Absolutely shameful. Arsenal vs Manchester City match review + player ratings

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There was a bit of relief worry when Fabianski was thought to be injured before the game. Luckily he wasn’t…

The line up was unchanged from the Birmingham game, could we defeat the might of the petro dollar, could we pull away from the pack… well read on and I’ll tell you!

Alex Song has gone all David Beckham of late, as Geoff correctly called yesterday, the man from Cameroon rolled out onto the pitch with yellow hair and a yellow beard to match. I’m struggling to see why he’s decided to model himself on Portuguese drug cheat Xavier, but regardless, he’s managed to get an additional paragraph of PR on this Arsenal blog, so 1-0 to Mr Song!

Manchester City lined up in desperately negative fashion and in the opening 45 minutes, they were subjected to what can only be described as a mesmeric display of Arsenal power and dominance.

Almost instantly Samir Nasir and Cesc played some neat one two football in the middle of the park, Jack was found in space, he cut the ball across goal to Robin who failed to make connection by 2 inches. If only the Dutchman had eaten one less pie before the game (Euro 96 Gazza reference before food disorder groups get on my case).

Soon after, Jack Wilshere ripped a shot at Joe Hart’s goal, it was so fierce, the Englishman could only parry it. Proving this was not a one-off, Robin found some space with a Cruyft cut back and unleashed another thunderbolt at goal. Who told the boys they could shoot?!

Jack Wilshere nearly broke the deadlock again after placing a controlled volley to the right of Joe Hart. The City keeper was equal to the shot again. This was starting to feel like the Arsenal of old, pummeling the goal with little reward. Give me this type of game over a flat impotent possession football any day of the week!

As the game wore on, City started to gain a foothold, they were trying to control the pace of the game and keep it as dull as possible. They had their first chance from a set piece. The ball was launched to the back post, Sagna missed his header, Tevez cut the ball back but Song was on hand to clear.

We went up the other end, Cesc’s placed a shot at Hart’s near post, only to be denied by the woodwork, Theo was on hand for the rebound and hit the post again! It’s worth noting he was offside.

The final bit of controversy of the half came when Theo was slipped in by Robin, Kompany went to defend, Theo crossed and hit the ugly Belgians claw but the ref deemed it accidental handball. If you took your £6.99 Arsenal branded goggles off, you’d probably say that was a fair decision.

The second half started off with slightly less fanfare.

Van persie went close when he weaved his way into the box but selfishly tried to fire in from a nightmare angle.

He then unleashed a powerful shot from 30 yards that Joe Hart managed to tip round the post superbly well.

The second half was a much flatter occasion, it seemed as though we’d peaked too soon and we never really recovered the same excitement, tenacity or creativity. That was a shame, but I guess you have to hold your hands up and say City are an exceptionally talented squad of top professionals. You can’t really expect to dominate in the way we did for 90 full minutes.

The only real excitement came late on in the half when Sagna and Zabaleta clashed down the right. It was a bit of a nothing challenge, but the Frenchman felt aggrieved, jumped up and butted the City man twice. They both received red cards, which was probably a  bit unfair on Zabaleta.

I really hate to see players head butting, it’s a vile act and not really the Arsenal way. It’s also very odd to see a player as placid as Sagna act in such an ill disciplined manner? Maybe he was upset that the worst haircut in the team no longer belonged to him? Maybe he was frustrated by the light blue chavs failure to play football. Who knows… it’s just a pain we lose a top performer for a minimum of 3 games.

Thoughts on the game?

Well, on the strength of that game, if City are title contenders, then so are we. The first point is that we didn’t lose the game and we’ve taken 4 points off a top 4 rival this year. We absolutely showed  we were the better team out there today and we played some superb football in the first half.

I think it’s absolutely shameful that a team worth £170million can come to London and play that negatively. If I were a City fan I’d be embarrassed I had a coach as wimpy as that. Playing surrender football in the Premier League goes against all we know, blasphemous if you will. Playing defensively with that side is like buying a £3million country manor and sleeping in the shed.

I’m a little disappointed we didn’t go for the jugular in the second half. I thought maybe the coach could have changed things up earlier in a bid to snatch the three points, but the simple fact is that if win our game in hand, we’ll be second, though a massive 7 points off the top of the table (assuming United win their game  in hand).

For me, tonight simply proved how wrong Wenger was to rest 8 players against Wigan and how costly those dropped points were early in the season. It’s ok saying it was a tactical masterstroke because we had players fresh for Birmingham, but when you look at the festive mini table out of the top 5, we finished 4th. Those 2 dropped points mean that instead of United having to drop points in 2 games for us to catch them, they’ve now got to drop points in 3 with us taking the maximum from ours.

Insurmountable? Of course not… A big ask? I think so. United have all the experience going into this home stretch. On the flip side of the coin, it is always nice to be the underdog. Arsene certainly thrives on that label and it relieves the pressure. It’s United’s to lose and we’re only in January. It doesn’t matter how great you are, that is a lot of pressure to carry for 4 months!

From now until the end of the season, the tinkering has to stop. Rest players by all means but not to the detriment of  team understanding or shape. Dont try to appease the dressing room sulkers and don’t try to spin us a yarn that the team with the youngest average age (you do keep reminding us of this fact) needs the most rest. I read an interview last year from Alex Ferguson and he said you shouldn’t need to convince players they’re not tired in the home stretch, the adrenaline carries you home.

Wenger, be a winner from now until the end of the season. Show us you’ve got the courage to see this season through. We won’t get a better opportunity than we have now… with the right decisions, we could end this May with something more exciting than a Carling Cup, it’s down to you though to be ruthless and intelligent with your team.

Last night might not have been the desired result, but we’re starting to find our style again and we kept a clean sheet.

Lets take the positives and move onto the next game!

See you in the comments!

P.S. According to the media yesterday, Spurs were in it, Chelsea were not despite the muppets down the road only being a point above the Chav’s. They both lost last night, so as far as I’m concerned, they’re both out the race.

Ratings –

Fabainski – Very little to do. His kicking was good. 6

Sagna – He nearly cost us from a set piece and managed to land himself a red card. 5

Clichy – I thought he had a solid game. No drama. 6.5

Kozzer – Always plays more advanced than JD mopping up on the ground and on the floor. He likes playing with the Swissman. Again, no drama. 7

JD – Made a couple of super interceptions and kept City boys very quiet. 7

Song – I thought he had an excellent game. Is it a coincidence I have blonde hair and so does Song? Probably not. He had great discipline today and did his job well. 8.5

Jack – Much more of an attacking threat than he has been of late. Combative in the middle of the park, crisp with his passing. 8

Cesc – Menacing in the middle as always. Chipping away City all game. Unlucky not to score and assist on a few occassions. 8

Walcott – Starting to use his pace in a more productive way. He’s also showing that he knows how to turn defenders and create space for himself. Very impressive. 8

Nasri – He’s a dream to watch this year, he’s skillful, aggressive and powerful. I love him. 8

RvP – Slowly beginning to find his feet. I think his freekicks are poor and wasteful though. Needs to get a bit more snap into his first time shooting. 7

Subs –

Bendtner – Didn’t really do much. 6

Arshavin – Clearly not the impact sub I’d hoped he’d be! 6

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395 Responses to “Absolutely shameful. Arsenal vs Manchester City match review + player ratings”

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  1. _AhuraMazda_

    Good fortune plays it luck in getting results and points, and we did not get any of anything yesterday. What did come out though is that the Arsenal are the best team in the league, and that there is only one other team in the race for the title. To win the title, there can be no more slip ups and we need some luck. The mancs need to be beaten when we meet them at the end of the season. I am also hoping Spurs can cause a little upset at home in just over a week. Wonderful performance (and can only improve as RvP and Cesc come up to speed), unsatisfying result.

  2. Wiseman

    Sagan was stupid, but I would hardly call that a head butt, it was more of a head push. And Zabaletta pushed Sagna with his hands, and for me that was as deserving a red as the head push.

    I don’t think Wenger should stop tinkering just because we were unlucky in one game against Wigan, I prefer to have our first-team healthy and if that means skipping a game or two then I will take that. Our “2nd team” should beat most.

    I am sure we will see that 2nd team for the Cup matches!

    Oh and I have just realized that Sanga will only miss one League game with the 2 cup matches coming up!

  3. chozzer

    Don’t understand how Bendy can come on when we need a goal and then play 2 yards off the left touchline. Bizarre.

  4. Albo

    Top post and entirely on the money.

    Gotta say, good performance last night against a City team determined to avoid playing with any ambition. If we don’t win the league it won’t be results like that that are to blame – it will be Newcastle and West Brom at home etc. 

    Also, last night lots of comments moaning about Bendtner coming on at left wing. Clearly from people who don’t watch Arsenal much, cos Bendtner has scored almost all of his most impressive goals coming in from the left. (Blackburn at home last season for example). I also can’t understand people moaning about Wenger bringing on Arshavin for a tired Walcott. The guy’s is a potential match winner and just what you want coming off the bench at a moment like that. 

    Shame we didn’t get the rub of the green, but before we all give up, Manure have plenty of tough fixtures and, even if they win their game in hand, are only the same amount ahead as Chelsea were before they hit a run of poor form…

  5. YANGKAMP 10

    good post pedro, couldnt be an easy one to write. One of our best performances and yet we’re all frustrated by the result!

    I think the solution is simple – If TV5 is going to be back fit soon, we simply dont need a central defender in the transfer window. We have enough from now to the end of the season.
    What we do need is a striker. Too much created yesterday for us to not come away with a result. An decent striker would have come away with at least a brace last night. By the time RVP finds “match fitness” he’ll get injured again. He hasnt played a decent game this since early 2009. Just ask the dutch.
    Surarez to fire us to the title!

  6. azed

    Guessin sagna was frustrated…he takes a lot of kicks and doesnt really complain…
    Did u guys see yaya yesterday???

  7. A

    Absolutely disgraceful from City – never seen a “big team” supposedly competing for the title have so little ambition. Even the stadium announcer couldn’t help himself – “sub Manchester City, Jo………. eventually…. for Adam Johnson”

    Time wasting from the first half, feigning injury, just embarrassing.

    Still despite the result I reckon if we play even close to that in the rest of our games this season we could win every game we have left….

    It all could’ve been so different if Wilshere hadn’t overhit that early pass across to VP. Nice to see VP starting to get his shooting boots back

  8. Big Dave

    Shame we ddn’t score, only 1 team wanted to play football last night, it helps man ure tho which is not good, we ran out of steam in the end

    Song mom

  9. Pedro

    Morning Grovers!

    I’m in a cardboard box factory most of today, play nice and love thy fellow blogger!

    Catch up with you later!

  10. Albo

    Pleas god can we stop calling for Suarez! Do we we really want that cheating, opponent biting scum anywhere near our team?!

  11. Jimmythegun

    Great performance last night, incredibily frustrating result!

    Thankfully, watching MoTD gave me some perspective (who’d be a Chelsea, Liverpool, Villa fan eh?)although the coverage didn’t come close to revealing how one-sided the game was.

    Oh yeah, and Alex Song (despite homage to Xavier)was superb!

  12. YANGKAMP 10

    Albo- what a player does in his private life has nothing to do with it 😉

    The man is a leathal finisher and has a win by any means mentality, any behavoral issues will be ironed out. And besides, that’s all in the past now, you have to move on. Do you think Furguson looses any sleep over Cantona and Keane’s temperment and behaviour

  13. Wiseman

    RT @gunnerblog – Apparently Mancini showed this motivational video to the Man City players before the match:


  14. DeiseGooner

    Just keep that level of performance until the end of the season and ill be happy. You know that kind of performance will win you the game 99% of the time against 99% of teams.

    Two cup games to get through now. Dont tinker too much. By all means change it up a little but keep the core together so we keep the momentum going. Its all about getting a run going to build to a grandstand finish.

  15. Arselicked

    I loved it when Sagna went at Zabaleta like that. He will miss only one EPL game, the others are the FA cup against Leads and the Carling cup against Ipswich. Eboue can do well for both. He is had enough of the rough tackles on him, Malouda did it at Stampford bridge, Lee Bowyer did it, so i understand his reaction. We need a hardman in the team.

    The wimps tag should be laid to rest. I like the hard man tag. Let other teams worry about the tactics they would use.

    AW doesn’t get any sympathy for playing fair anyway.

  16. telarse

    So, did we play well due to our ability or were we permitted to play well due to City’s tactics?

    It pisses me off that teams defending deep like that don’t have to resort to fouls close to their box. Why don’t our players need to be fouled in and around the box?

    Is that wrong?

    It also pisses me off that however many players we have around the opponent’s box, they are all usually AROUND the opponents box never any of them in it!

    So many goals are scored by players anticipating or gambling on low crosses or drives into the box, we seem to consider it beneath us!

  17. Dave

    Can we have some context here? City’s away record is the best in the league and they’ve scored 10 in their last 3 away games. The defensive approach was due to them being without key attacking players who would otherwise have played (Silva and Balotelli in particular). The reason they did so little on the counter attack was not becuase they didn’t want to but because Arsenal defended as well as they attacked and City, frankly, were knackered. Excellent defensive performance from City who worked out the best way to maximise their return from this game and then executed it really well. Terms like “disgraceful” and “shameful” are frankly ridiculous (and naive). Cheers.

  18. Aussieaz

    hey, lads was great post and yesterday…floods over here gettin better i thought we played tough should got one but think but ideas on subs were wrong mr wenger…
    oh well least didnt get beaten on break..

  19. Melon Man

    Fair interpretation of last night’s proceedings, but as a City fan, I didn’t feel aggrieved by the defensive display, much less “ashamed”.
    I thought playing Jo and Tevez up top from the start was reasonably adventurous on Mancini’s part – he obviously thought if we got the ball in the Arsenal’s half the two of them could link up to break down your defence.
    However, as the Arse decided not to let us have a sniff of the bloody ball for twenty minutes, whether we liked it or not, a defensive display was forced upon us, not chosen.
    I’m sure if you’d strolled around giving us time on the ball, and not working like Beavers on amphetamines, we’d have gladly charged up the other end and pummeled you.
    But you didn’t, and it obviously rattled our boys, who I thought were looking decidedly tired at the end of a very successful festive period, despite the deep squad and rotations.
    So from a City fan’s point of view, off the TV, I thought the Arse passed us to death most of the game, probably (ok I’m biased!) deserved a win, but Mancini’s tactics and training allowed us to not get beaten, like used to happen a lot in the really big games.
    It wasn’t pretty, but we’re not a joke team anymore, and we roll over for no-one.
    On that performance ‘tho, we have some way to go before being genuine title contenders – I believe we need a few key players, and no doubt we’ll buy them sooner rather than later before the Fifa regs kick in.
    The money spent so far doesn’t guarantee instant success – we all know that, it’s just a cheap stick to beat City with due to the lack of anything else to whinge about. (Mind you, the season isn’t actually over yet, and we couldn’t win anything yet if we wanted to, so instant success may yet well come to pass, my how we will gloat and smugly pat ourselves on the back!).
    Well done Gooners, for what it’s worth, I think you’re the best team we’ve played this season by a mile, and I’m glad we don’t have to play you again till next season, Happy New Year.
    Off to work now, have a nice day.

  20. Jaguar reloaded

    The fact that Wenger looked like a more respectable manager than Mancini said it all about yesterday.

  21. A

    telarse we played well DESPITE City’s tactics, not because of!! City tried to make it very very difficult for us, and in the first half we were just too good, despite the lack of a goal

  22. gazzap

    Would I be right in saying two of Sagna’s banned matches are against Leeds and Ipswich? If so he probably would not have played in either anyway. But a stupid thing to do anyway.

    I loved Pedro’s quote about buying a £3m mansion and sleeping in the shed. spot on.

  23. YANGKAMP 10

    Telarse – we really could have done with a fox in the box last night.

    I know we’re not a Barca’s level, but Cesc and Nasri at times look as good as Inesita and Xavi (probably why they want them both!) We are just missing a world class finisher

  24. Dobbi

    Unlucky yesterday, but you have to give credit to City’s defense as well. Kompany and Zabaleta were both outstanding for them. The draw is not the worst result in the world and the fact that we dominated for ninety minutes should give the team some added self belief in the big games. Once Manure hit their first loss and lose some confidence they will be there for the taking. Lets hope the Spuds do it against them in two weeks time.

  25. nuudles

    We were easily the best team on the field, and for the first time in a LOONNNGGG time I didnt ever feel that we would lose against a top team, right from start to finish.

    Agree with you Pedro, 4 points from a top 4 contender is good, we also got 3 from Chelsea, now lets hope we get 3 from the Mancs, 3 from Spuds, 4 from Liverpool (in shambles at the moment, its kind of a shame we dont play them soon), if we do & not throw away unnecessary points against the smaller teams we might just be very close come end of the season! (plus the Mancs do not have the easiest run in…)

  26. Franchise

    Pedro nice post but I disagree that ManCity were a disgrace because of the cost of the team on show

    The game started with them on the back foot. They survived not conceeding in the 1st half. In the 2nd half they shaped up better and restricted us from taking shots in their area. IMO tactical masterstroke from Mancini to leave the Emirates with a point

    I am hoping that is the way we plan to frustrate Barca. Sometimes you have to just accept that your opponent are better offensively so the plan would be to stifle and play the percentage game

    It wasnt a bad point dropped against a top team. It was just painful to watch because of other silly points we have dropped at home

  27. Albo

    Yangkamp – but the trouble is we’ve had a few difficult characters who have clearly caused problems behind the scenes and affected the game on the pitch (Ade, Gallas etc), and I’m not sure we want another just when they look like they are gelling so well.

    He is a fine player, but to be honest, I don’t think a team with RvP, Nasri, Fabregas, Walcott and Arshavin really lacks goals to the extent that it’s worth shelling out mid season…

  28. Tobias

    I thought that City was a disgrace to top football yesterday !

    I think it was in the first half, when play stopped for an injury, when he told first Jo to back down and help Zabaleta, and then did the exact same thing with Yaya.

    That meant that the only attacking player who stayed on our half was Tevez ! I mean Tevez is a good player, and can do a lot himself, but come on !!

    A side like Shitty, should atleast be Wanting to win the game.

    Just because you like and playa defensive football, doesn’t mean that you can’t go for the offensive some times.

    It was a shame that suck a top level fixture is ruined by the defensive way Mancinis side played.

    Idid miss Chamakh last night. He is a very good Box player, and we needad a poacher last night.
    A bit sad that Bendtner had to play wide.

    On the positive, I believe that Djourou and Koscielny is playing better and better.

    Same with Fabianski, and that is very positive.

    Anyway, not much to say. It was a draw, and let’s move on.

    And, I rather be hunting man u, than being hunted.

    Nuff Said !

  29. YANGKAMP 10

    Dave, i wouldnt say so. they have some massive games to play yet. Their game in hand is against the Chavs who will eventually come out of this slump.
    If we can maintain the form we’ve shown this xmas period, we can push them all the way.

  30. pedmachine

    Don’t you gooners just love yourselves? City might have spent a bit of cash, but only to get us to the places where United , Arsenal and Chelsea already are. And we need to kick on from there. We will. You play pretty football without the keys to the door. your forwards are useless and you don’t seem to want to do anything about it. If you were as good as you think you would have won last night, but you’re not so you didn’t. Let’s face it, you can only beat City if we play with 10-men for 85 minutes. The table doesn’t lie, look up and what do you see? Manchester 1 & 2, look below? London 3,4,5 and also West Ham staring into the abyss.

  31. A

    Big Dave their game in hand is against Chelsea though.

    We could do with Spuds doing us a favour and beating them next weekend, then we can go from there.

    We need to just keep going and wait for them to fuck up, which they will. REALLY need to make sure we capitalise on it. Two most likely periods for them to drop a good few points –

    Wolves (A)
    City (H)
    Wigan (A)
    Chelsea (A)
    Liverpool (A)


    Newcastle (A)
    Everton (H)
    us (A)
    Chelsea (H)
    Blackburn (A)

  32. hitman49

    great post as always.
    but our manager and accounts director should have changed it earlier, as we needed the result .
    why have 3 defenders marking 1 man ?
    that just didin’t make sence…

    arse out for me as always

  33. Jimmythegun

    When City enevitably buy another 2 centre halfs this Jan/summer – I’d love a cheeky bid for Company.

    Big, powerful, reads the game well, can play a bit – looks like his injury problems are behind him as well.

  34. Franchise

    Jimmythegun Kompany is finally proving his worth in the league

    He was highly rated as a youngster but didnt do well at Hamburg

  35. telarse

    Is anyone else worried that we’re starting to be labelled with having the easiest run-in again?

    Maybe if Arshavin has a strop over lack of game time we’ll replace him, like Eduardo before we all desperately want him to do well but not at the expense of a prolific replacement.

    If we signed a prolific replacement would we simply do a Borg on him (the Star Trek dudes not the Swede dude with the bat)remove his prolificacy and assimilate him?

  36. nuudles

    I thought Nasri had a relatively quiet night compared to some of his other performances, he looked good early on in the first, but I also think they specifically marked him… He was still good, brilliant at times (the pass to Cesc when Cesc hit the post, etc), but not quite at the same level as in some of the previous games.

    RVP is getting there, one or both of his 2 shots could have so easily gone in if they were hit fractions of a degree differently, if they did it would have been great goals.

    I think many teams must be getting very nervous at playing an in-form Cesc + Nasri + RVP… Could be deadly! Even against the most expensive & meanest defence in the business we caused many many problems and created tons of chances…

    Wilshere was very good apart from his shots which I thought could have had better angles, Song was sublime and I thought Kos did brilliantly most of the time considering he was covering Tevez (apart from not tracking him on one or two runs)

    Walcott also looked dangerous at times and I loved his tracking back, he should have pulled the trigger one or 2 times more and his closest shot was deflected slightly by Zabaletta, would have been another bottom corner goal for him without the deflection, should have been our corner!

  37. A

    Yeah Kompany has really stepped it up this season. Don’t see City selling him though – of their current batch he’s the best and most likely to stay, being partnered with David Luiz I guess

  38. Dial Square

    Loved the way Song has played recently,Man City will drive people away from football with shit like that.If we played like that i would give my season ticket up.

  39. Femi Jacobs

    Most of you are not helping Walcot. The more you give him point and praise the more he makes petty costly mistakes. He lack that moment of rapt disicion on what to do with ball. When he was supposed to blay the ball he will pass and when he was supposed to pass the ball he will baloon. I as a person wasnt so happy.

    Why didnt wenger use Rosko and Charmak instead of Bendtner and Arshavin? We could have killed the game. Why has wenger stopped them from shooting the ball in 18′. If Man-U had those chances they would have won. lets tell them the truth for them to give us result.

    Thank you though, you thought the millionaires football. We may not have such money but we have style that can not be bought.

  40. reggie 57

    city played like a team coached by morihno himself constantly trying to break up our pattern of play and it worked in the 2nd half!!!

  41. Big Dave

    We can not rely on other teams “to do us a favour”

    We screwed up v Wigan, Geordies,wba, spuds.

    Utd wont drop many points I imagine.

    We have to beat them now, draw not good enough

  42. Willie

    A frustratin result!I hope the team doesn’t give up,coz we’ll be seeing that kind of play 4rm most(all?) teams for the remainin part of tha league

  43. gambon

    Find it funny how many people are crying about Man City playing for a point.

    If we had the ability to do what they did we wouldve won the CL twice by now.

    Also I dont get the whole “team cost £170m – they have to attack” – As far as i remember defending is equally, if not more important than tippy tappy football.

  44. Gooneroo

    When did we buy Djibril Cisse and play him as a defensive midfielder 🙂

    Jokes aside, good performance both attacking and defensive wise (especially from Song who atm is one of the best DM’s in the world), any other day and both shots would’ve hit the post and gone in, we just didn’t have the luck.

    Also, City weren’t that good defensively, apart from Hart and the post we would’ve won 1000-0.

  45. gazzap

    Full corresponding fixtures for us and manure:

    Date Arsenal ——–Man Utd
    15-Jan West Ham (A) Tottenham (A)
    22-Jan Wigan (H) Birmingham (H)
    25-Jan No fixture Blackpool (A)
    01-Feb Everton (H) Aston Villa (H)
    05-Feb Newcastle (A) Wolves (A)
    12-Feb Wolves (H) Man City (H)
    22-Feb Stoke (H) No fixture
    26-Feb Tottenham (A) Wigan (A)
    01-Mar No fixture Chelsea (A)
    05-Mar Sunderland (H) Liverpool (A)
    19-Mar West Brom (A) Bolton (H)
    02-Apr Blackburn (H) West Ham (A)
    09-Apr Blackpool (A) Fulham (H)
    16-Apr Liverpool (H) Newcastle (A)
    23-Apr Bolton (A) Everton (H)
    30-Apr Man Utd (H) Arsenal (A)
    07-May Stoke (A) Chelsea (H)
    14-May Aston Villa (H) Blackburn (A)
    22-May Fulham (A) Blackpool (H)

  46. gazzap

    I make it that Man U have 7 or 8 tricky fixtures and we have 4 or 5. So manure probably have 3 more hard games than us. They simply have to lose them and we have to do better in the remaining difficult games.

  47. m beany

    Understand all that about negative tactics but at the end of the day we walked away with a point – that’s 10 out of 12 over a Xmas period in which we’ve played some pretty good football. Mancini is a pragmatist. Do you think he’s going to care how we played last night if at the end of the season we’re comfortably sat in champions league places, he’s still in his job and is able attract some of the best players in the world. I think not!

  48. YANGKAMP 10

    Yeah Fanchise – but i could point to a few similar incident, not least our chance to go up there and take something.
    But as A says above, they have the spuds on the wknd and that could be points dropped for sure. WE need to capitalise. Good point that they are the meanest defensively this year

  49. melvyn

    Man Citeh are a team of Defensive Midfielders they belong in Serie A and if Mancini is allowed too he would probably by Mascerano & Diarra just to shore up the midfield !!

    As for Arsenal we were excellent in the first half and only lacked a bit of luck (Manure have been given our share of luck this season) in the second half we tired but as usual AW got the subs wrong – we were tiring but I didnt see that in Theo or Jack and Bendy wide wtf is that – someone said he comes in from the left bullshit he is not TH14 by a million miles he is a CF but one that never ventures into the 6 yard box. Our first eleven were excellent but our bench was lacking.

  50. YANGKAMP 10

    People on this board are so quick to get on the defenders/GK and Song’s back when they mess up.

    I dont understand why we’ve so forgiving towards RvP who has 2 goals this season for us and spends most of his time injured?!?
    He’s probably on 80K and our lead striker and hasnt been doing much striking, we need better leading our front line

  51. gazzap

    I thought the player who should have come off was RVP and Chamakh should have come on. In the last 25 minutes RV hardly won anything in the air or on the ground. he was knackered.

  52. dwse

    Absolutely disgraceful that City have the best away record in the league (just pipping yourselves)

    A positive scandal that City ended the game with five English players, to Arsenals none

    A downright shame that Mancini could only field two players he has signed – even being forced into fielding homegrown youngsters such as Richards (not even a Sven signing!)

    And let’s not even start on the fact that whilst City were grafting (and got a tad lucky) for another point away from home, supposed superior teams were losing their way.

    City – ruining football since 2008

  53. Hr

    Zabelleta said something to sang straight after the tackle, sagna reacted with really a nothing ‘headbutt’ and it didn’t deserve a red.

    Also I found taking off Walcott for arshavin very strange.

  54. Moray

    I think we shouldn’t get carried away.

    Man Utd have been shocking this year, and Rooney didn’t score for months…and they are still unbeaten and 7 or so points clear of us.

    I can see Man Utd playing better, especially if Rooney puts his scoring boots on, but I don’t see how we are going to stop leaking goals, unless we buy, which – let’s face it – we won’t.

    Sorry to be so pessimistic.

    The only positive is that we have those important home games, but even that is qualified by the fact that Home is the new Away for us this season…

  55. Arsenal Tom

    sagna misses 2 cup games and west ham away… could be allot worse!!!

    arseblog are reporting a month set back for vermaelen!

  56. realistic tony

    ive been critical of wenger of late but fair play to him, he kept the same team which produced a very high quality attacking display and kept a clean sheet. I think even a blind man can see that kos can only play well with djourou and both must remain free from injury if vermaelen is out for much longer.
    City timewasting????its hard to believe that a team costing billions with superstars has to do that!….it does show the reputation of arsenal is still one of awe doesn;t it!!!!They shouldnt be criticised as even with timewasting you still have enough time to score….its just not a particularly honourable thing to do. ( there are far worse examples of bad sportsmanship….birmingham of late…and i would include stoke…but sir alex has stated that theres nothing wrong with their style of play so we can trust his opinion!……….NOT)

  57. YANGKAMP 10

    Hr, and bringing Bentender on to play left wing???
    While RvP continues his poor imitation of a world class forward in the middle???
    I thought at that stage we should try bringing on Bendy/Chamakh and get some decent crosses in to them, silly me eh.

  58. Raynor

    I actually for once agree with the ratings (or some of them). I’ve been quick to criticse Song (though not publicly) when watching Arsenal, but over this period when playing he’s been immense. Thought he was our stand out guy last night, mopping up everything and showed he can mix it with Messi with his late mazy run! He seems to be a far better player when he plays deeper (and to be honest he really isn’t effective enough playing a more attacking role, apart from the odd goal). Frustrating game, but what can you do when there are 10 players behind the ball. Man city came for the draw and got it, so their game plan worked for them.

  59. TC

    For RVP you should have said one less puff on his fag rather than pie!

    I was told that City had 9-11 coaches on the pitch preparing their team before the match. Unbelievable.

    Why oh why are we not more professional when situations arise for us to take advantage. Old slow coach Barry was booked fairly early so that should have been the green light to make sure players always took him on and get him to stick out a foot to enable a fall over and a couple of rolls! Play the game Arsenal.

    Could not believe the Bendtner substitution – be more inventive AW for God’s sake.

    I know its difficult coming on as a sub sometimes but AA was a shambles and he needs a mighty size 15 boot up him!

    All said and done though we were unlucky last night – played some great stuff. The ball just did not break our way.

  60. Franchise

    The scary part for us is since we are involved in 4 competitions, Wenger would have no choice but to start tinkering with his lineups

    We saw this last season and we ended up been knocked out by Stoke in the FA cup and having a disatrous league run in Jan/Feb 2010

    we have FA cup on Saturday, two league cups against Roy Keane’s side and a few league games

  61. tonyadamsisgod

    Why the fuck was Bendtner brought on to play on the left wing? What has Chamakh done to deserve being dropped from the team so abruptly? This game was crying out for a fox in the box type player like Chamakh and we brought on Bedntner on the left! At least play him up front and sit RvP a little deeper and put Nasri or Arshavin out wide!!

  62. Dial Square

    If that is true about Vermaelen we must buy cover now.Kos and JD look pretty good at the moment but too many games coming up.

  63. gazzap

    If Verm has had another set back, it might be a good thing that its happened now at the start of Jan. Wenger had been talking about waiting til the end of Jan, but I hope it forces him to making a decision now, and buys either Samba or Mertesacker.

    I dont think Verm would return at the top of his game now anyway. 6 months out could take 3 months to really get back on form and we need a centre back at 100% now.

  64. Harry

    That was unfair to Gazza imo, from memory he anticipated that the German keeper would get a touch so held back a split second before lunging; if the keeper had got a finger on it, it would have been a brilliant decision, as it was it was very unlucky.

    Incidentally, that tournament was just about the last time I cared one jot about the England football team 🙁

  65. Jonas

    Good post, agree Song was our best player and we lost steam and ran out of ideas about the time Walcott came off.

    I was frustrated by the number of times Van Persie came deep to get the ball leaving noone up front so slows our play down.

    Arshavin was awful when he came on, tried about 3 fancy tricks that didn’t come off.

    I thought that first half was our best display this season considering what we were up against and personally I would be appalled if I was a City fan and travelled all the way down south to watch my team have no ambition.
    I understand they want a top four place but that was like watching a relegation team at times constantly going back to the keeper and time-wasting.

  66. jay4741

    good performance from the boys last night, did everything but score

    negative shitty!!!

    On a tactical note another schoolboy error from wenger again last night, taking walcott off our only player with the pace to attack Man city defenders and bringing on the woeful arshavin

  67. Man

    We played some good stuff yesterday. I think we could do with a fox in the box striker in that match.

    We put out a good enough team to win the match at Wigan, they just didn’t perform. The problem is losing at home to West Brom, Newcastle and Spuds.

    Arshavin was woeful. I would say Theo is decent but Arshavin is making him look world class atm.

  68. Raynor

    I don’t understand everyone saying AW made the wrong choice with Arshavin. He was woeful, but that’s easy to recognise after the event. TW was tiring, and doing virtually nothing when pulled and AA is the one player we have who can do something from nothing and what others couldn’t even attempt! Problem is you never know which AA is turning up until he is on the pitch! I’m sure he got a rollocking from coming on, giving the ball away cheaply and trying silly backheals and flicks when playing simple would have kept possession. You simply cannot critise AW for that substitution. You blame the player.

  69. dennisdamenace

    Well that was a tad disappointing, a bit of an anti climax really.

    City came for a point, and got it.

    We played excellently, but with no cutting edge, toothless up front, tremendous build up play in the first half, a bit labored in then second. Apart from hitting the post and forcing a world class save from Hart RvP was a passenger for most of the game. The amount of times we needed a real presence, a real threat in their six-yard box and had no one there was seriously disappointing!

    Top marks to Song, I’m not his greatest fan, but he was easily MOM. The whole defensive unit (goalkeeper included) did their jobs admirably, even though in truth they had very little to do.

    The creative unit was good, a little labored and ponderous at times, but as a unit they ran the show.

    Again, the forward line (what there was of it) was almost non-existent.

    Theo was erratic, but he offered us a fast direct outlet and was a constant concern to City, and as the game wore on and became more open it beginning to become tailor made for the fella, then the tinkerman strikes and takes Theo off (ffs) and leaves a struggling RvP on!!!! We were all over them, just lacking a cutting edge, wtf didn’t he bring on Chamak for RvP????

    Arsene Wenger once again shoots us in the foot with his ridiculous and nonsensical substitutions. The game was still there for the taking, and his substitution of Theo just made City’s life easier. Theo knew this, like most in the ground, and that’s why he looked mightily pissed off.

    We let City off BIG TIME!!

    PS. One word for Bentner…………clueless.

  70. Cavalry

    Arshavin a 6???? You really are taking the piss. Taken on at a crucial time in the game and did nothing but give the ball away in crucial areas of the pitch. I would be quite happy to let him go now. Looks as if he doesn’t give two flying f***s.
    We were all over them but same old failing. For all our possession we never got in behind them. We have plan A which is to play in front of teams probing to find an opening. When we come up against teams like Manciteh who have no intention of attacking with two lines of defenders, we have no plan B to break them down and everything gets terribly congested. We need a lot more power and pace in our team especially in the air and at times to be much longer in our passing to stretch teams. We need to get behind teams faster than we do. Our play which is very intricate and pleasing to the eye is also way too slow allowing teams like Manciteh to get their two lines organised.
    One last point. I for one am not sorry that Sagna will now get a rest. He is a very committed player but his crossing and final pass are woeful. I would love to see Eboue back in his proper position of right back. Overall down the right with Walcott and Sagna, (where the majority of our play headed tonight) we were getting little return.

  71. Man

    I thought the substitutions Wenger made were spot on. However, the team should have varied its play.

    We should have gone with two upfront and crossed the ball more often for the strikers.

    RvP was playing well it would have been stupid to replace him. Theo looked like he was tiring and I’m sure Wenger crossed his fingers hoping for the right Arshavin to turn up…but he didn’t!

  72. Jonas

    We played some amazing football but the amount of times last night you could see the attacking play develop and noone up front as a target ala Carroll, Torres, Drogba etc.

    As much as I like him sadly I don’t think RVP is the long term front man solution and personally now Chamack has had a rest put him back in and see how he gets on.

    If Wenger were to buy only one player in the summer my hope would be for a truly world class striker. A fit Torres would do (and a bid for Reina at the same time – Fabianski still scares me at crosses – he was determined last night not to come out for anything).

  73. nuudles

    By my calculations and estimations (usually wildly incorrect), if Mancs lose 3 games and draw 4 then we can draw 5 and must win the rest (or lose 2 and draw 2 and win the rest) then we will be tied on 81.

    Manc’s 3 losses are most likely to come out of Chelsea h&a, Liverpool & us away and City home (so 3 losses out of 5 games with 2 draws for the other ones). Spuds can do us a huge favour by beating them next game.

    Our 5 draws are most likely to be: Newcastle away, Spuds away, Liverpool home, Mancs home and Stoke away.

    That is what is needed to tie them on points, we need a couple of big wins or big losses for them to make sure we lead them on goal difference.

    I dont see them easily losing 3 and drawing 4 (also we wont easily draw 4 and win the rest), but stranger things have happened…

    What we need is a good run of 5-6 wins on the trot for us and them to have 2-3 games with draws and a loss to a weaker team (like us vs WBA/Newcastle) within the next 6-7 games to really put the cat amongst the pigeons…

  74. Rob The Goon

    Good post.

    Although a point is not a bad thing, Wenger’s subs proved he is not a good tactician imo.

    i said the same thing about walcott last night and got told i didnt know anything about football.

    walcott had zabeleta on lock!

  75. BigRed1

    Wengers substitutions diabolical, Arshavin becoming a total liability, set up more attacks for them than us,
    out him him this month.
    Why clodhopper Bendtner instead of Chamakh, and why leave Nasri wide when he is our best chance of a goal?
    Time for Wenger to watch a few games from the stands instead of pitch level, it might improve his vision of what actually needs sorting.

  76. Big Dave

    Doubt we will see TV5 till late Feb/ early March then.

    The subs we all wrong yesterday, Theo was unlucky to be coming off as was JW, NB52 did fuck all, why put him on the wing ? as did AA23 who looks a total shadow of himself. It helped them in the end

  77. raj

    Feel quite positive after yesterday..unlucky not to win and if the spine of that team stays fit we will be challenging to the end..games we,ve already played where manu will drop some points are Chelsea-home and Away..liverpool-away, mancity-home plus they,ve still to come to us

  78. Confidentgoner

    I think we were unlucky not to go 3-0 in the first half. When I saw those balls hitting the post, I knew it was going to be one of those days and was hoping they don’t do us on the counter. Luckily, we were good enough at the back.

    The negatives

    Subbing Theo.
    Not bringing in Chamakh
    Bendter should not play on the wings!

  79. Rob The Goon


    I agree with you and that is what i was saying last night!

    The only thing i dont agree with is saying bendtner is clueless, wenger put him out wide…clearly not his fault.

    Wenger hasnt got the balls to take off his stars, because RVP should of been subbed!

  80. Maciek

    We will bottle it as always.

    United will probably win it and this is the worse United team in the last 20 years.


    If Vermaelen is really injured we should go for Zapata. And bring someone like Suarez to score goals since we can’t do this quite easily.

    Sissoko from Touluse to cover Song.
    Sell Denislon, Almunia. They aren’t needed.

    And make Szczęsny our nr 1 keeper.

  81. kinggooner

    they” parked the bus”-what we didn’t have last night was a dollop of luck unlike MANURE who have it in spades & when they don’t can always rely on their old mates in black to lend a helping hand to get out of jail-merse on ssn questioned how come MANURE end up playing a botttom 3 side just about every week lol!but they have a tough run coming up,coupled with fa cup & in between cl games as well,you never know..

  82. Reality

    Short memories the lot of you ……… I did so love to watch the style and flair of George Graham’s teams.

    Arsenal – Full strength team
    City – key players injured (Silva, Ballo, etc)

    Bobby Manc’s target this season is top four otherwise he will be out of a job.

    Rags come to Eastlands and do exactly the same as we did last night (with a team also worth £200 million +) yet no-one mentions it.

    Spuds go to Everton “to play football” yet they get beat.

    City “play football” when they need to (against villa, Liverpool etc). Against the top teams we play to NOT GET BEAT and that’s what would have happened last night if we hadn’t “parked the bus”.

  83. amit

    good show by arsenal overall…but the substitutions that wenger made looked a bit desperate…in fact i cant understand why walcott was taken off, in the final minutes he would have helped on counter attacks…

    and when shasha was asked by wenger to play on the right, he looked surprised…arshavin never got into the grove, did he? bad subs arsene!!

    the thing about yesterdays performance that we fought till the end…

    as they say…its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog!! if arsenal continue there pressing game and where everyone defends we should win it!!!

  84. GoonerDNA

    Song was brilliant last night, Wilshere was poor not sure why he got a high rating he gave the ball away to much and didn’t win many if any tackles he missed a few chances too. Kolo was very respectful in his interview after the game he’s still a good player we got rid of the wrong player Gallas should of fucked off instead

  85. Jonas

    Nuudles, you will drive yourself nuts trying to work out future results. Just wait until the last game of the season when we need about 15 points from our last game to win the league

  86. A

    Big Dave re Utd dropping points they’ve won just 2 of 9 away games all season, and the away games they’ve still got to play are on average much harder than those they have played….

    It’s illogical to not expect them to drop a good few points away at the likes of Spuds, Chelsea, Liverpool, Us, Blackburn, and more or less any team!

    They beat West Brom JUST and only because of terrible refereeing, and beat Stoke JUST with a late goal, and those are the only two away games they’ve managed to win all season!

  87. bob

    You Arsenal fans really do have short memories don’t you. Dull boring football? Sounds like the Arsenal blueprint.

    You should take it as a compliment that we played for a point.

    Reading these comments tells me one thing about Arsenal fans. A lot of you are very bitter.

  88. A

    Agreed Man.

    If we play close to how we did yesterday then we should keep winning, depends on people staying fit though, and that’s far from certain!!

  89. Bergy

    Yet again the lack of tactics cost us the win.any decent manager would have changed things around.with wenger there is no plan b .bendter on the wing? really arsene… clueless with tactics. and we will not win the league

  90. A

    That’s pretty crazy actually with Utd, they could quite easily have not won an away game all season…. Can’t wait for them to come unstuck, the Spuds usually roll over for them but I’m anticipating them winning next weekend

  91. gib

    On the theo substitution. According to opta, in the last ten minutes he was on the pitch, he attempted one pass and attempted no dribbles, no tackles, no interceptions and no headers. I love him but that suggestions that his influence on the match was waning. Obviously, it wouldn’t show if he was making runs off the ball and the pass wasn’t reaching him so the stat isn’t perfect but it shows that perhaps it wasn’t as much of an error as some are making out.

  92. A

    (Assuming you mean West Brom) agreed Big Dave, it was a great goal, and was the difference between them getting one point and three.

    Same with Stoke where it was a great Hernandez header that won it for them late on.

    As a team they’re just terrible away from home, their only two wins were by a single goal that came because of individual brilliance

  93. Franchise

    Manure will definitely drop points we have to win 90% of our remaining games to stand a chance and probably draw the other 10%

    15 wins 2 draws 😯 (87)

    maybe 13 wins 4 draws (83 points) will be enough

  94. A

    Like the maths Franchise, never know, it COULD happen. Spuds away is the toughest match we’ve got left, we need to get consistency back beating the little teams and we’ll be in a pretty good position

  95. Big Dave

    They might be “terrible” A. but would rather be in their position then ours, they have a chance to go 7 points clear of us, so much for them having a shit season so far

  96. Man

    That’s true A.

    It is important that the guys coming in play well when afforded the opportunity. Perhaps, making 3/4 changes when rotating may be better in the league. In saying that I would expect a similar side that played Wigan to take on Leeds this weekend. Once again, they should be good enough to win!

  97. Paul

    Not sure how you can give so much credit to Arsenal. City let them have the ball for the entire game but only created four chances all game. The midfielders simply do not deserve such high marks. If you had a player with the ability of David Silva, you may have won.

    As for City’s negativity: in the last four games between Arsenal and City at Eastlands, there have been 15 goals.

  98. kwaku

    Said there were red cards in yesterday’s game and rightly i came to pass. Shitty obviously weaved the asshole fightin for a 0-0. Da is disgraceful football. I hate to watch teams play like the Northern Chavs did yesterday.

  99. Man

    gib, you are right but I’m not sure people need Opta to see Theo was becoming ineffective in the game. I think the criticism is borne more out of frustration than logic.

  100. A

    Utd have much tougher away games in the second half of the season, and if they equal their results up to now this season they’ll finish on 84 points, and that’s if they win every home game! Could be a mightily low points scoring season.

    They’ve not had a shit season so far Big Dave, they’ve overachieved.

    Not sure whose position I’d rather be in. Points wise yes I’d certainly be in theirs, but not in terms of their lack of squad depth, relying on individual brilliance, generally not being very good as a team etc etc. They’re struggling performance wise but have gotten results, we’re doing very well performance wise but have a starting point from behind utd and have struggled with results.

    It’s a tough one to call. IF we got consistency back beating the small teams and repeated last nights performance then we would probably win the league.

    Big if though

  101. A

    Agreed Man. Against Leeds I’m going for


    Eboue Squillaci Koscielny Gibbs

    Rosicky Denilson Ramsey

    Bendtner Chamakh Arshavin

    Not sure about Ipswich, maybe a similar sort of team, although we want to be sharp AS WELL as rested for West Ham, so maybe play more first teamers

  102. Man

    I think if manure win the league and they don’t sign anyone in the summer than I would expect them to have a chelsea-like season in 2011/12. It will be us and shitty competing for the league then.

  103. Franchise

    This might not be a bad year to forget about the FA cup and Champions league. We can literally attempt to throw the FA cup away by playing frimpong and company. With the CL if both teams are fit I dont really fancy our chances

    The Carling Cup and League are winnable surely. I certainly know that we cant cope with 4 competitions but Wenger would be slaughtered if such a gamble backfires 😀 especially by me

    It is not so much a high risk IMO. We can ease the no trophy in 5 pressure with the Carling cup which we are 3 games away from

    Hopefully, Manures involvement in 3 competitions (PL, FA cup, CL) will stretch their limited squad

    Tough call but I’m sure Wenger is thinking about it

  104. A

    I wouldn’t say yet with regards to the FA Cup Franchise – just looking at this months fixtures

    8th – Leeds (H) FA Cup
    12th – Ipswich (A) League Cup
    15th – West Ham (A)
    18th/19th – Possible FA Cup Replay
    22nd – Wigan (H)
    25th – Ipswich (H) League Cup
    29th – FA Cup 4th Round

    1st Feb – Everton (H)
    5th Feb – Newcastle (A)

    Actually with Everton and Newcastle close together and just after the 4th round if we draw someone good we should probably be rotating against them anyways

  105. Mark c

    Sagna will get a bit of a rest now. His red is a minimum of 3 games, so the FA Cup, 1 Prem game, and Carling Cup semi.

    He would not have started the FA Cup, but if Wenger wants to rest his defenders it makes it a bit harder.

    Perhaps this could be the extra bit of pressure of Wenger to go and buy a defender.

    Apart from Eboue, who do we have that can play RB?

  106. A

    Yep agreed Big Dave. We certainly don’t have much room to slip up again against smaller teams, and can’t be beaten by Spuds nor Utd.

  107. Man

    Would finishing second and winning two cups be a good season?

    There would be frustration as this a great opportunity to win the league but I think that this should set us up nicely for what should be an intriguing 2011/12 season.

  108. nuudles

    Jip, I agree that it was time to take Theo off and AA23 was the most sensible replacement as he has the magic to make something out of nothing. The Bendy for JW did not make as much sense, I would rather have put Chamakh on in place of JW, moved Nasri to the middle next to Cesc, put AA23 on the left where he is more comfortable and play with Chamakh & RVP switching often between right and the middle up front. The lateral movements would have drawn their defence wider making space for crosses/Nasri&Cesc 1-2s through the middle.

    I think they could have done the same with Bendy, Arsh and RVP, but because RVP had 2 very good shots so close to scoring a goal, Arsene probably gambled by leaving him in the middle…

    A night of so many nearly’s, starting with JW’s ball accross the goal to RVP, RVP’s hitting the post, Cesc hitting the post, JW’s first touch strike, RVP’s excellent top corner strike from outside the box. Many teams who have beaten/drawn against us this season only had 1 chance and it went in, sometimes when it is not your night it is not your night!

    Unfortunately for us the Mancs seem to have a lot of luck this season, even against us they would not have scored if the ball did not deflect off Clichy, that would have meant it would have been tied at 41 points (with them having game in hand), 1 behind City who has played 1 more than us and 2 more than Mancs.

  109. Franchise

    Man the time is now. The League is very unpredictable from one year to the next

    The time is now. We could struggle to put up a challenge next year it happened in 08/09

  110. Big Dave

    24 mill for Milner, what is Jack worth. Pure class that boy.

    City will win the league at some stage but not for 1-2 years

  111. Cescs_MyBoy

    Can’t believe Wenger is getting blamed.

    Tactical approach was spot on. We shredded City and should have had the game wrapped up in 15 mins.

    Sadly, LJW just isn’t quite the finished article in the final third ( over hit RVP pass, tame side foot, shot straight at Hart) if he was more efficient and the Arshavin of old turned up, it could and should have been a rout.

    Cracking performance from the boys shame it didn’t get the result we deserved.

    Song best player on the pitch by a country mile.

  112. gambon


    yeah, that would be good IMO. It would give us a great platform to build on….the problem is Wenger is obsessed with stripping the team down and building it back up.

    Hes like a guy that salvages classic cars…..he loves the rebuilding…..then wants to sell once its back to its magnificent best and start again.

  113. Man

    Yeah I’m with you there Franchise. We really should be walking this league with the squad we have and the deficiencies at the chavs and manure. I expect Shitty will be better next season too.

  114. nuudles

    Man, I would gladly take finishing second and winning 2 trophies, obviously CC would be the easiest. The best 2nd trophy would obviously be the CL, just think of what that could mean… but that is highly unlikely. CC & FA Cup would be a good season, brilliant foundation for winning PL & possibly more next season for our young team, if they know the winning feeling they could become immense!

    Anything more than 2 trophies would be awesome, but very unlikely. One step at a time though, Barca is going to be tough, and balancing your team selection between FA cup and PL is a fine balance between winning the cup and still finishing as close as possible to the top in the PL.

  115. Man

    gambon, the fear is we might lose an important player like Cesc in the next year or two. However, I wouldn’t blame Wenger for that!

  116. Man

    nuddles, you’ve got a point there. Like I said it would be a frustration not winning the league this year but 2 cups and second place finish will be the next best thing.

  117. nuudles

    A, it is going to be very hard to win the league, Mancs have to drop a lot of points, and although it is within the realm of possibility one should not expect other teams to drop a lot of points.

    We have to dig really hard to get us out of this hole we created by losing at home to WBA, Newcastle & Spuds at home…

  118. Big Dave

    Chelsea at one point looked odds on to win this league, just hope Man u have a blip and fall away at some point. Their was a chance to for us to win this title, and the fact that fegie lot have not been on top top form makes it more heartbreaking that we have not benefited from it.