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I could go into this match report like a child that’s just witnessed my first Arsenal demolition, but I don’t feel the the need to.

Geoff rightly pointed out yesterday that we should beat West Ham by 3-4 goals. They are bottom of the league, their best players were out injured and to be honest, even if their whole team were back, we would and should have given them a spanking.

I know that a few of my friends will read this report today. Why? Because I’ll plaster it all over their social media applications. Most of them will know I said at the start of the season the Hammers would drop. Why? No passion, no heart, no will to win for the fans. It’s as simple as that. If the players have no connection to the club and a neutral can see that, you’re in all sorts of trouble.

So, the point is, I’d find it a little embarrassing for me to talk up this victory in any other way than to say it was expected and it was standard.

We played some superb football yesterday evening. Wenger fielded the strongest team he could bar the right back position. Robin, Song and Nasri dropped into the starting line up and boy could you tell the difference! West Ham pressed us for about ten minutes but after that we seemed to open them up at will.

For the opener, Jack Wilshere slipped Theo into the box, he cut the ball back to Nasri who dummied the ball (interesting that when you do that in Sunday league it’s classed as an air shot) for Robin Van Persie to tuck home with clinical precision! What’s that? A goal in open play from Robin! Excellent stuff…

Arsenal continued to batter West Ham possession wise. Theo missed a glorious one on one chance after Alex Song played him through the centre. The man from Cameroon nearly benefitted from a deflected shot.

It wasn’t going particularly well at the back. JD has a new concept in his head about back passing. He slips in the attacker so Chesney has to make a Peter Schmeichel style save to recover. He did the same against Ipswich. He also keeps on shielding the ball back into our area even when there’s no need to.

Van Persie hit the post after a nice run and cut back by Cesc, I started to wonder if this had a sucker punch draw written over it?

Not to worry. Samir Nasri chipped a perfect pass down the line to Robin Van Persie, the Dutchman managed to somehow cut it back to Theo for a relatively bread and butter finish (Watch the line Wayne). Lovely. We had a cushion going into half time.

Carlton Cole had the opportunity to show the world he’s not a complete donkey but failed when he glanced a header about 10 feet wide of the post from a good cross.

West Ham had a half chance in the second half that looked like a scuffed cross from Freddy Sears… Chesney was forced to tip it over the bar.

Shortly after, Theo found his back to goal struggling to pick up a Nasri pass, he ran across the box to retrieve it, Wayne Bridge came flying in and scissor kicked him down. What a ridiculous piece of defending from a man on £90k a week. Penalty. Up stepped Robin Van Persi, 3-0!

At this point, salt of the earth, we support through thick and thin, ‘how’s the library’, West Ham United fans started to evaporate from the stadium so efficiently, some wondered if it was a well rehearsed fire drill? The only supporters left in the stadium were the ones that had fallen asleep during the second half. Yep, we saw all three of them in quick succession.

Please West Ham fans, no more jibes about our support.

So, the final score was 3-0. A very acceptable score line in a tie that we’re more than capable of slipping up in. The first team dominated possession from the off, we could have done with being more clinical but the positives are clear and there for all to see. Wenger needs to stop tinkering going forward. This line up can handle one or two changes maximum, but we don’t have the quality to make the wholesale  changes we have been.

We march on, hoping to take the Premiership by stealth. It’s ours to chase and that’s always a good position to be in. The longer United’s winning streak goes on, the more likely a February loss is going to hit them extremely hard. It would be nice if Spurs could do us a favour today but somehow, I can’t see it happening. The perennial failures from down the road don’t have it in them…


Chezzer – He made a couple of top quality saves, notably the one JD assisted in. He makes himself big, he positions himself well and no one really targets us from high balls when he’s between the sticks. There were a few hairy moments, one where he shouted for JD to leave it in the box, it bounced and nearly went in over his head. He also has a problem with his distribution. We all know what happens when you can’t kick but you have all the other attributes… ask Alex Manninger. 7

Clichy – He’s starting to find his feet again. His crossing still leaves a lot to be desired but I think he’s defending better. He made a couple of vital interceptions today. 7

JD – Probably his poorest game of the season so far. His insistence on shielding the ball and playing his way into dangerous situations was irking me somewhat. Though he helped keep a clean sheet. 6

Kozzer – I’m a fan… so sue me. I think people have to start looking at him with fresh eyes. He’s benefitting from playing next to a player who is dominant in the air. He’s brave, he’s nippy and I think he reads the game well. His best attribute is his attitude to defending, he doesn’t let anything phase him. One to watch I feel… 7

Eboue – Still incredibly infuriating to watch. He has all the raw ingredients to be a great player, he just doesn’t know how to mix them correctly. His positioning is awful, but luckily, so were West Ham. 6

Song – I thought he had a strong game today. His passing might not always be spot on, but he does create chances and he puts himself in the position to score as well. I think he’s found a balance to his game which seems to be working nicely. 8

Jack  – Geoff said that he was expecting a Messi style player but what we’ve got is a Ray Parlour with bells and whistles. Very true. He’s a battler in the middle of the park and he has the right blend of skill and passion. I love watching him mix it up and I love watching him when he plays as well as he did yesterday. 8

Cesc – How much better does our captain look when he’s playing with form players? He creates space for himself like no other and he looked sharp yesterday. 7

Nasri – A solid game from Samir. I like his new-found swagger, he has a very French attitude on the pitch. One that only comes to the fore when you are close to greatness. The way he prances around the pitch is reminiscent of Bobby and Henry in their prime. He knows he is better than everyone else and it’s a pleasure to watch. 7.5

Theo Walcott – I’m falling in love with a player I’m insistent my sister marries. There’s nothing corrupt about this young man which posed questions about his ability to make it at the highest level. Well, I’ll be damned, nice guys can tear defences a new one. He’s found a bit of skill in his game, he’s more clinical and direct that he used to be and he’s making the right decisions. He does favour going inside a little too often, I think he’d have a more rounded game if he turned wide once in a while. I’m sure that’ll come. Great performance. 8

Robin Van Persie – Well, it has only taken 2 months, but finally we’re starting to get some value from one of our best paid players. His shooting had that crispness about it I haven’t seen so far this season. His decision making was great and his sharpness was undeniably back. My only worry? He’s surely due an injury…. Just kidding. But kind of not. The Dutchman is back and he’s on the goal trail. 9

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  1. Mark C

    Good result and performance, we should have won by more.

    Some great moves and play. Lets take this team to Leeds and beat them. Once we are winning, take off RVP and others.

  2. Rohan

    Robin van Persie.

    Fit and firing, I wouldn’t swap him for anyone. Godly performance yesterday. And he’ll get better. He’s at his peak agewise also. Keep him fit for the next 3 seasons, I guarantee we’ll go places.

  3. Yangkamp10

    Nice post capuring the mood perfectly. I like your analysis of Nasri. French swagger in the henry, pires mold. Better than everyone else. Bang on and long may it continue to be true.

  4. Joppa

    I usually want Spurs to beat Man U but they rarely do. Thing is today if they have any title aspirations or top 4 dreams they really do need to win. Let’s hope they do, they longer Man U’s unbeaten run goes on the more uneasy.

    Defence still looks poor to me.

  5. Rohan

    And agreed with that part about Nasri’s swagger. What a difference time and confidence make, eh. If he doesn’t win Prem player of the season, I’ll rage. Especially if they give it to a manc like Berbatov.

  6. DeiseGooner

    Nasri and Theo on form really do make a difference to the team and how Cesc plays too. Better options for his superb passing

    Ray Parlour with bells ans whistles – i love it – thats exactly our Jackie.

  7. gambon

    I think Bale will win player of the year, but a lot will depend on how the top teams do.

    Nasri, Bale, Nani & Tevez can all win it for me.

  8. Raynor

    Thought Kos had a good game and the midfield really won the game for us as they were unbelievably good yesterday. Good retention, passing and movement from them and West Ham were pretty much chasing shadows all game.

    Seems we’re unlikely to pay a ridiculous 20m for Cahill. That’s good news. What a stupid fee for an average defender simply because he’s English. I’d rather another Kos type purchase. I think he’ll become very good in a season. Is Cahill really better by 10m than what we have?

  9. Jaguar reloaded

    Imagine this team having,a good backup for RB,a decent CB unlike Kolshitieny and a proper manager.

    We would be walking the league,and winning atleast three competitions.

  10. Rohan

    naaah, gambon. Bale only has 7 in the league and 11 overall in 29 appearances.

    Nasri on the other hand has 9 in the league and 13 overall in 26 appearances not to mention that in my completely biased opinion Nasri has been the more influential player.

    imo, van der Vaart has been better than Bale this season. It’s just the hype cause he’s British. That could swing the vote come to think of it.

  11. DeiseGooner

    Although the likes of Nasri and VanDerVaart have been better than Bale, i feel monkey boy will win it purely because hes british. Even if any of the other 2 above go on to have cracking second halves of the season and Bale goes off the boil then english press will hand it to Bale – Tottenham seem to be media darlings these days too so it wouldnt surprise me to see The Twitch get manager of the season too……..or am i too much of a cynic?

  12. didee

    Morning grovers,

    Pedro am glad u r startin to love kozzer cos he promised to fight like a dog and lay his blood for the red n white jersey and he is living up to it, a replica of d verminator(not yet at par but no doubt a fighter)

  13. ismaeel

    urrm guyz we don’t need dzeko we got chamakh give him playing time nd hell proove it….. com on spurz beet united
    im neva sayin com on u spurs agen aftr today

  14. Hitman

    It wasnt just the the change in personnel. It was the change in style & attitude. It was tippy tappy with teeth.
    We had players prepared to run with the ball & off the ball, and beyond the game line. Hard work in other words.
    There can be no place for lazyness in a title winning team.
    PS: Hitman49 – who are yer?

  15. Arse&Nose©

    Have to say, I feel sorry for Avram. The west ham board are a disgrace, Brady should stick to doing the apprentice and Gold and Sullivan should stick to porno mag’s. The only person to come out of this mess with any credit is Avram who has remained dignified.

  16. Sahara

    Funny how Pedro always seems to start Song’s rating with ” I thought he had a good/strong game today “.
    As for the game, I’d take a regulation 3 points. 3 goals scored, none conceded everyday.

  17. timao

    so obvious that szczesny is our best keeper – he can actually reach the ball when it in the air and he does not hide behind his goal line at corners. couple of balls he won yesterday that would have been certain goals under (or rather, over) our other pole.

    easy top say this was a standard victory but i think it’s proven this season there is no such thing. an early equaliser for west ham, a goal at any time ion fact, might have changed everything and szczensy did his part superbly.

    Pedantry Corner – it was cesc not song who played in walcott early for a one on one with green. would that song had the ability to produce such a ball – possibly the ‘pass of the season’!

  18. Arse&Nose©

    Let’s not get over-excited about yesterdays result, westham were rubbish. Really, really rubbish and they still had chances to score against us. Arsenal always give teams a chance to score no matter how rubbish they are and that is worrying.

  19. DeiseGooner

    Its shaping up to be a good fight for the No1 spot for our Poles in goal. Fabz has done well and im happy for the guy. I didnt think he was gonna be able to handle it mentally but hes shown (so far) that hes been able to turn it around. Szczesny needs to work on his kicking/distribution a bit, its a weakspot in his game, might be the only one though, hes been ultra reliable.

  20. gambon

    We still really need to sign that CB…and we don’t seem to be close to doing it.

    That oxo chambermaid looks to have a much better all round game to Theo, but do we really need to be signing 3 young wingers in the same window? Especially with the prospect of Micky Hazards coming in.

    Just pay the money for Cahill.

  21. Dan

    I do believe it was fabregas that dummied for VPs 1st. Plus I wonder if wengers insistence on playing eboue in every position apart from RB has ruined his game when he plays there now. Because before sagna arrived I really like eboue as a RB and now he looks lost

  22. timao

    theo’s movement in the box for his goal reminded me of Romario at his best! jack was superb yesterday, pretty soon he we’ll have the two best creative midfielders in the world in wilshere and fabregas. nasri and rvp clearly have a good understanding. if walcott can kick on, and the rest stay fit – (and szczesny get a game!) then i say; bring on those cataloonian cants!

    am i wrong but i don’t think we’ve ever fielded a full strength team against them. latter stages of the champs league always seem to coincide with english based p[layers being injured. theyv’e never faced a cesc, robin, walcott combo before. they won’t know what hits them if JW play and if vermaelen can get fit in time I’ll be even more confident.

  23. timao

    dan – don’t be a dummy, it was nasri’s dummy! that’s a good point on eboue – he used to be an excellent right back, at least as good as sagna. you must lose something when you don’t play the position every week. but eboue has been coached to be a utility player and that’s needed too…. i guess you can’t have it both ways

  24. adeyinka

    So, who we buying then? We really need to take advantage and strengthen. We can pip manu to the title if we can go on an unbeaten run
    My money is on martesacker

  25. Quasi1960

    Has anyone noticed that every time RVP10 has started in the team this season, good form or not, the team just looks FAR more dangerous. He pulls defenders all over the place. – He the Man – wrap those legs in cotton wool!

  26. DeiseGooner

    Sure Eboue was used further forward for a while. And beforehand he was a pretty decent right back. I think the issues with Eboue now are mental. He thinks hes more that he was – ie: a good right back. When he kept it simple and was switched on defensively he did really well. Then he got a taste for the attacking side of the game, which hes pretty decent at, and now it seems to me he shirks the defensive duties in favour of attacking. Hes lost the balance. Just like Song seemed to do for a while this season but hes sorted it out now and got the balance right.

  27. Rohan

    The last two times both Cesc and van Persie have played against Chelsea,we’ve beaten them.

    Who knows what might have happened at the Nou Camp last year had Cesc, van Persie, Song and Arshavin all played…..

    Bring on Barcelona! Can’t wait myself. Will be a cracker of a game. Hope the fans will be up for it.

  28. DeiseGooner

    Also Eboue takes the easy way out a lot. By that i mean if hes clipped he will go down no matter what. Wheras Sagna will fight to stay on his feet if it means he can keep going to his advantage. Sagna is better defensively and has improved his attacking. Whereas Eboue was/is better attacking but has let his defensive game slip.

  29. Dan

    Timao, its because fabregas was celebrating with them after i thought he must of been the closest, what a dummy =) Yeah before Sagna arrived i thought Eboue was a quality RB and was really suprised that we were being linked with a RB at all that summer as it wasnt an area that really needed attention. He’d just played in a champions league final and kept Ronaldinho quiet and back then that was quite hard

  30. timao

    bit quiet here – supports the point of view that many grovers enjoy complaining more than rejoicing!

    actually why can’t we get excited about a superb win over local opposition? really good performance throughout etc.

    i used to have a soft spot for west ham because of their general approach, but since the ‘Tevez season’ i’ve gone right off them and their fans – so it also feels good to slap them down once in a while.

  31. Northbanker

    Delighted with the run Chezzer is having – he could and should become one of the best keepers in the EPL given half a chance. I agree some of his distribution has been suspect but that is a part of thr game that can be coached and should improve with age. The ability to position yourself and to go for high balls is more in-built and he has both. Love the way he makes himself big and uses his height effectively. Dont even knoiw now if I want a top GK signing – more interested in getting a top CB (Mertesacker)

  32. timao

    dan – apart from eboue, who else do we have to fill in a right back? most of the youngsters have failed to make the grade in that position so far… is there a right sided gibbs?

  33. Michael

    I think it’s ok to go a bit overboard about the result ! We should have beat Sunderland, WBA, Newcastle, Spuds and Wigan and we didn’t really bother to turn up against Pool and Man U nevermind our performances in the other competitions ! Let’s hope this is the start of a consistent run !

  34. Albo

    I think it’s a measure of both how decent Chezzer has been, and also actually how improved Fabby has been that we very rarely talk about needing a keeper anymore.

    I’m glad people are starting to rate Kozzer. I think he looks a very decent footballer, and actually was pretty unlucky in his first couple of months. For example, his red cards were incredibly soft (especially the Liverpool one). In general he seems solid (tho not world beating) in the air, good in the tackle, excellent at reading the game, and very composed with the ball at his feet

  35. timao

    Clive, we know it wasn’t a dive otherwise Theo would have done a full confessional be flogging himself round the emirates by now.

  36. Dan

    Timao, i still don’t mind Eboue but i did think that Håvard Nordtveit would replace Eboue when his contract ran out which i think he was in the last season of? I liked Havard in pre-season but obviously by letting him go there was something missing. Maybe its quiet today because everyones hungover from last nights victory 😀

  37. Clive

    Dial Square – no sense of humour or memory of recent penalty controversies?

    Try to keep up with your team.

    LOL Timao.

  38. Arse&Nose©

    Good points about the oxdale chamberlain signing, I’d much rather have Hazard than wait 6 years for this kid to breakthrough.

    What we need more than a winger is a combative midfielder who can fill in for Song, because we are so reliant on Song now that we look like a powderpuff side without him.

    Above all we still need a defensive organiser, still no communication between our cb’s and goalkeeper.

  39. SUGA3

    morning 😉

    good post Pedro, good perspective on winning against demoralised WHU without a few players available…

    but hey, you can only beat what is in front of you and we just took the chance, which is good, as we have struggled against them once or twice, but we need to watch out for them under MON in the final (probably), as they will be a different proposition there!

    come on you Sp*ds!

    *washes his mouth with mixture of soap, undiluted TCP and battery acid*

  40. timao

    Albo – yep Koscielny could turn out great, he wins a lot of headers in midfield just by his ability to get their first. may be not so strong at defending set pieces though. but with szczesny and a decent partner that shouldn’t be a problem. centre backs shouldn”t have to be towering – many of the best in the history of the game have been around 5’7″ or 5’8″

  41. Harry Townsend

    Good article on the whole, just two things I don’t quite agree with. Firstly, as last night was our family derby (my brothers and I being Gooners, my Dad and sister Hammers) I have spent my fair share of time in the West Ham stands as well as at the Emirates and at times our fans have been absolutely dyer in comparison. I know we have much higher expectations but we should win together and we should lose together as well, and our fans are one of the quickest set in the league to turn on the team after a bad spell, let alone a loss.
    Also I feel you should give Eboue a little more credit, one of his better games in recent time and he impressed me.

    Anyway a win is a win, and this derby gives us gooners the bragging rights in the Townsend household. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!

  42. SUGA3

    I like Szczesny a lot, he may have a few things to be ironed out, but you know he will not be making silly mistakes and will pull all the stops not to allow the ball into the net!

    sure he is raw, but it’s easier to practice kicking until your leg falls off than try teaching the right mentality, IMO…

  43. Albo

    Gotta say, although I’m perfectly happy for us to buy oxo chambermaid, I think me might be a tiny bit overrated. Admittedly, I’ve only seen the YouTube highlights, but if you compare his best bits to Theo’s best moments at a similar age, you’d say Theo looked the better player – and look how long it took him to reach his current level…

  44. Arse&Nose©

    Stewart Robson (ex-arsenal and west ham) made a good point about Kozcielny yesterday. He argued that Koz will always push forward and try to nick the ball from in-front of the striker which him predictable. Top strikers will learn that Koz is easy to turn or back into and exploit this habit.

    Wenger in fact made a point about Thierry Henry, saying that one of his greatest strengths was to analyse the weaknesses of every defender in the opposing team within 10 mins of a playing against them.

  45. SUGA3

    we should quite fucking around buying kids, we need a few more solid players to rotate and deputise, we all know which positions, it’s like a mantra 😆

  46. AC Gooner

    i was amazed at how often Cesc tried to play long balls – many more than you usually see in an entire arsenal season. I aint got no truck with that, good to mix up the tippy tappy walk ins with some directness

  47. SUGA3


    with regards to TH14: it’s called professionalism and work ethic, some are born with it, some have to learn it the hard way and some will never have it…

  48. DeiseGooner

    Good point there A&N – but the flip side to that is i reckon Kozzer is an intelligent player and would be able to adapt his game to suit. Hes just relying on what he knows are his strong points while he adapts to our team and league. I have high hopes for Kozzer

  49. Arse&Nose©

    I like Kozzer, mentally he has a great attitude. I hope he can adapt but was intrigued by Stewart Robson’s analysis and couldn’t help but agree with him. Koz will need to vary his play once strikers learn about his style.

  50. Albo

    “Wenger in fact made a point about Thierry Henry, saying that one of his greatest strengths was to analyse the weaknesses of every defender in the opposing team within 10 mins of a playing against them.”

    Yeah, I thought that was interesting. It’s a side of players’ games that we often ignore, mainly, I suppose, because is hard to quantify. But that sort of analytical ability is probably often the main difference between a good player and a great one…

  51. gene wilder

    Great result last, good to see rvp getting back to form. Also some good performances from jack and song.
    shows how badly west ham are run if they’re paying 90 grand a week for bridge. I used to have a bit of a soft spot for them but won’t be bothered if they go down now.

  52. Corkgooner

    4 of next 5 league games at home ….

    Wigan (H)
    Everton (H)
    Newcastle (A)
    Wolves (H)
    Stoke City (H)

    All winnable games. should be interesting to see where we are after that run.

  53. Telarse

    Tim, spot on…it’s a start. Let’s hope we take the next few games seriously in terms of team selection and utilise fairly the contributions needed from Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner, Denilson and Vela.
    Don’t just stick them all on in a “reserve” team again, use them for longer spells in fewer matches in the first team.
    There’s a long way to go and throwing out a “reserve” team sends out the wrong message both to the opposition (removes any fear factor,and to our own players (you’re just reserves).

  54. gambon

    Koscielny reminds me of sylvain distin, good all round player but there’s always an error waiting to happen, something defenders can’t afford.

  55. Arse&Nose©

    Interesting fixtures Corkgooner, all 4 teams who play us at the emirates will park the bus in front of the goal. They are just the type of games we suffer in.

  56. timao

    JD didn’t have his best game agreed, but he so nearly made up for it with a cracking attempt on goal, saved by rob green’s left eyebrow… the narrow margin between zero and hero

  57. Limestonegunner

    Eboue needs to get some good games at RB. Remember he is starting the first leg against Barca b/c Sagna is suspended. That could be quite significant. Sagna is possibly our best defender. Otherwise, with Theo van Nasrigas fit and in form, with Wilshere and Song anchoring midfield, and a better partnership emerging between Koscielny and Djourou, we should be formidable. So long as we win the Cc and put together a good run of wins in the cups and favorable fixtures in the league, of course. If our best 11 can play most of the time as they have, we still have everything to look forward to this season.

    Sure it was West Ham but this derby has been a real problem in recent years for us. This same lineup in the league destroyed Chelsea, dominated Man City.

  58. SUGA3


    to be honest, I would rather invest into another CB pronto – as much as Koz and Djou look decent together and definitely form the best partnership we have available, they are the only fit CBs at the moment and we are walking a tightrope here injuries and fatigue wise…

  59. Arse&Nose©

    To everyone thinks Clichy’s form is linked to Arshavin being on the pitch…by the same logic would you also say that Eboue is playing rubbish because Walcott isn’t backing him up??

  60. DeiseGooner

    not really A&N simply because Theo does his defensive duties more regularly that AA23. Plus Sagna is simply a better defender than Eboue and Clichy,

    Jan Vertonghen could be the man for us. Can play centrehalf and is a good enough baller to play in midfield too. Wicked free kicks and good going forward to shoot.. Another leftie too which will keep a balance with Song.

    Or maybe Jagielka, he can cover right back or DM too cant he? I reckon if we get a player in it will be someone who is versatile enough to cover a couple of positions….

  61. arsenal4ever

    good and bad news fellow gooners. Bad ones are Vermy needs operation ( what a surprise ) good means we shouldnt looking after Upson cause need a real CB now.

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has got gray hairs by the absence of Thomas Vermaelen. Whenever the Red Devils looked as good as back, he relapsed.

    Wenger sent Vermaelen world for the best specialists and now insists on an operation. In Sweden, found the cause why he always relapsed.

    “A small tendon that runs next to my Achilles tendon, provides moisture and irritation against the achilles tendon stores. They are now removing that little tendon, because that is ultimately pretty useless.”

    “Hopefully the solution is. tangent then I usually have to fit in March with the Red Devils to be in the European Championship qualifying matches. But really I’d rather not forecasts about. I remain cautious.”

  62. SlickBangGoal

    Verma is having surgery, Just been confirmed., Looks like we’ll defo be seeing a new CB come in………..

  63. SUGA3

    actually, I have see Theo returning to defend a few times, enough to take notice…

    Clichy, whilst he has a big heart, he is not really suited to playing without the backup and AA is not a wide left player, he should be played behind the strikers


    with everyone moving around on the full blast, no team can live with that, IMO…

  64. Jaguar reloaded

    JRRGTD says:
    January 16, 2011 at 11:57
    Jaguar is a spud in disguise
    You are a wanker,and you are not in disguise either.

  65. gambon

    What did I say back in November? Vermaelen out for the season.

    Yet again ‘dooming’ proves to be basic realism.

  66. gambon


    That team looks hugely unbalanced to me. No width, too attacking, Walcott is no striker, too many people trying to playmake.

  67. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, I was told we can never be disappointed if we don’t raise our expectations…. So why does it still feel so shit!

  68. SUGA3


    this is a team to have a go at the opposition through the middle, plus, RvP and Theo can provide sufficient width and interchange…

    replace AA with Chamakh if it does not work…

  69. GoonerClive

    Eboue is like a kid high on additives. I just cannot remotely get his persona.. him apart I have great confidence in the team..
    watching Manure v spuds in boozer. Time to put on the gooner top, have a few stella and enjoy.

  70. Big Dave

    Knew the news was bad about TV5, The club treat us like mugs, could had told u long ago we would not see him till March if lucky

  71. Raynor

    Totts looking at Carroll for 30m!!! He’s no 30m player. That’s just mental. I really hope they do buy him for that.

  72. goonerT1m

    he looks like a typical wenger signing..plenty of potential, can play in different positions and we have no replacement for song

  73. timao

    arsenal4ever – forget upson, it’s just paper talk. believe the rumours and believe we’ve sold arshavin, signed chamberlain, cesc would already have gone, almunia’s too, and we’d have signed mertesacker, cahill, samba, hangelaand, and van persie would be playing for ac milan. i find it hard to believe anyone, (including myself!), reads anything other than arsenal for transfer news.

  74. ritesh

    last time we played Barca, we had Sylvestre and Campbell as cbs.

    Hope Wenger goes out and signs a decent player this time.

    I cant see Samba/Upson etc playing well against Barca if we have an injury to cover

  75. arsenal4ever

    timao hope you are right but this southampton guy is signed imo. To many similar articles about him and us. Just clarification if he stays in southampton or if he comes straight away to us.

  76. Supergunner07

    @ Pedro, good article and that joke about firedrill (see our fans singing same joke after carling cup win this season against Spuds)

    AC Gooner:
    i was amazed at how often Cesc tried to play long balls – many more than you usually see in an entire arsenal season. I aint got no truck with that, good to mix up the tippy tappy walk ins with some directness


    On the money there, variation means opposition can’t figure out our pattern


    @arsenal4ever, why didn’t we send Verm to this Swedish speciallist in the 1st place, it so reminds me of we failed to find Rosicky’ s problem. The Arsenal medical staff don’t have piss us off, We are using GPS after Chav & Manc have had it for 1yr & a half


    SUGA3: I like Szczesny a lot, he may have a few things to be ironed out, but you know he will not be making silly mistakes and will pull all the stops not to allow the ball into the net!

    sure he is raw, but it’s easier to practice kicking until your leg falls off than try teaching the right mentality, IMO…


    I like his mentality too, nothing phases him and 1 thing GK need above technical requirements sometimes his mental strength (Wenger favourite word)

  77. arsenal4ever

    suga who knows, Wenger always playing with fans and media. I am sure he wont be back till march. Out for the season imo.

  78. Pedro

    Dial Square, they love us over at ACLF, the only commenters who have been consistently wrong for the 4 years we’ve been writing, yet still claim intellectual superiority.

    Still, it doesn’t bother me, they all read the posts and the comments.

    Every hit counts…

  79. Limestonegunner

    Suga, I agree we need a new CB and would hope it is a top choice not a stop gap. I was just talking about how the team looks right now. I want this to happen quickly so we have enough games before the CL to figure out our best pairing and give Dj some rest.

    I wouldn’t mind another DM to spell Song who has been terrific lately but playing tons of games.

  80. Gooby

    i went away for the start of the second half and here’s everton scoring two in 10 minutes
    moyes surely knows how to motivate the troops

  81. Bengali Gunner

    3 clean sheets since february 09. The start of an unbeaten run till theirs a trophy in our cabinet i hope.
    A defender should insure that it happens

  82. Zak

    maybe i’m being a bit harsh but we should have one of the best medical teams in the world and Vermy’s underlying problem should have been diagnosed and treated/operated on months ago, IMO.

  83. Gooby

    bringing mexes and melo would be top notch.

    both experienced, although both a bit inconsistent.

    Mexes is a good addition but if melo is bought someone has to go.

  84. Gooby


    it has nothing to do with the quality of the medical team, that’s a myth. the best medical team isn’t the one that brings the player faster than the other.

  85. Bengali Gunner

    melo for denilson and eastmond 😀
    then we have real cover for Song or in tough matches we can use both of them together
    would be great

  86. SUGA3

    Melo is shit, dumb as fuck and has some serious anger management issues, would not mind Mexes tho…

    nut once again, AW will not pay for him, as he is free in the summer, stingy git!

  87. Bengali Gunner

    hes only like 5 mill though so you never know
    imo mexes is the best option

    get some disgusting feeling when i say this but

  88. Gooby


    wash your mouth mate 😀

    the correct encouragement is: “don’t be as useless as always you scum spud shit”

  89. DaleDaGooner

    FUCK? Pete? Is that you?

    lol Top post Pedro, spot on, took the words right out of my mouth.
    Great win, I still feel they have to make amends for the Ipswich loss, I hope they can continue this form, it would be difficult, and that is why the WHOLE team 22 of them have to be able to work hard. Denilson just can’t play that kinda high pressure pressing, sorry, he is good to tidy things when the hard work is secured with 3 goals up, but to help dominate? I’ still not convinced.

    A lot of arguments about Kozzer, and I agree with Pedro’s assessment of him, he is a very good defender and will get better.

    JD is still a very good defender, just gotta cut out the bambi on ice play, but i love the partnership if TV5 is out. Squillaci easily 4th choice if we bring on another solid veteran. No Sol and No Upson,

    I’m curious as to what Ignasi can do as a defender, if we can give him a run somewhere, I’d like o try him and see if he can easily fill in as 3rd choice..LOL

    Another youngster I’m excited about or 2, are Ryo and Wellington, I’ve been wondering if they light it up in Eredivise and La Liga respectively, and get the permits in the summer, and with Hazard coming in (fingers crossed what an immense player, 2 beautiful assists yesterday) how will we manage? we would have had 3 proper wingers that can actually cross the ball and be blazzinf skillful playmakers on the wing….mouth watering. I say this cause i have started to scouge around looking at what they do well, Ryo’s pace and skill may relegate Theo if he develops even more playing for either of Feyoornord\Excelisor….He really reminds me of CR7, but unselfish, his crosses are pin point accurate and his dummies on the run are very CR7like..i like the Jap!

    With Wellington, hmm what a talent, his passing and movement, reminds me of Ronaldinho without the very direct..

    And Hazard, needs no introduction…yesterday’s game was a good look into what he can offer….having these 3 for next summer would surely add more to what Nasri, Walcott and the other youths in JET etc Saly, head would roll…Likes of AA23, Rosicky would have to make way, and yet we will be forever young

    We need defensive players, particularly a defensive or holding midfielder, I hope Frimpong will be ready and given a chance, Coquelin might get a run before him an that’s not bad. I hope Bartley returns a beast, but still too young to even start next season.

    Happy days Gooners….I hope the cocks can be useful for once in their lives!

  90. 1886-2006

    Can’t believe that some folks want the scum to win.
    Guess i am an old traditionalist that would rather see hell freeze over than wanting that lot to win.
    Good result yesterday means we are still chasing the devils and with a couple of signings (sighs) we could keep the pressure on till the end of the season.

    If we don’t get new signings then we have to stay injury free to keep challenging. You never know.