Arsenal to destroy Ipswich tonight and scout English starlet… match preview!

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So, I said the only way Tommy V was injured was if he picked up the problem over the weekend and that proved to be the case.

“He had another setback on Saturday that we are concerned with.”

So, bad news for our favourite  Belgian and maybe another indication that we do things wrong on the fitness side of things. He had zero problems last year, this year he’ll have been out for a minimum of 5 or so months. Is it coincidence that we have more crocks than anyone else? Is it just bad luck? Or does Wenger have to address how hard he trains players throughout the year?

Arsenal’s injury return dates are like women’s notches, take what they tell you and multiply it by 5. Rosicky, Gilberto, Diaby, Eduardo, Theo, Robin and Thierry have all been 6 weekers that turn into 3-4monthers. It’s a really big problem and one that GPS alone doesn’t seem to be able to solve.

The positives out of all this?

Well, firstly I can tell you categorically that there has been no cover up of a long-term injury by the club. That much is clear. I’m pretty sure that last season, Wenger knew JD was going to be out long-term and he decided against making a defensive signing before the window shut. Then it shut and told us all he was in trouble. That was very naughty and ultimately costly.

This season he’s turned a new leaf. He’s lost Vermaelen short team, though realistically, due to the length of time he’s been out, he’s a long termer. He’s also lost Squillaci for 2-3 weeks. The key behavioural change is that he’s come out and admitted it and decided to purchase a new defender.

He’s umming and ahhring, like he usually does but I believe that he knows Song and Miquel are not suitable at the back. That said, I’m starting to wonder whether Wenger gets off on going against the grain? Why make 3 changes when you can make 8? Why play your best player in the semi finals of the FA Cup when you can drop him? Why buy two proper centre backs in the summer when there are two cheap ones available?

Anyway, my money is on Chris Samba. Don’t ask me why and don’t hold me to my thought process, I just have a feeling he’s the one. His fitness record is pretty spiffing as well. He’s played virtually all Blackburn’s games over the past 3 seasons, so that’ll mean he’s got at least a year until we run him into the ground. He might not be amazing on the deck, he might not be the next Maldini, but as a stop gap and an addition to our back 4, why the hell not?

His odds have just improved that little bit further with Wenger intimating he’ll look to the Premiership.

In my dreams,  have to say though, my love is strong for Per Mertesacker.

Tonight’s game has significant importance for our season.  We could not only win our first trophy of the last 5 years, we could also win the trophy for winning the first trophy of 2011.

Arsene Wenger: Inventing trophies since 2006

Cesc says we should be wary of a team that sees us as the biggest two games of their season (tell that to Spurs). I agree, we can’t go out tomorrow night thinking that we have the game in the bag like we did against Leeds. I’d be telling the boys that nothing short of an absolute spanking will be acceptable. These are the games that we need to go out and dominate the opposition. I want to see us express ourselves, I want to see creativity and I want to see some goals.

Most importantly, I want to see 100% concentration from the start. Switching off is complacency and laziness. That can’t happen tomorrow. I don’t want to sit here on Thursday morning spamming tractor boy comments ripping me for being so assertive about this thrilling victory I believe we’ve got in the bag.


Sagna JD Song Gibbs

Jack Denilson Cesc

Theo RVP Nasri

Now, that side would tear Ipswich a new combine harvester. I can see Nasri and RvP possibly being rested, but if I was Wenger, I’d prioritise trouncing Ipswich away and have a nice relaxer at home in second leg. That’s me though, not coach of the decade, surrogate father to 427 pro footballers.

Keep an eye out for striking sensation Connor Wickham, according to many, we like him a lot.

After this game, we’ve got West Ham. A game that shouldn’t be tricky, yet always seems to be. Hopefully they’ll be knackered after their win against Birmingham last night. The match will be like the dress rehearsal for the Carling Cup Final! After that we’ve got Leeds with the added incentive of a 4th round with Huddersfield. If we dismantle them, we’re in the quarters of the FA Cup and three games away from a possible cup double.

Then we have Everton, Newcastle and Wolves before the big one… Barcelona at home. If Wenger manages the next few weeks sensibly, we’re in with what I would describe as a ‘f*cking great position.’

First things first though, the carrot crunchers…

See you in the comments!

P.S. If you have spares going for any upcoming ties and you want to be put in touch with desperate buyers, drop me an e-mail (especially if you’ve got Barca spares).

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  1. jak

    there cant be anything wrong with the trainin methods. can you do a bit of research on our medical staff though. because something does seem to be horribly wrong with arsenal. moreso some of these injuries seem to get worse when a player is supposed to be recovering

  2. A

    Sagna’s suspended tonight…. I’d go for


    Eboue Koscielny Miquel Gibbs

    Rosicky Denilson Wilshere

    Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

    Or maybe put Bendtner central and Nasri or Theo right

  3. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger has killed off all hopes of signing a CB.

    “We have solutions internally, with Miquel, with Alex Song, who can play centre back, and with Squillaci. Sébastien should come back very quickly.”

  4. A

    Yeah Pedro why not? I think we’ll definitely sign someone but it’d be good to try and see where he is in terms of his development and whether he could provide additional cover AFTER the new signing.

    We should dominate the midfield to such an extent anyways and Ipswich are so poor that he should be ok….

    Hopefully the tie will be over and done with by the end of tonight

  5. Discovery Sports Mgnt

    I hope Arsenal will make me proud this season.The Carling/FA/Champion league/Npl cups are at our grabs this season.My prayers are with you….ARSENAL.Approach your matches will all seriousness and determination to win all.We are behind you,fully in your support.Cheers!!!

  6. A

    We’ve had an amazing turnaround with injuries – I’d say the GPS is working well.

    It’s only Diaby we’ve had big problems with this season, along with Cesc and VP. Vermaelen’s injury was on international duty and an impact one that’s turned weird isn’t it? Sounds kinda like Rosicky’s – lets hope they diagnose it quicker than they did his!

    QOS I saw that, don’t believe it for a second!

  7. bernard (bade the gooner)

    morning gooners all around
    we all know AW wont field such a strong 11, though i think he got in mind running miquel a bit, just in case he doesnt find suitable CB out there (meaning one hell of CB that costs half of denilsons money)…

    anyway, i would aslo go in for a strong 11 to thrash them down in the first 45 mins with MD of fabregas, denilson & wilshere, song & kiscielny at the back & chamakh upfront with walcott & nasri.
    i would rest rvp, he tends to get injuried in such games, so put chamakh’s body there also the morrocan needs to win back his form & confedence. also i would give AA23 the chance to gain back his game.
    if we manage to go 2-3 by the interval, so take out fabregas, song & walcott. get in miquel, rosicky & bendtner & swich to 4-4-2 it would be nice to try something different & this is a type of game we could allow to our selves if we manage to get it over in the first 45 ….

  8. Telarse

    I’d like a look at Miquel but would start with a solid midfield…


    Eboue Kos Miquel Gibbs


    Feo Fab Jack Nasri Vela


    If 3 up by half-time then rest Jack and Nasri.

    Please don’t start weak like against Leeds.

    Chelsea scored 7 but maybe that’s Chelsea back again i.e. not the Chelsea we played.

  9. Master P

    We should play as strong a team as possible tonight, get a big win (which shouldn’t be too much trouble) and in the second leg, field the likes of Miquel at THOF.

    Morning Grovers!

    Which channel is our game on, anyone?

  10. Northern Gooner

    Yes I totally agree with your assumptions! All the injuries is probably a conspiracy by the clubs board and ofcource Mr Wenger him self agains us all hard working Gooners! They (Gazidiz, Wenger and probably MR Rice as well) have deliberately employed medical people with their degree from an internett university and employed ground staff that has been told to cutt the grass in a way so the players will twists something. So why do they do this to us? It must be to cover over all of Mr Wengers flaws as a manager! And probably a cunning way to protect their investments. As you say regarding JD injury last year; they knew he woulden’t recover but didn’t tell US – the LeGrovers of this world: They LIED to us! That is realy sick!

  11. signori

    i’d stick cesc, nasri and theo in the first half with explicit instructions to kill off the game before half time. what happened to the days we used to win matches in the first 20 minutes?

  12. arsenal4ever

    good read as always, pedro. We are favs to sign Cahill on Sky bets. A good omen? Make of it what you will but I think Wenger will go for either Cahill, Samba or Jagielka.

  13. A

    Telarse it isn’t Chelsea back to their best, Ipswich are/were absolutely terrible against Chelsea, and are just generally a terrible team.

    Semi Final though so they’ll be giving everything they’ve got, still if we get an early goal it could be a cricket score, although that was the same against Leeds! (even though they’re a much better team)

  14. gambon

    “see where he is in terms of development”

    There speaks a true Wengerite.

    This is a semi final after not winning anything for a long time, no time for developing 12 year olds.

    Id go with


    Eboue Koscielny Djourou Gibbs

    Denilson Cesc Wilshere

    Walcott Chamakh Arshavin

  15. MatthewT

    Why not Chris Samba ?

    Because if you keep buying cheap Squad players that can do a job or are good cover then pretty soon you end up with an entire squad of them and that is almost the position we are in now.

    We don’t need to buy in mediocrity, we have enough of it already and if we ever need more then project youth seems pretty good at providing it. We need to buy quality, Arsenal need to buy some players that justify the large sums of money they take off the fans every week.

  16. Maqitlarge

    V worried they won’t buy and try to solve within.

    In any case, they’ve not played buying a new CB very well already?! They’ve told the world we need one. If it was me selling, I’d hold out for my asking price for someone so desperate.

    If he doesn’t buy he’s proving he’s not up to the job, whatever the dark forces lurking behind the scenes at board level. Squid isn’t up to it so, while needed for numbers untilt he rest of the season, a new signing is necessasry to replace him in the summer, with Verm hopefully coming back before then.

    Our whole season depends on action with this matter. Don’t fuck it up Arsene!

  17. Mark c

    If we have a strong midfield we could play Miquel.

    If we started with Nasri, Song and Fabregas in midfield we could play Miquel and Kozzer.

    No one knows how good he is until he plays.

  18. bernard (bade the gooner)

    injuries wise i fear to say that tommy V situation reminds me at the “few days” problem of rosicky which ended only after 18 months!!!
    i dont if its our training methods, bad medical staff or really just a bad bad luck.
    i guess somehow it is sort of a combination. nots that most of our long term injuries were horror tackles (diaby, eduardo, ramsey) or international duty ones (rvp*2, walcott*2, tommy v) & few odd ones (diabt sidekining nasri when braking his leg during training session.
    but it seems somtimes out md staff a bit optimistic, that why we’re probablu the only team announcing injury time that always doubles, tripples or more, itself!

  19. Queen of suburbia

    I have a hunch for Mexes don’t know why just a hunch.

    Arse & Nose – he really hasn’t ruled out a centre back, we are clearly looking around but he’s hedging his bets in case we don’t find one available or can’t get a deal done. Barring a very strange turn of events I think we will sign a CB.

    I’d rather it wasn’t Cahill though, I don’t rate him personally.

  20. Big Dave

    AW keeps his cards very close to his chest, plays games with media about transfers, would not be surprised if no one arrived in the end

  21. wattsy65

    My vote still for Samba, but now looks like another short term stop gap by the name of Upson, who was not good enough years ago, and the same applies now.

    Looks good amongst the dross which is West Ham, but always far too slow.

    Whomever comes in it needs to be quick, a word our manager does not understand.

  22. A

    I can’t see a better option than Chris Samba.

    What should the criteria be?

    Someone who can come into the side straight away with as little a period of adaptation needed as possible.

    Available without loads and loads of hassle and haggling and it dragging on.

    The fact that he’s played in the prem is a big bonus, and he’s a leader as well. Much prefer him to someone like Cahill, or anyone from abroad

  23. goonerT1m

    why not go out and buy a world class defender, instead of fiddling around with potential and bargains, its not like we are wigan or everton

  24. Jaguar reloaded

    We will win Carling cup,means more bonuses for the retard Wenger,and more of mediocrity for the next few seasons.

  25. gambon

    Jan Vertonghen would be my CB of choice.

    Top top player, and could move into MF once everyones fit, meaning we can get rid of Denilson.

  26. Big Dave

    Who ever starts tonight be it NB, AA, MC. They all better work hard and run their socks off regardless off the opposition it is a semi final. Their pride is also on the line and their place in the team, no Denilson, play JW, and Cesc

  27. Jaguar reloaded

    A’s comments are classic.If Cahill was cheap and French,A would have been singing his praises,instead of Samba.

    But Samba would be a good player for us.

  28. gambon

    Jag, i think we all know Wenger doesn’t get bonuses for winning.

    He will get a bonus if he avoids signing a CB though, and another if he sells Cesc, and extra if he promises to sign super super class players at ST renewal time.

  29. arsenal4ever

    queen you dont rate Cahill but Mexes? Mexes is such error prone so is Upson, too. Hope it will be Samba or Cahill.

  30. Ryan L

    I haven’t seen loads of Samba other than when we have played Blackburn, but have always been pretty impressed. He looked decent enough on the floor earlier in the season, when he made space for himself and put the vile Diouf away down the left for him to cross to the other Diouf to score against us. He is also a major pain in the arse at corners.

  31. Jaguar reloaded

    Gambon,I was referring to our top four finish,which we would have achieved without Wenger anyways.The only deterrent which could prevent us from it,is the tactical ineptitude of Le Senile and the presence of players like Dudaby,Denilshite and Kolshitieny.

  32. A

    Jaguar if Cahill was French rather than English then noone would know his name because he wouldn’t be ridiculously over-hyped despite being distinctly average!

    Samba is a better player than Cahill for me certainly, regardless of nationality or price. Wouldn’t be totally against Cahill as he’d just be another defender, and one that’s played in the prem, but he wouldn’t be first choice imo

  33. Bengali Gunner

    How bout a cb pairing of JD and Miquel?
    Two giants together – scary thought for the tractor boys.

    As much as id like Wenger to get a 8m defender from the EPL, im not getting my hopes up. Knowing wenger hes probably gonna get an unknown french defender on a free

  34. Arse&Nose©

    QoS, he does this every transfer window.

    start of window

    “we are actively looking, I have money to spend”

    a few weeks later

    “we have Song who can play there, we also have ______(young reserve player with no experience) who can fill in”

  35. Queen of suburbia

    More based on old soundbites about Wenger rating Mexes than anything else a4e but yeah, I’m not a Cahill fan. He’s ok but nothing more than that.

    Mexes is more experienced, a bit more wily and a good communicator. He makes mistakes but so does every centre back.

  36. Bengali Gunner

    Isnt Sakho any good? Phillipe mexes? Swear he played against england in the friendly so cant be that bad.

    Subotic is a BEAST

  37. Pedro

    I haven’t personally seen the interview, but many people who did have said that the written article spins the story the way of not buying… when in fact, what they way he spoke, didn’t indicate that at all.

  38. goonerT1m

    just hope its real quality from the off, not someone who will need time or who tries too hard and makes mistakes, JD is looking class this year so you have to give it to the boss for persisting with him.

  39. gambon


    On here it is. People love rooting for the underdog, because hes unknown people WANT him to succeed so much they kid themselves about how good he is.

    If hes worth £10m then Cahill is worth £15m certainly.

  40. Bengali Gunner

    I think Cahills overated too, Sambas better.
    Seriously are there no other good CBs in the premier league cos im struggling to come up with names :/

  41. Big Dave

    Man u have had to cut back on staff. The 15 staff who have been released are said to be very unhappy.

    The 5 referees and 10 linesman are said to be devasted

  42. Queen of suburbia

    Sky News are reporting that Wenger has said he’s certainly looking for a CB, Pedro.

    It’s mainly people trolling and calling our Manager and players names (which is frankly getting really old) that are looking to twist it into a “he’s not going to sign anyone” type issue.

  43. arsenal4ever

    yes queen you could be right but I rate Cahill above the mentioned names or the monster Samba. JamieDalton on twitter reckons we dont sign anyone. This would be madness. But we all know Wenger :-(!! I have the feeling it is just excusses from Wenger again. But if Miquel plays tonight and makes mistakes ( I really hope not cause rate im highly ) he has to splash the cash cause Song cant be seen as CB anymore. Why always these mind games from Wenger? Hope he is just tight lippen like John Cross said not to up the prices on the market.

  44. A

    Pedro I was thinking that too – it’s spun and exagerated way more than usual on the website, a bit weird….

    Really gambon? I’ve not heard much other than criticism for Koscielny, which is very exagerated and over the top imo, in the same way that the compliments flooding Cahill’s way are….

    Havn’t heard any hype at all where Koscielny’s concerned, but have for Cahill

  45. A

    In fact the articles on are more misleading than usual, I wonder if there’s someone new whose joined the web team, possibly a supporter of a rival club

  46. gazzap

    I would play a pretty strong side tonight and no i would not use Song at the back. Just keep Kozzer and KD together, centre backs dont need much rest. Eboue will have to play again, and keep Gibbs in the team. Use Rambo and then sub him at 60 if he needs it. Play either Nasri or Cesc, and maybe Arsh with Theo or Vela. RVP up top – chamakh at a push but not bendtner.

  47. Big Dave


    A guy on twitter.

    If AW was in parliment he would be good as a spinner of telling stories, the shane warne of polotics

  48. Maqitlarge

    Vidic and Evra we’re bought in a Jan window. They were both shocking in their first half seasons. They’re world class.

    The EPL is a different animal to most other Euro league so for the purposes of NOW, we shuold buy from EPL.

    Just worries me Wneger has a rubbish record of buying from EPL

  49. arsenal4ever

    if our Rumford Pele advises us to take Cahill he cant be that bad I think. Anyway he could go with no one cause Wenger rates the market of his own. I would be more pissed if he misses out of Hazard after admitting to scouting and liking him. This would be madness cause he is the nearest thing to Messi in terms of talent and ability.

  50. Dial Square

    QOS do people call our manager and players names on here,surely we don’t have such retarded senile bloggers on here do we?

  51. finestcuts

    Wenger has made it crystal clear this time, he wants to buy a Premier League centre back. All he’s done is stated that we have emergency options. Song is a midfielder and needed there and Miquel is inexperienced. So he’ll use them if necessary, but only if.

    Bolton are just about to tie up a deal with Wheater, meaning they’ll have an extra centre back, so they could be persuaded to allow Cahill to leave. And Samba has declared that he wishes to leave Blackburn…….although Blackburn want to dissuade but will reluctantly accept an offer if the price is right.

    So these two are the most likely candidates. To me Cahill looks the more likely because of Bolton’s move for Wheater but Samba is a possibility.

    Wenger wouldn’t have gone on the record of saying that he wants to buy if he didn’t. He wants agents to contact him, and now that they have he wants them to understand the terms and conditions must be agreeable.

    I’m quietly confident we’ll purchase a centre back because if we don’t and we get any more injuries in that department in the next month when we’re likely to be playing in a Cup final we’d be taking a massive risk. Vermaelen’s return from injury is far from certain, Squillaci is out for 2-3 weeks….and he won”t be ready for action again at the click of a finger leaving us with only 2 first team centre backs for at least a month.

  52. Arse&Nose©

    QoS, i dont troll and have never called Wenger names.

    I’m just presenting the quote as it is. Lets be honest, it isn’t the first time he has indicated he will buy only to say “we have Song” a few days later.

  53. A

    Arse&Nose those comments are from exactly the same interview, nothing was said a few days later.

    It’s just the way that the web team present them on the website, they aren’t different interviews.

  54. finestcuts

    I’d play Miquel at the back because we’re so short of options. If we only have to risk one rather than two centre backs we should do it.
    They were thrashed 7-0 by Chelsea, they’re 19th in the Championship, the reserve team captain should be trusted for a game like this.

  55. arsenal4ever

    Arse&Nose© you missunderstood something I think. He just prepared for the worst case but we all know Wenger who values the players in his “own world”. So if the price isnt right we could see no one coming in. But he really cant rate Song as CB anymore. He did say that a few month ago Song isnt a CB anymore.

  56. leon

    i feel strong committed performance is need today on saturday i felt that was very strong that put out but the players did show up on that it was pretty puch flat performance by alot of the players and they got lucky,this team you can loook past i dont acre what there legue position is

  57. Telarse

    If we’re buying then the selling team need to buy too – are Bolton the only other team reportedly trying to buy a centre-half? They’ll get shafted cos if they’re buying we, and everyone else, assume they’re selling Cahill for around £20mill.

    As far as bargaining Wenger is in a good position cos everyone knows he’ll pull out rather than pay over the odds – and he’s never been wrong yet………..

  58. Joppa

    Haven’t read all the comments because I am a lazy fck. But a few points.

    1. I can’t see anyone coming in except big Sol.

    2. That’s a strong line up you have picked for tonight’s game, let’s hope Wenger feels the same – I doubt he will.

    3. If we beat Huddersfield we will be into the last 16.

    4. I think Ipswich will win tonight.

  59. gambon

    “I will bring in super super class players”

    “The fans will be reassured by what they see”

    “Im taking my chequebook to the euros”

    “I have money and will spend it”

    “im ready to stay up late to seal a transfer”

    “there are maybe 10 players in the world we cant afford”

    Yep, you can trust what Wenger says.

  60. Arse&Nose©

    Thanks, I admit I misunderstood the context of these quotes on this occasion.

    Can you blame me? After all, this “will he? wont he?” happens almost every transfer window!

  61. Big Dave

    Miquel could start, the boy has to start sometime somewhere, they have injuries, suspension’s. If don’t work take him off at HT

  62. A

    Yeah it’s pretty ridiculous Arse&Nose, the web team seem to be desperate to confuse people!

    Though I guess maybe it isn’t intentional, the Chelsea web team bloke who did the interview with Terry and articles that resulted in the “John Terry says squad isn’t strong enough” had no idea that they were going to be or could be construed like that.

    Watching that interview though you really do get a completely different feel for what Wenger is saying – the articles on the main website really skew it all.

  63. A

    Yes agree Big Dave. No better time to give him a go this season, and Ipswich are crap, not to mention we have a second leg at home. Worst case scenario he’s subbed off and we send on the big guns.

    Just gotta make sure that the tie is done and dusted tonight, which it should be

  64. gambon

    Big Dave

    Now you see why we dont win anything.

    A semi final isnt the time to play an 18 year old against one of the best young strikers in the game.

    When fans start backing experiementation over success it becomes a bigger problem.

  65. Pedro

    I must say, I don’t think we should be playing Miquel this evening. JD won’t be doing too much running if our midfield are on form anyway.

  66. A

    “one of the best young strikers in the game”?!

    Seriously now – he isn’t even premiership standard yet.

    “one of the best young strikers in the Championship”

    That would be more accurate.

    Noone is backing experimentation over success – this tie is a foregone conclusion, and tonight’s match should be, even without a single first team player playing and a reserve team centre back in

  67. Telarse

    Kosser is a class act!

    I said on here a week or two ago tha he’s my fave footballing defender since O’Leary and all we need is a thug beside him.

    That said I maintain that even the invincibles back 5 would not be invincible if protected by the pansies currently occupying our midfield!

    Song is still a lumbering oaf – and although decent on the ball and with improving positional awareness (okay, he’s better at getting in the way!)he will never be the all-action type of defensive midfielder that I want.

    When he gets booked am I the only one worrying that he is without the skill, speed, brains to avoid getting a second with one of his trademark clumsy chalenges.

    Not geting in protection for the defence is, and has been, Arsene’s singular most pathetic failing since we lost Flamini, Gilberto and Diarrhoea in Arsene’s singular most pathetic transfer haemhorrage.

    Have we bought Scott Parker yet?

  68. A

    Pedro we’re playing against a poor team and could just sub him off if he was having that bad a game.

    I certainly don’t think that JD should start as he’s started a few on the trot and could do with a rest, so if not Miquel then Song for me.

    I’d much prefer Miquel though

  69. Big Dave


    He really scared the chav defence didn’t he (Wickham)
    Scotland is not playing either the only way these boys will get some experiance is put them in and try them out it’s not like throwing them in against Leeds or Man u say

  70. A

    Leeds certainly gambon, not Wigan though obviously, they’re a decent premiership side.

    Ipswich are much worse than Leeds though, have just one goalscorer whose injured, and generally are a crap team, even for the Championship!

  71. gambon

    Lol, JD, professional athlete, access to the best nutritionists & coaches in the world…..”could do with a rest”

    Just very LOL!

  72. A

    Wickham has potential but is pretty much on a par with Miquel at the moment. He doesn’t even start for a very poor championship side, and he hasn’t scored a goal yet this season in any competition, although he was injured at the start of the season

  73. Young Guns Rule

    Conner Wickham is a great prospect, my little brother was at the Ipswich academy with him for ages. He is a biog boy, very strong and very clinical. When we first became linked with the lad it got my juices flowing, massive star potential!

    5-0 tonight i hope!

  74. ArsenalKenya

    Hello Le-groovers

    I am 100% sure that Wenger will buy a CB this January . Judging from his comments this CB will be from the Premier League i.e. cahill or Samba. I see Vela going the other side on loan with an option of a permanent move and then Cahill moving to Arsenal. At the end of the season he will move for Eden Hazard to fill Vela’s void..

    Tonite i am predicting 4-0 win for the GUNNERS!

  75. Jaguar reloaded

    Kosser is a class act in

    *Pulling down the opposition striker and receiving the red card
    *Wandering around the ground like a headless chicken who doesnt know what to do.
    *Charging forward leaving the defence exposed.

  76. A

    gambon every athlete in the world needs a rest from time to time.

    Come on you’re more intelligent than to come out with a comment like that.

    JD was out for a long time and will still not have the same recovery rates and more susceptible to fatigue than if he’d been fit for years. It isn’t complicated nor confusing.

  77. kinggooner

    wenger told me he will ef spend but the limit is £2.50 & a packet of crisps & must have a resale value of £25 million but will wait until 11.59pm 31/1/11 to try & get the price down…

  78. Aaron

    Apart from the gps, won’t wrk this season and they have said so, as they need to capture data and then be able to compare and see how it correlates to injuries. But again Arsenal stated it was more for the youjger players. I do agree that something is not right with our medical staff as we do seem to really get long termers often.

    But your complaints of squad rotation make no sense when you finally say we will be in a great position against Barca if we can keep it up. To be in a great fresh position we most defiantly need to rotate and give certain players a rest. That means every game we should in theory always be 100%

  79. Jaguar reloaded

    Arsenal4ever,Why would you be surprised?

    The guy is quality and non-French,which makes him a no go for Wenger,that Wenger cannot afford to take the credit for developing him.

  80. gambon


    Wickham has 47 first team games under his belt. He also has played U16, 17, 19 & 21 international football.

    Lets not pretent Miguel is at the same level right now.

    Another Denilson is better than Alonso moment there.

  81. gambon

    Agree with Aaron, the GPS thing was never gonna work in the short term, Gazidis even said back end of 2011 before it became effective.

  82. arsenal4ever

    Jag Kos and Chamakh are quality. French league is different. Vermaelen and JD were supposed to be the starting pairing imo.

  83. gambon

    If Cahill was black & from Cameroon Wenger would’ve signed him 8 years ago and he would have 200 games under his belt.

  84. A

    gambon if Miquel was at a championship club he’d play a similar number of games as Wickham.

    Similar age, similar level imo. Similarly if Wickham was at us he’d be a youth/reserve player.

    Or are you sticking by your “one of the best young strikers in the game.”?!

    That’s referring to an 18 year old whose started 4 league games this season and hasn’t scored a goal in any competition this season

  85. Jaguar reloaded

    gambon says:
    January 12, 2011 at 11:06
    If Cahill was black & from Cameroon Wenger would’ve signed him 8 years ago and he would have 200 games under his belt
    And he would have ”developed’ ahead of Messi.

  86. gambon


    Look at his scoring record at youth level…it puts him alongside Castaignos as major talents.

    Oh wait, Wellington Silva,…who has done NOTHING is a god to you though!

  87. galviniho

    Jaguar we actually had Ibrahimovic until we pulled out last minute. There are photos of him in an arsenal shirt.But unfortunately at the time we had someone called Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp..

    Arsenal will smash Ipswich don’t you guys worry regardless who plays.

  88. Telarse

    Kosser is first choice now and will keep his place ahead of Vermaelen.
    It’s just a case of who partner’s him and covers him when he gets rested.
    A decent DM would make more difference to us than a central defender.

  89. Jaguar reloaded

    Dont think he is racist.But he is more interested in improving the lives of French/French speaking shit players from all over the world,than the interests of the club,