Arsenal to destroy Ipswich tonight and scout English starlet… match preview!

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So, I said the only way Tommy V was injured was if he picked up the problem over the weekend and that proved to be the case.

“He had another setback on Saturday that we are concerned with.”

So, bad news for our favourite  Belgian and maybe another indication that we do things wrong on the fitness side of things. He had zero problems last year, this year he’ll have been out for a minimum of 5 or so months. Is it coincidence that we have more crocks than anyone else? Is it just bad luck? Or does Wenger have to address how hard he trains players throughout the year?

Arsenal’s injury return dates are like women’s notches, take what they tell you and multiply it by 5. Rosicky, Gilberto, Diaby, Eduardo, Theo, Robin and Thierry have all been 6 weekers that turn into 3-4monthers. It’s a really big problem and one that GPS alone doesn’t seem to be able to solve.

The positives out of all this?

Well, firstly I can tell you categorically that there has been no cover up of a long-term injury by the club. That much is clear. I’m pretty sure that last season, Wenger knew JD was going to be out long-term and he decided against making a defensive signing before the window shut. Then it shut and told us all he was in trouble. That was very naughty and ultimately costly.

This season he’s turned a new leaf. He’s lost Vermaelen short team, though realistically, due to the length of time he’s been out, he’s a long termer. He’s also lost Squillaci for 2-3 weeks. The key behavioural change is that he’s come out and admitted it and decided to purchase a new defender.

He’s umming and ahhring, like he usually does but I believe that he knows Song and Miquel are not suitable at the back. That said, I’m starting to wonder whether Wenger gets off on going against the grain? Why make 3 changes when you can make 8? Why play your best player in the semi finals of the FA Cup when you can drop him? Why buy two proper centre backs in the summer when there are two cheap ones available?

Anyway, my money is on Chris Samba. Don’t ask me why and don’t hold me to my thought process, I just have a feeling he’s the one. His fitness record is pretty spiffing as well. He’s played virtually all Blackburn’s games over the past 3 seasons, so that’ll mean he’s got at least a year until we run him into the ground. He might not be amazing on the deck, he might not be the next Maldini, but as a stop gap and an addition to our back 4, why the hell not?

His odds have just improved that little bit further with Wenger intimating he’ll look to the Premiership.

In my dreams,  have to say though, my love is strong for Per Mertesacker.

Tonight’s game has significant importance for our season.  We could not only win our first trophy of the last 5 years, we could also win the trophy for winning the first trophy of 2011.

Arsene Wenger: Inventing trophies since 2006

Cesc says we should be wary of a team that sees us as the biggest two games of their season (tell that to Spurs). I agree, we can’t go out tomorrow night thinking that we have the game in the bag like we did against Leeds. I’d be telling the boys that nothing short of an absolute spanking will be acceptable. These are the games that we need to go out and dominate the opposition. I want to see us express ourselves, I want to see creativity and I want to see some goals.

Most importantly, I want to see 100% concentration from the start. Switching off is complacency and laziness. That can’t happen tomorrow. I don’t want to sit here on Thursday morning spamming tractor boy comments ripping me for being so assertive about this thrilling victory I believe we’ve got in the bag.


Sagna JD Song Gibbs

Jack Denilson Cesc

Theo RVP Nasri

Now, that side would tear Ipswich a new combine harvester. I can see Nasri and RvP possibly being rested, but if I was Wenger, I’d prioritise trouncing Ipswich away and have a nice relaxer at home in second leg. That’s me though, not coach of the decade, surrogate father to 427 pro footballers.

Keep an eye out for striking sensation Connor Wickham, according to many, we like him a lot.

After this game, we’ve got West Ham. A game that shouldn’t be tricky, yet always seems to be. Hopefully they’ll be knackered after their win against Birmingham last night. The match will be like the dress rehearsal for the Carling Cup Final! After that we’ve got Leeds with the added incentive of a 4th round with Huddersfield. If we dismantle them, we’re in the quarters of the FA Cup and three games away from a possible cup double.

Then we have Everton, Newcastle and Wolves before the big one… Barcelona at home. If Wenger manages the next few weeks sensibly, we’re in with what I would describe as a ‘f*cking great position.’

First things first though, the carrot crunchers…

See you in the comments!

P.S. If you have spares going for any upcoming ties and you want to be put in touch with desperate buyers, drop me an e-mail (especially if you’ve got Barca spares).

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  1. Hitman

    Spot on Maksud. Its about buying players now – or just forget about the rest of the season. Is Wenger man enough to buy? Man enough to spend money on real quality. Its clear (to everybody else) he cant rely on those already here.

    Like I said yesterday, most managers would be breaking the Chairman’s door down pleading for transfer funds. Our manager has the money but wont spend it. Weirdo.

  2. Dial Square

    I actually feel sorry for Denilson,he is not a defensive midfielder but keeps being played there.Yes he is average at best but no way a defensive midfielder.

  3. Samir Nasri Is Infact Andy McNab

    Kozzer and JD were great. As Pedro just said, we had no full backs!!

    I was disappointed to see Arshavin tonight. This is what it has come to. From unconditional love, to utter disdain.

    I just posted him a comment on his website. No swearing, nothing, just wanting him to know that if he carries on, we’ll not even sarcastically wave him goodbye.

  4. yangkamp10

    I hear you Zak

    pedro – not good enough though.

    This is Ipswich we’re talking about. No attempts on the keeper in the first half?! That must fall on the heads of all front three players. No goals? against that rubbish is just poor.

  5. dennisdamenace

    I wonder what goes through Fab4’s mind after he pinpointed Denilson’s basic fuckup for the penalty on Saturday, only to find the fuckwit starting tonight.

    From my point of view, i would be wondering what the fuck do you have to do to be dropped????

  6. patthegooner

    So we have signed two players this month and cant play either of them as they cant get a fucking work permit.

    Nice work Arsene

  7. JJ

    The midfield players did not play close enough to each other or the forward line. They were lazy sitting back happy to spread 20 yard passes which were easily cut out. This has been the cause for many lost points this season.

    The pass and move forward into space of our natural game was missing. Wenger should have seen that and addressed it.

  8. Big Dave


    Theo was crap, 2 chances he had and fluffed them both says it all when JD was our best player.

    We overplay every time allways looking for that extra pass, down to the manager

  9. TonyS

    If I had £1000 for every time we conceded after a long ball bypasses the entire team then I would be richer than Mark Zuckerberg.

  10. patthegooner


    Denilson has been responsible for both goals conceded in the last two games.

    Yet you can bet your last $ that he will start against Leeds in the replay and Ipswich in the return fixture. I could not give a shit how many crab passes and interceptions he makes. His basic mistakes cost us a lot more.

    He would not get in any other PL team, it is an absolute joke, he will never make it at Arsenal so why keep him. Get Lansbury back or play Ramsey.

  11. gambon


    Of course its wengers fault. These players have never won a thing, they let him down year after year after year…..yet he won’t replace them due to his weird obsession.

    Is denilson supposed to knock on his door and say “sorry boss, I’m not good enough for this team, ill give up my £40k pw and go back to Brazil”?

  12. yangkamp10

    get Torres in, or Tevez. Or both. Can you seriously be going back to Barca after they schooled us with Bentender and Chamakh. I wont even mention RVP he’s so unreliable.
    Barca are probably quaking in their boots.

  13. ritesh

    I dont understand the sign new player talk

    These players are demanded by the best teams..

    its the attitude which is wrong…there is no spirit…no self respect

  14. Zorr0

    Pedro, you mean avoiding the total blame for tonight or across the season from the Gooner nation due to lge position and cup run?

  15. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – Arsene Wenger is the REAL culprit here fella, he bigs this team/squad up time and time again, way beyond their real abilities. It’s his responsibility to motivate this lot. it’s also his responsibility by continuing to reward sub-standard performances with start after start. The buck stops with him end of. After all if these players had mullered Ipswich 10-0 everyone would be saying what a fucking genius he is, well it cuts both ways………

  16. yangkamp10

    fellas – it’s the same shit everytime we are not at full strength. We rest players to keep our league hopes alive, but our strikers are not good enough to win us the title (see utd, chavs away, etc). And resting Nasri and Song in cup games will eventually see us knocked out of the FA cup.

    We’ll still win the carling cup. Cesc and Nasri will see to that. But seriously I would sack our entire front line. Absolutely woefull and embarrassing.

  17. Chippy

    If you could mix the Blackpool players heart with our talent we’d make a very good side 😉

    I’m shitting that Barca game if we play like we have recently they will absolutley murder us.

    Keyser agree on Jd thought he had a poor game tonight but he’s held the defence together recently so I’ll excuse him that!

    The thing that pissed me of most is we are tippy tapping at the edge of the box going nowhere we the lose the ball they hit it straight and long and were fucked it’s a total embassement where is the teams shape it’s not like we get caught bombing everyone forward,

  18. nuudles

    incesc, the problem is not that we do not have a striker, the way we tried to “unlock” them in the final third tonight the ball almost never got to the striker apart from the 2 chances Theo had.

    for me no one had a real shocker of a game, maybe apart from eboue who i thought was our weakest player

    denilson was better than saturday, but almost anything is better than him on saturday

    nikki b was pretty much absent but it was mostly denilson, cesc and wilshere who caused nikki b to be absent by being so incredibly static in the middle and giving lots of balls away. nikki b had one or 2 shocking first touches though, i remember one where it looked more like a pass to theo than bendtner trying to receive the ball. one thing though: in all the times that we had the ball just outside the box bendtner was almost never in a position to run onto a good pass which does not cut it at this level, he was way too static

    arsh was also better than on saturday: less give-away passes, more tracking back, more enthusiasm, but just like with denilson it does not mean much being better than saturday because he was so unbelievably poor on saturday

  19. Pedro

    DDM, I know… if Wenger was creating office environments, he’d be a winner… however, he’s creating a sporting environment and our attitude is all wrong.

  20. sixx pac

    David says:
    January 12, 2011 at 21:55
    Walcott has done fuck all?
    Out of the 3 shots we had on target walcott took
    them both, Keeper did well to save.

    Now I’m no math major but…… 😀

  21. Zorr0

    H49, neither Henri or Jet want to leave, so don’t talk bollocks! That oaf Shawcross is to blame for a lot of this as he would have been streets ahead of denilshite if he had not got that ‘straightener’ last year.

    Shame he is not match fit enough to play now, would like him to get a chance over next two cup games; surely can’t be any worse!

  22. dennisdamenace

    Equally, how can people (myself included) keep digging out players like Denilson, Bentner for being shit, when the problem is not the players, but the manager who keeps picking them!

  23. Ellis

    Okay wasnt a great night for us tonight, things didnt go are way, Cesc had one of those nights and we didnt create many chances when we usually create a bundle! Im still convinced there goal was offside to ?? and I dont want to jump on the band wagon of we need to buy him him and him etc BUT we havent got a goalscorer who can pop up with something out the blue to get us out of trouble!

  24. yangkamp10

    ritesh – nobody, but nobody wants Bentender, let me assure you.

    At 30min we had 68% possession and had 2 shots. They had 32% and 11 shots???????

    What were our strikers doing for 68% of the game???

  25. JJ

    Pedro – Not sure why you think Koz had a good game. He may have had no help from Gibbs but he and JD only had one man to defend. Koz lost almost every 1v1 and if not for JD and Sneezy, we would have lost 3-0 on his errors alone.

  26. pantsR2long

    Pretty god damn funny, I kinda knew we would bottle it. The team has absolutely no fight in them, not one good performance on the pitch! Bendtner and Eboue were absolutely diabolical, I don’t think I can remember one time in which Bendtner was in the opposition penalty area. Eboue is a complete disgrace to this football club, his theatrics and complacency are shameful to see and Barca must be licking their lips at getting a go at his shambolic defending!

    TBH we were lucky not to lose by more goals, they had a couple of opportunities to put us to the sword and lucky for them they finally took one of their chances.

  27. Hitman

    Zorro mate the long ball tactic & parking the bus is all you need to defeat the Arse these days. It a tried and tested method. Our defenders can cope with pace and balls over the top.

    The other problem with Wengers style of play is that it is the right football, but with the wrong players. Tippy tappy is only succesful if you have top notch players in both attack and defence – eg Barc & Spain.
    Everyone else has to be more direct – eg Man U , Chelsea to achive success. He is living in dream land if he thinks this shower of shite are good enough to play pretty football & be succesful.

  28. nuudles

    pedro I agree that kos & jd did well on countless occasions, and as you say they were playing without fullbacks, it seemed particularly as though gibbs thought he was a winger while eboue did track back but he was useless defensively

    i loved how calm song was on defence when he came on, and when wickham ran at him he just took the ball, no fuss

    theo had decent movement and tried very hard but he had 2 decent chances with which he should have done better, and early on he had a shot which looked more like a ball across the goal than a shot

  29. Zorr0

    DDM, I don’t think anyone would have come on and claimed any kind of genius masterstroke by AW for winning that game. It would and should be expected of that group of players. Personally speaking, having played for 30 years and still going strong, what the manager tells you is one thing, and you should not need too much in the way of tactical nous in a game like tonight. So once you step over that white line and have a shocker, there is only 1 person to blame and that is the cunt looking back at you in the mirror next day when you shave!

  30. Big Dave

    Too many avearage players at this club, I pay 1100 to watch them, not next season. a CHANGE is needed.

    I swear if he blows this trophy then he should fuck off and leave, enough is enough.

    Sorry but am realy angry, hurt tonight watching that defeat

  31. dennisdamenace

    patg – Like you am most definitely not a fan of Denilson. But, for all those pout there who are, can anyone of you really say he has improved in the FOUR years he’s been with us?

    He is an absolute liability, he’s had two opportunities in the space of a few days to shine against lower league opposition, like Bentner, and neither of them would make the bench for either of our opponents.

    Shockingly average players at best, let them both leave for free and watch their respective careers go down the shitter.

    Fuck me at least David Hillier gave you commitment in the middle of the park.

  32. TOMTOM

    Bolton are trying to sign a centre back from Argentina,maybe we will sign Cahill. We need a new manager. Wenger is a dinosaur

  33. Rickys had enough

    Can anyone tell me how wenger was made manager of the decade?

    Im not trying to bash him here, im just keen to know how the decision was made that wenger should win the award?


  34. JJ

    Yang, not only what were our strikers doing to only get off 2 shots with 68% possession but what were our defenders doing to allow 11 shots with 32% possession?

    Backing off, backing off and a bit more backing off is the answer.

  35. Dial Square

    Big Dave i pay 2500,but i wont next season,nearly didnt this year but had a late change of heart.Saturday i was surrounded by away fans giving it large.Oh i’m just rambling goodnight.

  36. dennisdamenace

    Guys, please remember my anger is borne out of my love for and desire for my club to be the best.

    It is also hard for me (at 48) to watch players like this lot masquerading as Arsenal players.

    And, even harder having to listed to our manager defending shite like that time and time again.

    How refreshing would it be to hear him say that performances like that from ANYONE will not be tolerated at a club like Arsenal, instead of blaming tiredness (ffs), the pitch, the ball, the ref, continental drift……

  37. patthegooner


    Exactly, if anything I would say he has got worse not better.

    How the fuck did he get a work permit and how the fuck does it keep getting renewed

  38. Thebadboy

    Our season could be over in 13 days time. Eboue vs Barcelona is a frightening thought as well. Basically things have gone stale under Wenger, the players are in a comfort zone and we end up being outfought and outthought by a bunch of nobodies. There seems to be a culture of complacency at the club, including players, board, coaching staff and many of the home fans. At some or all levels there needs to be a clearout.

  39. Wenger the liar

    Bendy was shit first half but in fairness all those behind him were shit too and he is not a goal out of nothing type player. The whole team played as if this game was below them, they have an arrogance which isn’t backed up by medals.

    A lot of people here are saying that if we do not win this cup arsene should go but the reality is that if we win fuck all again this year nothing will change, not in terms of management or (“I will have a clear out if we are unsuccessful”) players.

  40. gambon

    Fuck me, this is our best ever squad is it LeSenile?

    We desperately need better players and Wengers signed 2 18 year olds who we won’t see for 3 years.

    You honestly think the old cunt gives a Fuck about trophies?

    Were just a big academy.

  41. patthegooner

    Just looked it up

    A player is given a work permit for the length of the initial contract. A renewal of the contract does not extend the permit. Once it has expired you have to apply again, and it goes back to the 75% of international appearances.

    I fear it is our only hope with Denilson!!!!

  42. Zorr0

    DDM, lol.

    Also, yess 100% agree, in all his time here and over 200 games for our club he has not advanced or improved sufficiently and if Aaron was fit I think we should fuck denilson off to Spain, where he could be a decent la liga player for someone like villareal or atletico.

    That said, he is better than any of Ipswich’s midfield, yet cannot prove it, although none of them were helped by being collectively shit!

    I still hope and expect us to get past them at THOF. If not I will just be glad I am at the game to avoid the blood and entrails that will be spilt on here that night!

  43. Whatthattwatout

    Sack him. AW done bugger all for years now. I will always thank him for what he’s done for the Arsenal (as I do for herbert chapman!!!) this guys past his best.

  44. North Bank Lew

    So there you go.

    Finally, proof positive that this team will never win anything.

    Something I’ve been denying for months – no, make that years – is finally put to rest. This team…this ARSENAL team has no bottle. There, I’ve said it.

    Oh yes, on our day we can beat anyone in the world. On our day we play the most attractive football on the planet (drawing a discreet veil over Barca). On out day our pretty passes and pleasing triangles make the purists purr with delight.

    But remind me, when is that day ?

    When Wenger deigns to put out a first team; when everybody is fit; when the players have the good grace to turn up; when we have a chance of silverware.

    Oh well, scrub that last one because one step away from a final and against a poor Championship side between managers and on the back of a 7-0 drubbing, this so called Arsenal side managed to look as if they didn’t care; had bigger fish to fry; and already had one foot on the Wembley turf.

    Hello Cesc and chums. Wake up. Smell the shit coming your way. YOU WERE PATHETIC.

    Bendy: we’re still awaiting the second coming

    Arsh: how much longer can you trade on the glory of a single game against the bindippers

    Denilson: crab, crab, crab, crab, crab

    Cesc: Arsenal’s very own Captain Bligh

    Eboue: oh yes, fall over why don’t you

    etc, etc etc.

    I’m old enough to remember the George Graham years, and yes, of course this Wenger era has seen Arsenal play more creative, attractive football. But you would never have seen a George Graham side play with as little spirit as this effete, ineffectual bunch of self deluding also rans.

    Here’s a leading question: given the choice of a midfield containing Denilson and Diaby (yes, I know he wasn’t playing tonight, but do you honestly think if he had been, he would have made a blind bit of difference!) or Parlour and Merson, which one would you choose ?

    I know where I’d put my money.

  45. simon mcmahon

    DDM,even ian fucking selly gave you commitment,I have never been more disgusted with this shower as I have over the last 5 days two championship teams outplayed us and thats the facts.
    This man has installed a loser’s mentality throughout this squad .
    he is finished in my eyes just where do we go from this, barca will tear us a new arse.
    He refuses’s to address our obvious weakness’s in the defence , he is now outcoached by championship managers
    CLUELESS !!!!!

  46. JJ

    If we do not at least make the final of the CC, how can anyone defend Wenger or the team?

    They couldn’t win a pillow fight.

  47. Zorr0

    Gambon. Rational please. You have a lot to say but spoil it with nonsense. We are all hurting. The 2 youth players he has bought are not for now, but 2 to 3 seasons time, an investment in the long term. If he buys no-on before Jan 31st then I will come on here and call him a cunt!

    Don’t mention Barazite or Merida by the way, lol!

  48. Rickys had enough

    Lol ddm,

    Im actually seriously keen to know. Was it for what he achieved with the invincibles era? Cos i really cannot see what else he’s done to deserve to win the award outright.

  49. finestcuts

    We’re supposed to be playing Barcelona in a few weeks time. If we play like that they’ll pull our pants down and spank us in front of the whole world.

    Tonight’s performance was rubbish, we didn’t play well…..Ipswich defended well and had a positive attitude as well. They fully deserved their win.
    These players need to do some soul searching……we know they’re better players than this and to be honest they didn’t give the punters a good performance. Poor form, poor show.
    I still believe we can turn it around at the Emirates but these kinds of calamities shouldn’t be happening.
    There’s something wrong with the attitude at the club at the moment, the reserves got spanked 10-1…..we get turned over by a second tier team whose recent form is appalling. This needs to be sorted out, this is a new low for the club…..the team, that played tonight could be considered a first team.

  50. patthegooner

    “With playing so many games, you could see tonight we had no spark.

    “Ipswich were sharper than us and we made a defensive mistake which they took advantage of.

    “We were certainly not sharp enough to win the game tonight and the good thing is we play at home in the second leg and that we can make a difference.

    “I still feel confident, of course, and we will not always be as lacking creativity as we were tonight.

    “We had a lot of the ball but didn’t create many chances.

    “Ipswich defended well and we were caught on the counter-attack, which they looked for.”

  51. dennisdamenace

    Arsene has instilled a “failure is acceptable” environment at the club.

    Proof positive (for example) was when a Grover posted earlier that Denilson (again) played a ciminal ball across the back four line causing Kosser to have to foul the opposition player, and yet no one balled out Denilson, everyone just jogged away as if nopthing had happened!!

    Whatever the level of football you play, you make a mistake your team mates remind you in no uncertain terms that you are not to do that again.

    It brings to mind a random comment by ANY (Myles Palmer) that no one is allowed to shout at anyone at Colney…..

  52. patthegooner

    There you go, he blames it on fixture congestion.

    Yet he also says that we can solve the CB issue internally!!!!!

    Come on Arsene, get your cheque book out, oh no I forgot you lost it at Euro 2008 and any signings will be viewed (in your eyes) as panic buying.

  53. Wenger the liar

    People seem to think that a signing is a gimme, far too many summers and jan windows have past with problems not being addressed for people to have that opinion.

    As I said at the start of the window, there’s half a chance of a signing and half a chance of a strategically announced contract extension of nasri with no new talent arriving.


  54. JJ

    Wenger making excuses (too many games) for the team just means that the players (and himself) never take responsibility for their actions.

    Young players will never care about losing if their manager always offers exuses for them… and never drops them.

  55. Zorr0

    FFS, he has not been out coached by leeds and now ipswich, he has just been let down by players who should be winning those games, who have been outfought and outdesired by inferior opposition!

    Now if you want to say it is his fault for engendering a culture of complacency and weakness, fair enough, but don’t try to suggest that leeds and ipswich tactically overcame us, as you give them too much credit!

  56. dennisdamenace

    Jesus! We’ve been outplayed by two lower league teams, home and away…….

    Worse case scenario (God forbid) we lose the replay against Leeds, and draw 0-0 against Ipswich in the return leg.

    Tell me, anyone going question Wenger then, press, fans, board????

  57. SUGA3

    fuck me, did he really say that?

    no shit, Sherlock!

    I am absolutely fuming – fuckers have spat and shat on the shirt and they owe us big time!

    repayments to start on Saturday and continue until further notice…

  58. Thebadboy

    North bank Lew: on tonights performance I’d take Selley and Morrow, never mind Parlour and Merse.
    Tonight was twice as bad as Braga, and that was bad

  59. dennisdamenace

    simon – more worryingly is that it really does appear that failure is tolerated, individually and collectively.

    The never say die attitude is the cornerstone of champions, the moment you accept failure you are accepting second best….

  60. dennisdamenace

    On that pathetic gem of ‘too many games’ i’m off, as i’m finding it harder and harder to relate to this excuse of a manager and his team of under achievers….

  61. patthegooner

    Just checked

    There is a BA Flight leaving Gatwick for Turin at 14:50 tomorrow afternoon. Sadly that is the first flight.

    Taxi for Arshavin

    The flight costs £172.20. I am more than happy to chip in if he is going to continue to give fuck all effort.

  62. BOOZY

    Are we going to blame wenger for this game?

    i mean, if he hadnt started a full strenght squad, he would have been slated by every one, but he did start our best players.

    i blame wenger for a lot of things, but i wont blame him for this one.

    TO BE POSITIVE i’ll say the boys are simply exhausted, i mean most of the players that played today have dispatched bigger teams.

    TO BE REALISTIC, i’ll say –
    should be sold immediately
    should be should in the summer.

    why wait at the end of the summer to get HAZARD, while he’s at it get SAMBA before saturday- they could be the difference to win some thing this season.

    I believe we have good defenders, but i feel,even the best defenders in the world would be woeful at arsenal, our defence completely lacks cordination, laying more credence to the call for a defence coach.

    FINALLY,Nasri is the new linchpin of the arsenal squad.

  63. Zorr0

    I mean the manure team of the last 6 years has not been anywhere near as good as their previous winning teams, yet that cunt fergie manages to keep them ticking over and winning titles. Around 2002 I really thought AW had him on the run, but unfortunately fergie came back and has laced AW since 2004. That is 7 years of being beaten by the red nosed twat and not to mention Moronho!

  64. Zak

    Said it before and i’ll say it again, ONLY ONE PERSON TO BLAME.

    If he motivates the players but they still can’t perform, he should have made changes in personell seasons ago. If he Can’t motivate the players, then he has to look at himself. ONE MAN, WENGER. All teams are essentially an extension of the manager and his policies.

  65. JJ

    ZorrO – Leeds and Ipswich tactics (simple as they were) worked. Ours didn’t.

    Wenger should have given them a rocket at half time in both games but he is too “cultured” for that. A rocket would have “motivated” them plenty.

    I am at a loss as to how anyone can defend this team or Wenger after today.

    We just got beat by a RESERVE TEAM that is 19TH in the CHAMPIONSHIP… THAT DID NOT EVEN HAVE A MANAGER!

  66. David


    Leeds, Ipswitch use the same tactics that United have been using for the last 4-5 years.

    We lost to Newcastle and West Brom the same way,

    We drew with liverpool at home a couple seasons ago with a long ball over the top and Robbie keane scored.

    We lost to Manchester City twice the same way, When Robinho handed Almunia his Arse and all they did was counter attack with SWP/Bellamy.

    We lost to Skahtar Donesk.

    We lost to Braga.

    We lost to Villa at home a couple seasons back when Agbonlahor left Gallas for Dead on a long ball situation.

    These are examples off the top of my head.

    You have to blame Wenger because he doesnt have a fecking clue what to do to unlock teams that “park the bus”

    Or to defend against them for that matter.

    We scored in the 95th minute against Hull city off of a Bendtner header from the 1 good cross that Sagna had put all game.

    Shite, rubbish tactics.

  67. Thebadboy

    This is like a re-run of 70s cup final nightmares – Leeds, Ipswich…… Who we playin at the weekend again…?

  68. North Bank Lew

    Bloody hell TBB, I’d forgotten about Selley !!

    But yes, I think I’d have to agree with you.

    There’s a lot to be said about honest endeavour….

  69. SUGA3

    well, it’s simple, really – if the team parks the bus, you need someone to have a pop from distance every now and then and the rest needs to create enough space for someone to have a go…

    Bendtner needs to fuck off pronto, useless twat – he is simply unable to run and his positioning was also piss poor today…

    say what you want, but a 4-4-2 with AA behind the strikers could work wonders today, IMO…

  70. Stu

    Well that was fucking shit. A total embarrassment and shambolic display by our lot.

    Ebowie was a disgrace imo. Added nothing in attack and constantly fucked up defensively.
    Arshavin was involved but nothing went right for him.
    Theo, once again, had no end product and did Bendtner even touch the ball?

    Cesc should have scored at 0-0 and didnt do much else for the rest of the match. Finally the defence, they restricted Ipswich to long shots but then decided to switch off and allow them to play long balls over the top and constantly threaten.

    Its a good thing this is over two legs because that wasnt good enough and we deserved to lose.

    I said days ago that i wouldnt bet on us winning and unfortunately i was right, as was Maciek with his Leeds mk II comment. I’d rather have been wrong and seen us win. So much for 8-0 eh. 🙁

  71. leon

    david i think they wanted more than us its just taht simple i dont think it had anything to do with formations or tactics just pure simple desier,i think what is not helping is they dont have a goal machine because you cant play well every week so you need 25 a season striker

  72. Confidentgoner

    The problem is there for all to see.

    Weak Mid, always loosing the ball, toothless wingers and a blunt attack. Its always the same tactic against us and we go missing. City did that, Leeds and now Ipswitch. I must say that the goal was from a clear offside, but at this level it is unpardonable that we created very little and had much fewer shots on target. Ipswich deserved their win. Whtacha gonna do about it?

    Aw needs to buy. With each match he plays it is clear that the ff should go:

    Arshravin –

    Get a defender in (Cahill, or Samba), get a Suarez or Lukaku and get Scot Parker. At season end, get Hazard.

    frankly I see nothing wrong with Eboues performance today. Our mid and front players were just two static. Just watched barca finish off a 2nd division side 5-0. To think we will play them next… I shiver. Monsieur Wenger are you shivering too?

  73. David

    We can keep telling ourselves the players are to blame.

    But Arshavin has never looked comfortable on the left.

    Denilson barely has a good game where he doesnt give the ball away.

    Jack Wilshere has played way too many games.

    Eboue has lost it.

    Bendtner never had it.

    Koscienly is dodgy as f*k.

    Gibbs is a liability defensively. Going forward he is class.

    The biggest problem today was our movement.

    No movement, no goals.

    here’s a novel idea,

    How bout we practice set-pieces.

  74. Zorr0

    JJ, the 2 games were not tactical, they were English cup games, levellers that often come down to not how good you are bout how much you want it.

    Fabregas v yokelboy (I cannot name one of their mids even having watched the game!) On paper, a world cup winner v a reserve bottom half championship player, so no contest. Unfortunately the game wasn’t played on paper and 1v1 we lost virtually every single contest.

    On paper; Arse 150 Ipswich 89
    Reality tonight; Arse 89 Ipswich 150

    All down to commitment and I am not prepared to let them off the hook by just blaming AW, because that happens too often. SO is it AW’s fault that a world class player like arshavin has turned into a fucking weeble? The guy earns 80k a week to play football, put some effort in doughboy!

    Yes AW bought denilson, yes he picks him, but that does not mean he is entirely to blame when the cunt puts in another shite sideways performance against inferior opposition.

    These fuckers need to take some personal responsibility, after all, if AW got hit by a bus (no doubt driven by Jag, lol) on Feb 1st and Owen Coyle took over the squad and denilson got picked and was still shit, would it still be AWs fault somehow.

    AW is not blameless. he keeps making mistakes and I am sick and tired of hearing his BS comments after poor games, but it was definitely all down to the players tonight! Cunts!

  75. simon mcmahon

    Before I sign Off I would like to say that the statement about the team being tired is really very embarrasing we have played the last few games with about an average of 5 changes to the starting 11 every match.
    How bad are our coaches , we really must do no defensive work during training, how many goals like tonight’s have we conceeded over the last couple of years.
    And wenkers saying about the home leg WE Should BE ok,is comical given the display they gave on saturday against leeds.

  76. chris

    i never want to have to see fucking bendtner, denilson or eboue play football again let alone for arsenal. that was painful at best and of all people cesc was guilty of overplaying where a shot would have sufficed. FUMING

  77. Maciek


    It’s does not matter. But if we are out of the 2 cups in 14 days time, Wenger should be sacked.

    Enough is enough.

    But you know what is the most pathetic thing?

    The fact that no one in this team can f**ng shoot.

    Tip-top play in the box. Pass, pass, pass, pass……..pass,pass,pass,pass.
    No end product.

    Aside from Nasri- there isn’t any single Arsenal player who can shoot.

    It;s so boring. I hate this Arsenal team. We don’t even play beautiful football anymore.

    Look at Barca- bang, bang- 5 goals.

    Eboue will be murdered by Messi and Villa.

  78. gambon

    So wenger says they’re tired.

    We had an extra days rest than ipswich, not to mention many of the players involved have played little in recent weeks.

    We have played 4 games in Jan, so have they. We have played 9 since Dec 1st, they have played 8.

    Sorry Arsene, as always you’re talking shit.

  79. Zorr0

    Gambon, are you a masochist? Why do you listen to him? He will never say anything that is remotely truthful to anyone with half a brain. You are just torturing yourself; I bet you pick at your scabs don’t you? 😉

    Honestly, who the fuck does he think pays the remotest bit of attention to his nonsense anymore? Do the majority of fans still? Media? Players?

    Seriously, why can’t someone do a documentary on him then he can refuse to speak to the media and we can have some fucking peace!

  80. Maciek

    Arsene Wenger: Competition between Arsenal strikers the fiercest it has ever been

    Ipswich 1 Arsenal 0






  81. Maciek

    Aside from Fabregas and Clichy our players have won nothing.

    Yet, they are the most arrogant footballers in the world.

  82. Gooby

    no need to panic, we’ll do them at the grove. it”s not the end of the world and not the first time a prem team lose to a shit championship side in a cup competition.

    not the end of the world, we’ll be fine

  83. Zorr0

    I used to love watching the intricate passing and the beautiful goals. Now I just want some hairy arsed cunt to put his laces through the ball, taking it and the keeper through the back of the net!

    Sometimes at home you can hear some proper muppets shouting shoot, when there really is no shot on, but seriously other times we just take the piss! Lovely little move 2nd half, ball comes to Fab 2 yards inside their box, sits up nicely for the volley. No, let’s try a ridiculous little volleyed pass back to LJW.

    Shoot, you cunt!

  84. chris

    lets face it, our only quality striker is a perma crock. We dont have a proper goalscorer full stop. Wengers a cunt, blah blah blah said the same thing last year and the year before etc etc

  85. charliegeorge

    “Arsenal to destroy Ispwich tonight.”

    Someone’s having a laugh!

    Remember when we used to use the League Cup as a playground for the kids: what the fuck happened to change that philosophy, I wonder?

    This French fucker can’t even utilise his better players to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

    And people want to compare this hack with Mourinho?

    My advise: go follow another sport.

  86. chozzer

    Let’s face it boys, if we’d played for another 4 hours we wouldn’t have scored. Ipswich deserved their victory.

  87. Monkeyjeffrey

    Chelsea 7 ipswitch 0 arsenal 0 Ipswich 1
    What can I say! 40 years an arsenal supporter through thick and thin
    Over the last few years an avid blog reader and for 20 years a season ticket holder
    But for me this is the end of the line
    I have rented my tickets more often than not over the last three years because I have lost the faith.
    I used to believe ever game we entered we would win, now even if we a three ahead I wouldn’t bet on us winning all our players are so light weight
    Denilson , bentner,diara ect all rubbish even rvp half a dozen games a year waste of space all of them , Jesus compare bale to Theo …… We f(;:/died up again
    Enough…. sorry for the rant but that’s it for me, let me know when arsens gone and I may have a look to see whats happening anyone want my 2×1500 pound season tickets……yea thought not
    Oh and have you lot ever been to see the 10 year olds that post on left foot ……you have to see it to believe it
    God help them

  88. Man

    hahahahahahaha just got back….we lost to Ipswich???!!! hahahahaha…seriously this is not worth getting worked up over just laugh…hahahahahahaha


    starting line up with denilson eboue and bendtner and we lose
    surely not

    those boys are winners

    ship those 3 average cunts out NOW along with vela on loan and sign a striker and defender

  90. arsenal4ever

    so it will be Upson. We just dont need only a defender. We need a clinical striker, too. Shocking. Wenger needs to act or to go.

  91. OPG

    Upson is not 100% certain the Mirror is only a rumour atm but the bbc say we’re set to sign him, that’s bad journalism.

  92. OPG

    I mean the BBC in their Gossip column linked the story from the Mirror but nowhere in the article does it say we’re close to signing him yet.

  93. Stu

    Upson wouldnt make sense because he is shite, old AND Wenger sold him years ago. Wenger never brings players back (sol being the expection that proves the rule, which only happened because he was free).

    We should go for Jan Vertonghen imo. Vermaelen doesnt look like coming back any time soon so we need a replacement. Although we could do with a right sider. Koscielny, even though he is right footed, seems to prefer the left side which works out because JD prefers the right.

  94. Telarse

    I’d keep Gibbs in front of Clichy for the rest of the season, barring injury, they should be fit enough.

    West Ham were decent and very hard working in their semi but Hopefully they’ll be stupid and will try to come out and play.

  95. arsenal4ever

    but OPG just a defender is not enough. Midfield cover poor. Denilson out. Bendnter out. Chamakh afraid of shooting. Rosicky and Arshavin out. But it wont happen . We will end up with Upson and Wenger can do what he wants. Bad times ahead. Wenger lost all credit.

  96. zeus

    LMAO. Guys getting too worked up over this. We will win at the London library and we should be used to a letdown by now.

  97. OPG

    a4e I agree but I’m just hoping for a top quality defender not another stopgap we have enough problems with Squillaci and Kos, thats the best we can hope for.

    No way was tiredness a issue we had fringe players who hardly play and Koscielny didn’t even play in the last game, Cesc and Theo came on as 2nd half subs against Leeds we had a extras days rest aswell!

  98. arsenal4ever

    zeus what angers me is they dont care and Wenger wont ship out the likes of Denilson, Bendtner etc. No top defender will coming in not cover for Song or goal scoring maching ala Suarez. Project youth failed!!!

  99. arsenal4ever

    OPG every manager or board with sense would see this. I am preparing for the worst tough cause we all know wenger even if this could be his last season!!! And as I mentioned before just 1 player is not enough. The likes of rosicky, bendtner, denilson, diaby and srshavin shouldt never wear a red and white shirt!!!

  100. zeus


    I see your point. The appalling thing about today was, by and large, that was our first team. Minus a few players and add a couple.

    By that I mean, we were w/out RVP and Nasri obviously. And the added players than most on here are calling for to be in the first 11 always namely, Szczesny and Gibbs got a run out as well. They didn’t do too badly I suppose.

    Starting to think that the Chelsea result may have lulled me into thinking that at full strength we were really close to anyone. I have serious doubts that we are close, even at full strength, to matching the top sides.

  101. incesc

    just one of those days i guess.

    we just cant keep on having one of those days otherwise we could be out of 2 cups and facing barcelona in the last one…

  102. SUGA3


    it’s not a question of quality, just motivation, pride of playing for the shirt and all that…

    key words for these muppets are: hard work, humility, pride, passion – need I continue?