Twitchy signs Llorente, Chavs get Torres, Arsenal old boy scores and we sign…

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…That’s right young imaginary world class centre back, Jack Shite, even 17 year old Chamberlain doesn’t want to join us, how predictable. Squillaci reminds me of when we signed Silvestre, he wasn’t good enough, got injured a lot and we won nothing. I see the similarities, French, too old, nothing special, injured a lot and stopping us signing what we need. Still Arsene rates him.

Oh well, I wasn’t expecting Arsenal to do anything as outrageous as improving the team so to be fair I’m not really bothered, I just look forward to those games that we win and anything else is a bonus.

Today I’m being rested, I’ll watch it on ESPN, I’m going to the Everton game so want to make sure I’m fresh, I can’t be expected to make the effort twice a week after all, the players don’t.

Arsenal don’t need to worry, they already have my money up front.

Onto today and the prospect of seeing the fringe players, it will be nice to see Diaby again before he get’s injured and comes back in time for the final. All jokes aside I really think that Diaby is an awesome player, he’s just injured too often and you saw what happened to Rosicky, 4 years of waste to come back and never feature. Having said that Rosicky should play today.

This is my best guess.


Eboue Squillaci Miquel Gibbs

Denilson Diaby Rosicky

Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

If they can’t see Huddersfield off, then we really should have a clear out, but I still expect a cricket score.

It will be nice to see Miquel so I hope he plays, but I’m not holding my breath. I know we still have a day to go before the deadline but given that we’ve already lost nearly a month, I can’t see the point in trying to buy someone this late on, we did it with Arshavin, but to do it again wouldn’t make any sense and unless it was a Premier league player, we would have to have a bedding in period for he or she that joined, I say she because I really don’t want to offend anyone, to be honest though, there are a few in our ladies team I think are better than Denilson anyway.

Have a great day Grovers, enjoy the Pires goal, he still has it 6 years on doesn’t he? Don’t worry about all the teams that have signed players and improved themselves, one of them have to play the mancs twice! And think of the future, we already have them in abundance. And they cost us nothing!

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  1. ritesh

    OK Albo, I agree to that. Plus we need some reserves for the bad times….. and boy, ur going to need reserves when the next crisis comes.

    I hope Wenger is telling the board to use those reserves to invest in cotton, corn, soya, cocoa etc. Money will be worth nothing. Restructure the Arsenal Holding and Arsenal club and Arsenal investments etc.

    Thats my 5 cents to the debate/argument 😉 🙂 😉

  2. ritesh


    40M is not a lot…See what Pool are asking for Torres. We cant compete in this inflationary spiral.

    Either change the owner (FAt Russian) and pay the cash or put up with what we got!

  3. SUGA3


    the biggest problem we have is being unable to ship out certain individuals for a price decent enough for OGL to bite…

    no one says we should go out and buy a £50M player, we all know it’s unrealistic, but we don’t seem to mind spunking £10M on youngsters, no?

    priorities, priorities…

  4. Maciek


    But 40m can buy you Cahill( Zapata) and Toulalan( Cissoko) and make you stronger.

    It can buy you a proper striker or a winger like Hazard.

    When I look at Almunia, Denilson and Diaby I want to reload my gun.

  5. albo

    Maciek says:
    January 30, 2011 at 21:49
    Even Frank MCLintock said( I don’t have any link) that it’s the first time since our Emirates movement that Wenger HAS SERIOUS MONEY to SPEND.

    Just stop with this “we do not have money to spend” mantra, because it’s not true.

    I assume you’re talking to me. I know it was an incredibly long and boring post to wade though, but if you did read it all you’d see that I stated that there is money to spend.

    The reason it is important to counter the financial myths, though is not to prove there is no money, but to make it clear how much there is. For example, at the moment there is an assumption that the board is ‘greedy’, that it is only interested in making money and stashing it away. These figures demolish that myth by showing that the only real profit there has been for the last 6 years has been from player sales, and that money is mostly specifically earmarked for squad investment. In other words all of the paranoia regarding the actions of the board is exactly that – paranoia.

    These kind of things are important because that one myth contributes to SO much negativity in the blogoshpere and down the pub. And any negativity there eventually translates to negativity in the stadium. And negativity in the stadium affects the performance on the pitch. And THEN it matter!

  6. ritesh

    Toulalan is shit and the others are just average players we already have.

    We need an ETO an Ibra, a Luccio, a Messi to pull this team to another level. I dont mind if we pay 60-70M for players of that level

  7. albo

    Maciek says:
    January 30, 2011 at 21:59

    But 40m can buy you Cahill( Zapata) and Toulalan( Cissoko) and make you stronger.

    Yes and no. That £40 million is also the money available for any increased wages. For example, if/when Nasri renews his contract the extra (and given his current form it will be a LOT over a year presumably!) will come from there. Similarly, if we buy a top player, his wage bill would come out of that £40 million (at least until we can offload other players off the wage bill).

    So realistically it would probably buy us Cahill…

  8. AM

    We have like 25 hours at the time I speak to get rid of Squillaci and Denilson, with these two crap players we will never win anything significant.

  9. SUGA3


    point is that whilst we may not be ‘£130M loaded’, we are still in good position to strengthen and it pisses people off that we don’t buy what is required, yet we reward failure with improving contracts of the likes of Denilshite and Diaby…

    70% of the transfer income is supposed to go towards squad investment, now, where does all this money go?

    would it be new improved contracts for these who have done precisely fuck all to deserve it, hell, quite the contrary?

    or could it be signing of the likes of Wellington Silva or that Japanese kid, whom we will not get to see for another couple of years?

  10. Maciek


    It’s just my opinion mate. I didn’t want to be rude or offensive.

    Hope you understand it.

    My point is, we are now capable to pay 20m for a player plus his wages, since you pay him for/per year.
    There is no roam for such players like Almunia, Diaby, Denilson. Wenger should really replace them.
    It’s not hard to find better players than Squilacci.

  11. albo

    “SUGA3 says:
    January 30, 2011 at 22:07

    70% of the transfer income is supposed to go towards squad investment, now, where does all this money go?

    would it be new improved contracts for these who have done precisely fuck all to deserve it, hell, quite the contrary?”

    Yeah, that’s absolutely where lots of it has gone. Part of Gazidis’ brief was to tie the squad down to long contracts (mainly to avoid a repetition of the Flamini situation). This was a useful strategy in many ways, but it does of course mean that players with potential but who don’t ‘push on’ (eg Denilson) will then be set with long contracts that otherwise might not have been renewed. It’s a tough balance though, because if we’d failed to tie Jack W to a long contact and he’d fucked off to Chelsea, you know who we would have blamed!

    “or could it be signing of the likes of Wellington Silva or that Japanese kid, whom we will not get to see for another couple of years?”

    Yes, there too. Everyone has an opinion on the kids, but the way I see it is if our team starts winning things then the turnover of players would lessen (Cesc and co won’t want to leave). At which point it actually makes sense to start investing for a fair bit into the future. It seems frustrating at the moment to see money go there when we aren’t winning, but as a long term plan I still think it makes a fair bit of sense.

    But don’t forget, a fair bit of it (£40 million) hasn’t been spent! There is money for a defender if we want one, so the amount spent on Wellington and Ryu is kinda irrelevant in my opinion…

  12. Big Dave

    Cheers lads.phew.

    Rumours abound that Spurs will be trying to make big signings tomorrow, where is their money from. Tonight they say they bid 38m bid for Aguero rejected.

    And yet our club are just happy to continue the way we are, with some pretty sub standard players, PHW bad attitude filters thru to others

  13. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Big Deals tomorrow –

    Elmander – Sunderland
    Torres – Chelsea
    Oxlade-Chamberlian – United

  14. patthegooner

    It is all over SSN that Spurs have bid 38m for Aguero.

    This is the breaking news banner and not rumour!!!!

    Aparrently although this is the trigger in his contract, They have turned down the bid!!!!

    The world has gone mad.

    All I will say is that Spurs know only too well that they are looking the most likely to miss out on CL football next season, and given that it is worth in excess of 20m, maybe this speculate to accumulate.

    Personally I cant see him joining spurs, the wages would be astronomical and I think Aguero would be looking at either the North or South Chavs if he came to the PL.

    I also think Spurs probably realise that there is very little chance of this coming off and maybe just maybe it is meant as a bit of a muscle flex and a sweetner for all the Spuds crying into their pillows tonight.

    38m!!!! Wenger has not spent that in 5 years,

  15. SUGA3

    ‘if our team starts winning things then the turnover of players would lessen (Cesc and co won’t want to leave)’

    but what happens if the first team is neglected and Cesc & Co. get fed up and tell OGL to stick his vision of the future where the sun doesn’t shine?

    what are we left with then? Denilshite, Diaby and the like on long ass contract as well as a bunch of kids for the undefined future who can’t even get a work permit?

    back to square one and another transition period? do you seriously think our fanbase still has the collective stomach for that?

  16. Keyser

    Where’s G Star when you need him.

    Hopefully he’s working on the last minute deals and is getting ready for tomorrows papers.

  17. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Spurs are going for it..

    They’ve had a 10m bid for parker rejected

    A 23m bid for Carroll rejected

    And “apparently” a 38m bid for Aguero rejected…

  18. albo

    “Maciek says:
    January 30, 2011 at 22:14

    It’s just my opinion mate. I didn’t want to be rude or offensive.”

    You weren’t at all mate.

    “My point is, we are now capable to pay 20m for a player plus his wages, since you pay him for/per year.
    There is no roam for such players like Almunia, Diaby, Denilson. Wenger should really replace them.
    It’s not hard to find better players than Squilacci.”

    I agree with everything you say. In fairness, I think if someone had wanted him we would have sold Almunia this window. I feel for the guy as, although he has never been a world class keeper, he has always conducted himself with plenty of dignity and seems a good guy. (Its interesting that the keepers who seem to be genuinely nice and likeable guys have both been flawed as players, while the arrogant, opinionated one looks like he’ll be world class).

    The only one on your list I still hold out any hope for is Diaby. I know that each season that passes that hope fades a bit, and it might be me dreaming, but if he could play at his best for even 70% of a season he could be devastating. A player with his physique, his technique and his finishing ability could be one of the best in the premiership. So far I feel we’ve seen him play close to his best in maybe 5 or 10 games in his entire career!

  19. incesc

    Colin Murray the little weasel, interviewed orients manager about or cup tie earlier.

    murray suggested that orients groundsman takes 2 weeks off leading up to the tie to stop us playing, but their manager instantly rebuked him saying that they would not be doing anything of the sort as they like to play football too!


  20. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Last week it was supposed to be a 52 million bid for Aguero and a defender, Atletico just made it up didn’t they ?!

  21. Maciek

    Dave, knowing the spuds they will tray to sign big players and spend big.

    We as always won’t sign any decent players and at noon you will read that Denilson is a world class player and a “pass master” and Almunia is our new Yashin.

    I have lost interst in any word Wenger is saying. I want be here tomorrow untill the transfer window shuts, because I don’t want to be letted down by our joke Club.

    Spurs will sign, Liverpool will, maybe SAF will spend big, but not we.

    And you will hear “one Arsene Wenger” song at the Emirates in 2 days time.

    Depressing.,, but how typical.

    And Hill-Wood should just f**k off!

  22. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Big Dave – I’m not even going to bother 😆

    I’ll come home tomorrow from work at midnite and get all the news..

    Keeping with the transfer clock on ssn via the blackberry will only wind me up 🙄

  23. SUGA3

    also, with regards to tying up the players to avoid the Flamini-like situations, surely, you have to be a bit more selective?

    what is the point of doing that with a player who is completely guttershyte or injured more than not?

    where the fuck will he go?

  24. albo

    SUGA3 says:
    January 30, 2011 at 22:29

    but what happens if the first team is neglected and Cesc & Co. get fed up and tell OGL to stick his vision of the future where the sun doesn’t shine?

    back to square one and another transition period? do you seriously think our fanbase still has the collective stomach for that?

    I agree its a risk. For me it is the HUGE tragedy that we fell away after Eduardo’s injury. THAT was the season where we finally had a team good enough to win the league, and our failure to led to exactly what you’ve just described. Key players left and we were back to square one.

    In fairness to Wenger, it was probably the one big miscalculation he made. He thought that if you build a group of young players together into a team, then they would feel loyalty to that team and to that set of teammates and to the club. He misjudged just how mercenary modern football had become, of course…

  25. patthegooner

    I dont think it is that nobody wants Almunia, I think it is the fact that he is on a salary way above his quality. He is used to it and probably wants something similar elsewhere.

    Unfortunately and I am speculating here, but I would imagine that we have the likes of Rosicky, Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue, Diaby on salaries way above what they are actually worth so shifting any of these (And I would not lose sleep if they left tomorrow) would prove difficult.

  26. patthegooner

    I thought that Keyser, but it is all over SSN. Usually they are very careful with rumours but this is all over their breaking news banner.

  27. Big Dave

    in 10 min off to watch the spuds get a spanking, hate the add breaks all the time.

    Twitchy trying to do deals before the tax man gets him

  28. patthegooner

    Big Dave, I am staying well away from it.

    I was close to throwing my PC out the window a couple of years back when I was convinced Alonso was coming.

    Not get myself wound up on DLD anymore

  29. Keyser

    So we’re massively stingy with everything, up until it comes to salaries of the lesser players in the squad, who get paid far more than what they’re worth.

    Get a hold of yourselves people. This is one of the oddest days I’ve ever seen on Le Grove and there’s been loads.

    It is seriously like people are clucking for a moan, something to give them a hit of doom.

    fucking Spurs rejected bids,I can just imagine if we’d had a bid rejected.

  30. albo

    “Maciek says:
    January 30, 2011 at 22:33

    Spurs will sign, Liverpool will, maybe SAF will spend big, but not we.”

    Very quietly, SAF has adopted the ‘Wenger’ model of transfers, so I doubt he’ll spend big. And spurs and liverpool might spend, but they’ll still be shit and trophy-less! Don’t bother being jealous of them! 😉

  31. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    ba and keane have gone west ham.. They also have obinna (who scored a hat trick today) cole, Piquionne & Stanislas, Sears & Noble…

    They need defenders. That is the reason they are going down…

  32. Keyser

    PattheGooner – No, they’re not mate, there hasn’t been much action in the transfer window and they probably need something anything to liven it up.

    They’ve got all those reporters they send to wait outside of grounds and they’re all eating up salaries in the Sky Sports studios with nothing to do.

  33. SUGA3


    OGL handled the Flamini situation really poorly, he really is piss weak when it comes to laying down the law with players:

    you sign up or you land on the bench or in the stiffs, it’s not like we didn’t have Diarra back then, is it?

    Hleb has left when he became disillusioned after the CL tie with Liverpool, IMO – we should have pulled all the stops to keep him!

    and it’s not just a risk, this is what is going to happen – you can’t play shit hot talent alongside the dross and expect loyalty!

  34. SFOGunner

    The penalty award felt slightly soft but Clark had no complaints. “As soon as I saw Bendtner go down, I thought it was a penalty,” he said.

    I did not see the replays. But seems like the hudderfield manager thought it was a penalty.

    Not sure why we like to call our own player a diver.

  35. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    it would be a disaster for the scousers if they really lost torres… Suarez would have such a huge responsability placed on his shoulders… Can’t see anelka wanting to go back to liverpool.. Only players they’d get are kalou or sturridge.

  36. Maciek

    Well, you are right Albo my friend, but it would have been great to sign someone “big”.

    And if spuds buy LLorente or Aguerro they will improve.

    They aren’t as sh*t as they used to be.

  37. patthegooner

    Not trying to find a piece of doom at all Keyser.

    I am a pretty happy Gooner at the moment and things are going well,

    My only moan is the fringe players who are not pulling their weight.

    I question the wages as it seemed that the reason Almunia did not leave is that Wages were a sticking point with any club that wanted him.

  38. albo

    SUGA3 – I’ll be honest mate, I won’t claim to know what happened behind the scenes with Flamini and Hleb. But if anything I think what happened with Flamini was essentially the opposite of the current Denilson situation. A poor player was marginalised and NOT offered a particularly good contract, but then suddenly became a world beater over the course of a season and decided he didn’t want the improved contract we then offered him.

    But re your other point, I’d argue that much of the time both that season and this, in our 1st 11 we play shit hot talent alongside shit hot talent.

    As I said in my post earlier, there are undoubtedly weak links in the squad (and Wenger’s claim that we have 23 equally talented players is of course nonsense) but that is the case with every single squad in the the country – and in fact most clubs in the world. There are plenty of world class players who have played for many seasons alongside far fewer top class talents than we have…

  39. patthegooner


    It is not Atletico making up this shit either. They said earlier in the evening that there had been no bids for Aguero.

    It was then about 9:30 that SSN reported that the Spuds had made a bid

  40. Keyser

    PattheGooner – I doubt it’s wages, we need all the players we can get, don’t think that would be a stretch, with Fabianski out, Chesney a young inexperienced keeper, I don’t mind Almunia about.

    I seriously don’t understand the criticism today, we won, we went down to 10 men and won, it’s a cup competition and we could’ve played our strongest side, they could have had an off day and we’d have gone out.

    Instead we rested some players, and Nasri still got injured. The whole idea of them being fringe players is that they’re not good enough to be first teamers.

  41. albo

    patthegooner says:
    January 30, 2011 at 22:57
    nor me SFO, I thought it was a penalty all day long

    Nor me. The player hardly complained, which is always a telltale sign. I think there is a myth amongst commentators and pundits that there needs to be a really heavy, firm contact to make a foul. Anyone who has ever been tap-tackled on the heel in rugby knows how little contact is needed to throw your balance. And if you’re shaping to shoot on the run a pretty small contact can be enough to prevent a scoring opportunity. Even if players might be forced to actually fall over to ‘signal’ the foul to the ref, its still a penalty.

  42. SUGA3


    Flamini, a poor player?

    care to remember the 2006 CL run? and he got dropped for the final so that half fit Cuntley could play!

    no matter how you twist it, it’s still bad…

  43. Keyser

    PattheGooner – We need some sort of Spnaihs representative to give us the inside info, maybe Geoff reads the papers over there or something.

    Spurs have got about 8 strikers, Redknapp said earlier he wouldn’t be signing a striker earlier in the day, but he’s a bit of a wheeler dealer (fack off) so who knows.

  44. SFOGunner

    wow, spuds have six centre halves, but only two available for the next match.
    we have four and two available. Wenger thinks even that is too many and does not want to buy/loan another.

  45. Keyser

    Albo – I think Bendtner was looking for it, but the defender blatantly goes to grab him first and it’s why I don’t think he complains.

  46. patthegooner


    Personally I am over the moon we are through. I love the FA Cup, and especially the draw when you find out who is next.

    I can understand the criticism though. I think if there was anything great in the game to post about, I think you would have seen it, but it was such a lame performance that I think it is natural that people (myself included) will highlight it, especially as it is the same old face making the same old mistakes.

    I wont go over it all again, but in the 10 or so mins in the build up to their goal when they were knocking on the door, the camera kept panning to Wenger and he was just sat there as if it was just a phase of the game that would pass and his all conquering gunners would defeat evil. I do believe if we make the change there, we dont concede, we change the game and go on to win comfortably.

  47. Rohan

    Doom central, eh. Today’s been classic even by this blog’s heady standards.

    Comment of the day:

    SUGA3 says:
    January 30, 2011 at 14:02

    no camera showed any contact either, hence it is a dive, until proven otherwise…

  48. albo

    SUGA3 says:
    January 30, 2011 at 23:03

    Flamini, a poor player?

    Well, his progression wasn’t from a ‘standing start’ in 2007, but he certainly wasn’t regarded as anything special by the fans until that season.

    Again, I don’t claim to know what went on behind closed doors as to whether the club is to blame or the player, or both etc. We can join the dots to some extent, but a lot is pretty circumstantial…

  49. patthegooner

    Keyser, I dont think it will be either of the spanish based players that they are linked with.

    The only striker I can see the Spuds getting is Carroll and they will pay way over the odds for him.

  50. SUGA3


    there was not enough contact for him to go down like that, hence it’s a dive!

    then again, I wouldn’t expect any objectivity from you when it comes to HRP so, let’s just leave it at that…

  51. albo

    SFOGunner says:
    January 30, 2011 at 23:04
    wow, spuds have six centre halves, but only two available for the next match.

    Yeah, but 2 of them are Ledley King and Woodgate! They count towards their total of centre backs about as much as Theo Walcott counts towards ours 😉

  52. patthegooner

    I always rated Flamini even when he was playing LB.

    That is the kind of fringe player we need. One who will work his socks off to become a 1st team regular.

    I wonder if he thinks he made the right decision now?? I havent followed his career, is he even playing?

  53. SUGA3


    well, speak for yourself, I thought he was a very useful player, certainly worth keeping – played wherever he was asked to play and always put in a good shift…

  54. Rohan

    Read albo’s comments earlier. He prolly caught his trailing leg when Bendtner set off.

    You don’t know for sure, I don’t know for sure. Why assume it was a dive especially when it’s an Arsenal player? That’s all I’m saying.

  55. SUGA3


    because it looked like a dive and the more I watch it, it still looks like a dive 😉

    minimum contact, if any, yet he went down like a sack of, er, spuds…

  56. albo

    SUGA3 says:
    January 30, 2011 at 23:13

    well, speak for yourself, I thought he was a very useful player, certainly worth keeping – played wherever he was asked to play and always put in a good shift…

    Mate I LOVED him. I honestly think of all the players we’ve let go in the last 4 or 5 years he is the one I’m most gutted about. In that 2007-8 season Cesc looked half the player whenever he didn’t have Flamini alongside him doing the dirty work. Plus he could score the odd screamer!

  57. Keyser

    Suga3 – What do you mean by dive ? That Bendtner dived without any contact ? Or that Bendtner ‘Sold it’.

    Because the contact is blatant, he goes to wrap his arms around him and then realises what he’s doing and tries to stop himself.

    Then does that thing where they throw their hands in the air to pretend they didn’t touch him.

  58. Gooneroo

    So we face Leyton Orient away in the 5th round of the F.A Cup. If we don’t beat them and make it to at least the semi then I’ll be disappointed. I mean, we have played lower league teams and have had a considerably easy run in this tournament so we should be taking advantage of it.

  59. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Nah, we needed to get through, and thats what we achieved, I don’t think people are being fair at all.

    We’ve made one final already, we’re going to have 2 very tough games against Barca and the Premier League is going to be very important for us.

    We needed to do a job, however convincingly, and we did.

    We’re playing 3 games a week and there’s going to be no let-up, it’s like criticising Wenger, we’ve had Nasri go off injured, I just think he wanted to have to use as little of the first teamers as possible.

    We scraped by, but we’re through, the performance is secondary. I didn’t expect us to be full of energy, or completely coherent on the field and we weren’t.

  60. SUGA3


    apparently, we tried to sell Flam to Birmingham at the beginning of his best season with us, I think this was when he got disheartened and undervalued, given all the effort and professionalism until then…

    Hartson: ‘dubious, goes down far too easily’

  61. albo

    SUGA3 says:
    January 30, 2011 at 23:32
    just saw it, still looks like a dive…

    We’ll have to agree to disagree. I just saw it and thought it looked even more of a pen than when I saw it this afternoon! 😉 He barges right into the back of him and knocks him off balance. Anything else (how long are his arms round him, does he tug him back, could Bendtner have stayed on his feet if his life depended on it?) is irrelevant imo.

  62. SUGA3

    OK, agree to disagree it is 😉

    I’m off, nite munglas, may the Fatha Xmas join efforts with the Eastah Bunneh and bring us a nice, shiny CB!!!

    up da Arse!!!

  63. albo

    SUGA3 says:

    Night mate. Not gonna happen, but I’ve just decided Micah Richards is who I’m praying for.. (not cos I just saw him do one good thing in the highlights tonight…obviously 😉 )

  64. A

    a dive?!

    He didn’t have to go down like he did but it was the most blatant penalty ever, I genuinly have no idea how anyone could claim otherwise, even Lee Clark said it was a pen!!

    The defender ran into him then tried to pull him back, the only thing that the ref got wrong is the lack of a red card – totally and utterly inexplicable to give a yellow for that and red for Squillaci

  65. A

    I’m guessing that the general consensus with Nasri out is that Arshavin should take him place?

    I’m torn between whether I’d rather him or Bendtner. I’d like to see what Bendtner could do in the first team. He’s gotten alot of stick in recent weeks when playing for the reserve team despite scoring or assisting in pretty much every game, and playing a big part in all but about two of the goals that’ve been scored.

    Still Arshavin was showing some glimpses today

  66. A

    for it to be a dive there’d have to be no contact incesc, and there was very obvious contact….

    yeah i agree, maybe rotate the two, and perhaps even diaby in with wilshere pushing further forward into the nasri role – as he played for the youths and reserves….

  67. A

    Yeah including subs he has incesc, basically makes an appearance every game regardless of whether he starts or not.

    Most starts is Wilshere, pretty crazy! Thought he’d play a fair bit this year but certainly not that….

    The more I think about it the more I like the idea of playing Wilshere in the Nasri role. The way that Wilshere just ghosts past people, drops a shoulder and goes straight past someone in the middle of the park – if he could do that around the area he could make a real impact….

  68. Arsene Nose Best

    RUMOUR I heard today…Diarra from RM back to AFC on loan until summer. Makes some sense that one… As I said its been discussed.

  69. Rohan

    Arshavin was good yesterday. He’ll get his goal scoring touch back. You don’t lose that.

    He’s been working hard for a couple games now and as a fan, that’s all I want to see.

  70. Lucifur

    “…Diaby is an awesome player..”
    “is” is very misleading in this context. Perhaps we could say “Diaby may develop into an awesome player if his body is reconstructed & his brain reconfigured.”
    Other than that I agreed with your article, esp. the bit on Denilshit. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  71. OPG

    It’s going to be crazy later today, hoping for some sort of CB or a DM after yesterday as I can see some other teams strengthening..

  72. TC

    Wenger is a lying fool who does not learn by his mistakes. We desperately need cover at CB because Squillaci is the worst CB signing since Stepanovs, he is absolute rubbish. Arsenal will not win the PL or CL under Wenger, he just isn’t honest enough to win them. All he’s interested in is his £6m a year and his pampered babies who he refuses to admit aren’t good enough. Eboue, Squillaci, Denilshit, Diaby, Billy Bendtner…….all average or below average crud that should never be regulars at Arsenal. I pray Wenger buggers off before his contract is up.

  73. GoonerT1m

    200-1 on arsenal doing the quad, that’s hysterical, should be at least 20,000-1… further news denilson is top top quality.

  74. Sabeel

    & this from BBC

    From AndyHa on Twitter: “Being an Arsenal fan on deadline day is like being in detention at school and watching other kids play outside!”

  75. chris

    Bit worrying about squad depth – the second team look so much off the pace, it’s unreal (except for Almunia, maybe????)

    PS This is a line off gunnerblog: …Harry Redknapp appears to have found the cheat on Championship Manager and is throwing money around like a monkey playing monopoly.