Vela off, Chezzer confirmed numero uno, Almunia’s back and are Arsenal about to get fined?

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So to begin with Carlos Vela’s departure to West Brom on loan, didn’t Simpson go there once? Hmmm the word is the agent moved the goal posts at the last minute so Vela didn’t go to Bolton, strange that, I thought it was Vela that was playing and the loan was up to Wenger, still never mind, that put paid to Cahill then.

Great news is that Wenger has confirmed Chezzer is the new Arsenal number one, that is indeed top, top news, stay un-injured boy and you’ll go far, we are a different team with you in and you have the support of this blog. Almunia is being told to fight for his place, how bizarre, he’ll only get in if Chezzer or Fab get injured, so unless he means fight them, like beat them up, I don’t see how fighting for his place works, still he’s back for the Huddersfield game tomorrow.

For those of you who didn’t know where Huddersfield is, it’s North of Watford and South of Norway, we’re at home though, so it doesn’t matter!

Now we know that Arsene will make wholesale changes, so I will guess the team, question is do we get fined like Blackpool did or are the big two exempt?

Here’s my guess for manana’s team.


Eboue Squillaci Koscielny (or Miquel) Gibbs

Denilson Diaby Song

Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

That’s my guess, we are running out of options as we seem happy to supply the rest of the league with loanees, so I’m thinking with Rosicky injured then Diaby who is fit, will step in, either way it’s a game where Pedro and I may well be rested, seems a long way to go to watch a second string play a conference side, so maybe resting the fans is no different to resting the players, I wonder how Ivan would feel about that, you know if we followed the leaders mantra and all took the day off!

On the way home on Thursday I met two very nice young ladies who were keen to talk about Le Grove and the Richard Keys and Andy Gray situation, they both said as girls that the whole thing was nonsense, well done girls and a victory for common sense, you were both delightful and it was nice sharing part of my journey with you talking about the Arsenal, you must have thought I was a sad old git! Thank you Cheryl and Jenny!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we’ll see about the mighty Huddersfield and get to see our old boy, Benik Afobe!

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  1. goonermichael

    gambon says:
    January 29, 2011 at 19:00
    Oxymoron now, Hazard & Hummels in the summer…team sorted for 5 years.

    Replace denilson with a tough cunt as well.

    Would you feel comfortable with that?

  2. SlickBangGoal

    w.silva made his debut for levante today, impressed me as i watching and chamberlin needs to be nurted and he will be really good, has a great burst andd he DOESN’T want to go to united due to limited oppurtunities

  3. Arsene Nose Best

    Confidentgoner says:
    January 29, 2011 at 19:07
    oxy chaerlin, another overated English kid. Shouldn’nt we keep our money for hazard?

    and sign another overrated midget

  4. Chippy

    Big Dave,
    Never take As word on a player he couldn’t spot Messi if he run up pulled his trousers down and slapped his arse 😉

  5. Confidentgoner


    Watched the 2nd half. Southampton played like a team under a Man U voodo programme – don’t bother or attempt to score, just pass in front of our deefence

  6. Confidentgoner

    Barca score at last.

    A better team defending as well as hercules will take barca down. the hercules mid and strikers can hardly string passes together

  7. zeus


    They won the ball TWICE and lost it just as quickly due to panic before it fell to xavi to play Pedro in. Should be 0-0 now.

  8. Confidentgoner

    I luv the way Barca press. When you are with the ball, they get 2-3 players on you and its easy to loose possession easily

  9. Confidentgoner

    I luv the way Barca press. When you are with the ball, they get 2-3 players on you and its easy to loose possession easily. its not for lazy players though.

  10. incesc

    i have just completely written off the barce game.

    if almoonia hadnt had the game of his life we would have lost 10 – 2

  11. albo

    incesc – yeah, I’m the same. I’ve basically written off the Champs league – they are just so good. Over 2 legs I just can’t see their extra quality not making the difference.

  12. London

    Hi Geoff

    The last two times Song played CB he was superb and yet seemingly at every opportunity that arises you question his ability to play that role, how did you arrive at that conclusion?

  13. incesc

    think its more the fact he has worked incredibly hard to be a good defensive midfielder and to move him back when we dont have good enough cover is stupid

  14. Confidentgoner


    because it gives an incompetent Dennilson the opportunity to start in the DM role and both of us know how useless he is in that role.

  15. incesc

    we could beat any other team in the champions league imo on our day.

    but to beat barce you need the sort of gameplan we never ever do…

  16. Honest Bill


    I don’t know hat you mean, but that clip is taken from several different mixed martial arts tournaments.

  17. D-Gooner

    I have got to say Le Grove is the best Arsenal blog out there. It is always a good read and to the point. I also like the fact that editors take the time to reply to readers. Keep the good work up guys.

  18. DaleDaGooner

    Sup Peeps! Weather is so lovely today, that i almost forgot to post here, but after yesterays unnecessary comment by Geoff, I thought for a second if I should really speak my mind…

    Anyway..on Szczesny being number one…somehow I don’t see it as literally number 1 for the rest of the season, something in Wenger’s comments doesn’t really make me feel comforted that Chezzer will be retained as number 1 all through.

    The team Geoff scribbed could very well be tomorrow’s starting squad..I fear for that team Huddersfield or not.

    Was rooting massively for Southampton, Mancs once again didn’t deserve to win. They are really beatable if someone can just pull it up and go for it.

    Anyway, Roll on tomorrow, so we can get one FA game out of the way with a win. I doubt we will see Almunia, i hope not…but we should be good enough.

    See ya Gooners!

  19. David

    All the Bendtner loving on making me sick.

    The boy scores one goal and everyone decides to lose their marbles. Give me a break.

  20. LAzer

    Mr. David, one of these days Bendy will become a regular and you Sir will most likely abandon watching football that day.

    I found it interesting the article on Henry talking with him and Wenger now saying he is effective of the wing. Arsene Wenger could sell a heater to the devil if he had too.

  21. LAzer

    don’t hold your horses Gooby, we won’t be signing anyone. Someone made a good point on having to play Arshavin as a CF last year because we didn’t buy on a shortage of players up front last Dec. I sense deja-vous with Song playing at the back vs. Barca and Vermaelen being declared out for the season in March.

  22. Rohan

    Bendtner is a god I tell you.

    Prince William who? It’s all about His Royal Pinkiness. He smashed Steve Bruce’s daughter while at Birmingham. What a champ.