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So, I don’t have it confirmed yet, but according to, Tommy V is still pencilled in for  a January return. There seems to be a groundswell of people who are desperate to tell us that he’s out for the season at every opportunity. I haven’t heard anything to suggest he’s out and I’ve been speaking the Pam the Arsenal tea lady on and off for the past 3 weeks.

So what are we going to talk about today?

Well, yesterday saw the arrival of David Beckham at Spurs. Fantastic to see that his arrival coincided nicely with the announcement that his wife is up the duff again. You’ve got to admire him, he takes attention seeking to new levels, even my needy cat looks embarrassed when he sees Beckham on tele. I bet Becks is chuffed he’s finally in a country that will massage his PR driven ego.

Anyway, a bit of debate was sparked in the comments yesterday. Thierry Henry has been at most of our home games during the break, he was spotted in the tunnel chatting to Yaya and Kolo at the Man City game… so I was thinking, why not bring him back for training? We had Beckham over here last time he was promoting a hair cut and the players spoke glowingly about training with such an icon.

So why not invite Thierry back to at least train with us for the next couple of months? He’s incredibly experienced, he’s been very humble since he left and I’m sure a genuine talent like him can be nothing but a boost for team morale. My guess is he’s waiting for an invite. My suggestion, Wenger should send one out!

Should have checked

Welcome back Thierry!

In other news, Arsene Wenger won manager of the decade. A superb achievement. As much as we give him a hard time over here, we certainly appreciate the consistency he’s bought to the club and our superb brand of football. My argument would be that Wenger shouldn’t just have won it, he should have smashed it. His decision making has been off kilter in the past few years. Hopefully we’ll see a return to the early noughties form for the next half of this decade.

Lionel Messi stormed the Ballon D’or, he said he didn’t expect to win it, which was a bit like Qatar saying they didn’t expect to win the 2022 world cup after emptying the oil coffers into the pockets of the chosen few. He’s a super talent, one of the best players I’ve had the pleasure to watch live and the most amazing part about him is that he’s only 23. Could Jack Wilshere ever achieve the high standards set by Messi, Xavi and Iniesta? I certainly hope so. We might even land ourselves a Messi of our own in the young Belgian who goes by the name of Eden Hazard. Could he be our first ever £20million player?

We’ll wait and see, but the vibe is strong.

It’s Carling Cup semi final eve. If you’re unlucky enough to have the displeasure of travelling to Ipswich, a few words of warning. Don’t get into a tractor unless you know the farmer in question, don’t look the locals directly in the eye and for god sake stay out of their Liquid and Envy. It makes the hills have eyes look like a beauty pageant.

I’m not going to do team previews today, though I will say I’d like to see Bendtner and Arshavin given a run out. Those two need to find their form and there will be no better game to find it in than against Ipswich away. The defence is down to its bare bones, so it looks like there might be a debut of Miquel. That or we’ll see Song slipping back with Denilson allowed to roam free. I wouldn’t be too against that if he could repeat his first half performance of the weekend.

Our reserve team was absolutely spanked 10-1 by Aston Villa. A pretty disgraceful score line at any level, I’ll leave Young Guns to explain away that result. John Jensen is set to make a shock return to English football as Steve Kean’s assistant over at Blackburn, good luck to the man who scored less times than Rick Waller. I’m also pleased to announce that ITV1 are going to play the Leeds game live for our viewing. That makes up for all the times they don’t put us on the main channel for Champions League games.

I’ve heard that Carlos Vela will definitely be moving out on loan. He has a whole host of clubs interested in his services including Bolton, Wigan (I’m there today in a corn flake factory, I f*cking love my life) and a few overseas clubs. You’d have to worry about his future if he went abroad, wouldn’t you?

Transfer conspiracy of the day? Gary Cahill to Arsenal, David Wheater to Bolton… sounds plausible especially considering that we know Bolton are open to offers, Cahill was on our hit list last year and he has a close relationship with Arsene.

Why is no one talking about Hangeland?

I thought it might be worth telling you that long time Grover Kreshnik has kindly offered to build the site its very own iphone app. I don’t have an iphone, but I’m still very excited about being able to watch other people enjoy the exciting functionality he’s hoping to bring to the app. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Finally, picture the scene. It’s a cold grubby football cafeteria, the camera pans out away from two cold bowls of porridge to reveal David Bentley and Alex Hleb sitting at the table miserable, reminiscing fondly about the days when they used to have a future. Good luck Dave, I’m glad leaving Arsenal worked out so well for you. You have the money, but you’ll never have the prestige of a great career.

Happy Tuesday Grovers, see you in the comments!

Altinop won goal of the year last night, I’ll leave you with the top ten… a morning feast for the eyes!

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Unless Vermaelen injured himself over the weekend, he’s in training and working towards full fitness. There is no conspiracy of silence. Also, had confirmation that Squillaci didn’t pull his almunia, he’s genuinely crocked for 3 weeks or so. Also, just so you know, Wigan is quite nice!

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  1. Telarse

    gambon says:
    January 11, 2011 at 12:00

    Georgie’s 5ft tall, id beat the shit out of her.

    Talksport career beckons?

  2. BOOZY

    IF bendtner, rvp, and chamack were given a run of five games each, now- my money would be on bendtner to get the most goals.

  3. Telarse

    Boozy, I’d agree if I thought he’d get a fair crack at playing in the middle!

    Speaking of fair cracks – Is Georgie a true blonde?

  4. goonermichael

    Telarse says:
    January 11, 2011 at 12:12
    Boozy, I’d agree if I thought he’d get a fair crack at playing in the middle!

    Speaking of fair cracks – Is Georgie a true blonde?

    fair crack

    That’s so funny

  5. goonermichael

    Thierry Henry back at Arsenal but he won’t be resigning, says chairman Peter Hill-Wood

    Hill wood won’t resign, we’ll have to sack him

  6. woody

    Right you could put Bentdner together with Chamhka and you still would not have the finished article,they both lack pace the vital ingredient to be a top class finisher.

    My idea would be,to put in a cheeky offer for TORRES.
    He’s clearly unhappy at Liverpool,would in my opinion be the vital cog upfront we need to win something.
    He would work great with the players we have,encourage perhaps Fabregas to stay,and score the goals regulary we need–he needs more service than he’s getting,and we are the side to give him that ammunition.


  7. goonermichael

    Babel has gone up in my estimation for that. He’s a cheating cunt as well though, just remembered anfield in the CL.

  8. wardo

    great post Pedro……you are a funny fcuker with some of the things you write !!

    Scored less times than Rick Waller !!! did make me laugh…….

  9. Jimbo

    £25, for Busquets?

    He’s a good player, but Fergie’s fallen out of the crazy tree if he’s paying that much for him.

  10. arsenal4ever

    reports in france saying Sakho is the chosen one. Would like that very much. Oh IAG I am at work so posting sometimes, lol. But after that my life is really boring.

  11. mike

    Andres Iniesta is a great player but if you look at his stats they are not that good, samir nasri being 3 years younger has already scored more goals playing for Marseille and Arsenal than iniesta has for barcelona and barcelona b.
    Iniesta has played 337 games for barca(not including barca b games) and scored 29 goals and 40 assist.

    Nasri who has played 103 games for arsenal scoring 25 goals and 14 assist.

    Then look at fabregas who has played 286 games for arsenal scoring 55 goals and 94 assist.

    Nasri and Fabregas have also been playing against better defensiv teams in england cause in spain they are a joke

  12. Jimbo

    finestcuts – the only player I’d ever want to talk to Barca about is Messi.

    They can keep the rest of their leprous cunts to themselves.

  13. finestcuts

    LOL Gambon……damn….well I hope your Wengerspeak translation is off the mark…..I want Busquets at Arsenal.

  14. Jimbo

    Because any dealing with Barcacunta will always come back to Cesc.

    Greasy bunch of wankers, hope we’ve blocked their mobile number and de-friended them on Facebook.

  15. finestcuts

    Well it’s highly unlikely because he’d cost a fortune, but he’d improve the team. A midfield of Fabregas, Wilshere and Busquets would be a winning combo, a no brainer.

  16. Franchise

    mike nice stats but your point aint a fact

    barca are the best team in the world and if they arent they are definitely better than arsenal

    better defences in the prem? are you being serious?

  17. Jimbo

    incesc – no. But he’s reasonably tenacious, and pretty good on the ball. A better version of Flamini (when he was good).

    Prefer Song anyway, if only for his comedy hairstyle.

  18. finestcuts

    Yeah I know politically it would be a tricky issue, but Cesc has said loud and clear that he wants to stay at Arsenal and win trophies with us. Besides he knows that he’d get the Hleb treatment, he’s not going to oust Farca fan favourites Iniesta and Xavi.

  19. Kushagra India

    Andres Iniesta and Xavi are definitely better than any arsenal player at the moment ask Aragones or Del Bosque..

  20. finestcuts

    Incesc, he’s a World Cup winner, Champions League winner, La Liga winner, SuperCup winner, Copa Del Rey winner……keeps Mascherano on the bench.
    He’s good.

  21. incesc

    haha kush

    is he over 6ft and built like arnie?

    Can he run and play agressively in the premier league for 90 minutes, and win challenges against all the angry players that have been wound up by the Fergie association of Northern managers, that we come up against?

  22. mike

    franchise i watch la liga every week and yes they are joke, Iniesta is playing in the worlds best team and he scores or creates a goal every fifth game wich for me is not good enough for a guy who plays and played with messi xavi pedro villa ronaldinho eto

  23. Kushagra India

    Yes he can imo but u can never be sure ……he performed valiantly against Manure in UCL final is his first big match..although I have to admit he is a preening conniving diva.

  24. Franchise

    mike watching la liga every week means nothing

    i hoped u also watched barca tearing the 3rd best defence in the prem last season (us) a new arsehole in the CL

    if u really watch la liga every week then you will know that iniesta is on another level

    you wanna judge zidane by his stats too?

  25. Wenger the liar

    Qoutes from today so far…..

    “The league is a lot stronger from top to bottom this season”

    “We can nearly match Barcelona man for man”

    “Darren Bent is 10 times the player Chamack is”

    “Iniesta is a great player but if you look at his stats they are not that good”

    And people say I talk bollocks.

  26. Kushagra India

    Iniesta’s ball control when surrounded by a plethora of players is second to none added with his ability to come goods when the chips are down on a regular basis.
    Rooney called him the best player in the world..

  27. Franchise

    there is fact and there is debatable

    Iniesta and Xavi are the 2 best midfielders in world football at the moment. IMO they are both tied for 1st

  28. mike

    i never said iniesta is a bad player i just said his stats are not good enough, Iniesta is f##king amazing i think he si great and probably the only barca player with some class but his stats are not that good

  29. incesc

    I though iniesta was spains best player in the world cup, and not just because of that goal…


    great player, has so much time on the ball, fantastic to watch.

    shame hes a massive wanker

  30. finestcuts

    On form I still say it’s Fabregas however 2nd would be Xavi…..most completed passes……and most of his passes are forward, not sideways or back…… he’s a true legend in midfield.

  31. Wenger the liar


    No problem mate. I understand, the next papragragh is not related to what you said.

    Any baller on the planet knows Iniesta is the daddy. People that havent kicked a ball in their lives may not be able to see talent. Ronaldo is an xbox ps3 fifa 2011 players favorite, Iniesta is a ballers baller.

  32. Franchise

    simple truth is unless we start to dominate by winning major trophies the likes of cesc and nasri will always be ‘also rans’ then they will end up at Barca were they will become Great players. Henry had to jump ship to win CL cos he saw we were heading no where anytime soon

  33. A

    HPM he must have gotten it, would’ve been applied for and gotten before we announced his signing….

    If he hadn’t gotten it then we’d know about it

  34. A

    That’s per player Arse&Nose, as in we can’t apply for another for Wellington Silva as we already did and were rejected. Not as a club

  35. Master P

    Franchise! How are things man?
    Happy New Year by the way…

    I have to ask mate, do you not think Cesc is almost at the level where Xavi/Iniesta are?

    Next season, I believe he will be on par with them.
    Wherever he will be plying his trade 😉

  36. Franchise

    Incesc this season definitely. Messi is extra terrestial. All those games where we were cluless in the final 3rd Messi would have had a trick or two to open defences up. Cesc would enjoy to play with a player like Messi

    imagine the wide positions operated by Messi and Nasri


  37. finestcuts

    What about the cops who dragged the guy out of his wheelchair, or the one who smashed some student round the head with a truncheon requiring him to have emergency brain surgery?

  38. GoonerDNA

    Guys Iniesta and Xavi are brilliant but when you play for Barca things are alot easier even more easier when most your team mates play with you internationally not saying they not good but I reckon if Cesc played from them he would also look that little bit better.

  39. Franchise

    Master P Cesc is not that far off. The thing is Braca as a side are better rehearsed in their tactics and plays than we are. This obviously means that players would look better. Cesc plays with not as good players around him so he takes the initiative and tries to run the show most of the time.

    Barca are not neccessarily like that although Xavi and Messi are really the key men. Iniesta and others like Alves do chip in quite a lot but they are more of a unit than we are IMO

    If I judge based on the national team then it is clear that those guys are still at least a level above Cesc. Their ability to keep the ball is more impressive especially Iniesta’s.

  40. High Power Mutant

    thanks for the info
    It’ll be interesting to see what he can do? do you know when we’ll see him for the reserves?

  41. Big Dave

    Our new Japanese player, well I think it was him, had a lot of people around him, altho they all look the same to me

  42. A

    Yeah finest (on the whole) the police are an absolute joke, especially the ones at the protests, kettling etc etc.

    Don’t want to generalise but the majority are complete and utter dickheads without a braincell to share between them!

  43. incesc

    hopefully hazard will add that extra dimension, and cesc will still be here to play with him.

    lets hope cesc wasnt talking about the carling cup when he said he was staying to win stuff.

  44. A

    I’m still convinced that at Borehamwood Miyaichi had an earpiece in and his chum in the stands was chatting to him the entire game, weird.

  45. Wenger the liar

    In relation to the student who got 3 years, I just read a funny qoute on the Guardian website:

    Lesson for today – throw newspaper sellers not fire extinguishers.

  46. Master P

    Incesc, LOL, too true…

    lets hope cesc wasnt talking about the carling cup when he said he was staying to win stuff.

  47. Big Dave

    In an exclusive interview with the 30-year-old explained how a summer transfer to the Emirates broke down, and how he hopes that the North London club make another offer for his services in the coming weeks.

    “When I first heard about Arsenal’s interest in the summer it was something really special to me.” Spahic revealed.

    “When a club like Arsenal are interested it is something special for any footballer, and I was honoured. Unfortunately a deal could not work, and we could not conclude a deal.

    “My management were in talks with Arsenal. I don’t know what happened in the end, but I ended up staying in Montpellier. Then Mr Wenger bought another player, and that is football, it happens quite often.”

    Spahic explained that it is likely he will leave the French Ligue 1 during the transfer window. He said:

    “Currently I have not heard from Arsene Wenger. But my management are in talks with a couple of other Premier League clubs. I am actually waiting for some news.

    “If Arsenal were interested again I could not say no. In the summer Montpellier were not interested in selling me because he (the manager) did not want to weaken the team. But I hope that something could happen in the next 7-10 days. Arsenal would be something really special for me personally.”

    The Bosnian international captain is known for his tough tackling approach and is currently serving a five match ban after being found guilty of deliberately aiming an elbow at Stade Brest striker Nolan Roux.

  48. namibian gooner

    i think the reason why Iniesta’s stats are not good is because he plays in much better team with better plays and hence does not need to score or assist every game. Cesc on the other hand plays in a team that is not as great has far responsibility, he is our mainly attacking player the only he is close to the barca level. cesc has to carry the team than those spanish cunts. cesc usually has the last say in most of our attacks hence he has better stats but Iniesta has alot of help and soes not need to be the main attacking outlet.

  49. Wenger the liar

    “Martin Brundle and David Coulthard will be the BBC’s Formula One commentators for the upcoming season”

    Its a bit like philip Senderos and titus bramble commentating on match of the day.

  50. Franchise

    dotwuzhia the pace and power of the premiership that cannot deliver the UEFA cup?

    VDV couldnt cut it in La Liga look at how he has taken the league by storm

    if Denilson can survive 150 apps why cant an everpresent in Spain’s world cup winning squad

    CL winner, Double La liga winner

    sometimes the stuff people come up with

  51. Franchise

    Busquets keeps Mascherano on the bench do you think it is because he is Catalan?

    And remember Billong aint won shit yet as great as he is

  52. Franchise

    I was sat just by Red Action last season at the Emirates where Busquets was running rings round Song. Song is not a bad player but to say he is better than Busq by miles is just bullshit

  53. Wenger the liar

    Jaguar –


    Denilson is better than Iniesta and the reason Bendy plays on the right wing now is because he is better than Messi.


  54. finestcuts

    Busquets is a better player than Mascherano, nothing to do with his citizenship…and I’d never suspect Guardiola would make first team choices based on that….baseless and a tad insulting to him.

    A better question is, why does Busquets get paid less than Mascherano despite being first choice?

  55. Rohan

    It’s difficult to say who’s better imo. Busquets is prolly the more accomplished player overall but I think I’d have Song over him in our team.

  56. A

    Franchise I think it’s because he’s Catalan….

    Same with Yaya – he’s well ahead of Busquets but over there they love their home grown players….

    Busquets is good but not amazing imo. He’s a level below the rest of their team, it’s just him and Abidal who let the side down a bit

  57. Kushagra India

    i think its only Abidal Busquets is a class above a regular feature in the Spanish line up…that says something..

  58. Franchise

    lol at A

    So Manager would risk ambition over nationality?

    Oh I also see why Del Bosque picked him over the likes of Senna

    Busquets does his job and does it well. DM is not a position of flamboyance although Busquets adds flair to the position

    Since Makalele IMO no DM has been at that level.

    Ever wondered if Busquets passing ability and better understanding of the game is a reason why he keeps the more buzzing MAscherano on the bench


  59. namibian gooner

    the whole barca team better than us player for player. which player at Arsenal would get in to the barca team?

  60. Kushagra India

    So, what does Busquets brings to Barcelona’s game? Most importantly, what does he bring that Mascherano doesn’t?

    In my opinion, Mascherano is the best destroyer in the world right now. But the problem is that it’s not the role Busquets plays.

    The latter’s role can be defined as a future model of the “Makelele role.” It’ll include winning the ball back, make simple passes to the other centre midfielders, keeping the defensive posture, and most importantly, build up attacks from the back

  61. A

    Fair enough Franchise!!

    Imo Yaya is the best DM in the world, and it’s only the fact that Busquets is home grown that means he’s in there. Mascherano isn’t far behind Yaya along with Essien (when he plays there) but Mascherano isn’t suited to the Spanish league.

    Busquets works very well with Xavi and Iniesta which is the reason he’s prominent for Spain imo, rather than his individual ability which is good, but not world class. Senna is well past it now though.

    Busquets is better on the ball than Mascherano but isn’t that great defensively

  62. Arse&Nose©

    Bisquits holds his face and rolls three times when he is tackled. No one else in the world does this as good as he does it.

  63. Kushagra India

    isn’t that great defensively…???

    The three-man defence worked well at the back, creating a spare man against the Aguero-Forlan partnership. Coaches like Marcelo Bielsa and Otto Rehhagel are so keen to keep a spare man in the centre of the defence that they will switch their systems (and therefore make necessary substitutions) within games, but having a player like Busquets means Barcelona are able to seamlessly move between a three- and four- man system at will. Of course, as this would have been 4-3-3 v 4-4-2, it means Barcelona lose their midfield numerical advantage, but Xavi and Andres Iniesta are such good passers that this was no problem considering the other pros of the system.

  64. Kushagra India

    And this continued for 120 minutes, with Busquets so effective in his defensive responsibilities that it’s difficult to remember a single thing Sneijder did in the match. This tackle from Busquets (pink) on Sneijder is in extra time, with the two players in almost exactly the same position as in picture two above, which was taken in the first ten minutes of the first half.

  65. Franchise

    Analysis of world cup final a lot pointed Spain’s succes to stem from Busquets keeping Sneidjer quiet. The guy is all A claims Denilson is

    fantastic reader of the game, protects back 4, facilitates quick counter attacks, simple but yet effective