Cesc warns Arsenal fans on Twitter we will see a new player today, but fear not!

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What? A new player and Cesc says don’t be scared! What is this all about? Wenger has already said Arsenal will not be buying a new player unless Tomas Vermaelen contracts bubonic plague.

Le Grove can tell you it’s a new Alex Song hair do, thanks goodness, not that we aren’t signing a new player, you all know my views on that, but that Song is getting rid of the worst hairdo I have seen on a human being.

I also hope the players wind up Kolo Toure on winning his first piece of silverware he left us to get, I didn’t think he was after a tear up trophy though, I wonder who won that bundle and I wonder what that was all about?

Toure – I wouldn’t have left Arsenal if I knew you were coming Elephant head

Ade – IdowhatsbestforAdebayorIwanttobelovedsobogoffbanjoarse

Yes it was all meant to be joined up, that way it sounds like Ade, still I hope he’s not playing tonight, although booing him was massive, massive fun, he is the sort of irritating git that would score against us.

I think the team will be up for it tonight and I really think we’ll win big, we will send a message out to the rest, the others have to start losing soon, maybe this is the beginning, beat the Northern chavs tonight and we are back in the top two, what a great start that would be to the new year.

This is the team I expect to see tonight.


Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy


Wilshere Cesc

Walcott Robin Nasri

Put this lot out and expect the same pressing game we had against the chavs and the brummies, I feel the crowd will be noisy tonight and if they give us what we want I know they will hear and feel the love back.

Pedro has a Club level ticket available for Ā£75, you deal direct, nothing to do with us, we merely put you in touch, we are fun facilitators.

If you are going tonight, enjoy the game, if you aren’t, enjoy the game, this is a big one, isn’t it great that these days we get so many big games?

Spare a thought for all those poor sods in Rockhampton, Queensland, floods poisonous snakes and Crocodiles, still it could be worse, the could live in Tottenham, seriously though, I hope the water goes down soon, we have a lot of Australian Grovers in our worldwide family and our thoughts are with you all!

Have a great day but a better night!

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  1. Bengali Gunner

    torres to arsenal would be a dream come true

    We need a winning streak of like 10 games, Man U will drop points, lucks gotta run out sometime eh?

    Nways Barca struggled against Inter, very hard to break such a defensive formation with 3 Dms. Seasons not over till its over, 17 games to go

  2. DaleDaGooner

    People always looking to blame Wenger, today, you can’t blame him, so he took off Walcott for ARSHAVIN, who was to leave for Arshavin? Walcott had some moments where his technical deficiency showed, he did well, but his technique failed him on 3 or 4 occassion Cesc found him on the right, Pedro Rod would have done better with some of those chances.

  3. Keyser

    PattheGooner – We’ve still scored I think the second most goals in the league ? I think we’d be ok without a striker, it’s about how efficient we are for me.

    Like the Wilshere chance, we know he’s good enough to pick out a player or take a decent shot, it’s just decision making, not your average decision that we slate Walcott for, but those key ones that turn games.

  4. Bengali Gunner

    If we win all our remaining 17 games we can gain 51 points. That would take our total to 91 points!
    its not a crime to dream is it? šŸ˜€

  5. patthegooner

    Right I am off,

    Early rise tomorrow

    Hodgson, Grant, Ancelloti and Houllier (In that order)


    Liverpool: Dalgliesh (and what a mistake that will be)
    Chavski: God knows
    West Ham: Walrus face or Hodgson
    Villa: Walrus face or Martin Jol

  6. Stu

    Well that was so fucking boring. Well, not boring but annoying as fuck. Man city ruined the whole fucking match. They should be docked points for being so negative after spending a quarter of a billion on players in the last few years.

    Oh and Song is so much better than Toure.

  7. patthegooner

    One more

    I always want more Keyser. Yes we are 2nd in the goal scoring charts, but the contribution from the strikers is pretty lame. Imagine, go on just for a second, if we had a WC clinical goal machine at the club!!!!

  8. kirby

    I was happy with the way we come out the blocks tonight we could have been 3-0 up at half time, 2 points lost. it’s not over yet. we should shoot more when teams park the bus it pisses me off, wrong subs chosen to.

    we will finish above city.

  9. David

    Take off Wilshere for Arshavin,

    play Nasri central.

    Leave Walcott on.


    How does playing Bendy outwide and Arshavin on the right when he usually plays on the left make any sense?

    You cant answer because it doesnt.

  10. David

    Wtf is Dale D gooner talking about again ffs.

    What the fuck is techincal deficiency?

    Zabelleta made world class tackles and Walcott was too honest shouldnt have stayed on his feet.

  11. Man

    If ANB thinks its not a bad result then I am inclined to say it was a good result today.

    We really should have taken our chances in the first 20 mins when we had them rocking.

    We could have done with a fox in the box today…someone willing to run in front of defenders when the ball is crossed by the wings.

    I will be very disappointed if manure won the league.

    We can still do it.

  12. Keyser

    PattehGooner – Yeah, but that’s it, we know they can score goals, and quite frequently to, for once we have them fit together and I think we can push on for the rest of the season.

    For me it’s not a matter of the players not being good enough, it’s getting them to play as good together as they have in the past.

    I think someone like Eduardo today, or even Vela, with the space we’re creating from midfield and the runs they make, could have seen the sort of turn and shot they like to have going in.

  13. gambon

    The result today wasn’t bad at all, taken individually. That said, because of our poor earlier results we really couldn’t afford it.

    Us fans keep on talking about the need to go on a run, well its about time we actually started this run.

  14. kirby

    they both done nothing when they come on. arshavin wants to stop flicking it he has to concentrate this isn’t fucking training he is gonna be disliked if he keeps it up.

    also I think maybe rosicky for wilshere and chamakh for van persie and leave walcott and nasri on. maybe with balls played into chamakh on the edge of the box he might of forced some challenges or maybe even a penalty..

  15. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Sorry missed the dream part, dunno who I’d want, Torres would be great, but he’s been poor this season and he does have his injury problems, I’d take Eduardo back.

  16. David

    Yeah Walcott was technically deficient when he dummied his pass to RVP and put a shot just wide.


    If we put on Chamakh and Bendy and tried crossing the balls into the box and it still didnt work then we can say okay we tried plan B and it didnt work.

    Assuming that is our plan B.


  17. Keyser

    gambon – Two clean sheets in a row, haven’t conceded in actually dunno how long, Van Persie’s run of games is now 2, umm..

  18. David


    the decision to take off Walcott was entirely and completely daft.

    Zabelleta was not going to keep making last ditch tackles like that.

    It was only the 70′ minute ffs.

  19. incesc

    yaya was blowing out of his arse when he had to step out of position.

    hes probably been hanging around in the USA eating too much KFC and Burger King

  20. Keyser

    *haven’t lost, just remembered since United, completely blanked it out, we got a start at least to a run of games.

  21. Pat

    Whatever Athletico Bilbao are doing against Barca, we must take notes. The last 2 times they’ve played them, the games ended in draws. 0-0 and 1-1.

  22. incesc

    remember when henry left

    and tevez was available

    and we ended up with adebaywhore


    tevez would have loved to have played for us.

  23. kirby


    I think to beat barcelona they need a shocker and we need two top performances for them to beat us they only need to play well twiceand not even great. lets hope they have messi and xavi out then we could do em.

  24. Dial Square

    Just back from the game,City the most negative side i can remember,i would not pay to watch that every week. Song MOM

  25. Big Dave

    Not impressed by city at all, only 1 team wanted to win it tonight, helps red nose that result, just hope they drop points to at some time

  26. stelsarsenalelysium

    Our next transfer should be with Liverpool… We’ll take torres they can have Wenger…. make it happen

  27. east of the lea

    watched the game tonight with a weslhman in a pub full
    of northerners;sorry ,can’t be more specific .they whe re all drolling when the arse where in full flow and
    cunting the mancs of for all the roll about stuff .wenger must be getting something right?

  28. AA23

    The new chavs are actually trying to defend that shit on their websites but you can tell they are ashamed. A few of them actually admit it bust most are saying what a great point it is and that they defended so well that we just couldnt score.
    Luckiest team I’ve seen in ages and the gulf in quality was so obvious.
    a point that feels like a proper loss to be honest, we fucking mullered them tonight, most one sided game I’ve seen in years.

  29. pantsR2long

    Lol @ some city fans claiming that they needed to be so defensive because they were missing Silva and Balottelli.

    I suppose their squad isn’t as deep as they claim it to be then šŸ˜‰

  30. AA23

    watch the highlights again.
    we absolutely shat on those mugs. It was like the two sides were playing a different sport.
    Lucky bastards tonight and even that shithead manager of theirs admitted it.
    they will finish 7th if they are lucky.
    Shit team

  31. zeus

    One thing is for sure, we are winning this fucking league. No joke.

    If this lot stays injury free we will do it ala 2002 when we picked up 47/48 from 54 points in the 2nd half of the season.

    Man Utd take on Liverpool at the weekend (yes Fa Cup, but we could do with them getting a shaky in the confidence department) and then the ALMIGHTY CUNTS from down the road in the league where the Emporor Gareth Bale will score 4 in one game ala AA23.

    The Mancs go through a bit of a tough spell now. Lets keep this belief and fight.

  32. sixx pac

    LOL @ David looking attention earlier, repeating the same ” Taking Walcott off was the daftest decision from OGL.” Glad no one payed him any attention.

  33. Kushagra India

    We should have scored ,again the lack of natural goal scorer came back to haunt us ….so utterly frustrating

  34. Kushagra India

    hell yeah it returned against Chelsea now we need to go on a run utilise our squad to the fullest get back Arsha of old fully fit Vermaelen and Ramsey ,hope Manure get screwed big time their squad deserves that

  35. JJ

    I am not too concerned about ManU. They are VERY lucky to be where they are considering how poorly they have played this season. Their spiral will come.

    On the other hand, we are starting to look better. We just need to learn how to win against the non-title contenders.

  36. gooner-pak

    pretty satisfied with the effort put in by the boys

    only frustrating thing was we failed to crack or lacked finish when required most… hard touch here and there or wide or HART was there
    spirit seems to be there willingness to fight and hunger to get ball back which we lacked at OT

  37. nonrelated

    we played well until arshavin came in and started giving away the ball.
    then bendtner came and played on the left ?!

    this when RVP was playing pretty poor and should have been subed. we never had a man in the box to attack the ball, RVP was playing in front of the defense šŸ˜

    since he came on as a sub at spurs last season RVP never looked like a proper player, world cup included