our noses to spite our face! When everyone else bags the trophies Wenger will be there to tell the world that they did it buy spending massive amounts of money! Why doesn’t he just spend a little more himself and shout to the world that he has won trophies on a minimal budget! Surely that is the best outcome!

  13. simon mcmahon

    lack of ambition and arsenal as a feeder club the new english ajax, that is his legacy.
    He has blown it , unless he wins the league or champions league he should be sacked in the summer.
    more of watching the deckchair and the Ivorian cheat..


  14. B

    Getting Arsh back in the “first” team should give him the confidence to kick on.

    If Nasri’s not back for the Barca game, Arsh could be a decent replacement again. Just hope JD and Koz will be available for that one, am fearing the worst though, JD will get injured and we’ll have Squid doing a Silvestre against Barca, with Messi scoring five against us…

  15. ojaimo

    Love the headline, ‘Arsenal smashed all records on deadline day’. I don’t know how many people predicted that Wenger won’t buy during the Jan. transfer. Wenger is so predictable, isn’t he? So is our injury record after the transfer window slams shut. I just pray and hope for a miraculous change of fortunes. Wenger had turned us into prayer and hopeful warriors.

  16. dennisdamenace

    Still, i’ll be there tonight, because i support Arsenal not Arsene (not anymore that is), and praying we don’t suffer an injury to JD…..

    What a ridiculous position to find a club of our standing in.

    Can someone remind me what the reason behind moving to the Dust Bowl was again?

  17. arsenal4ever

    so Wenger has to go if there is no trophy. Doubt it with bastard PHW in charge!!! Gazidis worst negotiater ever!!! Complete overhaul needed. Denilshit, Diaby, Squichy, Bendtner, Rosicky all out. But Wenger wont sell all his loving boys. Hopefully Wenger will resign at the end of season. Have had enough of his games. He should manage PSG but not the glory Arsenal. Wenger you fool fukked it up again. Even a loan should have been possible. I am sure of that. Wenger is a money grabbing bunch of idiot!!!

  18. nuudles

    anyone else glad we played chelsea twice already? 🙂 I know it will take some time for Torres and Luiz to settle in, but Torres should adapt relatively quickly, plus they have started to look slightly better…

    Anyway, bergy: the CC is most certainly not the only thing we have a chance of winning. When we play our first squad we can beat anyone, including Barca. We just need crucial players (Cesc, RVP, Nasri, JD & Kos, Song, JW) to stay fit and TV to get back… If others like Arsh, Rosicky and one of Bendy/Chamakh rediscover their form we could even have good back-up. ManU have a difficult run in, we play them at home, if we win as much as possible we could even beat them without them losing a game! (plus they have been looking vulnerable in the first half for the last couple of games, what happens if they cannot recover from 2-0 down every time??)

  19. MatthewT


    There is nothing wrong with spending £35 million on a striker if you need one and there is nothing wrong with spending money on quality players in order to bring success.

    I don’t see why you have a problem with that we should be doing more of it.

  20. Bob

    One injury to a defender and we are fucked. I almost want that to happen, Birmingham to win 2-0 and fall out of the CL places so it proves his ‘project’ has failed. I’ve had enough of him, he thinks the likes of Eboue, Diaby, Denilson and Squilacci et al are world class, refusing to buy as he feels no one would enhance the team…Do you remember when we bought quality players? The lift it gave all the players was an extra man on the field…Fuck off Wenger, I didn’t want a 35 million pound pikey, just a decent centre half.

  21. luke

    Think Chamakh has been getting treated a bit unfair on here (see yesterdays comments). He was wonderful for us while RVP was out at the beginning. He’s fatigued a bit, but it’s his first year here. The only flaw I see with him is that he doesn’t shoot enough, but he is wonderful at keeping possession and is a serious threat at set plays, and a help at defending our set plays ie, huddersfield.
    Against Barca I would love to see a front 3 of RVP, Chamakh, and walcott with RVP and Chamakh switching roles. Barca are weak on set pieces and Chamakh might prove valuable in holding possession against them and maybe nicking a header.

  22. Raugaj

    That money hungry,greedy retarded cunt would never resign,unless he is kicked out.We will never win anything under that French wanker.

  23. gambon

    I order 41 pints.

    It is ridiculous how unbalanced our approach is. 18 kids on loan. Merida, Senderos, Nordveit, Evina, Barazite all sold or released in the last 6 months.

    Its pathetic. If you were a neutral assessing the club you would have to assume they are a “training centre” just like Evra said. The only priority is youth success from a footballing POV.

  24. Benno

    Wenger has lost it. Downright irresponsible not signing a CB. And to make matters worse, he lets Bartley go back out on loan. I’d prefer to see him in there as 3rd choice (till Vermaelen is back) than the clown Squillaci who is Silvestre Mk II.

  25. dennisdamenace

    Let’s be realistic here people, Wenger will be going nowhere in the summer should we finish empty handed yet again.

    The board know that he is the goose that lays the golden eggs!!

    No other manager can turn a profit with such a scabby outfit that requires little or no investment.

    That is there priority, anything above 4th place in the EPL is a bonus.

    Let’s be honest (again) AW didn’t get his new deal because he dominates domestic & European football, he got it because he makes money for the board.

    Based on that, why would the board get shot of the one man who can deliver profits every year.

    The ONLY thing that will break this cycle is an empty stadium.

  26. Raugaj

    tom says:
    February 1, 2011 at 09:30
    we are NOT the only club to get on-one in. Don’t talk shit.
    You are the one who is talking shit mate.Name any other club which hasnt made a single inbound transfer.

  27. gambon

    Quick question;

    Who here would be happy if we somd Bendtner plus all 18 loan players in order to sign Torres?

    I know I would.

    I dont give a fuck about winning the youth cup and training 17 year olds.

  28. Richaldo

    Hey what’s up???

    We’ve signed some Jap kid and loaned him out….

    Of course we’ll be ok………………………………..

    With transfers like that we’ll be making the big boys quake in their boots….


  29. Big Dave

    When the going rate for a player with half a season under his belt and troublesome is £35mill….. then gord help us.

    We bid for Upson and that was turned down.

    1. He’s shit

    2. How low did we bid for him for it to be turned down ?

  30. nuudles

    A, Theo is settling in nicely into the role on the right, to move him to the left could mess things up.

    If anything Wenger would put Diaby on the left in front and Wilshere in his current spot in the middle next to Cesc & Song. Not saying Diaby will start, but if JW, Song, Cesc & Diaby starts that is the way we will play, plus JW has been golden next to Cesc & Song lately in the middle, he is a brilliant CM, no use in messing him around!

    Think Arsh will start on the left, either that or Bendy on the left and often switching with RVP… (but RVP needs to stay in the middle, you dont mess around a player who scored 3 in his previous match!!)

  31. Master P

    hopefully, AA23 we be moved into a more central role with nasri out.
    Fucking play him where he is best Arsene!
    DDM, I hear you man, I hear you!!

  32. Wenger the liar

    Just in case you were wondering how other blogs were reacting to our inactivity this was posted on a c l f today:

    I started following this club because of the great man Arsene.I dont know if I would support Arsenal,when the great man calls it a day.


  33. Doublegooner

    Wenger….The pressures on.

    Win nothing by May & you can clear off.

    Does anyone in their right mind think we have a squad to see us to the finishing line ??

    Most of the squad players looked lost at Ipswich & on sunday. It took Cesc to sort it out.

    Shocking, wasting millions rewarding shit.

  34. Matt

    As much as I dont like Bendtner, I am strating to think I would rather keep hold of him than Chamakh. AT least Bendtner is a footballer, albeit not agreat one. Chamakh doesnt even look like that at the moment.

    Anyway, the Carling Cup is pretty much in the bag so there was no way in hell Wenger was going to sign anyone.

  35. A

    Yeah nuddles I was just doing that to move Wilshere out right, where he featured for the reserves and when he first broke into the league cup team.

    Wilshere could be our best replacement for Nasri

    Master P why would Nasri being out mean that Arshavin would play more centrally?!

  36. arsenal4ever

    Raugaj how long did I pray for his sacking and gave him chance to prove me wrong? There are already excusses on twitter how brillant wenger was not to buy someone cause inflated prices. With such mentality we will miss out on the biggest talents out there. To name Dentinho, Lukaku, Hazard, Coentrao, Sakho, Neymar etc. It is absolutely insane paying 35 mill for Carroll but the likes of Aguero wont be cheaper and I really want to see a big singing. to announce each year big profits and nothing to spend is unbelieveable. Denilson, Almunia, Rosicky are all on 50k or more contracts. What? Hazard would love to earn 50k and is 3 times the player Crockricky ever was or will be!!! We are paying 3,5 mill on Wellington to find out we need to loan him out. Missmanagement as its best.

  37. simon mcmahon

    DDM DUST BOWL loving that!!!!!!
    you know what makes me mad is that all the board and wenger think we the fans of this great club are fools.

    Every Dictatorship comes to an end when we stop going and buying the merchandise they will have to act and just see how quick he is pushed then.
    me I have wanted him gone now for nearly two years.

  38. A

    arsenal4ever it’s the British market that’s inflated. We’ll get Hazard in the summer.

    Wellington Silva will be an absolute steel at £3.5 mil when he gets his work permit in the summer

  39. arsenal4ever

    chamakh another indication wenger not the right man anymore. We needed a proving goal scorer but got one who misses a lot. Falcao wouldnt have cost more than 20 mill and dont count RVP all seasons. He will be injured again. Really hope Wenger has Benzema already in his plans but would love it if our “manager” will or has to go at the end of season.

  40. dennisdamenace

    Wtl – that sort of person makes me vomit, and is EVERYTHING that is wrong with our club. Shithouses like that inbred cunt deserve a good old fashioned 1970’s style beating…..

  41. Fake Jimbo

    Geoff – who are the CB’s you are referring to who were available? Can only think of Cahill which at 25mil would have been a joke (anyone see him against the chavs last week?)and possibly samba, although he now seems happy at blackburn. Us, Utd, Chelsea are all desperate for a CB and only Chelsea acted, by splashing 22mil on a foreigner who’s played well in Portugal. If we could have signed a back up i was all for it, but clearly we couldn’t. I think yesterday proived once and for all what a job wenger is doing and has done for the past 10 years. our first choice 11 of chezzer, sagna, JD, TV, Clichy, song, wilshere, cesc, nasri, theo and Rvp cost a combined 44mil! I agree our 2nd string dont look too good when they all play together, but who’s 2nd string would? you saw Utd at west ham in the CC didn’t you? But when the injuries come and they have to come in 1 at a time they are more than good enough in my opinion

  42. Goonerman

    ‘Yes we are in a final and that’s fantastic, but let’s not forget we played an understrength Spurs, and understrength Newcastle, a crap Wigan and lowly Ipswich, not hard really’ — daily moan; ffs you beat what your up against and that’s it!

  43. A

    Speaking of Wellington Silva Levante are on sky this Saturday, hope he does enough in training this week to earn a start, or at least a good 20-30 mins sub appearance

  44. Joppa

    Brilliant, (not the post), the first comment – people do make me smile on here in complete contrast to other blogs which just drive me up the fkin wall. (I’m not a Wenger hater btw).

    He has missed a trick yet again though. I think come may it’s going to be the same old story. Only this time we will have no comeback because we will probably have won a cup and be in the top 4. Wenger will simply come out and say we have improved/matured this season.

    At the moment it’s hard to argue against Wenger, after all he is in all competitions and doing well in the league. Not strengthening to me is madness but at Arsenal it’s Wenger’s way or the highway.

    Truely amazed that the likes of Eboue, Denilson, Almunia, Squill and even Bendtner to a large extent can be called Arsenal quality. It must be frustrating for the likes of Fabregas.

    Please bring back Ramsey and play him.


  45. Big Dave

    My concern is the set piece situation for tonight, basically we are at SHIT at defending them.

    Heart in mouth time I reckon.

    Did you hear the ref for the final is that C*nt Mike Dean

  46. Bob

    problem is, no one will say anything….No demonstrations, just politely nod our heads to Arsenal as we pay the most in the PL for a seat. If we are not prepared to go all Egypt on the board, we should stop fucking whingeing on websites…We should show our displeasure tonight by having a 10 minute turn around at kick off….

  47. arsenal4ever

    A how often did I hear such comments? Of course it was inflated but the chavs and scouse showed real ambition. A loan could have been materialzed. Also we are sending a delegation to croatia to hear the player is not for sale. Didnt they speak with them before the flight? Why you are so sure about Hazard? Wenger not prepared to pay more as required. He buys only to “his” price and if he cants get the right price he is walking away. Wenger fukk off!!!

  48. bnsb

    Torres 50
    Luiz 22
    Carrol 36
    Bent 24
    Suares 24
    Dzeko 27

    If totla amount spent on transfers is 200 mil, that leaves 17 million on ALL OTHER transfers.

  49. gambon

    Fake Jimbo

    Why the fuck are you talking about £25m

    Dont lie or exaggerate to make your point, it completely nulifies your argument.

  50. chozzer

    Completely agree about that moronic comment on a clf.
    Sadly comment number 1 today is just as bad, but from the opposite extreme.

    Wenger should have done better at finding centre back cover, though.

  51. Fake Jimbo

    Bob – yes that would really help the team wouldn’t it?

    as for the most expensive seats in the PL – that’s not even true. everyone forgets our price includes 7 cup games (excl cc) so multiply by that by the value of your seat and subtract from the season ticket price for an accurate comparison with other clubs. My season ticket is around 1k at 45 quid a seat. 7 cup matches at 45 is 315 so my league season ticket is only 685quid, which is cheaper than the scum, chelsea etc…

  52. bnsb

    Dont lie or exaggerate to make your point, it completely nulifies your argument.

    So does Wenger gets a bonus for not buying?

  53. nuudles

    bnsb, wasnt bent 18-24 mill? not sure how they calc “total spent”, but I think bent has a lot of performance clauses in his contract, even if it is the 18mill figure that is included in the 217mill then it is only 23mill on all the rest…

  54. Jimbo

    Wellington Silva has an awful attitude. He’s years away from coming to Arsenal anyway, would be an absolute joke if he gets an ‘exceptional talent’ visa.

    Luiz and Suarez could both well be very good value signings for Chelsea and Liverpool respectively.

  55. Fake Jimbo

    Gambon – 25mil was the price quoted for Cahill i was led to believe. was it something different? even so, the way he’s played the last few weeks i wouldn’t want him for 25quid

  56. Joppa

    We must face it now, this is the way it’s going to be at Arsenal for a long long time. We never going to be a club which spends big, we will always look to develop from within. Not such a bad thing – providing the players coming through do the business.

    As for demostrations. What are you honestly demonstrating at? Being in a final? Being 2nd in the league? Being in the FA Cup? Being in the Champions League? Come on you have to put a bit or perspective on it. Demonstrate against sky high prices by all means but I think you have to reign in the anti Wenger sentiment some what. It’s not like we are having a bad season. And it’s not like I am Wenger’s biggest fan – I regularly criticise him and the players but fairs fair here, so far this season he is doing a bloody good job – can’t really argue with that.

  57. Jimbo

    I have no idea why Lansbury is still on loan. Wenger is CLEARLY doing Denilson another favour this season, because Lansbury looks miles better.

  58. Big Dave

    Hand on heart did anyone realy honestly think we were going to buy anyone. I know I didn’t. Why are you surprised by the outcome

  59. stelsarsenalelysium

    ‎50 Million pounds FFS! You tell me that he’s worth it? A class striker, top drawer but not that much, methimks Imoanlikeamanorabitch has his eyes on the Champions League. And then the bindippers spend 35 million on Andy Carroll????? he’s scored 34 goals in his whole career

    Hmm, …Berbatoss for 28 mill or Torres for 50 mill- I think the mancs got a bargain 🙂 mmmmmmm decision time ice pipe or bong??? 🙂

  60. eduardo

    Ahh yeah Dzeko…Who the fuck is Lindegaard?
    I ma so pissed off, If we get second half of the season syndrome AGAIN then there is a major problem… One injury and we is fucked, still no matter, we are one of the top teams in Europe, one of the richest also….we can always put our ONE DM at CB…and no one tell me that denilson OR diaby are DMs cause they clearly arnt…fuck me diaby is more suited to CF/AM!

  61. melvyn

    If Newcastle really offered £15M+ plus for NB52 that would have been the best peice of biz ever.

    I totally agree with your team choice for tonight and hope AA can recapture his true form – we saw glimpses on Sunday and even a last gasp defensive tackle from him.

    I still think we will win FA under AW but will be delighted to be proved wrong.

  62. bnsb

    “Gary Cahill is a player I want at this football club for a long time to come. If someone comes in with £25 million, any football club would have to look at that.

  63. A

    Jimbo he would’ve gotten an exceptional talent visa immediately if it hadn’t been for the Fluminese coach not letting him train with them. Of course he warrants an exceptional talent visa.

    Provided Levante assure FIFA as to his behaviour and effort whilst training he’ll get it in the summer

  64. arsenal4ever

    jimbo thats bullshit. wellington was not in fluminenses plans anymore has he was already arsenal bound. but ffs we loaned out 14 players or more!! Recalled a CB which we could need and send him straight back away. Missmanagement as its best!!

  65. BacaryisGod

    Here’s the good news:

    Arsenal have already played Chelsea twice, so Torres, Luiz etc will only help Arsenal (unless Chelsea go on a tear and climb above everyone).

    Arsenal have played Man City twice also, and so Dzeko will help them against our primary rivals but not us.

    Also, Newcastle are weaker for Saturday’s return game, and Carroll and Suarez will not have gelled by the time we play Liverpool at home. Besides, come the summer, Newcastle will probably offer us 35 million for Bendtner, Arshavin and Denilson…

    Man U and Spurs did next to nothing in the transfer market, so no harm for us there.

    It seems by doing nothing, we’re still better off than before the window closed.

  66. Joppa

    What other choices do we have for the left side of midfield? Can Rosicky play there? I would def give AA a rest tonight and go with Rosicky on the left.

  67. Jimbo

    For me, of the big money signings, Suarez and Luiz are the better two. Carroll has the potential, if he applies himself, to be a £35m striker, but a large part of that’s potential, and he’s never going to be more than that. So gamble from the scousers there. Ditto Torres – he’s got the talent to be a £50m player, but that’s only if he stays fit.

  68. Nickyc

    WTF is going on with the comments;
    Retarded cunt,
    French wanker
    Fuck off wenger
    Arsene wenger you fool you fucked it up again

    Yes I’m bloody pissed off that we haven’t signed a centre back! But it doesn’t justify the torrent of abuse for OUR manager!!! There is a lot wrong with the club but also a lot right, how about putting across a sensible argument!

    P.s. 18 players on loan seems crazy when only 4 or 5 will make it! But as I said it’s far from perfect!

  69. wardo

    Top post Geoff……think your team for tonight is the best available also. Lets hope he goes with it.

    A, Bendtner ??? You do talk a lot of sense most of the time mate but, did you not see Bendtner vs Hudds on the weekend ????? he was complete sh1te…….only my opinion tho 😀 I’d go with Arshavin over him even if the little fella is having a bad patch.

    As for this transfer window, I was optimistic at the start of the window especially with some of the things AW was saying about injuries……i though he may turn the corner himself and spend wisely. But, as the trans window aged, i just got the impression that AW and Arsenal would just say anything til it closed in the hope that the fans would just accept it like we always do……….i hope the hom and away fans make their feelings known now that not buying a CB or DM will cost us.

    Cheap is expensive imo !! Our signings in the summer show a lack of ambition. Keeping mediocre players at the club (Denilson, Bendtner, Sqilachi) breeds losers…….i feel sorry for Cesc !!

  70. Big Dave

    Shell suits, Le Coc Sportif, Lonsdale and now Andy Carrol. Mike Ashley has
    been selling over priced tat to Scousers for years.

  71. Kushagra India

    If Wellington Silva cant merit a place in Levante starting line up than where is that special talent….Ronaldo(fat one) was a part of Brazilian 94 squad FYI…

  72. Arsene Nose Best

    our first choice 11 of chezzer, sagna, JD, TV, Clichy, song, wilshere, cesc, nasri, theo and Rvp cost a combined 44mil!

    yeah,and what have they won?????????you don’t win nothing doing it on the cheap.

  73. Joppa

    Agree NickyC. People seem to be going way overboard with the Wenger hatred this morning.

    “Fuck off Wenger” although this comment did appeal to my sense of humour and made me laugh is the guy saying this actually playing with the full deck? Perhaps he has keyboard tourettes and never got his real point across?

  74. Jimbo

    arsenal4ever – sure, but we send players on loan, like Kyle Bartley, and instead of acting like prima-donnas, they put in the graft and try to prove themselves to what they hope will be their future club.

    A – the whole exceptional talent thing is an absolute joke, and it shouldn’t really be allowed apart from in ‘exceptional’ cases. We’ve misused and abused it over the years. Immigration should take one look at Denilson and automatically disapprove our requests.

  75. A

    Yeah wardo I did, and I thought he played very well against Huddersfield at the weekend….

    Bendtner has gotten alot of stick whilst playing for the reserve team, but he’s scored or created all but about two of our goals during those matches….

  76. Fake Jimbo

    what have they won? do me a favour – that specific 11 have only been together as a first choice since Dec! the fact is NO ONE has won anything this season, so stop your moaning until someone does!

  77. skandibird

    Eudardo, Man U bought 1 player; a danish goal keeper? Not sure if it was during Feb or before though, but, on SSN it said
    Man U: In 1 player
    Arsenal: None
    Well, did we REALLY expect anything else?
    To say I am disappointed is not expressing exactly how I feel, but as I do not want to start the day by swearing I’ll leave it at that. But, not buying a defender for cover is a totally inexcusable.

  78. wardo

    Bacarisgod…….i agree the point you are making but, its a bit like RVP standing in front of an open goal during a match with the ball at his feet then deciding not to kick it in the net. We could then say “well, we are no worse off just because RVP didn’t fancy scoring that goal”

    AW has in my opinion failed as a team manager to improve his team.

    And as your point above is very valid with Chavs news signings workign for us etc etc Arsene has missed an open goal as imrpving the Arsenal whilst our competitors have stood still is failure imo !!

    P.s. Thankgod Arry didn;t pull off a wonder signing otherwise we would be screwed !!

  79. A

    True gambon, although Adams has a history of being wrong about things since he hung up his boots! Schmeichel has no history of being right though, just have to wait and see as with Vermy!

    Jimbo I don’t see how it’s a joke at all – it WOULD be a joke if one of the most highly rated players in the world wasn’t allowed to ply his trade here and contribute to the British game imo

  80. wardo

    A, seriously ???????

    Bendtner failed to control a ball near the touch line then crossed under no pressure to the fan sitting behind the goal !!

    He was not good enough for an Arsenal shirt on the weekend mate.

    I have supported Nik on many occasions but i’m not blind. He was complete crap imo. As for the stick he receives……..even Shearer said that he is just not doing it at the moment. He is getting criticised by pro’s as well.

  81. simon mcmahon

    Sorry wenger has brought the feelings of hatred against him ,all by his own actions.

    For a start he tells us that squid, deckchair and the cheat are quality players extends their contracts with better terms in a time when most of the fans are felling finacial restrictions.
    We Concede Sunday League goals week after week,and to top it off we invest in this friutless youth policy for years, then loan 18 players out of which really two thirds will probably never make it .
    Counting the costs of that would probabaly get two or three of the world class players which would deliver the trophy’s OUR CLUB & FANS DESERVE.

  82. Nickyc

    @ Jay
    I’m pissed off 2! it seems fairly obvious to me that we have 3 centre backs who are up to the job 1 of which is injured, the other who is injury prone and the third who is still adapting, therefore an extra centre back was pretty desperately needed! So criticise all you like! I agree to a point.

    But why the abuse at our longest serving manager in history?!?

  83. goonermichael

    Wenger the liar says:
    February 1, 2011 at 09:39
    Just in case you were wondering how other blogs were reacting to our inactivity this was posted on a c l f today:

    I started following this club because of the great man Arsene.I dont know if I would support Arsenal,when the great man calls it a day.


    I personally wouldn’t take a cunt like that seriously. When Wenger goes cunts like that will go with him.

  84. Joppa

    @wardo. How would we be screwed if Arry spent £30M on Rossi for example? Or say got Adam? Spurs are in real danger of dropping out the top 4, missing out on the olympic stadium and then having to spend a shit load of money redeveloping WHL. To put it mildly Arry and Spurs could potentially facing very tough times and it’s not like they are playing great football either.

    Listening to Arry ring up SSN at 11.30pm last night made me realise just how much class Wenger and Arsenal have.

  85. Cescs_MyBoy

    In regards to our squad – we played 9 games in January (a club record)

    In that period, we won every league game (not conceding a goal), and progressed in both cups, albeit with a replay.

    Bar not signing a CB, January was a very successful month – we maintain that through February, then perhaps our title credentials will pick up more support.


  86. Geoff

    Fake Jimbo, Cahill, Sakho, Meretsacker, Zapata, Samba, Mexes and the pair from Ajax, all were available, and all for under £15mil.

  87. Jimbo

    A – I thought Bendtner was fine against Huddersfield, but he should be an emergency option out wide, no more (like Song’s an emergency CB). He puts in the odd decent cross, scores the odd goal from there, so that’s fine. We went a whole season with Eboue there, and he managed something like 4 assists and 0 goals, so it could be a lot worse!

    Bendtner should be up front now – Chamakh is now, surely, 3rd choice through the middle. And thank christ for that, is all I can say, but it does demonstrate why we need a new striker. I wish we’d got involved in the Suarez deal.

  88. Arsenal Tom

    A… how do you feel about not getting a CB in? at the start of the month you were saying it was nailed on mate!?

    i told you he was playing the bendy game same as last year!

  89. A

    wardo he scored one and got the assist for the other of our two goals at the weekend, or assisted both if the first is an og.

    He held the ball up very well and linked the play too – I thought he had a good game, and I want him to start tonight as a result

  90. charliegeorge

    Another window come and gone, another impending disaster!

    This self-important hack who manages an overacheiving bunch of babies is anathema to this club’s ambitions.

    If it had any!


    Fuck the fuck off, Fawlty!

  91. goonermichael

    skandibird says:
    February 1, 2011 at 10:10
    Eudardo, Man U bought 1 player; a danish goal keeper? Not sure if it was during Feb or before though, but, on SSN it said
    Man U: In 1 player
    Arsenal: None
    Well, did we REALLY expect anything else?
    To say I am disappointed is not expressing exactly how I feel, but as I do not want to start the day by swearing I’ll leave it at that. But, not buying a defender for cover is a totally inexcusable.

    The mans are as tight as us Skandi.

    The fee foe tha GK was probably similar to Miyaichi. They are an injury from defensive disaster as we are. It all points to them being skint and our manager being a fucking tightarse. jonny evans is down there with squiddly diddly

  92. A

    Geoff you have no idea who was available or for how much, apart from Samba!! You can’t just say it with such authority and therefore make it so….

    Not overly happy AT – it’s a big big risk. I would’ve preferred us to have just gotten in Samba

  93. bergy

    Jappa what have arsene done the last 5 years?from a unbeaten team to this bunch of losers.
    and even our good players are out injured alot..
    end of febr we are our of champions league and chelsea would be above us

    arsene is like mugabe

  94. Doublegooner


    Absolutely spot on post. That really is a bloody good summing up that I would like to pass on to a couple of ‘Arsene’s Sheep’ to see how they answer.

    This club is stagnant football wise. The squad is shocking.

  95. Geoff

    Matthew I don’t, but £35mil on a Championship player is just dumb, Torres for me is too injury prone but £24mil on Suarez is good business, he’s another Eduardo, Cahill for £15mil would have been sweet as well.

  96. Arsenal Tom

    koscielny is ok as the sweeper defender with JD but playing him with squillachi kills him as neither is overly dominant