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So, I don’t have it confirmed yet, but according to, Tommy V is still pencilled in for  a January return. There seems to be a groundswell of people who are desperate to tell us that he’s out for the season at every opportunity. I haven’t heard anything to suggest he’s out and I’ve been speaking the Pam the Arsenal tea lady on and off for the past 3 weeks.

So what are we going to talk about today?

Well, yesterday saw the arrival of David Beckham at Spurs. Fantastic to see that his arrival coincided nicely with the announcement that his wife is up the duff again. You’ve got to admire him, he takes attention seeking to new levels, even my needy cat looks embarrassed when he sees Beckham on tele. I bet Becks is chuffed he’s finally in a country that will massage his PR driven ego.

Anyway, a bit of debate was sparked in the comments yesterday. Thierry Henry has been at most of our home games during the break, he was spotted in the tunnel chatting to Yaya and Kolo at the Man City game… so I was thinking, why not bring him back for training? We had Beckham over here last time he was promoting a hair cut and the players spoke glowingly about training with such an icon.

So why not invite Thierry back to at least train with us for the next couple of months? He’s incredibly experienced, he’s been very humble since he left and I’m sure a genuine talent like him can be nothing but a boost for team morale. My guess is he’s waiting for an invite. My suggestion, Wenger should send one out!

Should have checked

Welcome back Thierry!

In other news, Arsene Wenger won manager of the decade. A superb achievement. As much as we give him a hard time over here, we certainly appreciate the consistency he’s bought to the club and our superb brand of football. My argument would be that Wenger shouldn’t just have won it, he should have smashed it. His decision making has been off kilter in the past few years. Hopefully we’ll see a return to the early noughties form for the next half of this decade.

Lionel Messi stormed the Ballon D’or, he said he didn’t expect to win it, which was a bit like Qatar saying they didn’t expect to win the 2022 world cup after emptying the oil coffers into the pockets of the chosen few. He’s a super talent, one of the best players I’ve had the pleasure to watch live and the most amazing part about him is that he’s only 23. Could Jack Wilshere ever achieve the high standards set by Messi, Xavi and Iniesta? I certainly hope so. We might even land ourselves a Messi of our own in the young Belgian who goes by the name of Eden Hazard. Could he be our first ever £20million player?

We’ll wait and see, but the vibe is strong.

It’s Carling Cup semi final eve. If you’re unlucky enough to have the displeasure of travelling to Ipswich, a few words of warning. Don’t get into a tractor unless you know the farmer in question, don’t look the locals directly in the eye and for god sake stay out of their Liquid and Envy. It makes the hills have eyes look like a beauty pageant.

I’m not going to do team previews today, though I will say I’d like to see Bendtner and Arshavin given a run out. Those two need to find their form and there will be no better game to find it in than against Ipswich away. The defence is down to its bare bones, so it looks like there might be a debut of Miquel. That or we’ll see Song slipping back with Denilson allowed to roam free. I wouldn’t be too against that if he could repeat his first half performance of the weekend.

Our reserve team was absolutely spanked 10-1 by Aston Villa. A pretty disgraceful score line at any level, I’ll leave Young Guns to explain away that result. John Jensen is set to make a shock return to English football as Steve Kean’s assistant over at Blackburn, good luck to the man who scored less times than Rick Waller. I’m also pleased to announce that ITV1 are going to play the Leeds game live for our viewing. That makes up for all the times they don’t put us on the main channel for Champions League games.

I’ve heard that Carlos Vela will definitely be moving out on loan. He has a whole host of clubs interested in his services including Bolton, Wigan (I’m there today in a corn flake factory, I f*cking love my life) and a few overseas clubs. You’d have to worry about his future if he went abroad, wouldn’t you?

Transfer conspiracy of the day? Gary Cahill to Arsenal, David Wheater to Bolton… sounds plausible especially considering that we know Bolton are open to offers, Cahill was on our hit list last year and he has a close relationship with Arsene.

Why is no one talking about Hangeland?

I thought it might be worth telling you that long time Grover Kreshnik has kindly offered to build the site its very own iphone app. I don’t have an iphone, but I’m still very excited about being able to watch other people enjoy the exciting functionality he’s hoping to bring to the app. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Finally, picture the scene. It’s a cold grubby football cafeteria, the camera pans out away from two cold bowls of porridge to reveal David Bentley and Alex Hleb sitting at the table miserable, reminiscing fondly about the days when they used to have a future. Good luck Dave, I’m glad leaving Arsenal worked out so well for you. You have the money, but you’ll never have the prestige of a great career.

Happy Tuesday Grovers, see you in the comments!

Altinop won goal of the year last night, I’ll leave you with the top ten… a morning feast for the eyes!

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Unless Vermaelen injured himself over the weekend, he’s in training and working towards full fitness. There is no conspiracy of silence. Also, had confirmation that Squillaci didn’t pull his almunia, he’s genuinely crocked for 3 weeks or so. Also, just so you know, Wigan is quite nice!

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  1. Franchise

    why do you think Del Bosque would make a statement like “If I was a footballer, I would like to be like Busquets” aftyer Spain’s world cup victory then? question to A

    the amount of big games this young lad has held his own is impressive

    world cup final, CL final vs mancs etc

    Diving cunt though

  2. Franchise

    Yaya Toure is good but like most African players still quite raw relying more on their athleticism

    I am African before the racist police jump out 😀

  3. Limestonegunner

    Props to Kreshnik for developing an iphone app for Le-Grove! That’s great. It is bad enough typing comments on the tiny screen keyboard, but what I would really like out of an app, if possible, was some function that allowed you to submit a comment or re-open the page without having to scroll down again from the top through the hundreds of comments.

    Le-Grove is so popular there are too many comments for iphone users to scroll laboriously through.

    Is there any way, Kreshnik, to overcome this problem? Would be much obliged!

  4. Limestonegunner

    Bousquets kept out Yaya Toure and now Mascherano. He is a pathetic cheat, though–but he is good enough he shouldn’t be simulating like that. You can’t compare him to Denilson, you have to compare him with Song. Denilson doesn’t start but Bousquets does. Song can hold his own with Bousquets, I think.

  5. Jaguar reloaded

    If you replace the ‘Comment-xxxxx’ in the last part of the address bar with ‘respond’,it will take you to the bottom most comment.

  6. Franchise

    One stat that impressed me of recent was that Rio Ferdinand although absent fr a while through injury committed only his first foul in like 8-9 months against West Brom when he tripped that former arsenal trainee for the penalty

    that guy defends with his head literally (Howard Webb and co also help though)

  7. Arse&Nose©

    Song can eat Bisquits for breakfast!

    Trouble is that Bisquits will con any ref in the world to book Song so he can stay away from him.

  8. A

    Franchise Yaya plays for City as their playmaker of the midfield three, far from raw he’s a very intelligent footballer! Reads the game very well and has alot of vision.

    He’d like to be Busquets because he gets to play with the best players in the world making him look better than he is….

  9. Arse&Nose©

    in that 8-9 months Rio has been let off for 2 stone wall red cards when kung-fu kicking players out the way to win headers!!!

    Officials love united, so any stats like that can’t be taken seriously.

  10. Limestonegunner

    None of our players have won anything together as a club, so on that basis they will lack certain credentials in comparison with top players at clubs where they have contributed to championships and trophies. But, if/once they do, they will be credited with the quality their technique and overall play already demonstrate. It may have taken a while but Song is a very good DM. Our problem is that we don’t have competition or cover for him; someone who can play with him behind Cesc against the top, most physical sides.

  11. Franchise

    Limestonegunner I hear you there. Let’s see how we perform this year when we really have to e.g. Barca, home games vs rivals in league etc

  12. Limestonegunner

    Franchise, your parenthesis says it all about Ferdinand. England star and former captain playing for England’s biggest club–is it no wonder he doesn’t get called for fouls? He is an intelligent defender but there is no way that stat is legit–it is evidence for the corruption of the game and ManU/England bias.

    Having said that, if we are going out to get a CB, then I have no problem with a Cahill. It’ll be the making of Cahill in terms of profile and he’ll be and England player regularly for sure and touted as the future behind the declining Terry and aging Ferdinand. Then maybe he/we might get more benefit of calls from referees. Especially with Walcott, Wilshere, and Gibbs getting into the England team more and more.

  13. Kreshnik

    Fran, you are racist

    Busquets looks good because of Xavi and Iniesta. Players have properties that sometimes just fit very nicely in a certain system where properties of other players combine to a great effect and get a great system. You would really wonder in how many other teams Busquets would be made to look worse than Denilson (will expect a hammering now). I get dragged into watching Barca every time they play and even though this season (and the wc) he has improved a lot (who wouldn’t in that Barca team) I can tell you he is no Yaya

  14. Lucie_juicy

    am i the only one who wants samba? or am i just dreaming a dream of when wenger gets his wallet out? (and not just to grab a johnny so he can do the dirty with his french rapper girl)

  15. Franchise

    But A&N Rio is a very intelligent defender. Never goes to ground

    @GoonerDNA of course there are some really technically gifted African players but it is obvious that that is the biggest set back African football has.

    Athleticism is its main strength and technique its biggest flaw.

    Ever wondered why teams from North Africa dominate the nations cup although most of their players are home based. They have football structures that mimic their European neighbours meaning that players are better gifted technically

  16. Kreshnik

    Jag, that won’t work on the mobile version of LG since there is a JavaScript snippet that loads the comments into the div. That only works if you go on the regular version of the website from your iPhone and then do what you are saying.

  17. Franchise

    If you are an African player with the frame of Cesc or Luca Modric just forget it 😀

    QoS it was bait to get you out on here 😀
    How are you?

  18. Big Dave

    The whole bloody world knew that TV5 was fucked, and yet they want to look around now. We all heard the rumours about him, I told you back in October the signs were not good about him, now Squid is injured for 3 week, will they find a CB in that time.

  19. Kreshnik

    Big Dave … the setback happened Saturday. The rumors were actually that, just rumors. As Pedro was saying, it could have only happened during the weekend and his source was right all along. It indeed happened on the weekend.
    Moaning for the sake of it is a bit annoying, really. No offense.

  20. GoonerDNA

    Fran the talent is there but the structures aren’t the reason Egypt win so much is they someone manage to keep the international players in the domestic league and have good academy’s tho Ghana did us proud and have some very talented youngsters coming thru

  21. Pedro

    Yeah, I spoke to someone today who told me he was running last week at training.

    There’s no conspiracy like many have alluded to.

  22. Big Dave


    I was told from a good source way back in October that TV5 injury was very bad, the club hoped and waited to see if he would get better even thinking about him having a surgery which they didn’t, so we will wait and see on that one. It’s not a moan it is just typical of our club holding out when most of us knew that January return was very premature

  23. Limestonegunner

    Kresh, still time to work out the details, but I plan to try to get down for it if possible. I say we have a chance. Let’s sort out this defense and get in a player early enough in the window to work out the understanding of the top partnership and we’ll have a go. Sure we were schooled in the first 35 minutes and Messi was his phenomenal self for the last hour at the Nou Camp. But we’ll be better this time. Wilshere, Nasri, Chamakh, and Djourou are better or have added to the team, and right now we don’t have the same level of injuries. If that holds up, then we won’t be playing someone as disastrous as Silvestre.

    I tried Jaq’s suggestion on the mobile site but am glad that your app will address that plus have a cache for when there is no signal–awesome!

  24. Pedro

    Big Dave, the club haven’t held anything back. He’s had a set back this weekend which wasn’t expected and he had a set back earlier in the year because Arsenal didn’t manage his recovery properly.

    I think it’s actually very non-typical of Arsenal… he’s out, we’re buying… good news and it’s forced his hand.

  25. Franchise

    GoonerDNA i hear you. The talent is there.

    you remember Sunday Oliseh the first African to play for Juventus. There was once when Davids had problems with his eyes I think Glaucoma and Oliseh had to deputise as Defensive midfield lynchpin. After a run of games or maybe just one game cant remember if it was the manager or a commentator said this about Oliseh’s performance.

    “A blind Davids is better than Oliseh”

    The dude was so out of depth it was unbelievable.

  26. Limestonegunner

    Well, that seals it. We don’t need a stop-gap, we need a starting quality defender asap.

    In the meantime, I wouldn’t mind giving Miquel a run out in the Ipswich game with some starting midfielders ahead of him ( Wilshere, Cesc at least) to protect the back four. If he plays well and we are up, let him play in the return leg too. Djourou need to rest this game as he has played two in a week for the first time all year, I think.

  27. Wenger the liar

    Gambon –

    The classic bit about that GB doesnt care about black people is when they cut back to chris rock and he is holding bak the laughter.

  28. gambon

    Of course the club have been holding back the truth with Verm.

    I have not made a single “inside knowledge” claim about Arsenal in the time ive been on here, apart from Verm being fucked…and turns out I was right, pretty huge coincidence.

  29. arsenal4ever

    Pedro Samba wouldnt be that bad imo. Tough if Vermy is crocked I would go for Cahill cause nobody knows if he could have a setback again.

  30. wardo

    if I were god i would give Geoff the same hair cut as Song……and would also make Franchise a migit !

    Pedro, I really really want Samba to play for Arsenal !! he looks the part imo !!

  31. Big Dave

    Would Wenger sign Samba ??????????????????

    Is he a Wenger type of player he would sign, and dont say yes cause he can speak french

  32. arsenal4ever

    PL proven is best what we can looking for!!! No time do adapt or something else. Just the style of our play he would need to learn more. Pedro do you think Samba is capable of our passing style. At set pieces we all know he is the monster we are looking for years.

  33. Jaguar reloaded

    Are you planning to create an Iphone app exclusively for LG?
    But wouldnt that suggestion work,if you open Safari or any other browser on Iphone and type in the address.

  34. Zak

    I really hate to say it A and QOS but….Told you all last week, my contact told me that Vermy was out for the season and Wenger suspected it then and didn’t want to buy. The only reason Wenger is now looking to buy is because the injury to Squillaci.

  35. incesc

    injuries at arsenal are weird these days.

    always long and always with setbacks.


    im starting to think denilson has something to do with it.


  36. incesc

    bloody hell, if there really are this many people leaking stuff at arsenal i think there needs to be a few sackings!

  37. Pedro

    Franchise, he told me he was running as of Thursday last week and that if anything happened, it had occurred over the weekend.

    So he was bang on, just not working over the weekend.

  38. goonermichael

    I got ticket for the Ipswich game so I’ve broken my boycott. Mind you it was only a tenner. Are you going Franchise?

  39. A

    lol Zak, how can you say “I told you so”?!

    You said something along the lines of “my source has told he Wenger knows Vermaelen is fucked, and is going to say nothing about it until after the transfer window has gone, so that he doesn’t have to buy anyone”

    Hasn’t Wenger just come out especially today to say that he’s injured?!

  40. sixx pac

    He should have had the operation as soon as our doctors realised the couldn’t fix the problem. Shut him down for the year, get the operation done now!

  41. Marko

    Fucking achilies I swear to god international football hates Arsenal football club. Well it does seem like a definitive yes on a centre back coming in this month and you’d expect it to be someone with experience who can come into the starting 11 right away and give something. But who??

  42. Zak


    Training assistant at Watfords training ground which as you know adjoins Arsenal’s so he covers both. Obviously can’t give you his name, but what he told me has just happened, coincidence or not.

  43. Limestonegunner

    A–it’s obvious the situation changed when Squillaci got his hamstring. We can’t really know what goes on behind the scenes, but Arsenal have not talked so directly about getting another CB in the window until this injury to Squillaci.

  44. incesc

    it’ll be someone along the silvestre, campbell, squilacci type of signing.

    djourou has established himeself as a very capable cb, vermalaen long term is first team and kozzer is definatley a long term player.

  45. Marko

    It’s similar to what happened to Higuain recently who was ruled out for the season and if at the beginning of the injury he just got an op he might of played some part this season.

  46. A

    yeah limestone, i wonder who it’ll be.

    incesc i think it’ll be the equivalent of arshavin, big (ish) signing who can make a difference

    Zak you said that Wenger was planning to hide it until after the window closed so you’re categorically proven wrong in those regards anyways….

  47. incesc

    dunno arsenal4ever.

    hes only 26, but i guess its a dog eat dog world if he establishes himself over the rest of them.

    wenger will probably bring in an old french head, he knows really well.

  48. Kreshnik

    Jag, yes

    Last time I tried changing the anchor I was on 3G and it didn’t work, iOS4 has improved the scroll/speed ratio and i don’t mind scrolling to the bottom anymore

    Either way the app would be much more user friendly.

  49. arsenal4ever

    yeah or a surprise Cahill – JAgielka bid? Interesting times ahead. Need to go as sometimes I have a life, too lol

    in direction to IAG 🙂 hehe

  50. incesc

    If it Samba Blackburn already have a great song for him

    “Chris Samba is a big black man, get past him if you can!”


    absolute genius, must have taken them days to make up.

  51. Pedro

    Big Dave, we’ve already been scouting them apparently. Must make a nice change from scouting kids all the time.

    If I could put count down timers in I would!

  52. Man

    A, really? I think Wenger might be looking at a short term solution as he seems content with the 4 CBs he has.
    Milito wants to play, Barca want to loan him out…he is 30, decent and would be a squad player. He’ll get some game time with us as JD needs resting from time to time.

  53. Pedro

    Man, whoever he signs has to fit in immediately, he’s got no chance with someone from La Liga or any of the other leagues.

  54. sixx pac

    A says :

    Zak you said that Wenger was planning to hide
    it until after the window closed so you ’re
    categorically proven wrong in those regards
    anyways ….

    Haha too true. Give it a rest people. Whatever secret info you got was wrong. I’d advise you to change your sauce. Fact is, Tommy was in training and he broke down..again. Why’s that so hard to take.

  55. Dutchman

    WTF? What’s wrong with arsenal. I know for sure, that wenger and arsenal knew that vermaelen would be out for the season. They just lie to us. Absolutely ridiculous. How many set backs can you have, it’s just exactly the same injury as rosicky’s. Fack!!! Hope he will be back in february!

  56. Man

    Personally, I’d prefer Samba. I threw that name in two years ago so I’m a fan. I’m just not sure we would spend that much.

  57. A

    Yeah Man as Pedro says a defender from Spain would be very iffy. Remember Coloccini?!

    Takes a long time to adapt, unlikely to be anyone from Spain or Italy

  58. Marko

    Squillaci is that old french head so thats rules out a Silvestre type signing. I think given the fact that (you’d imagine) we don’t wanna get involved in any long drawn out negotiations that it’ll be one of Cahill (with Bolton going for Wheater and the good relations), Samba (he wants out of Blackburn) or possibly Mexes (in the last 6 months of his deal and now an established french international).

  59. David

    Personally i feel Arsene isnt going to sign anyone.

    He’s that tightfisted.

    He’ll ride his luck with JD and Kozz. And hope for Vermy to come back.

  60. Rohan

    Fuck this, why do the injury gods hate us. Vermaelen was fit as a fiddle last season…

    Anyway, this is a perfect excuse for Wenger to splurge on some of that German steel in one of Mertesacker, Hummels, Westermann or Howedes.

    Samba would do though I guess. But I still think you guys are bigging him up a bit too much..He’s decent but he’s not all that is he now…Fat Sam’s probably corrupted him

  61. Jaguar reloaded

    David,Messi has been more influential for Barca than Nasri is for Arsenal,and they might win a couple of trophies this season.What makes you think that Nasri hold any chance for winning it.

  62. Pedro

    David, I’d be surprised if he didn’t. There is plenty of money available and we’re in 4 competitions. He has to spend really.

  63. incesc

    Hangeland could do a job right away but wenger seems to have passed him up before.

    we need to win the league more than anything else so they have to be one of the best in england already.