Wenger spotted with big gun shooting himself in the foot… again

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The first goal went Wigan’s way in the shape of a penalty. Charles N’Zogbia broke into the box, Kozzer stuck a leg out, he went over … the ref blew up. Many are saying it was a dive, for me, it was very close. Once again, it’s a shoddy piece of defending from our centre back. More importantly, where the hell was Eboue in this situation, or more to the point, why would you rest your only fit left back and put a right back who ALWAYS struggles at left back in his place? The penalty was rifled home by Watson.

The next half an hour was absolutely diabolical. The players lacked focus, match practice and the know how to dismantle a plucky Wigan side. Thankfully Diaby picked up an injury and Jack Wilshere managed to find his way onto the pitch. You really have to question the worth of keeping Diaby about. He’s hugely inconsistent when he is fit… and being fit really is a rarity. He’s never had a good season, yet we place so much importance on him as a first teamer. A waste of time.

Arshavin went from zero to hero after he acrobatically turned in a saved Nik Bendtner shot. 1o minutes later he was at it again when he picked up the ball in the middle of the park, whizzed round a few Wigan players, slipped Nik in who was on hand to slot home for what we hoped was the winner.

The second half started like Wenger had shown the boys a few card tricks at half time. They came out with hardly any focus or drive, seemingly content to just play out for 2-1. Not the mentality I would have taken with a defence as shambolic as ours.

Arshavin went close but was denied by a good Al’Habsi block.

N’Zogbia set the warning light off when he forced a good save from Fabianski. The Frenchman was causing alsorts of problems until he decided to head butt Wilshere. He was sent off, you hoped the game was over, but sadly, it wasn’t.

Wigan won a corner. Arsenal set up for it with virtually no one communicating with each other. The corner was flighted to the back post, Fabianski thought about it and didn’t go for it, Sagna and Koscielny kind of followed the ball, Rodallega nodded back, Squillaci wasn’t goal side of his man and he bundled it home for their equaliser.

Typically, we’d conceded from a set piece (50% of our conceded goals come from set pieces).

Wenger, despite seeing his team struggle, only made substitutions in the 84th minute. Theo and Nasri were brought on to shake things up, which they did but it was to no avail. We dropped 2 crucial points in the Premiership battle against relegation fodder and Wenger once again showed himself up as a man who can’t be trusted to make the right decisions.

There will be plenty of people banging the, ‘it’s not such a bad result’ drum this morning, there always is, however, I think they’re missing the point. Dropping points has a psychological impact on the team. Putting a winning sequence going was of paramount importance. Capitalising on dropped United points was also important and we failed to do it.

Why make 8 changes to the starting line up? Did Ancellotti, Ferguson or Redknapp do that for their teams? Of course they didn’t. Perhaps that’s why United fans didn’t have the same reaction to their draw as Arsenal fans have to last nights farce.

Our players didn’t need a rest, they already had one after the Stoke game was cancelled. If resting is so important, why don’t we train less like United, Spurs and Chelsea? What is the point in having the youngest team in the Universe if their fitness is poorer than older teams? Wenger is the man who has said on numerous occasions that making more than 3 changes to a squad in a summer is disruptive. If he sees that, why can’t he see making 8 changes to a starting line up is probably going to end in tears?

People will point out that I was full of praise after the Chelsea game and now I’m not. Well, of course I’m not. The Chelsea game was about superb selection, the right mentality and great tactics. Last night was about over cautious team selection, jiggery pokery in the extreme and a lack lustre performance.

I could accept 3 changes from the weekend, but 8? What the hell was he thinking? He disrespected Wigan and he disrespected our title challenge. How can Wenger not share the same winning mentality the fans do?

We’re still up there in the mix but we’ve got a coach who is making silly mistakes when there is no pressure to make them. Yesterdays team selection was almost a show of petulance from a coach who still refuses to believe there is a huge amount of deadwood in the squad. Here are the mistakes…

  • Dropping your best defender in the air against a team who toppled you from set pieces last year.
  • Starting far too many players who weren’t match fit
  • Making subs too late in the game when it was obvious we were struggling
  • Playing Nik Bendtner outwide when he’s clearly a striker
  • Playing a right back at left back
  • Admitting that his players don’t communicate from corners.

We’ve conceded 22 goals and kept 4 clean sheets in 19 games. This off the back of a promise to sort out the defence in the summer. It’s not good enough and we’re kidding ourselves if we think defending like that for the next month will leave us in the mix for the title. Wenger needs to admit he made mistakes signing cheap foreign imports and get his cheque book out and remedy his errors before he blows the best chance he’s had in 6 seasons to win the league.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this Wenger pearler.

‘I felt we produced an outstanding performance and we are frustrated not to have won the game.’

Am I being blinded by the wool Wenger has just pulled over my eyes?

Here are some additional comments on the game from the Grovers.


Eboue at LB? WTF is wrong with Clichy, as much as I want glass ankles Mk II to take over, I would rather Gael than EE.

Fabianksi made agreat save just before the goal after some very average defending from several players, but he was nowhere for the goal.

Squid was poor tonight, why oh why was he wrong side of the guy for the goal, he had no chance once he was on the wrong side, he was either going to head it in or his man would have.


We are on course to concede 44 goals and keep 8 cleansheets.

Since 02/03 on average you need to keep 19 cleansheets and concede 24 to win the pl.


I am not going to be too critical of Wenger’s changes tonight, these are 1st team squad players who could and should have done better.

I am critical of his lack of nonce in changing it when it looked like they were creeping back into the game though, and sadly it is a trait we see from him over and over again.

I would not even mind so much if he learnt from it, but when you hear his post match, it is like he sees a whole different game.


Yes we should be looking for penalty decisions. Look for everything you f*cking can from the game, people whack skippy over Fergie and his teams, they’ll do everything they possibly can to win.

You don’t stand there and accept it when you know it’s wrong, do something about it.

I think in all seriousness that’s transmitted to the players now. Diaby was right, there simply isn’t enough fan pressure.


I cant agree we need to up our c*ntitude.

We up the c*ntivity and the refs take it upon themselves to protect the home team.

Take the Evra case from last year.

Was very proud of my team for the rotational fouling but the ref started handing out yellow cards for first time offenses.

We get nothing.

But more importantly we also shoot ourselves in the foot.

Wenger is brilliant at shooting himself in the foot.

Finally, a video that sums up being an Arsenal fan from Dan & Telarse

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662 Responses to “Wenger spotted with big gun shooting himself in the foot… again”

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  1. goonermichael

    I don’t know why people worry so much about life after Arsene Wenger.

    Whoever comes in will have loads of money, the best facilities in the world and a great youth set up.

    Pelligrini would be a good manager, Van Gaal, hell, even Moyes would interest me. Maybe not Owen Coyle, only because he’s a bit dim.

    We’d get phil Brown though

    I’m off home see you all later

  2. Pedro

    Zeus, this Dick Laws character they’ve got working behind the scenes is supposed to be very astute and impressive.

    We’d get a great manager with pedigree in.

    GM, I’d go gay for Freddie and I don’t care who knows!

  3. David

    Koscienly sort of reminds me of Kolo Toure, great on the ground, abysmal in the air, plays well with a great defender like Sol Campbell, or in this case Vermy but is absolute shite when he plays with Silvestre, or in this case Squid.

  4. Kushagra India

    yes Squid makes Koscielny average he was teriible last nite left Koz one on one twice latter resulted in a peno

  5. ritesh

    Arshavin pollutes the work ethic of the team. Being decisive is no of use if the balance of the team is hampered.

    I think the team selection was OK and the level is what you would expect from your reserves…but that should have been more than enough to win.

  6. David

    If cole is the best left back in the World, which he probably is, we shouldve been giving him better wages than what was offered.

    David Seaman would attest to that.


    Cole even played in central defense for us in the Champions league against chelsea.

    Still dont like the guy though.

    At least he does have the talent, unlike Ade-pay-more.

  7. David


    Arshavin, bendtner, Diaby, Denilson.

    These arent players that do alot of pressing.

    At least its clear that thats what we need to do to win games.

  8. Pedro

    A guy I spoke to today said Wenger’s biggest mistake yesterday was leaving Arshavin on. His slip and lack of running led to the corner which we conceded from.

    Interesting point…

  9. ritesh

    I thought Bendtner put his shift after a long absence. Even Denilson and Diaby showed some heart. But its a shame that we some players pressing and one watching. It destabilises the team and breaks the tempo.

    Arshavin is like a comedy queen when he falls to ground…even does not care to pick himself up and chase….Its a disgrace. We need to leave him in a room with Keown for 15 mins 😉

  10. David

    He’s an arrogant c8nt Pedro,

    but a class player.

    We dropped the ball on him big time, its not as if we didnt have the money either.

    Im not sure clichy is good enough to play anywhere else?

  11. 78692

    Why does Wenger pay obscene amounts of money to retards like Denilson and Diaby but could not pay an extra 5 grand a week to Flamini and a world class player like Cole?

  12. gambon

    The difference between the barca that utd beat in 2008 and the barca that took utd apart in Rome was purely the off the ball pressing that Guardiola introduced….and he got rid of Ronaldinho to facilitate that.

    Wenger wants to play the same way but half of his players can’t be bothered, yet he won’t replace them.

  13. sixx pac

    Crappy result yesterday. I don’t think anyone can excuse Wenger for his coaching yesterday,terrible. And its not just the fact that he made a ridiculous 8 changes either.

    We are 2-1 up with 10 minutes to play against a team that just had their best player sent off. Any person watching that match could see what would happen next. They had nothing to lose. Obviously they are not gonna sit back, they are gonna go all out blitz. Arsene has two super players in Nasri and Walcott on the bench. You would think that as soon as N’Zogbia got sent off those two would be on the pitch.

    For a guy who’s coaching is built on positivity, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Wenger make a pro active substitution.

  14. David


    the russian has got to have someone near him to pass to because he gets bullied off the ball too quickly.

    We need someone to watch his back so to speak but the problem is that he’s a quick little engine and you cant really on rosicky/denilson to keep up the tempo.

    Id have much prefered to see Carlos in there with Arsh playing in the central role.

    He does do a much better job centrally and we can leave the defending to jack and Samba boi

  15. gambon


    Cos they give him unwavering loyalty. The only people that dare rock the boat at Arsenal are Arshavin, who owes wenger nothing, and Cesc, who knows he can get an immediate payrise were he to leave…..wenger has bought everyone else’s loyalty.

    Look at koscielny for example, an awful French defender who has likely gone from £2k pw to £40k pw in 2 years.

    Or Diaby….who is paid £40k pw NOT to train or play.

  16. David

    Honestly id have played Song again, and rested diaby for the game on Saturday.

    As it turned out he brought on Diaby too soon.


  17. JJ

    Wenger has a gambling problem:

    1. Gamble with not replacing PV4.
    2. Gambled with not reinforcing the striker situation last January – hoped that people will get fit.
    3. Gambled on 2 second-rate CB’s to improve our defense.
    4. Gambled that he could make 8 changes and still win.
    5. Gambles not to make subs despite the flow of the game mandating it.
    6. Gambles with our current defensive coaching staff (is there even one?)
    7. Likely to gamble on the TV5 being fit in January (we all know how that will turn out).

    You know I could go on…

    Wenger takes too many UNNECESSARY risks. Someone needs to send him to a GA meeting.

  18. ritesh

    Agree David, the only place Arshavin can play is behind the striker. At least there he would care to track back. Its a shame that Wenger allows him to get away with such behaviour however.

    With Vela in, we would have had better work rate all over. By tempo, I do not mean fast pressing…we only need to do it consistently at a moderate pace to win such a game.

    It would have been simpler…but hey, Wenger has to do something complicated to show that he is an expert.

  19. Kushagra India

    Injury Holidays–
    Thomas Vermaelen —6 months(approx)
    Abou Diaby——— 4 months(approx)
    RVP —————- 4 months(approx)
    Cesc—————-2 months(approx)
    Bendtner————2 months(approx)

    Its a scandal ,really is what a sham!!

  20. David

    Im seriously mystified as to why everyone is on Arshavin today, the man is completely class that much is obvious, but its clear he doesnt like playing with the likes of Denilson and Chamakh.

    If Chamakh spends his energy chasing pressing, it turns out that Arsh is up by himself with the whole defense to beat because Chamakh is nowhere near him.

    Denilson will pass you the ball regardless of if youre bout to be gang rapped by 3 or 4 thugs that cant wait to go through your legs with your back behind the goal.

  21. JJ

    Arsharvin is not going to change. He is a fat, lazy little Russian. We need to play to his strengths and not expose his weaknesses. He needs to play in the hole behind the striker. He can play through balls to the striker and wings and not be expected to defend as much. When Cesc is fit, AA can sit on the bench.

  22. Kushagra India

    he is absolute class but it seems like square peg round holes scenario and he suffers especially in the absence of Fabregas and RVP

  23. DaleDaGooner

    Statement that some people have NO CLUE when they try to write players off..

    gambon: “Look at koscielny for example, an awful French defender who has likely gone from £2k pw to £40k pw in 2 years.”

    Koscielny is on 25k a week….just so you know.

  24. gambon


    1- you haven’t got a fucking clue what anyone’s on per week
    2- no member of our first team squad is on £25k pw

  25. albo

    I agree with a huge amount of this article. In particular (and it’s a point that has not been made enough) that the snow cancellations essentially gave the players a winter break. I also find it hard to believe that over the summer we weren’t able to secure the services of 1 world class centre back. And I most definitely agree that Wenger messed up the timing of his substitutions (as he often has IMO).

    However, I do think in the interests of balance there are a few points that need to be made.

    Firstly, people are going WAY overboard blaming Wenger for the number of changes. For starters, some of those 8 were essentially returning first team regulars. Chamakh and Arshavin in particular have been in our starting line up all season. There’s even a case for saying our centre back pairing was our first choice available (at least in terms number of games played together). And yet people are talking as if we put out a team of unknown 18 year olds. Also, despite the ‘winter break’, there is no question that in a congested run of Chelsea, Wigan, Bham and Man City, that Wigan was the game to rest players.

    Secondly, people on here seem to be writing as if Wenger doesn’t know this was his B Team! They seem to think he dropped Djourou because he’s not good enough, rather than because he is trying to keep him fit for tougher games! He’s been out for a year and Wenger isn’t worried about tiredness, he’s worried about the strain to hamstrings etc that occurs after coming back from a long layoff.

    Thirdly (and I know many people here will crucify me for this point as it is very ‘glass half full’ thinking), we deserve credit for being able to put out almost an entire 2nd 11 that was eminently capable of winning away from home in the premier league! There is no team apart from Man City that could do that in my opinion. Chelsea and Man U most certainly can’t. Everyone is waxing lyrical about Man U’s defence, but they are one injury away from Johnny Evans! Our ‘squad’ players don’t get nearly the credit they deserve. Players like Bentdner and Denilson are unquestionably not as good as RvP and Song, but for a 3rd choice striker and a 5th choice central midfielder they are FAR better than people here would have you believe.

    Fourthly, a lot of talk on here last night was comparing Wenger’s achievements in the last few years with Redknapp and Mancini. But really we should compare him with men like Moyes and O’Neill, who found out the hard way that getting a team to somewhere near the top is nothing LIKE as difficult as then making that final push to the very top. Redknapp and Mancini will discover that in the next few seasons (well, Mancini won’t cos he’ll almost certainly be sacked before then, but you get the idea). Unlike Villa, Everton or Liverpool we have not slipped back down. We have, in fact slowly crept back up (from fighting for 4th to fighting for 1st). A big problem on here is the deluded idea that our rightful place is at the very top of the league, which before Wenger came along and gave us that impression, was never the case.

    The bottom line is that this was unquestionably 2 points dropped. And for parts of the game we were lacklustre. And our defending from set pieces was, and has been, very poor. BUT the vitriol on here is still bizarrely out of proportion to the actual situation the club is in. I don’t know whether it’s that the internet can sometimes act like an echo chamber, with like-minded people reinforcing others views and strengthening them, before having their own further reinforced etc etc. Perhaps it is also specifically an Arsenal thing because we had got used to such success and now find it hard to go back to being slightly less successful. But if you read the vicious comments on here you’d assume we were in a position similar to Liverpool – plummeting down the table, with a woefully weak squad, in desperate need of a new stadium, but massively in debt and unable to buy decent players, let alone a new ground, and with no youth system to speak of which might ease the burdens on the squad. We are NOT in that position guys!

    It is bitterly disappointing that we dropped 2 points, but the hysteria that has greeted a draw – up north, away from home, and during the toughest run of fixtures in the season – is bizarre.

  26. ritesh

    Arshavin too on that left win. Scoring and making assists does not give you the right to go missing for 3/4 of the game.
    David, Class and talent means nothing without hard work. Even Ronaldo is class. Look at how Drogba tracks back, even Anelka does. Arshavin does not deserve to wear the shirt with that kind of attitude

  27. Kushagra India

    I dont think he is useless because he still has got something to show after 90 mins and attitude wise Vela is no better especially
    for a player in young 20’s .
    I believe Wilshere and Walcott have got the best approach towards the game and its ethics….

  28. David


    Its pretty tedious reading your stuff and you make good points, until you decided to compare us with liverpool.

    You lost me there.

  29. Hitman

    No people, I aint no Spuds fan. I was just humouring the unsettled residents N17 (soon to move to cheaper E5 or thereabouts) who think they are the bees knees and will wing everything is sight.
    The Sir Henry Rednapp thing was just a bit of humour but some of you have taken it the wrong way.

    However, I do think Wenger is having a stinker of a season (prob his worst ever) and it is legitimate to consider if anyone else could do a better job.

    I mentioned Moyes 3 years ago on this blog but got slated.
    I think the style of football given the personnel is wrong. We dont have enough quality to play Barca/ Spain football. The squad is unbalanced. He cant motivate his players to give 100%. All of his summer signings have been bums. He isnt and wont be the manager he was. Unfortunately.
    Even Harry is getting more out of his players at the moment. Fact.

  30. Confidentgoner

    It looks like lots of grovers are just waking up to the gaffers incompetence in subbing the right players at the right time. This has been his trademark. Read my comments on this blog over 3 seasons. Welcome bloggers to this ‘newfound’ truth. We are not even looking at the issue of not buying the players we need now!!

    I think the bigger challenge for all Arsenal lovers (not AW followers)will be how to get this guy to leave us alone. Even Harry is doing a better job at Spurs!!

    How do we do it? Here’s some thoughts;

    a) Put calls to Arsenal asking to drop Wenger.
    b) Sign an online petition outlining why AW needs to retire
    c) Picket the club and get the Sky reporters – of course not on a matchday
    d) Stadium Banners- would this be allowed?

  31. albo

    David says:
    December 30, 2010 at 21:07

    Its pretty tedious reading your stuff and you make good points, until you decided to compare us with liverpool.

    Haha, yeah sorry about that! I didn’t realise I’d written so much until I posted it and it came up on screen! 😉

    Re Liverpool – Really? Don’t you look at them and thank your lucky stars we did things differently? I know I do

  32. Pedro

    Albo, I find it bizarre that you’re fine with us dropping two points against one of the worst teams in the Premiership.

    Who gives a fuck if they’re up north?

  33. David

    Also Albo

    You sure know how to contradict yourself there buddy.

    You make the case that it can be argued that Kozz and Squid are our first partnership pairing and then turn around and tell us Wenger know’s its his team B and then cite dropping JD as an example of that.

    Im guessing there were some malfunctions that need ironing out in the excuse machine?

  34. gambon


    Comparing us and liverpool

    – neither team have won anything for years (they have more recently)
    – neither team are gonna win the league
    – neither team are gonna win the CL
    – we pay twice as much for tickets

  35. albo

    Pedro says:
    December 30, 2010 at 21:11
    Albo, I find it bizarre that you’re fine with us dropping two points against one of the worst teams in the Premiership.

    Who gives a fuck if they’re up north?

    I am sooo not fine with it. In fact, like most of us on here I’ll basically be depressed til Saturday, and see that second bloody Wigan goal in my mind a few times an hour til then. (And I take your point about the ‘up north’ thing. not really sure why I put it in!)

    I’m only saying some of the reactions here are out of proportion with the level of the problem. And Wigan’s record isn’t great, but it’s not like they don’t have some quality – N’Zogbia and Rodellaga are top class players. I think all fans of ‘top’ teams this season have to review their thinking when it comes to who should be an ‘easy’ game. Look at West Ham – they’ve played some absolutely sensational footy in the Carling Cup and actually have quality all over the pitch, and yet the league table tells us they should be an easy win…

  36. Pedro

    Albo, I look at Liverpool and think… fuck, they should have sacked Rafa way earlier than they did.

    Look what unwavering loyalty did for them…

  37. ritesh

    Kush, JW is not the player he was when he nailed his first team place. He is being Wengerised. In one year, he may even become fluent in French 😉

    This team lacks self respect and pride. And its not Wenger who will instill that. I would prefer Deschamps as gaffer, he has won everything as a player, proved himself as a coach and is a no-nonsense guy. He would kick Arshavin’s ass for such a work rate.

  38. albo

    David says:
    December 30, 2010 at 21:12
    Also Albo

    You sure know how to contradict yourself there buddy.

    Actually I very specifically didn’t. what I said was this:

    There’s even a case for saying our centre back pairing was our first choice available (at least in terms number of games played together).

    What I was saying, in other words, is that, while JD is definitely in my eyes (and, given that he played v Chelsea, Wenger’s eyes too) above Squilly in the pecking order, as a result of JD injury worries the most common 1st team centre back pairing has been Kos and Squill. I was simply making the point that ‘8 CHANGES!!!!’ makes it seem as though Wenger went insane and picked a bunch of uncapped 12 year olds, when in fact a lot of the guys who came in have been 1st team regulars this season.

  39. Hitman

    Albo – do not compare us to Liverpool. They havnt won the legaue for 20 painful years. Who would have thought that possible in 1990! LFC were complacent.

    We havnt won for 6 years … and counting. Be careful or you may just get what you wish for.
    And that is the fear. It is not vitriol or overreaction.
    In my case it is fury at Wenger’s incomptence. He has been making error after error for the last few seasons. This is probably our last realistic chance to win the league for a good many years and many gooners are unhappy with his sloppy application. He is showing no desire and this is refelected in his teams performances.

    Its now , this season that count, I am not interested in jam tomorrow.

  40. Kushagra India

    u suggest us sending him back to Bolton where he will realise his full potential….??
    wasn’t Cesc Wengerised …Arshavin is 29 difficult to change inherent features of a player at this age we need to be tactically smart and the same can’t be said of Vela who has a full career ahead of him anyways gud nite..

  41. albo

    Pedro says:
    December 30, 2010 at 21:23
    Albo, I look at Liverpool and think… fuck, they should have sacked Rafa way earlier than they did.

    I certainly agree there. And I also agree with your earlier post that (thanks to Wenger) if the board did appoint a new guy he’d be in such an amazing position – with a thriving youth system, plenty of money in the bank and a quality squad – that we might well win something big. But I still think there’s only a pretty small handful of managers who would genuinely improve our chances of winning stuff (Maureeno, Hiddink, Guardiola, maybe a few others) and if they’re not available I don’t see the point in ditching him. Particularly given that I think a handful of our very best players might quite quickly leave if that success didn’t come immediately…

  42. ritesh

    the problem is not the changes. The problem is the attitude of the players. And that the job of the Manager.

    If you cant do it with this bunch of guys, then change them….or quit.

    Problem is they are all greedy and the interest of the team is peripheral

  43. Confidentgoner

    We need 3-4 additions to make us solid apart from buying a GK. I think Fabianski is at best a shot stopper. In current form, he is not fit to lace Schesney’s boot. We should always start Schesny.

    Get Baines LB, solid and can cross.

    Buy Brede Hangelland

    Get Scot Parker – Best DM in England now

    Buy LUkaku/Benzema, and Hazard @ season end



    ==—- Parker/Song————–



    At end of season Cesc goes for £50m, enables us to buy Hazard, Lukaku / Benzema



    ——- Parker/Song————–




    dennilson, Arsh, Vela, Alumina,

  44. Queen of Suburbia

    I nearly managed to stay away today. I get little bored of the bang/bust style of some posters. We win, we are the greatest, we lose and the whole club is a cunt. Yawn.

    I thought Pedros post was pretty fair and high quality. I then thought a lot of posters today talked a lot of shit, I do wonder if some have ever really watched a game of football. Mind you I have suspicions that they are being paid to cause unrest by usmanov, but I digress, I have no evidence for that, just suspicions.

    Anyway the thing that dragged me back was all the comments about the Kos. Surely he’s been a far better buy than squillachi?

  45. albo


    Problem is they are all greedy and the interest of the team is peripheral

    That to me is another real problem amongst a lot of us – we ascribe motives to players who we have never met and have no idea about as people. I get absolutely no impression that our players are particularly ‘greedy’ or that they don’t care about the team. In fact, the small amount I do know of them gives me the impression that the opposite is true – that they care desperately, and that often they play with a bit of fear specifically because they DO care so much. Probably not helped by the increasing negativity emerging from the stands…

  46. Hitman

    Albo – as soon as that team was selected on Weds night many of us knew it wasnt a good enough team to win the game. I defo did. Why cant Wenger see that. Why am I a better judge of his players than he

    We have struggled to win games with out best XI so why shoot your self in the foot by playing a weakened team ?

  47. Doublegooner


    The difference was Liverpool were able to get rid of Rafa & if they feel necessary,do the same with Hodgson.

    At our club there is no one to even question what Wenger is doing or not doing.

    He can continue with his experiment unchallenged. If he makes no improvement by May then I truly believe this will be the time many fans will rise up & cause the stink needed.

  48. Kushagra India

    QoS says
    Mind you I have suspicions that they are being paid to cause unrest by usmanov, but I digress, I have no evidence for that, just suspicions.
    sweet dreams finally…

  49. incesc

    ” then thought a lot of posters today talked a lot of shit, I do wonder if some have ever really watched a game of football.”


  50. BillikenGooner

    Saying this after an own goal that cost us a win will be a little counter to the point I’m going to say, but…

    Squill has been incredibly mediocre. A less than average CB that Im disappointed is on the squad, but it isn’t a surprising buy from Wenger at the time. (his being shorthanded, cheap, and tendency to think he might get a hidden gem.)

    Kos, for me, has shown signs he could be pretty good (I don’t think great or a superstar, but pretty good), however he gives me at least 2 or 3 ‘cover my eyes’ and ‘what the hell was that’ moments every match he plays. Even the ones he gets lauded for, like against Chelsea. He has been far from the rock solid CB we need, but he might get there.

    Id still prefer us to sign someone else or give DJ the chance to regularly partner Verm if/when he comes back.

  51. albo

    David says:
    December 30, 2010 at 21:27
    So what are you saying albo,

    Its the players fault? They let him down?

    Well, partly I suppose. But while it wasn’t the finest performance, they probably still did enough to win it. I think in football we always look for someone to blame when things don’t go right, but sport isn’t always like that. Wigan came out and played really well. They fought hard, and have some quality in important areas of the pitch, and they got a bit lucky with some refereeing decisions.

    To go with another parallel – look at Roger Federer. Recently he has had a dip in form. Is that because he is not good enough? Obviously not – we all know the kind of tennis he can play. Is it because he isn’t committed. Again no – we’ve seen how hard he has tried to regain his form, and how devastated he has been when he has lost. There are lots of things we would like to ‘blame’, but sometimes, shit just happens…!

  52. BillikenGooner

    btw – is there somewhere I can sign up to get on Usmanov’s “Dissenters Squad”?

    Not that I like the guy or enjoy causing problems, but I could use the cash.

  53. Pedro

    Albo, how is that a parallel?

    He’s the greatest tennis player of all time and he’s 26.

    Our team has never one a trophy and it’s been 5 years.

    That’s not a shit happens moment is it?

  54. incesc

    actually koz would have been a good buy if we had bought a world class centre back as well.

    no player ever in world football could be a world beater in the premier league with the lack of experience at all levels that koz has.

  55. Keyser

    Hands up who still thinks Liverpool have a stronger squad than us, we should scrap them pieces in the transfer window.

    Torres, Reina, Joe Cole..

    Only fucking kidding Joe Cole’s as shit as it comes, the other two are alright.

  56. albo

    Queen of Suburbia says:

    “we have no defensive coaches”

    Does anyone really believe that?

    Totally agree. So often people talk as if they know exactly what goes on in every training session. Another example is people slating Wenger for complaining about the lack of organisation at corners. ‘That’s your job!!!’ they all shout. But what if they actually have been doing plenty of work on set piece organisation? In fact, you can bet your ass they HAVE been doing tons of work on it, given our recent record. So in that instance, Wenger is well within his rights to say ‘Why was there no organisation?’

  57. Queen of Suburbia

    Burden of proof is on the one making illogical statement incest.

    It is logical that we have defensive coaching. Our assistant manager was a top defender.

    Now prove we don’t sunshine.

  58. Hitman

    Koz better than Squid.

    Thats not really saying much is it?
    Damning with feint praise.
    Titus Bramble is better than Squid. Titus Bramble makes less errors than Koz.

  59. gambon

    I’m only fat cos Stan Kroenke keeps developing new Asda stores for his wifes family, and they pass on their efficiencies due to highly leveraged economies of scale in the form of cheap doughnuts and white chocolate cookies.

    I suspect a number of posters on here are agents of Kroenke helping him infiltrate and fatten up the average gooner.

  60. Pedro

    QoS, I’m not sure we have specialist coaches other than the keeping guys.

    Boro Piromac is the guy that runs the show training the first team.

  61. albo

    Pedro says:
    December 30, 2010 at 21:47
    Albo, how is that a parallel?

    He’s the greatest tennis player of all time and he’s 26.

    Our team has never one a trophy and it’s been 5 years.

    That’s not a shit happens moment is it?

    The parallel was simply to show that sometimes ‘blaming’ a particular factor is, in sport, a little simplistic. David asked whether, by defending Wenger’s selection last night I felt the players were to blame for the result. I was simply answering that particular question, rather than the wider one of ‘why haven’t we won anything’.

  62. Queen of Suburbia

    Bili there is one poster who comes on trolling more when we lose and always seems to bring up that Usmanov would buy loads of players. I ve surmised they are either being paid or are some sort of lunatic with dubious morality.

    Actually thinking about it the second scenario is more likely isn’t it? 🙂

  63. Keyser

    Actually sorry dude, that was a bit harsh, we all know you’re big boned and have a thyroid problem and can’t get much excersize because of your chronic Veruca problem.

  64. albo

    “Doublegooner says:
    December 30, 2010 at 21:38

    The difference was Liverpool were able to get rid of Rafa & if they feel necessary,do the same with Hodgson.

    At our club there is no one to even question what Wenger is doing or not doing.”

    Well, that’s just obviously not the case. Wenger answers to the board, just like at Liverpool. He happens to have the trust of the board right now, but there is of course the provision to sack him if they feel the need…

  65. Queen of Suburbia

    Gambon – last time we lost you showed your true colours by marding off like a 6 year old.

    ” Ive had enough I’ll start watching again when wenger is gone”.

    Says all one needs to know about the type of supporter you are. Some of us support the club through thick and thin, some of us are fair-weather fans, who take their ball home when it gets tough.

  66. Hitman

    Albo – have you ever played tennis?
    A loss of form does not last 5 years.

    Federer is the real deal. A world beater.
    Most of our players patently are not and will never be.
    But the manager refuses to ship them out.

  67. Keyser

    We really need to set-up a Le Grove 5-a-side team or something, or enter whatever Competition Arseblog get going at the end of the year.

    Even with my weight problem, I’m probably better than half of you muppets, as long as I have oxygen and and my pump on the sidelines.

  68. gambon


    I didn’t say that…usmanov hacked my account.

    Look what he’s doing! Have you got any spare tin foil hats?

    Also, nice to know you’re blog stalking me…although a little weird….better make sure there’s not a rabbit on the stove.

  69. Queen of Suburbia

    Most of our fringe players are capable of filling in if the bulk of the first team is playing. Not so much when 8 of our strongest team are out.

    A fringe player is at the fringe for a reason. Most likely they lack the desire to push on the extra 5-10% to turn them into a first teamer. Last night, we saw that clear as day.

    Lack of desire, lost us that game.

  70. Queen of Suburbia

    Not blog stalking – I read your comments because well, Keyser and I have got a bet on about when youre going to hit the 30st mark.

    I noticed that post in particular because I thought it was a massive moment of shame to be sharing a blog with such a pathetic crybaby.

  71. Keyser

    QoS – Hah, I hit the 30st mark ages ago, can anyone else get an XL jumper in their bellybutton ?!

    What post was it ?! Whats happened now LoL..

  72. albo

    Hitman – see my reply to Pedro. I wasn’t comparing his slump to our lack of trophies, just a specific question David asked.

    Your certainty that ‘most of our players will never be world beaters’ is odd given how often we’ve seen exactly that happen at our club. Flamini was one of the most average players I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt initially, but in the season before he left he was utterly incredible (and I’m still gutted we lost him). I don’t think anyone here would have predicted that transformation, so why shouldn’t it happen to other 20 year old footballers.

    Listen guys, I’m not defending every decision Wenger has ever made. I also agree with almost everything in Pedro’s original post. I am simply saying that a lot of posts on here are massively lacking perspective and are way out of proportion with our actual situation.

  73. incesc


    “Burden of proof is on the one making illogical statement incest”

    the names incesc!

    always squeezing your way out of answering properly…

  74. Queen of suburbia

    iPad typo incesc!

    And you seem to have a very limited understanding of burden of proof.

    The crux of your argument is similar to saying that it’s up to me to prove aliens don’t exist.

    I believe every top club has defensive coaching. It’s outlandish to claim arsenal are the exception. So prove YOUR outlandish statement.

  75. incesc

    its a football blog

    why should i have an understanding of “burden of proof”

    I never said we didnt have a defensive coach, you said:

    “we have no defensive coaches”

    Does anyone really believe that?

    I challenged your questioning of others beliefs…


  76. 78692

    Fackin yids are after Beckham and dolphin head.

    Tottenham head a list of six Premier League teams attempting to sign midfielder David Beckham on a two-month loan deal from Major League Soccer side Los Angeles Galaxy.
    Full story: Daily Mirror

    Lassana Diarra will be at the centre of a bidding war in January as Manchester United and Tottenham both prepare bids for the Real Madrid midfielder.
    Full story: caughtoffside.com

  77. A

    78692 I think in his terms “apparently” means “i’ve made this up”….

    He’d be a hell of a signing for Spuds or Utd, or any premiership side in fact. If VP can’t stay fit between now and the end of the season I wouldn’t be against us snapping him up

  78. Big Dave

    I remember when Graham played winterburn at right back, think it was milk cup final, gus ceaser an all, that was a bad day

  79. Herve the nerve

    Newsnow.co.uk – the same source predicted Gio Dos Santos, Berbatov, Bentley and Pavlychenko to name a few, very trustworthy source close to someone at spurs, don’t shoot the messenger!!

  80. Herve the nerve

    Posted on Thursday, 30th December 2010 by Harry Hotspur

    This is a good thing. HH understands that a loan deal with an option to buy has been agreed with Real Madrid.
    Benzema has been inked tentatively with many other clubs under the slowly reemerging sun including Le Arsenal, Chelsea, Villa and Manchester City of course.
    Arry made a typical Arry style denial about the player last month. Loving the ‘at the moment’ bit. He’d swear not guilty in the Old Bailey and add, ‘probably’ afterwards.
    ‘There’s nothing in that,’ he said. ‘He’s a good player, I like him, he looks a real talent. But certainly we haven’t made any enquiries at all for him. There’s definitely nothing going on there at the moment.’
    Frenchman Benzema 23, was on fire at Lyon but his stint so far at Real has not been accompanied by quite so many flames. His goal tally is relatively poor and he was dropped from the last French World Cup squad.
    This may have had more to do with the state of that country’s entry or even his alleged entry into 17 year old hooker Zahia Dehar.
    At this stage I am unable to confirm if West Ham are set to mount an audacious swoop and wreck this deal with a megabid, but do assure readers I will keep a close eye on the situation.

  81. A

    probably 78692, depends if they can persuade anyone to join them. they certainly need to spend money if they hope to keep up with the rest and challenge for the top 4

  82. A

    he has QOS, but mourinho still doesn’t rate him. If he can get Tevez or another big name forward then I could see Benzema being available….

  83. A

    Mourinho hasn’t liked Benzema all season, he’s playing because there’s noone else and his mannerisms on the touchline everytime Benzema fucks up, along with comments in the media add to that. He’d only be sold I’m sure if they get in one if not two alternatives though.

    HTN That was just a freak occurence because they were already in negotiations for a loan and at the very last second they decided it had to be permanent and took a massively reduced price because there wasn’t any time to negotiate or consider any alternative bids….

  84. Pedro

    Sorry? Oh right… yeah, we’re now 4th on Google for the search term ‘Arsenal blogs’… crowd sourcing SEO from you lot… many thanks! haha!

  85. Queen of suburbia

    Inserts? Lol!

    Both pat rice and boro premadonna were defenders. Both are coaches at the club, ergo categorical proof we have defensive coaches at the club.

    Any more myths you’d like dispelling inception?
    (ok, that last one I did on purpose!)