Arsenal to destroy Ipswich tonight and scout English starlet… match preview!

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So, I said the only way Tommy V was injured was if he picked up the problem over the weekend and that proved to be the case.

“He had another setback on Saturday that we are concerned with.”

So, bad news for our favourite  Belgian and maybe another indication that we do things wrong on the fitness side of things. He had zero problems last year, this year he’ll have been out for a minimum of 5 or so months. Is it coincidence that we have more crocks than anyone else? Is it just bad luck? Or does Wenger have to address how hard he trains players throughout the year?

Arsenal’s injury return dates are like women’s notches, take what they tell you and multiply it by 5. Rosicky, Gilberto, Diaby, Eduardo, Theo, Robin and Thierry have all been 6 weekers that turn into 3-4monthers. It’s a really big problem and one that GPS alone doesn’t seem to be able to solve.

The positives out of all this?

Well, firstly I can tell you categorically that there has been no cover up of a long-term injury by the club. That much is clear. I’m pretty sure that last season, Wenger knew JD was going to be out long-term and he decided against making a defensive signing before the window shut. Then it shut and told us all he was in trouble. That was very naughty and ultimately costly.

This season he’s turned a new leaf. He’s lost Vermaelen short team, though realistically, due to the length of time he’s been out, he’s a long termer. He’s also lost Squillaci for 2-3 weeks. The key behavioural change is that he’s come out and admitted it and decided to purchase a new defender.

He’s umming and ahhring, like he usually does but I believe that he knows Song and Miquel are not suitable at the back. That said, I’m starting to wonder whether Wenger gets off on going against the grain? Why make 3 changes when you can make 8? Why play your best player in the semi finals of the FA Cup when you can drop him? Why buy two proper centre backs in the summer when there are two cheap ones available?

Anyway, my money is on Chris Samba. Don’t ask me why and don’t hold me to my thought process, I just have a feeling he’s the one. His fitness record is pretty spiffing as well. He’s played virtually all Blackburn’s games over the past 3 seasons, so that’ll mean he’s got at least a year until we run him into the ground. He might not be amazing on the deck, he might not be the next Maldini, but as a stop gap and an addition to our back 4, why the hell not?

His odds have just improved that little bit further with Wenger intimating he’ll look to the Premiership.

In my dreams,  have to say though, my love is strong for Per Mertesacker.

Tonight’s game has significant importance for our season.  We could not only win our first trophy of the last 5 years, we could also win the trophy for winning the first trophy of 2011.

Arsene Wenger: Inventing trophies since 2006

Cesc says we should be wary of a team that sees us as the biggest two games of their season (tell that to Spurs). I agree, we can’t go out tomorrow night thinking that we have the game in the bag like we did against Leeds. I’d be telling the boys that nothing short of an absolute spanking will be acceptable. These are the games that we need to go out and dominate the opposition. I want to see us express ourselves, I want to see creativity and I want to see some goals.

Most importantly, I want to see 100% concentration from the start. Switching off is complacency and laziness. That can’t happen tomorrow. I don’t want to sit here on Thursday morning spamming tractor boy comments ripping me for being so assertive about this thrilling victory I believe we’ve got in the bag.


Sagna JD Song Gibbs

Jack Denilson Cesc

Theo RVP Nasri

Now, that side would tear Ipswich a new combine harvester. I can see Nasri and RvP possibly being rested, but if I was Wenger, I’d prioritise trouncing Ipswich away and have a nice relaxer at home in second leg. That’s me though, not coach of the decade, surrogate father to 427 pro footballers.

Keep an eye out for striking sensation Connor Wickham, according to many, we like him a lot.

After this game, we’ve got West Ham. A game that shouldn’t be tricky, yet always seems to be. Hopefully they’ll be knackered after their win against Birmingham last night. The match will be like the dress rehearsal for the Carling Cup Final! After that we’ve got Leeds with the added incentive of a 4th round with Huddersfield. If we dismantle them, we’re in the quarters of the FA Cup and three games away from a possible cup double.

Then we have Everton, Newcastle and Wolves before the big one… Barcelona at home. If Wenger manages the next few weeks sensibly, we’re in with what I would describe as a ‘f*cking great position.’

First things first though, the carrot crunchers…

See you in the comments!

P.S. If you have spares going for any upcoming ties and you want to be put in touch with desperate buyers, drop me an e-mail (especially if you’ve got Barca spares).

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1,240 Responses to “Arsenal to destroy Ipswich tonight and scout English starlet… match preview!”

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  1. ritesh

    Arshavin does not run, so Bendtner does not run.
    Bendtner does not care, so Fabregas can only play with Walcott
    Fabregas cant play with Walcott only, so he gets frustrated
    Fabregas gets frustrated, so Wilshere gets frustrated

    How we allow such attitude at the club is unbelievable…incredible

  2. simon mcmahon

    so it looks like another embarrasing defeat and hedline in the papers ,
    wenger please fuck off in the summer it looks like three games without a win for your best sqad assembled fucking clueless , heartless,gutless, disgrace..

  3. incesc

    doesnt matter how talented you are or how good you are at interceptions…

    you get found out if you dont give 100%

  4. Cescs_MyBoy


    We’ve been terrible. What makes you think I will defend this perferomance.

    4 clear cut chances two for Fabregas and Walcott. Players have been woeful.

    What I won’t do us knee jerk call everyone a cunt and demand blood

  5. BillikenGooner

    It won’t matter gambon, because they will just say we have the return leg to turn it around and this match can be conveniently wiped from their memory.

  6. Wenger the liar

    I havent argued with you at all you retard.

    You raised a point about something I said, which correctly you said was sarcasm.

    I then pointed out that Wenger said the exact same thing, you response to this was to question my support of the club!

    Thats what fucking happened, dont rewrite history. I havent argued with you about anything.

    You fucking twat.

  7. albo

    Appalling, appalling performance. I can hardly think of any positives. Djourou was excellent for the most part. And I suppose Denilson and Kosielny (apart from one escape) had fairly tidy games.

    But Fabregas played worse than I have ever seen. Wilshire was lacklustre. And in fact its hard to rate the front men because there was so little service to them!

  8. Cescs_MyBoy


    You having a bubble?

    The amount of enjoyment a load of posters take in us losing so thier doomsday predictions are vindicated is shocking.

    I’m off. Dont want to feel disgraced by the players and fans tonight

  9. Zak

    A cup semi final and we put in that performance, a disgrace. Every Arsenal player should hang their heads in shame, How many times do we need to learn that grit, hard work, spirit etc etc are the minimum requirements EVERY game. If the players cant produce even that then ship them out. If Wenger won’t then ship him out.

    Total disgrace, we dont deserve to be in the final even if we do win the return leg, good luck to Ipswich.

  10. Samir

    BULLSHIT. Bedtime for me 🙁 No doubt we’ll have them at the Emirates…This result isn’t acceptable…Another shitty long ball…Where is Samba?

  11. goonerT1m

    its not the players fault, its the utter bullshit that the manager spouts day in day out, what a load of crap, we lurch from one shocker to the next. unreal……..jog on arsene.

  12. Gooby

    true incesc

    they didn’t give 100%, shit complacency. luckily we have a second leg to look forward to, and we have to pull out the big guns this time

  13. skandibird

    I just don’t understand how we are playing like this against a team that Chelsea BEAT 7-0 FFS and what are we doing????????? Oh God I don’t know why I bother anymore. I changed channels early second half as I knew this was what was going to happen. How can a team beat Chelsea so convincingly and yet play shit against Ipswich? My players that should hang up their boots:- Bendtner, Denilson, Eboue – IMO – Fuck I am SO angry!!!

  14. TOMTOM

    I cant wait to see what Wenger says in the interview. He needs to say this was a shocking display and give the players a kick up the arse

  15. zeus

    Oh whatever. No need to bitch and moan about this ppl (especially WTL and Jag)

    We shoould be numb to defeats and accustomed to a typical Arsenal let down.

    And we expect to beat Leeds? pFffffff

  16. Whatthattwatout

    Please sack AW in the morning. The guy does NOTHING. No subs at right time. No signings EVER. BUT worst of all NO MOTIVATION FOR THE TEAM. IF I BUNCH OF PLAYERS BEING PAID MY MORGAGE IN TWO WEEKS SHOULD NEED IT. BUNCH OF C*nts.

  17. Keyser

    Fucking hell, never easy eh, Wenger, and all the players are going to have to do it the hard way to stay in both domestic Cup compeitions now.

    Fabregas was fucking shit, Djourou looked a bit lost, Walcott, Bendtner’s been shit ever since he opened his mouth about game-time.

    Hah, anyone thinking we’ve got easy games this season is too deluded for words.

  18. Bengali Gunner

    i gave my revision up to watch that pile of shit
    complacency cost us again, hopefully we hammer them at home
    Wenger hope your fucking happy, absolutely no leadership out their? Maybe if he bought a few proper leaderd we would win when we play but no

  19. dennisdamenace

    Yet another insipid performance that shames the shirt.

    An all too familiar performance of late under Arsene Wenger’s “management”.

  20. simon mcmahon

    its ok , because they all have the mental strength to turn this around and remember they still get a big fat pay cheque for that type of non effort ,

  21. Zorr0

    Thing is, I think most of us would say that the team picked should be good enough to win this match; only Sammy, Nasri and Song not starting from probably our strongest 11 over the last month or so.

    They are bottom 3rd of their league, lost 7 in 9 and coming off the back of a 7-0 drubbing.

    This should not have happened, and whatever you want to say about AW, it is the players who are the disgrace tonight, not him. I don’t think a single one of them could say they earned their wages tonight and some of them were absofuckinglutely awful!

    Slag AW, but that team should not have lost that game, they are more than good enough to get a result. Maybe he could play Vela instead of AA, or Chamakh instead of BBB, or start with his strongest 3 in the middle, but just forget that for once, stop focusing on slagging AW and think who actually let us down.

    It is the players. Yes his players, but even still, they should not capitulate like that.

    By the way, get Henry on loan for 2 months; he wouls still be better than aa or cv!

    Remember, the players are the ones on the pitch and tonight they let us down badly and are nothing but a bunch of overpaid prima donnas!

  22. Cescs_MyBoy


    Did I suggest you had?

    You know exactly who i mean.

    The commitment to the cause was pathetic from our players this evening. Never seen 11 players spend so much time on thier heels.

  23. Raynor73

    I’m shocked, and ultimately really disappointed that our players have been outfought and outplayed by clearly inferior players. Even though their game plan was defend and hoof the ball they managed to get a goal and more efforts on goal even though they had so much less possession. What the fuck are we doing out there?
    It’s clear that unless we play our best 11 we are really very ordinary and just don’t click. Based on that theory I think we are much more than a couple of players away from winning anything. I think we need at least 5-6 quality back ups. We looked no better than a championship side tonight. We looked no better than a championship side at home to Leeds. What’s the excuse for the two mist shocking performances of a supposed top 3 team?
    Sometimes I wish I didn’t even like the arsenal as they are so fucking frustrating it hurts.

  24. Rickys had enough

    This is what happens when you have players like denilson in your side.

    The sight of him brings the worst out of anybody! Two games in a row against lower legaue opposition & he looks like he couldn’t get in to either one of those sides if he paid them.

  25. Kreshnik

    Arshavin should be sold asap imo, minimize the damage. Get Hazard in and shoot Bendy. Denilson is just a lost cause, waste of time talking about him. And we desperately need a CB for cover. Fucked up shit

  26. David

    Keyser i thought Walcott and JD were clearly our best player on the pitch.

    JD looked lost?

    Not sure how lost he looked when he saved Koscienlys cock up not once but twice.

    Must have watched a different game.

  27. ritesh

    Please donate Arshavin to Juve…I will contribute to pay his ticket and relocation 😉

    He pollutes the work ethich of the team…its not acceptable, our B team used to be better than our A team in the past. The moment I saw Arshavin in the team at Leeds and today, I had a bad feeling.

  28. patthegooner

    What a fucking joke

    If there is one word that will go down as my memory of the Arsenal season 2010-11 it is complacency.

    That was embarrasing.

    And what a surprise, it is Denilson at fault for the goal. Dont worry you brazillian mong you will get another go next week.

    As for Arshavin, if we get a 10m offer for him tomorrow I would take it. His attitude fucking stinks and as a senior pro he should be setting the example, yet he saunters around the pitch shoulders down and shrugging like some chav at the job centre.

    I cant blame Wenger for team selection, but ultimately it is his job to prepare this lot to take the game seriously and win. He has failed us once again.

    And once again, I am numb to it.

    Wenger out at the end of the season

  29. kenny smith

    I dont know what game anyone was watching when the say that even 1 of our players even played averagely….. That was so embarresing i actually feel ashamed to go out of my house and face anyone….. not 1 player played well…. i notice one or two saying JD and Kos played well…. how do we explain both of them getting roasted by Priskin for their goal?

    I have never seen any football team in the history of all the games i have watched (and ive watched a few blue square premier games)pass the ball as badly as our team collectively did tonight….. That was total and utterly disgraceful!

    When will wenger ever learn that Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner and arshavin are just not cutting it and stop playing them altogether…

    I actually want that French cunt gone


  30. Zak

    Can anyone really say with any belief that we’ll still make the final, I certainly can’t.

    Thats more shocking than the spuds game.

    Surely now Wenger has to go public and announce that, that performance wasn’t good enough. He treats the players far to easily and thats why they can get away with that type of performance.

  31. albo

    Honestly, if you take your anti-Denilson glasses off and watch the full 90 minutes again you’ll see he was our best midfielder. He misplaced some passes, but actually fought far harder than Fabregas (or indeed most of the rest of our team) for loose balls, and MOSTLY was tidy in possession.

    I am talking relative to the rest of the team here though. That was unquestionably the worst performance I can ever remember watching from an Arsenal team…

  32. Keyser

    Not really shocked, don’t get that, we’ve beaten Chelsea at home, beaten Citeh 3-0 away, Birmingham away 3-0, lost at home to West Brom and Newcastle and lost to Tottenham after going 2-0 up.

    Are people really sitting there thinking games are going to be easy ?!

    I think we’re single handedly trying to revive the Magic of the Cups.

  33. incesc

    every time we play at the moment its the opposite teams cup final it seems.

    2 tough games we just had, but if we had been as committed as them we would have won.

  34. Stevo

    This was done on purpose, they aint sold hardly any tickets for the second leg,if they had won 4-0 tonight
    the Emirates would have been about a third full and the board cant have that can they?

  35. OPG

    Last Home games Ipswich have lost 0-1 to Forest and 1-3 to Swansea. We can deal with the CB injury crisis internally.

  36. Confidentgoner

    Where is A? Why is it not 5-0? When you play with 11 men who are not fully committed, it could go either way. Again the Long ball over the top and the defenders spill it.

  37. santino

    fabregas provided 3 4 inch perfect through balls today but ..fuck .what a world class player like him doing in our team ..he should fuck off to barca….

  38. Wenger the liar

    Kreshnik –

    He can call me all the names under the sun I wouldnt give a shit, I dont like it when people get on their high horse and question my support.

    You see some mug questions your support then you have Zeus putting me in the same bracket as Jaguar!


  39. Cescs_MyBoy


    Bang on the money fella.

    However, there is no acceptance of player accountability on this site. Just ammo to take down Wenger.

  40. Jay2oh

    People saying we will smash them at home….

    By what you have seen on saturday and tonight, are you being serious?

    Bendtner – “I should be starting 11” Starts against Braga away, leeds on saturday and tonight and was fucking shocking. Cant run to save his life.

    Arshavin – Cannot be arsed and cant pass to a team mate.

    Defence was a fucking shambles tonight – Just long kicks up the pitch and that joke Priskin is in.

  41. Keyser

    David – That’s because you love both of them, they done fuck all, Djourou let his man get about 10 yards on him on a few occasions, they were all poor tonight.

    Even when Koscileny misjudged the flight of the ball, Djourou let the man run right past him.

  42. albo

    And I totally agree with Zorr0 – you can’t blame Wenger for this. He picked a strong team that simply played terribly. The players have to take responsibility for that performance…

  43. David

    Well Keyser if you cant call a game against a championship side that are fighting to stay in the championship easy i dont know wtf you can call easy?

  44. Hitman

    Words fail me.
    How about some letters – AKB.

    The best manager in the world is outdone on tatics again. This time a part time, soon to be jobless, temp unknown living in East Anglia.

    He has to go.

  45. skandibird

    And;…. if Henry is training with Arsenal and (supposedly) coaching the strikers, what exactly has he coached them in?????? Obviously not running at the defence and scoaring goals!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS! You know what? I don’t think this team is good enough to win the Carling Cup, NO, actually they are, however, the players it seems can’t be bothered to go that extra mile to win! I mean, How Bad do they want this throphy? Badly? Well, show it then!!!

  46. Zorr0

    Obviously I meant RVP, Sammy and Song missing from starting line-up.

    I possibly have been harsh on JD, he played pretty well, but Priskin was in between him and EE and EE just jogged back with his hand in the air; fuckit!

    Seriously though, a performance like that tonight is nothing to do with the manager and all about the players; FFS it’s a cup semi, clean sheet, one or two away goals, slippers up at home. Now they will park the bus and let us tippy tap around as usual and the longer it stays 0-0 the more the crowd will get on the team’s back!

    Did I mention they were all cunts by the way!

  47. ismaeel

    NEW CB

  48. incesc

    we need henry.

    sign him up arsene, strikers we have are all pants.

    they all have an excuse.

    rvp would score 25 if he wasnt injured.

    bendtner gets played on the wing.

    chamakh doesnt get the crosses he needs.

    all a load of shit, no killer instinct at all.

    we should play walcott up front

  49. Zak

    Agreed Zorro, but what does Wenger tell then day in day out, pass, pass, keep playing lovely football, don’t let the emotion get in the way of playing football, will he come out and slate the players, cos he should.

    The players are an extension of the managers belief.

  50. GoonerTee

    It makes me laugh our expectations are pathetic we cant even beat Leeds. So Ipswich must of thought we;ll have a go. overpaid idiots with no football brain oh yeah lets go sidewards all the time.

  51. Cescs_MyBoy


    I hope your joking.

    If not that’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. That includes Jaguar.

    Been sold out for over a week BTW

  52. santino

    what a fucking joke is our defense …even if bought maldini and nesta at their prime wenger will no doubt make them look like the worst ….

  53. David

    Walcott has done fuck all?

    Out of the 3 shots we had on target walcott took them both, Keeper did well to save.

    Djouru saved our bacon on so many occasions i can barely count.

    If that was Squidlachi the scoreline would be easily embarrassing

  54. Maciek

    We really need Suarez and a winger wno can shoot and score( Turan, Hazard).

    A cdm is a must as well- Toulalan or Sissoko from Touluse.

    As well as a world class defender( no to Upson, Campbell).

    But, will anyone want to go us- a Club run by Wenger and play with this bunch of useless cunts?

  55. Honest Bill

    Absolutely diabolical. Fucking cunts are meant to be proffessional football players yet can’t even cross a decent corner in. Seriously, I could get into this team.

    We don’t deserve the fucking trophy and if we do win it it will feel extremely hollow.

  56. DaleDaGooner

    Field day tomorrow, i pity those who want to see this team do well.
    1st they’ll get it from the media, then their spuds mates or Chavski or Manure mates, then they’ll get it from everyone else and then the come to Le Grove and just commit suicide after the comments…LOL

  57. telarse

    Thank jebus we have the easiest run in in the league…

    On the plus side Le G should pass 1000 comments – with a little mental strength!

  58. Paulinho

    Wenger instills the mentality in the side. It’s his fault. We’ve seen this lot sleep walking through games far too often. They are a naturally complacent bunch of dicks, and they take their cue from their similarly complacent manager, who always lets them slip into the comfort zone.

    This was basically our first team as well.

    Complete embarrassment.

  59. Jay2oh

    Arshavin – Can the man pass to a team mate?

    Bendtner – Cant run, doesnt chase anything down. Lazy. “I should be in he starting 11” ARE YOU FUCKING ABOUT NIC??? Every time you get a chance, you fuck it.

  60. patthegooner

    Of course Wenger takes partial responsibility for tonight.

    It is his job to prepare the team for the game, and yet on numerous occaisions the complacency shown by our players is unnaceptable. The blame for that complacency lies firmly at the feet of Wenger.

    Honestly if we sold Bendtner, Denilson, and Arshavin tomorrow morning, I would be over the moon. I would not even care if we did not replace them. They are a waste of oxygen at the moment.

  61. incesc


    wenger is the manager, the buck stops with him.

    we havent had a top striker for years now, thats hes decision.

    now we struggle to score against leeds and ipswich.

  62. Rickys had enough

    We’ll beat these lot quite easily in the next leg & i have no worries about that & i also expect us to beat leeds but the fact that we keep giving these useless twats like denilson chances really baffles me.

    There simply not good enough, not for us & not for any other team in the EPL & the sooner we get rid of them & replace them with some natural leaders the quicker this club gets back to where its supposed to be.

  63. Zorr0

    Hitman; tactics? WTF are you on about. Forget AW bashing and look at the players we had out there and then try to think whose fault that defeat is. Them, no-one else.

    Can’t wait to find out how many of the cunts bothered to go see the away fans, who were marvelous again and have been shat upon from a great height by modern day, overpaid, don’t give a fuck namby pamby cunting cunt motherfucking wankers!

  64. Jay2oh

    You jope he would have a go at them after that shocker, but its never going to happen.

    Song was shite when he came on, Fabregas didnt wanna be there tonight.

    Watch us get hammered by Carlton Cole Saturday now.

  65. David

    David says:
    January 12, 2011 at 19:45

    “Ipswich have gone with a 4-3-3 formation, its the first time they will line up that way all season”

    – Commentary


    Hitman says:
    January 12, 2011 at 21:52
    Words fail me.
    How about some letters – AKB.

    The best manager in the world is outdone on tatics again. This time a part time, soon to be jobless, temp unknown living in East Anglia


    You’ve obviously got a point there.

    But ofcoarse in AKB kingdom.

    Arsene never takes the blame, so its the players fault.


    Its so easy to beat the Arsenal these days.

    Put 5 in midfield and play the long ball.

  66. dalsie

    I have been a regular reader of this site for a couple of years but never commented before. But after that performance I have to say something. That was an absolute disgrace. Not one player out there tonight deserved to wear the shirt of my arsenal. No urgency, no commitment. We should be tearing teams like that to pieces. I see no silverwear coming our way this season.

  67. raynor

    We were LUCKY that it wasn’t 2-0 again due to some school boy defending chasing the game. We cannot focus, we bottle it, we’re complacent, we we’re sloppy and it just hurts considering that Chelsea made them look like the average team that they are. Just they were more average than we we’re tonight.

    Shocking. SHOCKING performance from our players. I feel like throwing eggs at their cars. Waiting for the team bus and fucking tipping it over. Pelting them with rotten fucking Tomatoes.

    You’ve embarrassed me. Big time.

  68. Chippy

    You’ve got to give up your analytical predictions as you make Merse look like Einstein 😉

    That was shit beyond belief Walcott was our only threat and the lack of movement and desire was staggering even for this lot,

    Eboue – Try staying on your feet rather than rolling around on your arse you may find it makes you a better right back,

    Bendtner – You are the laziest most ego driven footballer I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch put in a shift or fuck of.

    Dennilson – Im not going to even get started.

    The others were not much better.Leeds Followed by Ipswich two championship sides and we’ve managed one goal in 180 minutes best ever squad me thinks not – Its probably one of the most talented but it lacks all the ingrediants it’s lacked for the past 5 years whatever A or Wenger say 😉

  69. Big Dave

    Wenger should be sacked for a result like that, total discgrace. It was like Braga all over again and you could tell that they would score 1st.

    Will never win anything whilst he is in charge

  70. nuudles

    So incredibly frustrating!!!

    With all that possession we created almost no proper chances. It seems like we are unable to adapt. If you try one method of breaking the opposition down again and again and it does not work then you must try other methods.

    How can a struggling championship team adapt by identifying that we look vulnerable on long balls on the counter while a top of the Premier League table team cannot see its not working and try something else!! Arghh

  71. patthegooner

    I actually hope that Wenger does not say anything tonight as it will only infuriate me even more by trying to excuse such a shambolic performance.

  72. Wenger the liar

    I cant say that I agree with blaming Arsene. Yeah he may have been unable to motivate them but if these wankers are so unmotivated they have to be geed up to beat a team in a lower league to get the chance at a wembley final, we have bigger problems than Arsenes motivational ability.

  73. John A

    Wenger go now and take your fucking average players with you ! Give me Owen Coyle or Ian Holloway any day over this geriatric tight-arsed senile fool !

  74. Keyser

    David – Nah mate, Djourou and Walcott were as shit as the rest of them, did we score ? No, did we concede ? Yes.

    The only thing you could give them is slightly more credit after a shit loss, no good game, no stand out performance, no retribution save for the second leg.

  75. Hitman

    It is Wnger fault. He wasnt able to mentally prepare his players for a semi final. How can you go into such a big game without any sense of passion or urgency?

    PS – Does anyone know the win ratio with Denilshite in the team. It must be pretty low. I’d say mid teens.

  76. Maksud90

    No point of saying who should be sold and who should be brought in. This happens after every loss, and AW never makes the changes. Arshavin out and Hazard in? Ye right!

  77. 1886-2006

    8 defeats this season so far in all comps, and only half way through the season.

    I think Cesc is already dreaming of Barcelona and I would not be surprised to see others joining him in a mass exodus at the end of the season, (quality players that is, nasri and Arsh and poss RVP). Cesc must look at some of the players in the squad and he must get disheartened. It is like going to a strip club and finding Waynetta slob, Claire Short, Ann Widdecombe and Posh as the main strippers. I would want out of there too.

  78. Zak

    Not sure about the home tie now. Away goals count double, we might score but can any of us say for certain that they wont.??

  79. yangkamp10

    not hard this. We need fucking strikers. Stikers that:
    a)can shoot
    b)want to shoot
    c)aren’t made of plywood.

    Wenger and some fans think we are spoilt for choice up front. Laughable. We’d be top of the league if we had a decent front line. When we needed a goal against leeds we brought on a midfielder. nasri is our best and top goalscorer…

    The reason why we conceed so many silly goals on the counter is because we have such an inept attack our midfield (esp Song) and defence have to over commit for us to break teams down.


  80. Arsenal FC 84

    Surely now Wenger has got to see players like Denilson/Bendtner/Eboue are not good enough. (Eboue given new contract recently, for what!!)

    They seem to get chance after chance whilst players like Jay Thomas and Henri Lansbury get nothing but sent out on loan time and time again (Not saying they are the answer but give them a chance)

    Semi Final and play as flat as that very worrying

  81. patthegooner

    “After today’s result we won’t be going to Arsenal thinking we are going to lose.

    Dave Norris of Ipswich. And who can blame them. I am suddenly very concerned we wont make the final, and if we don’t, that has to be Wengers last stand.

    On a brighter note, the new dawn of Liverpool came crashing down tonight. They lost at Blackpool

  82. Confidentgoner

    It is to do with the manager. When your players are not getting it, you make changes. Why did he not remove Arsh by half time? Again he should have switched Theo to the left since he was not getting joy on the right. Why bring Song and leave Dennilson? So we are still right to blame the manager.

  83. hitman49

    now we know why our brit players all want to leave the club.
    how would you feel if your jet and nb52 is getting a game in front of you playing like that..
    at least he and landsbury give you 100% WENGR DOESNT CARE.

  84. Uche

    We have too many substandard youth players and they are stunting the growth of the quality ones we have. Gibbs, wilshere won’t develop playing alongside the likes of Denilson and Bendtner. If a player has been in the first team for 3 years or more e.g Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue and they haven’t convinced, then they just aren’t good enough IMO.

  85. Keyser

    Cesc can dream of Barcal all he wants, on that performance he isn’t good enough for Ipswich.

    Magic of the Cup anyone ?!

  86. Big Dave

    Stop saying we need this player or that player, it won’t happen with this board and manager in charge don’t you understand that yet

  87. ore

    how can it not be wengers fault these are his players apparently his best squad ever that cant even beat a fucking average champo side dont get me wrong i still think we go through but its definantly wengers fault there his players end of

  88. Bengali Gunner

    Every single one of them played dreadful

    Wenger should sell bendtner and buy Wickham, hell settle in well amd form a good partnership with Aneke.

    But atm, wenger needs someone to knock the “playing for the shirt” mentality into our players’ pregnant heads

  89. Zorr0

    Tactics? Ipswich left 1 up front and pulled two wide men back to make it 5 in the middle and hoofed it long. That ain’t tactics. Try and play us and we kill them.

    We play the way we play and when they play well and want the ball, like v the chavs we love it, so don’t mention tactics tonight, it was simply a fact that it was a completely shocking performance, individually and from the team, devoid of any craft (which we have in abundance), pace (except Theo) and mental desire to win (which our players seem to misplace at will).

    I will accept that there may be a cosy culture at THOF which could be to blame for this and that it could be a reason for tonight. But I refuse to accept that in a cup semi, against a shit team (comparatively speaking) when you have won fuck all in your club career that you cannot put more effort in than that!


  90. Pedro

    Keyser, I thought considering Kozzer and JD had no full backs playing with them they did really well.

    I thought Theo was good as well.

  91. Zorr0

    Raynor, by the way, you get the tomatoes and I’ll get the eggs, meet you at Sopworth House in an hour and we’ll show those cunts what good shooting looks like!

  92. Zak


    If we signed the most prolific striker in the world Wenger would soon coach the selfishness out of him and he’d become shot shy as well. And no i’m not joking.

  93. dennisdamenace

    This type of performance has been all too prevalent this season, complacency bordering on arrogance.

    No motivation, no application, no professionalism, no personal pride and no pride in wearing the shirt.

    Just how many more of these performances will be tolerated, how many more times will Wenger hide behind excuses, just man up ffs, admit it, your team is either disinterested (Fab4, AA23) or just plainly not fucking good enough (NB52, D15)……

    Yeh, yeh, yeh, we’ll smash when we get them at home, just like we smashed Leeds, WBA, Spudz, Newcastle. Wake up and smell the coffee. Our manager cannot motivate this group of over paid, over pampered, over rated chokers……

  94. yangkamp10

    It’s not like the players arent available;

    Suarez is a big big player, not cup tied and available for about 15m. Play him up the middle, two footed, konow how to MAKE RUNS OFF THE LAST DEFENDER ffs, and can head it.

    Also need something special on the wing, Nasri has the brains and invention, we need someone who runs in off the ball Freddie style.

    no title this year without freshing up the front line. Simple as that

  95. TOMTOM

    Why would signing Hazard solve our problems. He’s a young unproven player that plays in a shit league. Some people on here are deluded. We need proven quality 30 million pound players but we will never sign the top players while Wenger is here.

  96. Keyser

    Pedro – I honestly don’t see how you’ve got that, they started off well, but there’s a point in the second half where they literally started to switch off.

    Fuck it, they’re only making it harder for themselves, but they’re not out of it yet, so we’ll see what happens.

  97. Big Dave

    Cesc does not look bothered, AA23 even less, NB all talk no action, Denilson why why why ?

    No plan B.

    This club is a wind up, anyone (A) who thought this will be a walkover, it never is with Arsenal.

    They can come and sit and defend and play for a nil nil

  98. dennisdamenace

    Watching Fab4 take a corner near the end sickened me!!

    He whole demeanour was one of utter disinterest, almost to the point of laziness, the effort was quite frankly shocking for semi-pro level.

  99. Pedro

    DDM, I think Wenger is getting away with serious criticism because of how poor everyone else has been and how favourable our cup runs have been.

  100. raynor

    If Arsh and RVP went, I’d not be bothered. Neither have contributed enough this year. If Nasri went. I’d be gutted.

    Agree with Yangkamp. We need a couple of quality strikers. We just don’t have the quality we’ve had over the years. Jeez, Alan Smith was better than this lot. We are no better than average up front and for a top team, not good enough I’m afraid. Not to win anything.

    Can’t blame AW tonight., He picked a team that could and should win. They bottled it totally. Arshavin’s head is just gone. Drop him, and if need be sell to highest bidder. He is very much in danger of ruining the rest of the season and becoming a hate figure for the fans frustration.

  101. gambon

    So wengers better than Mourinho? Fucking of course he is.

    Really can’t wait to go to Barca.

    Liverpool are 13th, put a bid in for Torres you cheapskate, bonus obsessed, French, skinny prick.