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I could go into this match report like a child that’s just witnessed my first Arsenal demolition, but I don’t feel the the need to.

Geoff rightly pointed out yesterday that we should beat West Ham by 3-4 goals. They are bottom of the league, their best players were out injured and to be honest, even if their whole team were back, we would and should have given them a spanking.

I know that a few of my friends will read this report today. Why? Because I’ll plaster it all over their social media applications. Most of them will know I said at the start of the season the Hammers would drop. Why? No passion, no heart, no will to win for the fans. It’s as simple as that. If the players have no connection to the club and a neutral can see that, you’re in all sorts of trouble.

So, the point is, I’d find it a little embarrassing for me to talk up this victory in any other way than to say it was expected and it was standard.

We played some superb football yesterday evening. Wenger fielded the strongest team he could bar the right back position. Robin, Song and Nasri dropped into the starting line up and boy could you tell the difference! West Ham pressed us for about ten minutes but after that we seemed to open them up at will.

For the opener, Jack Wilshere slipped Theo into the box, he cut the ball back to Nasri who dummied the ball (interesting that when you do that in Sunday league it’s classed as an air shot) for Robin Van Persie to tuck home with clinical precision! What’s that? A goal in open play from Robin! Excellent stuff…

Arsenal continued to batter West Ham possession wise. Theo missed a glorious one on one chance after Alex Song played him through the centre. The man from Cameroon nearly benefitted from a deflected shot.

It wasn’t going particularly well at the back. JD has a new concept in his head about back passing. He slips in the attacker so Chesney has to make a Peter Schmeichel style save to recover. He did the same against Ipswich. He also keeps on shielding the ball back into our area even when there’s no need to.

Van Persie hit the post after a nice run and cut back by Cesc, I started to wonder if this had a sucker punch draw written over it?

Not to worry. Samir Nasri chipped a perfect pass down the line to Robin Van Persie, the Dutchman managed to somehow cut it back to Theo for a relatively bread and butter finish (Watch the line Wayne). Lovely. We had a cushion going into half time.

Carlton Cole had the opportunity to show the world he’s not a complete donkey but failed when he glanced a header about 10 feet wide of the post from a good cross.

West Ham had a half chance in the second half that looked like a scuffed cross from Freddy Sears… Chesney was forced to tip it over the bar.

Shortly after, Theo found his back to goal struggling to pick up a Nasri pass, he ran across the box to retrieve it, Wayne Bridge came flying in and scissor kicked him down. What a ridiculous piece of defending from a man on £90k a week. Penalty. Up stepped Robin Van Persi, 3-0!

At this point, salt of the earth, we support through thick and thin, ‘how’s the library’, West Ham United fans started to evaporate from the stadium so efficiently, some wondered if it was a well rehearsed fire drill? The only supporters left in the stadium were the ones that had fallen asleep during the second half. Yep, we saw all three of them in quick succession.

Please West Ham fans, no more jibes about our support.

So, the final score was 3-0. A very acceptable score line in a tie that we’re more than capable of slipping up in. The first team dominated possession from the off, we could have done with being more clinical but the positives are clear and there for all to see. Wenger needs to stop tinkering going forward. This line up can handle one or two changes maximum, but we don’t have the quality to make the wholesale  changes we have been.

We march on, hoping to take the Premiership by stealth. It’s ours to chase and that’s always a good position to be in. The longer United’s winning streak goes on, the more likely a February loss is going to hit them extremely hard. It would be nice if Spurs could do us a favour today but somehow, I can’t see it happening. The perennial failures from down the road don’t have it in them…


Chezzer – He made a couple of top quality saves, notably the one JD assisted in. He makes himself big, he positions himself well and no one really targets us from high balls when he’s between the sticks. There were a few hairy moments, one where he shouted for JD to leave it in the box, it bounced and nearly went in over his head. He also has a problem with his distribution. We all know what happens when you can’t kick but you have all the other attributes… ask Alex Manninger. 7

Clichy – He’s starting to find his feet again. His crossing still leaves a lot to be desired but I think he’s defending better. He made a couple of vital interceptions today. 7

JD – Probably his poorest game of the season so far. His insistence on shielding the ball and playing his way into dangerous situations was irking me somewhat. Though he helped keep a clean sheet. 6

Kozzer – I’m a fan… so sue me. I think people have to start looking at him with fresh eyes. He’s benefitting from playing next to a player who is dominant in the air. He’s brave, he’s nippy and I think he reads the game well. His best attribute is his attitude to defending, he doesn’t let anything phase him. One to watch I feel… 7

Eboue – Still incredibly infuriating to watch. He has all the raw ingredients to be a great player, he just doesn’t know how to mix them correctly. His positioning is awful, but luckily, so were West Ham. 6

Song – I thought he had a strong game today. His passing might not always be spot on, but he does create chances and he puts himself in the position to score as well. I think he’s found a balance to his game which seems to be working nicely. 8

Jack  – Geoff said that he was expecting a Messi style player but what we’ve got is a Ray Parlour with bells and whistles. Very true. He’s a battler in the middle of the park and he has the right blend of skill and passion. I love watching him mix it up and I love watching him when he plays as well as he did yesterday. 8

Cesc – How much better does our captain look when he’s playing with form players? He creates space for himself like no other and he looked sharp yesterday. 7

Nasri – A solid game from Samir. I like his new-found swagger, he has a very French attitude on the pitch. One that only comes to the fore when you are close to greatness. The way he prances around the pitch is reminiscent of Bobby and Henry in their prime. He knows he is better than everyone else and it’s a pleasure to watch. 7.5

Theo Walcott – I’m falling in love with a player I’m insistent my sister marries. There’s nothing corrupt about this young man which posed questions about his ability to make it at the highest level. Well, I’ll be damned, nice guys can tear defences a new one. He’s found a bit of skill in his game, he’s more clinical and direct that he used to be and he’s making the right decisions. He does favour going inside a little too often, I think he’d have a more rounded game if he turned wide once in a while. I’m sure that’ll come. Great performance. 8

Robin Van Persie – Well, it has only taken 2 months, but finally we’re starting to get some value from one of our best paid players. His shooting had that crispness about it I haven’t seen so far this season. His decision making was great and his sharpness was undeniably back. My only worry? He’s surely due an injury…. Just kidding. But kind of not. The Dutchman is back and he’s on the goal trail. 9

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  1. Limestonegunner

    I can’t see why anyone was disappointed the Spuds didn’t win. This was the perfect result. Do you want the Spuds to claim the glory and morale boost of ending United’s unbeaten streak? Get real! That’s the last thing we want. Both dropped points. If United go on and drop points to Chelsea (even if only two) as long as everything else remains even, it will all be there to play for on April 30. We can end their unbeaten run there and win the league. This was a fantastic result and performance.

    Two uninventive, boring, pathetic teams dropping points. The only thing I didn’t like was how the seding off got ManU off the hook. They can claim, totally unjustifiably, that they saved a point, when we all know they weren’t about to score with 11 men either. Leave it to spuds to fail to win at home and a man up.

    Could there have been a better result than a dire 0-0 that bored the life out of the footballing universe? Sure we might have liked several suspensions and some muscle injuries on both sides, but in football terms this was great.

  2. Queen of suburbia

    I disagree jaguar, there’s no one on here who comes on only to talk about wenger?

    I can’t think of a single Malta, I mean person, like that…?

  3. Confidentgoner

    United offered nothing going forward, but were very good defensively. Vidic is a very good defender. possibly the best and Rio is also excellent. It will not be easy to beat them. They are very good in the mid and at the defense.

  4. Hitman

    Your are right Limestone. It means Spuds cannot now do the treble. Harry wont become England manager and the knighthood is on hold. Bale wont win Fipro 2011. Now a three and half horse race.
    Its good that the Spuds have dropped out.

  5. Queen of suburbia

    City look dangerous to me. Tevez in form although they were exceptionally bad against us. They’ve strengthened although I still think they lack a bit of creativity.

    I think we are in a good position to push on. It’s an important transfer window.

  6. Limestonegunner

    ManU still have to play Chelsea twice, ManCity, and Liverpool away besides us. Plus Blackpool, Bolton or Everton could play them tough as well.

    We’ve got Tottenham, Everton and Liverpool at home, Bolton away, Sunderland at home, and two matches with Stoke.

    We are trailing a maximum of five points behind them. I think the fixtures are quite favorable for us to pull back four or five points by April 30.

  7. Gooby

    united aren’t going to get six points from those two games in hand: blackpool away and chavs aren’t the easiest fixtures.
    i am sure holloway will fancy getting one over whiskey-nose

  8. Limestonegunner

    QOS, Yes, City are quite dangerous. But they play away to ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, Birmingham and Bolton, plus host Spuds, Sunderland and Stoke. That is a very tough schedule. They are only two points ahead of us on one more game, so they cannot be ignored but also have to prove they can do more than draw away at big sides.

    It will be tight, but frankly we have the squad and the first 11 to do it. We could use that top center half at least. This is a great chance for us and I hope we take it.

  9. Queen of suburbia

    I agree limestone.

    A few solid wins and united draws and the squad will start to believe. A carling cup win would help.

  10. Limestonegunner

    Gooby, that’s right. They have to play Blackpool twice, and that is no guaranteed six points by any means. We still have plenty of tough teams to play but there is an opportunity to put together a long winning streak. If we can’t defeat Spuds away and even up the series this yea with them, well, we can forget it. But that is the only contending team we will face.

  11. Queen of suburbia

    Chelsea will improve now. Uniteds squad strength could be their undoing. I’m surprised he hasn’t bought a creative midfield player.

    City have a strong squad but have a very timid manager.

    Spurs are already out of it and lack a top striker.

  12. Limestonegunner

    Yes, sadly we’ve put ourselves under quite a bit of pressure in the CC. Frankly, if we don’t win it at this point it could have a really negative effect. I don’t believe the team could just pass it off as a cup we didn’t really want all that much. The reverse is equally true–if we win it along with a good run in the league–watch out! It will make for the perfect set up for the Barca tie.

    You said it was an important transfer window–please expand. For us or for our rivals?

  13. Gooby

    our game against united will be absolutely crucial. It’s a six pointer.
    Now we have to win our next five games, try to improve the defensive side(we’ve got 3 clean sheets in a row, it’s a good sign) and score as many goals as we can.

    i have confidence that RvP, cesc, nasri, walcott and wilshere can destroy and defence in this league

  14. Limestonegunner

    Let the J….r roar! I don’t understand why joshua (I think that is right) was banned a couple weeks or so ago, however. Not to raise that controversy again…

  15. Queen of suburbia

    Looks good pedro, I hope you take the opportunity to randomly mock current and ex spurs players on a regular basis.

  16. Pedro

    QoS, I’ll be ripping them often and muchly…

    TIE, it’s a blog for now, but the guys behind it are looking for investment for a really smart idea. If they get it… it could be interesting.

    So, are Spurs still in the race for the Prem?

    I heard through the grapevine their only goal is 4th this year.

  17. TonyS

    Barca ripping Malaga to pieces. The way the commentator gushes over them is disgraceful…not one of these players is fit to lace Niki B or Denilsons boots…..I will go back to my crack pipe now….

  18. Gooby

    40 goals in 11 games
    12 victories in a row and 2 nil up already on the 22nd.

    the cuntalonians have ridiculous stats

  19. gambon

    I hope PV4 does come back as a coach in the summer, it would be great to have the likes of Vieira, Henry, Seamo heavily involved with the club.

  20. Gooby

    final table

    1. arsenal 😀
    2. manure
    3. shitty
    4. chavski
    5. bolton
    6. sunderland
    7. newacastle
    8. pool
    9. scum


  21. Confidentgoner

    I envy Barca fans. Look at what they are served almost every weekend. Fantastic football, you can touch this! Can we stop them? Am not sure AW is even interested in stopping them. If he was he would have scoured the market for reinforcements. He she will get his top 4 and that counts as a trophy!

  22. Big Dave

    It will be hard Kresh no doubt about that, however the Spanish league is extremely poor, and Malaga are pants.

    Only 2 teams in it every year, them and RM

  23. Limestonegunner

    Big Dave, if we don’t drop any more points we’ll finish with 91. I don’t think that will be needed to win this league. We have 16 matches left, United have 17, I believe. I can see us winning 13 and drawing 3 for a total of 85. Will United get more than 40 from their remaining 17? If we beat them, I don’t think so.

  24. Kreshnik

    I agree with that Big Dave, most teams here in La Liga are shit, but Barca on their day seem untouchable. And how the fuck do they keep playing their first 11 week in week out without any injuries is beyond me, is this reckless way of playing footy that we play in the PL messing up players ?

  25. Limestonegunner

    Kreshnik, I don’t know how they manage to keep players fit but to be honest we are coming into fitness and form now, so as long as we don’t suffer any further setbacks we’ll meet them with a nearly full-strength team, unlike last time without RvP, Song and then losing Gallas, Arshavin, Vermaelen, and Fabregas for the second leg as well. I think we’ll do better this time.

  26. Bengali Gunner

    Wow all the other leagues really are crap. In spain its just Barca and Madrid, so boring.

    Wigan may be tough on saturday, weve got a bad record against them.

    The reason Clichy looked shit against Nani was cos Arshavin was playing, and even Wilshere didnt support him enough.

    Weve really grown into a unit since the Chelsea game, but not the fringe players :/

  27. 78692

    New sponsors set to drive up Gunners transfer kitty

    Arsenal are set to agree a lucrative deal with a major car manufacturer.

    Toyota, Audi and Renault are lined up as potential sponsorship partners.

    The amount of the cash injection ­depends on the ­involvement of the company, but it is sure to boost the transfer kitty of boss Arsene Wenger.

    It may be linked to a Far East tour in the ­summer should Toyota emerge as the favoured link Wenger has close ties to Japan.

    The Frenchman is very well respected for all the work he did at ­Grampus Eight before he took over at ­Arsenal – and they are based in Nagoya, the home of Toyota.

    Other ­potential tour venues are the United States and India. Since Wenger came to the club he has ­insisted on the same ­pre-season preparation schedule which ­involves friendlies, a ­training camp in Austria and then The ­Emirates Cup.

    He has resisted taking ­Arsenal on trans-continental tours, but Wenger has had talks with chief executive Ivan Gazidis and it seems he is ready to change.

    The first major tour could happen this summer.

    Read more:
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    Read more:
    Sign up for MirrorFootball’s Morning Spy newsletter Register here

  28. Bengali Gunner

    Im still worried about our CB problem. Were all asking for another reliable CB but last year we was dying for a forward, but Wenger didnt wana open his wallet and chose to play Arsh instead.
    Wouldnt suprise me if he stuck Song in CB till March and played…Denilson 😐

  29. TonyS

    Guillem Balague just said this Barca side is probably the best team in the history of football.

    Eboue will CRUSH them.


  30. gambon


    Both of them teams have beaten us the last 2 times we’ve played them.

    But you didn’t need me to tell you that.

  31. Kreshnik

    If we play this first 11 on feb 16 Lime, it should be a great game to watch and there’s certainly hope.
    Which brings us to some very tough decisions ahead of the Leeds and Ipswitch games, and how we’ll rotate.

  32. goonermichael

    gambon says:
    January 16, 2011 at 21:15

    Both of them teams have beaten us the last 2 times we’ve played them.

    But you didn’t need me to tell you that.

    I certainly didn’t Gambon.

    Lately when we play our best team we look better. I hope it’s not just false hope on my part.

  33. goonermichael

    Bengali Gunner says:
    January 16, 2011 at 21:13
    jheeze just hit me were basicly gonna have vermaelen for TWO MONTHS?
    aah man

    It may only be 2 months of next season Bangali 🙂

  34. Limestonegunner

    Kresh, I think we have to play the strongest team against Ips. We can’t afford not to win the CC. If we are up 3-0 at the half, we can take off Nasri, Djourou, and Song. Leeds, well I think Bendtner has a chance to back up all of his talk.

  35. Gooby

    ipswish team


    bring RvP if needed and arshavin too.
    ramsey should be able to start by then, we’ll need his creativity and give wilshere a rest. what do you think?

  36. Bengali Gunner

    Team against leeds:
    Sagna JD Kos Gibbs
    Song Ramsey
    Rosicky Chamakh Nasri

    Sub Nasri, Song and Cesc once the lead is secure. If things go downhill, rosicky, chamack n ramsey off – theo rvp and wilshere on

  37. Limestonegunner

    Gooby, I think we can take no chances and need to start the same team as played West Ham. We can rotate more for the Leeds game.

  38. zeus

    Have bargain scored again? Can’t be bothered to go watch. Some of you were waxing lyrical about the performance……….. Is it thT good or is it just a case of brilliant side v crap side?

    Oh, arsenal for the prem. Don’t know what man u are on but this is not serie a. A travesty of the highest order if they win the league and go undefeated while doing it

  39. zeus


    Who are you talking about?

    Walcott will be the undoing of barca. If his intelligence of the day is at ljunberg level, his pace will kill.

    And cudos to tv5 for coming out and saying he will undergo surgery. Wenger

  40. zeus

    (damn publish button) wenger would no doubt lie and said he would be back soon because he doesn’t want to spend. A shame really, we are so close to being complete.

  41. arsenal4ever

    yeah gooby and mirror is also shit. Everyone is reporting we have him but we need a CB and cover for Song. LFC made a bid for Suarez and we have Chamakh, great.

  42. arsenal4ever

    Song @ CB mark my words. I hate this stingy tight cu..!!

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is still considering whether to buy in January and bring in a new centre half to cover for Vermaelen and Sebastien Squillaci who has a hamstring injury.

    Wenger has already insisted he is more likely to go for a stop-gap now and then look again for a longer term target – with Bolton’s Gary Cahill at the top of his list – in the summer.

    Read more:
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  43. Gooby

    caught offside is a joke site too.

    pool would have 2 high quality strikers in torres and suarez. but who knows if suarez is going to cut it in the prem, i don’t see the move happening anyway

  44. Dial Square

    What a twat

    Mark Randall came off the bench at half time as Rotherham lost 2-1 to Southend. Randall was fined for missing Rotherham’s fixture in midweek, after he refused to stay in the team hotel and instead drove to the game. However, his car broke down on the way, and he was forced to miss the game.

  45. Pedro

    I haven’t watch this guy yet… could he make an impact now or is he one for ten years?

    Mark Randall eh? What a bell end… he’s on the road to nowhere with an attitude like that.

  46. A

    He’s where Theo was the season before we signed him Pedro, long way away from being in a position to make a difference for us.

    Would be an incredibly weird one, I guess if someone becomes available that Wenger thinks is just THAT good then he can’t resist….

  47. gambon


    Think you’re doing a bit of a Jimbo. I’ve heard its done and agreed. Chelsea are signing Pienaar.

    Pedro, one for the future definately, definately has more tools in his locker than our budding Roald Dahl.

  48. zeus

    A says:
    January 16, 2011 at 23:15
    He’s where Theo was the season before we signed him Pedro, long way away from being in a position to make a difference for us.



    Surely u have not enough of this kid to make such a claim. Not saying u are wrong but you speak/type with such conviction it’s as though you have a docier of his strengths and weaknesses before you.

  49. 10K Lakes Gooner

    The (real) Arsenal was back at West Ham Saturday, and how thoroughly enjoyable it was to watch. Everything we love about Arsenal was on display. The pressing, creativity and quick passing game that make Arsenal, well, Arsenal, plus some clinical finishing, all made their long-awaited return. The performance also made two things crystal clear.

    Looking back, the performance – in addition to being so, so enjoyable to watch – made two things crystal clear. First, Denilson really is the anchor that pulls this squad down. We look a completely different side when he is on the pitch. The quick passing game dissolves into a crabbing, dull and methodical attack as his unwillingness to take any responsibility to play the ball in a positive manner undermines our creativity and saps the industriousness of our attacking players. Defensively, his work rate, reluctances to track back at full speed and continued shambolic tackling efforts only add to the pressure on our back four. Amazing how one player can be so poor at both midfield disciplines. How Arsene cannot see this is quite beyond me and I wholeheartedly agree with Pedro’s tweet that Le Boss only brings him on to spite us.

    The second thing that stood out was that this is exactly the type of performance that is so exasperating to the club’s supports. We are SO close to being one of the best sides in the world that we can smell it. All that is required is a few quality signings. Saturday’s starting XI proved just how strong it is. But that group cannot play every game. The players Arsene has at his disposal to rotate have proven over and over again that they are just not good enough, which is why Gooners the world over cry out for just a few signings every time the transfer window opens. We are not asking the club to break the bank. But it’s clear there are players available that are without a doubt better than what we have. Please throw us a bone, Arsene, and purchase those few of these missing ingredients. We promise you won’t regret it!

    Now, let’s go out and smash Leeds on Wednesday. Up the Arsenal!

  50. gambon

    If we fail to sign a cb but do sign Oxtail-Champagne it would really highlight how poor wengers decision-making has become in recent years.

  51. Pedro

    Nice post 10k!

    I find it amazing how we go after unknown quantities with such vigour, yet when there is a massive need, we can’t find anyone.

    Pienaar going to Chavski? That’s an interesting signing…

  52. A

    No zeus I’ve never seen him play at all! Going on the fact he isn’t an automatic starter in league 1….

    He hasn’t yet made his debut for England u19 and has only played a handful of first class games.

    Currently he’s about Benik Afobe standard, and all the reports I’ve read are that we’d loan him back to Southampton if we did sign him this transfer window….

    He’s made less appearances for Southampton than Theo had when we signed him, and he’s in the division below

  53. A

    Not sure why that would be gambon.

    I’d be surprised if they were in any way connected, surely we aren’t THAT skint….

  54. DaleDaGooner

    The only thing that bugs me is we are loading up on young attacking talents, and little defenders or defensive midfielders. Wellington Silva, Ryo Miyaichi in one transfer window, No CB, RB or LB , No DMF or Holding MF. Wenger deserves Jaguars abuses.

  55. DaleDaGooner

    Bellechick is like old whiskry nose, Pats are like manure….I still think Sanchez isn’t the long term answer, he just doesn’t do it for me, Like the kid, but he isn’t the top top QB in the mold of Brady cunt, Peyton, would have loved Breeze!

  56. DaleDaGooner

    If Wenger would like to make a statment of intent, go out and force Suarez n, and go out and force Hangeland in

  57. Gooby


    i saw a bit of him when blades were up agaisnt villa in FA cup, he looks decent. Not ready for a first team spot though

  58. sixx pac

    Hehe I like Sanchez’s swagger. Doesn’t put up lightening numbers like Peyton, Tom, Drew but he gets the job done.

  59. David

    your right Dale,

    I absolutely forgot LT is a JET. Its weird not seeing him as a charger.

    Wish i was in NY right now tho

  60. David

    LOL… i was the jets biggest skeptic, i must admit. Those guys hate one another but I’m sure they got the attention and respect they deserve from the pats and everyone else. How about that cartwheel though?

  61. sixx pac

    If Jets get to the Superbowl they would have beaten 3 of the top 4 qbs. Peyton, Brady and Big Ben! That’s awesome stuff!

  62. DaleDaGooner

    Sadly, The Steelers are a different animal…the Pats don’t have the defense they used to…But yeah David…i wish i was in NY too.

    Sixx, Giselle probably want give him no tonight….she’ll call him a loser and no cookies for losers! haha

  63. MickyDidIt89

    I think we can rule out any Mertesackers, Toulalans or Vertonghens on the basis that Arsene has hinted at premiership experience. Frankly, could not disagree more. Nothing wrong with a world class addition who can play CB and DM.

  64. Rohan

    Come to think of it, we didn’t do too badly against Barca did we, considering in the second leg we didn’t have Cesc, Song, Arshavin or Gallas with the latter 3 missing half of the first leg too. Silvestre and Denilson were playing ffs…..Not to mention RvP wasn’t there for both the legs.

    Full strength, we just may give them a game.