Arsenal have an INDIVIDUAL problem | Crazy transfer target mooted

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I’ve read people claiming that yesterday’s poor result was down to the team and it would be unfair to pick out individuals when critiquing the afternoon (as always…).

Sorry, but I shan’t be having that.

Yesterday’s issue was about the level of our second string not being as high as we’d like to imagine. We’ve seen that demonstrated twice in 2 weeks. It’s not a coincidence that teams that have Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner and dare I say it… Arshavin, suffer when they’re all mashed into our ‘strongest’ team of the day.

Now, I am sure I can muster a defence for a number of the players if I put my mind to it, so I’ll give you the run down.

Nik Bendtner

Simply put, he is not a F*CKING winger. Apologies for my bad language, but this isn’t like sticking Reyes, Wiltord or Theo out wide… this is putting a cumbersome 6ft4 lump out on the wing. You only have to look at him to see that he’s never going to work out there. He knows psychologically he’s no good there and that affects his game. His touch was atrocious yesterday, his finishing was diabolical and his attitude stank.

Can I blame him? Not really… he was hung out to dry being put out wide. His game was summed up late on when he lashed wildly at a floated pass. He should have struck it, however, a good standard of Sunday league player would have landed that on target.

Emmanuel Eboue

I’ve never bought into this whole cult thing we do for him. It irritates me because at the heart of it, there is a poor player who is mistake ridden in the extreme. His passing was disastrous and his decision making was laughable. There was also time for a standard injury feign and dive that was surprisingly ignored by the referee. Let him go to Roma, he’s too old to be back up right back. Surely there is a career he’s killing?


On the receiving end of a lot of cyber anger yesterday. I’ve got to say, I thought he was superb in the first half. His passing was unusually creative and I thought he was playing his role very well. However, after we went one down, his good play was flushed down the toilet. He was missing tackles, jogging and guilty of poor decision making. He conceded the penalty and once again, his lack of mobility was on show for all to see.


Quite frankly one of the most embarrassing performances I’ve ever seen from a player who has so much talent. It rivals Eboue’s cameo against Wigan where he was booed. He completely missed the ball twice, he’s been hanging out with Song’s imaginary friend and can’t stop passing to him and again, his decision making was terrible.

I feel really bad for him, his confidence has been destroyed over the last month and the fans really did treat him badly yesterday. For me, when a player has that much talent, you have to give him a bit of love. Our lot have had enough and that’s very sad. What really gets me is that no one on the pitch put an arm around him and told him to pull himself together. For a team that has more spirit than a Jack Daniels factory, we seem to have very little communication on the pitch when things are going wrong.

… you know what, for a player that has given us 4 goals and 12 assists this year, the crowd were disgraceful.

There, I said it. I don’t like knocking people who pay to see the game but he was getting pelters for things that weren’t even his fault. Regardless of how poor he was, he still looked the most dangerous player out there and he kept plugging away.

One more player I have to throw into the mix is Thomas Rosicky. He was pretty awful all day. We’ve waited 4 years for him to come good, now he’s injury free, he’s next to useless on the pitch. He doesn’t score, he doesn’t assist and he goes missing for large chunks of the game. He is like a 100 year old time piece that has been left in the cupboard. It’s beautiful to look at becuase you can imagine what it was like in it’s prime, however, wind it up and put it into the real world, the timing is going to be all over the shop and it’ll never quite work the same.

That is really sad, but it highlights the harsh realities of top level football these days. Loyalty to perma-crocks gets you no where.

All of the above, combined with players who were doing a pretty good job ended up in us not being able to turn over a Leeds team who came to play football against us!

The game from a neutral perspective must have been fantastic, from where I was sitting, it was most awkward. Watching Cesc Fabregas and Theo come onto rescue us was a sad indictment of our second string. Watching the Spaniard play long balls was a grim reflection of the poor movement of our team.

Arsenal dominated possession in the first half creating plenty of chances. Arshavin went closest when he beat the offside trap, his problem was too much time, firing straight at Schmeichel junior.

The second half Leeds came out of the blocks and won a penalty after Denilson stuck a clumsy leg out in the box. Chesney dived close to the Snodgrass penalty but the ball was fired too hard for him to keep it out.

Arsenal fell to pieces from there. The midfield couldn’t keep hold of the ball and we nearly went 2 down from a corner, luckily Chesney pulled off what can only be described as a world-class save. We nearly shipped another goal when a freekick was zipped over the bar marginally.

Cesc Fabregas came on for Alex Song which was the first of the strange substitutions. I didn’t think the man from Cameroon was having a bad game and there were plenty of others who clearly were. Cesc boosted our morale and we started to pressure Leeds.

The next sub was Theo. He came on for Chamakh, again, a bizarre choice considering 1) Chamakh was our leading scorer out there 2) Bendtner was having a shocker out wide and was clearly not in the frame of mind to move into the middle and have a stormer.

The final sub was Carlos Vela who came on for Rosicky, which was a fair shout, but I think Arshavin would have been a better option.

Anyway, we pressed and nearly won a penalty but Theo dived, something he admitted after the game, along with stealing Tommy Turner’s pencil case in year 4 at Junior School. Theo, we forgive you, your honesty and good upbringing shames the likes of John Terry and Wayne Rooney.

Moments later, Theo bounded into the area again, his shirt was tugged by Bromby, the ref pointed to the spot. Cesc stepped up and silenced 9000 very loud Leeds fans!

Jeez, that was close…

If Wenger wants to win the FA Cup, he’s going to have to make some big decisions about who he plays going forward. His second string aren’t good enough in large doses and that was highlighted today. Still, the good thing is we fought till the end, our heads didn’t drop and we have secured a replay. It’s not the end of the world, just a bit of ball ache having to head up to the North for a replay.

Arsenal’s fortunes changed when Theo came onto the pitch. He was excellent. If his finishing was a little sharper, he’d have won us that game on his own. He’s a real pleasure to watch at the moment and it finally looks like he’s starting to understand what is required at the highest level. I thought a JD once again deserves a big shout out. He was calm and assured next to the typically erratic Squillaci.

I also thought Gibbs played well it’s a shame he picked up an injury.

Oh wait, he didn’t… sorry, that last line was a force of habit.

Leeds deserve a lot of credit. They were physical, but they took the game to us today and that is a very brave thing to do. I applaud Simon Grayson for showing guts like that. It’s a shame that our players couldn’t handle that. There’s no parked bus excuse to hide behind today.

Next up… Ipswich Town in the Carling Cup… I’ve heard we’re on our way to Wembley if we smash these lot?!

Transfer Roundup

Arsenal are rumoured to be back in for Sol Campbell for a third time. I love Big Sol but Wenger opting for him over Chris Samba, Brede Hangeland or Gary Cahill would be a showing a severe lack of ambition. If he’s not good enough for Newcastle, he sure as hell shouldn’t be anywhere near our line up. We need a player who can play more than once a week.

Another player we’ve been looking at is Falcao of FC Porto. He is the clinical Columbian many clubs have been looking at for a while. He’s agile, technically gifted and I’ve always been impressed when I’ve seen him play. He’d come at a price but when you’re one of the richest clubs in the world, that matters not providing City or Madrid aren’t sniffing around as well.

I have been assured that we are scouting players at the moment, so there is a chance that we might have a new player this window.

Don’t hold your breath though!

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  1. ryan

    i wouldn’t have booed arsha, but i understand why many would. what bothers fans REALLY is when they think a player looks like he doesn’t care or isn’t trying his hardest.

    if your club has paid an awful lot of money for a player, the fans have supported him all this time and we pay ludicrous ticket prices to help fund their massive wages. it’s not particularly disgraceful if we feel cheated by a player who doesn’t look like he’s trying after all that’s been invested in him by the club and fans.

    he has some talent, but i’m starting to doubt just how much. he takes so many erratic shots that if one flies in the top corner you can probably put it down to luck considering how consistently erratic his shooting is. one is bound to fly in if you hit the ball hard enough times, doesn’t make it genuinely good.

    i think this is the crux of the problem. it’s all very well that he does amazing things, but he tries 20 amazing things per game and only about 3 come off usually. with a return as poor as that anyone can do amazing things if they gamble enough times.

    then there’s things like his bizarre defensive decisions. he has that strange habit or booting the ball backwards on the volley towards our unsuspecting defense for no logic reason which puts us under pressure. happen once or twice in most games and it’s so fucking dangerous it’s ridiculous.

    frankly i think fans here are being harsh on him for yersterday’s performance. there’s a bit of a bandwagon emerging now and despite the fact he’s played an awful lot of terrible performances over the last 18 months, yesterday he wasn’t THAT bad. neither was rosicky.both went missing at times and had poor moments, but both also had some very good moments. to describe arsha’s performance as embarrassing is bizarre because he’s played plenty of worse games over the last 18 months without mostly recieving such serious criticism for it.

    as for rosicky not getting any assists. wasn’t it his through balls which were putting our strikers through? it’s not his fault arshavin wasted that one on one, so you can’t criticise his performance on that account when he actually DID play quite a few excellent passes. was he perfect or fantastic? no, but he deserved a 7/10 in my book. his through balls would have been asists to help win us the game if our strikers were better. can’t blame him for that.

  2. Jimbo

    fair play ryan, that Arshavin chance was created by Rosicky in the first half. That said, the guy has one assist all season long – there’s clearly something wrong with his game.

    Otherwise, all our creativity yesterday came through Arshavin, until we started making changes.

  3. G STAR

    French defender Florian Lejeune is attracting interest from a number of top European clubs, according to his agent.

    The 19-year-old versatile Istres player is thought to have caught the eye of Arsenal, while Real Madrid are reportedly monitoring his progress.

    Lejeune, who has been compared to former France defender Laurent Blanc, has attracted interest from Spain, but his agent Claude Cauvy says the Premier League is his desired location.

    “About (Arsenal boss) Arsene Wenger, I do not know exactly what his situation is,” Cauvy told

    “A number of top European teams have contacted me. There are two or three Ligue 1 teams tracking him.

    “This week from Spain, Real Madrid enquired about him and are very interested in him.

    “The priority of the player is to go to England, not Spain. But until today there are many possibilities from Spain, but from England there is only interest, nothing official.

    “We are looking for a club in England but it has to be the right project for the player.

    “I am told by a number of players that he is better than Laurent Koscielny, who signed for Arsenal in the summer.”

    French defender Florian Lejeune is attracting interest from a number of top European clubs, according to his agent.

    The 19-year-old versatile Istres player is thought to have caught the eye of Arsenal, while Real Madrid are reportedly monitoring his progress.

    Lejeune, who has been compared to former France defender Laurent Blanc, has attracted interest from Spain, but his agent Claude Cauvy says the Premier League is his desired location.

    “About (Arsenal boss) Arsene Wenger, I do not know exactly what his situation is,” Cauvy told

    “A number of top European teams have contacted me. There are two or three Ligue 1 teams tracking him.

    “This week from Spain, Real Madrid enquired about him and are very interested in him.

    “The priority of the player is to go to England, not Spain. But until today there are many possibilities from Spain, but from England there is only interest, nothing official.

    “We are looking for a club in England but it has to be the right project for the player.

    “I am told by a number of players that he is better than Laurent Koscielny, who signed for Arsenal in the summer.”

    French defender Florian Lejeune is attracting interest from a number of top European clubs, according to his agent.

    The 19-year-old versatile Istres player is thought to have caught the eye of Arsenal, while Real Madrid are reportedly monitoring his progress.

    Lejeune, who has been compared to former France defender Laurent Blanc, has attracted interest from Spain, but his agent Claude Cauvy says the Premier League is his desired location.

    “About (Arsenal boss) Arsene Wenger, I do not know exactly what his situation is,” Cauvy told

    “A number of top European teams have contacted me. There are two or three Ligue 1 teams tracking him.

    “This week from Spain, Real Madrid enquired about him and are very interested in him.

    “The priority of the player is to go to England, not Spain. But until today there are many possibilities from Spain, but from England there is only interest, nothing official.

    “We are looking for a club in England but it has to be the right project for the player.

    “I am told by a number of players that he is better than Laurent Koscielny, who signed for Arsenal in the summer.”

  4. Jaguar reloaded

    Pedro says:
    January 9, 2011 at 12:54
    Jaguar, what makes you think Bendtner is superior player?
    Because he clearly is a better finisher with better instincts than Chamakh,who wouldnt find himself a place in any top club.

    This site would do better than a Yank Wank,the fake Arsenal fan.

  5. Stu

    Skrtel has played in every game for liverpool this season. No wonder they have been so shit.

    That Martin Kelly is alright though.

  6. arcastic

    Berbatoss felt the slightest touch took another step then went down quicker than his mother on payday, he wont be slagged off in the press tomorrow though or on talkshite.

  7. Rohan

    You figured that out now, Dave? 😀

    If we had anything like their luck, we’d be top and leading by 10 points right now. I still can’t get over how many own goals they got last season…second highest scorer ffs.

    Fergie time is the worst though.

  8. Pondera

    Fucking fat Sam and southgate can’t just say that it was a dive by berbatov !! Unbelievable how he can be a coach, if that was to happen to his ex team he would go mental !

  9. Dial Square

    Big dave not sure if they are scared of Fergie,i reckon Man Scum really lay on the red carpet for these refs,without making it look like bribery.

  10. AndyB

    Jimbo – I don’t know if you are a regular at The Emirates or not, but when you can see the whole pitch for 90 mins, you would notice what a lazy, selfish wanker Bendtner is and how Chamack is a team player with bags of skill.
    It really bemuses me when people rate Bendtner, he’s fucking useless!!’

  11. IvoryGoonz

    Guys, we’re still in the cup and they earned that precious penalty which showed their resilience.
    Yes, some players can improve, but at least give them credit.
    As it’s been recalled, Leeds beat Man U at old traf. last year.
    They are a good team, and like Newcastle are bound to come back challenging the premier league at one point or another.
    There’s still a long fixture list ahead, and at least that gave some of those players out of fitness some playing time.
    And don’t be short sighted please. It’s not about winning every cup this year.
    We’ll all be laughing at Chelsea, Liverpool at the end of the season and in a couple of years, financial rules will down many a “big” team but not us.
    AW knows what he needs and the priorities are to keep the players happy.
    Ok, some can be replaced by better options out there.
    Let him do his job.
    If in 2 years there are no trophies and Fab leaves, then it will be time to keep him in charge of recruiting youngsters, and training reserve only. But as far as now, he’s just following the business plan he’s been set on with the club.

  12. Stu

    For someone so useless Bendtner still managed to set up Theo winning the pk.

    Chamakh and Bendtner are seemingly just as useless as eachother in front of goal but Bendtner is a far better player on the ball imo.

  13. Stu

    But IvoryGoonz, by playing those in need of fitness we suffered and made the long fixture list even longer.

    Short sighted? We havent won anything for years, noone is giving out because we dont win the cup every year. Once in a while would be nice though.

    And dont be fooled into thinking the financial restraints will affect the “big” clubs. Like always there will be a way around the restrictions.

  14. Paulinho

    Chamakh is the worst striker we’ve had in many a year. Absolute shite.

    Unforgiveable transfer from Wenger, a manager supposedly only interested in ‘super class’ players these days.

  15. zeus


    From earlier nothing will be made of the Walcott comments because he is English. First time in ages that we’ve been able to benefit from that 🙂

  16. arsenal4ever

    top post pedro and thx for transfer update. Hope also Sol not coming in as player. Way to old and not good enough as cover. No cheap options pls again.

  17. zeus

    Did the manc dive? I should really get out of bed and go watch this game, but I don’t want these fools to make me upset.

    MOre competitions they are involved in the better for us I suppose.

  18. Telarse

    Walcott’s miss was worse than Bentner’s – more time and options.

    Walcott’s still a one trick pony – give him a decent pass beyond a defender and he’s excellent (notwithstanding his miss yesterday) give him the ball with a defender in front of him and forget about it.

    He should start every game but he should get the service he needs.

    Bendtner, Denilson, Rosicky, Arshavin, Eboue, Song, Squillaci, Vela, Chamakh all looked shit yesterday no movement, no options, no clue for most of the game.

    I believe that any one of them, with the possible exception of Arshavin who’s confidence has been eroded by Wenger and is being finished off by the crowd (I prefer their usual more frequent silence to their abusive moaning) could have played brilliantly in the team that drew such amazing praise for performances against a shit Chelsea, a relegation fodder Birmngham and a toothless Man city.

    Any one of them could have slotted into that team but no more than one of them.

    Similarly any one of Fabregas, Van Persie or Nasri wasn’t gonna make a big difference yesterday.

    We’ve a decent, top four, first team with decent back up…end of.

    As someone said yesterday “It’s the hope that kills!”

    Finally, you are all Arsenal fans so you all know our first team are more than capable of a performance like that too!

    We have decent strikers in Bendtner and Chamakh but don’t play to get the best out of them, Vela waits in the wings but we don’t use wingers per se as we don’t get in the box to receive crosses.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Wenger instructs each and every player exactly what they must do in terms of position, interchange of position, dropping deep etc and whereas I used to think that any 20 a season striker would be a 40 a season striker at Arsenal I now believe our play reduces the service to our strikers and it’s linking play for linking play’s sake!

    Linking to fucking what!

    Buy Scott Parker – A few million for excellent cover (although he’s first team for me ahead of Song or Wiltshire)

  19. zeus

    Big Dave

    I don’t think Webb hides it anymore. It wouldnt surprise me if at games end he through his ref kit in the man it’d end while applauding the fans

  20. leon

    i dont realy have huge problem with delinson and eboue they sqaud players and every team needs such players,when comes to bretna he demonstrated time and time again he is not good enough striker for i dought he ever will be.i like risicky i realy like he but cant realy change the game he is squad player though great eye for pass reads game very well fights hard however wenger already has ramsey wilshire landsburys jet so as much as i like him it would crimple the team if he left,i do think arsenal need a goal machine,but wenger wont do a major business until the summer at which time i think almunia will leave and i do he will either use vela who arsenals best finisher or he go for another striker as for keeper i suspect wenger will have fabianski and chezzer as 1 and 2 and mononne

  21. Jaguar reloaded

    The facts that only Westham and Aston Villa wanted to sign this useless mug Chamakh says it all about his quality.

  22. 18 yard box

    you are spot on about Arshavin and the abuse he got from some of our ‘support’ yesterday. It is frustrating to see him not chasing and expecting the ball to go out for a corner as he did yesterday, but if you pay to see the lads, and even if they’re on a 5hitty roll, get behind them not on their backs!

    I am a season ticket holder and yes, I pay to see my team, but I do not accept the argument that payment entitles me to abuse my players whilst they wear the club’s colours.

    Sure, I’ll moan for England in the privacy of my living room, but when I’m at the match I’ll support the players.

    I remember last season against Barnsley, Bendtner had a nightmare, but he really was trying and the majority of fans recognised his efforts and sang the ‘Super Nik’ chant; he applauded us (North Bank) at the end of the match. The next game, he hit a hat-trick against Porto.

    Sure, Arshavin’s form is patchy, but to use a cliche, he is ‘mercurial’, with all the praise and criticism the phrase implies. If people want to be vocal about their perceptions of a player’s efforts they should stay at home and harangue their TVs.

  23. gambon

    Lansbury for Rosicky maybe, with Frimpong for Denilson.

    That said, we need to stop reducing the age of the team.

  24. Pedro

    Jaguar, those aren’t the facts are they?

    Paulinho, the worst striker we’ve had in many years?

    You spent half of last season telling us Nasri would never make the grade compared to Hleb…

  25. zeus

    Don’t mean to go all championship manager but 3 guys will make this team damn near perfect.

    Gokhan inler

  26. Jaguar reloaded

    Pedro,what do you mean?

    The facts that just three poor clubs, were in for him,shows how much shit he is.If he was a better striker,we wouldnt have got him either.All of Wengers buys are either cheap,shit or unwanted by other clubs.

  27. Tony

    are u sure wengers scouting players? even if he is i doubt he will purchase anyone.falcao is a clinical goal scorer(fox in the box) , exactly what we are in need of to finish the lovely buid up play. him or suarez, spalsh the cash wenger and sell bendtner to bayern if hes unhappy.

  28. Gooby

    the manager who sees the lads every day in training is more suited to say who’ll make it, it was idiotic to say nasri is not good enough last year when he clearly had the talent.

    I think lansbury will be a good player and i gambon is spot on, he would be ideal as rosicky replacement.

  29. Paulinho

    Pedro – I can’t get over the fact that he everytime someone puts him through, instead of turning on the afterburners and taking a shot, he turns back on himself and waits for support. That would be okay if actually picked out runners but he just turns arounds and stands there waiting to get tackled.

    He’s poor on the ball as well in general. Never does anything with any conviction. At least Bendtner has a plan, albeit with slightly dodgy execution.

    He does have his good points but he’s a Wigan standard player overall.

    The main thing is though we’ve already got an average player in Bendtner, and instead of getting ‘super class’ right footed forward we’ve got yet another mediocre player who is not top level, and plugging up more squad space so we’re stuck with them.

    Thought Wenger would’ve learned not to cut corners with average when he sold signed and sold Adebayor.

  30. Jaguar reloaded

    Gooby,I think its the same mug who watches the likes of Dudaby and Denilson and thinks that they are world class.

  31. Arsene Nose Best

    yesterday was shit,and you keep making excuses for shit player’s,no wonder we don’t win nothing.

  32. DaleDaGooner

    Only Arsenal fans would booing\heavy slagging be an option. Berbatov had been shit and Manure know it, but they didn’t result to heavy booing and slagging while the player was on the pitch, we see it here on this site. “They are paid to do this and that” Well don’t go to the games! simple..
    Arshavin is a good player, and players are human beings…yes he isn’t in form, but booing him was disgraceful, same way they got rid of Adebayor, attempt to get rid of Eboue…

    Eboue is technically gifted, i only have a problem with his unnecessary dives.

    Denilson, time to move to Spain or Germany…now that is a player that is lazy! Can’t run for shit. AA23 at least has magic when ball is at his feet.

    Stop the Bendtner is useless on the right chant, 3 strikers are given license to interchange, he was just poor in some instances.

    Clearly the second team lack confidence, only the coach can bring this out in them….

  33. Pedro

    Paulinho, I think he gets a rough ride… His touch is vastly better than Nik B’s, he’s put the ball in the net more times than most expected and I think he holds the ball up well. He’s also very pacey and gets in behind defenders well.

    Nik B is also a good player, he just hasn’t taken his chances this season and he’s started the big bollocks stuff again.

    I’d have liked a David Villa, Suarez or Llorente… but it wasn’t to be. I’m not sure having Bends and Chamakh is going to work past this season, so maybe we’ll see a change.

  34. zeus


    Szczesny. I don’t care how young he is. Plus aren’t Lansbury and rosicky different players. Wenger refers to Henri as a ray parlour type.

  35. Wenger the liar

    On the subject of booing:

    I have never booed a player and I was at the game against WBA when Almunia got roasted after the second goal went in, I cant stand Almunia and I never booed him so it would take a lot for me to boo someone.

    That said, Almunia has been between the sticks for us for years making fuck up after fuck up and had he not got booed that day he would still be first choice between the sticks now, heaven forbid a problem should be addressed at the club.

    So because of booing we have got rid of a problem that would have remained forever left to its own devices, that for me is a massive positive. I would love to know if anyone can show me a negative that outweighs this positive that has resulted from booing?

  36. Jaguar reloaded

    We would get shit teams till the semis before getting embarassed by the Manures or the Chavs that the retard Wenger will talk about being in the FA Cup semis as a title after the end of the season.

  37. Paulinho

    Pedro – I was having a wind-up the other day in regards to Hleb and Nasri. Quite a few fell for it though!

  38. Pedro

    Fuck me you two, Spurs fans would be embarrassed reading the drivel you write.

    Big Dave, I highly doubt that… Spurs aren’t a sure bet for the Champions League and they didn’t let Harry spend big last summer.

  39. Arsene Nose Best

    pedro,i tell you what is embarrassing,yesterday’s performance,that’s what,now leeds get a derby game vs huddersfield.

  40. Paulinho

    Well I still think he didn’t adequately replace Hleb in his first two seasons, so I was right when I said at the time that losing Hleb would be a big set back. Our football was absolutely dire in 08/09 and last year wasn’t great either. It’s only this year we’re starting to see flashes of it again, and think that’s due to Wilshere’s introduction and Nasri being more direct and dribbling more.

    Nasri this season has reached the levels of Hleb and gone beyond it with the goals he’s scored, and that has surprised me.

  41. Kushagra India

    Just read the post completly agree on your AA23 views we do seem to lack mentors or man managers in the squad who can pull the players ar make them work up a sweat .The picture of the tunnel before the manure game comes into mind when Arshavin cut a forlorn figure lonesome and torn behind the line.Is there a Clique working there??

  42. Armourist

    A bit late I know but Cham is a Center Forward not a striker,he wont be prolific in front of goal although his return so far is the best in his career but with the chances we create he has a new PB. What annoys me most about Cham is, he has a touch of hleb about him (wont shoot), which is annoying other wise he would be challenging Berba

    Nick is a striker, playing him on the wing is daft but To be fair he isn’t in the form to play central, he should let his feet do the talking though. He is in a false position as he is at one of the biggest clubs in the world and leads the line for his country without having actually done anything.

    We need a center forward that is a good striker. Benzema?

  43. zeus

    Hopefully this result gives back the Chavs a bit of swagger. We will need them to beat the Manc Scum twice in the league.

    I bet Wenger won’t allow Abobe to play like he allowed Watt to do IF we get pass Leeds.

  44. amit

    the most important parameter that defines a player is not his technical ability…but the will to play football when the going gets tough…it was plain disgust to watch arshavin like that…total disrespect from him towards the club and its supporters!!

    i am happy he got a nice beating from the crowd, kudos to them!! More so as he is one of the mature players with arsenal and youngsters like ramsey, wilshire look upto him…the lethargy from the man was there for everyone else to see…

    arshavin and bendtner are two players who have big mouths…they talk the talk, but they never walk the walk…arsenal should offload both of ’em asap…along with denilson!!

    buy eden hazard and strong CB…we have lots of options going forward…there is no need to loan out vela, keep him the mexican has quality and his work rate is way better…

  45. Armourist

    As for Arsh, I’d like to see him playing in the hole with runners either side and in front of him before we write him off.

  46. Armourist


    Attitude to play mainly, your CF/target man looks to hold it up & bring in others, whilst your strikers main objective is stick it in the back of the net.

  47. Marko

    Good post. It’s a shame about Arshavin’s recent fall from grace but I can’t really feel sorry for him if I’m honest, when you have Cesc Nasri and Theo playing really well considered in the best 11 then you have to up your game for 90 mins on a regular basis and show that you’re good as or better than some of these fellas but sadly Arshavin isn’t. In big games or small he’s doing very little these days and shows little commitment. At this stage if in the summer someone was to come in for him with his current deal having about a year and a bit on it then maybe we should let him go rather than offer him more years and money cause it seems like in the summer the likes of Hazard, Elia and Marin among others will be available.

  48. zeus


    I think its telling that Arsene hasn’t said a word about his contract extension in a while. Also telling that he has said he hopes to make Hazard’s dream come true.

    Wenger did question AA23’s ability to play in the league after the Euros in 08, looks like he is right yet again.

    Arsene DOES know!

    After that initial burst of adrenaline of playing in a new league for the first 6 months, truly he has never reached those heights again in terms of work rate.

  49. Pondera

    Oh maaaan city is really anti football !! Gettin dominated by Leicester city !! Joe hart does have alot of mistakes in him

  50. Marko

    Very true. I understand though when someone says we can’t get rid of him he gets a couple of goals and a few assists while not really playing well but someone like Hazard or Elia or Honda or Marin or Valbuena or Juan Mata would offer the same goals and assists and offer more desire and pace etc etc. My personal preference would be one of Mata, Hazard or Elia. Juan Mata would be awesome for us exactly like David Silva but much more of a goal threat and a better finisher

  51. DaleDaGooner

    Thiery Henry is god…not a CF or Striker…Just Kidding, TH14 is a Striker..i agree that CF is different from ST.

  52. Marko

    Oh yeah I wasn’t on since before the City game god I wanted to vomit. They’ll win nothing with that Italian cunt in fact they shouldn’t let Italians manage in England it was disgusting to watch. It was like dare I say Barcelona play Inter.

  53. Jaguar reloaded

    Zeus,Arshavin rarely gets chances to play in his natural position.Even if we have Messi the retard Wenger will play him in the defence,thereby ruining his career just like he did with Arshavin.

  54. DaleDaGooner

    Marko, while i like Mata, another Spanish home sick player is not what we need. Hazard has Arsenal DNA.. 😀 I’d like Elia too, but that isn’t even in the cards…My fear with Hazard is, once he gets a high profile, he is off to Madrid.

  55. Marko

    Jaguar reloaded says:
    January 9, 2011 at 17:34
    Zeus,Arshavin rarely gets chances to play in his natural position.Even if we have Messi the retard Wenger will play him in the defence,thereby ruining his career just like he did with Arshavin.

    Yeah lets play Arshavin in the middle and move Fabregas to the wing. Yeah genius that is there’s a reason he doesn’t play in the middle it’s cause Cesc and Nasri are pissing all over him at the moment.

  56. Marko

    Dale that can be a fear you have with any player but forget about that home sickness thing and Juan Mata would be a super signing and would easily get 15-20 goals and assists with how we play.

  57. DaleDaGooner

    Jaguar, what coache can you realistically hire for Arsenal….seriously? and don’t use you usual rhetoric of “anyone is better than the Senile French mug” I want you to give me names of who you’d prefer, just want to see what your solution to our deficiency is.

  58. Armourist

    Zeus & goonerT1m
    Playing players out of position is Wenger’s speciality, we cant argue with that, and he is very accomplished at it.

    Ashley Cole – striker
    Petit – Full back
    Lauren – Midfielder
    Henry – Left Winger
    Song – CB

    so he has form, however with those players he had them early enough to be able to make the change.

    AA is fully developed, so to ask him to adapt this late is proving fruitless. Unfortunately for AA he isn’t big enough or central to the plans for the system to be changed and built around him, so we suffer the unhappy marriage as a result.

    Messi on the other hand would probably be the greatest full back ever, such is the calibre of the player.

  59. Jaguar reloaded

    Marko,Arshavin can play behind the striker as well.We dont need to play Fab in the wings for doing that.Its not Arshavin’s fault.Its the fault of the senile retard Wenger.

  60. Marko

    Jag you’re talking shite son. So we play Arshavin in the middle and who do you drop then? Or where do you play Cesc cause he plays in the hole where you wanna put Arshavin.

  61. Armourist

    To be honest Cesc should be playing in the whole over Arshavin.

    Cesc’s pass broke the Dutch defence in arguably the biggest game in football.

    You do not play such a player deeper just because he can play there.

  62. DaleDaGooner

    Fair enough Jaguar
    1. Pep has been rumored to us, then he came out to say he’d like to manage in Manchester

    2. Hiddink, is not interested

    3. Riijkard, so he did well at Barca, what makes you think he’ll do well with our board who really controls the funds? He was afforded a big budget at Barca.

    4. Jose Ferriera, what makes him good for us?

  63. Marko

    Jesus Navas is the one with the homesick issues he couldn’t even play for Spain for years cause he had issues with traveling but Juan Mata I haven’t heard having the same problem

  64. DaleDaGooner

    Marko, correct, Arshavin and co are afforded to rotate in the system, so Jaguar, your disdain for Wenger does not allow you see that Arshavin plays in the “hole” at some times during the game.

  65. Armourist

    Hiddink is proven and world class.

    Riijkard & Guardiola are to date one club men, you would need to see more from them, both had Messi, Puyol and Ronaldhino, as such its harder to fail with those guys in your team.

    Despite that I still think Guardiola is the natural successor.