Absolutely shameful. Arsenal vs Manchester City match review + player ratings

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There was a bit of relief worry when Fabianski was thought to be injured before the game. Luckily he wasn’t…

The line up was unchanged from the Birmingham game, could we defeat the might of the petro dollar, could we pull away from the pack… well read on and I’ll tell you!

Alex Song has gone all David Beckham of late, as Geoff correctly called yesterday, the man from Cameroon rolled out onto the pitch with yellow hair and a yellow beard to match. I’m struggling to see why he’s decided to model himself on Portuguese drug cheat Xavier, but regardless, he’s managed to get an additional paragraph of PR on this Arsenal blog, so 1-0 to Mr Song!

Manchester City lined up in desperately negative fashion and in the opening 45 minutes, they were subjected to what can only be described as a mesmeric display of Arsenal power and dominance.

Almost instantly Samir Nasir and Cesc played some neat one two football in the middle of the park, Jack was found in space, he cut the ball across goal to Robin who failed to make connection by 2 inches. If only the Dutchman had eaten one less pie before the game (Euro 96 Gazza reference before food disorder groups get on my case).

Soon after, Jack Wilshere ripped a shot at Joe Hart’s goal, it was so fierce, the Englishman could only parry it. Proving this was not a one-off, Robin found some space with a Cruyft cut back and unleashed another thunderbolt at goal. Who told the boys they could shoot?!

Jack Wilshere nearly broke the deadlock again after placing a controlled volley to the right of Joe Hart. The City keeper was equal to the shot again. This was starting to feel like the Arsenal of old, pummeling the goal with little reward. Give me this type of game over a flat impotent possession football any day of the week!

As the game wore on, City started to gain a foothold, they were trying to control the pace of the game and keep it as dull as possible. They had their first chance from a set piece. The ball was launched to the back post, Sagna missed his header, Tevez cut the ball back but Song was on hand to clear.

We went up the other end, Cesc’s placed a shot at Hart’s near post, only to be denied by the woodwork, Theo was on hand for the rebound and hit the post again! It’s worth noting he was offside.

The final bit of controversy of the half came when Theo was slipped in by Robin, Kompany went to defend, Theo crossed and hit the ugly Belgians claw but the ref deemed it accidental handball. If you took your £6.99 Arsenal branded goggles off, you’d probably say that was a fair decision.

The second half started off with slightly less fanfare.

Van persie went close when he weaved his way into the box but selfishly tried to fire in from a nightmare angle.

He then unleashed a powerful shot from 30 yards that Joe Hart managed to tip round the post superbly well.

The second half was a much flatter occasion, it seemed as though we’d peaked too soon and we never really recovered the same excitement, tenacity or creativity. That was a shame, but I guess you have to hold your hands up and say City are an exceptionally talented squad of top professionals. You can’t really expect to dominate in the way we did for 90 full minutes.

The only real excitement came late on in the half when Sagna and Zabaleta clashed down the right. It was a bit of a nothing challenge, but the Frenchman felt aggrieved, jumped up and butted the City man twice. They both received red cards, which was probably a  bit unfair on Zabaleta.

I really hate to see players head butting, it’s a vile act and not really the Arsenal way. It’s also very odd to see a player as placid as Sagna act in such an ill disciplined manner? Maybe he was upset that the worst haircut in the team no longer belonged to him? Maybe he was frustrated by the light blue chavs failure to play football. Who knows… it’s just a pain we lose a top performer for a minimum of 3 games.

Thoughts on the game?

Well, on the strength of that game, if City are title contenders, then so are we. The first point is that we didn’t lose the game and we’ve taken 4 points off a top 4 rival this year. We absolutely showed  we were the better team out there today and we played some superb football in the first half.

I think it’s absolutely shameful that a team worth £170million can come to London and play that negatively. If I were a City fan I’d be embarrassed I had a coach as wimpy as that. Playing surrender football in the Premier League goes against all we know, blasphemous if you will. Playing defensively with that side is like buying a £3million country manor and sleeping in the shed.

I’m a little disappointed we didn’t go for the jugular in the second half. I thought maybe the coach could have changed things up earlier in a bid to snatch the three points, but the simple fact is that if win our game in hand, we’ll be second, though a massive 7 points off the top of the table (assuming United win their game  in hand).

For me, tonight simply proved how wrong Wenger was to rest 8 players against Wigan and how costly those dropped points were early in the season. It’s ok saying it was a tactical masterstroke because we had players fresh for Birmingham, but when you look at the festive mini table out of the top 5, we finished 4th. Those 2 dropped points mean that instead of United having to drop points in 2 games for us to catch them, they’ve now got to drop points in 3 with us taking the maximum from ours.

Insurmountable? Of course not… A big ask? I think so. United have all the experience going into this home stretch. On the flip side of the coin, it is always nice to be the underdog. Arsene certainly thrives on that label and it relieves the pressure. It’s United’s to lose and we’re only in January. It doesn’t matter how great you are, that is a lot of pressure to carry for 4 months!

From now until the end of the season, the tinkering has to stop. Rest players by all means but not to the detriment of  team understanding or shape. Dont try to appease the dressing room sulkers and don’t try to spin us a yarn that the team with the youngest average age (you do keep reminding us of this fact) needs the most rest. I read an interview last year from Alex Ferguson and he said you shouldn’t need to convince players they’re not tired in the home stretch, the adrenaline carries you home.

Wenger, be a winner from now until the end of the season. Show us you’ve got the courage to see this season through. We won’t get a better opportunity than we have now… with the right decisions, we could end this May with something more exciting than a Carling Cup, it’s down to you though to be ruthless and intelligent with your team.

Last night might not have been the desired result, but we’re starting to find our style again and we kept a clean sheet.

Lets take the positives and move onto the next game!

See you in the comments!

P.S. According to the media yesterday, Spurs were in it, Chelsea were not despite the muppets down the road only being a point above the Chav’s. They both lost last night, so as far as I’m concerned, they’re both out the race.

Ratings –

Fabainski – Very little to do. His kicking was good. 6

Sagna – He nearly cost us from a set piece and managed to land himself a red card. 5

Clichy – I thought he had a solid game. No drama. 6.5

Kozzer – Always plays more advanced than JD mopping up on the ground and on the floor. He likes playing with the Swissman. Again, no drama. 7

JD – Made a couple of super interceptions and kept City boys very quiet. 7

Song – I thought he had an excellent game. Is it a coincidence I have blonde hair and so does Song? Probably not. He had great discipline today and did his job well. 8.5

Jack – Much more of an attacking threat than he has been of late. Combative in the middle of the park, crisp with his passing. 8

Cesc – Menacing in the middle as always. Chipping away City all game. Unlucky not to score and assist on a few occassions. 8

Walcott – Starting to use his pace in a more productive way. He’s also showing that he knows how to turn defenders and create space for himself. Very impressive. 8

Nasri – He’s a dream to watch this year, he’s skillful, aggressive and powerful. I love him. 8

RvP – Slowly beginning to find his feet. I think his freekicks are poor and wasteful though. Needs to get a bit more snap into his first time shooting. 7

Subs –

Bendtner – Didn’t really do much. 6

Arshavin – Clearly not the impact sub I’d hoped he’d be! 6

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395 Responses to “Absolutely shameful. Arsenal vs Manchester City match review + player ratings”

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  1. A

    nuudles Hazard is going nowhere in jan so that isn’t a possibility, maybe the summer though….

    Big Dave I agree with the team apart from Wilshere – he’s earnt a rest, Ramsey or if he can’t start then Eastmond I reckon….

  2. zeus


    Hahahahahahahahaha. A FEATHER COULD KNOCK ME OVER. F*CK ME. What game were they watching. No wonder world peace can never be achieved. Quite how they came to those conclusions when the game was SO UNBELIEVABLY one sided is beyond me.

    Some things are open to interpretation and scrutiny but the performance last night was not of them, distinctly 2nd best.

  3. GoonerDNA

    That City blog is a joke, the only one who writes in the comment section is the guy who writes the blog and he’s only replying to Arsenal Fans, how sad

  4. nuudles

    haha GoonerDNA, what absolute rubbish on that blog, the only point I will concede is that Kos’ challenge late in the game on Tevez was worthy of a yellow, it was rash and he got no-where near the ball.

    What a lot of football supporters do not understand is that you may not take out a player if you do not get the ball (and get the ball first). Bridge’s yellow was maybe a tad harsh but he made absolutely no effort to get the ball and completely body checked Sagna. De Jong’s was clearly yellow.

    RVP does sometimes go over too easily, but so did Milner, Nasri barely touched him in the back, definitely not enough to push him over, Milner is big and strong (built sort of like a rugby player who would not even have felt the “push”).

    I also love the comment from the second poster saying that if they played Silva and/or Balotelli they might have made a pass in our half but then we would have ripped them to shreds, so true!

  5. nuudles

    GoonerDNA do you realise that you just caused that excuse for a site to have at least 4 times their usual traffic 🙂

  6. Franchise

    Queen of suburbia like I said yesterday luck is winning the lottery

    Apart from Wilshere’s effort and assist he tried to set up for VP, most of the shots we took that hit the post were half chances. Maybe we are unlucky that the post wasnt string thick but there was still a bit over 7m between the sticks we could aim for

    City set up for a draw and got a draw

    Arsenal set up to win and got a draw

    City saw they couldnt match us in the 1st half, mancini changed tactics and limited us to shooting from outside the area in the 2nd half

  7. leon

    alround i think it wsa very good performance,there is no dought this is very good team rvp looks to getting back his sharpness,in my opion this team just needs slight tinkering with,i would offload bretna get a better striker to clearup the very many chances they create

  8. Dial Square

    Guys can i ask you to spare a thought for a group of people who have fallen on hard times in West London.Just £2 per month would help little Ashley find his Mobile Phone,so that he can keep sending pictures of his winkie to girls.Big John has friends who will no longer shake his clammy hand.Peter will be able to buy a real goalkeepers hat.Didier will be able to buy boots that no longer make him feel tired after twenty minutes.Poor Nicholas can stop sulking in the corner,and finally their Russian Master can sell his derelict football stadium to a pig farmer from Pakistan.All this can be achieved if you can find it in your heart to donate today.

  9. RedanDread

    Impossible to play the same 11 each game. We have a big talented squad and should ahve won the game at Wigan-Arshavin had 2 great chances to score another goal. I don’t think you’ll see Wenger make such wholesale changes unless forced to (by injuries or maybe a lower league oppo) but remember that RVP & JD are just coming back from long term injuries (once bitten , twice shy) and if you have a squad then you must use it to keep it match fit.

  10. Dutchman

    Guys, man city was scred for “the mighty arsenal”.
    If i look back on the match then we are a really good side. And for me, i think we have our first team.
    The team that made chelsea, birmingham and man city look like barnet! City came her to defend, they knew that we woud easily win when they would play more attack minded. They were happy with 0-0 ( i don’t know why because when we will win our match against stoke then we are above them). We outclassed them and we should have scored, but we didn’t, that’s the only problem we had yesterday. I’am a happy man with the performance and we are serious title contenders, now just hope that we can be consistet and that man u will drop points ( and that’s going to happen).
    Love this arsenal!!!

  11. woody

    Sorry not having that with Walcott,he still looks like the KID who want’s to be the fastest in the playgroud,his last ball is sometimes good,but more often poor,linking up with the NUTTER on that side usually produces little,and they lack any understanding together,someone suggested Eboue at right back again—-So that should be funny with Walcott.

    Oh and the NUTTERS HAIR well that reminded me of the colour my old Mums toilet brush used to be ?????????
    A bit SHITTY.

  12. TOMTOM

    Walcott was shit lastnight. He never looked like scoring and he lacks composure infront of goal. He never looks up before crossing and his only attribute is speed. We need to sign a top striker but Wenger will never spend 25-35 million on a player

  13. Jaguar reloaded

    Yesterday proved yet again how useless Chamakh is.Bendtner is way better than this overrated open net misser

  14. Mayank

    Great post Pedro. I thin Nasri should’ve got a 7 simply because this is the match in which we needed genius and he’s the player in form. Expected more from him.
    Rest is pretty much spot on.

  15. DeiseGooner

    Hey Jag maybe ChamakhAttack is being held in reserve to see us through the rest of January to the Carling Cup Final, next 2 rounds of the FA Cup and second spot in the League? Hes had a nice rest so he should be raring to go and make headway into his next 10 goals to get him to the magic 20 goal mark!!

  16. zeus

    Walcott is doing alright. He gives our attack a new dimension with his pace and he has improved in his movement. A much better option than the lazy AA23 from the start in my opinion.

    We will win this league.

    Man U’s tough run begins with Liverpool quickly followed by Spurs. Torres loves the sight of Vidic.

  17. Mayank

    Also I think everyone’s too harsh on Mancini. He’s done this in every big match this season, even at home. The impetus rests with the opposition, we knew what he’d throw at us, or rather what he wouldn’t.

    Still this is the kind of match we could’ve lost out of frustration so well done to the defence and MF for keeping the door closed.

  18. zeus


    Disagree. Not even Inter played so negatively. Its outrageous that you spend so much money to put 10 men behind the ball. Tactics are one thing but with such money spent, you would expect a bit more adventure from them.

  19. goonermichael

    Jaguar reloaded says:
    January 6, 2011 at 16:25
    Yesterday proved yet again how useless Chamakh is.Bendtner is way better than this overrated open net misser

    Wenger putting bendy on doesn’t prove anything. I think he should have brought Chamakh on personally some of the crosses were begging for him to be in the box.

  20. zeus

    I think its a case that Cahamkh will play against both Leeds and Ipswich in the next week and Wenger wants him fresh for both.

    No need risking Glass Man Persie for ‘unimportant’ (wrong choice of word I know) games.

  21. The Captain

    Listen to Mancini. City defended simply because they had to. Arsenal were all over them like a rash. Arsenal have turned their season around. Winning 50/50 balls at last and working for each other. We now have the balance to succeed. Theo defends better than Andre and deserves to start. Robin suits the dynamic more than Marouane. City got a draw they didn’t deserve. Saved by Joe Hart and the woodwork, they can count their lucky stars. No shots on target in entire 90 mins says it all. Take note everyone! This Arsenal side are now open for business.

  22. Rohan

    I would have brought on Bendtner too just for his track record of coming on as a substitute and scoring hugely important goals.

    Sadly the game fizzled out.

  23. ritesh

    About the reference to Australia in yesterday’s post. I thought the allusion to crocodiles and snakes was humour, but …its true.

    Imagine a crocodile swimming in your yard and snakes on the trees. phew, hope they sort that out soon.

  24. JJ

    I am not too concerned about ManU. They are VERY lucky to be where they are considering how poorly they have played this season. Their spiral will come.

    On the other hand, we are starting to look better. We just need to learn how to win against the non-title contenders.

  25. JJ

    Mayank – We are not being harsh on Mancini. He basically said that they had to play anti-football because Silva and Balotelli were out. Does that mean that after spending 150MM+ they had no other attacking options?

    I call BS. I was with a Man City fan yesterday during the game and he was embarassed by what he had seen. Rightly so.

  26. zeus


    Hahahaha. Are they lucky really? U do realise they are potentially 7 point ahead of us if they win that game in hand V Chelsea.

    I have never been praying to the heavens so much that Abramovich open the purse strings and gives Acelotti money to spend.

    They have yet to play United this season and we need them to do the double over them. i have no doubt that we will do them at the Emirates. There time will come I feel, hopefully chinks will appear in the cracks when Torres meets Vidic at the weekend.

  27. JJ

    Zeus – Yes, they are lucky. I have watched nearly all of their games and they have got out of jail so many times despite playing very poorly.

    For example, Foy should have sent off Neville in the first few minutes on the weekend but was too concerned about his “no red card” record. They would have lost that game.

    We are playing better than Utd but they are getting more breaks than us. It won’t last for an entire season. They know they are not playing well. When they take a loss, their confidence will go because they are already nervous.

  28. JJ

    Don’t worry about how many points Utd could “potentially” be ahead of us.

    Counting chickens before they hatch always gets people in trouble. We will close the gap in the next few weeks… That is, if each team’s form holds true… imo.

  29. Bengali Gunner

    Man City have no excuse for playing so negatively. They say they prefer to gain one point than lose three, but what aboyut gaining 3 instead of 1???
    Absolute bullshit, weve seen so many times that if you cant beat the top 4 then you cant win the title so clearly theyre not winning anything with the 300million quid worth of players they have.

    Not upset too much with our display doh, we could of been more clinical but when a team defends so much it realy is difficult to break through eg inter barca

  30. Telarse

    Song isn’t trying to look like Cisse, he’s Zeus!

    (The Greek God, not our fellow poster – I’m not saying our Zeus isn’t a Greek God but I don’t know if he’s beardy so I’m going with the Greek one!)

  31. DeiseGooner

    It would be a worry incesc if the rest of the team wernt chipping in too.

    Our main 4 attacking midfielders have contributed 9 league goals from Nasri, 5 from Theo, 4 from AA23 and 3 from Cesc.

    Song even has 4

  32. Keyser

    How high did they rank on the Jimbo Index of Strikers better than Chamakh ?!

    Because if they’ve got shit ratings on the Jimbo Index, I’d be completely against it.

  33. zeus

    For the record I hate beards. Mine itches so much that if I could afford to laser and kill the follicles to stop the hair growth I would.

  34. zeus

    I remember when I was in first form and I heard about Fuller. No doubt talented but his knees troubled gave out even back then. Rumour has it that they went because of too much wild sex.

    Surprised his knees has held up for him to have a successful career.

  35. JJ

    Incesc – The most we can hope for is a CB.

    I did not mind Citeh’s defensive tactics but their time wasting and feigning injury, esp in the first half, was beyond ridiculous.

    Jo should be embarassed for his part.

  36. zeus


    Hahahahahahahahaha. Seriously, his missus needs to pull him aside and say ‘Listen, we have children. This is gonna ensure wedges is the order of the day when they get to school.’

  37. arsenal4ever

    apperently we are after Falcao. Proper goal scorer with great feet and pace. Would love this to happen.


    source is usually reliable and Wenger recently said we are not only looking for jan transfer market.

    Arsenal and Porto both Falcao thinks Funes Mori
    By John Nelson and Pimpim Feiteirona

    Advanced Benfica chasing the dragon is on the list. British admit paying 30 million for Colombia.

    The English side Arsenal are seriously interested in hiring Radamel Falcao, advanced Colombian FC Porto which has become a major target of the transfer market and that, despite previously expressed interest dragons, has not renewed its contract and has a termination clause 30 million euros. Value that Arsenal, who has competed in the summer of 2009 with Benfica and FC Porto for their employment, it put on the table.

    The club manager Arsene Wenger has the squad with players of great quality as the Dutchman Van Persie, Moroccan Chamakh Bendtner or Danish, but the low scoring ability that the attackers have been shown [see the part number] have led Arsenal discussing the need for extra firepower. And how to realize goals Falcao, who advanced at the beginning of last season was diverted to the Dragon of Light, in return for 4 million euros (Benfica withdrew because the Argentines did not want to receive less than 6 million …), is at the top of the English.

    At a time beyond the Portuguese league is still competing in the Europa League, there is the head of FC Porto lose a player as fundamental. But if Arsenal pay the clause, the scope no longer exists and the Portuguese club will be hostage to the will of Falcao.


    Aware that there is a risk, and large, losing Falcao, FC Porto, and also the notion that the Brazilian Walter does not yet show full capability to perform with the same responsibility the role of scorer, as has long been on the field to prevent any departure from Colombia. And this is where they turn to cross paths with Porto and Benfica. He also knows that Funes BALL Mori, edge-of-River Plate of Argentina launches (19 years) who tried to hire Benfica is one of the main targets of FC Porto.

  38. 78692

    How Arsenal Can Beat Barcelona
    by Sameer Chopra on January 6, 2011 · 0 comments

    Normally a European match is noticeable because of the clash of styles involved. Think Inter Milan’s immovable object against Barcelona’s irresistible force. Similarly, Tottenham have stunned Europe by using traditional English wingers and an old-fashioned target man. In the Europa League, Napoli played a three man backline against teams used to a more traditional back four. Arsenal against Barcelona is different because they could almost be the same team. It’s almost as if Wenger looks upon Guardiola’s team as the ultimate realization of his Arsenal, for every year they seem to incorporate a little bit more of Barcelona’s philosophy.

    The sides have nominally different formations, a loose 4-3-3 for Barcelona while Wenger has shifted to 4-2-3-1 in recent weeks, but both managers have incorporated fluidity into their shapes. Messi is a false nine who links well with Dani Alves, a right back that plays very high up the pitch, and Sergio Busquets drops down to cover for him. For Arsenal, Nasri is nominally stationed out wide, but often moves into the middle to link with Fabregas, and Van Persie also often drops deep to pick up the ball. Song and Wilshere have taken turns to shield the back four while simultaneously spreading the ball from deep. This season Wenger has also influenced a more cohesive, Barcelona-esque, pressing philosophy on his club, they do it more, and they do it better than before. The back line stays high up the field like their Catalan counterparts and their fullbacks provide width (however, compared to the myriad offensive weapons in Arsenal’s front six opponents have taken to playing very narrow and letting Sagna and Clichy bombard the box with crosses, it’s the lesser of two evils).

    So, the two clubs play a similar style, and Barcelona have the better starting 11 (surely even Arsenal fans would agree with this). How then, do Arsenal win? After all, in recent memory Inter Milan and newly promoted Hércules haven’t matched Barcelona pass for pass, they’ve played a deep line, kept their shape and looked to hit on the break. Liverpool (less than four years ago, blimey) memorably went to Camp Nou and stood toe to toe with Barcelona, winning 2-1 but that was a different team, coming towards the end of the Rijkaard years. If Arsenal play defensively they’ll be crushed, they’re not used to it, and their back line isn’t good enough. Two years ago Koscielny was playing in Ligue 2, to expect him to be able to cope with David Villa and Lionel Messi is madness.

    First of all Arsenal need to hope that Thomas Vermaelen is fit by February, because without a good ball-playing defender Arsenal will be eaten alive. Barcelona press relentlessly, and Arsenal’s style doesn’t lend itself to long punts down the pitch. Vermaelen is good enough to play the ball out of defense and start moves. Similarly, Wenger has to get Van Persie firing on all cylinders by the time this match comes around. He showed signs against Manchester City of being Arsenal’s version of David Villa, someone who can link well with the attacking players around him while being a focal point the offense can run through. But he still looks rusty and inconsistent after his return from injury.

    Theo Walcott also needs to play, last year when these two sides met he made the difference at the Emirates. If he plays on the right where Wenger has kept him recently his tracking back qualities will be helpful against David Villa. His lack of defensive aptitude is also the reason Arshavin should stay on the bench. Wenger could take a gamble and play him as an inverted winger on the left, because most of Barcelona’s threat this season has been from Dani Alves marauding forward, sometimes stationed so high up the pitch he’s like an additional midfielder. Putting Walcott on his side would pin him back and force Pedro to come and help out. Either way Walcott’s pace should be the key against Barcelona’s high line.

    What it comes down to is that both teams like to play the same way, keep possession and pass through the opponents defense. Arsenal have more depth in attacking options on the bench, but Barcelona have the better first team. Arsenal might have to go with a more direct approach in playing balls over the top for Walcott and Van Persie to run onto, something they’re not entirely used to. But given their relatively weak back line, Arsenal need to give themselves chances to score to stay in the contest.

  39. Zeus


    I love it when we are the underdogs. Many games to be played between now and then so I won’t be too concerned with them just yet. Certainly not unbeatable.

  40. richard

    What rubbish I’m reading here:
    1. Man City walked away with the point that they sought and deserved–grow up Gooner fans and start accepting that defending is a part of the game
    2. Offense wins games, Defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS–surely you have heard the phrase.
    3. I keep reading that United have been poor thus far–really, really, at this point in that season when the Arsenal went undefeated, they had only 4 points more than United have this season–yes only 4 points more!
    4. United tore Arsenal apart this season and will go to the Emirates and walk away with nothing less than a draw–put money on it
    5. United will have Valencia back soon, Scholes will return soon; Park will be back in a few weeks; O’Shea will be back soon and ROONEY is getting back to his real form—-LOOK OUT fellas, but I just don’t see United surrendering this lead.
    6. And finally, Arsenal’s home form is no where close to what it once was—United have been known to win there :)You do remember this don’t you?
    Lastly–FERGIE’s teams don’t buckle under pressure–they seem to get stronger!

  41. Arsenalisto

    Song wasn’t modeling Xavier, he was probably modelling his much respected uncle Rigobert Song, it could’ve been a betting Alex Song lost lol.

  42. AA23

    you make some good points. One thing I’d add to that is that your mum is a slag and I just battered your sisters snatch like it’s going out of fashion, like your aids dads haircut.
    No offence.
    Now get the fuck off of our site you manc twat.

  43. AA23

    P.S Richard
    the aids corpse that you used to call dad just told me to tell you that you will lose 5 games minimum between now and the end of the season. He also wanted you to know that he deliberately got fatal aids to get away from you because he was so ashamed to have such a weedy cunt for a son.
    Your mum says hi.

  44. Confidentgoner


    You can win at least 2 titles depending on what you do this summer.

    Please buy Hazard and get shot of Arshravin who can’t be arsed. Buy Scot Parker as another DM, he is premiership tested. For the defence Distan from Everton may be all we need but we can get from any other European team. Distin has the added advantage that he can play left back and CB, plus his height, crosses and power. For striker, consider

    a) Lukau
    b) Suarez
    C) Aguero



    Loan out:

    Do these changes irrespective of Verm’s fitness . Believe we are lacking another hard man DM in the team. Most teams have 5 CBs to adequately cater for injuries. 4 is keeping it too tight and we are in many competitions, so everyone gets to play and players are not run aground.

    We should look like this






    With this 1st and 2nd teams, we’ll walk the league, the champs league and the FA

  45. Confidentgoner

    Having Hazard will improve Theo’s wing play. For teams that Park the bus, we can unleash two fast wingers on them and get them to conceed spot kicks and penalties.

    Park the Bus Lineup






  46. Jonathan

    Wilshire is naive to say teams are scared of Arsenal. In the first place have the Gunners won any trophies the last five years?
    Actually the gunners predictable style fits perfectly into the red faced cunt’s game plan. The gunners have been given 98% possession in previous games with the red faced and have been humiliated.It’s very easy. Wait for the gunner attack to break down. A swift high ball and bingo the ball is in the gunners’ net.
    I know this time it aint going to be easy for the rf. But until such time the gunners can beat the rfc ,I will withold my comment.