The manager thinks Arsenal have quality centrebacks already so it’s difficult to buy someone. What?

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So before I talk about the game tonight I wanted to share this little snippet with you. This is what our manager said yesterday, the day that Spurs signed Pienaar and Villa spend up to £24million on Darren Bent.

‘I cannot tell you at the moment whether it will be a substantial signing or cover because it has to click in my head and nothing happened yet. If you look at the centre-backs we have, they are quality: Djourou, Squillaci, Koscielny, Vermaelen. The quality of the player coming in, what will it be? It is a complement of the players we have already? It’s very difficult to predict’

Why is that then boss? Djourou has great potential, I’ll give you that, Koscielny maybe turn out ok I’ll give you that, but Squillaci is up there with Silvestre and Thomas Vermaelen is probably out until next season. How is that difficult? You said if Vermaelen didn’t recover you would buy, what’s now so difficult?

If you can’t see that we have needed a centreback for the last two years, then I think you must watch our matches with the same glasses that Pat Rice does. You really need to stop all this crap and spend some of our money, there are a ton of available centrebacks out there, no excuses this time. We waited 4 years hopeful of Nordtveit only to find out he wasn’t good enough, it’s funny, when Nasri turns out to be worth the £11mil you spent on him as a teenager, you want the credit, yet when we spend years watching people screw up (Senderos) and eventually you let them go, you say nothing, they just slip quietly away, like they weren’t here in the first place.

How long do we have to wait until you admit you are wrong and haven’t the first clue about what a defender should be and hand the responsibility over to someone who does like Steve Bould, I would say Pat Rice but since 1996, he lost the ability to speak.

Onto tonight, the press reports say that Djourou will be rested and Ignasi Miquel is playing, well I have no idea what he’s like, but experimenting away to Leeds with a kid is a risk, I hope it works out because if it doesn’t, we are going out.

We are overwhelming favourites with the bookies, surprising as that is I’m a little nervous, if you played the team that beat West Ham I would be supremely confident, why they need resting is beyond me, isn’t playing football what they do for a living? Isn’t that why they get salaries that fans can only dream of?

Still he’ll play who he wants, if we win, he’ll take the credit, if we lose he’ll blame the inexperience, either way it doesn’t matter to Arsene Wenger, he has the safest job in world football.

I think we should spend the first 15 minutes keeping possession, then the next 15 probing, then slam, if we play our pressing game and take our chances, we’ll win easily, if we don’t and Nasri is missing I’m not so sure, either way I think he should play arguably our most influential player and one that knows where the goal is.

This is the team I expect he’ll play tonight.


Sagna Miquel Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Denilson Rosicky

Walcott Chamakh Arshavin

This is the team I would play.


Sagna Song Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Cesc Ramsey

Walcott Chamakh Nasri

Either way I expect if we play football, press for 90 minutes and shoot on sight, we will run out handsome winners, but make no mistake, they will want this, they will shut us down and they will shoot on sight, this one will be more balanced if he plays a young team, but let’s not forget, we are only here playing a game we don’t want because he made 8 changes last time.

Give it your best shot Arsenal, we want this badly because we want the quadruple, Arsene, take a leaf out of Villa and Tottenham’s book, spend some proper money, forget your bonus for once, get in a decent defender, they aren’t going bust and nor will we, we need to win something, the defenders you bought in are as bad as the ones you had last year, and they aren’t with us now are they.

Last bit, Denilson has just slammed Cesc as a captain, he said we need a leader and Cesc isn’t one, he also said the best keeper at Arsenal is Almunia, now after all that if he stays I will definitely believe he is someones love child. Get him out now! And Wenger says he looks for intelligence in his players as the most important attribute, ha, ha follow that!

Have a great day Grovers, sorry for the negative bits but I just couldn’t believe what I read, again!

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1,276 Responses to “The manager thinks Arsenal have quality centrebacks already so it’s difficult to buy someone. What?”

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  1. SUGA3


    no, it’s double standards for Cesc to have a go at Denilson for conceding a peno ‘no professional player should’, when he basically cost us a game against Spuds!

    as for the Spuds strengthening, whisper it, but St Totteringham’s Day may come really late this season!

  2. finestcuts

    Who can we buy arsenal4ever? The best we could poss get is Spahic if Montpelier let him go…..otherwise it’s everyone elses sloppy seconds.

  3. Maqitlarge

    The interview was recorded before the Leeds game for all those saying Denilson was reacting to Cescs comments about the penalty

  4. mabk

    Wenger should f****& off. What defenders? we are throwing away a lot of points with his useless defenders. I m getting so frustrated with his stubbornness.

  5. SUGA3

    a s,

    I have watched the whole interview and the only controversial bit is about the leadership or lack thereof!

    but that little twat is not in position to give any opinions on this club, useless fuck!

  6. GoonerDNA

    RVP is a legend his tweets show a complete different side, I thought he was a loner and alittle mental but it seems he’s like a bigger brother to the youngsters and he plays FIFA too, top guy.

  7. incesc

    poor old denilson, too thick to be a footballer, cant see how he has done anything wrong though.

    big to do about nothing

    still, sell the cunt!

  8. arsenal4ever

    I dont know how he gets away with this attitude GEoff. But Pedro yesterday said he has preasure to buy and wont do that now? I am confused and angry. If we are going out tonight it should Wengers last game. Same for fukking denilshit and Bendtner. Hammers want him but not for our asking price of 15 mill. Telegraph is reporting it.

  9. arsenal4ever

    finest thats no excuse. Wenger knew already he wont buy cause no one is to get for free. He is a fukking penny pinching assh….. The people who are defending denilshit are all insane, fact.

  10. eduardo

    fair enough Suga, bottom line though I feel that Cesc has “earned” the right for the occasional rish of blood like the handball, he must have credit in the bank?!
    Whisper it VERY quietly about St. T.D!
    who would you have: Piennar or Denilson….
    the only real difference between them is that Piennar actually tracks back and runs..
    Taxi for Denilson

  11. Wenger the liar

    Reality check:

    If Arsene doesnt buy a defender and an injury means we go into the business part of the season with a massive disadvantage, not only will the any excuse but Arsene crowd not consider a change should we not win the league but they will defend him even if we finish fifth.

    Thats the truth.

  12. gambon

    No more money spent….by the end of the season £160m in the bank!

    What the fuck is going on, no football club in the history of the game has had that much cash, yet not bothered to use it.

    I actually think Wengers planning to put a pile of £50 notes in Goal next season, thats his master plan.

    And the financial report can be his assistant manager.

  13. incesc

    “We are overwhelming favourites with the bookies, surprising as that is I’m a little nervous”

    Itswell worth putting a bet leeds tonight, especially if you cant really be arsed with the FA Cup.

    then you win either way…

  14. SUGA3


    IMO, we can expect better from Cesc than from the fake Brazilian 😉

    Pienaar any day, I would even pay the remainder of his contract just to get rid of Denilshite…

  15. Bengali Gunner

    WTF is wrong with Wenger?! We need a defender, we want trophies and thats the only fucking way!
    :@ I knew wenger would do this

    Hes gonna wait till the last minute of the window to find out if the squid has recovered, if he has then he wont buy anyone, if he hasnt then were gonna end up with some league 2 french defender

  16. arsenal4ever

    OMG Leeds will win tonight if Denilshit is playing :-(. Just another indication Wenger`s lost and fukked it up again.

  17. goonerT1m

    how the fuck do au clair and ballague make a living out of talking shiite, its unbelievable, inside knowledge coz youve got a french accent pfff

  18. incesc

    I guess cesc posting that picture of denilson and him about to thumb each other is proof he isnt really a leader.

    Imagine denilson saying those things about Adams after all the bad performances he has given.

    thinkhe would of taking a bit of a beating!

  19. nuudles

    those saying Deni never said he wants to leave while Cesc wanted to go to Barca: can you blame him? If you could choose would you be at a club that hasnt won anything in 6 years or go to a club that want you and have won a lot over the same period. Stay and play with some uncommitted players like Deni, Bendy, Eboue, Arsh and at times Clichy and a manager who does not want to do what is required when needed or go and play with your mates in a team willing to pay big money for quality like Villa and Mascherano in order to strengthen the squad as a whole?

    The fact that he stayed and he hasnt let it interfere with his performances when he is still a young man shows his maturity and his professionalism and his love for the club. I hope we win the CC and one more trophy to persuade him to stay for longer!!

  20. ArsenalKenya


    I am with Cesc all through and even though Leadess are born they also learn through experiences as they lead their teams.

  21. incesc


    wanger blames snow for draw vs leeds?

    “[There was] relative rest for the Championship teams because many games were cancelled for them” said Wenger. “[Also] the heavy programme during the Christmas period for the Premier League teams.

  22. Joppa

    Good point Incesc. I’ve said it a 1000 times, there is no way Cesc is captain material, particularly after what went on in the summer.

    We have no captains. It’s a big fkin problem. Maybe Chesney but there is no one else. Don’t give me the TV5 argument when he wont even be coming back this season.

  23. nuudles

    haha gambon, brilliant idea: a stack of £50s will be a brilliant keeper, or maybe we will pay top top money for bionic implants into Seaman or Lehman which will give them incredible reflexes and agility so they can play in goal for us for the next 50 years and stop everything, the cunning bastard!! 🙂 brilliant idea

  24. magut

    soon all gooners fans will be singing `wenger must go`I hate being beaten by teams but from this am prepared emotionaly for anything.

  25. Tacklr

    Denilson was mistranslated. Did you watch the original non-translated video? Even Cesc noticed that Chaviski and Abu Dhabi media wanted to create a bust up in the Arsenal camp. Cesc posted this photo on his Twitter:

  26. Lucifur

    I don’t hate denilson for his comments, he’s got the right to say what he wants. In fact he strikes me as a nice quiet chap, someone Wenger would have a drink with on a Sunday evening.
    Personally feelings aside, from a footballing standpoint I have to say he is the most shite thing I’ve seen in our first team for a long time, that could be why his comments are treated with such disdain.

  27. incesc

    exactly Lucifur

    hes an easy target, I think 99% of gooners would have accepted comments like that from other players who through effort and commitment on the pitch might have earned the right to say it…

  28. telarse

    Denilson’s spot on about Cesc as a captain. Hopefully he will continue will be proved wrong about keeper. Denilson has as much need to play in a first 11 as Arshavin et al and if he was acknowledged as not being a DM he’d draw less fire. Song is acknowledged as a DM but not as the shite DM he is! A decent DM, and I mean premier league experienced, would allow DEnilson, cesc and whoever else is in midfield and central defence to get on with the jobs they’re supposed doing. Wenger needs to realise we’re in the same league he won with Vieira, Petit and Parlour and they were a major part of the reason – power in midfield.

  29. SUGA3


    sorry mate, but I speak fuck all Portuguese and I have to rely on the Arseblog’s subtitles, which were prepared by these dudes in Brazil…

    which I prefer to do, rather than to take someone’s claims of ‘mistranslation’ as gospel, sorry 😉

  30. Raynor73

    Cesc isn’t a leader?two goals at villa as sub last year. Rescued us at home against Leeds. He is most often our mom. He might not be vocal but when he doesn’t play quite honestly were a frigging shambles. Leads by example with hid football

  31. Mark

    I am a twerp firstly but in the realities of running a football club, no quality center-back is going to agree to come to Arsenal when Djourou, Vermaelen and Koscielny will be ahead of them.

    So, Wenger can either get another Squilacci-type, or go for another relatively unheard of young prospect with potential such as koscielny.

    as much as we wish we could get seasoned world-class players, these are the realities of football.

  32. Albo

    Well, Denny was probably a bit ill-advised with his comments – particularly as he is not playing at all well at the moment – but a few clarifications:

    1) He gave this interview on the 5th before the Leeds game, so in no way is it him reacting to the Fabregas comments.

    2) He wasn’t really having a specific dig at Fabregas. The interviewer was asking about leadership and cited the example of Sol Campbell when Ramsey broke his leg. Denilson replied that he didn’t really think there was a leader on the pitch for Arsenal. The interviewer said ‘what about Cesc?’ and Denilson replied that he’s not really a natural leader. Which I think most of us know is true to some extent.

    3) He was naive to assume that just because he’s being interviewed by for Brazillian consumption that it wouldn’t get picked up and twisted over here. But at the same time, it is ironic that he will now be slaughtered by various bloggers for saying something that they themselves have been saying for a few years!

  33. SUGA3


    it’s all the bloggers can do, whereas a player can stand up at one point and say what he thinks, no?

    and what is inside, stays inside, simple as…

  34. Albo

    Gambon – you are such a WUM. You’re not stupid, and I’m sure you read the AST newsletter last week, so you KNOW we don’t have anything like £160 million in the bank for player sales. Yet you continue to lie and claim we do.

    You also know that Wenger gets no specific bonus for not buying players or for making money in transfers (I know this cos we went over it a couple of days ago and even those arguing the case accepted by the end that there is no evidence for this bonus) and yet you lie and claim there is one and it is preventing him from buying a CB.

    You’re only interested in stirring things up…

  35. incesc


    i disagree

    an ambitious player would come to arsenal a believe in his abilities to push his way to a place in the team.

    which would be fantastic for us because it means the dross gets pushed out and the quality improves.

    much like wilshere has forced his way in and denilson gets much less games this year…

  36. Albo

    SUGA3 – don’t get me wrong. Was foolish, and even arrogant for him to say what he did. And even if he was thinking it there are more tactful ways of putting it (assuming of course the translation isn’t paraphrasing and in fact he was being tactful!) Just offering a few specific bits of perspective…

  37. charliegeorge


    Utterly wonderful post. Loving the humor – great stuff. Fantastic to see taig back (where in blazes has he been?). Gambon, Chardonnay socialist more like it. If he was prepared to give every “last drop of blood” to the cause, why not take a pay cut? Or better still, go quietly.

  38. nuudles

    Albo, yes we do not have anything near £160m, but we have more than enough to get a proper CB, even something like £20m would not endanger our chances of getting a proper DM and Hazard in the summer if we sell on Rosicky and Deni.

  39. arsenal4ever

    nuudles our CB not created yet, lol. Wenger will go later in the month to a bakery for creating one, lmao!!!! Wenger is such a deluded manager.

  40. charliegeorge


    Gambon can’t prove it. Nor can you disprove it. Who would have thought GG was taking bungs prior to becoming common knowledge?

  41. nuudles

    a4e, haha true

    on a more serious note we talked on here yesterday about what good semi-affordable CB options are, and the problem is that they are relatively limited

    if we are prepared to go to £20m there are a couple of really good options to choose from, but if we look in the £10m ballpark then the quality options are few and far between, with very few (if any) options with PL experience

  42. Woolwichstilhere

    I’m here. Everybody say yee yee. Wengker is a wengker. Any player we appoint captain recently, there is always a dispute. Does it mean we can’t appoint a skipper at the club anymore? Gallas and nw fabregas

  43. Arse&Nose©

    The armband is a ceremonial token. If players are not allowed to shout at each other then there is no way there can be leadership.

  44. ozrus

    gambon, could it be that there is an underboard that gives AW a bonus for getting a bonus for all the money he saves? Like a double-dip bonus? A bonus for getting a bonus. Like the people that have fear of the fear of sleep? Or a copy of a copy of a copy. Simulacrum, so err french.

  45. gambon


    As of 31st May we had £130m in the bank, thats an absolute fact that you can read in the financial report.

    We, on average are retaining £30m in cash pa, and this year will be the first year that property cash can also be retained.

    So yes, we will likely have £160m in the bank come end of financial year, which coincides with end of season.

    All facts mate, you should check these things before you make yourself look like a massive cunt.

  46. Albo

    nuudles says:
    January 19, 2011 at 11:12
    Albo, yes we do not have anything near £160m, but we have more than enough to get a proper CB, even something like £20m would not endanger our chances of getting a proper DM and Hazard in the summer if we sell on Rosicky and Deni.

    Totally agree. Still no reason for him to lie.

    Charliegeorge – yes but the burden of proof is with Gambon on this issue. There is a lot of nonsense people could spout if they are protected by the ‘you don’t know for a FACT that its not true’ argument…

  47. ozrus

    Albo, you give gamboing too much credit. He’s a cunt for calling you a “massive cunt” for starters. I say glassss the fucker if you see him

  48. Albo

    No Gambon, because as the AST report makes clear, the huge majority of that cash is money needed to pay the players. It is utterly misleading to suggest it will be ‘in the bank’ as if it can be used. I’m not looking like a cunt – simply someone interested in the realities of running the club rather than winding up gullible fans of a team I don’t support…

  49. simon mcmahon

    I think that’s great, now the useless brazillian has got to go, I Hope almunia goes with him he is totally stupid and cant see the fact he a lucky boy playing for our club.
    I really hope we beat dirty leeds tonight winning breeds winning wenker!!!!

  50. Pete

    Wenger says senderos and silvestre are great player,laughable.we have the best chance of silverware this season but if we win nothing substantial as a result of wengers lack of reinforcement and other repeated bad footballing decisions he should quit.

  51. gambon


    Sorry for that mate, i meant youre a bit slow, not a cunt.

    Try and keep up with me here, because the biggest problem is you seem to think we pay all of our players on the first day of the season for the entire season, when in fact we pay them during the course of the year, and we also earn money throughout the year.

    OK, so here we go;

    We turn over roughly £225m, although this year that will be about £240m, plus about £20m from property.

    It costs roughly £165m to run the club. Although this will rise cos of wage increases to probably £125m.

    So….£225m – £165m = £60m profit. (2010)

    This year we will turnover £240m, and it will cost £180m….soooooo £60m profit.

    How do we need to use any of our money in the bank to pay the players when we make more than we spend during each season?

    Therefore that £130m will increase by the end of the season, because incoming is much more than outgoing.

    IMO to £160m.

    Ive never said we have a £160m transfer budget, but Wenger had MINIMUM £40m in the summer and spent about £4m.

  52. bnsb

    gambon, Now that you are playing nice, read AST report again. The surplus we had TPA acount this summer was 25 mil. You have to cover for increase in wages too from this 25 mil. What would that leave for player purchase?

  53. Wenger the liar

    Albo –

    Missed you yesterday 😉

    My thoughts on this without getting bogged down in the detail because it isnt worth discussing with people who will not admit something thats black and white.

    The AST release a statement saying weve got fuck all to spend on transfers smack bang in the middle of the window, mouthpiece much?

    Expectation management and the sheep lap it up like good little boys.

    Nasri contract extension to be announced at the end of the window.

    If they slapped you all in the face with a fish and called you a cunt it couldnt be any clearer as to how they actually think about “fans”.

  54. realistic tony

    ItSs difficult to work out whether Wenger is delaying his tactics till the end of the window…he prefers to risk losing a player than to buy early at a high price. So we dont know…hes been linked with many players…currently ciani of bordeaux. His buy at the end of the window policy, for me, is predictable to the managers waiting for his move anyway. If he doesnt buy and has to rely on kos and squill (if djourou gets injured) then based on the results with those two together; we may only win the carling cup…and i wouldnt think that was a cert either.
    The knock-on effect from gambling and losing and ending up with nothing…AGAIN!!!.is that the top players cesc for sure and maybe RVP, nasri etc will believe they can win something elsewhere. So is 10,15,20 million for a quality centre back that may elevate the whole team to winning the prem this season (and maybe next) too high a price to pay for that?
    I believe the money is there…what happened to the 30+ million we received for adebayor and toure?

  55. gambon


    There is no proof there is such thing as a TPA account.

    Why does it need to cover wages exactly? Sky are giving us £10m more this year, and we’ve signed new & improved deals with various commercial partners.

    The wage bill needs to stay roughly the same, but no one has ever said any differently. We need to improve the quality of the squad, not increase the size of it. For anyone that comes in 1 or 2 players should be sold, which covers the wage thing

  56. Albo

    Gambon, I’m not remotely slow. You facts make for interesting reading, but jar slightly with the assertion by the AST (who have no vested interest or reason to lie to us) that that ‘on a football basis only, before player trading, Arsenal Football Club just about breaks even.’

    Besides, I’m not arguing we have no money, or that we shouldn’t spend – merely that your figures appeared to be deliberately misleading…

  57. zeus

    Sure it’s been said already but the denilson thing was just a bit of misunderstanding. I would advice that the full interview be watched on arseblog.

    The ammonia stuff though………mediocrity loves company

  58. charliegeorge


    Excellent logic. Great summation. No one has ever invoked the board to spend every last penny on buying players. If this twat lacks the grey matter to simply use funds raised from selling players i.e. excess transfer funds (much less breaking open Fort Knox, which we know will never happen), he has no business being in the exalted position he finds himself in. On which other planet does s football manager have a job for life? Particularly when that football manager is blundering at every conceivable turn?

  59. ozrus

    the following statement from gamboing has a rudimentary arithmetic flaw let alone sense:
    “It costs roughly £165m to run the club. Although this will rise cos of wage increases to probably £125m.”

  60. arsenal4ever

    thx wenger and we still have bendtner and denilson in the squad. Wenger needs to go asap. Cant see his face anymore nor hear his interviews.

  61. arsenal4ever

    why there is no banner with “WEnger out”? Will it change if he is not acting? Surely not. Arsenal fans just satisfied with top4 and beautiful playing? He should feel the heat now!!!!

  62. ArsenalKenya

    We are now been linked with Ramos. Wenger should borrow a leaf from his counterpart Gerrard Houllier and buy now! These delays and bargain puirchases are the ones that ciost us titles year in and out.


  63. pharo9ja

    Denilson this Wenger that and evry week, every month,every season we all get the same bad news.I used to be upset angry and all arrrrghh but not anymore. Why? Ordinarly,when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, it’s expected that you do something about it. What you do or try to do should be constructive with a view to solving the problem.
    Unfortunately we accept that “our hands are tied” hence we suffer from the keyboard warrior syndrome.
    At the mention of a protest some fans,like some on here have even said that the protest by the Liverpool and Man U fans didn’t or rather hasn’t yeilded results. This may be true but atleast supporters dissatisfaction was brought to the fore. Circumstsances have made Arsenal fans like me and others residing outside England active participation in any kind of peaceful protest outside the grounds,but I believe some of you and even more at other fora can do something.
    In the meantime, I can’t be arsed to bother anymore. I love my Arsenal.I will cheer every time we play,cheer my favourite players but criticise the team and management on a westbrom day.
    Good afternoon Grovers.

  64. incesc


    why would we need a 17 year old striker and why do city need one?

    if he wants to waste a career behind balotelli, tevez and dzeko who cares…

  65. gambon

    Id like to see a banner saying;

    “If money’s so tight take a pay cut”


    “The MD of Heathrow refused his bonus….will you?”

  66. ozrus

    Wtl, sorry, it must be my bad English (or gamboing’s bad grammar). It’s just that gambon takes any and every opportunity to tell people they are cunts, I thought I’d point out the obvious

  67. sixx pac

    A4E Mancini has hardly discovered Lukaka now has he. Well City are ruining football. They sign all these players on ridiculous wages. Then when they want to sell the players, no one can afford the wages they’re asking for.
    What is the point in signing Lukaka after you’ve just signed Dzeko and Balotelli and u have Tevez?

  68. incesc

    It is quite interesting that man city are showing no signs of trying to come in line with the new finacial rules…

  69. gambon

    Sixx Pac

    Are you really asking what the point is in signing great players?

    As for “ruining football” – try telling that to City fans.

  70. MatthewT

    I wouldn’t be supprised if there was a rift between Cesc and Denilson, Cesc is probably fed up of having to play with a useless lazy cunt every week and lets him know it. When we play with Denilson we play with 10.5 men, Same for Bendtner, So when they both play we are a man short.

    Apprantly WestHam want Bendtner but are shocked we want £15 million for him, we should just take what they offer and get rid of the utter donkey.

    £24 million for Darren Bent !!! WTF

  71. nuudles

    ridiculous if City also gets Lukaka

    so they will have Tevez, Dzeko, Ballotelli, Lukaku as their “main” strikers and then add to that other strikers like Jo, Adebayor (going?), etc. What self respecting up and coming striker would go there? It is also not as if they are really going to be making profit by selling any of these (maybe Dzeko) seeing the massive amounts they bought them for. How will the expenditure rules affect them?

  72. Geoff

    West Ham have offered £10mil for Bendtner and £5mil if we throw in Denilson!

    Bendtner is far too far up himself to go to a team like West Ham, sorry, don’t believe this story.

  73. SongtheGreat

    Denilson was spot on about one thing…cesc the ingrate is no feckin capitan..cesc is just a money grabbin whore…dont ever forget he doesnt want to play for Us…he’s barca dna remember…

    and that was the rift between denilsoen and cesc…denilson didnt see cesc as a captain…and cesc didnt like that…still denilson was right and im pleased that someone actually said it….The Arsenal doesnt need a captain that rather would play somewhere else…i hear ya denilson …

    so lets get rid of denilson :)….

    and sell that f*ckin ingrate cesc too..

    some whisper Zapata …

  74. Geoff

    Qos I remember you and I having a ding dong about Denilson, remember you giving me his stats etc?

    How do you feel about him now!

  75. SongtheGreat

    ooppss sorry ..great post Geoff ..wenger has lost the plot…once again he’s playing lottery with Te Arsenal…its nothing less than shameful

  76. MatthewT


    The vast majority of people and that includes footballers are about as loyal as their options. I Don’t hold that against Fabregas, Its not as if Wenger is doing much to keep him at Arsenal by making us look the more attractive option.

  77. sixx pac

    No Gambon, I’m asking do they need him. What is he gonna bring to that team that Dzeko, Tevez and Balotelli won’t bring.

    If I were a fan of Man City I’d be pretty pissed with them throwing money all over the place buying unnecessary players when really good players like Adam Johnson can barely get a game.

    If u don’t think they are ruining football, look at the Craig Bellamy situation. Really good player who had to go to Cardiff ffs to get some game time.

  78. nuudles

    Ramos is good but the way Sagna has been playing lately is also very good… Would we then sell Sagna? Think Sagna is best defensive RB in the world and his presence on the field helps our other defenders tremendously!

    Sagna has another 2-3 good seasons in him at least. I know Ramos can play on the left too (less effective but still, saw him there on the weekend when they drew the match) but my understanding is he prefers the right. Cannot really see Ramos coming here to play second fiddle to Sagna… Also he will not come cheap, sorry to rain on your parade but it does not sound likely at all!

  79. eduardo…. so you suggest we chuck Cesc? your mad!! clearly mental, I say hold onto him as long as possible…he is ALWAYS professional and dependable…its not like we would replace either is it?! hes 23….and one of the best MF in the world dude..
    I do like Zapata or Subotic

  80. gambon

    Sixx Pac

    Hes 17 years old, he will be the main man for them in 2016, when Tevez et al are gone.

    In that respect why do we need Wellington Silva? Didnt see you moaning when we signed him?

  81. SongtheGreat


    i agree somewhat mate…still cesc is the capitan..that shlould demand some loyalty….me being a barca lover makes it easier to forgive cesc ?

  82. gambon

    Is Cesc a money grabber? Not really, maybe he wants to play for his hometown club, the one he has always supported?

    Maybe he wants to win something, and be part of one of the greatest club sides ever?

    Maybe he doesn’t like playing with retards like Denilson & Eboue.

  83. incesc

    so what, someone saw that video and sold the quote to the sun??

    if so, what a fucking easy way to make money, but im sure its just the Sun flexing their muscles and all that…

    still, bet hes a bit embarrassed at reacting like that


  84. ozrus

    I don’t like arseblog’s comments format much. Otherwise I think it’s well written. And it was an interesting interview with Denilson, exclusive or not

  85. Arsene Nose Best

    denilson should keep his fucking mouth shut,he couldn’t lace cesc’s boot’s f.f.s ,get rid of that cunt now.

  86. SongtheGreat

    🙂 Eduardo mate…remember there isnt a more loyal player than Song….He is not only world class on the pitch…;..

    come on cesc is a walking bomb…the more we rely on him the worse it will be when he takes a walk on the wild side shaves his legs and joins the crack whores from barca…

  87. paul mc daid

    Wenger,Ivan,PHW,= THREE BLIND MICE,cant wait for the fat russian and the return off David Dein,then and only then will the footballing side off the club become a priority again,Wenger has not won an argument since Dein was sacked by mr 1 %,its pathetic and sad that these clowns are allowed to ruin our team.

  88. ozrus

    With all the comments made about needing a clinical striker, Arsenal have scored more goals than any other club in the PL

  89. sixx pac

    Matthew T if Arsenal were to sell out to an oil rich Arab, who would then spend 500 million in 3 years, while stagnating a really good youth system(which Man City has/had) I would be absolutely livid. Especially if I was a local fan.

    Gambon Wellington is totally irrelevant to what I’m saying. Do you want Arsenal to go out and sign every striker in football? Cause essentially, that’s what City are doing.

  90. realistic tony

    I love arsenal’s transfer attitude!!!….wont pay more than 10million for a tried and tested quality central defender..but wants 15 million for bendtner!(whats he done?????)….Aw the sharpest negotiator in football!!!!its laughable.
    Arrogance beyond belief.i agree with mourinho…he wouldnt get away with it at another club.

  91. nuudles

    haha, so they basicall charge us £2m to take Deni off our hands, or is it we get Scotty Parker + £8m and they get Denilson + Bendtner? The other option being £10m to us in exchange for Bendtner.

    I would be tempted to go for either option, but the first one where we get Scotty and get rid of Deni sounds brilliant! If that happens then I would ease up on Wenger about buying a CB now as Scotty should be good enough cover for Song so that Song could cover CB until TV5 is back!

  92. Queen of suburbia

    My feelings are pretty much the same as they were Geoff.

    He wouldn’t be in my first team but he can slot in and do a job if required. Although I add the proviso that not too many changes to the first time when he plays because playing with bendy, eboue, arsha and our other second string seems to bring out his weaknessess.

    I think he’s good at reading the game and Simple possession football but lacks aggression and a bit of adventure in his play. The issue I had with people slagging him off was that they were usually inaccurate like he gives the ball away all the time, which is provably false. His biggest weakness is actually that he’s not a good foil for fabregas – our best player.

    As for his statements, he was quoted out of context by the sun, I’ve listened to the whole thing and he generally came across ok. I wouldn’t have said it in his position even if I agree with it but then I’ve got 15 years and probably 100 iq points on him!

  93. Gunnerwin1

    Wenger is going to get the sack eventually after we make a real stink about him…a new manager will come along spend our money and strengthen our team and win trophies, Wenger will say it’s all his hard work and his team he built over the years…f*cking wanker!!!

  94. MatthewT

    sixx pac

    Are you some kind of football hating accountant ?

    If we got bought by someone with almost unlimited fund that was willing to spend whatever it took to make us the biggest team in the world i would love every fucking minute of it.

    There is no virtue in being cheap or in having a good youth system. They are only there to provide success on the pitch.

  95. nuudles

    Agree ozrus, i hardly ever comment on arseblog but the articles are brilliant and i love the humour.

    Arseblog and Le-Grove are my only Arsenal fixes, they differ vastly but I enjoy both a lot! The comments on here rule by the way!

  96. ozrus

    I think Arsene won’t mind Denilson speaking up like that. What he said mostly rings true, and AW likes the straight spine in his players i think