Dunne, Ciani, Mexes, Distin, Cahill, Mertesaker and today in the Metro, Steven Nzonzi, Will Arsenal make a move?

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Well are we being linked or are we being linked! I would discount the old and by that I mean Dunne, and Distin, I would rule out the average, and by that I mean Ciani, I would forget the English and the expensive and that means Cahill, and I’m not sure about Mexes as he is French, but at 28 not a bad age, but I would have the beast, and that means Mertesaker, proven, big and German, he has all the qualities.

The surprising one was Nzonzi, yes I know he’s French as well, but he is 6’3″ tall and a top defensive midfielder and we really do need one of them. How true that rumour is I don’t know, but it was in today’s Metro, and as they rated us the most influential Arsenal blog, I’m going with them!

I was surprised it took our esteemed medical staff 7 months to work out that Thomas Vermaelen needed an operation, if he had had that in pre season he may have been back in September, I heard he has had the problem since last season, so odd that, still I would never question our medical people, look at the miracles they worked with Rosicky.

I am also concerned that Wenger seems to be changing the team around again, yes we ought to beat leeds with our reserve team, but what if we don’t, we couldn’t beat them at our gaff could we? I think if it comes off, he will look a hero, if it doesn’t, we will be out of the cup, that will have an effect on the team and that is not smart, if he plays with Denilson in the team then Leeds will be rubbing their hands and rightly so, so if we are to field a weakened side, lets do it with the likes of Ramsey, JET and Vela.

I hope we play the team that beat West Ham though, field a weakened side on Saturday against Wigan boss, we’ll do them with our reserves, not at Elland road though.

Bendtner shouldn’t play, he has proved time and again against weakened sides like Burnley he hasn’t got what it takes so we shouldn’t risk it, if we don’t play Robin we should play Chamakh, maybe put Arshavin in the hole, Ramsey in front of the defence and play Djourou with Koscielny.

I did read however that Arsenal have won 4-1 on their last three visits to Elland Road, so maybe I’m worrying unnecessarily! We’ll know soon enough eh!

On a final note, Pedro said last night that the sponsors are getting fed up with finishing 4th (see Pedro, I do read your late night comments) well go out today and sign Eden Hazard, he can play on either wing and could make a real difference, at the weekend Mark Randall came on as a substitute for Rotherham, yes, Rotherham, why on earth is he still an Arsenal player? We have at least 10 of him, get rid and use that money to buy a proper talent, go buy Hazard.

Have a great day Grovers not long to wait now.

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749 Responses to “Dunne, Ciani, Mexes, Distin, Cahill, Mertesaker and today in the Metro, Steven Nzonzi, Will Arsenal make a move?”

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  1. Marko

    Paul Henflehoff (Arsenal) says…
    Arsenal to enter race to sign David Wheater from middlesbrough as cheap option to solve defensive crisis, Carlos Vela to go in the opposite direction on loan until end of season. You heard it here first

    That your rumours page on Sky Sports is something

  2. Marko

    Asum Rizan (Reading) says…
    Andy Carroll will go to LIverpool for £9million and as a replacement Newcastle will sign Mame Biram Diouf.

    Hilarious stuff

  3. pharo9ja

    incesc u’d have to make do with Nuttsinsacka. I hear eventhough he plays from the rear,he penetrates thru to the middle.
    When he played against fanni last season, he squezed him in a corner.

  4. reggie 57

    My my my what a cheapskate club we have become! we treat our supporters with utter contempt always looking for a cut price solution ………….

  5. Gooby

    we didn’t really make high profile signing through history, the latest were

    bergkamp, overmars, wiltord, arshavin, campbell(although on a free), henry(wasn’t that much high profile), petit, wright. going a bit backward we signed that bloke charlie buchan from sunderland, top goal scorer back in the good old days i remember being very excited ahead of the 1925/1926 season.

  6. Arsene Nose Best

    wengers not taking the cup serious,better off going out then being embarrassed later on down the line,he can save his team for the demolition of barca.

  7. Marko

    I can’t see how someone can say we’re not taking the FA cup serious when they haven’t even seen the team yet, it’s not on till tomorrow but already BBK is having a go

  8. Arsene Nose Best

    marko,look at the shit he put out in the first game,that’s not taking the cup serious,fuck the league and champs league we are not going to win those 2 comps,the best chance we have of silverware is in the cups.

  9. Big Dave


    I like the FA cup, it about time we had a good run in it. As for chamberlain, he will be a top player good prospect, meant to be much better then Theo was at his age. We wont loan him back, while they want him to stay even if bought to season ends. just read fulham sniffing around him

  10. Gooby

    and kranjkar are good enough to play week in week out in most of the prem teams yet they go to spuds and warm the bench. they sign players for the sake of it

    money talks my friends.

  11. Marko

    HE thought the team he put out should of been enough and on paper it’s true. What we started with Arshavin, Rosicky, Bendtner and Chamakh if I’m not mistaken so short of playing Nasri and Van Persie it was super strong so I dunno how you can say he put out shit we can hardly play Cesc, Nasri and Van Persie in every game. I love how you don’t think we have a chance at the league either. Priceless.

  12. E12 GUNNER

    Adam Liverpool (Liverpool) says…
    Phillip Lahm just spotted at the chelsea training ground, looking for a permanent move, offers in the region of £18 million.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Marcko, those lot really are deluded..seriously, is there anythig more annoying than the cocks? Their fans and Harry Redknap…They have Kranjcar, bentley doing fuck all and they want David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham and signed Pienaar…….fucking twats…i hope he ruins them like he normally does. What is this grocery shopping? And don’t start me off as them having ambition..it’s just stupidity when you have players that jsut sit on the bench and you still can’t use them, then you go get another cause Chavs wanted the same players..they love riding the big boys prick. We want a player, they want he same player too, Chavs want it, they want it too. Somehow they feel it makes them a big club…lol

  14. reggie 57

    Man of course we have !!!
    Gooby history does show that we dont spend big bucks !!and also shows that we didnt charge what we do now!! dearest prices in the world to watch a team that continues to under achieve of course!!!

  15. DaleDaGooner

    On the Chamberlain kid…fact is the club has already stated they would like him to go to a club that would take care of him, and the coach mentioned if anything at all he recommends Arsenal…so the other London clubs can sniff butt all they want.

  16. Big Dave

    Anyone just hear Phillip Auclair on talkshite? Said he spoke to Wenger over the weekend and Arsenal won’t be doing any business this window as Arsène is not convinced by the players available. What a joke!

  17. DaleDaGooner

    Though we don’t need another winger cum CM..too many of them ATM.

    So Dunne it is then? Or Upson…nice, either one of those would take the pressure of Koscielny…the likes of Jaguar can get off his jock if Dunne comes in…find something else to moan about.

  18. Gooby

    indeed reggie we didn’t move on.

    i think we have a good chance to win the league this season, wenger is spot on resting players tomorrow

  19. DaleDaGooner

    I’d seriously question Wenger’s mental health if a dmf of CB does not come in….i’d seriously go Jaguar on him. (retarded that is)

  20. Arsene Nose Best

    the only real chance of a trophy is the carling cup,don’t hold your breath tho,this lot are capable of fucking that one up.

  21. Marko

    Thats why I think someone will be coming in it’s be mental for us to go into the rest of the season with 2/3 defenders, he can’t take a chance on how it is at the moment.

  22. BillikenGooner

    I think we thought the same thing last season and our strike options.

    I don’t think it is farfetched to think he believes that if he can make it to the 31st with no injuries or setbacks, Squillaci will be near returning and whether it’s like (certain historical dictators) with sycophants that won’t tell him the truth about Verm’s injury or he just doesn’t want to believe it or Verm will actually be available by Barca, then he won’t think we need to sign anyone.

  23. SongtheGreat

    Marko mate…

    you’re not far off….Zapata edges nearer an exit for Udinese…just got confirmed tonight that Udinese bought a new CB (Joel Ekstrand Helsingborg)
    Zapate does fit the bill..right age..can play both CB and full back…comfortable with both feet..even though rightfooted…perfect match with Wermy..not cup tied…and out of contract this summer(cheap)
    still i have no high hopes for wenger..i think he might just wait it out until squillaci is back and would use Miquel if needed…

    who the feck knows mate…

  24. David

    The problem is that squillaci is shyte.

    And i have my doubts that Vermy will be fully fit against Barca.

    If so there is no way he’ll start.

  25. Marko

    Vermy wont be risked against Barca no way, could you imagine coming back after what 6 months out and then going up against Messi it’d be a bit much.

    Songthegreat I didn’t know his deal was nearly up I was just earlier mentioning the lack of rumours on Zapata and yet we did bid for him before but Udinese turned down something like a 13 million bid or they were looking for 13 million or something. I think he’d be super 6’2 very mobile and combative built like Hightower from Police Academy. It is possibly.

  26. choy

    Verm is going to take a month at least to be match fit and that is after he starts running!

    I doubt we’ll see him at all this season.

    We need a defender asap. JD, Koz and Squid are not going to make it till the end of the season.

    We have to play a weaker team tomorrow because crocks like RVP can’t play a game every 2-3 days.. thats a fact.

    Also read somewhere that Nasri has been playing using painkillers!

  27. Marko

    Christian Zapata
    Power Goldberg are delighted to announce we are to place Christian Zapata, Central Defender for Udinese Calcio.

    Zapata was signed by Udinese on 31 August 2005 from Deportivo Cali.

    In October 2007, Zapata along with Andrea Dossena, Roman Eremenko and Simone Pepe were awarded new contracts until June 2010.

    Christian Zapata was a member of the Colombian U-20 team at 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship who lost to Argentina in the round of 16.

    After two great seasons at Udinese and always being the target of many of Italy’s and Europe’s top clubs’ wish list he finally was given his long overdue call up. Despite his young age he has become a valuable national team regular after he was finally given his chance to start. In his first World Cup Qualifier he was a victim of a cheap shot by Jose Paolo Guerrero of Peru, and played over 60 minutes with a broken cheekbone. Renowned for his speed, ball playing ability from defence and in particular his excellent defending and anticipation.

    In summer of 2008, Udinese reportedly turned down a £9.5m bid from Arsenal for Zapata.

  28. SongtheGreat

    yeah Marko….lets hope its possible…:..and i think that wenger knows that he cant rely on Wermy this season…6weeks c’mon give me a break…if evrything goes well…he might get a few matches before the season is over…

    if we bought Zapata…well we would be sound at back for years to come….

  29. ritesh

    No Terry please, lets get a decent player.

    We played with Sylvester and Campbell as CBs against Barca in the return leg last time. We should sign a decent CB and screw them this time.

  30. Marko

    But there is no internal solution, what Miquel he’s hasn’t played a single game for us and there’s no one to call on in the reserves considering Villa beat them recently 10-1. And Song is too important a MIDFIELD PLAYER to play in the back so it’s a signing or bust for me. Too important to be overlooked.

  31. ritesh

    I like Kos and JD partnership.

    Vermalen is not guaranteed a place on his return. Some forget he was very prone to mistakes last time and a real eyesore against Drogba a few times.

  32. reggie 57

    I cant understand why he is too afraid to buy quality players and take a chance on duff players like sqiulachi,steponov’s,cygan,bischoff,etc,the list is endless why!!

  33. simon mcmahon

    you’re on fire, spot on if we really are looking at signing the likes of richard dunne from villa then we are really a cheapskate club, and I would put that down in the excitment level as when we signed silvestre.

  34. Marko

    The way I see it is that if by next Fri the 28th we don’t hear something concrete or no one’s in by then then it’s not gonna happen, so in the next week if we’re still being treated to rumours from the Metro and not more reliable sources then we may all start the crying.

  35. SongtheGreat

    Reggie that has been wenger’s biggest mistake for years now…he has single handed ruined Our chances of winning something …
    im fed up with that bloke..

  36. ritesh


    Koz they are not worth a lot of money and he is not risking putting his own position at risk.

    If you buy quality players, you must bring success as you no longer have an excuse to fail.

  37. Marko

    “No, it is still nowhere,” he said. “We get many offers but, at the moment, nothing concrete.

    “I cannot tell you [about the type of player] at the moment because it has to click in my head and nothing has happened yet.

    “If you look at the centre backs we have, they are quality – Djourou, Squillaci, Koscielny, Vermaelen. The quality of the player coming in, what will it be? Is it a complement to the players we have already? It’s very difficult to predict.”

    Nothing there suggests he’s given up on signing someone though it seems more about waiting for either a bid to be accepted or an indication from a player before moving on him. Hard to know what’s going on.

  38. Big Dave

    Typical wenger.

    The club is sitting on pots of money, and we spend nothing.

    Since 1995

    Spurs spent 195 mill

    Arsenal 38mill

    includes buy/sell

  39. reggie 57

    When he comes out with statements like “there’s no better player’s out there” i wanna scream from the roof tops yes there fucking is!!ex player’s,pundits,the media are telling him the same thing over and over again and still he does nothing!! what can you do? well i think the fans are voting with their feet now as the gaps increase at the emirates, questions will start to be asked and i dont think mr wenger has the right answers!!

  40. Marko

    “If you look at the centre backs we have, they are quality – Djourou, Squillaci, Koscielny, Vermaelen. The quality of the player coming in, what will it be? Is it a complement to the players we have already? It’s very difficult to predict.”

    I’m just saying you’re quoting him wrongly.

  41. choy

    Why can’t wenger and arsenal for once do it the easy way.

    The league is there for the taking, yet we’ll squabble for a couple of million!

    We can make that up in the cup runs!

  42. Marko

    I don’t think thats what is being said but sometimes it’s hard to understand him completely. But he defo didn’t say that quote you said up top though you’ll spread panic amongst the masses with quotes like that. Let’s just put our head in the sand and be done with it.

  43. Maciek

    Maybe when we will be out of both cups he will do something, because I think we will lose against Leeds and Ipswich.

  44. reggie 57

    Squillaci, Koscielny,are not top top class!! in Squillaci’s case he is a championship defender at the best!!just my opinion not arsenal class but a step up on cygan and co…………

  45. reggie 57

    Wenger is a very clever man when he talks in riddles which is quite often even the more clever people do not understand what he means!!

  46. simon mcmahon

    Reggie he is blinded by his arrogance he doesnt see it but the board will start to see the empty seats and empty tables in the diamond club.
    I think he’s afraid to buy a star player because they will tell the papmered babies in the squad to pull their socks up and fight in every game, showing some real commitment to winning.
    like you when he says that there is a shortage of quality players available, he insults all of us, and I feel like punching him on the nose ,rememeber he thought he was really clever bringing in sylvestre, trying to tell us he signed a class player from man ure’s scrap heap.

  47. arsenal4ever

    tight lipped because fearing prices will go up? all teams know out there we need someone in!! But Cahill for 16 mill I would take.

  48. Jimbo

    ““If you look at the centre backs we have, they are quality – Djourou, Squillaci, Koscielny, Vermaelen.”

    Wengker must be the only man on the planet to think like this.

  49. paul mc daid

    Its ok to have your players back but to believe that there are not better centre halves out there than our four is just being ignorant,if the truth is told,none off our first four,tommy included,are good enough to be number one at Arsenal.

  50. A

    I am yours Arsene. Every part of me is yours. My very psyche is bolstered and sustained by you. Your belief. Your mental stwengph. Without them, my world would crumble and I would suffer a nervous breakdown. You lie like a child, but you’re always Arsene, to me. I will praise you in almost every circumstance, and in the other circumstances, I will carefully avoid making any statements about you, and certainly never a direct criticism of you. Arsene, my beloved, I will see no evil and hear no evil. Although I did feel a tad guilty because I dreamt that I was in telepathic contact with QoS and I was overwhelmed by the moist dream she was having, brought about by the realizations about Arsene’s adulterous tendencies.

  51. OPG

    With less than 2 and a half weeks left of the January Window, the media have linked with many CB’s but still we haven’t apparently found anyone. Wenger says we have quality CB’s which I and many others won’t agree with, maybe 2 of our CB’s are good enough but none are top quality right now fitness or quality wise right now.
    It would be a risk to not sign up another quality CB now.

  52. David

    “I think we lack leadership, and without leadership you cant move forward, you can walk forward abit but the same thing that happened before will happen again.

    I dont see a player at Arsenal who is a real leader. I cant see a Single one.”

    – Denílson Pereira Neves

  53. sixx pac

    Wow Denilson said that? He really dug at Cesc there. Guess he’s hurting from what Cesc said after the Leeds game. He’s def gone in the summer!

  54. Kushagra India

    David lolz.. gambon DNA….

    i.e. we sometimes lack true leaders when the going gets tough…
    but we can still win BPL if we sign a DEFENDER…

  55. David


    I dont think its going to happn Kush.

    We dont sign people until its deadline day.

    It seems the richer we are the cheaper we get.

    Not signing Shwartzer over 2million was an absolute, entirety completely full circle disgrace.

  56. David

    I dont expect Denilson to be an expert on keepers but as a player who’s in the dressing room day in and day out can see that we lack leadership and most fans agree.

    He seems like a really nice bloke.

    Its a pity he’s not good enough.

  57. sixx pac

    Hmmm not so sure abt that David. Stevie Wonder could see that Almunia is a crappy keeper.

    He also said that Wenger is doing an amazing job so u really can’t pick and choose which part of his opinions make sense 😀

  58. Kushagra India

    Manure can get draws against better teams if luck goes their way but Citeh now have a solid foundation with David Silva playing behind Tevez and Dzeko they can nick a goal or two then devour bits and pieces..

  59. David

    Ure right Sixx,

    If he said Wenger is doing a great job then I agree with you. Pinch of Salt. The boy is talking out his Arse 😀

    Not worried about United.

    Still have to play Chelsea twice, City as well and us. Our match with them is the decider imo.

  60. Ja_Gunner

    Denilson also said in the interview,

    “Even if Fabregas is the captain, but he is not a leader to me”

    He also said that you have to be born a leader and it doesnt matter about age and experience.

    He said Gilberto is a leader.

    Lol the interviewer even repeatedly asks who is the closest person to being a leader…And Denilson still says “not a single one” Meaning no one is even close to being a leader in the team.

    I think Denilson is a decent box to box mid but Wenger is ruining him by asking him to be a destroyer/sit deep. He is better going forward than Song yet Wenger has given license to Song to roam…

    He seems self analytical and he says the players really want to win something..but he says Wenger doesnt really pressure them, he is mostly calm.

  61. Ja_Gunner

    From what I heard from Denilson, it seems Wenger is holding this team back because

    1. He is not signing (born leader types) *maybe Vermaelen is the one to break this???

    2. He is in general not signing world class players to help the home grown lads across the finish line…

    I mean Barca has the best youth system in the world churning out the likes of Pique, Busquets, xavi, Iniesta, Messi etc….. but they go out and complement these home growns with players like….

    Rivaldo, Deco, Ronaldinho, Etoo, Henry, Dani Alves, Ibra, David Villa etc etc….

    But we get Chamakh, Silvestre, Squillaci, etc…

    I mean Nasri, Verm, Arsh etc are good signings but they are not the calibre of that above Barcelona list. Wenger buys too many average players who end up getting carried by Cesc, RVP and company.

    I mean if Wenger did not trust RVP’s fitness he should have gone after the calibre of player like Benzema(potentially) Torres, etc…..Chamakh is ok but he aint gonna carry this team across the line….

    Bendtner should be sold because, he aint gonna get enough games at Arsenal for him to develop. so why keep him?

  62. David


    I cant say that I disagree with anything you just said.

    The fact that he said he wants to be an Arsenal Legend and always gives up on a tackle is really worrying.

  63. sixx pac

    @ Ja Gunner

    Denilson has nowhere near the energy( or the willingness to exhert that energy?) To be a Box to Box midfielder. He’s a good footballer, no doubt and I am a fan, but I agree that he’s not fit for this league. Playing in Spain, Holland or Brazil would be better for him.

    Plus where did he say that Wenger doesn’t put them under any pressure to win? That’s just stupid and the type of statement that will get the more gullible of us all riled up.

    In all, it was a poor interview and really ill advised. Surely that does nothing for the morale of the team and even puts him at even more odds with Cesc. I expect him to get a well deserved tongue lashing ( please, no innuendos suggested 😀 ) from Arsene!

  64. nishanth

    If Wenger does start signing some proper players the first player to go out will be denilson.Denilson has no right to talk about leadership when he lets players just run past him as if he doesn’t even exist.Hopefully he will get kicked out soon

  65. Ja_Gunner

    Lol at you guys responses….

    Nishanth to be fair to Denilson, its not as if he was proclaiming himself a leader. He says there are no leaders and he is including himself.

    I feel his views came off somewhat tactless maybe because of the translation to English.

    Maybe if we spoke Portuguese the answers would sound more diplomatic.

    I mean is he saying anything different from what Le grover’s say?

    As said I think Wenger is making him look a worse player than he is because of where he plays him now…Last year Denilson had a decent season imho. This season he has been well below par.

    I mean I could even say that Cesc was out of order reprimanding Denilson for the penalty..when he himself put his hand up and caught a ball in penalty area which basically cost of the Spuds game… I mean as a professional what the fuck were he and/or Chamakh thinking rasising their hands like that…That gifted Spurs an equaliser and cost us the game… I mean if we had ridden out the storm for 10 more minutes at 2-1, I feel we would have won…But we gifted them the equaliser so fucking early…

    Denilson is right there are no leaders including Arsene himself, who will sit there and say he has has 4 centre backs…Is he insane?

    As of now he has 1 1/2 centre backs….Kosceilny and Djuru, Djuru counts as half because he cant play 2-3 games a week… Squil is out for at least 2 more weeks and have written vermaelen;s season off, he will be of no help to us this season, by the time he gets sharp there proabably will be only 3 or games left…

    And Wenger sits there saying he has 4 CBs? hashe gone mad!!!

    Wenger wil not buy anyone and he run Djuru and Kosceilney intop the ground, we will end up with Squil + Song/Miquel for the run in… Didnt he see what happened to Gallas and now Vermaelen, he has run them into the fucking ground.

  66. SUGA3

    for £3M he surely is a steal!

    as for Denilson, maybe he doesn’t pull his weight as he doesn’t feel there is someone to ‘lead’ him?

    I have said it once or twice before, but we have no real leader on the pitch since Paddy left!

  67. GoonerT1m

    Nothing we don’t know already, the manager picking substandard players and he has failed to find any leaders either in the defence or midfield, we will not win the league until this is rectified, it also looks like we won’t even win the cc after the fuck up at Leeds.

  68. SUGA3


    AW knows the knives will be out if we trip on the last hurdle before the final, the fact that the hurdle itself is Ipswich Town (no disrespect) does not help one bit either…

  69. LAzer

    Just got watching Denilson’s interview. Most hate him on here and performance wise its deserved I would say. However his interview for me was refreshing in its simplicity and honesty. He essentially echo’s a lot of what we say here about a basic lack of one solid leader. It is most likely brash and a bit obtuse of him to say it so boldly about his team but you can’t begrudge the guys honesty one bit.

  70. Geoff

    Denilson is a useless overpaid prick, and if Wenger cannot see we need a centreback now we’ll go empty handed again, he can’t admit he’s bought shit in the window again.

  71. LAzer

    Also some other very telling things to glean from that interview. Denilson says the boss tries to take the pressure away of no trophies and keep a calmness. Now this is a good idea but I think Wenger takes it too far and does not put enough pressure on players not performing. That is perhaps why they come out of halftime looking like they just had a yoga session with Bikram. The revelation about Almunia being the best GK at Arsenal is shocking though, I guess if we are allowed our rose-tinted glasses so is he.

  72. SUGA3

    what is interesting here is that the players seem to be didvided into some cliques – Denilson mentioned that he was friends with Vela, Rosicky and is bigging up Almunia, who seems to be another reserve/surplus player…

    then AW goes out and fields 11 players who feel inferior right from the off, which is a bit of a disadvantage, IMO…

  73. SUGA3


    at least some will stop banging ‘we are in all four comps’ drum, no?

    if we don’t strengthen, we will be out of all four in the next month or so…

  74. Confidentgoner

    It is quite French not to have a leader on the pitch. The EPL does not need that kinda model. But will Wenger change?

  75. SUGA3


    IMO, Wenger does not want a strong leader, he prefers to have the leaderhip ‘diluted’, as a strong character (not in a cuntish way) could undermine his position…

  76. Wellington

    i have a friend in the first team who even thinks denilson is not good enough along with a few others aswell but we have spoken about him in particular as he is aware that denilson is not liked by many fans

    another one of wengers precious boys