Wenger spotted with big gun shooting himself in the foot… again

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The first goal went Wigan’s way in the shape of a penalty. Charles N’Zogbia broke into the box, Kozzer stuck a leg out, he went over … the ref blew up. Many are saying it was a dive, for me, it was very close. Once again, it’s a shoddy piece of defending from our centre back. More importantly, where the hell was Eboue in this situation, or more to the point, why would you rest your only fit left back and put a right back who ALWAYS struggles at left back in his place? The penalty was rifled home by Watson.

The next half an hour was absolutely diabolical. The players lacked focus, match practice and the know how to dismantle a plucky Wigan side. Thankfully Diaby picked up an injury and Jack Wilshere managed to find his way onto the pitch. You really have to question the worth of keeping Diaby about. He’s hugely inconsistent when he is fit… and being fit really is a rarity. He’s never had a good season, yet we place so much importance on him as a first teamer. A waste of time.

Arshavin went from zero to hero after he acrobatically turned in a saved Nik Bendtner shot. 1o minutes later he was at it again when he picked up the ball in the middle of the park, whizzed round a few Wigan players, slipped Nik in who was on hand to slot home for what we hoped was the winner.

The second half started like Wenger had shown the boys a few card tricks at half time. They came out with hardly any focus or drive, seemingly content to just play out for 2-1. Not the mentality I would have taken with a defence as shambolic as ours.

Arshavin went close but was denied by a good Al’Habsi block.

N’Zogbia set the warning light off when he forced a good save from Fabianski. The Frenchman was causing alsorts of problems until he decided to head butt Wilshere. He was sent off, you hoped the game was over, but sadly, it wasn’t.

Wigan won a corner. Arsenal set up for it with virtually no one communicating with each other. The corner was flighted to the back post, Fabianski thought about it and didn’t go for it, Sagna and Koscielny kind of followed the ball, Rodallega nodded back, Squillaci wasn’t goal side of his man and he bundled it home for their equaliser.

Typically, we’d conceded from a set piece (50% of our conceded goals come from set pieces).

Wenger, despite seeing his team struggle, only made substitutions in the 84th minute. Theo and Nasri were brought on to shake things up, which they did but it was to no avail. We dropped 2 crucial points in the Premiership battle against relegation fodder and Wenger once again showed himself up as a man who can’t be trusted to make the right decisions.

There will be plenty of people banging the, ‘it’s not such a bad result’ drum this morning, there always is, however, I think they’re missing the point. Dropping points has a psychological impact on the team. Putting a winning sequence going was of paramount importance. Capitalising on dropped United points was also important and we failed to do it.

Why make 8 changes to the starting line up? Did Ancellotti, Ferguson or Redknapp do that for their teams? Of course they didn’t. Perhaps that’s why United fans didn’t have the same reaction to their draw as Arsenal fans have to last nights farce.

Our players didn’t need a rest, they already had one after the Stoke game was cancelled. If resting is so important, why don’t we train less like United, Spurs and Chelsea? What is the point in having the youngest team in the Universe if their fitness is poorer than older teams? Wenger is the man who has said on numerous occasions that making more than 3 changes to a squad in a summer is disruptive. If he sees that, why can’t he see making 8 changes to a starting line up is probably going to end in tears?

People will point out that I was full of praise after the Chelsea game and now I’m not. Well, of course I’m not. The Chelsea game was about superb selection, the right mentality and great tactics. Last night was about over cautious team selection, jiggery pokery in the extreme and a lack lustre performance.

I could accept 3 changes from the weekend, but 8? What the hell was he thinking? He disrespected Wigan and he disrespected our title challenge. How can Wenger not share the same winning mentality the fans do?

We’re still up there in the mix but we’ve got a coach who is making silly mistakes when there is no pressure to make them. Yesterdays team selection was almost a show of petulance from a coach who still refuses to believe there is a huge amount of deadwood in the squad. Here are the mistakes…

  • Dropping your best defender in the air against a team who toppled you from set pieces last year.
  • Starting far too many players who weren’t match fit
  • Making subs too late in the game when it was obvious we were struggling
  • Playing Nik Bendtner outwide when he’s clearly a striker
  • Playing a right back at left back
  • Admitting that his players don’t communicate from corners.

We’ve conceded 22 goals and kept 4 clean sheets in 19 games. This off the back of a promise to sort out the defence in the summer. It’s not good enough and we’re kidding ourselves if we think defending like that for the next month will leave us in the mix for the title. Wenger needs to admit he made mistakes signing cheap foreign imports and get his cheque book out and remedy his errors before he blows the best chance he’s had in 6 seasons to win the league.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this Wenger pearler.

‘I felt we produced an outstanding performance and we are frustrated not to have won the game.’

Am I being blinded by the wool Wenger has just pulled over my eyes?

Here are some additional comments on the game from the Grovers.


Eboue at LB? WTF is wrong with Clichy, as much as I want glass ankles Mk II to take over, I would rather Gael than EE.

Fabianksi made agreat save just before the goal after some very average defending from several players, but he was nowhere for the goal.

Squid was poor tonight, why oh why was he wrong side of the guy for the goal, he had no chance once he was on the wrong side, he was either going to head it in or his man would have.


We are on course to concede 44 goals and keep 8 cleansheets.

Since 02/03 on average you need to keep 19 cleansheets and concede 24 to win the pl.


I am not going to be too critical of Wenger’s changes tonight, these are 1st team squad players who could and should have done better.

I am critical of his lack of nonce in changing it when it looked like they were creeping back into the game though, and sadly it is a trait we see from him over and over again.

I would not even mind so much if he learnt from it, but when you hear his post match, it is like he sees a whole different game.


Yes we should be looking for penalty decisions. Look for everything you f*cking can from the game, people whack skippy over Fergie and his teams, they’ll do everything they possibly can to win.

You don’t stand there and accept it when you know it’s wrong, do something about it.

I think in all seriousness that’s transmitted to the players now. Diaby was right, there simply isn’t enough fan pressure.


I cant agree we need to up our c*ntitude.

We up the c*ntivity and the refs take it upon themselves to protect the home team.

Take the Evra case from last year.

Was very proud of my team for the rotational fouling but the ref started handing out yellow cards for first time offenses.

We get nothing.

But more importantly we also shoot ourselves in the foot.

Wenger is brilliant at shooting himself in the foot.

Finally, a video that sums up being an Arsenal fan from Dan & Telarse

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662 Responses to “Wenger spotted with big gun shooting himself in the foot… again”

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  1. A

    that makes no sense arsenal4ever. Benzema would be an awesome signing but there isn’t any space for him in the squad. I’d happily swap him for Chamakh but that isn’t going to happen, and I don’t want Bendtner to leave

    Would be mightily annoying though, it’d strengthen them considerably

  2. A

    Yeah I don’t think so either Pedro, unless they snap up Tevez but even then as you say there’d be an issue with the champs league.

    Mourinho really doesn’t like him though so you never know….

  3. Pedro

    QoS, they both turned their backs on defending after a nasty incident in the changing room showers… I don’t want to go into it, needless to say it was fucked up.

  4. Queen of suburbia

    I heard it was the turning of the backs that started the whole incident in the first place pedro, well that and the fortuitous proximity of those cucumbers.

  5. arsenal4ever

    A of course it makes no sense but did you think they would get VDV? Another mistake from Mr. ass….! He must be on pills!! Senile and constantly lying. Today so the other day new excuse or bullshit comments. Cant stand him anymore. He doesnt care a shit on fans just fukking profits.

  6. arsenal4ever

    @ 78692. Safe to say as we dont pay any money just on a few kids perhaps or bargain buys. Wenger wont admit he failed with his project. The day it was said he will stay even longer was the worst in my arsenal supporting life.

  7. A

    no arsenal4ever I didn’t think they’d get him permanently but they just fluked out on that one.

    Why on earth would we have entered into negotiations to sign VDV on loan?! He wouldn’t even get in our first team now, it would be completely nonsensical. That was the only way that we could’ve gotten him for that price.

    I’d say it was a much much bigger fuck up on the part of Ferguson and Ancelotti as he’s exactly what they needed!

    Offering an explanation for your teams failures is not “blaming someone”. That’s like asking someone why they missed a penalty, them replying “i kicked it wide of the goal” and you accusing them of being senile and coming up with excuses!

  8. arsenal4ever

    it is not crazy it is my oppinion. and your comments are most of the time laughable. If we have defensive coaches show me why they cant defend!!

  9. ethangunner

    good win Verse the Chev’s , they do look down thou,
    and not the same team as last season .. They definitely look more beatable this season .. especially me coming back into the season so late , they really look off ..

    good win, but MAN U are the ones we need to flap- off
    about after a win currently as they are the TABLE LEADERS , so in essence we need to BEAT ‘THEM’ ! before we flap our fuckin gums 🙂

    and the wigan game exposes the boss for more mizing
    like he has on many other occasions like the worthless cup and FA etc , and the odd EPL game and C.L early rounds .


    its not rocket science .

    and sure put in 3 LUMPY players who wenger privately loves….denilson, Eboue , Diaby etc …. but once the tables turn get them 3 off and put on your regulars who youve tried to rest!

    then win the fuckin game ….

    if we lose the season by 1 point you know how important easy points are !

    WIGAN ARE NOT A GREAT SIDE BUT THEY PLAY TOGETHER EACH WEEK … something must be said for that ….

    wenger treats this team like a grid iron team …

    pulls out 80% of his team and sticks in new subs
    it might work for that fucked up game 🙂 but not ours !

  10. A

    yeah VDV is better than Rosicky, I agree with that. Would VDV be happy playing the rosicky role then, starting maybe one game in five?!

  11. arsenal4ever

    no A but the spuds showing more ambitions to win something as Wenger does. After years he admitted it would probably help to win the carling cup. Since the lost final against barca he complete lost it.

  12. gambon

    Wenger has made huge mistakes in the transfer market in recent years, but not signing VDV wasn’t one of them, he was/is the last thing we need.

    If you’ve got a Ferrari at home you don’t but a Porsche just because its available.

    Now Man Utd & citeh not signing VDV…..for me they were big mistakes.

  13. incesc


    Fanny fart is not only better than rosicky but diaby who is supposed to be a starter in this team.

    wenger said he was supposed to have a big part to play 2nd half of the season until he got injured again (zzzz)

    UIf fanny fart was good enough he would have got in the team and scored all those goals for us, and someone would have had to have been dropped.

  14. A

    agreed gambon, although i’d say utd and chelsea, at least city have silva. he would’ve been absolutely amazing for utd….

    incesc vdv couldn’t play the diaby role at all, and i’m not sure he is first choice anymore, wilshere has gazumped him, although if/when diaby returns i’d expect there to be rotation there.

    vdv would’ve been competing with nasri and arshavin

  15. arsenal4ever

    thx gambon at least you are not looking for other excusses. Wenger at fault for everything went wrong in the past years. Since years we have a shit number 1, shit defenders and the worst midfield cover I have ever seen!!

  16. incesc

    diaby plays attacking midfielder.

    we have basically 5 attacking midfielders (song included) and a striker unless walcott or bender is put on the wing.

    we didnt need fanny fart as much as a keeper, cb, dm, winger or top striker but dont pretend he wouldnt get in the team

  17. A

    diaby plays alongside song in a deep role when cesc is in the team, the same role that wilshere has occupied this season in diaby’s absence.

    vdv would maybe get in the team, but it would only be at arshavin’s expense, and that’s iffy as they’re different types of players even if arshavin hasn’t had the best of seasons. vdv would be completely and utterly irrelevant to the likes of song, diaby and denilson. He’d (at a push) possibly be able to play the Cesc role in the midfield three, but not ideal for him, for Spurs he’s played as a second forward or wide

  18. arsenal4ever

    El Tel any of them but would prefer Suarez. Mertesacker not he is struggeling in Bundesliga. Bad at set pieces for such a height. Would go for PL proven ones. Cahill, Jags or Hangeland for me.

  19. incesc


    also your argument is made void by your own (arsene wengers) constant rotation.

    the team is never the same.

    you rotate centre backs every game so they never get a proper understanding

    you played arshavin as a target man for ages, then out of position on the wong for years

    you play bender on the wing

    you play eboue at left back

    as if you couldnt find a place to stick fanny fart out of position

  20. arsenal4ever

    30 Dec 2010 22:22:07
    Have heard a rumour that Arsenal are sniffing around Birmingham centrebacks R.Johnson and S.Dann.
    Wenger is looking at a double deal with the midlands club.

    are these 2 good CB`s?

  21. A

    incesc vdv would play “out of position”, he’d play out wide, in either nasri’s or arshavin’s position

    no offence but most of what you just wrote is pretty nonsensical and doesn’t have a great deal of relevance to vdv!

    In our team we have three positions that vdv could fill, Cesc, Nasri or Arshavin.

    He couldn’t play in goal, couldn’t play in defence, couldn’t play in either song or wilshere/diaby’s position and couldn’t play as the loan forward

  22. incesc

    “He couldn’t play in goal, couldn’t play in defence, couldn’t play in either song or wilshere/diaby’s position and couldn’t play as the loan forward”

    you say that now arsene but im sure you could find somewhere unusual to put him.

    i can name 10 players you brought to arsenal that had a position then changed that position.

    almunia (used to be a ball boy)

    thats about 10!

  23. patthegooner

    Jesus Benzema to the Spuds…..and after they gave them VDV in the summer.

    Real Madrid supplying the Spuds is the football equivalent of what Iran are doing with the Taliban.

    Seriously hope that is not true.

  24. JJ

    QoS – I am a little late on the “defensive coach” discussion but I think I was the one who started it…
    Dixon said that when he was playing, Wenger “just let the defenders get on with it”. He said for a fact that they did not do specialist defensive training.

    Albo @21:48 – You say that you’d bet your ass that the team has been working on defense and set pieces, given our recent results… Really? Given our recent results I conclude that we HAVE NOT been working on these… Either that or our players simply not good enough.

  25. Keyser

    JJ – Where did you read that ? and When’s it from ?!

    Of course the team works on set pieces and the defence in general and there’s a defensive coach to it aswell.

  26. JJ

    QoS @ 23:18 – Just because Rice and Boro were defender when they played does not make them defensive coaches FOR the club. Far from the categorical proof that you suggest it is.

    If however, they are responsible for the defensive operations of this club then they need to take a good look at themselves… and their ‘inventory’.

    Bottom line, Wenger is not addressing the defensive black hole adequately. The buck stops with him IMO. He has a serial blind spot when it comes to defending.

  27. JJ

    Keyser – I think it was in one of my Arsenal Magazines last year. I clearly remember reading it because I thought to myself, “well that explains it”…. I’ll take a look for it later tonight.

  28. Moray

    If I remember correctly, the VDV deal was a last minute thing. He was waiting for a move to somewhere else, or for his status at Real to be confirmed, and Levy kept nagging Real for him. I don’t think he was officially “on the market” as such, if what I read was true.

    As for the Spuds themselves, Twichin Arry normally has an interest in driving the prices up. More spare cash swilling around, if you know what I mean?

    I haven’t seen enough of Benzema to really comment, but I imagine he would be the type of striker we need at the club. Bendtner and Chamakh are too similar, and certainly cannot play together. VP10 will never play enough games and – though I love his attitude,loyalty and skill – should be sold. Benzema could really flourish with the generosity/unwillingness to shoot (*delete as appropriate) of our attacking players. Could we afford him? Hell yeah. Would we pay for him? Hell no.

  29. Keyser

    JJ – Come on, that doesn’t tell you much does it, it tells you how good a defensive setup we had when Dixon was in the team and also he knows little about who’s coaching them now or then.

    I remember the goal, and Chelsea sat back all game just waiting to hit us on the break, it was only last season and Vermaelen’s first as an Arsenal player, compare that to the year before and how well Gallas and Djourou had played against Chelsea when we beat them.

  30. Moray

    Keyser what worries me is that it’s not like we suffer from huge numbers of attacks every game. It seems to be that teams only need one of two shots on goal to get one or two goals against us. Of course, our jokers in goal don’t help, but neither does the fact that teams know our weaknesses (balls to head, mistakes down the Clichy side of the pitch, not tracking runners through central midfield etc)

  31. Swedish Gun

    During my time at Arsenal I am not saying that we, as a back four, did not get coached – we had been coached earlier and we knew each other well – but basically Wenger just let us get on with it.
    Yet I am not sure who works with the defenders now. There is something really wrong with their organisation because, if they cannot defend breakaways – and they haven’t done so at all recently – then surely they should be doing something about it.
    Defending breakaways is not that hard. We looked at it on Match of the Day last week with Alan Hansen after Arsenal were caught out in the same way in their defeat by Manchester United. If the opposition has one up front then you have to have two men back and in the right position.

  32. Swedish Gun

    Swedish Gun says:
    December 31, 2010 at 04:36
    During my time at Arsenal I am not saying that we, as a back four, did not get coached – we had been coached earlier and we knew each other well – but basically Wenger just let us get on with it.
    Yet I am not sure who works with the defenders now. There is something really wrong with their organisation because, if they cannot defend breakaways – and they haven’t done so at all recently – then surely they should be doing something about it.
    Defending breakaways is not that hard. We looked at it on Match of the Day last week with Alan Hansen after Arsenal were caught out in the same way in their defeat by Manchester United. If the opposition has one up front then you have to have two men back and in the right position.