The manager thinks Arsenal have quality centrebacks already so it’s difficult to buy someone. What?

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So before I talk about the game tonight I wanted to share this little snippet with you. This is what our manager said yesterday, the day that Spurs signed Pienaar and Villa spend up to £24million on Darren Bent.

‘I cannot tell you at the moment whether it will be a substantial signing or cover because it has to click in my head and nothing happened yet. If you look at the centre-backs we have, they are quality: Djourou, Squillaci, Koscielny, Vermaelen. The quality of the player coming in, what will it be? It is a complement of the players we have already? It’s very difficult to predict’

Why is that then boss? Djourou has great potential, I’ll give you that, Koscielny maybe turn out ok I’ll give you that, but Squillaci is up there with Silvestre and Thomas Vermaelen is probably out until next season. How is that difficult? You said if Vermaelen didn’t recover you would buy, what’s now so difficult?

If you can’t see that we have needed a centreback for the last two years, then I think you must watch our matches with the same glasses that Pat Rice does. You really need to stop all this crap and spend some of our money, there are a ton of available centrebacks out there, no excuses this time. We waited 4 years hopeful of Nordtveit only to find out he wasn’t good enough, it’s funny, when Nasri turns out to be worth the £11mil you spent on him as a teenager, you want the credit, yet when we spend years watching people screw up (Senderos) and eventually you let them go, you say nothing, they just slip quietly away, like they weren’t here in the first place.

How long do we have to wait until you admit you are wrong and haven’t the first clue about what a defender should be and hand the responsibility over to someone who does like Steve Bould, I would say Pat Rice but since 1996, he lost the ability to speak.

Onto tonight, the press reports say that Djourou will be rested and Ignasi Miquel is playing, well I have no idea what he’s like, but experimenting away to Leeds with a kid is a risk, I hope it works out because if it doesn’t, we are going out.

We are overwhelming favourites with the bookies, surprising as that is I’m a little nervous, if you played the team that beat West Ham I would be supremely confident, why they need resting is beyond me, isn’t playing football what they do for a living? Isn’t that why they get salaries that fans can only dream of?

Still he’ll play who he wants, if we win, he’ll take the credit, if we lose he’ll blame the inexperience, either way it doesn’t matter to Arsene Wenger, he has the safest job in world football.

I think we should spend the first 15 minutes keeping possession, then the next 15 probing, then slam, if we play our pressing game and take our chances, we’ll win easily, if we don’t and Nasri is missing I’m not so sure, either way I think he should play arguably our most influential player and one that knows where the goal is.

This is the team I expect he’ll play tonight.


Sagna Miquel Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Denilson Rosicky

Walcott Chamakh Arshavin

This is the team I would play.


Sagna Song Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Cesc Ramsey

Walcott Chamakh Nasri

Either way I expect if we play football, press for 90 minutes and shoot on sight, we will run out handsome winners, but make no mistake, they will want this, they will shut us down and they will shoot on sight, this one will be more balanced if he plays a young team, but let’s not forget, we are only here playing a game we don’t want because he made 8 changes last time.

Give it your best shot Arsenal, we want this badly because we want the quadruple, Arsene, take a leaf out of Villa and Tottenham’s book, spend some proper money, forget your bonus for once, get in a decent defender, they aren’t going bust and nor will we, we need to win something, the defenders you bought in are as bad as the ones you had last year, and they aren’t with us now are they.

Last bit, Denilson has just slammed Cesc as a captain, he said we need a leader and Cesc isn’t one, he also said the best keeper at Arsenal is Almunia, now after all that if he stays I will definitely believe he is someones love child. Get him out now! And Wenger says he looks for intelligence in his players as the most important attribute, ha, ha follow that!

Have a great day Grovers, sorry for the negative bits but I just couldn’t believe what I read, again!

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1,276 Responses to “The manager thinks Arsenal have quality centrebacks already so it’s difficult to buy someone. What?”

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Denilson comments:

    “There isn’t a leader. I don’t see one player as a leader”

    “The best keeper at Arsenal is Manuel Almunia”

    And finally on Wenger – “I only have good things to say about Wenger. He treats me very well. He’s very sincere, his work is amazing and I admire all he has done giving opportunities to young players.”

  2. Wellington

    i have a friend in the first team who even thinks denilson is not good enough along with a few others aswell but we have spoken about him in particular as he is aware that denilson is not liked by many fans

    another one of wengers precious boys

    200 appearances and not 1 thing sticks in my head about that guy other then his lack of bottle, heart and effort

  3. Albo

    Geoff. I’ve sen the Denilson quotes elsewhere too, but no one is saying where they come from. Can’t see them on Arsenal TV or anything. Bit of a surprise from a mild mannered kid like Denilson…

  4. E12 GUNNER

    Samba top of Arsenal’s shopping list

    Arsene Wenger has made Blackburn defender Christopher Samba his top transfer target.

    Wenger is desperate to strengthen his squad after losing Thomas Vermaelen and Sebastien Squillaci to injury.

    Arsenal boss Wenger likes Gary Cahill of Bolton, but his club have made it clear they will not sell during this window and that has prompted the Gunners to go for Samba.

    Samba, 26, is unsettled at Blackburn after Sam Allardyce was sacked, was stripped of the captaincy and, despite regaining his place, Rovers are struggling to keep him.

    Aston Villa are also interested but Arsenal are at the front of the queue and are likely to test Blackburn’s resolve with a bid of around the £6m mark.

    Wenger has looked at short-term options such as West Ham’s Matt Upson and have also been offered Bordeaux’s Mikel Ciani but would prefer a longer-term solution, and if they can get Samba at the right price in January then Arsenal will take the plunge.

    The Gunners manager wants a big, powerful stopper to partner and compliment the smaller and more mobile Vermaelen and Laurent Koscielny.

    Cahill, Per Mertesacker of Werder Bremen and Everton’s Phil Jagielka have all been looked at and remain on Arsenal’s list.

    Bolton want in excess of £16m for Cahill, and that means Samba is now a strong option if Arsenal can strike a deal with Blackburn who may want closer to £10m.

    Blackburn also know Arsenal are desperate, as Vermaelen has undergone surgery after a long spell out with an Achilles problem, Squillaci has a hamstring injury and Johan Djourou is playing despite a longstanding knee problem.

  5. tonyadamsisgod

    Also, I don’t get Wenger’s comments yet again. He say’s he has to rest players for tonight because it is impossible to challenge for all four trophies and the extra game is too much. But then he says his squad is perfect and he wont sign anyone. Its clearly not the case if you cant challenge for all trophies.

    What other manager would think like that!! Can you imagine Fergie telling the press he’s not interested in the FA Cup because its impossible to go for all four! I’m Sure they get quite close some years!

  6. Geoff

    Albo it’s on some Brazilian channel and the Sun published it. We hear from a few sources that he is an arrogant shit and rates himself highly.

  7. Denilson

    What Denilson said is exactly what everybody has been saying we don’t have a leader on the pitch… Which is absolutely spot on. Cesc is our best player and captain… A leader? Not.

  8. Wellington

    ive been having the same converstaion with friend for over 2 seasons
    and all the french guys feel the same

  9. RichieLoco

    1 defender! just 1 f**king defender! why can’t he grow a pair and spend a little of the money we invest into the side and cut out all the excuses?!

    Denilson has to go!

  10. jules

    More pathetic excuses from wenger , a complete embarrassment in the transfer market . again he has known about TV for months and not addressed it . he probaly won,t sign anyone and fuck it up again .

  11. arsenal4ever

    good post. Denilson is on drugs? Almunia best GK and Cesc no leader? At least we know you are no footballer!!!! Ship him out asap. This guy clearly has no clue. Another Ego asshole who cant admit not good enough. Selecao, lmao!!!

  12. nuudles

    Deni out ASAP!! Is there some truth in what he said? Possibly, but then it is still not something that he as barely 2nd choice DM can say to the press. If he has a problem with it take it up with Wenger or with Cesc. The other players must surely be getting tired of his lack of commitment and poor performances.

    Also read a juicy rumour that the Hammers want Bendy, we said we will take £15mill for him, they said its more than they are willing to pay but they are still interested in a possible loan deal. Him going there would be good for both us and them (and possibly be a very good step for Bendy’s development – regular game time under tough circumastances), and if he somehow manages to rescue their season they might just pony up and pay us what we want for him, then we can get a proper striker with less bark and more bite!

    Other good news: Chezzer is working hard on his distribution, he admitted it has been shocking lately and he told Wenger he would be hitting it into the opponent’s net soon, LOVING this kid’s attitude, perfect for a gk!

  13. Wellington

    first off DENILSON
    to say we have no leader is bollocks
    to say almunia is best keeper is bollocks

    and to come out and say anything negative during crucial period is ridiculos
    especially when the guy doesnt and never has deserved to wear our shirt

  14. arsenal4ever

    It is simple formel. If no new CB we are fukked. Can see the day we have only 1 CB left and need to rely on Song at CB and Denlshit in midfield. Thx Mr. “I know Everything and no one can tell me different”. So the board not put enough preasure on him to spend? We are a fukking joke to get needed players.

  15. Denilson

    Few months ago Chozzer came out and said Flappy is the best keeper at Arsenal and everybody said he was out of line… Almunia is the most senior keeper and was no 1 until he got ‘injured’. Until Wenger confirms he has been dropped to third choice, Denilson was spot on saying he is the best keeper.

  16. SUGA3


    but Cesc is not the leader type, he is supposed to lead by example, which is a bit different, it was the same with TH14, great player, not a leader in the slightest…

  17. arsenal4ever

    Denilson pls do us all a favour and fukk off with the real denilshit. People who rate him have really no clue about football cause he plays everything but not pro football.

  18. Aidan Daley

    Not only has Denilson consistently shown he is not good enough to play in our first team, he now proves beyond any doubt that he is a halfwit. This kid needs to
    be sold for as much as we can get and sharpish. Why
    is Arsene hanging on to this mug?

  19. arsenal4ever

    yeah suga but Almunia best GK? Also he should have just shut up cause these are things never spoken in public. Denilshit = Twat

  20. LAzer

    Their is a link to a video on arseblog I think..that’s where the Sun stole it from looking like. Its a fan interview from Arsenal supporters in Brazil. I JUST watched it.

  21. wb

    There was no need for these comments from denilson, this could have disruptive effect on our dressing room.
    Anyways onto today’s match i think song will play at CB instead of miguel.

  22. Jonathan

    So Wenger thinks he has quality central defenders. Wait till the gunners are taken apart by quality teams after the tw has closed He has some reserve central defenders. Play them.
    If the gunners get knocked out by Leeds and Ipswich ,I wonder what his excuse will be. I say iff the gunners fail to land a trophy this season,he should go nad play his pretty soccer elsewhere.He will soon realize he aint the overall boss and is answereable for the poor results.

  23. choy

    Morning all!

    haha.. Footballers should stop talking and stick to doing what they do best!

    With the players we have, they can’t play 2-3 games every week!

  24. SUGA3


    like I said on y’day post thread, he is just bigging up his mates from the ‘reserve’ clique, that’s all…

    you can actually see that this squad is divided – fir example, do you really think AA doesn’t play well, as he doesn’t give a fuck? think again…

  25. timao

    hang on… pot calling kettle black here a bit isn’t it? it’s been a consistent theme at le grove about how we lack leadership on the pitch(and on the bench?). and it’s a point that i tend to agree with. admittedly it looks bad when it comes out like this on the day of a cup replay – but that’s just the media twisting things around to suit themselves.

    whatever denilson’s shortcomings it’s not fair to have a go when he’s saying the same thing as has been written many times on this blog…

  26. Wellington

    its such a shame because of that little prick wenger allowed much much better players like diarra and flamini to leave, thinking he was the long term answer

    admit it will never work wenger
    stop being so fucking stubborn

  27. Arse&Nose©


    Arsenal sauces claim that Wenger has his eye on French carrot, CHANTENAY.

    Wenger says of him “What Chantenay lacks in stature he makes up in technique”.

    “He is especialy good at ‘peeling’ off the last defender and shooting with a very,very short back-lift.”

  28. Doublegooner

    Wenger won’t change.

    I was told 2 weeks ago it was unlikely he’d make any signings ( that was before TV being ruled out til marh)

    How will the dozy AKB respond if we go out tonight & if we did against Ipswich ??

    Wenger is now hit & miss Manager.

  29. Kushagra India

    Denilson was rite about the leader part we lack them everywhere it shows especially when winning ugly is required.

  30. nuudles

    I am definitely not Wenger’s biggest supporter, but there is a little traction in his comments about what it would mean to our current CBs. I completely disagree with him on including Squill in that list, he is a stop gap solution and is purely back-up for the other 3 or to be used in easy games (what?).

    If we get someone like Mertesacker then it would mean less game time for Kozzer and JD when TV5 is fit. I know we have a tight schedule so rotation is an option, but normally we would then play TV5 and Mertesacker as first choice in the big games.

    Both Kozzer and JD has bags of promise and both look to be too good in a year’s time to be considered 4th choice. That is the problem. I know that we rarely have everyone fit so that would mean that most of the time they would shift up a position so they will play more than a regular 3rd and 4th choice would. Enough justification to get real quality and not just a stop-gap or 4th/5th choice option. Get on it Wenger!

  31. Geoff

    Timao, he’s slagging off his own team mate, we aren’t his team mates. Anyway, I think Cesc is a great captain and always have done, what pot?

    I think Almunia and Denilson are shit though and always have done, what kettle?

  32. SUGA3


    no one is saying he is wrong, but it’s wrong for him to come out and say that out loud…

    I mean, what the fuck has he ever done to deserve the status allowing him to make such statements?

  33. Gooner4Ever

    Excellent post,especially the bold paragragh.
    Denilson should be ginen marching orders.He is trying to unsettle our captain.Get off Den……
    I prefer to redt Cesc ftom your line-up and play Rosicky,with Cesc and RVP on the bench

  34. nuudles

    happy bday Big Dave, Wenger just informed he they will not only give you a good win as a present but he will throw in a good CB and get rid of Deni… happy?

  35. Kushagra India

    and HELL YEAH got my first job at Cognizant techno services one of the fastest growing IT companies
    Arsenal dont ruin it tonite..

  36. Wellington

    what good are these comments
    so what if there is an element of truth in them
    save it for end of season
    who the fuck is he to question anything, he is one of the major reasons we dont perform when he starts in the middle

  37. Doublegooner

    Cesc NOT a captain.

    Wenger has created the atmosphere in the camp..
    He doesnt like players now banging their fists ( Adams, Keown etc)

    The whole atmosphere is calm calm calm with out enough fucking purpose.

    He installs excuses in the players heads.

    The Ipswich match stunk the place out…But it wasnt the only one this season !

  38. Sabeel

    Good post Geoff

    Very soon,we will see a Post on with denilson saying he is misquoted etc etc

    Denilson revenge of fabregas,becos fabregas declared denilson is not a professional for giving away the penalty…

  39. Geoff

    I’m told Nasri, RVP and Cesc are travelling.

    I’d sign the Blackburn pair, just what we need a decent DM and a big fucker at the back that can win balls in the air.

  40. bnsb

    Should be a 1000 comments plus day, now that Denilson has stirred hornets nest! Of course we could play and win the game too.

    Happy Birthday Big Dave. May your wish come true! Four Nil in our favour.

  41. GoonerDave

    There have been many times in the last few years where it seemed Arsenal were lacking leadership. We have let leads slip, bottled big games, etc.
    Denilson may have a point.
    And to be fair, if you read the full interview, its not the treason it seems.
    As for the CB issue, we do seem a bit screwed – we have 4 already, and so it seems to me we will either sign a veteran or a loan option.
    I think it might make more sense to buy a quality defensive midfielder who can cover the CB position well.
    Kos is worth keeping in my opinion, as is Djourou. Vermaelen when fit is excellent for us.
    Unless Wenger sells Squid (never happen) we wont sign a top quality CB.
    Maybe hes thinking of moving Verm to LB next season and flogging Clichy?
    Sadly, I reckon we will sign a 34/36 year old, and we will wonder why we couldnt get over the last hurdle again come May.

  42. SUGA3


    Cesc is not a great captain, good enough, maybe, but not ‘great’, IMO…

    can you ever see him telling anyone to pull his shit together during the game?

    remember when Denilson was down injured, he would not even go to check if he is OK, AA did, this is what a captain does…

    little things…

  43. Joppa

    Denilson may have a point as far as captains are concerned because to me Arsenal don’t have any captains out there on the pitch. So I think he is right on that score.

    Best GK. Well early days for LF and Chesney. Personally I if I never saw Almunia OR Fabianski play for Arsenal again I would wake up each morning quite happy.

    If Wenger makes whole sale changes tonight then fuck him and fuck football. The FA Cup is a great trophy but Wenger seems to want out of both of the smaller cups. It’s sad but true.

    Fck everyone this morning.

  44. Denilson's short backlift

    Geoff, the Sun stole the interview from arseblog, damn that guy is agry and rightfully should be . i think you feel the same

  45. SUGA3


    and what is sad, is that we have fuck all chance of winning the Ol’ Big Ears and the league will be very tough with two fit CBs of reasonable (just) quality…

  46. gazzap

    I really fucking hate Denilson. He is the only Arsenal player I cannot support when he is on the pitch. He is not and never has had the quality to represent Arsenal. I dont like his attitude, effort, or style. when he plays, you know you are watching our second string. Get him out and give more chances to Rambo and Lansbury, or better still buy a proper DM that we have needed for years.

  47. nuudles

    agree completely Geoff, Cesc is a good leader, not the best out there but still more than good enough to be our captain. And when Cesc + RVP + Nasri play we have a lot of midfield + attacking leadership on the field. With our current fit players we do not really have defensive leadership. If TV5 came back we would have good leadership throughout (I can also see Chozzer being a very good leader one day).

    Problem is we have no real leadership in our second string: Bendy, Chamakh, Rosicky, Deni, Eboue, Gibbs, etc etc are all not leaders, some of them are decent players when they are in a team with good leadership, but they are not leaders. Deni plays often in a team without Cesc, RVP and Nasri so he maybe does not experience leadership on the pitch but he must still see the leadership off the field in those sernior players and does not give him the right to say that!

  48. Kushagra India

    thanx a ton buddy Le-Grove played a big part in it thanx for ur and Pedro posts and good refereeing.

  49. Big Dave

    Thanks guys.

    And nuudles, a CB would be a nice one, trouble is our manager don’t like putting his hand in his pocket.

    If Denilson plays tonight then I think will need a couple of extra pints tonight to obscure my vision

  50. Rocky7

    ‘Arrogant shit that rates himself highly’ – could Also be describing our Roy of the rovers crossed with pele, maradona and messi ( in his head) ‘striker’ that does not know what/where the penalty area is….. Strange coincidence that.

    the 2 under talented , and way over rated ( only by aw) players that when they are in the same team we never seem to win.

    You may have a point geoff…. Do u reckon wenger and rice ‘comedy’ swapped glasses 6 years ago, and they are so blind they have not realised.

    Both of the players are fit for the championship for sure. But never the mighty arsenal. I am struggling to think of any premiership team that would have them both in a starting line up…. Except us….

    Happy days….

    And with regard to defenders….. We need to start defending as a team ,

    and when we attack we need to be able to mix it up a bit. I can’t remember the last time we scored from a deep cross / knockdown scramble/ poach It’s those kinda goals that would give us the extra points to beat utd.

    Again back to wenger and his lack of tactical nouse.

    Again I watched the the invincibles the other day.

    If that team could play our strongest 11 of today…. Fuck, arsenal 2011 would be spanked like school boys….

  51. gazzap

    Cesc and Denilson simply dont get on. its a personal thing between those two. Cesc criticised Den only last week when he gave the soft pen away. Den is retaliating.
    But When cesc comes on the pitch the whole team is lifted. you see the performance level increase by 10%, so whether he is leading by shouting or by example, he is doing a good job as captain. Who else would you have? (Verm is injured.)

  52. galviniho

    Do you believe all the stories in the press re: denilson? That is not what he said word for word. What Wenger is trying to say is if he gets in a defender you need top draw not someone like Samba to fill a hole.

    Come on lads get some perspective. I heard Arsenal enquired about the availability of some players so they have looked.

  53. amit

    Nasri, Fabregas, RVP and Song should start!! Wenger can juggle the other players around, but these 4 pillars of arsenal should start, else we might have a tough time again!!

    I wont be surprised if we lose, with a 2nd string side!!

  54. Denilson's short backlift

    Denilson is just having a dig at cesc for his comments after the leeds game. For that reason only should he fuck of not to mention hes fking useless.
    He thinks he is as good as Cesc?

  55. gazzap

    Cesc is fed up being surrounded by mediocrity. Players like Den are the real reason Cesc would rather be at Barca.

  56. wandaoof

    it is not on some ‘brazilian’ channel. the sun nicked the quotes from arseblog and arsenal brasil – a fact of which i’m sure you’re aware.

  57. nuudles

    oy yes dza, Gerrard has just been doing brilliantly lately (sarcasm) diving in like he did against the Mancs etc shows severe lacks in his leadership skills…

    Cesc is a leader, but it is hard to lead a team with players like Deni, Bendy, Arsh, etc. When he has been playing with our firts picks lately he has been sublime and even when he came on against Leeds he changed the dynamic and made a big difference.

    All leaders struggle when their teams are struggling. Look at Terry (idiot but a decent leader) & Gerrard to name a few.

  58. Denilson's short backlift

    Denilson is just having a dig at cesc for his comments after the leeds game. For that reason only should he fuck of not to mention hes fking useless.
    He thinks he is as good as Cesc? And clown the best GK? you havin a laugh

  59. Denilson

    Gazzap, Denilson interview was conducted 3 days BEFORE the game Cesc criticized Denilson… It can’t be retaliation. That’s just the media trying to spin the interview.

  60. timao

    geoff I don’t really care about this, it’s a non-story as far as i can see but here is an extract from Le Grove, from just 6 days ago.

    A bit of consistency please sir!

    Jan 13th “Arsene, firstly, I have to take this up with you. I’ve said it many times, you’ve created a beautiful atmosphere for people to work in… That’s great, but for me, it’s come at a cost.

    Our boys are like domesticated animals….They’re cocooned in an environment where there are professional a** wipers on stand by to see to their every need. …

    This type of culture kills the winning mentality vibe…From what I understand of United’s set up, there are massive factions in the dressing room, staff hate some of the players, some of the players hate the other players and there is plenty of fear and conflict that goes around the dressing room. “

  61. Joppa

    I say we get rid of Cesc in the summer and keep Denilson. I wonder if I will be proved right.

    ps. (I am being sarcastic, but you know it’s quite likely to pan out that way).

  62. Denilson's short backlift

    Good players play well with good players. Would you find it easier to pass to Bendtner or to Rvp?

  63. Chipo

    Geoff, for once your team is spot on! 😉 great shout on Ramsey. We all know Denilson is a twat, not to mention a shite footballer

  64. eduardo

    Stevie ME is a captain when it suits…and it suits less and less often these days..and hes a cunt thats outside of the law in ‘Pool…hate him! As for Denilson….what a cock!TV5, leader, Cesc leader, RVP (when hes fit), leads from the front, JW, futiure leader? chesney, future leader

  65. galviniho

    SUGA we have got to the Champions League 13 years in a row and since I was a kid the only season Arsenal were not really competing was the Rioch year.

    Have some faith with the man.

  66. dza

    Gerrard has been around mediocrity at Liverpool for how long? When was the last time you saw Cesc put in a captains performance? Aston Villa of the bench at the Emirates. Cesc would NEVER inspire an Istanbul comeback. Cesc is a top player but he is not a leader. Oh and Paddy V would never let Arsh and co get away with their lacklustre performances.

  67. Geoff

    Timao, that wasn’t my post.

    Chipo, my teams are always spot on, you mustn’t confuse with with Pedro, that’s what Timao just did!

    Gazzap, spot on regarding Cesc having to play with talentless twerps like Denilson.

  68. nuudles

    I do not think Nasri will start, read somewhere that he has a slight niggle and has to take pain killing injections before a game. Rest him for the big ones.

    Think we will/should play:

    Wilshere and Rosicky to alternate the holding role. More than enough fire power to beat them easily. If we want we can start Song and rest Cesc, then Wilshere and Rosicky can move slightly forward. One of Cesc/Song must start in the midfield.

    Bench: RVP, JD (bring him on if Miguel is struggling), Song/Cesc, Rambo, Vela, Shea, Eboue/Clichy

    We can use Deni as a ramp/steps to get off the bus…

  69. GoonerDNA

    The interview was on the 5th of Jan we played Leeds on the 8th hence Cesc’s comments about being a pro and not conceding the pen – ref to Den silly son stupid foul in the box

  70. SUGA3


    look mate, why would I continue having faith with someone who lied to me more than once and neglected his work?

    we will not buy anyone this month, period…

    as for the CL 13 years in a row thing, we have got to the final once, apart from that we have been also rans, no?

    fuck the ‘not winning but taking part’ commie mentality, to quote our captain ‘it’s all about trophies’…

  71. Zak

    Said last week that my “source” Wenger knew about Vermys injury and that he had no intention of buying cover. Then Sqillaci gets a knock, but still no news on cover.

    My betting is that he’ll gamble on getting squiddly back by the end of the month and Vermy by late March/early April and buy NO ONE.

    So frustrating as one BIG TALL FUCK OFF CB would not only make a difference this season but if we get the right one for the next seasons as well. Along with Chesser solving our keeper problems and frimpomg/another def mid cover for Denilson, sell bendy and buy Hazard and we’re sorted for very little expenditure.

  72. gambon

    Already pretty obvious that wenger plans to take his bonus rather than sign anyone, it follows the same fucking pattern every year. He is such a greedy little cunt.

  73. GoonerDave

    If the Ramos rumours are true, it would be damn nice to flog Eboue and sign him.
    Im a Wenger supporter, I know he makes mistakes so my support isnt blinkered at all. In saying that, one top quality player would be nice this window!
    Spending 20/40M on 1/2 players doesnt guarantee success though and we forget that sometimes.
    By the way, if we had signed Pienaar or Bent for that crazy money Id be disappointed.

  74. Big Dave

    Arseblog is well pissed about his article being in the sun, and rightly so.

    Would prefer MC29 instead of NB52 tonight

  75. Joppa

    No one is being signed this transfer window. Did anyone including Geoff and Pedro really believe otherwise? If we do get someone it will be a youngster or bargain basement cover.

  76. choy

    Cesc is no angel either.

    He would have moved on if Wenger would let him go.

    He also doesn’t seem to remember his stupid handball that led to the penalty a few games back.

  77. pawel

    latest news from Twitter:
    Abt what Deni said. I’ve been in his situation before, just a misunderstending. Now lets win tonite!

    Team spirit to good to break here as @cesc4official and Denilson are showing……#Gunners

  78. Geoff

    dza, Cesc leads with his football, when Vermaelen’s there he supplies the mouth, right now that could be Chezzer.

  79. Sabeel

    Good post Geoff

    Very soon,we will see a Post on with denilson saying he is misquoted etc etc

    Denilson revenge of fabregas,becos fabregas declared denilson is not a professional for giving away the penalty

  80. skandibird

    Top post Geoff;
    that Wenger has made his view regarding a ‘new defender’ supports my thinking since the opening of the transfer window, that he never intended to buy anyone in the first place.
    Denilson’s view on Cesc can only be bitter words from him and possibly because Cesc has had a go at him in the changing room for his poor display on the pitch, and its personal rathe rthan a professional opinion. As for his view on Almunia, I wonder, is it a ‘dig’ at the fans as he must know we all think Almunia and he is crap?
    Geoff, loving your ‘comment’ re Wenger viewing games through Pat Rice spectacles, sooooo true!!
    As for tonight; don’t feel overconfident, but, maybe that is a good thing?

  81. Arse&Nose©

    If Myles Palmer is right and Wenger subbed Wilshire for shouting at his teammates than Wenger is responsible for the team not having leaders.

  82. GoonerDave

    The crazy money referred to Bent.
    Though I bet Pienaar is on a decent enough wage for the 4.5 years he signed on for.

  83. eduardo

    choy: Cesc mentioned on Twitter what was diff between his handball against spuds and the one we didnt get last week../.so he really hasnt “forgotten” about it…. Bit harsh to bring up one handball considering what he gives us

  84. Joppa

    Also can I just point out while we are running down Denilson (which we all do) that it was not Denilson saying he wanted to leave the club only a very short time a go. Easy and convienient to forget that Cesc would have been gone in shot if allowed but we don’t mention it because he is world class and Den is not.

  85. Geoff

    Pawel, what did you expect him to say, Denilson is a half witted cunt?

    Skandi, we should beat them even with our reserves, trouble with the last game, it was neither, we showed no effort, I expect that to return tonight along with a resounding win, whoever plays.

  86. SUGA3


    it’s just double standards, as he conceded equally stupid pen!

    the derby game was one of the few that should have resulted in docking wages!

  87. gambon

    Wenger is a typical french socialist, and that shows in his team building.

    He thinks everyone should have the same standing, everyone should be paid similar, even if theyre shit.

    Pretty much anti-football if you ask me.

  88. gunner90

    0nly 12 days to go and still no sign of the Cb we desperately need!!!! Vermaalen will not play again this season so we are left with Djourou,Kos and Squid for the rest of the season and the latter is presently out with an injury! I hate it when he plays Song at CB – he is not very good there and we need him in midfield because – thanks to Wenger’s transfer policy again – there is nobody else. Denilson has always been a joke and should never have been bought in the first place! If he plays tonight and he puts Miquel in as a CB ( never ever played for the first team and is being asked to play in one of the most hostile away stadiumsin the country) then we will definitely lose! No wonder the board love Wenger – he hardly spends any money – even when we desperately need someone. I can see another season finishing with no silverware and a struggle to get into the top four.

  89. Pete g

    Wenger is turning into a prat regarding denders all he ever says is we have the quality & the the belief.
    He will wait to nearly the end of the month put in a stupidly low offer for someone & miss out.And then come up with a lame excuse why he hasn’t bought someone.

    Pete G

  90. a s

    Hi there, people calling denilson names, have you even heard the interview?

    also whats the point of calling others bad names, thats not kind nor productive, back the team insted of backbiting others !

  91. Joppa

    Gambon, you can’t really say Wenger is anti-football. That’s perhaps going too far. At present as much as we all hate the lack of signings, the dead wood etc etc Arsenal are in a healthy position – that if fact.

    How far we go in the remaining competitions is another thing altogether.

    I don’t think it will be easy tonight at all if he makes a lot of changes. A resounding victory would be nice but let’s not kid ourselves these second string players are that good because they have proven they are not.

  92. finestcuts

    It’s Herbert Chapman’s Birthday today so Happy Birthday Herbert!
    We must beat Leeds on Herbert’s birthday!

    Denilson shouldn’t be at the club anyway. Trying to put Cesc in the spotlight for not being a leader shows a low level of professionalism from him. The interview was given to Arsenal Brazil, and the Sun nicked it and didn’t credit them………but it’s not like the Sun haven’t done this before……they did this with the Hleb interview.

    We’re in desperate need of a centre back, last night I was talking to a Villa supporting mate of mine who gave me a thorough and honest assessment of Dunne and it put me right off, and I’m now certain we’re not even considering him.

    Everyone is now thinking that maybe allowing Nordveit to leave at this stage of the season with Vermaelen’s recovery uncertain and no replacement wasn’t the best of ideas. But then again it’s because Miquel is better than him. We need to give Miquel a game at some point…..he might be our best option rather than buying some dodgy centre back.
    Which club will let go of their first choice centre back at this stage of the season? Not many……..only cash strapped clubs like Middlesbrough who have a player nearing the end of their contract.

    I agree that Leeds away is a very tough game to start Miquel in but if we play RVP, Fabregas and Song……that could be enough. Stick Djourou on the bench and if it isn’t working in the first half bring Djourou on.

    Also Wenger has to make a difficult decision. Considering he doesn’t want to burn Djourou out, he should play Miquel. I’d say play the same team as against West Ham with only one change, Miquel for Djourou. I’ll be disappointed if RVP doesn’t play tonight…….this is not an easy game and we need to get through to the next round, with Chamakh off the boil and Bendtner’s future in question we should go for guaranteed quality.

  93. arsenal4ever

    au clair or how he called talks bollocks dave and dont believe any word to talkshit. Anyway I can see us not buying cause Wenger is insane!!