The manager thinks Arsenal have quality centrebacks already so it’s difficult to buy someone. What?

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So before I talk about the game tonight I wanted to share this little snippet with you. This is what our manager said yesterday, the day that Spurs signed Pienaar and Villa spend up to £24million on Darren Bent.

‘I cannot tell you at the moment whether it will be a substantial signing or cover because it has to click in my head and nothing happened yet. If you look at the centre-backs we have, they are quality: Djourou, Squillaci, Koscielny, Vermaelen. The quality of the player coming in, what will it be? It is a complement of the players we have already? It’s very difficult to predict’

Why is that then boss? Djourou has great potential, I’ll give you that, Koscielny maybe turn out ok I’ll give you that, but Squillaci is up there with Silvestre and Thomas Vermaelen is probably out until next season. How is that difficult? You said if Vermaelen didn’t recover you would buy, what’s now so difficult?

If you can’t see that we have needed a centreback for the last two years, then I think you must watch our matches with the same glasses that Pat Rice does. You really need to stop all this crap and spend some of our money, there are a ton of available centrebacks out there, no excuses this time. We waited 4 years hopeful of Nordtveit only to find out he wasn’t good enough, it’s funny, when Nasri turns out to be worth the £11mil you spent on him as a teenager, you want the credit, yet when we spend years watching people screw up (Senderos) and eventually you let them go, you say nothing, they just slip quietly away, like they weren’t here in the first place.

How long do we have to wait until you admit you are wrong and haven’t the first clue about what a defender should be and hand the responsibility over to someone who does like Steve Bould, I would say Pat Rice but since 1996, he lost the ability to speak.

Onto tonight, the press reports say that Djourou will be rested and Ignasi Miquel is playing, well I have no idea what he’s like, but experimenting away to Leeds with a kid is a risk, I hope it works out because if it doesn’t, we are going out.

We are overwhelming favourites with the bookies, surprising as that is I’m a little nervous, if you played the team that beat West Ham I would be supremely confident, why they need resting is beyond me, isn’t playing football what they do for a living? Isn’t that why they get salaries that fans can only dream of?

Still he’ll play who he wants, if we win, he’ll take the credit, if we lose he’ll blame the inexperience, either way it doesn’t matter to Arsene Wenger, he has the safest job in world football.

I think we should spend the first 15 minutes keeping possession, then the next 15 probing, then slam, if we play our pressing game and take our chances, we’ll win easily, if we don’t and Nasri is missing I’m not so sure, either way I think he should play arguably our most influential player and one that knows where the goal is.

This is the team I expect he’ll play tonight.


Sagna Miquel Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Denilson Rosicky

Walcott Chamakh Arshavin

This is the team I would play.


Sagna Song Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Cesc Ramsey

Walcott Chamakh Nasri

Either way I expect if we play football, press for 90 minutes and shoot on sight, we will run out handsome winners, but make no mistake, they will want this, they will shut us down and they will shoot on sight, this one will be more balanced if he plays a young team, but let’s not forget, we are only here playing a game we don’t want because he made 8 changes last time.

Give it your best shot Arsenal, we want this badly because we want the quadruple, Arsene, take a leaf out of Villa and Tottenham’s book, spend some proper money, forget your bonus for once, get in a decent defender, they aren’t going bust and nor will we, we need to win something, the defenders you bought in are as bad as the ones you had last year, and they aren’t with us now are they.

Last bit, Denilson has just slammed Cesc as a captain, he said we need a leader and Cesc isn’t one, he also said the best keeper at Arsenal is Almunia, now after all that if he stays I will definitely believe he is someones love child. Get him out now! And Wenger says he looks for intelligence in his players as the most important attribute, ha, ha follow that!

Have a great day Grovers, sorry for the negative bits but I just couldn’t believe what I read, again!

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  1. albo

    Gotta say, MIGHT not be a foul, but I find it very strange we’ve not been shown a SINGLE close up slo-mo of it so we can make our own minds up. Personally I think he tugs him back AND then climbs all over him, but hard to tell from the panoramic view at full speed!

  2. gambon

    I can’t believe so many fans lump both our fullbacks together, saying things like “our fullbacks are useless going forward”.

    Sagna is an absolute class RB in the league by a mile.

  3. Keyser

    incesc – Exactly, if you’re behind a player you shouldn’t get to lay a hand on him, pulled him back twice and then tried to barge into from behind.

  4. SlickBangGoal

    bradley johnson isn’t unknown to me, he was relesaed by us at the age of 15 and he’s a massive arsenal fan hence why didn’t celebrate after scoring

  5. gambon

    Fucking bell, so now everyone’s biased in favour of Leeds? The other day it was Chelsea, before that spurs, and utd and city….

    Take your paranoia medication.

  6. albo

    Lurch LeRouge – no they didn’t. They showed the same panoramic angle again and at full speed (and I just re-wound it to check!). Just cos Adrian Chiles says while they’re showing it that its not a foul don’t make it so!

  7. Marko

    I agree massively Gambon Sagna is top 3 right backs in World football for me he’s that good, better defender than Maicon and Dani Alves. Also Betis 1-0 up after 1 minute against Barca.

  8. incesc

    ITV showed it from afar and the strachan, Mr Leeds himself said no foulf


    any way last time i mention it, we should be able to beat them anyway.

  9. Marko

    Nah Tomtom I think it has something to do with being in Ireland and having the absolute shite RTE where the just as shite ITV should be channel and number wise.

  10. zeus

    Martin Tyler is doing a commentary but for Fox soccer channel which gets the feed from elsewhere.

    He is being partnered by Dave Woods a top lead commentator himself. Strange that. Having two leads on one broadcast.

  11. Man

    This is the best Denilson and Song have played together this season…

    Denilson should give more interviews to Brazilian reporters

  12. TOMTOM

    No Marko I’m in Ireland and I got it. You press services on your remote and go to add channels then enter the code that you should find if you google it,I cant remember the code and I’m not bothered looking it up again

  13. zeus

    NB52 and Bendtner try to combine. It’s kind of like watching a foal trying to mount a calf. Or something.

    From Arseblog.

  14. Marko

    I know I done that Tomtom but it wouldn’t store it.
    Anyway Barca 2-0 down here and struggling against Real Betis with Xavi, Messi, Keita, Mash, Afelley all playing so a good team they put out there. They are not unbeatable

  15. zeus

    Andrei Arshavin is keeping Leeds in this at the moment. Alone, he could easily have scored three extra goals for Arsenal.
    Oh Arsene, get him off! Alex Song tees up Arshavin, with a clear shot at goal from 12 yards, he puts the ball in orbit. He has been woeful.


    Espn. Is he really playing that badly. The way this guy is talking its as if he has a Leeds kit under the Arsenal one.

  16. Marko

    Arshavin isn’t even a small game player let alone a big game one anymore. He needs to get the finger out. I think he’s off in the summer.

  17. BillikenGooner

    From the supposedly unbiased ESPN gamecast commentator:
    58′ – Andrei Arshavin is having a pretty awful night. His latest contribution is a wayward shot from 25 yards. He looks bored, he’s out of form, get him off.
    59′ – Oh Arsene, get him off! Alex Song tees up Arshavin, with a clear shot at goal from 12 yards, he puts the ball in orbit. He has been woeful
    60′ – Andrei Arshavin is keeping Leeds in this at the moment. Alone, he could easily have scored three extra goals for Arsenal.

  18. zeus


    I’m following Arseblog as well and I’m getting the same feeling from his liveblog without the snotty attitude.

  19. incesc

    arshavin does not look bored at all, hes working hes socks off, trying to play himself into form.

    Needs a lot of credit, considering the stick from the crowd to keep chipping away.

  20. Man

    I’d be working my socks off if I earned £10K per week let alone £70K!!

    Arshavin needs to be substituted, they are getting at Gibbs far too often now

  21. dennisdamenace

    The only reason these cunts are still in the game is our woeful forwards and the fact that we are playing with eight fucking men!

  22. albo

    incesc – I agree. Arshavin has put a real shift in and has had at least a couple of moments of quality. Just still not found his composure in front of goal. Its so strange – can you imagine even considering writing that 12 months ago!?

  23. Stu

    We did this last season, brought on the big guns against stoke and ended up losing it. Shocking that Bendtner has been left on…the right wing especially.

  24. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    This to me is when you make pro active subs… Bendy off… Hang on… Chams off..better than nowt

  25. TOMTOM

    Denilson is just passing sideways and is doing a job that a retarded dwarf could do. We need more from him at this level