Andy Gray and Richard Keys, the demon anti Arsenal Sky pundits have been fired, so is that Good?

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For the pro manc loving Fergie can do no wrong stance, yes. For their he’s just showing passion and letting you know he’s there comments, yes most definitely. But for an off air comment about a female lino not knowing the offside rule, most definitely not.

I am in no way defending sexism or any ‘ism’ for that matter and I know some of you won’t agree with this, but read on and let me tell you why I believe this is wrong.

And encroaching on civil liberties with spy cameras is verging on Stalinism and that’s on ‘ism’ that is unacceptable in this country.

What next, cameras in toilets to see who washes their hands, or worse?

Ok, they didn’t get caught fiddling their expenses at the taxpayers expense, they weren’t shagging their best friends wives and knocking them up, they were neither drug dealing or taking, they weren’t shoplifting and they weren’t looking at underage porn sites on the internet.

Yes I agree that there is no place for racism, there is no place for discriminating against disabled people, mental handicapped people or old people, and there is certainly no place for sexism, but I believe they were just having a bit of lads banter that went horribly wrong.

With all the evil going on around us in this world and in this country, let’s get some perspective, Richards Keys resignation was on page 5 today, buried further down was a white bird and a black bloke who stamped a homosexual to death for nothing, they got 7 and 6 respectively, what happened to life? Now that’s a real crime, but I didn’t see that repeated for a week on the TV and all over the press. Sky, ITV, Channel4 and the BBC have been camped outside Andy Grays house for a week.

What do blokes talk about when they are down the boozer, God? Or how they are going to spend all weekend helping the elderly and doing charity work?

Do they hell, and if you are one that does, then you have indeed cast that first stone and I humbly apologise – Jesus.

What do women do when they are out with their chums? The same as blokes thats what, being lewd and probably being disparaging about blokes, ‘man flu’ springs to mind.

Tell me I’m wrong!

If we apply this holier than thou logic in life what next, we can’t take the micky out of the Scots, or the Welsh? We can’t have a dig at the spuds? We can’t wear Lancaster bombers on our heads when we play Germany?

There is a fine line between banter and misogyny and those two guys are not misogynists. As much as they get me down with their arse kissing manc antics, they are just ordinary blokes that have paid a high price for a few moments of madness, off air and pretty sneaky by the Prince of Darkness in my book.

We have many ladies on here, and we love them all, but they know what banter is, one lovely lady called a fellow blogger an ‘acorn dick’ the other day, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know that for sure, but it was just banter, she wasn’t called a man hater, in fact many male bloggers joined in on her side.

I am all for justice, but those guys for all their faults did not deserve to lose their livelihoods, maybe a ban would have humbled them. Now though, they are finished.

As for Twitchy’s son, I expect him to be in the deep stuff with his wife after the clip I saw, but by the same logic as was applied to the demon duo, how the hell was he on Sky last night, he thought the ‘Smashing’ sketch was hilarious. He should have been sacked as well, unless hanging out the back of someone is acceptable banter, he thought it was.

So when you’re at a game and 50,000 fans are singing the ‘referees a w*nker’ I hope you tell the people around you there is no place for foul language, verbal assault or bullying, but I won’t, it’s all part of the game, and what those twerps did was in private, ill judged granted, but in private, or so they thought.

Onto our beloved Arsenal, we get to play the Brummies in the final, sweet, that means I can get hammered at Baker Street without fear of standing next to a 1000 West Ham fans, last time it was the chavs, this time though I expect a different result!

Finally I’m hearing we are talking to Sackho and Benzema, now those two would push us over the line for sure, I would love it, but I can’t see it somehow.

Email Pedro as we has lots of tickets available for the cup match on Sunday.

Have a great day Grovers, next up Huddersfield, a case of Peroni if anyone knows where that is, thank God we are playing at home and we’ll get to see Benik Afobe, not scoring though I hope!

I also found it unbelievable listening to all those sanctimonious pricks on TalkShite when they (all of them) judged Andy Gray and Richard Keys comments as unacceptable but yet they all work with Stan Collymore who no only beats women, he’s a self confessed dogger, funny how that bloke deserves a second chance but suggesting a woman doesn’t understand the offside rule is unacceptable. I wonder what Ulrika’s view on that is.

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  1. Paulinho

    Keyser – Yeah but from day dot Diaby and Denilson with Fabregas never did, and never has, looked like working.

    Whereas funnily enough from the start Wilshere, Fabregas, Song had an immediate chemistry. Same with Hleb, Rosicky, Fabregas.

    Hendry Thomas, James McCarthy, N’Zogbia, could play together for the next ten years and guess what, they would still be shite.

    Good players play better with players of similar footballing idealogies and mindsets.

  2. Keyser

    nishanth – He’s played better than this season, but he’s been used as a sub or alot more as a fringe player.

    I think you need to work out what you expect from him.

    He sat deep against Ipswich, broke up play and passed to forward thinking players, made sure he didn’t lose his position and we weren’t left exposed.

    What did you want him to do ?!

  3. albo

    nishanth – it certainly would – but I stand by my assertion that Denilson would still be the most creative player of that 3… (It wasn’t really meant to be a compliment to Denilson 😉 )

  4. Hitman

    I cant believe people on here are criticising Wilshere for being inconsistent. Whatdya expect? He’s only 19 and shouldnt be playing so many games anyway. If only tightarse would spend some money on a more established DM, that would really help. It might also help us win the league. Utd have got Anderson, Carrick, Scholes, D. Ferguson and all sorts to play that role. We have only got Song & Wilshere.
    Please save the criticism for those that deserve it.
    BTW If Bale is worth £40m that makes him worth more than Barca’s price for Fabregas. Something is not right.

  5. nishanth

    He gives away the ball carelessly.He gets outmuscled by practically everyone.He is incredibly slow which also leads to players just getting past him with ease.And he just can’t pass forward.Don’t you notice him giving the ball away carelessly????Which game do you watch??

  6. Keyser

    Paulinho – I don’t think I’ve ever wanted all three of them together and it wouldn’t matter because without the form of Nasri and Walcott now, or Van Persie fit and on form, even a stable defence, we haven’t seen how they’d cope.

    That’s just a ridiculous example, add Fabregas, Van Persie, Nasri and the rest and they’d still show something more than they have done.

    They might not be as good as Wilshere, but someone like Diaby would provide a variation we need at times, and as squad players I’m more than fine with them.

  7. albo

    Hitman – D Ferguson? I’m guessing you mean Fletcher?

    In fairness, a lot of those Man U players aren’t really defensive midfielders. If you’re including Carrick, Anderson and Scholes, you surely have to include a lot more of our midfielders? I’d argue Rosicky, Fabregas, Ramsey, Diaby and Denilson are all comparable in their functions on the pitch to Carrick, Anderson and Scholes…

  8. Keyser

    nishanth – I watched the same game you did, you’re wrong.

    It’s like last week, for some reason people were trying to count the mistakes Denilson had made against Leeds, they’d completely missed out that Nasri had lost the ball about 6 times in the first half alone.

    He didn’t play badly against Ipswich, did what was expected of him, what happened ? Ipswich created fuck all and we ended up winning 3-0, you’ll say he didn’t do much, he didn’t have to, there’s other players I expect to have had the impact going forward.

  9. Paulinho

    The World Cup is actually a pretty good microcosm of Diaby’s entire career.

    He has a good and energetic first game, looking France’s most progressive thinking player. Everyone goes “gee that Diaby was class the other night”, so he gets the big build up, and promptly falls off the radar for the next two games, being beaten at the far post by a South African player in the final game.

  10. Keyser

    Paulinho – That’s just like your Barcelona example.

    France were abject all over the field, Diaby tries his best to keep it together, fails because he’s not Superman.

    Diaby gets criticised because he’s not Superman.

  11. Keyser

    Nishanth – Fucking hell dude, I didn’t say he was the best player in the World, I just don’t think he’s woefully shit or even shit at being woefully shit.

    Am I happy with Almunia’s return ? Yeah, because it means we won’t have to use James Shea, if Chesney gets injured.

    Just for you, that doesn’t mean I think Almunia’s the best keeper in the World and should be first choice for the Spanish National team.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    Hitman, it’s already covered that he is young, hence it’s ok to overlook his mistakes.

    And either you are talking about D Gibson or D. Fletcher 😉

  13. albo

    I certainly agree with Keyser that there are some players that ‘fans’ will spend the whole game counting their errors, while other players could do the exact same things and it would go unnoticed. (And Nasri in the 1st leg at Ipswich is a VERY good example of the latter).

    Another obvious example is Bendtner – watch the ATV online 12 minutes highlights of the Ipswich 2nd leg and you’ll realise what nonsense it is people claiming he was terrible before the goal. Look how many assists he could have had if RvP and Fabregas had buried their chances. Look how many lovely touches he had around the box. And how often he beautifully controlled Hollywood passes out to the right before putting in VERY decent crosses.

    Bendtner isn’t a natural winger, and his lack of pace can be frustrating when he is played out wide, but people were so busy obsessing about those facts that they failed to notice that he actually had a very decent game all night…

  14. Hitman

    I did mean Fletcher, Albo.
    But Utd’s central midfielders are bigger & stronger and more energetic than ours.
    I fear we only have Song as our really authentic defensive shield. If he gets injured, thats it. (And Song isnt world class by any means either).

  15. DaleDaGooner

    To Wenger:

    1. Almunia isn’t even 5 choice Keeper for Spain
    2. Denilson has not been called by Brazil, you’ve banged the door and still Sandro of the spuds has gotten a call before your boy.

    3. Vermaelen may well be done for the most part of the season, bring in a capable youngster or go out and buy a solid replacement, nothing wrong in having 5 CB, especially if you can use one as a utility DM or RB\LB

    4. Loan Vela now, or use him as much as you use Bendtner.

    5. Keep Szczesny as No 1 AS LONG AS YOU HAVE KEPT Fabianksi, time to see who is the next number 1.

  16. Hitman

    With Bendtner we know that potentially there is more to come. He just needs to up his game and work rate. He did that against Ipswich and gave a much better performance. If he wants to be a 1st team regular he has to work hard every game. It not about ability but attitude.
    Denilson has neither. There is no potential. There is nothing further to come. He is a lightweight, slow, lazy, useless backstabbing waste. Good riddence.

  17. DaleDaGooner

    Hitman, I’d take Song over Carrick and Fletcher at Arsenal. They are far from world class too. They could not cope with Barca’s midfield, i think Song can still hang with Barca’s midfield.

  18. A.F.C Lambo

    What a great post. You are always spot on with the real view. old school . Different world to these young boys with a laptop . Never even see the hard days and nights at the place god made .Highbury. I love Arsenal …..

  19. goonermichael

    DaleDaGooner says:
    January 27, 2011 at 19:50
    So we haven’t found a buyer for coco-puff?

    you sound suprised Dale

  20. OPG

    Anderson is more talented than Fletcher but he is less experienced.
    Imagine if we we had a good experienced midfielder instead of Denilson and Diaby, we would have a midfield as good as when we had Vieira, Gilberto, Edu and Parlour.

  21. gambon


    No we wouldn’t cos Denilson is miles better than song and Vieira is better than Song and Wilshere.

    There’s a reason we used to win the pl & FA cup.

  22. albo

    I don’t get people’s obsession with Denilson.

    Sure he’s not been great this season, and is unquestionably, at present, one of those who can be filed under ‘had lots of potential and never quite pushed on’. But for a player way down the midfield pecking order he certainly has a lot of blog column inches devoted to him. He is probably 4th, if not 5th choice for his position – after Wilshere, Song, Diaby and probably even after a fully fit Ramsey – and yet is regularly talked about as if he is a guaranteed starter.

    His rough equivalent in pecking order terms at Chelsea is McEachran (or maybe even the guy 1 below him, whoever that is!), at Man U is probably Gibson, and at Liverpool is maybe Spearing. When you look at it like that, there are a lot of people giving his ability to sabotage our season WAAAAY too much credit!

  23. Chippy

    I must be one of the only fuckers around that likes p diddy always makes me laugh and is a throwback to when The Arsenal was just a football club and not some brand, He tells it as he sees it and fair play to him for it. silly old Bastard probably necked 5 brandys before the interview. and for all his drunken egotistical upper echeleon eton fuelled views he loves the club so carry on in my book, Id mucher rather him than some of the cunts involved in football now,

  24. gambon


    You’re very wrong about denilsons place in the pecking order. The whole problem is he is our second choice DM, making him the equivalent of Essien/mikel or carrick/fletcher.

    He is only down the pecking order advanced secondary box to box midfielder.

  25. Keyser

    Don’t really get the Vieira comparison, there hasn’t been a player like him since, and even then not anywhere as good.

  26. Keyser

    gambon – Chelsea use both Essien and Mikel together, not as sure about Carrick/ Fletcher.

    For the first time in what seems like ages, we’ve kind of worked out our first team and now it’s whether they can stay fit playing together, and then we’ll see the righful place of all the other players and whether they can hold their positions in the team, on the bench of whatever.

  27. albo

    Depends a little bit on whether you think we play 1 or 2 defensive midfielders and how you view various players, but if you go player for player through their entire midfield and try to name an equivalent, its roughly how it ends up.

    Eg Chelsea:
    Lampard Fabregas
    Malouda Nasri
    Essien Song
    Kalou Arshavin
    Ramires Wilshere
    Mikel Diaby
    Benayoun Rosicky
    McEachran Denilson

    And that doesn’t even include Ramsey. I agree, there is a case for saying Denilson is equivalent to Mikel, but only (in my opnion) really because of injuries to Diaby and Ramsey.

  28. gambon

    You’re missing my point.

    If song is out Denilson is our only DM, therefore plays. If mikel is out Essien plays a more orthodox DM role.

    One player we could really do with is a multi-functional midfielder in the Essien mould, who could play both alongside or instead of song, and challenge him for his place.

  29. albo

    gambon – no I take your point, I just see our midfield as slightly more fluid than you do. I’d argue that with a fully fit squad but with Song out, our first choice midfield trio would be Fabregas, Wilshere and Diaby…

  30. goonermichael

    Denilson shouldn’t be anywhere near our team, he’s had enough chances. He’s not total shit but he has too many bad moments. I agree with gambon.

  31. Keyser

    albo – At the same time we do need something to talk about and sometimes I come across as to forward in my comments, so I need to reign that in or I stifle debate.

    I think it’s a bit of a weird stage we’re at, we’ve played well, but at the same time you could say we’ve played some poor teams while we’re at it, so even being one of the more positive people, I’m still not sure what to expect.

    I think that’s the same with the negative ones, so they just revert to type and moan at the players we usually moan at.

  32. Keyser

    gambon – Our Dynamics different from Chelsea, but if we were to replace Song with anyone we could chose, it’s probably be Essien.

    I think someone like Ramsey could be the sort of mulit-functional player in there, but he’s young and whatnot, so it’s all a learning curve.

    There could be soo many different variations we could try out with everyone fit.

  33. SongtheGreat

    Gambon mate..Song will prove you wrong…but then again you know that deep down..

    what a feckin disgrace pecker wood is…i know he is not shall we say…up there..still what a shameful fuming…i guess all is just dandy as long as The Arsenal are more interested in filling ure bloody pockets you stupid twart….just go off somewhere and die hilly woody..

    and wenger pack ure bags and be off…The Arsenal is The Gooners…you should bloody well have learnt that by know…we are NOT a financial restricted kindergarten u moron !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. albo

    Honest Bill – you’re certainly right about that.

    I think a MASSIVE reason for our obsession with some of our lesser squad players is that our ridiculous injury crises over the last few seasons have lead us to view them as far bigger players in our squad than they actually are. Denilson is a case in point – jeez from the look of pre-season he might have even fallen behind Frimpong in the pecking order this season if not for injury!

  35. goonermichael

    like for like fixtures this season compared to last season we are 6 points up and the mancs are 6 points down. I’ve shamelessly taken that from another blog

  36. gambon

    Albo & Keyser

    Put it this way. If we could sell Denilson & Diaby and replacevthem with an Alex Song clone we would be much stronger and more balanced.

    Do I think there’s another song out there at a reasonable price? Definately.

  37. Keyser

    gambon – Neither of them are like Alex Song, and I wouldn’t want another one of him.

    He’s broken into the side and kept his place because he’s been allowed to work through the mistakes and find his place in the side.

    We need variation, if we were to sell them, I’d pick someone quicker, or more skillful, but it’s not even like we’ve exhausted what we have soo far.

  38. albo

    I should add, I’m not actually saying Denilson is a top player. To go back to my initial point, I think he is a player that looked to have plenty of potential as a youngster but just doesn’t seem capable of ‘pushing on’ the way he should.

    There is always that season where a player steps up and grabs the moment – Flamini had it, Wilshere is having it, Walcott is having it, Diaby KIND of had it last season – and Denilson has resolutely failed to have it!

    In particular, he just seems to fall right between being a creative and defensive player, but not in a good way! Ie he isn’t strong enough, or a gifted enough tackler, to be a proper defensive destroyer in the middle, nor has his creative game gone up enough levels for him to be especially effective there either. And while there is room in the game for the tidy passer who retains possession at the back of midfield, most of the players who do that well have a LOT more in their locker than just that…

    He has had some very fine individual performances (I think his substitute performance at the Emirates against Barcelona was staggeringly good), but he needs to find some extra gears very soon or risk falling WAY down the order – behind Ramsey, Frimpong and Lansbury for example…

  39. SongtheGreat

    lets put it like this..Song have been by far the most important Arsenal player this year…and essien what a joke..Song has gotten far better than essien and will continue to develope…but what do i know eh ?..
    me i just want wenger out asap…
    and for Gooners and Grovers to wake up The Arsena ar being ripped off…by money grabbin board members and a lunatic that should fit well as a kindergarten uncle..
    time to wake up and smell the bad air..

  40. SongtheGreat

    Albo if flamoney was that great, where the feck is he ???…is it just me who have missed that flamoney has become a superstar ??
    a more stupid player than flamoney…can’t be easily found..well besides from ade that is…
    even balocrazy isnt that daft..

  41. albo

    gambon – I do entirely agree there. Particularly with Song’s ability to cover at the back as well.

    Though I’m not actually convinced that it would be as easy as you think to find a ‘finished article’ Song for particularly cheap right now.

    And re Diaby, I know he has had lots of injuries etc etc, but I still love to think he might come good…simply because I can see what an awesome weapon a consistent and consistently fit Diaby would be. It’s the dreamer in me… 🙂

  42. albo

    SongtheGreat – well there are a host of players who, once taken out of the Arsenal team set up, have failed to shine like they did for us, but Flamini was genuinely awesome in his final season for us. And in fairness to Flamini, he just seemed to be bought by a team that then had no interest in playing him!

    And right now he would still be an immense addition to our squad…

  43. SongtheGreat

    i am truly sad over the fact that…wenger and the board have turned The Arsenal from a football club to an Americanized financial institution…
    but then again it makes sense we’re in it for the money..not the football..
    and me i feel great knowing that my hard earned money isnt going to the club,but is used to finance flats and to americanize the Emirates…
    even better i need fancy restaurants and fine wine at the Emirates…
    i love the fact that The Arsenal have become all flashy..
    couldnt we pay higher ticket prices..just to show that we have become an upper class play thing..lets get rid of thoose who needs to work hard to be able watch The Arsenal..
    Gazidis mate you have succeded congrats..
    and that is enough of my ranting…
    Sorry ..

  44. SongtheGreat

    Albo fair point …but hey..flamoney had one 1 good season mate..other than that he was shit and still is…he wanted money and he got it…
    start crying like that ice cream idiot hleb..
    nope let em rot…like we should do with cesc..heng him out to dry…and then sell him back to the whores from barca

  45. BOOZY

    if arsenal wins the champions league with these group of players, all comparism with old players would end abruptly, and players such as song would be immortalized as arsenal legends.

  46. albo

    I have a question on the back of SongtheGreat’s rant earlier:

    Are our ticket prices really WAY higher than other grounds (or at least other grounds in the south east where spending power is similar)? I ask because I rarely make it to away games, so genuinely don’t know. It’s just that I read all this stuff about how incredibly high our prices are, and yet even as a red member I’ve very rarely paid more than £37 for a ticket, which I always assume must be fairly standard?

  47. Honest Bill

    Boozy, no they won’t be considered as such until they’re gone and many are using comparisons to them in order to slate the new players

  48. DaleDaGooner

    albo, i normally agree with you, but i think what a lot of us are saying about Deni is, after Song, Deni is next in that position, sad is, after Cesc, Deni also pops up somehow…he is always next in line to take over and the way he plays, it doesn’t fill Song’s or Cesc’s boots. He isn’t creative and he isn’t defensive, so you can see the obsession with him as any shit he is in. Diaby isn’t always fit so that makes it even worse and we are talking of TODAY, NOW, Wilsher out, Deni in, Song out, Deni in, Cesc out, Deni will somehow future in, even with Nasri fit, Deni is always somehow in.

  49. David

    albo says:
    January 27, 2011 at 18:18
    David – out of interest, which of his quotes do you regard as admitting we are a training facility?


    Pick anyone you like Albo

    “I don’t believe in the way Chelsea and Manchester City have achieved ­whatever they have achieved.

    “It is so much more satisfying to build something – to get boys of 15 to 18 and see them develop sufficiently well to win the Premier League or other trophies – rather than sitting there and saying, ‘I want to buy the best striker in the world and I don’t care what it costs’.

    “A, it is not something we could possibly do and B, even if we could, I wouldn’t want to do it.”

  50. arsenal4ever

    no cover for CB :-(. Squichy is fit! But we need to support him if he plays. At least cover for Sagna will be signed soon!? No fake

    at 18:03

    Dinamo to the locker room in the second season will be poorer for the Brazilian Etta, who traveled to Greece to sign a contract with PAOK in Thessaloniki-om.

    Coach Vahid Halilhodzic praised his players for leaving: “We parted cordially, and I can not praise it as being fair and professional”.

    One of the reasons Brazilčevog are going to great games Sime VRSALJKO. “In his place appeared a young man in front of which is a nice future, ” added Halilhodzic.

    However, about VRSALJKO be “wrapped” by various European giants, but Dinamo it is not planning to give up too easily, he recalled Vaha witty remark: “Yes, Sime Vrsaljko goes to Arsenal. One of Montenegro Tivat. It was arranged by his friend Beqiraj to him, imagine, will not take any commission.

  51. Pedro

    Albo, our season ticket prices are monstrous compared to the others.

    Standard tickets are about £65 each.

    You can pick up a season ticket at West Ham for £400.

  52. albo

    DaleDaGooner – I do see the point, and I accept that due to injuries Denilson has been more important to us than I have perhaps suggested. But with an entirely fit midfield of Nasri, Arshavin, Fabregas, Song, Walcott, Wilshere, Rosicky, Diaby, Ramsey, Denilson, I’d still argue that Denilson is essentially the last choice player. And within the context of ‘defensive minded midfielders’ I think the pecking order goes Song, Wilshere, Diaby, Ramsey, Denilson.

    Again, I’m not saying he’s great, but compared to the equivalent squad player in other teams I just don’t think he’s THAT terrible. For example, is he really SO much worse than Carrick, Anderson or Gibson? Personally, if he is worse than them, I wouldn’t say he’s WAY worse…

  53. DaleDaGooner

    All the defensive midfielders:

    1. Song
    2. Denilson (i cringe)
    3. Frimpong (Injured)
    4. Eastmond (Out on lone, cringe 2)
    5. Coquelin (hasn’t featured for first team)
    6. Henderson (looked ok in preseason, not enough known)
    That’s not including natuarl CM players like Diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, Lansbury who can also be forced into DM action. In all this list, Denilson truthfuly looks poor compared to a fast hard working CM. Don’t mean to be harsh on the lad, but when people see Lansbury as probably doing a more capable job at DM than Denilson, simply cause he would move faster and work tirelessly, it’s time to get shot of him.

  54. DaleDaGooner

    hmmm, albo, if Diaby, Denilson, Wilshere, Ramsey, Frimpong were all available together, Wenger would play Denilson in that position before even Diaby.

  55. albo

    Pedro – and again this isn’t a loaded question, I genuinely don’t know the answer – is that like for like? Ie does their season ticket cover the same number of games as ours etc? What is Spurs like for eg?

  56. albo

    David – its just that the main quote specifically talks about building a team to win the league, rather than training them for the sake of it…

  57. DaleDaGooner

    David, while i agree P. Dildo is a wanker, i don’t get how anything he said implies we are a training ground, you can only read it that way if you want to insult Gooners and Gunners.

  58. albo

    DaleDaGooner – yeah maybe. Hard to know until it happened I suppose. Personally I think at least 2 more players (Frimpong and Lansbury) will have overtaken him by next season anyway…

  59. DaleDaGooner

    Nasri eating a good dinner with his agent….suspect…not in a homo way, but could they be plottin’ an exit strategy or gettin paid huge?

  60. David

    Yes Albo Agreed,

    But in the process of builind we train 90% of the kids that dont make it.

    That makes us a training center.

  61. albo

    David says:
    January 27, 2011 at 21:55

    If you could afford to buy the best striker in the world why wouldnt you?

    David, are you completely on board with the Chelsea/Man City model then? Do you think its good for the game? Do you think its overwhelmingly good for the clubs?

  62. DaleDaGooner

    We do it the Old Ajax way, we do it the same way Barca are doing, they aren’t training grounds are they? West Ham? NOW that’s a training ground. They make youth players and never win much with them.

  63. DaleDaGooner

    Ajax bred their players and used to win with their youf, Barca’s real core are their youfs, so I aint mad that we haven’t won in 5 years cause we switched to project Youf, if we are a training ground, so be it, at least we are in the mix of things when Real Marid, Man City, Inter and Chelsea have spent huge somes. I’m not for a whole sale project youth for the sake of just collecting kids and training them, but i’m for the fact that the more kids coming through, the easier we can build a team from within, I love how Iniesta, Xavi, Pique, Valdes, Messi, Pedro, Poohole are the main winning keys for Barca…and this is after 5 years of winning shit.

  64. DaleDaGooner

    One thing to remember, Thiery Henry showed his best years with us, and we didn’t have to buy him for 20million

  65. DaleDaGooner

    What IF, and IF is not so much a sure thing, But for arguments sake, what if Benik Afobe becomes another George Weah?

  66. Pedro

    Dale, Arsene is at his best when signing players on the verge of greatness.

    Henry, Freddie,Bobby… I wish he’d tackle those players over his obsession with the children.

  67. DaleDaGooner

    Hmmm, Pedro…AA23, Nasri, Cesc, RvP, Sagna, Diaby (ok i kid) I’m sure Wenger went in with that mentality that these young guys were on the verge of something MASSIVE.

  68. DaleDaGooner

    Adebayor, Chamakh, Nik Pink Boots, Senderos, Hleb, Walcott (ok he was a kid), he went with the intention that they can match the Henry’s, Vieira’s, Pires, Freddie’s

  69. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro, from what P. Diddy is crapping out of his mouth, isn’t it evident that they highly encourage Wenger to go after kids, to save money and keep profiting?

  70. albo

    Pedro, the odd thing I find about some of the comments around here is that a huge majority of people on this forum clearly seem to believe that this squad is INCREDIBLY close to being world beating (or at least Premiership beating). Yes, depending on your particular outlook that may be ‘world beating right now’ or ‘world beating with a top centre back added’ etc etc. But even the guys who only come on here simply to call Wenger names occasionally admit that this is a cracking team with genuine potential to with things.

    So given how talented this squad is, and how much potential to win things we have, why is everyone SO down on the whole model that the board went for 5 years ago?

    I’m not saying everything is perfect, or that we are guaranteed to win the league (but let’s face it, not even Man U can say that right now, let alone Chelsea or City), but the level of disillusionment with the whole project just seems WAY out of proportion with proximity to success. I’m not aiming that at you – quite frankly, your posts are the reason I read this site in the first place – but do you see where I’m coming from?

    I remember a comment a few weeks back from one of the worst offenders who said – ‘Imagine how amazing this team could be with a decent manager!’ It seemed utterly bizarre that he had such hatred for a manager who he was also clearly well aware had created a team that was so close to something special…

  71. OPG

    Wenger’s interview is up, he says we’re not close to signing anyone but ‘still looking’. Carlos Vela decision is down to 3 clubs but Wenger wants him to play for a PL club.

  72. DaleDaGooner

    gosh, M. Diarra? Denislon?…M. Diarra? Denilson…..i mean Real are giving him away practically, why not sign him?

  73. SongtheGreat


    touche mate…and when winning is no longer important..when lying is accepted…when the fact that throwing away games are appreciated…and when Our Beloved Arsenal are slowly but surely being turned into being financial institution..when wining and dining at The Emirates are more important than keeping the ticket prices down so that the average Gooner actually can bring his kid to a game..
    when investments have become far more important than the team itself…
    cant you see the frustration..or are you more or less happy as long as you can watch The Arsenal in front of a tele…warm and cosy..and i agree with you when its not that important to watch(just killing time)…when winning is of no bother…when you have more money than you need and dont give a s**t well then mate..and only then would you accept Mr.Wenger and his partners in crime…
    You Sir are on the wrong path…the Arsenal is not wenger’s or pecker-woods…or even gazidis money pot or plaything…
    every single Gooner have the right to get something back…remember without All the Proud Gooners Our Beloved Arsenal are nothing…nothing..
    me i want wenger and his kindergarten experiment gone..just gone..

  74. OPG

    Oh Wenger was answering the question about his search for a CB but you could take the answer as our overall position in the market atm.

  75. Ja_Gunner

    Team for Huddersfield….


  76. Rohan

    Christ StG. Surely you’re just overreacting. You make it sound like being a gooner is a fucking pain in the ass for you. Oh wait…

  77. abnet

    morning grovers
    the window is edging close to close as our club’s ars is sat there and do nothing ohhhhh how frustrating