The manager thinks Arsenal have quality centrebacks already so it’s difficult to buy someone. What?

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So before I talk about the game tonight I wanted to share this little snippet with you. This is what our manager said yesterday, the day that Spurs signed Pienaar and Villa spend up to £24million on Darren Bent.

‘I cannot tell you at the moment whether it will be a substantial signing or cover because it has to click in my head and nothing happened yet. If you look at the centre-backs we have, they are quality: Djourou, Squillaci, Koscielny, Vermaelen. The quality of the player coming in, what will it be? It is a complement of the players we have already? It’s very difficult to predict’

Why is that then boss? Djourou has great potential, I’ll give you that, Koscielny maybe turn out ok I’ll give you that, but Squillaci is up there with Silvestre and Thomas Vermaelen is probably out until next season. How is that difficult? You said if Vermaelen didn’t recover you would buy, what’s now so difficult?

If you can’t see that we have needed a centreback for the last two years, then I think you must watch our matches with the same glasses that Pat Rice does. You really need to stop all this crap and spend some of our money, there are a ton of available centrebacks out there, no excuses this time. We waited 4 years hopeful of Nordtveit only to find out he wasn’t good enough, it’s funny, when Nasri turns out to be worth the £11mil you spent on him as a teenager, you want the credit, yet when we spend years watching people screw up (Senderos) and eventually you let them go, you say nothing, they just slip quietly away, like they weren’t here in the first place.

How long do we have to wait until you admit you are wrong and haven’t the first clue about what a defender should be and hand the responsibility over to someone who does like Steve Bould, I would say Pat Rice but since 1996, he lost the ability to speak.

Onto tonight, the press reports say that Djourou will be rested and Ignasi Miquel is playing, well I have no idea what he’s like, but experimenting away to Leeds with a kid is a risk, I hope it works out because if it doesn’t, we are going out.

We are overwhelming favourites with the bookies, surprising as that is I’m a little nervous, if you played the team that beat West Ham I would be supremely confident, why they need resting is beyond me, isn’t playing football what they do for a living? Isn’t that why they get salaries that fans can only dream of?

Still he’ll play who he wants, if we win, he’ll take the credit, if we lose he’ll blame the inexperience, either way it doesn’t matter to Arsene Wenger, he has the safest job in world football.

I think we should spend the first 15 minutes keeping possession, then the next 15 probing, then slam, if we play our pressing game and take our chances, we’ll win easily, if we don’t and Nasri is missing I’m not so sure, either way I think he should play arguably our most influential player and one that knows where the goal is.

This is the team I expect he’ll play tonight.


Sagna Miquel Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Denilson Rosicky

Walcott Chamakh Arshavin

This is the team I would play.


Sagna Song Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Cesc Ramsey

Walcott Chamakh Nasri

Either way I expect if we play football, press for 90 minutes and shoot on sight, we will run out handsome winners, but make no mistake, they will want this, they will shut us down and they will shoot on sight, this one will be more balanced if he plays a young team, but let’s not forget, we are only here playing a game we don’t want because he made 8 changes last time.

Give it your best shot Arsenal, we want this badly because we want the quadruple, Arsene, take a leaf out of Villa and Tottenham’s book, spend some proper money, forget your bonus for once, get in a decent defender, they aren’t going bust and nor will we, we need to win something, the defenders you bought in are as bad as the ones you had last year, and they aren’t with us now are they.

Last bit, Denilson has just slammed Cesc as a captain, he said we need a leader and Cesc isn’t one, he also said the best keeper at Arsenal is Almunia, now after all that if he stays I will definitely believe he is someones love child. Get him out now! And Wenger says he looks for intelligence in his players as the most important attribute, ha, ha follow that!

Have a great day Grovers, sorry for the negative bits but I just couldn’t believe what I read, again!

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1,276 Responses to “The manager thinks Arsenal have quality centrebacks already so it’s difficult to buy someone. What?”

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  1. albo

    Also, Wenger deserves some credit for doing what he has failed to do in the past – a pro-active substitution to put a game to bed that MIGHT have turned against us if Leeds had had a bit of luck…

  2. Geoff

    Albo, he should have done that a lot earlier, that may have taken the pressure off, I would have put Walcott on to keep them quiet.

  3. albo

    Geoff – perhaps, but at 2-1 there was also the possibility of extra time, so using our subs too early could have been another type of gamble…

  4. albo

    Kreshnik – haha.

    Sums up us Arsenal fans really doesn’t it? Why praise our own manager when we win a match when instead we can moan about something he did wrong a month ago 😉

  5. Geoff

    Albo, no chance of him bringing on a sub before 67 minutes, fuck all to do with tactics or how the game’s going, that’s just his thing. Predictable.

  6. Marko

    Seriously Geoff if you still think Song is shit after these last 2 years I’ve gotta question your football knowledge mate. Clearly not shit is he

  7. incesc

    really enjoyed that, need the same vs Ipswich now.

    fair play to Leeds, much rather play them than cunts like stoke and city in the premier league.

  8. Geoff

    Marko, trust me, he’s shit, just like Denilson, Eboue, Almunia, Fabianski and Diaby.

    Now I’m off, oh any never question my knowledge, I’m fuck off clever.

  9. albo

    Seriously, these commentators piss me off.

    I guess its in their interests to talk up the game and make it sound like Leeds made a fight of it (especially as the FA cup is all ITV have got), but all this constant talk of ‘courageous Leeds’ etc etc when we have TOTALLY dicked on them over the 90 minutes is ridiculous. We could have won 6-1 (or 6-0 if that guy hadn’t hit a one in a million shot) and we totally out played them for huge portions of the game. Talk about that ITV tossers!

  10. GoonerClive

    Yeah agree great result but Arshavin and Bendtner continue to frustrate…at least Denilson got better through game..

  11. tenerife gerry

    Yorkshire grit, brass tacks, honest pros ah what a shame those southern softies are winning…….!!!!! These ITV pundits are a fucking joke, let’s fuck the next lot of cloth cap, Harry ramsden chomping cunts from Huddersfield, they make me sick

  12. Confidentgoner


    What d’ya expect when you play him out wide. Have you ever tried parking a big truck in your garage? AW does these stupid things. Bring on Wigan.

    Where’s my new CB and DM..erh, Wenger?

  13. Keyser

    Pedro – Don’t jinx it, I’m still well nervous about Ipswich, we have to score against them and one goal for them mean’s three from us.

  14. patthegooner

    Happy with that

    Well done Arsenal, I was not confident going into that, but the fringe players did well tonight.

    Saw some criticism of Arshavin earlier. I am going to stick up for him. In recect weeks we have seen a player that looked like he did not give a fuck and gave a half arsed effort game after game. Although nothing came off for him, I thought he put in a lot more effort tonight and when he does that, I can excuse things not going well.

    Great game to watch and good to see RVP looking sharp again. Lets hope he stays fit and keeps scoring.

  15. chozzer

    Why does Andy Townsend always say ‘he knows where the goals are’ instead of where the goal is.

    One goal is up one end and one up the other end, you brummie twat.

  16. albo

    Geoff – I agree with you in general. But the result says he got it right today. Let’s give some credit when it’s due.

    Also, on another note, for me this is the game that has really confirmed that Kozzer has huge huge potential. As far as the back 5’s performance was concerned that was essentially a clean sheet…

  17. Rickys had enough

    Denilson was still shit!

    Only wenger would start a player thats been slagging of the team captain in the press.

  18. incesc

    come on leeds played their hearts out and they didnt put 10 behind the ball like city or resort to breaking legs like stoke.

    fair play to them, bet the lads felt like they were in a proper game today.

  19. OPG

    Great cup tie in the end but a replay we could have done without which is tiring on our players, Leeds gave it a go but they’re a Championship side after all with not much individual quality that many Premiership sides have and their top scorer was out injured.

  20. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Agree, worked his ass off first half, put more than enough effort in, don’t think he can keep it up for the full 90 though and faded in the second.

  21. Marko

    How anyone could condemn Denilson for their goal is hilarious it was Nasri closing him down Denialson wasn’t near that side of the pitch

  22. Keyser

    incesc – They were starting to get a bit snide with their challenges towards the end after the Van Persie goal.

    Snodgrass threw the ball away and then started moaning that we were taking our time getting it, so Dean did one good thing and booked him.

  23. albo

    Haha – Southgate proves he’s not a complete twat by suddenly realising (and having the guts to say out loud) that ‘For all the excitement, these are actually the only 2 chances they had in the 2nd half’! No fucking shit Garry!

  24. The dude abides

    Arshavin is a class player struggling for confidence , he worked hard today and will come good. Form is temporary class is permanent

  25. albo

    Strachan knows what he’s talking about: ‘Song is the best defensive midfielder in the league’!

    I actually totally agree with that…

  26. Bendter's only fan

    points form todays game
    1) kos and djourou are a perfect partnership but we desperately need a cb.
    2) Arsahvin is working hard, surely the form come back soon
    3) Nasri is a different class
    4) Chamakh is not good enough, bad signing.
    5) Gibbs should start ahead of clichy every day of the week
    6) sagna is the best right back in the premier league
    7) Bendter is not a winger and cannot be judged when he plays there. Good cross nevertheless

  27. ritesh

    Barca winning 3-1 with Messi just missing a pen.

    Seems his parent did not want him playing in England which is why he turned down Arsenal. Good for us, he is not missing penalties for us.

  28. ritesh

    Barca are shit when they are under pressure.

    We can beat them if our A team is available. and A does not stand for Arshavin 😉

  29. David

    Best defensive midfielder in the league? I wont go that far. Especially against a championship team but Song is definitely very important for us.

  30. Marko

    In terms of what he does he’s up there cause obviously Essien is better than him but the DM at Chelsea is Obi Michel and he does fuck all in my opinion and Song is better than Palacios and Barry and does some things better than De Jong.

  31. Gooby

    essien has been rubbish this year anyway, no wonder the chavs are fucked up.

    those are the best DMs in this league this season imo, not in that particular order,

    de jong
    fletcher(i hate the cunt still)

  32. Marko

    Barton and Henderson aren’t even DM’s but the list is sound. Essien is box to box he hasn’t played DM for a long time now for Chelsea.

  33. albo

    I think the thing with Song is that he is not ONLY a destructive player. Sure, he’s strong in the tackle and does all the breaking up of play well, but he’s also a proper footballer. In fact, if he played for a lot of the teams in the lower half of the table he might well be their most creative outlet in the centre of the park…

    In that sense I suppose the player he most resembles in the league is Yaya…

  34. tommo

    well, well done arsenal better team definitely won! hope you beat the town scum now! haha!!! seriously tho it was a decent game i was sat in pub with a load of scouse fans and they actually enjoyed the game they said it was a really good cup tie!

  35. Bengali Gunner

    Denilson made a couple of mistakes today, not as bad as normal but hes still shit. He doesnt seem hungry enough and hes just way too casual.

    Arshavin is class. Off form but still has moments of magic. He’ll be back.

    Lets hammer Ipswich! Does away goals count??

  36. Marko

    Fellaini was very good against Liverpool on the weekend but still sometimes he’s played up top with Cahill and Heitinga is played DM or Neville but he’s still good Fellaini even though he’s got massive cunt tendencies

  37. Gooby


    YES indeed, i forgot fellaini top top player.


    i think lucas is having a decent season too, but he’s a too error prone.

  38. sixx pac

    3 great goals. Loved Nasri’s the most. What a player, the way he controls the ball. Its like magnet to steel.

    VP is class and on par with Tevez IMO. Good game Bendtner but if it were up to me, you’d be at Upson Park by midnight.

  39. Rohan

    Good performance by almost everyone. Special mention for Sagna and Koscielny.
    I do hope JD’s purple patch hasn’t ended..he didn’t look too good today imo. Arshavin’s getting there as is Bendtner…

  40. Gooby

    i tried to put DM who are not playing in front of the defence ala song but rather a mix of defensive minded players.

  41. Bengali Gunner

    Wehay, if we can perform like that against ipswich and wigan we shud win

    Looks like 6 changes does the job Arsene, 8’s too much 😉

  42. sixx pac

    The Koscielny long ball to Sagna was absolutely outstanding. If only Arshavin could have gotten a leg to the Sagna cross it would have been a brilliant bit of sequence

  43. Big Dave

    Good win for the Arsenal tonight. Thank you.

    NB52 was utter pants, apart from his cross for Rvp.

    Denilson, oh dear.

  44. A

    I take it back, forgot Huddersfield at weekend, no biggy at all then!

    Ish Big Dave, similar to us, Messi Xavi and Pique were their only first teamers starting

  45. Keyser

    Barca were up 5-0 from the first leg, don’t think there’s much to take from the Betis game, we’ll have a punchers chance if we keep everyone fit through the next month or so.

    We’re starting to see it piece together. Sagna looked really fresh from the 3 games off.

  46. A

    I agree Keyser, although we REALLY need to keep VP fit – he’s just a different class. Makes such a difference to us