Arsenal have an INDIVIDUAL problem | Crazy transfer target mooted

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I’ve read people claiming that yesterday’s poor result was down to the team and it would be unfair to pick out individuals when critiquing the afternoon (as always…).

Sorry, but I shan’t be having that.

Yesterday’s issue was about the level of our second string not being as high as we’d like to imagine. We’ve seen that demonstrated twice in 2 weeks. It’s not a coincidence that teams that have Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner and dare I say it… Arshavin, suffer when they’re all mashed into our ‘strongest’ team of the day.

Now, I am sure I can muster a defence for a number of the players if I put my mind to it, so I’ll give you the run down.

Nik Bendtner

Simply put, he is not a F*CKING winger. Apologies for my bad language, but this isn’t like sticking Reyes, Wiltord or Theo out wide… this is putting a cumbersome 6ft4 lump out on the wing. You only have to look at him to see that he’s never going to work out there. He knows psychologically he’s no good there and that affects his game. His touch was atrocious yesterday, his finishing was diabolical and his attitude stank.

Can I blame him? Not really… he was hung out to dry being put out wide. His game was summed up late on when he lashed wildly at a floated pass. He should have struck it, however, a good standard of Sunday league player would have landed that on target.

Emmanuel Eboue

I’ve never bought into this whole cult thing we do for him. It irritates me because at the heart of it, there is a poor player who is mistake ridden in the extreme. His passing was disastrous and his decision making was laughable. There was also time for a standard injury feign and dive that was surprisingly ignored by the referee. Let him go to Roma, he’s too old to be back up right back. Surely there is a career he’s killing?


On the receiving end of a lot of cyber anger yesterday. I’ve got to say, I thought he was superb in the first half. His passing was unusually creative and I thought he was playing his role very well. However, after we went one down, his good play was flushed down the toilet. He was missing tackles, jogging and guilty of poor decision making. He conceded the penalty and once again, his lack of mobility was on show for all to see.


Quite frankly one of the most embarrassing performances I’ve ever seen from a player who has so much talent. It rivals Eboue’s cameo against Wigan where he was booed. He completely missed the ball twice, he’s been hanging out with Song’s imaginary friend and can’t stop passing to him and again, his decision making was terrible.

I feel really bad for him, his confidence has been destroyed over the last month and the fans really did treat him badly yesterday. For me, when a player has that much talent, you have to give him a bit of love. Our lot have had enough and that’s very sad. What really gets me is that no one on the pitch put an arm around him and told him to pull himself together. For a team that has more spirit than a Jack Daniels factory, we seem to have very little communication on the pitch when things are going wrong.

… you know what, for a player that has given us 4 goals and 12 assists this year, the crowd were disgraceful.

There, I said it. I don’t like knocking people who pay to see the game but he was getting pelters for things that weren’t even his fault. Regardless of how poor he was, he still looked the most dangerous player out there and he kept plugging away.

One more player I have to throw into the mix is Thomas Rosicky. He was pretty awful all day. We’ve waited 4 years for him to come good, now he’s injury free, he’s next to useless on the pitch. He doesn’t score, he doesn’t assist and he goes missing for large chunks of the game. He is like a 100 year old time piece that has been left in the cupboard. It’s beautiful to look at becuase you can imagine what it was like in it’s prime, however, wind it up and put it into the real world, the timing is going to be all over the shop and it’ll never quite work the same.

That is really sad, but it highlights the harsh realities of top level football these days. Loyalty to perma-crocks gets you no where.

All of the above, combined with players who were doing a pretty good job ended up in us not being able to turn over a Leeds team who came to play football against us!

The game from a neutral perspective must have been fantastic, from where I was sitting, it was most awkward. Watching Cesc Fabregas and Theo come onto rescue us was a sad indictment of our second string. Watching the Spaniard play long balls was a grim reflection of the poor movement of our team.

Arsenal dominated possession in the first half creating plenty of chances. Arshavin went closest when he beat the offside trap, his problem was too much time, firing straight at Schmeichel junior.

The second half Leeds came out of the blocks and won a penalty after Denilson stuck a clumsy leg out in the box. Chesney dived close to the Snodgrass penalty but the ball was fired too hard for him to keep it out.

Arsenal fell to pieces from there. The midfield couldn’t keep hold of the ball and we nearly went 2 down from a corner, luckily Chesney pulled off what can only be described as a world-class save. We nearly shipped another goal when a freekick was zipped over the bar marginally.

Cesc Fabregas came on for Alex Song which was the first of the strange substitutions. I didn’t think the man from Cameroon was having a bad game and there were plenty of others who clearly were. Cesc boosted our morale and we started to pressure Leeds.

The next sub was Theo. He came on for Chamakh, again, a bizarre choice considering 1) Chamakh was our leading scorer out there 2) Bendtner was having a shocker out wide and was clearly not in the frame of mind to move into the middle and have a stormer.

The final sub was Carlos Vela who came on for Rosicky, which was a fair shout, but I think Arshavin would have been a better option.

Anyway, we pressed and nearly won a penalty but Theo dived, something he admitted after the game, along with stealing Tommy Turner’s pencil case in year 4 at Junior School. Theo, we forgive you, your honesty and good upbringing shames the likes of John Terry and Wayne Rooney.

Moments later, Theo bounded into the area again, his shirt was tugged by Bromby, the ref pointed to the spot. Cesc stepped up and silenced 9000 very loud Leeds fans!

Jeez, that was close…

If Wenger wants to win the FA Cup, he’s going to have to make some big decisions about who he plays going forward. His second string aren’t good enough in large doses and that was highlighted today. Still, the good thing is we fought till the end, our heads didn’t drop and we have secured a replay. It’s not the end of the world, just a bit of ball ache having to head up to the North for a replay.

Arsenal’s fortunes changed when Theo came onto the pitch. He was excellent. If his finishing was a little sharper, he’d have won us that game on his own. He’s a real pleasure to watch at the moment and it finally looks like he’s starting to understand what is required at the highest level. I thought a JD once again deserves a big shout out. He was calm and assured next to the typically erratic Squillaci.

I also thought Gibbs played well it’s a shame he picked up an injury.

Oh wait, he didn’t… sorry, that last line was a force of habit.

Leeds deserve a lot of credit. They were physical, but they took the game to us today and that is a very brave thing to do. I applaud Simon Grayson for showing guts like that. It’s a shame that our players couldn’t handle that. There’s no parked bus excuse to hide behind today.

Next up… Ipswich Town in the Carling Cup… I’ve heard we’re on our way to Wembley if we smash these lot?!

Transfer Roundup

Arsenal are rumoured to be back in for Sol Campbell for a third time. I love Big Sol but Wenger opting for him over Chris Samba, Brede Hangeland or Gary Cahill would be a showing a severe lack of ambition. If he’s not good enough for Newcastle, he sure as hell shouldn’t be anywhere near our line up. We need a player who can play more than once a week.

Another player we’ve been looking at is Falcao of FC Porto. He is the clinical Columbian many clubs have been looking at for a while. He’s agile, technically gifted and I’ve always been impressed when I’ve seen him play. He’d come at a price but when you’re one of the richest clubs in the world, that matters not providing City or Madrid aren’t sniffing around as well.

I have been assured that we are scouting players at the moment, so there is a chance that we might have a new player this window.

Don’t hold your breath though!

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523 Responses to “Arsenal have an INDIVIDUAL problem | Crazy transfer target mooted”

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  1. Jaguar reloaded

    Jose Ferreira is the next Mourinho minus the ego,he would work miracles with our team.He would ship off all the retards like Dudaby and get in new faces,and would definitely be ideal for us.

  2. Jaguar reloaded

    When he plays in the hole,he is effective.When he doesnt get chances to play in his natural positions,he is shit.Whats so tough to understand about it?

  3. Marko

    When Wenger does leave eventually I would like one of Deschamps, Pep or possibly Bergkamp to take over. Bergkamp has his badges and will become a manager eventually and why not at this club that he has so much love for, could even bring someone like Overmars or Keown as number 2. One things for sure whoever does come in will have a much easier job cause the structure and legacy that Wenger will leave them will make their job a little easier.

  4. Gooby

    ahhah jaguar

    arshavin can’t make a pass at the moment his decision making is fucking slow and yet you want him to play in the hole.

    you always search for a reason to slate wenger and say he’s a senil mug, we all know how your brain works mate

  5. Armourist

    Cesc is better in the hole end off. Despite that its true they all rotate and Arsh often plays in the hole.

  6. DaleDaGooner

    in 110 games for Valencia, Mata has 27 60 games for Arsenal, Arshavin has 20 goals, AA23 hasn’t been all bad, CR7, Berbatov don’t have a high defensive work rate for manure, Fergie knows how to use them. AA23 on the right (as Sagna is a better defender compared to Clichy) and playing Walcott as a striker could be an option, in games where Cesc does not play, AA23 should be in the middle and Rosicky out left.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    For me, when Wenger moves upstairs…
    1. Pep G.
    2. Dennis Bergkamp…but of course this is all emotional, we don’t know if he’d be good at managing.

    Jag, Ferriera hasn’t won the CL has he?

  8. Jose

    Jimbo, Most of the comment against Chamakh are indeed due to lack of understanding the nature of his style as a striker. While Nik B likes to show off and focus on none sense move without scoring enough goals (his stats show that), Chamakh scored 10 goals so far, is this an accident? Wenger is not stupid, he knows Chamakh’s capabilities and his brought him for that reason. It is true Chamakh does not have the Drogba’s skills but his contribution is far more than jsut scoring, you won’t understand that unless you are a good soccer player yourself which I don’t think so because you seem to be a Danish, a country that have the worst soccer team. Chamakh exhaust you if you are defender but that is his style, he is the best header, he can score at anytime. The real issue that we have here and I think Wenger noticed that, is that Chamakh likes to be a sole striker, he likes spaces where he run, he likes to lead by himself, that how we can see him back to scoring. But now having donkey Nik B and VP back, it will be difficult for Chamakh to regain that solely role, especially if VP starts to score which he has not yet even though he has many advantages over Chamakh in terms of being friends of Samir Nasri, Fabregas…etc, so he is getting much more attention on the field than Chamakh. Again, Mr. Jimbo, after all this comment, I am sure you are still clueless and I am sure you are sitting on your fat ass drinking a Danish beer. Give Nik B one more season, he will be gone…


  9. Marko

    We don’t need another player who plays behind the striker we need a natural winger and that aint Arshavin. I understand his goal ratio is good Dale but Arshavin isn’t the same player he was in the first 6 months his desire and work rate is questionable most of the time. And Mata’s record for Valencia is decent enough but you put him in a team with Cesc, Nasri and Van Persie and he’ll get so many goals and assists.

  10. pete

    Bendtner doesnt need games,he needs to go to a lower league side maybe Swindon Town or somewhere like that.He had more opportunities than everyone at the club but the bottom line is he’s not good enough.Yes,and he should convince Denilson to leave with him as Wenger wont let them go.

  11. Nick

    Fair piece, Pedro. Must have been brutal here yesterday.

    And to think: a team that had 71% possession, and over 20 shots, to be so slagged off. Sometimes this happens. Its also important to keep in mind that when you go to the second string, you can do it in two ways — wholesale, which has been Wenger’s choice the past few weeks, or more picky. I doubt any team has its second string practice as a unit — so ironically, the subs will do better if they slot into the first team, rather than replace it. I think that’s what’s happened yesterday.

    All the targets of the abuse do better in the first team. Look at Song yesterday — didn’t look too sharp. Only Djourou didn’t seem to suffer from the wholesale change. Probably the person who suffered most was Arshavin. Not saying he had a great game, but his success depends more on knowing coordination with teammates, and you don’t gett he chance to developp that with second stringers.

    I won’t defend Denilson’s giving the pelanty, but he is a much better player than any of your readers will ever grant. I doubt anyone on here mentioned his good play in the first half, other than you. Doubt it.
    Bendtner had to play wing: he can create from there, Chamakh hasn’t, though he can keep things moving.

    As for the captain, he may have a point about Denilson’s play, but before he goes public, he should set an example and not do handball blocking of free kicks in the box.

    I’m glad Arshavin was not substituted. Arsenal fans do not believe in the “you’ll never walk alone” philosophy when it comes to their players. (Neither does ‘pool, to be honest, just ask Woy.)

  12. Marko

    Bendtner wouldn’t be under so much scrutiny if every time he was dropped he didn’t come out and piss and moan and tell people he’s one of the best strikers in the world. And then when he does play he’s shocking to average.

  13. Marko

    Santi Cazorla is another super player but we have enough players who can play on the right and not enough who can play on the left up top.

  14. Marko

    I’d like Elia yeah his pace is frightening and he’s always a goal threat. Anybody think maybe Bolton going for Wheater is cause they fear someone might go for Cahill. Maybe us? Maybe Chelsea

  15. Armourist

    Us Cahill? It’d have to be a player plus cash deal for us to get involved or for Bolton to bite at the rates we pay.

  16. Armourist

    Wheater is a good player.

    Madrid Villareal is a brilliant game

    Puts what Man city did during the week to shame.

  17. Armourist

    Plus Bolton are skint, getting Wheater on a free and selling Cahill to help strengthen the team as a whole is good business.

  18. zeus


    Damn it. I missed the first half. I hope its the same quality in the second. ten minutes to the start I remembered and I still missed it…

  19. GoonerGaz

    I agree with some of your points in the article, I have been to a few away games this year and Arshavins lack of effort is worrying at times.

    I also noticed Wenger doesn’t seem to trust Arshavin out on the left anymore, perhaps he knows Clichy has not been getting the cover that he needs.

    But at the end of the day you can’t just get rid of all these players, you need the likes of Eboue imo. They are uselful squad players, the only problem is when all these 2nd rate players play together!

    I’m fine with throwing the odd 1 or 2 in now and again with our 1st team when needed.

  20. kingsley

    has this been posted this afternoon?

    Wenger admits if Sebastien Squillaci’s hamstring problem fails to clear up quickly, then, given Thomas Vermaelen is still not yet match fit, he will have to move in the transfer market.
    ‘If we only have two centre-backs then that cannot work with the number of centre-backs we have,’ the Arsenal manager said. ‘If Squillaci has a problem then we must quickly go out for a player.’

    Read more:

  21. Marko

    So who we gonna sign then? If we are gonna sign a centre back, you’d take Cahill, Raul Albiol, Tasci, Mertesacker, Kjaar you’d take them all

  22. zeus

    What a comical goal from Ronaldo. 700 chances to clear and they still make him clear. Going back even further before the kaka pass the keeper should’ve shout leave it instead of having the defenders heading clear and conceding possession to Madrid.

  23. Armourist

    JM is a tactical genius! Forget his man mgt, which if you win games, the players will follow you.

    I wouldn’t want a JM managed team against AW any day of the week, we would get out tactic’d.

    He is still lower than the sweat from a turtle’s balls.

  24. zeus


    Ordinarily I would agree, but the diff with mourinho now is that he MUST play attacking football. Did u see how far up the pitch they set the offside trap? In full flow with Walcott we would do them i feel.

    Were was this genius v barca? ( not saying we ate as good btw )

  25. Cescs_MyBoy


    You do crack me up!

    Who did you say was manager of Porto – Jorge ferreria??? Hahahaha

    It’s andre villas- boas aka the next mourinho. Was jose’s assistant since 2002. 8 points clear and undefeated. The 33 yr old has quite the career in front of him.

    Style of play does not match our clubs philosophy. For that reason I would like to see Owen coyle I stated if his progress continues. This in about 3/4 years when Wenger steps down as our most successful manager ever.

  26. gambon

    We are appalling in big games, of course we wouldn’t beat Madrid.

    I remember everyone saying we’d beat Barca, and Utd the year before,and Liverpool the year before, and Chelsea in the FA cup semi.

  27. Armourist

    Our big game temperament is very questionable, we are dire in fact because we don’t adapt to our opponents, either that is a big disrespect to them or sheer arrogance.

    I don’t think we will win big trophies until we sort that out

    Which brings me to Madrid, JM would instruct his team to close the space and sit deep as they have just as much pace to hit us on the counter.

    So no we wouldn’t beat Madrid unless we adapted our game to beat them.

  28. Armourist

    I am with Gambon on that one, we are going out no doubt.

    I think that we should fight to at least draw if not win the home leg.

  29. Erichero

    Just read the article. Very disappointing attitude towards Rosicky. For a start you can’t call him a perma-crock because he’s been virtually injury free this season, which has been a real pleasure. That mistake hurt the article’s credibility.

    He might have had an anonymous game yesterday, but give credit where it’s due, because he’s been good this season – a superb squad player. Disappointed with LG – I do enjoy reading you guys, but after a loss you do swing wildly to certain extremes.

  30. zeus


    Rosicky has left a lot to be desired whenever he has been given a chance this season. As the blog said not a goal threat and he doesn’t get assists. What does he do then?

  31. Marko

    I hear ya Zeus but to an extent Erichero is right too he is a decent squad player and while I’d love it if we had someone like a Dzagoev or Honda on the bench to come on it’s a bit unrealistic to have someone like that sitting on the bench. Unfortunately cause I think Honda would be super for us

  32. incesc

    i have a feeling wenger will have a clear out this summer.

    denilson and rosicky will probably go.

    he will probably bring in sol campbell as the cb to save a few pennies as well.

  33. Marko

    I think he’ll bring in a defender this summer but I’d be massively surprised if it’s Sol. And I’ve a feeling about the clear out too which isn’t a bad thing cause we need to make some room for Frimpong, Coquelin and Lansbury in the summer.

  34. zeus

    Does that mean no new cb then? It’s tv5 and jd is it okay to ask per mert. To sit on the bench

    Would love if we got Honda though

  35. Ja_Gunner

    Guys am I being evil when I hope that Squilacci is injured. This will force Wenger to buy a CB. What do u guys say Zapata or Mertesacker or Sahko?

  36. David

    Would love if we got Honda as well Zeus,

    But for once i would like us to get a prolific striker.

    Maybe we can lure Benzema with our French connections.

    The sooner we get Benzema the sooner Bendtner fucks off.

  37. David

    And to all you thicko’s saying at least Bendy gets into positions and Chamakh doesnt.

    How the feck did Chamakh become our second highest goal scorer?

  38. Stu

    In defence of Rosicky he usually only plays in the B team and is expected to be the main creator, something which he isnt good at anymore.

    He would have gotten an assist, and probably some others through out the season if he had played with our best players. Like Arshavins miss yesterday. If Arshavin scored Rosicky would have been praised for the pass and nothing would be mentioned about his performance.

  39. Marko

    Honda can play anywhere up top too. But yeah when I hear of Bayern’s interest in him I hope it’s true, having Van Persie and Chamakh is good cause they both offer something and are very different from each other whereas Bendtner offers little in contrast to them.

  40. David

    you still have to get into positions to score or am i missing something?

    Its not as if he lunches missiles from defence?

  41. Lucifur

    I’d rather play rosicky in a deeper role, like pirlo for Milan, so I can field another attacking option & not have to play Denilson. I’d bet even rosicky would do a better job defensively than the Brazilian, who shouldn’t even be in our B team.
    Bendtner on the right wing is Wengers way of telling us he has a sense of humour too.
    If you have to play him & Chamakh together, why not go 4-4-2 instead?
    Arshavin is a player I hate to love. I like him, but sometimes he just talk too much. I’d much rather he let his feet do the talking.
    And then there’s Walcott & his confession. What a daft punk, I can almost hear the sound of hacksaws in the background..

  42. David


    I completely agree.

    I prefer Chamakh to Van P in the pecking order imo.

    His movement always draws defenders out of position.

    He’s the best we have holding the ball up playing with his back to goal.

    If he played with a secondary striker like he did in Bordeaux he would be deadly just like he was for them.

  43. Marko

    Well Van Persie draws people into the attack too and you could see the difference he made in the Chelsea and Birmingham games even though he clearly isn’t back to his best.

  44. David

    Yeah i think Wenger should just play Van P on the left side and keep Chamakh in the middle.

    Van P likes to play behind the striker and we’ll be unlocking defenses all day with that left foot.

    I dont think its too early for me to tell the world “I told you so” about Walcott.

    Who needs a football brain. heh

  45. Maciek


    If Squilacci is injured he will buy Cmbpell.

    He won’t spend.

    Before the City game he said “we will prove that you can win the league on the cheap”.

    That tells you something.

    His ego is so huge that he won’t buy.

    Denilson is the worst Arsenal player I have seen in the last 8 years, since I have a chance to watch the Gunners once a week on my TV.

    Almunia is still there, but he is average at best.

    Imagine us having Zapata, Toulalan or Sissoko, Hazard or Turan and Suarez.

    If we do sell crap players we still do have a place for Ramsey, Wilshire, Frimpong.

    We don’t need a gk, because we do have Szczęsny.

    But we can only wish and live in hope.

    In 3 days time we play against Ipswitch. Chelsea trashed them 7:0. You will see that it will be “Leeds mark II” match.

    I love this Club, but Wenger must answer some serious questions.

    Take care.

  46. Stu

    Secondary striker for Bordeaux? Thats the first im hearing about this? Pretty sure Chamakh played up front with Gourcuff behind him. Or even on the right when Cavenaghi played through the middle.

    Chamakh does often get in the right positions but something like 1 goal every 7 shots suggests he isnt that good in front of goal. (dont remember the stats exactly)

  47. goonermichael

    In 3 days time we play against Ipswitch. Chelsea trashed them 7:0. You will see that it will be “Leeds mark II” match.

    People say stuff like that before every match Maciek

    We’ll fucking trash them

  48. zeus

    RVP plays better centrally where he has the full scope of the pitch in front of him to pick a pass or a shot.

    Chamakh is reserve and rightfully so.

  49. Stu

    It was also said we would thrash Leeds. Not by me but im sure some said it. Ipswich just sacked Keane. The will be bouyed by the new manager effect. I still think we will win but im not gonna bet on a thrashing.

  50. Maciek

    Hope you are right Michael, mate.

    But if Wenger starts changing once again, and will play with Denilson, we are in deep troble.

    And we MUST play in the final and win this CUP.

    We MUST!

  51. Marko

    I fucking will Stu I saw Norwich play Ipswich fairly recently and Lansbury was ripping them to shreds so I’m guessing Nasri and co will have a similar effect on Wed.

  52. goonermichael

    Stu says:
    January 9, 2011 at 21:39
    It was also said we would thrash Leeds. Not by me but im sure some said it. Ipswich just sacked Keane. The will be bouyed by the new manager effect. I still think we will win but im not gonna bet on a thrashing.

    I never said we’d trash leeds they are a good side. Ipswich over 2 legs we’ll kill them.

  53. Armourist

    If our b team was a championship side playing together week in week out, would they be in the playoff positions, automatic promo or dare I say it lower?

  54. am

    One thing on yesterdays game, Denilson was doin the holding role whilst Song was playinga slightly moreadvanced role.

    This was surprising as Denilson is quite clearly not a holding player.

  55. patthegooner

    This Squilacci injured story sounds a bit fishy to me.

    When a player is found out to be fucking shite (I.E. Almunia) they seem to get these injuries.

    Cahill would not surprise me at all. It may even be that Bolton are trying to get a replacement and if they do they sell, and if they dont they dont.

  56. Marko

    Thank you Pat thats what I said earlier but no one listened. Why are Bolton going for Wheater unless they think someone might come in for Cahill.

  57. Maciek


    He won’t sign Cahill, cos he will cost money( more than 500.000 pounds).

    Coyle wants 20 milion for him, it means he will be sold for about 15m, yet Wenger won’t sign.

    He won’t sign Samba as well.

  58. Maciek


    First of all- thank for the info.

    Chelsea will buy Cahill. We won’t sign anyone.

    You can bet on it.

    Chelsea are after Cahill.

  59. zeus

    Cahill for a reduced price with vela on loan? It would be hard to relegate djourou to the bench if someone like say mertersacker comes in likewise it would be hard to ask an international like him to warm the bench.

  60. Maciek


    That’s why I think we should sign Samba.

    Experienced, knows how to play in the PL, and won’t be causing problems when benched.

    In the summer we can sell Squill and we have Vermy, JD, Samba and Koscielny.

    Elementary my dear Watson!

    Best wishes.

  61. Marko

    Mertesacker would play a fair amount and Djourou knows that while he’s doing well that sometimes he won’t play. The other thing is Mertesacker would love to join us cause Bremen are sucking it this season and they recently lost almeida as well as Diego in the last number of years so they aint showing a lot of ambition

  62. Stu

    Oh is the semi over 2 legs? Didnt know that.

    Cahill is shit and worth nowhere near 20m. He is only due to cost that much because he is english. He’s not even that young anymore. About 24 i think.

    Cahill and Shawcross are just like Stephen Taylor. Shit!

  63. Stu

    Wenger wont buy a Samba type because regardless of the league we play in and the rigours that come with it Wenger still wants to win the CL and thus will always seek a footballing centre half. That means no Cahill, no Taylor, no Samba or anyone of that ilk. He wants a footballer, not a defender.

  64. Maciek

    Stu, I would rather have Samba, than Sol for the third time.

    Squil will be murdered by Messi and Villa.

    I don’t want to lose 6 goals against Barca ONCE AGAIN.

    If he can’t learn, he should be sacked.

  65. goonermichael

    Jaguar retarded says:
    January 9, 2011 at 15:44
    We would get shit teams till the semis before getting embarassed by the Manures or the Chavs that the retard Wenger will talk about being in the FA Cup semis as a title after the end of the season.

    Like the chavs embarrassed us recently jaguar?

    You talk absolute repetitive fucking drivel and you call wenger a retard.

  66. Stu

    Well ifs a choice between Sol and Samba of course i would chose Samba because Sol is fucked. But its not like Sol is the only other option! There are plenty of available defenders out there. Much better ones than Samba anyway.

  67. gooner91

    im not saying that one pass is enough to say a player had a good game, but is everyone forgetting that pass from rosicky that split the leeds defence, if it hadnt been for arshavins awful attempt at finishing rosicky would of had that assist everyone is claiming he is incapable of

  68. patthegooner

    I just pray that Wenger does not try and solve this on the cheap.

    If he is serious about the PL and CL, we need some quality in.

  69. Stu

    I dunno Maciek but not some average prem defender who has a great rep only because of their physicality or a few goals.

    Pedro, how does banning words work? I mean, can you ban specific words for particular posters? If so you could spam Senile, retard, Wengker etc. Jag would be in the spam box all year. It would force him to sing a new tune because banning him all the time isnt working at all.

  70. Arsene Nose Best

    I dunno Maciek but not some average prem defender who has a great rep only because of their physicality or a few goals.

    you can add vermaelen to the latter.

  71. A

    Joe Hart with another clanger, been a few this season, certainly more than Fabianski….

    If Vermy is fucked then we’re in trouble. We should just snap up Mertesacker or just Samba asap and be done with it

  72. A

    AND we should sign a DM asap too so that Song can provide additional cover as relying of JD as first choice is risky