Top 10 predictions for 2011 – Sulky players – The worst decision against Wigan

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Don’t you just hate top 10’s of everything? No? Just me…

I sat in on an SEO course (work) for simpletons a few months ago, and when I say simpletons, I’m saying that one of the tips was to put a contact form on the site so people could communicate with you. Anyway, the guy there said the best way to attract people to your site is with top 10’s of whatever. I dislike them for that reason, but today, I’m going to give my well thought out top ten predictions of 2011!

Before I get into that, I thought I’d just run you through a few after thoughts from the Wigan debacle.

I spoke to a guy who knows his football and he was as bemused as the rest of us about the changes. I read around a few of the blogs yesterday and there are a number of the ‘I’m just trying to show perspective’ sites saying they could understand the changes. Sorry, I don’t care how balanced and reasonable you want to be, anyone with half a brain and a bit of experience of sport will tell you 8 changes in a team of 11 is asking for trouble. It wasn’t precautionary, it was dumb.

Anyway, I digress… the guy I spoke to thought Wenger’s biggest mistake was not taking Andrey Arshavin off despite him clearly struggling for fitness in the second half. He made the point that the Russian’s lack of tracking led to the corner for the equaliser. Interesting point. Even more interesting is that Arsene Wenger was the most vocal a few years ago with doubts about the his ability to cope with the rigours of the Premiership.

How right was he? Arsene knows…

Me, I don’t care too much about his fitness. He creates chances and he scores goals. We shouldn’t be moaning about him not defending, we should be asking how we could get more out of him and whether his fitness should be managed in a different way to ensure we extract the most from his magic. That’s a different story for a different day.

On the team selection, did anyone think that the decision may have been made for reasons alternative to fitness? Has anyone thought that maybe players like Eboue, Denilson and Nik B might have been sulking? Lets be honest, we’ve all read what’s been going on in the media. If there are rumblings in the press, it’s hard not to believe there aren’t rumblings in the dressing room. Maybe Wenger thought he’d create more harmony if he played his miserable favourites in an easy to win game? Who knows…

Predictions 2011

1. We’ll win something. Of this, I am in no doubt. We’ll definitely take the Carling Cup this year because Wenger knows if he doesn’t, there will be an even louder group of fans calling for him to move upstairs. I think we’ll win that and maybe, just maybe… the FA Cup. The Premier League is a different kettle of fish. We have a great chance to win something there, I’m just not sure Wenger has it in him to spend the money we need to compete in the 2nd half of the season.

2. We’ll beat Barcelona. I know, I know… this is fantasy talk! Well, it might be, but it was fantasy talk to consider we’d beat Madrid and Juve back in 2006. I just think Barca are being massively over hyped and I can’t help but think it’ll be mighty tough for them to maintain that intensity of performance the whole way through 2011. I really wouldn’t be surprised to see us beat the Catalans then lose in the quarters to Copenhagen. Just kidding about the last bit… I might add that I don’t believe we’ll win the Champions League if we beat Barca.

3. Wenger won’t buy in January. Wenger won’t buy unless there is a need. I don’t mean a need as in a quality need, I mean a need as in a squad space because someone has left. Where in this squad could he possibly justify a purchase? He believes he has 3 world class keepers, he believes in the defence and he believes he has enough competition in defensive midfield. There is no one he could sign, so don’t get your hopes up. By the way, I haven’t heard anything about Tommy V’s season being over.

4. Pat Rice will leave. Word on the street is that Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice are going their separate ways. Our assistant manager is leaving for pastures new which leaves a space open for a new Arsene Wenger side kick. I’ve no doubt he won’t promote Steve Bould to number two, instead he’ll probably go for the Grimster, which wouldn’t be good. Wenger needs to sign someone who isn’t in awe of him. He needs some right wing to his left wing, he needs a shake up in back room staff if Arsenal are to ever kick on. He’s not a revolutionary anymore, he’s not at the cutting edge of football training wise. With the right selection of assistant manager, he could be.

5. Aaron Ramsey will return. I know I’ve overhyped this far more than I should have, but this guy is going to be the real deal for us. He has the best stats when it comes to tackling, shooting and passing when he’s in the side, he has bundles of passion and he’s a superb technician of the game. When he returns, we will have, potentially, an amazing midfield ready to go for the next ten years. Remember, the only DNA we have to worry about with Aaron is the Welsh stuff he picked up somewhere along the way. If we treat him and Jack in the right way, they’re ours forever. Ahhhh… love.

6. Cesc Fabregas to leave. I know, I know, I didn’t want to depress you on New Years Eve, but I had to put this one in here. Statistically, he’s the best deep-lying creative midfielder in the world. Barcelona are cash rich again and have apparently, according to twitter sources, set aside £50million for him. I told you last summer that Madrid offered to match that price as did Manchester City. My gut feeling says we’ll look for £60million. If Wenger had a brain, he’d make sure we took  Mascharano as part of that deal because let’s be honest, £60million is no good to us with captain Scrooge at the helm.

7. Ivan Gazidis will not change his hair style, despite increasing pressure to cave to the Cesc pre first team rat tail look.

Oh Ivan you bore!

8. The Arsenal Marketing department launch bottled Spirit and Belief as part of their new soft drinks range.

9. Stan Kroenke takes over the club and turns the Armoury into an Asda Express. Cost of salt beef sandwiches set to plummet.

10. Le Grove are handed secret Wikileaks cables  exposing employees of as specialist HTML coding monkeys.

'Denilson better than Gilberto' sound like a good headline Barry?

Ok, the last few weren’t really predictions, I just thought you might start getting board of the whole top ten thing.

On that note, I want to say goodbye to 201o. From a personal point of view, I thought you were an ar@ehole. From a blogging point of view, you’ve been to kind to us. We’ve grown by 30% this year, so a big thankyou to all the new faces in the comments section, and a big hello to all the new people who read on a daily basis, we love you more than Jesus Christ and those little sausages wrapped in bacon.

I know I keep saying this, but bar the world-class writing from me and Geoff, you lot are the factor that distinguishes us from the rest. When people find out I write this, more often than not, they’ve got an opinion on their favourite commenter! So keep splurging your thoughts next year, they are well read the world over!

Next year, we hope to bring you… well, exactly the same! 365 posts, some insider gossip, honest opinion written from the heart and maybe some more competitions and prizes!

Have a great evening, don’t do anything too embarrassing, like wet the bed and blame it on the dog and remember to tune in tomorrow for Geoff’s first post of the New Year!

All the best, Pedro and Geoff.

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348 Responses to “Top 10 predictions for 2011 – Sulky players – The worst decision against Wigan”

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  1. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Thanks to Pedro and Geoff for giving us 365 posts a Year,mostly on time.

    U guys ave had a BIG impact on daily lives of bloggers here,i am sure many bloggers are addicted to Legrove,and find it impossible to avoid it 😉

  2. nuudles

    Haha, good one. Sadly I agree on the no-buy policy, and I share your optimism about Ramsey (and about beating Barca, but think we will beat them away and lose at home strangely enough…)

    What is Mascherano worth? If the whole deal is worth £60m then I would be mighty tempted, but Cesc is still Cesc, and he showed against Chelsea, even playing at 50% he was clearly the best midfielder on the pitch by a mile, and note that that is a pitch which included Lamps, Essien, Mikel, Nasri, Wilshere, Song, etc. Cesc is easily the best midfielder in the PL: VDV, Modric, Nasri, Nani, Lamps, Giggs, Gerard and all the others cant even come close 🙂 So on the one hand £60m is mighty tempting, but then again can you really put a price on the best?

    Note that £60m is only tempting if we spend it ALL on real quality, not on 30 more children, one or 2 quality children like Hazzard is fine, but also buy established or on the brink of greatness.

  3. Doublegooner

    Happy New Year..

    Come May we’ll as long as we’re 3rd or 4th then Wenger & the board will be delighted once again.

    4th + More cash reserves = Success.

  4. nuudles

    I stress that the following post is just mostly day-dreaming:

    So the transfer window opens tonight, any bets on who (if anyone) will be in and who out for us? Smart money is obviously on no-one either way though…

    It is quite enjoyable (and a nice waste of time if you are at work on the last day of the year) to play “if I was Wenger”, so I if had a kitty of say £30mil and only 1 net space in the squad to fill (ok 2 if we count Traore out). The 2 net is to account for the under 21s that we would need to reserve space for for the coming seasons. So my preferences would be:
    – Mertesacker in, rumblings of possible on 10mill Euros, so I think £10m and it’s a done deal, him to partner Djourou while Vermaelen is still out, and rotation between him, Djourou and possibly Kos to partner Vermy when Vermy is back
    – Denilson out, good riddance, £10m is a joke, I would happily take anything above £7m
    – In Deni’s place any good and proper DM, L Diarra/Flamini/M’Vila would be my pick with a max transfer of £12m to get either (think we can get Flamini for Denilson money, he is also slightly older with decent PL experience and one we could offload when he is 29-30 when someone like Frimpong should be coming good)
    – Almunia out, again good riddance, he was decent in his first 2 seasons, but since last year’s personal issues he has not been good enough, he will still do well for some Spanish mid-table team, probably max £1.5m, get Mannone back from lone as our 3rd choice, either that or:
    – Buffon in, how far is he from being well again? He is 32, still have another very good 4-6 years in him, so get him for the next 2 seasons while Chezzer can learn a LOT from him, we can then sell him when he still has at least 2-3 seasons of top gk left in him when Chezzer will be ready for the big stage. If I got him I would also let Flappy go, so probably £15m or so for Buffon (because he is not happy at Juve and he has been injured for a long time), possibly up to £20m, probably up to £5m for Flappy, possibly even more if we sell him to the right buyer…

    That means £10m – £7m + £12m – £1.5m + £20m – £5m = £28.5m net out at the worst while adding three and selling three.

    If we believe Chezzer is ready for the big time then scrap the Buffon deal and go for Hazard while selling Vela.

    Just dreaming!

  5. Geoff

    Nice post Pedro, I can’t help thinking someone somewhere will have something to say about the typing monkey at Arsenal HQ though!

  6. temagooner

    happy new year to all grovers
    geoff & pedro, thanks for the daily dose. Never missed a post since i joined about a year ago. Keep up the good work

  7. nuudles

    Pedro, hard to tell internet sarcasm, but you serious on Bale?

    Also the whole idea of Benzema to spuds on loan-with-buy-option is surely laughable? If it is legit then we should really really swoop in and get him, can get rid of Bendy then and guarantee Benzema at least 70% starts (the 30% is mostly to rest him, play Chamakh when he is being rested, and play RVP off Benzema in the whole – RVP can play on the right and drift in or next to Cesc in the middle)

  8. Rocky7

    Happy new year pedro and geoff and the rest of the grovers 🙂

    my prediction for 2011

    Wikileaks will leak denilsons birth certificate showing his parents to be arsene wenger and margherita pracatan .

  9. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    i think wenger risked points at wigan because,for him winning at chelsea MUST have felt as if he had won the league..

    hence wenger didnt care we won at wigan or not,hence his attitude 2wards the game

  10. gooner

    Tony Adams as assistant??? Why not. When he did that for the Twitcher at portsmouth, they had one of the best defences in the prem for that season

    If he could shore up our backline, take control of the defensive side of the game and leave Wenger to midfield, attack and pretty patterns it would be 98 all over again

  11. A

    nuddles Buffon has been pretty fooked for a few years, 4-6 years more AFTER a serious injury is very optimistic, he might not even play at his best at all let alone that sort of time! I’d love a fit Buffon but he’ll need a season to show he’s fit, and by then Szczesny will be better anyways….

    I’d like to see M’Vila too, although not Flamini or Diarra at Denilson’s expense – other than the fact that they’re (imo) no better and possibly worse than Denilson they’re also cup tied in the champs league. M’Vila would do me though!

    I kinda hope we don’t sign a centre back, because if we do then it would seem to indicate that there are long term concerns over vermy….

    Hazard in the summer if Cesc goes, with Mascherano coming the other way would do me

  12. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    like the win at chelsea made him feel vindicated,and the joy of the victory must have made him feel as he didnt care about anything else…

    for wenger,it is all ABOUT HIM only,otherwise,with minimum more investment,we would have had ATLEAST ONE TROPHY in these 6 years.

  13. Doublegooner


    My pet monkey Denilson has just read your article & is well fucked off with you.

    He’s been on the phone to the local Barnet Chimps Are Equal Diversity Officer.

    It’s not looking good for you pal.

  14. A

    gooner Tony Adams was assistant at Pompey and just wasn’t able to fuck them up defensively, he wasn’t the reason they were good defensively!

    He took over control, put in his own system/training methods and managed to turn a very very good defensive unit into a complete joke!!!!

    Adams as a manager is defensively lacking even more than Wenger! Bit weird considering what he was like as a player.

    He’s a legend but (as with Wrighty) I wouldn’t want him at the club in a position of any sort of influence other than as a motivator and mascot!

  15. Tuks

    Can you belive wenger is now saying that plays dont communicate to each other on the pitch,something le grove has been saying for years now.

  16. nuudles

    jip A, I dont really follow Italian football and didnt read up much about buffon, so no idea whether his injury was almunia style (“sore” elbow, then “sore” ankle, etc just to cover up that he is no longer wanting to play, or in almunia’s case no longer good enough)

    on flamini and diarra being cup tied: it does not bother me that much, i would just play song in the CL, and you are betting on that we get past barca in any case, whihc (althoug possible) is quite unlikely, but yes M’Vila is probably going to be a better DM, but also probably for more money, I was looking for someone to be good cover and competition for Song…

    I dont necessarily see a new CB as implying Vermy is out longer, could also indicate that Squill is really out of his league and Kos is not ready for prime time PL yet. you need 4 decent defenders, 2 of which should be very good, Vermy is very good, Djourou looks like he might be, Mertesacker too

    Jip, if Cesc goes Mascherano would be a nice trade to soften the blow, making our M’Vila/Flamster/Diarra discussion irrelevant, and if Cesc goes then we MUST get Hazard and hope that Ramsey/Wilshere/Nasri can cover enough that we dont really miss Cesc…

  17. patthegooner

    I actually think if we dont make a real challenge for the PL, then Wenger might go this year too. I think he will have lost too much of the fan support, especially if he keeps praising the team and excusing poor play and decision.

    If he stays the summer could be interesting. Cesc is a given to join either Barca or Real IMO, and if Real lose out on La Liga, it would not surprise me to see them outbid Barca to get their man.

    It is what we do to replace him. My fear is that the vast profit we get from the sale will dissapear, and we will go bargain basement.

  18. patthegooner


    Sadly I do believe it. What concerns me though is that communication and leadership are natural traits, and the players he is targetting with those words are those that he has brought into the club last summer.

    What concerns me more is that even if we had our Captain on the field, he would have done nothing to stop it. He is a leader by example, rather than a leader via communication and organisation.

    Vermaelen has it, but he is out. And once Cesc goes in the summer, I hope he is handed the captaincy.

  19. BigRed1

    Happy New Year to you all and many thanks to Geoff and Pedro.
    It can`t have been easy trying to write an upbeat post when so many fans are downbeat about the coming year, and unless there are radical changes in the overall idealogy in the running of the club in 2011 I fear the worst.
    Far too much emphasis on business, far too little moving with the times on the pitch.
    We have been extremely fortunate to be so far up the league, mainly due to the stutterings of our rivals, and in spite of the ever growing amount of Wenger misjudgements,
    and replacing Rice with a Mini-me Wenger will be a calamitous start.
    Sorry to sound so negative but it is very hard to be positive when the leader of the pack is a shadow of his former self.

  20. nuudles

    jip pat, that is also my fear, if we get 50m+ for him we might only spend 20-30m to buy 2 or 3 10m worth players (very bargain basement compared to cesc) and the rest will disappear

    i would feel much better over letting him go if we get reina(or similar) + mertesacker/hangeland + mascherano + hazard in exchange

  21. A

    Ah ok nuddles, it was a serious back injury needing surgery….

    I agree that Song will play in the champs league, but it’s IF he got injured then we’d have noone to play there!

    Yeah but as you say you need four defenders, we have vermy, jd, kos and squillaci. jd is just back from long term injury and wenger’s kept faith with him, and koscielny and squillaci have only just arrived, so the only way that there would be room for an addition would be if Vermy wasn’t considered in those four….

    Yep agree, we can’t replace Cesc if he leaves because he’s irreplacable, but Nasri, Wilshere and Ramsey can take over his role, and we can take the opportunity to strengthen in front and behind them. I think we’ll miss Cesc regardless, but strengthening other areas could work

  22. nuudles

    problem is we can spend 30m or so net after letting some players go (flappy, squill, denilson, vela/bendy) and still keep cesc AND get those players i mentioned in previous post, THEN we will show we are serious about winning big trophies

  23. rico

    Top Post Pedro,

    Howard Webb – Now MBE in the New Year Honours List, my word his head will be even bigger….


  24. A

    nuddles we REALLY shouldn’t let Bendy go imo, gonna be a top player. He was one real plus from the Wigan game.

    No way we’d have a big overhaul in Jan, especially not when we’re 2 points off the lead and in every competition still! In the summer though you never know with regards to Vela, Denilson, maybe even Squillaci

  25. nuudles

    A, thanks for the info on buffon, would have been a great buy if he was fit…

    problem is i dont think Squill is up to it, he has serious lack of pace, which the other teams have figured out by now and is exploiting it, he is also prone to the odd howler, last thing we need in front of flappy is a flappy/almunia type defender! (he looks calm at times and his tackling is not bad, he learnt to disguise his lack of pace by reading the game well, but a good PL striker/winger can still run rings round him)

  26. nuudles

    yep A, agree that it is highly unlikely that we do anything in the january window, i was merely stating what i thought needed to be done to challenge seriously for 2+ titles (CC + something else, potentially the league, dont think we are consistent enough yet to win a knock-out like CL or FA cup)

  27. rico

    I can’t believe it Pedro, the man is a K**b and a dreadful ref, to top it off he’s a manc fan….and still nothing for Brucie ( Forsyth i mean 😉 )


  28. A

    Yeah I agree nuddles, I REALLY wanted us to snap him up in the summer before the world cup, very glad we didn’t though – imagine if we’d spunked loads of money then he’d been out for the season!

    I’m not a huge fan of Squillaci but he’s ok, nowhere near as bad as some people make out. Certainly an improvement on Silvestre although he isn’t going to be a first team player obviously! I could see him only lasting a season, depending on the summer and maybe Bartley

  29. patthegooner

    I am still fuming about Wednesday.

    I had belief again. I dont regret foolishly doing that, as the buzz that came out of the Chavs game was what football is all about.

    I am fuming, as we sub-conciously I think the majority of us knew that rather than building on that momentum, we would come crashing back down to earth.

    I expected the changes, not so many, but expected them. What I did not expect was Eboue at LB. The last time he played on the left he got booed off. What the fuck was Wenger thinking, and it was his poor positional sense, er correction Wengers poor decision to play him there that cost us the 1st goal.

    making changes like that was a huge gamble. Wenger will point to the fact that it nearly paid off, those players nearly won the game, although Diaby’s timely injury contributed heavilly towards it. In hindsight, I wonder if we would have got back in the game if he had stayed on.

    We did have the players on the pitch to be able to win that game. Sadly those same players are also very capable of making the mistakes to lose that game, so I guess the draw was the likely outcome. It is high risk and ultimately I feel that it cost Wenger his job.

    Why? becuase he wont learn from it, and some of the players he maintains faith in simply are not good enough. You can polish the shit all you like, there is no diamond underneath.

    Any other Manager would have learnt the following

    1) Eboue should never be played at LB. Clichy should have featured and if he got injured, Cruise could have been recalled from loan.
    2) Denilson is not adequate cover for Song, never has been never will be, so cover needs to be bought or loaned (if Frimpong is the real deal)
    3) Fabianski should be dropped. It is time to give Ches a chance. Lets see if he is the mutts nutts, and if not, at least we know we need to buy
    4) Next time we buy a CB, lets buy one with some leadership qualities.
    5) Man up when it comes to subs, stop flogging the dead horse, the whole of blogosphere in their armchair management role could see Wigan were easing their way back into the game and looking dangerous. Bring on the big guns and kill the game off.

    Wenger wont though, and you will see the same mistakes time after time after time.

  30. goonermichael

    rico says:
    December 31, 2010 at 10:06
    Top Post Pedro,

    Howard Webb – Now MBE in the New Year Honours List, my word his head will be even bigger….


    For servioces to the united states of manchester

  31. A

    If we changed that many players in the first team squad though nuddles it’d put us in a worse position to challenge immediately (ie this season) rather than better, players needing time to bed in, adapting to each other etc….

  32. nuudles

    A, I concede that Bendy has the makings of a top striker, but that is part of the problem: we have a lot of players that have the makings of being really good, but to get them there we have to give them games, which will inevitably cost us games and hence trophies in the meantime

    i think there is a thin line between giving too many and too few young players with potential games, you need to also let them play with established players, then they will develop quicker and be better than if they play with other young players…

  33. nuudles

    true A, but not all players take long to bed in: Vermy settled almost immediately, Chamakh played as well when he joined as he is playing now (think his form actually slumped), but the other players need to get used to this new player’s style

    i think it is highly unlikely that we win the PL this year, we have lost too many and are too inconsistent, so I would rather take the bedding in pains now over them next year, i agree that 3 players in is probably too drastic, but someone like a goalie shouldnt take long to bed in (maybe with us they will need to learn french to shout at his defenders 🙂 )

  34. Big Dave

    You do know that this country of ours will be under attack in 2011.

    P+G good blogging, keep up the good work lads

    HNY to one an all

  35. nuudles

    rumours (inaccurate mind you) of cesc to real for more than barca plus some of their fringe players? who would those fringe players be? Benzema considered fringe? 🙂 would take him + khedira + 20m-30m thank you very much 🙂

  36. BigRed1

    Are there still people that still honestly believe if Wenger is still manager a year from today, that apart from the Carling Cup

    we will have won anything

    we will be in the top 2

    we will have a much improved, stronger team than our regular rivals?

    and you can chuck the Spuds into that equation as well.


  37. El tel

    Happy New Year to Geoff,Pedro and all you Grovers.

    This is the first place I go to when I enter the Internet World.

    We don’t all agree on things but we are all The Arsenal.

    Let’s all hope things turn out good for us this year. I believe it will.

    Come on you Gunners.

  38. SUGA3

    harro 😉

    Happy New Year to all you Grovers, special thanks to Geoff & Pedro for keeping it entertaining throughout the year, for better or worse, through thick & thin!


  39. rico

    🙂 suga3

    I echo the thanks to Geoff and Pedro too, don’t get on here as much as i’d like but coming back always feels like home…..

  40. timmyloveslegrove

    Great predictions Pedro!! lol

    Also great of you and Geoff to thank the readers. We also look forward to another 365 posts and of course…WINNING SOMETHING IN 2011!

    Thanks again for everything. Although I don’t comment too often, I always need my daily fix of Le Grove 😀

    All the best to the both of you and your loved ones.

  41. Big Dave

    Their are a few terrorist groups out their, who could be planning something, since october we have been on high alert.

    The CC is not a gimme by any chance, we should win it yes, but hey this is Arsenal fc and with wenger in charge nothing is straight forward

  42. Joppa

    Well done on 2010 LG and let’s hope Arsenal do pick up a trophy in 2011.

    The reason that I don’t always post daily on my blog (apart from being lazy) is that I know I can come here and 99/100 you will be saying exactly what I was thinking.

    All the best for 2011.



  43. Jimbo

    Honestly, if he were playing for a West Ham, a Wigan, a Bolton or any other mid-table club, how many goals do you think Chamakh would have? 3-4 tops, I reckon, and if anyone here talked about wanting to sign him, they’d be laughed out of town. He is so SO average.

  44. dh16

    Hi guys,

    Regular reader but unfortunately very rarely do i post. Anyway, hoping you grovers could help me out.

    Im after 2 tickets for the Leeds game. Any spares going?

    Ive contacted Geoff / Pedro about the 2 in the sidebar >>> but i kind of need to know either way asap so if anybody can help can you get in touch??

    Email –

    Much appreciated guys!!

  45. wattsy65

    Thanks Geoff and Pedro, could not do without my daily fix. Predictions for 2011. We will win jack shit except maybe the Carling Cup, and even that’s not nailed on.

    The fat Russian will stage a successful take over, and David Dein will return as chairman.

    We’ll get 50m for Fabregas and won’t spend a penny of it.

    Man City will win the Premiership.

    The spuds will lose out on the Olympic Stadium, and therefore won’t get new stadium because they can’t afford it.

    Liverpool won’t build a new stadium either, for the same reason, they will re-name the club Fulham MK11.

    Finally by June 2011 DD will have realised that AW is completely dellusional and off his trolley, he’ll be sectioned and carted of to the Bastille to await his fate, hopefully never to surface again.

    Happy New Year to one and all.

  46. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Cheers for a good blogging year fellas! Most enjoyable. Great effort to create something every day.

    I think AW will field the under 15s in the Carling cup final as it will be a great learning experience for them.

  47. Big Dave

    Wenger warns title rivals!!

    Arsene Wenger has come out bouldly today and warned his title rivals… He goes on to say.

    “I can tell my rival managers that we are so suspect on set pieces, this is the easy way in beating us, bung high balls into our box and you will see us all panicking with fear, we can’t defend for shit and with our CB and keeper you will have easy access to our goal.”

    On sky Wenger also said “We are a young team, who have been young now for errrrrr 5 years and we are still maturing, slowly we will get thier, maybe in 5 years from now, but we do not panic and my job is safe, I will continue to buy the best…… 15 yo boy who will stay at me and will be looked after in the best possible way. We will fight for this title and as long as we concede late goals which is a problem I know, but we will work on this on the training ground but we will not test our defenders in any way as we don’t want them to become tired in any way with all these matches coming up”

  48. Gooner_114

    2011 could be the happiest year for Geoff and Pedro(Denilson leaves!)(. I think this summer we will most probably say good bye to Denilson,Diaby,Rosicky,Almunia(at least 3 out of this 4). But i wouldn’t be too sure about buying in these positions. I think we will see Lansbury take the Rosicky role, Rambo/Frimpong/Coquelin fighting for Diaby/Denilson positions and Mannone filling in for Al(if Mannone goes, someone will come in). I hope to say goodbye to Eboue and see Santon/Van der wiel come in while Pedro Botelho could give Clichy and Gibbo problems(If he copes with the ‘south ameriacan’s PL frenzy and learns his English). And yes, we might see Bartley making it at last(i think he will be the fighter we all are crying for for years).But, Pedro and Geoff will be disappointed if they expect a DM sighing.
    Anyway, Happy new year to the guys and all the gooners around the world.

  49. Eaglegunner

    Thanks Geoff and Pedro for a posting 365 days a year, though i only joined earlier in the year and not posting every single day, i have enjoyed it till date, irrespective of the views held.

    May you both continue to find the drive and tenacity to keep it going in 2011 and beyond. And to all you grovers i hope 2011 is a better year for you all.

    My predictions for 2011:

    Arsenal will win the League and carling cup.
    Nasri will win the Footballer of the year and Fabregas will not be sold in the summer.

  50. Jonas

    Cheers Pedro & Geoff for interesting daily blogs and happy new year to you both.
    My life must have been pretty dull before reading Keyser and Gambon’s daily battles and A admirably defending all things Arsenal even wanting Fabianski in goal.

    S Parker for me will do and a fit Vermaelen and RVP but that aint ever gonna happen

  51. patthegooner

    Nah, fuck helping that cunt hughes out.

    Although, I live down in Swansea and there were strong rumours that he was coming down here a couple of months ago. They play good football though so it would suit him but personally I think he needs to be playing in the PL.

  52. Gary C

    John Cross is at the Press Conference and ahs said that Ramsey is back on 2nd Jan, loan move for Vela and not close to any signings

  53. Rohan

    Nasri for PFA player of the season.

    Arsenal to win the carling cup, the league and reach the semis of the champions league having beaten Barcelona 6-4 on aggregate and Tottenham 10-1.

    Oh, and before I forget Bendtner to win Ballon D’Or.

    Have a great one people. Keep the faith, and don’t forget that Pedro is gay.

  54. Jimbo

    Apparently Birmingham are going to field an unchanged team for their game against us.

    Shouldn’t Wengker warn him that he needs to make at least 8 changes or the club will go bankrupt???

  55. SUGA3


    despite the insider info posted by Pedders, being the ol’ cynical self, I still think that TV situation has ‘Rosicky’ written all over it…

    besides, he is pencilled to return at the end of January, so technically speaking, Ramsey is the first 😉

    speaking of his return just in time for the Barca game – do you think he should be back in the team immediately, or eased into it?

    remember Cashley situation in the CL final, mind you…

  56. SUGA3


    I am still of the opinion that there was nothing wrong with the team selection, halftime scoreline is the best proof of that…

    it was the ridiculous lack of activity in the second half that was our undoing and I can go on and on about this!

    and yeah, Fabianski was another!

  57. Lurch LeRouge

    you only say that Suga because you suggested a similar teamsheet.

    it was a disaster in the making. OGL had a chance to repair it @ 63 odd min. coincidentally when the away support started singing for Nasri and Theo.

    someone said it before but we aren’t playing friggin grid iron here.

    Managerial ineptitude of the highest order. heyho, we’re still in the mix.

  58. Jimbo

    Suga- 8 changes is asking for trouble, the full time score, and overall performance are proof of that. The sensible way to handle the fixture congestion would have been to rotate 2-3 in or out at a time, not 8 at once. Now we have to play our best team against both Birm and Manc, and risk burnout anyway, on top of already dropping points.

    We’ve got a lot of crap players in our squad, Rosicky, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Koscielny, Squillaci, Chamakh etc. To play all at once is asking for disaster, 2-3 at a time should be manageable against most teams.

  59. simon mcmahon

    ptg ,
    seconded !!

    Happy New Year Geoff and Pedro

    A great blog, keep up the good work.

    happy new year to all gooners !!!

  60. 1886-2006

    Rohan says:
    December 31, 2010 at 11:28. Bendtner to win Ballon D’Or.

    The Ballon D’or, lol. The only thing he will win is a balloon at the fair.

    Would like to wish my fellow Gooners a Happy New Year and look forward to following Le-grove.
    You are without doubt one of the only voices of reason in Arsenal Land.
    Pedro and Geoff to take the places of Squid and Kos.

  61. A

    Yeah but Jimbo now was CAN play our strongest team against Brum and City, or close to it, because most of the team had a rest rather than being fucked.

    That team was plenty good enough to beat Wigan, we should’ve gotten the third goal and we would’ve been fine.

  62. SUGA3


    I know I have, IMO, it was only logical, as ‘making Chelsea look average’ was achieved at great energy expense…

    I only was a bit surprised by Ebowie playing on the left, and yes, not making subs early in the second half was criminal, given the acres of space behind Wigwam’s defence when they pressed us…

    don’t get me wrong, I blame Wenger for dropping two points, but it was not down to the first XI, selection, but down to the required actions not being taken when it was so bleeding obvious 😉

  63. SUGA3


    and we would have got the third if only AW pulled his head out of his arse and learn from the past mistakes!

    this game was more or less a carbon copy of the last year’s fixture, the only difference being that we are 1 point better off…

  64. SUGA3


    look, he scored one and made the other and that situation was not exactly a ‘sitter’, was it?

    I am still of the opinion that AW failed to see what a few thousand away supporters and a few million in front of the TVs and PCs could: change, jam, give them something to think about, otherwise they will start getting funny ideas…

  65. A

    id call it a sitter suga, he even said on his own website that the reason we didn’t win in his opinion was that he missed when he should’ve scored

    regardless of the individuals on the pitch we could’ve suffered exactly the same fate, it’s just in our nature!

    Tomorrow is massive though, as is city obviously. ten points from twelve and we’ve done superbly

  66. SUGA3

    as if we held out and the game had ended 2:1, it would still be 3 points in the bag!

    allowing Wigwam 40 minutes of practically non-stop attack and ‘soaking up the pressure’ was a recipe for trouble, as we can’t do it to save our lives 😉

  67. DaleDaGooner

    Yeah, all that good stuff Geoff and Pedro..LOL
    Seriously, I want to thank you both for creating one of the most (if not the most) engaging Arsenal blogs, It’s been real and sharing the joys, griefs, opinions, News and banters has made the bond all the more strong, surely another great 365 top posts is in the makings.

    we shall celebrate here in 2011 FO’ SHO”!

    Thanks Le Grovers, especially the usual suspectz..LOL It’s been fun getting the blood boiling!

    The intellects and ITK, the doomers, the realist, the AKBs, the retards, the mugs, the racists and all…LOL

    On Ryo Miaichi, I like the dude, i can imagine his pace on the left wing complementing Theo’s on the thing though, WILL HE GET A PERMIT?? Seeing as the fucked us with Wellington Silva’s? Are we appealing Silva’s?

    On Jan signings, we all know, it would be frustrating, But 1 solid signing would be cool! I hope to see Hazard or Inler or Mertesacker or M’vila or one off Real Madrids DMF in.

    On Cesc leaving, another year of tiring Barca, I think he might leave, but i think we will get someone from them plus cash, not sure if Masch will be the choice. But I’d take him if he won’t sulk about being in the UK again. It’s 50/50 for me on Cesc leaving.

    On if we will beat Barca…i’d love to be optimistic, a full fit squad that play the same way v Chelsea, maybe…otherwise i written CL off.

    I’ll take the CC and FA if they can do that with 2nd or 3rd….BUT Lets be optimistic Gooners! The league is ours along with 2 other trophies!

    Have a Happy and blessed New Year folks, hope 2011 IS MORE FULFILLING TO YOU THAN 2010 was.

  68. gambon

    11- Arsene Wenger to be revealed as Le Grove regular ‘A’

    12- French rapper Donya to be revealed as Le Grove attention seeker and gambon stalker ‘QoS’

    13- Wenger goes to buy ‘Mental Strength for Dummies’ but can’t agree a price with Waterstones, announcing “my bookshelf is strong enough”

  69. Jimbo

    The performanc was dire, front to back. Wigan played poorly, on the whole, and still made us look like chimps at the back.

    The selection was poor, and the pressure is massively on the team, and we can no longer rest or rotate. Wengker has fucked it up again.

  70. A

    Dale the fact that Miyaichi has already been announced would seem to indicate to me that he’s already received the work permit….

    Don’t think we’re appealing Wellington Silva’s as we said he was gonna go on loan. I’d guess the plan is for him to be awesome on loan then they’d have no choice but to grant him the permit on appeal in the summer

  71. SUGA3

    sure, 10 out of 12 is good, but I would not be counting my chickens there – Brum is a pretty well organised and hard working team and a tough nut to crack at home…

    as for Citeh, hmmm, I dunno – I would take a draw right now, tbh…

  72. A

    yeah i agree suga, certainly can’t take a win at brum for granted, they’ve only lost once in about 18 months at home! much more confident for the fact that we’ve got a fresh song cesc and vp along with semi-rested theo and nasri, but it still won’t be easy. I would’ve taken a draw there before Wigan but we need to win really now

    I certainly wouldn’t take a draw at home, not against anyone in the prem currently. maybe barca

  73. SUGA3

    fair enough A, but Citeh are not Chelsea of late…

    still, f**k that, we’ll win! that is (mostly) my assumption before we play, unless we play one of the bogey teams and the top drawer ones!