Vela off, Chezzer confirmed numero uno, Almunia’s back and are Arsenal about to get fined?

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So to begin with Carlos Vela’s departure to West Brom on loan, didn’t Simpson go there once? Hmmm the word is the agent moved the goal posts at the last minute so Vela didn’t go to Bolton, strange that, I thought it was Vela that was playing and the loan was up to Wenger, still never mind, that put paid to Cahill then.

Great news is that Wenger has confirmed Chezzer is the new Arsenal number one, that is indeed top, top news, stay un-injured boy and you’ll go far, we are a different team with you in and you have the support of this blog. Almunia is being told to fight for his place, how bizarre, he’ll only get in if Chezzer or Fab get injured, so unless he means fight them, like beat them up, I don’t see how fighting for his place works, still he’s back for the Huddersfield game tomorrow.

For those of you who didn’t know where Huddersfield is, it’s North of Watford and South of Norway, we’re at home though, so it doesn’t matter!

Now we know that Arsene will make wholesale changes, so I will guess the team, question is do we get fined like Blackpool did or are the big two exempt?

Here’s my guess for manana’s team.


Eboue Squillaci Koscielny (or Miquel) Gibbs

Denilson Diaby Song

Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

That’s my guess, we are running out of options as we seem happy to supply the rest of the league with loanees, so I’m thinking with Rosicky injured then Diaby who is fit, will step in, either way it’s a game where Pedro and I may well be rested, seems a long way to go to watch a second string play a conference side, so maybe resting the fans is no different to resting the players, I wonder how Ivan would feel about that, you know if we followed the leaders mantra and all took the day off!

On the way home on Thursday I met two very nice young ladies who were keen to talk about Le Grove and the Richard Keys and Andy Gray situation, they both said as girls that the whole thing was nonsense, well done girls and a victory for common sense, you were both delightful and it was nice sharing part of my journey with you talking about the Arsenal, you must have thought I was a sad old git! Thank you Cheryl and Jenny!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we’ll see about the mighty Huddersfield and get to see our old boy, Benik Afobe!

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  1. Geoff

    I have to go as I’m in a meeting, but for Gnarley to give Sabeel shit over his cricket team is so funny, since hammering the Aussies in their own back yard Gnarley’s been having a massive sulk up!

    Welcome back Gnarley and thanks for letting us tonk you on Australia day, from now on, it will be known in this country as England day!

  2. (bernard) bade the gooner

    morning mate… lately you r getting too many dreams coming true …strong squads for cups, now chezzer no 1 … now i’m afraid you might get heart attack if denilson leaves …. 🙂

  3. LAzer

    Afobe can’t play cause of some weird FA rules. Chamberlin will be playing for a move vs. Utd, wonder if Fergie will go for him. Torres likely won’t be sold in Jan unless it is absolute silly money or he has a buy out clause that gets activated. Really doubt new owners would like to dampen the mood like that in their first window.

  4. LAzer

    Really GG, you lot have a new low when you get spanked at home like that, have to agree with Geoff. Enough about cricket.

    Personally I would have preferred Vela to Bolton, let Davies and boys rough him up and Coyle show some tough love. Di Matteo I don’t think will be as adept but still at least its a team that likes to play football not hoofball. I have a feeling this might be it for Vela though and he will be moved on in the summer. let see..

  5. Joppa

    Can’t help Wenger has missed a trick in not getting a quality CB in the window. Come mid march we may well be asking why? Same old.

    Let’s hope it’s not the case.

  6. Walking Wounded


    I read that Afobe is ineligible, but how can that be when Dirty Sanchez Watt could play against us?

    The Liverpool saga gets better…

    We all know they have the square root of f-all money, so to buy Suarez for £23 million means that they probably are already selling Torres.

    There are reports that someone in Liverpool is accusing Chelsea of tapping up.

    What I would like to happen, if Torres leaves…..

    Suarez to take the rest of the season to acclimatise and be fairly ineffective.

    Chelsea to be found guilty of tapping up and, with their previous, have a transfer ban for 2 years and have a 3 point penalty

    Torres’ hamstrings to give way and sit out the rest of the season.

  7. Geoff

    How disappointing though after such a long wait, this could be the trouble with all these fancy kids he buys, hope, followed by excitement follow by massive disappointment.

    Denilson, Diaby, Senderos, Manninger, Nordtveit etc, etc.

  8. choy

    Morning all..

    Drogba, Torres and Anelka!

    That frontline will be intimidating.. luckily the mancs have to play them twice!

  9. Joppa

    I’m getting the feeling if you pick a squad full of average players then you will get an average performance. I still stand by my comments that many of this squad simply aren’t good enough.

    Just because we have had an ok January against let’s face it weaker teams it don’t mean we can be all arrogant about the side we field.

    Our first team yes can beat anyone. The team with Almunia, Denilson, Eboue etc can lose to anyone.

  10. LAzer

    Would like to see the Chinease girl win the Aussie open…

    Something about Sanchez being on a season long loan and thus being eligible to play ww.

  11. bnsb

    Our first team yes can beat anyone. The team with Almunia, Denilson, Eboue etc can lose to anyone.

    So can worlds most expensively assembled team.

  12. Pedro

    Sawan, no where did I say Wenger took a cut of transfer fees.

    Read yesterdays post again.

    Good post Geoff, top news about Chezzer! I wonder what happened to Fabianski?

  13. Geoff

    Wenger say this ‘What do six centre backs do? Watch the games in the stands because they don’t play’

    Could ask the same question about the central midfielders we employ don’t you think?

    Also if Squillaci were world class and Song was any good at the back I could understand it, but they aren’t so we haven’t got 6 centre backs, add to that Vermaelen would have missed almost a season…

  14. SurferX


    “they both said as girls”… lol. Why, what do they normally say things as? Wait! OH NO GEOFF!! THEY DIDN’T HAVE ADAMS-APPLES DID THEY????????

    Morning munglers…

  15. Dial Square

    Good post.I agree as to whether i can be bothered to travel and watch the second team play,first time i have ever felt like that.

  16. Telarse

    Now that I know , thanks to the eloquent debate here yesterday, that Arsene gets 63% of all transfer monies I feel a tad happier in my resignation to the fact that while we tread water, in terms of winning anything (I spit in the general direction of the Carling Cup), we’re not sitting on a big pot of cash.

    Wouldn’t ye think that after Chelsea and Man Utd had slumps allowing our current league position that they’d have the good grace to stay there?
    But no, they’re trying to improve their squads and kick on – classless cunts?
    Same goes for the fuckers below us trying to improve their squads and overtake us!

    We’ll show them…………….

  17. lew

    wenger came out with the same shit again, oh but if we buy another then we’ll have 5 defenders and we will have to pay 5, no get rid of squillaci then you only have to pay 4 you deluded, stubborn you need a defender(or two preferably) who can stay in position and is commanding at set pieces, you haven’t got one.
    same applys for midfield when he whinges about having too many, get rid of the shite i.e denilson and then you free up wages for someone decent

  18. LAzer

    Maybe…just maybe Wenger sees Szczesny as a better keeper despite age and seniority. Either way he says he is no.1 so am happy with that. He has made a few mistakes here and there but hasn’t been punished for them like Fabianski. But Fabianski over the years has made many more. AND those clean sheets I think have more to do with JD and Kos settling in and playing a few blinders.

  19. goonermichael

    We don’t really have 5 when TV is injured. He’s taking a massive risk. I hope we get away with it.

    Still think we’ll win the league though

  20. LAzer

    Isn’t Rosicky back?

    my guess on Wenger’s 11 for Hud

    Eboue Squillachi Koz(maybe we see Miquel) Gibbs
    Denilson Rosicky Diaby
    Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

    and God help us with that lineup…if it works will be brilliant, we would have rested almost entirely our whole first 11 for Tuesday and Saturday at Tyneside.

  21. hammer & tong

    hi guys, am i the only one thinking torres l’pools best player wants a move????? hold on a minute havent we seen this before… fabregas on off move to barca, rooney i want out of O/T, tevez i cant work with these directors, and now torres, cant wait to hear drogba’s had enough of roman!

  22. goonermichael

    It would not get us into a position where we have to pay five defenders for four years and it would cover the season. If we find that opportunity we will do it. We believe in the quality of the defenders we have, but we are a bit short in numbers.

    He’s basically admitted that he had no intention of ever buying a CB.

  23. DeiseGooner

    Mornin grovers
    I reckon West Brom is a good fit for Vela. He should play in virtually all of their remaining games. Hel be under no real pressure. West Brom play decent football if a little toothless at times. 15 league games for them, heres hoping the lad comes back with a few goals under his belt and performances of note.
    Didnt Wenger say Rosicky is back in the squad? I reckon hel start.

  24. Big Dave

    He is num 1 cause the rest are injured.

    So the chavs are starting to open up their wallet again, whilst ours is locked away somewhere in some volt

  25. A

    Ww it’s because apparently you can only play against your parent club if it’s a season long loan, so watt could but afobe cant.

    Agree with geoffs team apart from rosicky in for song.

  26. Walking Wounded

    Chelsea FC PLC are completely debt free and owe Abramovic nothing, but they fail to mention that Chelsea holdings PLC (yeah, I would buy shares in that one) owe Abramovic about £800 million.

    Can’t wait for him to sink his teeth into his next project….

    Mother Russia welcomes him home, if he helps fund the World Cup. Chavski can kiss goodbye to their status as a football club

  27. LAzer

    Wenger said 6 weeks on Vermaelen. And that is without any setbacks which may be likely. So mid march sounds right. Awful risk Wenger is taking for that long…a loan for a seasoned veteran CB on someones bench would be ideal.

  28. Pedro

    Chelsea might owe Abramovich money, but what would be the point in him taking that out of the club? He’d kill his investment…

  29. choy

    Abramovich himself said its not an investment, he likes footie thats all.

    Yep pedro, its been rejected however.

    Chavs are going to submit an improved bid on Monday it seems.. with Sturridge included.

  30. A

    Pedro he wouldn’t call It in whilst he still owns the cluc obviously. It’s if he loses interest and walks away that they should be worried about….

    Yeah Torres put in a transfer request but it was rejected. Can’t see it happening, there isn’t enough time for Torres/Chelsea to pressure Liverpool and push it through

  31. vinnyjones

    top stuff as usual. but i honestly think chezzer would belt the absolute shit out of manny almanuia if it came to a physical confrontation. the kid is a beast and so jen`s like its scary.certain we will see changes tomorrow, but don`t see it being as drastic as your projected starting 11.

  32. alex

    team i’d like to see:

    Eboue Squillaci Koz Gibbs
    Rosicky Denilson Diaby
    Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

    Btw Wellington included in Levante first team today

  33. Honest Bill

    I’m pretty sure that the rule under which Blackpool were fined was a Premier league rule and has no effect on the FA cup.

    It’s a stupid rule in fairness, but i can see the logic behind it. I was pretty pissed off last season when Mick McCarthy gave Utd three points last season.

    However there is too much about it that’s subjective and the rules are unclear without any kind of stipulations for it to be fairly enforceable. Of course Arsenal do this all the time and are never fined for it, the implication being i guess, that our second string is better than the weaker team’s first teams, which of course often isn’t the case.

    To be fair i believe that the managers should be able to field anybody who is on their books who has a professional playing contract. I mean it is necessary for clubs to submit all their players who are eligible to play before the campaign starts, only for the Premier league to then turn round and say that some of them aren’t acceptable..

    Well what’s next? is the premier league going to tell Blackpool which formation they must play next week?

    Agree about Szczesny too. That lad is going to be our keeper for many years i think. Legend in the making.

  34. Walking Wounded

    How else can Liverpool afford Suarez?

    John Henry would not dig deep into his pocket on a hope that they may get into Europe. No American investor has bankrolled a club yet, I don’t see him being one to start with Liverpool in their current situation

  35. Pedro

    I don’t know what happens GM…maybe Chelsea have life insurance on him!?

    Torres… what a muppet, shouldn’t he have made the request at the start of Jan?

  36. Confidentgoner

    Wenger saying that he will have ‘6 defenders’ and including Song in that count confirms our fears that hey is there to save or make money and justify his high salary. This guy also reads Le grove and he knows the accusation is out there and choose the opportunity to deny it. But we all know that Wenger lies to newsmen, so he will have used the opportunity to lie once more.

    Its only a negligent boss who will refuse to buy or loan a defender when you have only 3 available and there is a window to address it. In other jobs, he would be tossed out. It shows that there is an understanding on spending limits, not really an effort to ensure the playing side stays robust and competitive.

  37. Walking Wounded

    Without Torres, Is Gerrard going to really run himself into the ground every game to salvage points?

    He could easily go in the summer if Torres leaves, then Liverpool will have a team worthy of the Championship

  38. Lurch LeRouge


    Top post Geoff.

    Szczesny with 2 broken forearms is better than Almunia.

    It’s about time Cesc asked the boss to show some intent & sign Torres to keep him at the club

  39. Walking Wounded

    As Wenger is doing his usual and doing the barest minimum to get the most possible out of the squad, if we do get another injury in the back etc, what position do we stand in with regards Kyle Bartley?

    Are we sanctioned from bringing him back? Because reports from Sheff Utd is that he is playing really well in a team having a bad year. He is the sort of player that if we didn’t own him, we would be looking to bring him in

  40. Telarse

    Torres buy would surely pay for itself?

    Every fan would have his name on their jersey for the foreseeable cos good as they are, Torres would be their star player.
    Same would apply to us!
    Wages would probably scare us off although couldn’t that be negotiated into his wages?
    A good part of the transfer fee could be written off against what we’ll get for Fabregas when he goes to Barca’s bench!
    Alternatively might ensure Fabregas stays.
    If we has someone to cpnvert more of our meaningless possession into goals then our defensive frailties would be less damaging.

    But, then again, the best striker in the world wouldn’t suit our tippy-tappy …system always wants to score goals…the Phillistine!

  41. ritesh

    Squillachi as a 4 year contract?

    Why were we told start of Jan that Boss was looking for a defender then?

    Honesty is rare these days.

  42. 037

    I think teams only get fined for not fielding a full-strength team in the league, not cups.
    Otherwise, we would’ve been fined to death in the previous Carling Cups

  43. lew

    some people saying he hasn’t got much money to spend yet he wasted 10-15 million on two defenders in the summer, who are clearly not good enough. so he does/did have money but instead of buying quality, he buys the opposite.

  44. SUGA3

    morning 😉

    nice post, good to hear that Szczesny is ‘confirmed’ as no. 1, as it would be unfair on him, had either of the other two displaced him, as it would be unmerited, unlucky on Fabianski, but that’s just tough shit…

    sooo, is the transfer window countdown clock buzzing with the digits flashing red yet?

    told ya…

  45. SUGA3

    Torres can’t be arsed to play for the club with no chance of winning anything in the foreseeable future and can you blame him? he is way too good for that…

    did you blame Henry for going to Barca when he did?

  46. Walking Wounded

    Torres has always been the big fish in a small pond, and when he has played for a successful national side, he has been exposed.

    £50 million superstar or an expensive embarrassment with a character flaw? Born loser!

  47. AndyB

    Goonermichael – wasn’t around to reply yesterday, re Keys/ Gray and your hypothetical “n” word in private scenario.
    TalkSport all jumped on the “what if” bandwagon and that blew the whole thing up, right out of proportion. The point is, they didn’t, they made some flippant comments, in private, that were only considered offensive to the “very, very Pc brigade”, who, in my opinion, can all fuck off.
    The “n” word, on the other hand is always offensive and disgraceful when used in private or otherwise!

  48. incesc

    Walking Wounded says:
    January 29, 2011 at 11:17
    Torres has always been the big fish in a small pond, and when he has played for a successful national side, he has been exposed.

    absolutely mental


    who scored the winner in the european championship?

    torres is in the top 5 strikers in the world.

    villa, drogba, bendtner, torres and vela.

  49. LAzer

    “clearly not good enough” is a tad too strong lew. Koscielny has come on well I think and needed an able partner. Squillachi looked good at the start but fell off before his injury. “Clearly not good enough” is an absolute statement and incorrect imo. I don’t think money is the issue here anyways. It is about depth and balance.

  50. SUGA3


    Koscielny is decent enough to be TV’s understudy and he formed good understanding with JD, who should occupy the other CB slot and rotate with the new signing, not sure whether as 1st choice or 2nd…

    Squillaci? 5th choice, Silvestre Mk II, that’s all…

  51. LAzer

    Torres injury free and in form is a scary good world class striker. Same can be said of Rvp. I think they would both score goals anywhere. Villa I am not so sure about being successful in England. He is very clinical but not sure about his speed and strength. Its easy knocking them in with Messi on one side and Xavi and Iniesta behind you.

    Besides la liga is for pussies touch me and I fall types anyways. In Spain they think Football is like Basketball, touch the player and its a foul.

  52. Gooneroo

    What AW means by ‘fight for your place’ is if we win or get a clean sheet v Huddersfield (which shouldn’t be too hard) then Almunia will be justified as being the new number 1. AW is just setting Almunia up for success which is unfair for Chezzer.

  53. Kushagra India

    If he would have given the same chances as Bendtner and dare I say Ade he would have been a world beater 😆

  54. goonermichael

    AndyB says:
    January 29, 2011 at 11:18
    Goonermichael – wasn’t around to reply yesterday, re Keys/ Gray and your hypothetical “n” word in private scenario.
    TalkSport all jumped on the “what if” bandwagon and that blew the whole thing up, right out of proportion. The point is, they didn’t, they made some flippant comments, in private, that were only considered offensive to the “very, very Pc brigade”, who, in my opinion, can all fuck off.
    The “n” word, on the other hand is always offensive and disgraceful when used in private or otherwise!

    Andy the point i was making was that being a private converstation didn’t really make a difference. I am totally with you on the PC bullshit stuff as anyone who reads my posts would tell you. I still think keys is a total emberrassing wanker though. Ugly cunt too. I’ve since been told (by someone who would definitely know) That they were both stitched up. They were stupid to get themselves into the situation.

  55. Lurch LeRouge

    Hmmm Kush, I think someone might have laced yer mango lassie! 🙂

    Harry will come in with a bid at some point for Torres.

  56. LAzer

    Ideally that is what would happen Suga. JD and Vermaelen, Kos as first change, Squillachi as 4th choice. I agree in hindsight Squillachi wasn’t a good buy but that is always 20/20 anyways. I don’t really see how Wenger can get shot of Squillachi after 4 months into a 2 yr contract though so it looks like he needs a temp thus talking of a loan deal. Bottom line is you need 4 CBs in the squad, can’t buy just based on injuries every year. Look at Utd, Ferdinand, Vidic, Smalling, Evans and they were reduced to shreds by injuries in defence last year.

  57. AndyB

    Goonermichael- FairPlay, and yes he is an ugly cunt, and I have no doubt they were stitched up. If they werent so busy wanking over pictures of Alex Ferguson, they would of seen it coming.
    I just thought it was blown out of all proportion

  58. SUGA3


    we have been there last year in January in the forward department, where AW gambled and it backfired…

    Squillaci was a poor buy, hence my opinion that he should be a 5th choice, behind two pairings, we bought him, gave him 2 year contract, I’d say let’s bite the bullet and keep him, just in case, we can aford that…

  59. gene wilder

    Hopefully barcelona will put in a big bid for torres and then won’t be able to afford cesc in the summer

  60. incesc

    i dont think it has been blown out of proportion at all.

    if anything, the only reason they got away with being such cunts for a long time is because of their status as celebrities.

    in a normal job they would have been sacked long agao…

  61. Woolwichstilhere

    Too many joke’s here. Just hope vela doesn’t end up like Fran jeffers cos i knw he’s got potential. But the sad reality scares me

  62. Walking Wounded

    incesc, never said Torres was bad, but he has always looked great amongst mediocrity. He has never regularly played for a team where he hasn’t been the top dog. Chelsea are taking a risk with him, because he will not be happy playing second fiddle.

  63. gambon

    – Liverpool sign Suarez for £23m
    – Chelsea bidding for Torres
    – Spurs bid 23m for Carroll
    – City sign Dzeko
    – Wenger tells us we don’t need anyone and makes transfer window profits again, while the chairman tells us trophies don’t matter.

    Yep, we’re a highly ambitious club.

  64. gambon

    Lol, now people suggesting Torres would be a bad signing, how did I know that was coming.

    What does that say about Rvp, chamakh and bendtner?

  65. goonermichael

    gambon says:
    January 29, 2011 at 12:08
    – Liverpool sign Suarez for £23m
    – Chelsea bidding for Torres
    – Spurs bid 23m for Carroll
    – City sign Dzeko
    – Wenger tells us we don’t need anyone and makes transfer window profits again, while the chairman tells us trophies don’t matter.

    Yep, we’re a highly ambitious club.

    I’m torn between laughing and crying gambon

  66. goonermichael

    gambon says:
    January 29, 2011 at 12:10
    Lol, now people suggesting Torres would be a bad signing, how did I know that was coming.

    What does that say about Rvp, chamakh and bendtner?

    I think it’s more people trying to say he’s no good. I hope he has an instant impact and they beat the mancs twice.

  67. incesc

    liverpool would never sell him to chelsea with a couple of days left of the transfer market.

    but the scousers are livid!


  68. patthegooner

    I would love Torres at Arsenal.

    All I would say is that given his injury record, I dont think paying out somewhere between 40 and 60 million for him is value for money. It will be interesting to see if he can stay fit at the Chavs.

    I just hope that the Chavs are done for tapping up, as it is quite obvious they have been up to their old tricks. I cant believe they would be bidding for the player this late in the window if shady deals and chats in hotel lobbies had not been going on for the last few weeks.

  69. patthegooner


    I think they might. I think a bid in excess of 40m will get their man.

    The Liverpool fans are turning against him already. Kenny will not keep him on the books. And given the shortage of time left in the window, it would not surprise me if it happens at some point today or tomorrow to give Liverpool chance to spend that money on Monday.

    The Liverpool squad could actually be better off at the end of all this

  70. gambon

    Torres’ injury problems are certainly the only worry. When fit its hard to find a better CF in world football.

    He would score 80 in 100 games in our current team.

  71. patthegooner


    I reckon if we did have the cahoonas to bid and match the Chavs, he would pick us every day of the week.

  72. Wenger the liar

    Theres more chance of me going to the bathroom now and shitting out a gold bar than Arsene spending £35m on Torres.

  73. choy

    Newcastle have rejected a Tottenham bid for their England striker Andy Carroll, believed to be around £25m, insisting the frontman will not leave in this transfer window.