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So, I don’t have it confirmed yet, but according to, Tommy V is still pencilled in for  a January return. There seems to be a groundswell of people who are desperate to tell us that he’s out for the season at every opportunity. I haven’t heard anything to suggest he’s out and I’ve been speaking the Pam the Arsenal tea lady on and off for the past 3 weeks.

So what are we going to talk about today?

Well, yesterday saw the arrival of David Beckham at Spurs. Fantastic to see that his arrival coincided nicely with the announcement that his wife is up the duff again. You’ve got to admire him, he takes attention seeking to new levels, even my needy cat looks embarrassed when he sees Beckham on tele. I bet Becks is chuffed he’s finally in a country that will massage his PR driven ego.

Anyway, a bit of debate was sparked in the comments yesterday. Thierry Henry has been at most of our home games during the break, he was spotted in the tunnel chatting to Yaya and Kolo at the Man City game… so I was thinking, why not bring him back for training? We had Beckham over here last time he was promoting a hair cut and the players spoke glowingly about training with such an icon.

So why not invite Thierry back to at least train with us for the next couple of months? He’s incredibly experienced, he’s been very humble since he left and I’m sure a genuine talent like him can be nothing but a boost for team morale. My guess is he’s waiting for an invite. My suggestion, Wenger should send one out!

Should have checked

Welcome back Thierry!

In other news, Arsene Wenger won manager of the decade. A superb achievement. As much as we give him a hard time over here, we certainly appreciate the consistency he’s bought to the club and our superb brand of football. My argument would be that Wenger shouldn’t just have won it, he should have smashed it. His decision making has been off kilter in the past few years. Hopefully we’ll see a return to the early noughties form for the next half of this decade.

Lionel Messi stormed the Ballon D’or, he said he didn’t expect to win it, which was a bit like Qatar saying they didn’t expect to win the 2022 world cup after emptying the oil coffers into the pockets of the chosen few. He’s a super talent, one of the best players I’ve had the pleasure to watch live and the most amazing part about him is that he’s only 23. Could Jack Wilshere ever achieve the high standards set by Messi, Xavi and Iniesta? I certainly hope so. We might even land ourselves a Messi of our own in the young Belgian who goes by the name of Eden Hazard. Could he be our first ever £20million player?

We’ll wait and see, but the vibe is strong.

It’s Carling Cup semi final eve. If you’re unlucky enough to have the displeasure of travelling to Ipswich, a few words of warning. Don’t get into a tractor unless you know the farmer in question, don’t look the locals directly in the eye and for god sake stay out of their Liquid and Envy. It makes the hills have eyes look like a beauty pageant.

I’m not going to do team previews today, though I will say I’d like to see Bendtner and Arshavin given a run out. Those two need to find their form and there will be no better game to find it in than against Ipswich away. The defence is down to its bare bones, so it looks like there might be a debut of Miquel. That or we’ll see Song slipping back with Denilson allowed to roam free. I wouldn’t be too against that if he could repeat his first half performance of the weekend.

Our reserve team was absolutely spanked 10-1 by Aston Villa. A pretty disgraceful score line at any level, I’ll leave Young Guns to explain away that result. John Jensen is set to make a shock return to English football as Steve Kean’s assistant over at Blackburn, good luck to the man who scored less times than Rick Waller. I’m also pleased to announce that ITV1 are going to play the Leeds game live for our viewing. That makes up for all the times they don’t put us on the main channel for Champions League games.

I’ve heard that Carlos Vela will definitely be moving out on loan. He has a whole host of clubs interested in his services including Bolton, Wigan (I’m there today in a corn flake factory, I f*cking love my life) and a few overseas clubs. You’d have to worry about his future if he went abroad, wouldn’t you?

Transfer conspiracy of the day? Gary Cahill to Arsenal, David Wheater to Bolton… sounds plausible especially considering that we know Bolton are open to offers, Cahill was on our hit list last year and he has a close relationship with Arsene.

Why is no one talking about Hangeland?

I thought it might be worth telling you that long time Grover Kreshnik has kindly offered to build the site its very own iphone app. I don’t have an iphone, but I’m still very excited about being able to watch other people enjoy the exciting functionality he’s hoping to bring to the app. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Finally, picture the scene. It’s a cold grubby football cafeteria, the camera pans out away from two cold bowls of porridge to reveal David Bentley and Alex Hleb sitting at the table miserable, reminiscing fondly about the days when they used to have a future. Good luck Dave, I’m glad leaving Arsenal worked out so well for you. You have the money, but you’ll never have the prestige of a great career.

Happy Tuesday Grovers, see you in the comments!

Altinop won goal of the year last night, I’ll leave you with the top ten… a morning feast for the eyes!

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Unless Vermaelen injured himself over the weekend, he’s in training and working towards full fitness. There is no conspiracy of silence. Also, had confirmation that Squillaci didn’t pull his almunia, he’s genuinely crocked for 3 weeks or so. Also, just so you know, Wigan is quite nice!

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  1. Gooby

    messi scored 65 goals in 2010, scary.

    the ballon d’or criteria changed this year, they don’t take into account competition won by the player, it’s more of an individual performance trophy

  2. kwaku

    I totally agree wit u on de Bendtner and AA23’S point that they are given a run out against Ips! Its just a disgraceful scoreline by the reserve side.

  3. wattsy65

    Thanks Pedro, as a gooner exiled in Tractor Land I loved your Ipswich comments, sadly they are so true!

    Ipswich is a bit like the towns in old western films, one main street, and fuck all else.

    Telarse, Scott Parker would be a great signing, he has everything we need, but he’s English so it won’t happen, I’d offer Diaby and Denilson plus cash for him.

  4. Big Dave

    David, you are planning a return to the Premiership with Tottenham, you
    have only ever played for one other Premiership club – Manchester United –
    have you thought about the stick?”

    “Yeah, she’ll be fine, she loves London.”

  5. jlp

    Good morning all,
    Great read Pedro
    The best thing about Bentley is that he is a ‘never was’ and long may that tag prosper.
    Couldn’t have happened to a better guy IMO.

  6. Rohan

    So is everyone else, Big Dave. The league’s a lot stronger this season from top to bottom imo. And I’m not just talking about the likes of Tottenham and Citeh…everyone can beat everyone.

  7. Ben

    Against Ipswich I’ll go for:


    Eboue Song Kos Gibbs

    Rosicky Denilson Cesc

    Arsh Bend Vela

    (changed my mind about Arshavin)

  8. Rohan

    Pedro could you please remove some of the useless and outdated stuff from the sidebar on the right? 😀

    cue the dogs

    I hate pressing “end” to get to the bottom of the comments and ending up somewhere next to the dogs?….

  9. BigRed1

    When will people ever learn that banging your head against a wall hurts? How many more chances do certain players have to be given to show they are not up to Arsenal standard? We have 15 players out on loan, if none of them can put in a better shift than Denilson, Bendtner, Squillaci and Arshavin why employ them? Crap rap tweeter JET might be, but putting him in a team with a bunch of muppets yesterday achieved nothing, he and a recalled Lansbury should have been starters in the team tomorrow.

  10. A

    Cheers for the update Pedro.

    He does have some Kush, although doesn’t mean much, freak results can happen in the ressies, although not usually that excessive! Bit of a shock to the system for the kids i’m sure. We still top of the reserve league I take it?

    Ben I’m going for the same team as against Leeds, but Koscielny and miquel as the centre back pairing. Maybe Cesc in rather than Song actually

  11. Ben

    fair enough Big Dave. I’d be quite happy with either.

    The team wasn’t easy to pick though! I think Wengers got a tough selection choice tomorrow

  12. gazzap

    Apparantly Bremen want £20m for mertesacker. Rules us out then. Samba for £8m looks a bargain.

    Verm might be close, but you cant quite trust that he will return and not have a set back. We could quite easily be using Miquel more than expected, which could be dangerous. I’d rather buy Samba and demote Squill to 5th place.

  13. Big Dave

    Braga away.

    Denilson, Eboue, Squci, NB52

    Wigan away. Denilson, Eboue, Squci, NB52

    Leeds cup. Denilson, Eboue, Squci, NB52

    No victory in either of games whilst those 3 were playing for us

  14. nuudles

    Morning, so what are the chances the manager will play Aaron tomorrow? I would put him alongside Denilson and tell Denilson if he goes into our own box he will be shot, repeatedly…

    My lineup will be very similar to the one of the weekend (except obviously for Squill who I would replace with Miquel or Song), but Bendtner in the middle up front with Vela and AA23 to start on the wings.


    bench: cesc, kos, song, chamakh, theo, clichy/couple of youngsters like eastmond (but i think he played in the shocking reserve game so potentially experience on the bench, maybe JET)

  15. A

    Yep Ben, I thought he’s had a decent game last two matches there, got into alot of goalscoring positions (although obviously his finishing was very off) and created for others.

  16. Big Dave

    Hoping to see if Ramsey does get a run out tomorrow.

    They wanted to put him in for the last 30 min on Sat, but things were not going our way so he couldn’t come on (hoping we would be 2 up by then).

    Kos will play not Miquel

  17. A

    nuudles I reckon we should hold off starting Aaron until the home leg, hopefully the tie will be over and done with, no worries about the pitch etc etc

  18. incesc


    eboue koz squid gibbs

    rosicky song fabregas

    bender rvp nasri

    no reason why these players cant beat west ham then rotate slightly and bdeat west ham.

    we could be 3 up by 60 mins and take off rvp, cesc and nasri…

  19. A

    Cheers Big Dave. It does worry me JD playing so many games on the trot, maybe we’ll play miquel in the second leg to give jd a rest. Or maybe a new signing if he’s not cup tied….

  20. Rohan

    I think we’ll see 2 of Cesc, Nasri and van Persie on the pitch along with Arshavin and Bendtner. Song will sit this one out meaning Denilson will be there.

  21. A

    Yep agree Ben, either centrally or out right but he needs games – could be an important player second half of season…. Bendtner as a centre back, would be interesting. If it worked it’d be Wenger’s most genius moment!

  22. Rohan

    We need to get a new CB and quick. Still not so sure about Cahill. Samba would do I guess, but I’m still holding out for someone else…

    As I said, we should go German imo.

  23. nuudles

    ipswitch got a thrashing to chelsea over the weekend i think, dont know if they threw the game by playing their 2nd string to focus on CC or not (although it is more likely to beat chelsea than us at the moment, especially as we play 2 legs, cant see them beating us over 2 legs…), if i remember correctly they are also stuggling in their league and just got a new manager, so no way would they beat our 2nd string over 2 legs

    as such i would not play key players like cesc, song, rvp, nasri, etc, they mus be saved for the weekend, I know we are only playing West Ham, but it is an away game and will not be a given

  24. A

    Weds – not looking forward to the essay type dealy…. You sure gotta do an essay?!

    Barca isn’t gonna happen btw – no chance of us getting tkts….

  25. Sam

    Vertonghen would be a good buy. He can cover CB and also fight with Song for DM.

    Also more probable us buying from outside England.

  26. nuudles

    true A, if Aaron got more game time on loan then maybe he would have ready to start for us, on the other hand against a side like ipswitch it might not be such a big risk, i would still like to see him get some game time, preferably the last 30 mins if he does not start

    i maintain we should beat them easily over 2 legs so i would rest the big guns for the weekend, so no cesc, nasri, rvp, clichy & song & hopefully no wilshere, they could all potentially bench though

  27. Big Dave

    Play your strongest/fresh side were possible and hope to come away with a 3 nil victory.

    Can see JW starting this one

  28. Ben

    That’s what I remember… But it might be different for economists.

    That sucks! I’ve got a ticket for the home game though! *smug*

    I remember last time Theo coming on and changing the whole game. If he starts this year we could beat them comfortably.

  29. Rohan

    We need to win all our games up to the Barca first leg imo…

    12 Wed Carling Cup A Ipswich Town 19:45 SS1
    15 Sat Barclays Premier League A West Ham United 17:30 ESPN
    19 Wed The FA Cup A Leeds 20:00 ITV1
    22 Sat Barclays Premier League H Wigan Athletic 15:00 ATVO
    25 Tue Carling Cup H Ipswich Town 19:45 BBC2
    29/30 The FA Cup H Huddersfield Town ATVO
    (If Arsenal beat Leeds United in Round 3)
    February F A
    01 Tue Barclays Premier League H Everton 19:45 ATVO
    05 Sat Barclays Premier League A Newcastle United 15:00 ATVO
    12 Sat Barclays Premier League H Wolverhampton W. 15:00 ATVO
    16 Wed UEFA Champions League H FC Barcelona 19:45 ATVO

  30. Clacko the gooner

    Am i right in thinking that last time we played Barca we didn’t have Nasri or he was out injured.

    It will be interesting to see how he does against them.

  31. A

    I hope it is different for economists, there definitely no prep I could do?

    Oh I’ll be going to the home game, and still putting out feelers for the away game…. Prided myself in sourcing LCR tickets regardless of demand and how quickly it sold out – have to transfer those skills to Arsenal….

    Few drinks before the game, when are you next down here?

    Anyone know when the press conference is today? Is there one?

  32. bc

    We are in a semi final tomorrow so should be going for it, but in between these 2 cup games we have a london derby in the league. I want wenger to rotate but not the way he has been. Instead of playing your best X1 one match then your second best X1 the next how about a bit of mix and match. Obviously we have some enforced changes, with RVP, Nasri, Diaby, Squillaci, Vermaelen all unavailable. We do not need our best X1 to beat Ipswich so I would go with this line up – sczcesney, eboue, koscielny, miquel, clichy; wilshere, denilson, ramsey; walcott, bendtner, arshavin; subs fabianski, djourou, gibbs, fabregas, rosicky, chamakh, vela. However if Miyaichi is available I would like to see him on the bench instead of Vela, who really needs to leave on loan ASAP as does JET.

  33. Rohan

    Naah, he played in both legs, Clacko. Didn’t do much really although I remember him fighting and not giving in in the second leg.

    In him and Cesc we have our very own Xavi and Iniesta. The only difference really is that while they have Lionel Messi, we have Theo Walcott. 😀

  34. Franchise

    Rohan comon we have Nikki B who is more prolific than Villa

    he has scores 30 goals in 10 starts. if you look closer the stat is even more impressive

    30 goals in just 10km of running

  35. Clacko the gooner

    Franchise, i have been good mate. Busy so not been on too much. How are you?

    He was partial to the classic Big mac wasn’t he haha

  36. Rohan

    Jaguar, I really have my doubts as to whether you are even an Arsenal fan…

    Dunno A..our system is slightly different imo. I’d have thought Wilshere to be more akin to Busquets tbh.

  37. Telarse

    Rohan – methinks the dogs are Pedro porn!

    Big Dave – 5 points down on last season is not so bad as Chelsea and Man U are catching down with us altough we have caught down with Man C.

    If Miquel has a decent game v Ipswich (“you sure got a purty mouth”) is is bye bye new centre-half?

  38. Jaguar reloaded

    Rohan,better mind your own business.Like I said before,the only thing which you contributeto the site is bleating about your gay love for Bendtner.

  39. Franchise

    AK happy new year to you too. I have a stat to welcome you back

    Denilson has intercepted more passes than patriot missiles intercepted scuds in the first Gulf war

  40. Maciek

    Hello ArsenalKenya,

    Nothing new here. Squilacci is injured and Vermalen COULD be out till March, so we are after a cb.

  41. Franchise

    Maciek nice to catch you on here. So have you got any upcoming young stars in Eastern Europe that you have your eyes on?

  42. Sam

    Rohan, if you were a betting man, you would have lost a lot of money on Bendtner hat tricks, braces and Rosicky thunderbolts.

  43. nuudles

    very true A, hopefully Wilshere develops as we all hope (mainly he needs to work on his final ball and his finishing), although I see both him and Cesc as more balanced players than Iniesta and Xavi, Xavi is the passer and Iniesta receives more passes/going on runs although he can pass effectively too. At the moment we play Wilshere more in Xavi’s role and Cesc in Iniesta’s, with Nasri in Messi’s as you rightly say.

    Villa and RVP have vastly different playing styles IMO, both Villa and Pedro are more like Theo even though Villa does frequently play through the middle.

    Man for man we are quite close to them but they normally play better together as a team and they press and defend very effectively, and their ball retention is crazy…

  44. Rohan

    If we can get our fair share of possession, we’ll give them a game imo. Song and Wilshere be key in that aspect.

    Theo vs Abidal will be key as well. I fancy RvP to be up for it as well.

  45. nuudles

    jip rohan, but the most crucial point i think is how well we retain the ball, plus if we try to play a high offside line we will get slaughtered… (just like real madrid…)

  46. leon

    its i have said i realy cant see wenger making a big signing cb position it puch kos further down the pecking order who i realy like has a realy good future but sculaci however does look iffy at times i realy think wenger should have gone for defender with prem experience,i think wenger should 5 cbs.

    i realy hope wenger gets eden hazard he realy looks the real deal,i have against risicky but he realy cant change a game plus we have nasri fab ramsey wilshire landsbury.when it comes vela i just cant see him making it at arsenal he pretty much 22 now and he just warms the bench,realy once he came to uk he should gone out on loan straight away in the prem or champoinship

  47. Grimandi

    Bendy made AA23 look bad on saturday, AA is a great player but no one can control NB pass, he is untter rubish, I know he’s young and all but the guy cant do anything with the ball. I think we need to get rid of him.

  48. A

    Grimandi imo it’s the other way round. Arshavin’s terrible performance made Bendtner (who had a good game) look bad. Miscontrolling the ball and not running after it etc.

  49. Maciek


    Hello mate!

    When I look at our poor Polish league I don’t see anyone. This Rudnevs from Lech Poznan is average.
    There was a central defender playing for Wisla Krakow, named Marcello who I wanted to sign for us, but in the summer he was transfered to PSV for 4m euros.
    Arboleda frm Lech is a good central defender in the type of Samba.
    I i follow Russian and Ukrainian league, but I don’t see players good enough to play for us, maybe aside from Honda and Dzagaev.

    Aside from that I don’t see any qaulity players.

    Take care.

  50. BOOZY

    OF ALL our center forwards, presently, bendtner has impressed me the most, he seems like the most likely to score a goal.
    i like RVP but,i think he should take a little break.

    PLUS bendy and theo seem to have a very good undertsanding.


  51. A

    I agree gambon, especially with Messi and Iniesta, don’t have anything close to them.

    Wilshere COULD get there and I hoped Arshavin would be able to at least be a poor man’s Messi, but sadly it hasn’t happened like that.

  52. ArsenalKenya

    @ Maciek & Franchise – I am humbled to be back on the blogg and i am feeling overweight after feasting and drinking so much during the holidays.

    Back to business now….
    Why cant Wenger open his purse strings and get in Cahill, Hangeland or Samba. I know he will buy Samba..MARK MY WORDS. This will add the beast image to our defence. Imagine Samba on one to one with the diving spurs cunt – Berbatov in the return match.

  53. nuudles

    i dont agree gambon, man for man we can almost match most of their players except for messi, but they play together amazingly well and the way they apply themselves is better than we do (for example their pressing and their ball retention and their running off the ball)

  54. Big Dave

    You can’t put NB52 on the wing, and you can’t put him in the same team as MC29. It does not work.

    A lot of these players should stop feeling sorry for themselves for being on the subs bench, and when given the chance take it, it’s down to them to show they want to play for Arsenal, otherwise fuck off and play elsewhere

  55. Grimandi


    Not even Messi could control a NB pass, the guy has no touch to play for us. to make it worse he cant finish. Arshavin is on a different plant to Bendy!

  56. nuudles

    A, dont you think Nasri could do Iniesta’s role and do it just as well? I think Cesc can also do it extremely well, where I think we cannot match them are with Messi and Xavi.

    Cesc is a very good passer, but not quite on Xavi’s level yet and he does not play the same role most of the time.

  57. A

    Grimandi if we had to lose one of Bendtner or Arshavin in the summer it’d be Arshavin for me every time…. Arshavin missing the passes were not Bendtner’s fault in any way shape or form, Arshavin was just completely fucked one way or another, be it physically or mentally he wasn’t there.

    Not yet nuddles – Iniesta is at least on par with Xavi as the best centre mid in the world imo, if not better. Nasri is class but he’s got some way to go before he reaches Iniesta sort of level.

    I’d say that Cesc could compete with Xavi, and Song Busquets, as well as Theo/Nasri with Pedro. Maybe (a fit)VP with Villa too.

  58. Arsene Nose Best

    you have to say if brum get a decent result tonight,they will go through because of there decent home form.

  59. dennisdamenace

    fucking sycophants!! Sky Sports News fucking joke outfit, some ill informed, cranially challenged fuckwit bitch has just stated…….”David Beckham, probably Englands greatest ever player”…….WTF???? Fuck off back to knitting you stupid fucking whore……

    Someone needs to remind the bitch, who incidentally is paid to report on a sports news program, of names such as Banks, Moore, Bobby Charlton etc, fucking retard bitch.

  60. Grimandi


    I know Arshavin had a poor game, but he is not in the same bracket as NB, in all my time as an Arsenal fan, I have never seen any Arsenal forward worse than NB, not even Chris Kiwombia or Christopher Wreh. NB just bad and clearly is getting no better with age, most players improve by 21/22.

    Even though he was having his worst game Arshavin produce a moment of brilliance with the pass to Theo, hes not become awful over nite.

  61. A

    lol ddm, it is ridiculous. Gonna be even worse when it’s “Sir David Beckham”

    Fair enough Grimandi. I rate Bendtner, and he isn’t even comparable to the likes of Wreh etc. He’s an important player for me both in the present, and future of the club in terms of winning trophies

  62. A

    With Arshavin I think he’ll go at the end of the season. Hopefully after re-finding some form and helping us win things this season. He’ll start the league cup final and both semis, hopefully get some desire and confidence back. He could be an important player for us too in the present

  63. goonermichael

    gambon says:
    January 11, 2011 at 11:45
    If it was Georgie Thompson shes forgiven.

    Or Millie.

    Why Gambon she’s average to doglike 🙂

  64. Goonerpower

    Bentner at CB come guys, he shouldn’t even play as a striker never mind CB!! Time to sell him so he can get on with he big headed “I’m the best” pretend life

  65. AC Gooner

    instead of 20m for Cahill, 8m for Samba and use 12m plus NB proceeds to get someone who sticks the ball in the net a little more often so all the beauty of our midfield is not wasted several times per match.