Arsenal say Almunia can go, Nordtveit is going but Eboue has extended his contract, oh well, Happy New Year anyway!

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So first things first Grovers, a very Happy New Year to you all, let’s hope it’s a good one, let’s hope 2011 brings us some silverware.

News is David Beckham could be going to the spuds to join fellow old crocks William Gallas and Jonathan Woodgate, God I hope so, that will really screw over their aspirations and seal 4th spot for us, it will also be interesting to see how all the Beckham lovers on here feel about that little piece of business.

Yet another young superstar bites the dust at Arsenal, Nordveit joins the long list of kids we’ve signed in hope that didn’t even get a sniff, I have to say I wish he had been given a chance, he can’t be worse than Squillaci or Koscielny can he!

Diaby has got to go now, surely we can’t keep him in the squad taking up space anymore, he really is a crock, bring Ramsey back and with Frimpong about to start running again and youngster Coquelin looking good at Lorient we don’t need him, get shot of him, Denilson and Almunia and make a decision on Vela and Bendtner then get on with signing someone that will make a difference. Have a clear out and use the money to get a centreback.

Or ask Barca if they’ll take Denilson and cash for Mascerano!

The funny thing is the excuse Wenger makes about bringing in new faces is he doesn’t want to upset the balance of the team, yet he made 8 changes against Wigan, go figure!

Birmingham tonight on ESPN, let’s put in the closest team to the chav game and go back to what we were doing last week, shutting down and tracking back. If Arshavin is too knackered to last 90 minutes, then play him for 45, he’s too good a player to leave out, his goal against Wigan proved that..

Djourou should be first on the teamsheet at the back, if Wenger is protecting him because he’s worried about his injuries, then go and buy another that is half decent, what we have isn’t good enough.

Squillaci and Koscielny will cost us again and again this season, act now Arsene whilst you have a chance, admit you make a mistake before it costs us again.

Sell the lot above and we could buy the worlds best centreback, what about that Portugeuse bloke that City and Chelsea are after, Β£17mil doesn’t sound a lot does it?

Have a great day Grovers and let’s get three points today, we’ll be back on track again, the others can’t keep winning, let’s avenge Eduardo…Again!

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  1. incesc

    tomorrow should be post a pic of yourself day.

    qos reckons if gambon revealed himself in public he’d get hes head kicked in.

    im more worried about keyser, he’d get strung up!

  2. Keyser

    No-one would be able to lift me out of my bedsit.

    I think you’d automatically be put on a sex offenders list.

    Not really, though gettin people to post pics of themselves could be what a pervert does.

  3. incesc

    this is keyser btw,r:0,s:0,r:0,s:0

  4. incesc

    sorry this is keyser, hes been working on the eyebrows!,r:9,s:0

  5. incesc

    this is me,r:9,s:0

  6. incesc

    damn you copy and paste

    this is me actually,r:1,s:0&tx=42&ty=40

  7. sixx pac

    Keyser,as you are apparently a nerd, could you teach Incesc how to use a bit url instead of posting those ridiculously long google image links? πŸ˜€

  8. incesc

    Marko says:
    January 2, 2011 at 01:03
    It was more about the post almost being unhappy that we signed Eboue to a new deal. I think Geoff is transfer happy and sometimes thinks that we could sign someone like Van Der Wiel and keep Sagna and they’d both be happy.

    marko is such a dick

    as if van der wiel wouldnt be happy if we signed him and kept sagna. hed be ecstatic, going from dutch football to arsenal, hed fight for his place like everyone else

  9. KM

    This would be my team:

    –Hazard—— CF——Walcott





    I still think we lack a killer striker. A Torres/Eto/Dzeko type….highly mobile and clinical

    Also get in Hazard to rotate with Arshavin on LW

    Get a DM to challenge Song

    Ramsey to rotate with Nasri

    Wilshere to rotate with Cesc

    Maybe a LB and move Clichy on…i think Wenger is waiting for Pedro to get his spanish nationality

  10. incesc

    marko is a special guy (medically speaking a spastic), he needs time, educating and punching).

    what gamdon has to do with this i dont know…

  11. incesc


    wilshere has to start for me every time

    like a young cesc he might have bad games and good but he is the future of the club

  12. incesc

    no idea sixx pac

    Keyser says:
    January 2, 2011 at 01:55
    incesc you cock, do you have gamdon take turns to stir up shit, leave Marko alone.

  13. incesc

    cool, im on it.

    night guys

    before i leave, predictions for 2011,

    we will never eat barce but rvp, cesc and vermalaen havent played all season. Get them to play with nasri and we will be top 4 all the way!!!!!!!

  14. Keyser

    You paste the long one in the site and click shorten, it shortens it for you and gives you another link to post.

  15. nishanth

    Koscielny looks like a totally different player playing alongside Djourou.We can rest JD in the FA CUP tie against leeds.Koscielny and JD should start against Ipswich.We shouldn’t take any chances

  16. nishanth

    Really funny to hear Mcleish say that birmingham were robbed by the referee when they could have easily had 2 or maybe even 3 players sent off.Yes we did get lucky with the handball incident.The difference between us and manu is that they get away with shit like pracically every other game.And rarely do u see a decision given against them.