Vela off, Chezzer confirmed numero uno, Almunia’s back and are Arsenal about to get fined?

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So to begin with Carlos Vela’s departure to West Brom on loan, didn’t Simpson go there once? Hmmm the word is the agent moved the goal posts at the last minute so Vela didn’t go to Bolton, strange that, I thought it was Vela that was playing and the loan was up to Wenger, still never mind, that put paid to Cahill then.

Great news is that Wenger has confirmed Chezzer is the new Arsenal number one, that is indeed top, top news, stay un-injured boy and you’ll go far, we are a different team with you in and you have the support of this blog. Almunia is being told to fight for his place, how bizarre, he’ll only get in if Chezzer or Fab get injured, so unless he means fight them, like beat them up, I don’t see how fighting for his place works, still he’s back for the Huddersfield game tomorrow.

For those of you who didn’t know where Huddersfield is, it’s North of Watford and South of Norway, we’re at home though, so it doesn’t matter!

Now we know that Arsene will make wholesale changes, so I will guess the team, question is do we get fined like Blackpool did or are the big two exempt?

Here’s my guess for manana’s team.


Eboue Squillaci Koscielny (or Miquel) Gibbs

Denilson Diaby Song

Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

That’s my guess, we are running out of options as we seem happy to supply the rest of the league with loanees, so I’m thinking with Rosicky injured then Diaby who is fit, will step in, either way it’s a game where Pedro and I may well be rested, seems a long way to go to watch a second string play a conference side, so maybe resting the fans is no different to resting the players, I wonder how Ivan would feel about that, you know if we followed the leaders mantra and all took the day off!

On the way home on Thursday I met two very nice young ladies who were keen to talk about Le Grove and the Richard Keys and Andy Gray situation, they both said as girls that the whole thing was nonsense, well done girls and a victory for common sense, you were both delightful and it was nice sharing part of my journey with you talking about the Arsenal, you must have thought I was a sad old git! Thank you Cheryl and Jenny!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we’ll see about the mighty Huddersfield and get to see our old boy, Benik Afobe!

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  1. Confidentgoner

    Watching Everton v Chelsea

    Chelsea have improved their work ethic, harrying and pressing and are generally more effective as a team. I expect them to either win or draw today.

  2. SongtheGreat

    afternoon all…

    well we all know it..we are just a training club and the worst part we will be forever..

    if i could choose among top strikers i would have to say torres no(but he would suit chelski)
    me the striker perfect for The Arsenal would be Villa…

    feck off wenger…

  3. Cescs_MyBoy

    Torres wouldn’t be as effective as RVP in our current system.

    Back to goal, RVP is miles better. Torres needs to be rolling off shoulders. Wouldnt aid players like Nasri/Fabregas influence the game.

    If we moved to a 4-4-2, and played RVP and Torres together it would be sickening.

  4. Big Dave

    So Liverpool go from having fuck all money to spending
    £23mill on a new striker. Great. And we look around for bargain base deals

  5. gambon

    Yeah Torres would be a disaster. Better fitness than Rvp, scores far more goals, quicker, stronger.

    Oh but he doesn’t “link up play”….lol!

  6. Honest Bill

    Big Dave.

    They still have fuck all money, and now they’ve just gone and increased their debt to play for a player who nobody can really say will be able to do them much good.

    Bit of a gamble for them wouldn’t you say?

    Are you implying you’d rather we went about our business more like they have?

    Why do several people keep making jealous comments about Liverpool?

    They are fucked and they know it. They won’t get back into the champion’s league places any time soon, shiny new striker or not. Their squad is thin.

    It would be smart for them to sell Torres now if they can get 45 million for him, they could buy a couple of decent players for that. Torres is a crock anyway, they could use that money to pay for another player who can actually play for them once in a while. If I were them i’d take Chelsea’s money and run before anyone figures out they just got stitched up.

  7. arsenal4ever

    if a cb will come in it will be on loan. Sakho to come in summer!

    @JamieDalton82 Jamie Dalton
    Sakho’s contract expires in June 2012 and according to Maxifoot, France Football and L’Equipe – heavily tipped for a summer move to Arsenal

    Sakho even said in his last interview he knows exactly where he wants to go and to sign for.

  8. Cescs_MyBoy

    anyone watching soccer saturday?

    nailing fabregas’ dive against ipswich. granted it was foolish – but we have the making of another witch hunt.

    hate the fact that no english players get done for more consistent and blatant.

    messrs rooney and gerrard, im looking at you.

  9. Honest Bill

    Cesc’s myboy

    I like that they’re doing that. will just make Fabregas more angry, and he plays so much better when he’s wound up.

  10. zeus

    I was trying to rise the post seriously nut then I saw the team had the Spanish waiter And the triumvirate of the midfield. Wholesale changes or nit wenger would never put out a side like that.

    Awful awful awful

  11. Pedro

    Arsenal4ever, if you had the same passion for heroin as you do for transfer rumours, you’d be worlds most prominent junkie.


    well guys i dont reckon anyone is coming in on the transfer window..

    i think chamberlain is going to go to manchester united.. ive got a feeling because manu have offerd more money, thats where he will go.. abit like the ronaldo scenario, (not sayin chamberlain will be ronaldo) jus saying arsenal will miss out because they didnt want to pay a few million more

    i think sakho is coming in the summer, i think he would be coming now, its just if he came in january he would be £5million more (wenger will get him £5mill less in the summer)

    i think bendtner will be off in the summer, and i think benzema will be bought in..

  13. albo

    gambon says:
    January 29, 2011 at 12:08
    – Liverpool sign Suarez for £23m
    – Chelsea bidding for Torres
    – Spurs bid 23m for Carroll
    – City sign Dzeko
    – Wenger tells us we don’t need anyone and makes transfer window profits again, while the chairman tells us trophies don’t matter.

    Yep, we’re a highly ambitious club.gambon says:
    January 29, 2011 at 12:08
    – Liverpool sign Suarez for £23m
    – Chelsea bidding for Torres
    – Spurs bid 23m for Carroll
    – City sign Dzeko
    – Wenger tells us we don’t need anyone and makes transfer window profits again, while the chairman tells us trophies don’t matter.

    Yep, we’re a highly ambitious club.

    Funny that you see ambition purely in terms of what they spend. Personally I think that every one of those teams you just listed will finish below us in the league and without a trophy…

  14. SUGA3


    at least they are taking action to improve their odds, whatever their objectives are, would that be a shot at the title or CL/Europa League qualification…

    if the teams around you do something to improve, and we just stay the same, the it is us who is relatively regressing…

    besides, if I were you, I would not be writing off Shitty and Chavs as far as finishing above us and/or winning trophies is concerned…

  15. Man

    This Bremen v Munich match is pretty good, both teams are playing at a high tempo and aggression…feels like a premier league match

  16. albo

    SUGA3 – I’m not writing them off as such, that’s just what I think will happen. Personally I’d say all 4 are panic buying because they aren’t doing as well as they hoped to be (with the exception of Liverpool who are probably buying in preparation for Torres leaving).

    I suppose you could call that ambition, but I’d also see what our club do as fundamentally ‘ambitious’, in the purest sense of the word…

  17. Rohan

    Talking about City’s ambition, when they came down to the Emirates and played a more defensive game than Blackburn fucking Rovers is a bit of a laugh.

    As Albo said, ambition is not only measured by transfer market spending.

  18. gambon


    Refusing to spend money when you have glaring weaknesses is an absolute lack of ambition.

    Signing cheap unknowns is an absolute lack of ambition.

    Refusing to ever sign a quality keeper is a huge lack of ambition.

    Telling everyone 3rd place is a trophy is an absolute lack of ambition.

  19. incesc


    i was waiting for someone to come on and tow the old AKB line.

    “Torres wouldnt be very good in our system”



    one of the most lethal strikers in the business who can make his own chances as well as finish from anywhere wouldnt be any good playing for the most attacking team in the league that creates more chances than any others.


    still you gotta tow that line…

  20. albo

    gambon says:
    January 29, 2011 at 15:09

    Refusing to spend money when you have glaring weaknesses is an absolute lack of ambition.

    Signing cheap unknowns is an absolute lack of ambition.

    Refusing to ever sign a quality keeper is a huge lack of ambition.

    Telling everyone 3rd place is a trophy is an absolute lack of ambition.

    Again, it is a fairly narrow definition of the word ambition. For example, signing cheap unknowns and attempting to mould them into superstars is an exceptionally ambitious thing to attempt.

    And as for your final point, no one has ever said that. It has simply been said that getting 3rd in the league is harder than winning the Carling Cup, which is unquestionably true…

  21. Confidentgoner


    If he plans to get Sakho in the summer then that may explain his trying to make do with a loanee or just not sign anyone altogether, but he is walking a tightrope. If we get injuries, he is up shit creek.

  22. Rohan

    With Torres in the team we might win 3-0 with Torres hitting a hat-trick.

    With RvP in the team we’d win 5-0 with RvP scoring only 1 but being heavily involved in the rest.

    Simples. It’s a bit diffiuclt to say who I’d pick given they’re both at their best but I think just because RvP is Mr.Arsenal and all, I’d stick with the King.

  23. Rohan

    Yeah, gambon I agree there. I would have loved it if we’d gotten Torres then. Always though Wenger would go for him…

  24. incesc


    like wigan?

    to be fair cescmyboy did say

    “If we moved to a 4-4-2, and played RVP and Torres together it would be sickening.”

    missed that first time.

    oh for the days of having 2 strikers

  25. Cescs_MyBoy


    did you read the rest of my post? where and how torres operates to his best, wouldnt work in our formation.

    i concluded by saying if we adapted a 4-4-2 he would be lethal.

    but dropping as deep as RVP, with his back to goal, in an interchanging front 3 wouldnt see the best of torres. it has nothing to do with being an akb.

    its purely playing style. hence why he sits on the bench for spain.

    i think he is sick, and one of the best around.

  26. SUGA3


    if you look at the situation we are in, you will see that AW is repeating the same mistake: we have two CBs doing quite well, one oldtimer who is no more than just an emergency backup for one, maybe two games and another decent player who is said to be coming back in a few weeks time, according to AW, who is not the most credible when it comes to making such statements, is he?

    then we have our beloved chairman who has been let off the leash and gave the most arrogant interview we will see for some time, bitter cunt, can’t get over selling his shares to Dein for peanuts, can he?

    ‘not a distaster if we don’t win zip’ – how is that for lack of ambition?

  27. albo

    gambon – surely we signed Adebayor in preparation for Henry leaving? And no matter what you think of him as a person, he could have been every bit as devastating a striker as Torres for us…

  28. Rohan

    Also Torres needs our midfielder to play well for him to produce. He doesn’t have the ability to create something out of nothing, atleast not as well as RvP, or lift the team and tempo, intelligence in linking up etc.

    We always seem so much more fluid when RvP plays. Coincidence I think not. The man’s underrated imo

  29. gambon


    Messi, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Platini, Maradonna, Pele, Cruyff, Puskas, DiStefano.

    None would work in our system. Yet Nick Bendtner & Denilson clearly do…..pmsl!

  30. SUGA3

    and we are, once again, running the risk of running our decent defenders into the ground and ending up with Squillaci and Song playing CB with the inept Denilshite playing DM – how’s that for shooting oneself in the foot?

    back in a bit…

  31. Rohan

    Yeah I agree with Cescs there. Unfortunately I don’t see us switiching into a 442 as it doesn’t really suit Walcott, Cesc, and Nasri.

  32. Rohan

    Torres would work in our system but not as well as he could in another system suited to his style. And definitely not as well as a fit and on form Robin van Persie imo.

  33. Wenger the liar

    Gambon –

    Youre wrong mate.

    We did sign a striker the season Henry left. Although Torres was transfered that same window and Henry is arguably the greatest player to ever put on the Arsenal shirt, so you would expect a world class replacement, Arsene thought he would be a clever fucker……

    and signed Eduardo……

    A player so good they made a country just for him….


    And before anyone starts talking bollocks about how he was a world beater before the injury, just how Ramsey was playing like Steven Gerrard before his injury, I am not getting drawn on it, I will just say this:

    He was hit and miss at best, when he was good he scored, when he was poor he was like casper the friendly ghost.

    Whatever you believe, he was no replacement for Henry.

  34. albo

    SUGA3 – I do entirely agree regarding the centre back situation. I think it is a very worrying gamble (assuming we don’t get a nice surprise in the next couple of days).

    But I still think it strange how often people cast covetous glances at the workings of clubs who aren’t playing as well as us, have poorer squads than us, are behind his in the league table, and are less likely to win a trophy than us. Liverpool, in particular are in all sorts of shit, and no amount of so-called ‘ambition’ is going to change that any time soon.

    (And Hill Wood is an old buffoon, but has no real say in the day to day running of the club.)

  35. Keyser

    Oh shit yeah, you’ve got muppets saying lets sell Van Persie because he’s a crock.

    Who should we buy ? Oh lets buy that indestructible player Liverpool have.

    Torres and Van Persie would be great, different players, could well compliment each other very well.

  36. gambon


    So we signed a trouble making, raw striker with a very average record to replace our greatest, and the PLs greatest ever striker?

    Hmmmmm, you’ve just highlighted the problem with Arsene.

    You and I both know AW is obsessed with developing players so he can take huge credit if they come good.

    He should take liam bradys job.

  37. Cescs_MyBoy


    so what your saying is that you can pass judgement on player but refuse to listen to other opinions?


    oh, henrys replacement was already at the club. he was called adebayor. and he bagged over 40 goals in his first two seasons.

  38. Keyser

    WTL – So who would you have replaced Henry with ? The Greatest player the Premiership has ever seen ?!

    We had Adebayor, Van Persie and then Eduardo, no-ones saying he was an Henry replacement, but they appreciated that he could finish as clinically as anyone.

  39. albo

    Wenger the liar – I don’t think Eduardo was ever seen as the replacement for Henry. He wasn’t even really played in the same position. If anything he played more where Bergkamp did – behind Adebayor.

    We knew Henry was going to go eventually so bought Adebayor in advance of it happening.

  40. Keyser

    Stu – Not sure, someone mentioned that they arranged it ages ago in case Huddersfield played Leeds and there was crowd trouble.

  41. Cescs_MyBoy


    torres was far from being a sure bet when he was signed. averaged 12 a season in spain. liverpool made him great.

    in his first season, torres bagged 24 goals in the league, adebayor in the same season, scored 22

    im not saying ade is as good as him, but, adebayor before he turned lazy, arrogant and money grabbing had the potential to be one of the worlds best.

  42. Keyser

    It just shows you how good Henry was really, he got absolutely battered up front playing for us, was the quickest player I’ve seen live and banged in goals for fun.

    Also wasn’t a diving cheating cunt like Ronaldo. A bit arrogant supposedly according to other fans, but fuck them.

  43. Wenger the liar

    Cesc –

    No what I am saying is that I am bored of talking to people who say “yeah but he was the greatest finisher in the universe”.

    Cesc & Keyser –

    I actually liked Ade, I would have prefered Ade to have stayed however because Arsenes man management skills are comparable to Andy Gray and Richard Keys taking over the running of the head offices we lost him.

    That said

    He is no Henry.

    I do not know where you two stand on this, I know most AKBs, you two arent – ok maybe one of you ;-), were giving it the old tried and tested excuse at the time, the same one used whenever we lose a quality player, that “he is a bad influence on the dressing room” – £6m a year (if youre wondering).

    Ade, RVP and Eduardo:

    Ferguson said something this summer which was along the lines of – sometimes you buy players in the window for the belief of the fans and the team – If ever there was a time that we needed to do just that it was when Henry left, discounting the time we lost Patrick Vieira of course LOL.

  44. albo


    So we signed a trouble making, raw striker with a very average record to replace our greatest, and the PLs greatest ever striker?

    Well firstly, aside from the trouble making bit, that was exactly the complaint from many people when we signed Henry to replace Anelka. Particularly when he didn’t score in his first 8 games, the reaction was mostly ‘so this is who we’ve got to replace the best young striker in the world. Shit!’

    Secondly, Adebayor’s record really wasn’t that average. Pretty much a goal every other game in his one full season at Monaco.

    Thirdly, it’s all very well to moan that he was a trouble maker in retrospect, but I don’t think when he was signed that there was any evidence that he would cause any trouble. Don’t really see how it’s fair to moan about that.

    And fourthly, given that Wenger didn’t have a crystal ball to know how Adebayor would react to fame and fortune, I’d argue his performance in the 2007-8 season shows he was every bit as good a signing as Torres might have been.

    Finally, you complain about signing raw trouble makers, and yet see our failure to sign Suarez as a lack of ambition?!

    Just sounds like you are searching for negatives sometimes (or clutching at straws cos you forgot about Adebayor ;-))

  45. MatthewT

    So Suarez goes to liverpool for £23 million and they have fuck all money and we didn’t even bother to compete for his signature even though we have a pile of cash.

    We probably won’t even sign a defender. Something is rotten deep within the culture at our football club, we have lost the will to improve and compete with the best, we have become comfortable watching mediocre players bottle it every season.

  46. Wenger the liar

    LOL @ rohan

    Keyser I agree about what youre saying regarding Henry, I think he is the best player the Premiership has seen so far.

  47. gambon

    Big chance for Carlos. I don’t personally think he has much of a future but he has 15 games to show what he can do, so the ball’s in his court.

  48. Pedro

    WTL, when we sold Henry we should have bough Villa.

    I like pre contract Ade… he was a top player. Rough round the edges but he worked like a dog.

  49. albo

    Wenger the liar – Ade was no Henry, but then who is? There was no replacement for him because he’s exceptional. And in fairness, I think Ade’s career post-Arsenal suggests that Wenger’s man management is not entirely to blame for all that.

    I do, however, completely agree that a signing might be worth it’s weight in gold purely to rid us of some of the negativity in the stands…

  50. MatthewT


    We should compete with the best, the fact that we don’t even compete with liverpool when it comes to transfers is even worse.

  51. Pedro

    Albo, that is utter rubbish. No one complained about the signing of Thierry Henry. He was frances joint top scorer in France 98 and he was a world cup winner, he was a prolific scorer at youth level, he was fast and skillful and he’d help Monaco beat United in the Champions League.

    Not to mention he was a champ man phenomenon.

    No one complained about his signing.

  52. Wenger the liar

    @ David –

    Why does Arsene have big balls?

    What has he got to lose, his job? No fucking way, cause come May if we have suffered an injury crisis in defence which cost us the league people will still be defending him “with a fit Vermalen”

  53. incesc

    torres and villa were both available when henry left.

    everyone was saying get one of them, apart from A who thought aliadiere would be better than henry.

    seriously tevez and torres were available and he got adebayor and eduardo…

    which 2 players have been better?

    tevez and torres of course!

    wenger and hes cut price bullshit. He already had 16 million from henry so torresd would have been just an extra 10 mil

  54. Pedro

    Albo, a signing would be great for the players as well. They’re not sitting there rubbing there hands together at the thought of going into the next 3 months with 3 centre backs.

    The fans are negative about this because Wenger always seems to fuck up January… unless 4th is in jeopardy of course.

  55. Keyser

    WTL – See, he wasn’t hit and miss, he was simply one of the best finishers around, I think you’re somehow mis-interpreting that to mean, one of the best players.

    He wasn’t as big as Adebayor, he wasn’t as quick as Henry, or as skilfful as Van Persie say, but he had a yard of pace on most defenders, was pretty skillful and very very good technically.

    The thing is his finishing was as good as any striker you’re likely to come across, the difference between him and the others is that he wouldn’t get himself into those positions based solely on his physical attributes. The team would have to provide those chances.

    But give him half a chance and he’d bury it, which he did and it’s something we’ve needed for years.

    That team in 08 was as efficient as I’ve ever seen us, we didn’t waste the posession we had, we crosses when we had to and we played it long when we had to aswell.

    We’re starting to see that develop in this team now.

    There is no Henry replacement, they’ll be players who will be good in their own rights, but they won’t ever do what Henry did for us, footballs moved on since then and changed in ways that would never allow it.

  56. Wenger the liar

    Albo –

    I agree about the fans comment and also what Pedro says about the players. I think, and all this crap is always subjective, that someone like Cesc would be happier if we had signed – Alonso, Torres or Villa.

    When the captian is coming out and asking for players like this and the manager gets his cheque book out and signs Sylvestre and Bischoff its got to be disheartening.

  57. David

    WTL too right.

    Same thing when we desperately needed a striker and we player Arshavin for 3months as a CF.

    It was disgusting.

    But have some faith WTL the AKB’s are running out of excuses

  58. gambon


    Oh how wrong you are as always.

    If you remember, I’m not sure you do, we signed Henry and the unbelievably ‘proven’ Suker when Anelka left.

    Also, Adebayors good 07/08 season came after 18 months bedding in, Torres came and ‘Smashed it’ straight away….yet again highlighting a huge wenger flaw….always developing, never the finished article.

  59. David

    Ive always said that Ade took the stick for yet another failed Wenger season.

    The big man did his best playing the lone striker in that bizzare crab football season.

  60. albo

    Pedro – well I know that plenty of my Arsenal friends did. He had had a woeful time at Juventus, and while he was France’s joint top scorer in the 1998 WC that was only 3 goals, and he didn’t even play in the final! If anything, France’s WC campaign that season is famous for suggesting that you could cope without a great striker as long as you had goalscoring midfielders.

    And then, as I say, he went 8 games without scoring! I suppose the complaints were muted, mainly because things had all gone so great the previous season that people weren’t in the mood to moan the way they are now, but there was certainly plenty of scepticism…

  61. incesc


    adebayor was doing great then he started babbling on about beyonce and milan and the fans turned on him and he retaliated by not putting in the effort any more.

  62. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    I agree with a lot of your assesment but not the final lines about football moving on.

    The same way Henry looked like he was in a playground is the same way Messi looks like he is in a playground.

    There will be players as good if not better than Henry in our lifetime – dont become one of those old cunts that says I remember going down to highbury with my flat cap and rattle wathcing Henry, modern football blah blah, then getting up to dance and embaresing your granddaughter at her wedding!

  63. Wonderboy

    Waaah waaaah, were are so fucking shit, all our players and manager are cunts, fucking cunts. We have to buy Suarez because i’ve on just heard of him about two fucking months ago. Did i mention that Pat Rice is a cunt?

  64. Arsene Nose Best

    so the chavs slap in a 43 million bid for torres and wenger’s still offering a kit kat and a cup of tea for player’ arsene wenger…

  65. Keyser

    WTL – It’s not just that there won’t be another Henryesque player, the same conditions just arent likely to be replicated.

    Don’t really get the Messi comparison, he plays in La Liga and while the Premierships tried to adopt a more continental approach there’s still a hefty difference.

    Messi could adapt to the Premiership and play just aswell, but it doesn’t change the fact that right now we don’t know.

    You could compare what they do, but you’d have to look at in more detail then just what they scored or how.

  66. Wenger the liar

    How good is this Chamberlain anyway?

    Its funny sometimes becuase if we sign this kid people will moan that we only sing kids but if we dont sign him and United do, people will moan that we have lost out to United.

    It will be interesting watching him today.

  67. Pedro

    WTL, he looks like exactly the same player as Theo was. He is a little better on the ball, but his video reel has the same chips Theo used to do!

  68. albo


    Also, Adebayors good 07/08 season came after 18 months bedding in, Torres came and ‘Smashed it’ straight away….yet again highlighting a huge wenger flaw….always developing, never the finished article.

    Oh please, what nonsense.

    Firstly, as far as Ade is concerned the timing was perfect. Just as Henry left, Adebayor was ready to take over as top scorer. So what’s the problem there? He was hardly going to displace the greatest player our club has ever had while he was still at the club!

    Secondly, Torres is an exception in the way he adapted to the league so quickly. And despite that, there are still plenty of Wenger signings that have had an early impact. The way you talk its as if Wenger never won anything at all!

  69. albo

    (oh, and I’m not sure what Suker has to do with anything, expect I suppose to demonstrate that ‘proven’ signings can sometimes be a total disaster!)

  70. Mayank

    I remember after the feirst 8 or so league matches a few were on here saying our defence has become worse looking at the goals we’ve conceded.

    Now that we’ve conceded 0 in the last 4 and 4 in the last 8 not many are here saying that its greatly improved.

    Does anyone think we can go the next 10 matches conceding 5 goals or less?

  71. Pedro

    Keyser, check out the Torres fitness records… it’s not as bad as I imagined!

    He’d have been an amazing signing… I wasn’t convinced though, I didn’t think his scoring record was that great at Athletico.

    Albo, he was missing the target in his first 8 games but he was electric regardless. He had the magic in his game that few players have… I think Carlos has it, shame he doesn’t put it to good use.

  72. Pedro

    Mayank, we’ve played crap opposition, that’s why no one is singing the defences praises yet!

    I think regardless of who we’ve played, it’ll build confidence.

    Chesney in goal is a huge boost in my opinion. He is so much better at everything bar distribution. He’s a really exciting player to have at 19.

  73. David


    I was the biggest Ade fan you would ever meet. But I, even I was upset that we gambled with not replacing Henry and leaving Ade to his own devices.

  74. Pedro

    Albo, I can’t believe you just threw Suker out there… he was a well past it! Possibly the slowest player I’ve ever seen play in an Arsenal shirt!

  75. Kushagra India

    Athletico Madrid were a very poor side when Torres left ,him and Simao the sole creative players and whenever he played for Spain he showed that spark hence the the high price for which he was bought. An eye for a player is rare Fergie was rite in suggesting that ,one needs to gamble to achieve gr8 things and unfortunately for Wenger the gamble on Eduardo and Ade didnt payoff for a variety of reasons and none of them is financial…

  76. Mayank

    Not really Pedro in the last 8 matches we’ve played Brum and Utd away, Chelsea and City at home. So not too shabby.

  77. albo

    Wenger the liar says:
    January 29, 2011 at 16:05
    How good is this Chamberlain anyway?

    Its funny sometimes becuase if we sign this kid people will moan that we only sing kids but if we dont sign him and United do, people will moan that we have lost out to United.

    It will be interesting watching him today.

    Will def be interesting. A lot of quotes from people that know the player well say that he is further on in his development than Theo was at this stage. But to be honest, by the entirely unscientific and unhelpful method that is looking at clips on youtube, I actually don’t think he looks quite as exciting as Theo (as Theo in equivalent Southhampton clips that is).

    I guess its always a gamble with players of that age. Let’s face it, 18 months ago most Spurs fans would tell you Bale had been a total waste of time and money!

  78. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    I dont know what conditions youre talking about, give me an idea, this is a genuine not patronising comment.

    Henry will be hard to replicate becuase his (this sound so gay) body was perfection.

    As far as Messi and the premiership:

    I have heard arguments about Barca playing in the prem and not being able to cope with the physical side blah blah fucking bollocks.

    Sometime people get drawn into the skysports sales pitch a little too far and forget reality. Reality is that in order to be able to be noticed in south america as a baller you have to be able to take a kick. People think that brasilians and argies play nice football forgeting that they are some big fuckers that like to leave a foot in.

  79. gambon

    Lol, Suker a disaster.

    He has a better ratio than Rvp with us, so that’s big disrespect to robin there.

    My suspicions are correct I feel. You started supporting Arsenal about 3 years back as you are way off with everything you say.

  80. albo

    Pedro says:
    January 29, 2011 at 16:12
    Albo, I can’t believe you just threw Suker out there… he was a well past it! Possibly the slowest player I’ve ever seen play in an Arsenal shirt!

    Read the post I was replying to. It was Gambon who inexplicably brought Suker up. I’m still not sure why…

  81. Keyser

    Pedro – Torres played the figurehead striker for Liverpool and Adebayor pretty much did the same for us, both a bit different though, Torres pacier, Adebayor stronger physically and taller.

    I wasn’t too bothered we didn’t buy a striker that year apart from Eduardo, we looked good from the first game onwards.

  82. albo

    gambon says:
    January 29, 2011 at 16:15
    Lol, Suker a disaster.

    He has a better ratio than Rvp with us, so that’s big disrespect to robin there.

    My suspicions are correct I feel. You started supporting Arsenal about 3 years back as you are way off with everything you say.

    Haha. And my suspicions are correct that you are just an argumentative little WUM if you are going to argue that Suker was anything but a failure in an Arsenal shirt.

  83. David


    Actually i reckon Albo’s a southampton fan, or a WestHam fan.

    I cant believe he wasnt livid when we broke our transfer record to sign DB10, I.Wright, D.Seaman, and a host of other players.

    I imagine he was sitting somewhere in Newham, slagging us off for buying world class players and applauding WestHam for developing talents for the future.

  84. Wenger the liar

    Albo is a gooner who funnily enough is around the same age as me and started supporting the same time as me.

    Before some funny cunt says it, that wasnt yesterday!

  85. Keyser

    WTL – Forget the Sky Sales pitch, you’re selling the same thing, the idea that Messi/ Barcelona and the Premiership would be a perfect fit is just as silly.

    Thing is you just don’t know, La Liga right now is a joke, it’s heavily weighted towards the top two teams, and it’s getting to the point where any dropped points by the top 2 are seen as almost a loss.

    They have a winter break, they don’t play in two domestic cup competitions, you may say their suttle differences, but they’re still there.

    Also the Premiership is nowhere near as rough or physical as it used to be, but Henry thrived in those times and he took a beating for it, but managed 50 games a year.

    He was a physical phenomenon, Messi at a young age was soo small he had to be treated with growth hormone, and earlier in his career this mean’t he suffered from injuries quite frequently, Barcelona were able to limit his minutes for long enough for his body to take the strain and grow into it.

    They’re just very different players, from pretty different times and circumstances.

  86. albo

    David – I’m not sure what breaking our own transfer record has anything to do with anything. Let’s face it, Arsenal have also broken their transfer record during this period that you regard as the most terrible in recent memory.

    During my supporting lifetime (circa 1987/8) we’ve always been intelligently and sensibly run and have had plenty of success on the pitch. Why would I have moaned about that? What was there to moan about?

  87. Mayank

    So to sum up,

    In the last 2 seasons Torres and RvP have had similar no. of starts.

    In that time Torres as Liverpool’s main attacking threat has had 32 goals. Much better than RvP who’s scored 20 goals, however he’s also bagged 17 assists.

    This season Torres has had more starts than RvP but has a poorer goal ratio. NOt very good for being Liverpools sole attacking threat.

    So it’s not as blatant a choice as they’d have you believe.

    That said Torres is the striker which has come closest to Henry in his playing style.

  88. Wonderboy

    WTL has started a new game, “Who’s Got The Best Body at Arsenal?” I’m more the Big Raddy type, ooh those strong arms… Cooooeee, i’m free!!

  89. albo

    Wonderboy says:
    January 29, 2011 at 16:29
    WTL has started a new game, “Who’s Got The Best Body at Arsenal?” I’m more the Big Raddy type, ooh those strong arms… Cooooeee, i’m free!!

    Haha. Well there was always Nikki B and his bare chest the other day 😉

  90. Wenger the liar

    Keyser –

    Messi would bang it in the prem, fucking smash the granny out of it.

    This is not about Henry, this is just about the stupid notion that Messi couldnt handle the prem.

    Messi sitting in the changing room in his first season for the gunners thinks who will he be playing against today, hes worried cause its the 5th placed team in the league so his opponent is probably world class……….oh wait a minute its Assou-Ekotto!!!!


    I am eating some pasta and cutting my hair, be back for the united game so I will read your reply then mate.

  91. incesc


    barce would smash the granny out of the premiership too.

    they would have already had it wrapped up this season.

    teams arent shit in le liga, barcelona and madrid have just hoovered up pretty much all the best players in the world between them…

  92. gambon


    That’s really poor analysis.

    Check how many attempts Liverpool have had in comparison to us in that time. Torres would score way more for us than at the dippers.

    It is undeniable that Torres is a better player, ask any non arsenal fan to get a realistic answer.

    Quick question…where’s the £40m bid for Rvp?

  93. incesc

    “They’re just very different players, from pretty different times and circumstances.”

    its just football…

    great players adapt to any circumstances imo

  94. David

    Albo come off it.

    You were looking at Arsenal in a WestHam shirt in disgust when we signed DB10 for the then hefty some at the time and thinking to yourself that Signing world class players for large sums is a sin and cant be good for football.

  95. Keyser

    WTL – What are you on about ? Henry’s careers almost at an end, it’s about the idea you could compare them, or even that they’d be another Henry type player about.

    They’re different players, Messi is in his own right a great player, just as Ronaldinho was and so on.

    Messi took over from Ronaldinho, I wouldn’t say he replaced him though, Ronaldinho did things Messi never has and vice versa, but they both led Barcelona to successs.

  96. albo

    David – I think you completely misunderstand my point of view on Arsenal right now.

    To sum it up very simply, I would have no problem with us buying a world class player for a large fee. I simply don’t understand all the doom-mongering surrounding a club that is in a great position both on and off the field. Simple as that…

  97. Keyser

    incesc – That’s pretty much the point, you can’t send players back in time, so any comparison would always fall short of definitive.

    They’ve hoovered up the best players, leaving them with little comeptition.

  98. Mayank

    How many attempts? That’s a lot of homework. By the way it was supposed to be a poor analysis to showcase how stats can be manipulated to say anything you want.

    However, if you’re going into that wouldn’t we also take into consideration their roles in the team. Sure we have a lot more goal creators but we also have more scorers.

    Whereas only Torres gets respectable figures for Pool.

    It’s like the Henry thing, when he was there everyone looked to give the final pass to Henry which became a burden. In Pool everyone looks to give it to Torres.

    Really can’t say the same for RvP who always has a good option to feed. That’s why he has 21 assists for his 26 goals in the past two seasons and this one.

  99. David


    Thats because World Class players for large sums wouldve put us in a better position on and off the field.

    IF we were currently sitting top, nobody would have a moan. But we’ve been here before.

  100. Kushagra India

    Barca would smash every team in the world anywhere they are that good but we can screw them come February..