Arsenal to destroy Ipswich tonight and scout English starlet… match preview!

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So, I said the only way Tommy V was injured was if he picked up the problem over the weekend and that proved to be the case.

“He had another setback on Saturday that we are concerned with.”

So, bad news for our favourite  Belgian and maybe another indication that we do things wrong on the fitness side of things. He had zero problems last year, this year he’ll have been out for a minimum of 5 or so months. Is it coincidence that we have more crocks than anyone else? Is it just bad luck? Or does Wenger have to address how hard he trains players throughout the year?

Arsenal’s injury return dates are like women’s notches, take what they tell you and multiply it by 5. Rosicky, Gilberto, Diaby, Eduardo, Theo, Robin and Thierry have all been 6 weekers that turn into 3-4monthers. It’s a really big problem and one that GPS alone doesn’t seem to be able to solve.

The positives out of all this?

Well, firstly I can tell you categorically that there has been no cover up of a long-term injury by the club. That much is clear. I’m pretty sure that last season, Wenger knew JD was going to be out long-term and he decided against making a defensive signing before the window shut. Then it shut and told us all he was in trouble. That was very naughty and ultimately costly.

This season he’s turned a new leaf. He’s lost Vermaelen short team, though realistically, due to the length of time he’s been out, he’s a long termer. He’s also lost Squillaci for 2-3 weeks. The key behavioural change is that he’s come out and admitted it and decided to purchase a new defender.

He’s umming and ahhring, like he usually does but I believe that he knows Song and Miquel are not suitable at the back. That said, I’m starting to wonder whether Wenger gets off on going against the grain? Why make 3 changes when you can make 8? Why play your best player in the semi finals of the FA Cup when you can drop him? Why buy two proper centre backs in the summer when there are two cheap ones available?

Anyway, my money is on Chris Samba. Don’t ask me why and don’t hold me to my thought process, I just have a feeling he’s the one. His fitness record is pretty spiffing as well. He’s played virtually all Blackburn’s games over the past 3 seasons, so that’ll mean he’s got at least a year until we run him into the ground. He might not be amazing on the deck, he might not be the next Maldini, but as a stop gap and an addition to our back 4, why the hell not?

His odds have just improved that little bit further with Wenger intimating he’ll look to the Premiership.

In my dreams,  have to say though, my love is strong for Per Mertesacker.

Tonight’s game has significant importance for our season.  We could not only win our first trophy of the last 5 years, we could also win the trophy for winning the first trophy of 2011.

Arsene Wenger: Inventing trophies since 2006

Cesc says we should be wary of a team that sees us as the biggest two games of their season (tell that to Spurs). I agree, we can’t go out tomorrow night thinking that we have the game in the bag like we did against Leeds. I’d be telling the boys that nothing short of an absolute spanking will be acceptable. These are the games that we need to go out and dominate the opposition. I want to see us express ourselves, I want to see creativity and I want to see some goals.

Most importantly, I want to see 100% concentration from the start. Switching off is complacency and laziness. That can’t happen tomorrow. I don’t want to sit here on Thursday morning spamming tractor boy comments ripping me for being so assertive about this thrilling victory I believe we’ve got in the bag.


Sagna JD Song Gibbs

Jack Denilson Cesc

Theo RVP Nasri

Now, that side would tear Ipswich a new combine harvester. I can see Nasri and RvP possibly being rested, but if I was Wenger, I’d prioritise trouncing Ipswich away and have a nice relaxer at home in second leg. That’s me though, not coach of the decade, surrogate father to 427 pro footballers.

Keep an eye out for striking sensation Connor Wickham, according to many, we like him a lot.

After this game, we’ve got West Ham. A game that shouldn’t be tricky, yet always seems to be. Hopefully they’ll be knackered after their win against Birmingham last night. The match will be like the dress rehearsal for the Carling Cup Final! After that we’ve got Leeds with the added incentive of a 4th round with Huddersfield. If we dismantle them, we’re in the quarters of the FA Cup and three games away from a possible cup double.

Then we have Everton, Newcastle and Wolves before the big one… Barcelona at home. If Wenger manages the next few weeks sensibly, we’re in with what I would describe as a ‘f*cking great position.’

First things first though, the carrot crunchers…

See you in the comments!

P.S. If you have spares going for any upcoming ties and you want to be put in touch with desperate buyers, drop me an e-mail (especially if you’ve got Barca spares).

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  1. sixx pac

    They are too arrogant that’s the problem. You could see the look on Cesc’s face ” I can’t believe the manager started me in this game”

  2. zeus


    hahahahaha. Geese. I’ve been so underwhelmed that I didn’t even realize that. The season could be shot to hell really soon.

    As for the Keown comments about players needing to wake up cuz Wenger will get annoyed and with the debt significantly reduced, Wenger will let some go and strengthen bla bla bla………..KEEP DREAMING.

    These players go nowhere. They were handpicked for success 4-5 years ago. Do you really think Wenger is gonna put in so much time to just sell them?

    They only go if they tell Wenger they want to leave. AA23 and Rosicky may go ecause they are 2 years over the Wenger cut off limit, 30.

    Everyone else stays. In 3 years time we will still be talking bollocks……If RVP was fit he would be ……Diaby would be so much better if his injury record was better………Denilson is shite/ quality, you just don’t notice it easily………….Bendtner at least work himself into those good positions…..

  3. A

    I’ll bet you would. the shit I’m smoking is like the stuff they smoked during the Vietnam war. Could tranquilize a horse. Add to that the copious amounts of whiskey I’ve imbibed and it a veritable cavalcade of whimsy

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    What do you call an Arsenal supporter @ a Cup Winners celebration?

    A gatecrasher 😆

    Where is dennisdamenis? Off sulking & tearing up his Arsenal membership I spose 😛 You’ll be right sooky.

  5. LAzer

    The bottom line is this..Wenger’s decision to rest eight players against Wigan and totally give up the momentum we had gained after Chelsea was shit. The theory was we rest players there and pick easy points at Wigan, bring back the best for City and than easy ride for cup games and are fresh for the epl. Well Mr. Wenger their is such a thing as setting the wrong example, by your very changes you sent the message we are too good for most of these teams and need to play our best vs “worthy” opponents. That is called complacency, on the part of the team no doubt but more so as a result of the policies of the manager.

  6. A

    ARSENE’S BELIEF, which gives to the objects of knowledge their truth, and to him who knows them, his power of knowing, is the essential nature of goodness itself.

    ARSENE’S BELIEF is the cause of knowledge and truth; and so, while you may think of ARSENE’S BELIEF as an object of knowledge, you will do well to regard it as something beyond knowledge and truth, and, precious as these both are, of still higher worth.

    Just as light and vision are to be thought of as like the Sun, but not identical with it, so here both knowledge and truth are to be regarded as like ARSENE’S BELIEF, but to identify either with ARSENE’S BELIEF is wrong. ARSENE’S BELIEF must hold a yet higher place of honour.

    The Sun not only makes the things we see visible, but also brings them into existence and gives them growth and nourishment; yet the Sun is not the same thing as existence.

    And so with the objects of knowledge: these derive from ARSENE’S BELIEF not only their power of being known, but their very being and reality; and ARSENE’S BELIEF is not the same thing as being, but even beyond being, surpassing it in dignity and power.

  7. Kushagra India

    Theo Walcott shouldn’t be starting against park the bus teams he is clueless has no dribbling skills no cross …..but we dont have any pther option…..PATHETIC..

  8. Gooneroo

    We need to score 3 at home to be sure (which we probably will) but we always make things harder for ourselves. Fab04 said himself we shouldn’t take them lightly, yet he didn’t play with heart.

  9. David

    Even if theo had the trickery of Messi.

    Nobody was in the box to pass to.

    Bendy thinks he belongs in midfield.

    Arshavin is in no mans land.

    This is all by design people.

    No Plan B.

  10. strumpf112

    reading the title of this blog is even funnier now. how many times have we set ourselves up just to be let down by this team?

  11. A

    Bless ARSENE and his BELIEF

    Bless the coming and the going of him

    May his passage cleanse the world

    May he keep the world for his people

  12. David

    Charlie im not one of the infinite bloggers on here that embarrass themselves by kissing QOS’ arse.

    Although it has to be said that I really respect A alot,

    He might be wrong 99% of the time but he always comes back with something more incredibly “wronger” lol

    Dammit they are showing this bastard game again.

    Gnite then.

  13. 10K Lakes Gooner

    After two shite days at work I was really looking forward to watching some good Arsenal football tonight on DVR. It took some fortitude, but I stayed away from the score online all afternoon and resolutely resisting temptation to see how my beloved Gunners were doing. This, of course, only increased my anticipation to get home quickly and watch tonight’s semifinal at Town.

    What an utter letdown! We were absolute rubbish once again. And once again it was against a Championship side, ffs.

    How can such a supposedly talented offensive team not score from open play in three straight games? Really poor all the way around. No movement in attack. No imagination in the final 1/3. Awful first touches across the pitch. And worst of all no killer instinct to have a go and test the ‘keeper. How many chances were spurned to make just one more pass? F’ing shoot, ffs!

    And how Arsene can look into the camera and say with a straight face that he can’t find players better than we have is complete BS! Eboue was dreadful. Denilson, who must have naked pics of Arsene somewhere (otherwise how does he stay on the pitch and get so many chances? 90 minutes tonight, really Arsene?) is a complete joke. Arshavin and Bendtner were both useless again. I could go on and on.

    The disturbing thing is that we’ve seen this again and again from this team this season and we refuse to figure it out! I had to rub my eyes at one point to make sure I was not watching a rerun of the Braga away game (or was it Leeds, or Shakhtar, or Wigan, or Sunderland).

    It’s clear that we struggle mightily when the opposition parks the bus. Opponents know that they can soak up or tippy-tappy toothless pressure and then hit us over the top with a long ball and quickly put us on the back foot, or worse nick a goal.

    Here’s hoping we pull our heads out of our collective arses by the time we go to Upton Park Saturday. Otherwise things could get really ugly. Anyone want to take a guess at what tactics the Hammers will employ? Figure it out, Arsene! And buy us a few new players while your at it, ffs!

    Same old Arsenal. Always disappointing!

  14. Confidentgoner

    Why is it that when we play Dennilson, we either draw or loose? Same Dennilson boogey is affecting Arshravin and Bendtner. Bendtner never looked like scoring, was hardly in the box. I think Arsenal players are just too lazy. I watched barca play a 2nd div side and you could see how hard they worked all over the pitch. These losses make the Chelsea win seem like a misnomer.

  15. Raynor73

    I think I can now accept than unless ManUre really, and by that I mean monumentally f**k it up, we have no chance of winning the league. We are bound to have a few games where teams sit 10 behind the ball, especially teams fighting for premiership survival. It’s looking more and more obvious we just don’t have the attacking talent to break down resolute defences easily. Unless our best play we look devoid of ideas for large periods of play even against far less technical and ultimately talented opposition. If we consider likely injuries to key players throughout the season, I think we are 4-5 players away from a winning squad. Defensively we are horrendous and Eboue has forgotten how to defend. I thought he was adequate cover but the last two games pretty much prove otherwise and against championship quality attackers. Midfield is average and easily dominated unless our strongest combination start, and at times our forwards don’t know where the goal is.

  16. charliegeorge


    The trouble is, she talks out of it. And when stupid shit happens, viz, last night, she’ll put it down to some innocuous crap, a la the French tosser.

    The litany of excuses died a long time ago.

    Admit your wrong, admit to failure, admit that the anti-AKB league are infinitely superior.

  17. charliegeorge


    Ang guess what, the useless fucker just won himself a shiny new contract – all thanks to Teflon Don, aka Basil Fawlty, aka Mata Hari, aka the Great Dictator.

  18. Cescs_MyBoy


    Admit your wrong, admit to failure, admit that the anti-AKB league are infinitely superior.


    So you enjoyed last night then??

    Why would you rather be vindicated than support a winning team?

  19. charliegeorge


    It has nothing to do with vindication, despite the fact Fawlty brings out the absolute worst in me.

    Believe me, that putrid turd has sucked out the utter joy in watching this team compete. He isn’t even a half-decent coach, just a fucking DICTATOR!

    Name one other club of similar ilk to Arsenal that would have allowed this hapless situation to fester for more than 5 years?

    Just name me one.

  20. Arse&Nose©

    How is it that our CB’s panic everytime a long high ball is played in their direction?

    Surely its the simplest ball to deal with!?

  21. Queen of suburbia

    Technically, for winning team to be an oxymoron, it would have to be impossible for a team to win.

    Which is clearly not the case.

    Lesson for today, don’t use big words Charlie, if you don’t know what they mean.

  22. Monex

    FIFA president Blatter said he expects the 2022 World Cup to be in January rather than June when the heat is close to intolerable.But Wenger said It looks like an idea that has come out of nowhere because nobody was told that when the bid was voted for. That is a bit of a surprise and certainly it would mean that the whole world of football has to be reorganised. As you know we have a Christmas period which is quite busy here and England would be very happy to play the World Cup in January just after that. It would demand a complete reorganisation of the whole worlds fixtures and I cannot see that happening. If you have all these privileges you must handle these in a very intelligent way.Blatter also suggested that the BBC Panorama investigation into FIFA members screened three days before the vote may also have had an effect.He added Maybe the last-minute press and television about matters that have already been dealt with could have played a part…………..