Arsenal have an INDIVIDUAL problem | Crazy transfer target mooted

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I’ve read people claiming that yesterday’s poor result was down to the team and it would be unfair to pick out individuals when critiquing the afternoon (as always…).

Sorry, but I shan’t be having that.

Yesterday’s issue was about the level of our second string not being as high as we’d like to imagine. We’ve seen that demonstrated twice in 2 weeks. It’s not a coincidence that teams that have Eboue, Denilson, Bendtner and dare I say it… Arshavin, suffer when they’re all mashed into our ‘strongest’ team of the day.

Now, I am sure I can muster a defence for a number of the players if I put my mind to it, so I’ll give you the run down.

Nik Bendtner

Simply put, he is not a F*CKING winger. Apologies for my bad language, but this isn’t like sticking Reyes, Wiltord or Theo out wide… this is putting a cumbersome 6ft4 lump out on the wing. You only have to look at him to see that he’s never going to work out there. He knows psychologically he’s no good there and that affects his game. His touch was atrocious yesterday, his finishing was diabolical and his attitude stank.

Can I blame him? Not really… he was hung out to dry being put out wide. His game was summed up late on when he lashed wildly at a floated pass. He should have struck it, however, a good standard of Sunday league player would have landed that on target.

Emmanuel Eboue

I’ve never bought into this whole cult thing we do for him. It irritates me because at the heart of it, there is a poor player who is mistake ridden in the extreme. His passing was disastrous and his decision making was laughable. There was also time for a standard injury feign and dive that was surprisingly ignored by the referee. Let him go to Roma, he’s too old to be back up right back. Surely there is a career he’s killing?


On the receiving end of a lot of cyber anger yesterday. I’ve got to say, I thought he was superb in the first half. His passing was unusually creative and I thought he was playing his role very well. However, after we went one down, his good play was flushed down the toilet. He was missing tackles, jogging and guilty of poor decision making. He conceded the penalty and once again, his lack of mobility was on show for all to see.


Quite frankly one of the most embarrassing performances I’ve ever seen from a player who has so much talent. It rivals Eboue’s cameo against Wigan where he was booed. He completely missed the ball twice, he’s been hanging out with Song’s imaginary friend and can’t stop passing to him and again, his decision making was terrible.

I feel really bad for him, his confidence has been destroyed over the last month and the fans really did treat him badly yesterday. For me, when a player has that much talent, you have to give him a bit of love. Our lot have had enough and that’s very sad. What really gets me is that no one on the pitch put an arm around him and told him to pull himself together. For a team that has more spirit than a Jack Daniels factory, we seem to have very little communication on the pitch when things are going wrong.

… you know what, for a player that has given us 4 goals and 12 assists this year, the crowd were disgraceful.

There, I said it. I don’t like knocking people who pay to see the game but he was getting pelters for things that weren’t even his fault. Regardless of how poor he was, he still looked the most dangerous player out there and he kept plugging away.

One more player I have to throw into the mix is Thomas Rosicky. He was pretty awful all day. We’ve waited 4 years for him to come good, now he’s injury free, he’s next to useless on the pitch. He doesn’t score, he doesn’t assist and he goes missing for large chunks of the game. He is like a 100 year old time piece that has been left in the cupboard. It’s beautiful to look at becuase you can imagine what it was like in it’s prime, however, wind it up and put it into the real world, the timing is going to be all over the shop and it’ll never quite work the same.

That is really sad, but it highlights the harsh realities of top level football these days. Loyalty to perma-crocks gets you no where.

All of the above, combined with players who were doing a pretty good job ended up in us not being able to turn over a Leeds team who came to play football against us!

The game from a neutral perspective must have been fantastic, from where I was sitting, it was most awkward. Watching Cesc Fabregas and Theo come onto rescue us was a sad indictment of our second string. Watching the Spaniard play long balls was a grim reflection of the poor movement of our team.

Arsenal dominated possession in the first half creating plenty of chances. Arshavin went closest when he beat the offside trap, his problem was too much time, firing straight at Schmeichel junior.

The second half Leeds came out of the blocks and won a penalty after Denilson stuck a clumsy leg out in the box. Chesney dived close to the Snodgrass penalty but the ball was fired too hard for him to keep it out.

Arsenal fell to pieces from there. The midfield couldn’t keep hold of the ball and we nearly went 2 down from a corner, luckily Chesney pulled off what can only be described as a world-class save. We nearly shipped another goal when a freekick was zipped over the bar marginally.

Cesc Fabregas came on for Alex Song which was the first of the strange substitutions. I didn’t think the man from Cameroon was having a bad game and there were plenty of others who clearly were. Cesc boosted our morale and we started to pressure Leeds.

The next sub was Theo. He came on for Chamakh, again, a bizarre choice considering 1) Chamakh was our leading scorer out there 2) Bendtner was having a shocker out wide and was clearly not in the frame of mind to move into the middle and have a stormer.

The final sub was Carlos Vela who came on for Rosicky, which was a fair shout, but I think Arshavin would have been a better option.

Anyway, we pressed and nearly won a penalty but Theo dived, something he admitted after the game, along with stealing Tommy Turner’s pencil case in year 4 at Junior School. Theo, we forgive you, your honesty and good upbringing shames the likes of John Terry and Wayne Rooney.

Moments later, Theo bounded into the area again, his shirt was tugged by Bromby, the ref pointed to the spot. Cesc stepped up and silenced 9000 very loud Leeds fans!

Jeez, that was close…

If Wenger wants to win the FA Cup, he’s going to have to make some big decisions about who he plays going forward. His second string aren’t good enough in large doses and that was highlighted today. Still, the good thing is we fought till the end, our heads didn’t drop and we have secured a replay. It’s not the end of the world, just a bit of ball ache having to head up to the North for a replay.

Arsenal’s fortunes changed when Theo came onto the pitch. He was excellent. If his finishing was a little sharper, he’d have won us that game on his own. He’s a real pleasure to watch at the moment and it finally looks like he’s starting to understand what is required at the highest level. I thought a JD once again deserves a big shout out. He was calm and assured next to the typically erratic Squillaci.

I also thought Gibbs played well it’s a shame he picked up an injury.

Oh wait, he didn’t… sorry, that last line was a force of habit.

Leeds deserve a lot of credit. They were physical, but they took the game to us today and that is a very brave thing to do. I applaud Simon Grayson for showing guts like that. It’s a shame that our players couldn’t handle that. There’s no parked bus excuse to hide behind today.

Next up… Ipswich Town in the Carling Cup… I’ve heard we’re on our way to Wembley if we smash these lot?!

Transfer Roundup

Arsenal are rumoured to be back in for Sol Campbell for a third time. I love Big Sol but Wenger opting for him over Chris Samba, Brede Hangeland or Gary Cahill would be a showing a severe lack of ambition. If he’s not good enough for Newcastle, he sure as hell shouldn’t be anywhere near our line up. We need a player who can play more than once a week.

Another player we’ve been looking at is Falcao of FC Porto. He is the clinical Columbian many clubs have been looking at for a while. He’s agile, technically gifted and I’ve always been impressed when I’ve seen him play. He’d come at a price but when you’re one of the richest clubs in the world, that matters not providing City or Madrid aren’t sniffing around as well.

I have been assured that we are scouting players at the moment, so there is a chance that we might have a new player this window.

Don’t hold your breath though!

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  1. Pedro

    A, I spoke to my guy in the know and he didn’t mention anything about vermy being long term sick.

    Trouble is, it’ll take two months to get him match fit…

  2. zeus

    The silver lining to Tv5 setback and Squill being injured is Wenger will have to get a CB pretty quickly.

    Before the transfer windows is about to close at the end of January which is when he was gonna leave it.

    Were a 1 injury away from having to play Songback there and having Denilson come back in. Thank God Diaby is out until February or else Wenger would look at that as sufficient cover for Song in midfield.

  3. alex

    John Cross is usually correct

    What about Albiol or Garay from Madrid? Vertonghen? Ajax would probably sell

    Ignasi is far from ready

  4. A

    I don’t believe it for a second.

    We have the worst record in the league at defending set pieces, and we’d sign one of the few keepers in the league whose worse than our current one at dealing with them?!

    Would be a ludicrous decision/aquisition

  5. Stu

    In light of Vermaelens injury set back then yes, i would definitely approve of Jan Vertonghen. Get him in to battle it out with Koscielny. The if/when Vermaelen is back Vertonghen can move into midfield alongside song. Simple. Who knows, he may even take Vermaelens spot altogether.

  6. timao

    i find these sol campbell rumours to be extremely perverse – ffs, if we signed sol again we’d look like a bunch of idiots. wenger is many things but he is not a complete fnool

  7. A

    I wouldn’t be totally against that Pedro. Do have questions about his mobility but he knows the premiership well so wouldn’t take THAT much of an adaptation period, although there would be a bit with the different way we play to them.

    ANB that’s because Denilson is a midfielder, and already at the club. If we needed a Song type player now, someone who was big and strong Wenger wouldn’t sign Denilson

  8. Arsene Nose Best

    Stu says:
    January 9, 2011 at 23:13
    Want a defender for dealing with set pieces? Senderos. Enough said.

    want a defender to shit there pants at defending a set piece against the chavs,sendedross,nuff said.

  9. incesc

    arsene must be crying into his croque monsieur tonight at the thought of spending some money.

    i bet he gets someone very very cheap, especially since its a stop gap.

  10. timao

    djourou is the new vermaelen and i know i cast doubt on his ability but he has sure proved me wrong – but we definitely need another one like him. these mysterious achilles problems can be totally disastrous. i know. let’s sign a vertonghen – yeah

  11. Pedro

    haha, nice one ANB (2314)

    He’d defo come to us…Champions League, fat pay rise, move out of the shit hole that is Blackburn!

  12. Big Dave

    Not good news then about TV5, John cross is not a bad source either.

    Song at CB. He must buy soon then, and not pennypinch over a million pound. Abidol ?

  13. The BearMan

    For a while now the Bear have been saying Arsenal needs 4 x decent players to be able the get through this part of the season. Time is running out for us to prune and add to the team.

    I will wait to see what our Award Winning Manager does before the transfer window closes again, then I will make my prediction of our realistic hopes for this season. I firmly believe, should Mr. Wenger not use this period wisely to strengthen the squad with the correct individuals, then he should not send, the JeT & Afobe out on loan, and should seek to shorten the loan period for Aneke, Lansbury, Bartley and Coquelin. This part of the season is not for the faint hearted, as every team will raise their game. Some for survival and others with higher ambitions.

  14. timao

    any clue what theo was thinking with is i’m a diver routine – what a twit! even on replay it still looks a nailed on pen. when i heard the quote i thought it was cobbled together bullshit, been waiting in vain for a rebuttal – still can’t quite believe it. what was going thru his brane?

  15. A

    Bear we have loads of offensive players! JET, Afobe and Aneke aren’t going to get anywhere near the first team, and Bartley and Coquelin are already on a season loan, they aren’t back until the summer.

    Lansbury though I wouldn’t mind returning but it depends on Ramsey a bit

    Not a single one of those players would have a bearing on who we buy etc, we need a defender or a dm. Wonder if we’ll sign a third choice keeper too

  16. Stu

    No ANB you div. Im saying when we have defenders who are great at defending set pieces for us they are shite in open play and now vice versa.

    If we had Samba we might concede less from corners and free kicks but we would be fucked in open play because more often than not tall = slow.

  17. The BearMan

    Arsenal needs not just quality alone, but players that are physically strong, tall and agile players as well. Players not only good at passing the ball, but lethal strikes of the ball from distance and powerful headers of the ball. Our team lacks balance, we are top heavy with similiarily gifted players.

  18. alex

    Haven’t watched much of Vertonghen but Verm recommended him. Young aswell, 10M would probably be enough.

    Don’t see us signing Samba

  19. Stu

    Off topic but i was looking at Chamakhs profile on espn a while ago and noticed he only weighs 70kg. Thats shocking considering im about 73 and skinny as fuck…kind of.

    Went on and checked another few. We only have about 4 or 5 players above 80kg, if even that, and JET is one of them. I know we havent been bullied this season but its easy to see why we have been in the past with such a light squad. Fuck sake, Sol weighs 90kg (if i remember right).

  20. The BearMan

    The Bear Agrees with “A” however, our squad before this season is done will be battered and bruised. Wilshire, Kos, Cesc, RvP, Sagna, Nasri cannot go on taking that many knocks each game and hope to survive the entire season.

  21. A

    I agree bear, and we certainly need Diaby back to rotate with Wilshere, and/or Ramsey or Lansbury. Vermy back or another centre back in for cos. Bendtner and Chamakh are very good reserves for VP, and Arshavin for Nasri too. I’d say that we need a DM as you can add Song to that list too

  22. timao

    ha ha! it’s FIFA’s p-p-p-Puskas award tomorrow, for the best goal of the year. despite some mad backheeler from the lower reaches of scotland and a sensational super-dutch volley thingie, samir nasri’s goal v porto is by far and away the best – the only real challenge comes from Japan, their women’s team. wonder who that eternal arsehole blatter will choose?

  23. sixx pac

    Why does ‘The Bear’ refer to himself in the third person? Arrogant fuck.

    Anyways I wouldn’t mind Samba but Vertonghen is the man I want. You just know he’s perfect for us. No to Cahill. How do you spell OVERRATED!

    Sol Campbell? Weren’t some of you guys saying that Wenger was wrong to let him leave? So now that he’s linked to us again, ur saying u don’t want him as he’s no longer top level. So that means Wenger was right in the first place? And that the manager is best equipped to judge a player?

  24. ANELKA

    Comments relating to Eboue are very harsh. Considering Eboue has hardly played in the last 4 -5 weeks, you must expect that he would not be up to his best.

    Your thoughts…

  25. Jimbo

    Who was that dodgy one from France we nearly signed last summer? Surely we’ll just sign him now?

    Not players like Samba.

  26. A

    I wonder if there could be truth in Florian Lejeune rumours, although we’d have to battle with Madrid for him.

    Spahic was one rumoured target in the summer, he’s about 30ish though, wouldn’t imagine we’re after another older defender, squillaci already filled that role

  27. timao

    “You will find every conceivable type of goal in our top ten, from solo efforts and long-range strikes to audacious lobs, unstoppable volleys and gravity-defying scissor-kicks”
    from the fifa puskas award page… i don’t know why i care but its symptomatic of fifa’s general excursion from reality – their top ten in fact conatins NO lobs, audacious or otherwise and NO scissor kicks, gravity notwithstanding. it is some great volleys, some fine dribbles and shots, a belter from gio at the WC and one audacious backheel. fuck sake fifa, get it right you nobbends!

  28. A

    Samba would make sense, if Vermaelen really has had a set back then someone who could come straight into the side would be what we’re after

  29. Jimbo

    A – not sure what ‘role’ is open in the squad, really.

    All I think we can be confident about, with this signing, is that they’ll be relatively cheap, relatively crap, and likely either be French or play in France.

  30. sixx pac

    But Spahic is doing incredibly well this season. The one blemish on his CV was his injury record.

    I don’t agree with most of you on the Chamakh V Bendy debate. I say the fact that Chamakh is our second leading scorer this season, should be the end of that debate. I hate hearing people say ” At least Bendtner gets into position to miss goals” Fuck me, is that acceptable for you? That just shows that he’s shit. What’s the point of getting into position if ur not putting them in?
    Give me Chamakh any day of the week.

  31. A

    If Vermaelen has had a set back then the role open is either first choice, or someone who can certainly compete for and rotate with first choice centre back.

    Last time we had problems with injuries to someone dragging on and that player needing to have someone brought in to fill his role it was Rosicky, and Arshavin was brought in.

    IF Vermaelen has had a proper set back then I could see a top defender coming in, or at the very least a Samba type of signing.

    If Vermy is as scheduled though and it’s just because of Squillaci picking up a knock that we need extra cover then i’d expect someone very cheap to come in, as they’d be arriving as 5th choice essentially

  32. Jimbo

    A – past behaviour does not dictate the future, least of all when you only have one piece of data to go on.

    Essentially, the ‘sort’ of player we sign will be more or less guesswork. We can look at our longer, poorer track-record of signing defenders, and guess maybe at the quality of the player, but the Arshavin signing was hardly indicative – he was a unique opportunity, who knows if another of those will arise.

    As for Samba, honestly, I don’t know who anyone’s kidding with that guy – his stature has grown this season without him actually having to do anything!

  33. A

    It’s only possible to analyse on the exaples of similar situations in the future Jimbo, and the Rosicky/Arshavin one is the only similar and comparable situation.

    Nothing like just signing players normally when we’re often looking for potential and to develop players.

    A centre back signing if Vermy has had a setback is due to the need to recruit someone to play right now, just as with the Rosicky/Arshavin situation. Nothing like any summer signing.

    I agree that Samba is far from world class, but would certainly do a job for us and enter the rotation with Koscielny and JD

  34. Honest Bill

    JD, is looking awesome atm anyone agree?

    He looks really composed and his finishing has improved massively. Confidence makes great players great, i think JD has the potential to be that player.

  35. A

    Absolutely agree HB – Just really hope he doesn’t break down.

    Not sure what you’re referring to with his finishing though?!

  36. Kreshnik

    These increasing rumors about Sol are starting to get worrisome. Come on Arsene, get it done right this time, ur fucking legacy is on the line here. You really care more about 30-50 millions (that the scummy board won’t even feel) then ur own legacy.

    This time you can even justify it, your best defender is injured, you’ll still have proven your point if/when we win trophies.

  37. Ja_Gunner

    Team for Ipswich

    …………Denilson(I know Iknow…..Wilshere…………

    That team should be enough to hopefully dispatch them 3-0 or so to make the return leg a formality….

    I still start Denilson so that Song is preserved for West Ham away….

    For West Ham


  38. matt

    So whats Arsene’s excuse this time???…………. luckily he has another chance to get it right, as he still hasn’t learned that our squad isn’t as good as he seems to think it is. As for Arshavin personally i believe that his mindset and attitude is bad and he really dreams of playing in Spain! Eboue, he still looks the same crap player he was that night against Wigan, and he still sprawls to the ground to try and win free kicks …..he’s a joke!! How any manager tolerates him I do not know, but then again Wenger is our “manager” isn’t he….says it all really!!! I felt his substitutions were all wrong (again?) I’d rather keep Chamakh playing than have that useless lump Bendtner in there, the only thing I would say in his defence is WHAT THE HELL IS WENGER THINKING OF PUTTING HIM OUT ON THE WING!! plus he takes off Song and leaves the hapless Denilson on……. even the most biased gooner must have wondered what the hell is going on????? Wenger lost all credibility with me 4 years ago with his constant assertions that the team were then good enough to win the league and then at the end of the last 3 years stated that we would win the next year after all the team had learned! All I see now is an arm waiving fool who has a side that has potential but has too many average players he has brought in a to make up a large squad….keep it up Wenger and we will end up with Liverpool!!!!!

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    There is nothing wrong with the squad. 25 changes in 3 games is whats wrong.

    Top call re AA23 Pedro. You could see he was hurting. The most assists in the PL, how about some of The Arsenal players assisting him.

    I see you are all now warming to Big YoYo20.

    Sanchez Watt was a pest, & is a Gooner apparently 😯

  40. Dharav

    I think we need to buy atleast 2 players to hav ne chance of gettin the title.We need to get atleast one CB if not 2 and we need another defensive midfielder to cover for song,i think denilson cant do it for me.
    I jus cant understand y wenger wont buy,even though we r one of the most profitable clubs in the world.I think he believes that if we win the carling cup the fans will be happy.

  41. The BearMan

    Some good news: (1) Ryo asked some of the lads in the First Team to move aside, he will show them how it’s done. (2) And the master is back to crack the whip! Henry will show those lazy bums how its done.

  42. nottsgunner

    Arsenal have needed 3 players 1) A midfielder who can be the box to box man someone who sticks himself in.lets face it would AD2 OR D15 get into the arsenal squad 7 years ago?
    2)Before last season when did a midfielder become our top goal scorer?????????? so maybe a forward who can smash 20-25 goals a season.
    3)The arsenal centerback tall strong in the tackle fast on the ground. id be happy with some one who can just DEFEND AND WHO SCREAMS @ EVERYONE CAUSE IN ALL THE MATCHS IVE WATCHED WE HAVE NO LEADER @ THE BACK EVEN SUNDAY LEAUGE TEAMS HAVE A GOBBY ONE @ THE BACK AND YES IM THAT ONE @ THE BACK

  43. Cornelius Ombagi

    This a very practical and objective anlysis of our players .We were about to loss the game because of the strong weaknesses in the following players : 1.Ebue
    2.Roscisky 3. Denilison 4. Arsarvin but forgive him heis not good at scouring but very good in assits the best in the premier legue therfore not bad but dont expext anything like a score from him and the lazy roscisky. Another lazy one and ineffective mat be due to poor combination was BEDNER NICOLUS AND CHARMARK! you see the reason why LEEDS DOMINATED SIX PLAYERS BELOW PAR HOW MAY ARE WERE PLAYING ONLY THE REST 1.SCESNY, 2.DJOROU,3 GIBSS,4SONG ,5SQULLACHI AND THE TWO GREATS SUBS 1. CESC FAB AND THEO WALCOT . LET THE REST BE COMMITTED ALL ELSE THEY WILL WARM THE BENCHES FOREVER!

  44. Cornelius Ombagi -KENYA