Wenger spotted with big gun shooting himself in the foot… again

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The first goal went Wigan’s way in the shape of a penalty. Charles N’Zogbia broke into the box, Kozzer stuck a leg out, he went over … the ref blew up. Many are saying it was a dive, for me, it was very close. Once again, it’s a shoddy piece of defending from our centre back. More importantly, where the hell was Eboue in this situation, or more to the point, why would you rest your only fit left back and put a right back who ALWAYS struggles at left back in his place? The penalty was rifled home by Watson.

The next half an hour was absolutely diabolical. The players lacked focus, match practice and the know how to dismantle a plucky Wigan side. Thankfully Diaby picked up an injury and Jack Wilshere managed to find his way onto the pitch. You really have to question the worth of keeping Diaby about. He’s hugely inconsistent when he is fit… and being fit really is a rarity. He’s never had a good season, yet we place so much importance on him as a first teamer. A waste of time.

Arshavin went from zero to hero after he acrobatically turned in a saved Nik Bendtner shot. 1o minutes later he was at it again when he picked up the ball in the middle of the park, whizzed round a few Wigan players, slipped Nik in who was on hand to slot home for what we hoped was the winner.

The second half started like Wenger had shown the boys a few card tricks at half time. They came out with hardly any focus or drive, seemingly content to just play out for 2-1. Not the mentality I would have taken with a defence as shambolic as ours.

Arshavin went close but was denied by a good Al’Habsi block.

N’Zogbia set the warning light off when he forced a good save from Fabianski. The Frenchman was causing alsorts of problems until he decided to head butt Wilshere. He was sent off, you hoped the game was over, but sadly, it wasn’t.

Wigan won a corner. Arsenal set up for it with virtually no one communicating with each other. The corner was flighted to the back post, Fabianski thought about it and didn’t go for it, Sagna and Koscielny kind of followed the ball, Rodallega nodded back, Squillaci wasn’t goal side of his man and he bundled it home for their equaliser.

Typically, we’d conceded from a set piece (50% of our conceded goals come from set pieces).

Wenger, despite seeing his team struggle, only made substitutions in the 84th minute. Theo and Nasri were brought on to shake things up, which they did but it was to no avail. We dropped 2 crucial points in the Premiership battle against relegation fodder and Wenger once again showed himself up as a man who can’t be trusted to make the right decisions.

There will be plenty of people banging the, ‘it’s not such a bad result’ drum this morning, there always is, however, I think they’re missing the point. Dropping points has a psychological impact on the team. Putting a winning sequence going was of paramount importance. Capitalising on dropped United points was also important and we failed to do it.

Why make 8 changes to the starting line up? Did Ancellotti, Ferguson or Redknapp do that for their teams? Of course they didn’t. Perhaps that’s why United fans didn’t have the same reaction to their draw as Arsenal fans have to last nights farce.

Our players didn’t need a rest, they already had one after the Stoke game was cancelled. If resting is so important, why don’t we train less like United, Spurs and Chelsea? What is the point in having the youngest team in the Universe if their fitness is poorer than older teams? Wenger is the man who has said on numerous occasions that making more than 3 changes to a squad in a summer is disruptive. If he sees that, why can’t he see making 8 changes to a starting line up is probably going to end in tears?

People will point out that I was full of praise after the Chelsea game and now I’m not. Well, of course I’m not. The Chelsea game was about superb selection, the right mentality and great tactics. Last night was about over cautious team selection, jiggery pokery in the extreme and a lack lustre performance.

I could accept 3 changes from the weekend, but 8? What the hell was he thinking? He disrespected Wigan and he disrespected our title challenge. How can Wenger not share the same winning mentality the fans do?

We’re still up there in the mix but we’ve got a coach who is making silly mistakes when there is no pressure to make them. Yesterdays team selection was almost a show of petulance from a coach who still refuses to believe there is a huge amount of deadwood in the squad. Here are the mistakes…

  • Dropping your best defender in the air against a team who toppled you from set pieces last year.
  • Starting far too many players who weren’t match fit
  • Making subs too late in the game when it was obvious we were struggling
  • Playing Nik Bendtner outwide when he’s clearly a striker
  • Playing a right back at left back
  • Admitting that his players don’t communicate from corners.

We’ve conceded 22 goals and kept 4 clean sheets in 19 games. This off the back of a promise to sort out the defence in the summer. It’s not good enough and we’re kidding ourselves if we think defending like that for the next month will leave us in the mix for the title. Wenger needs to admit he made mistakes signing cheap foreign imports and get his cheque book out and remedy his errors before he blows the best chance he’s had in 6 seasons to win the league.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this Wenger pearler.

‘I felt we produced an outstanding performance and we are frustrated not to have won the game.’

Am I being blinded by the wool Wenger has just pulled over my eyes?

Here are some additional comments on the game from the Grovers.


Eboue at LB? WTF is wrong with Clichy, as much as I want glass ankles Mk II to take over, I would rather Gael than EE.

Fabianksi made agreat save just before the goal after some very average defending from several players, but he was nowhere for the goal.

Squid was poor tonight, why oh why was he wrong side of the guy for the goal, he had no chance once he was on the wrong side, he was either going to head it in or his man would have.


We are on course to concede 44 goals and keep 8 cleansheets.

Since 02/03 on average you need to keep 19 cleansheets and concede 24 to win the pl.


I am not going to be too critical of Wenger’s changes tonight, these are 1st team squad players who could and should have done better.

I am critical of his lack of nonce in changing it when it looked like they were creeping back into the game though, and sadly it is a trait we see from him over and over again.

I would not even mind so much if he learnt from it, but when you hear his post match, it is like he sees a whole different game.


Yes we should be looking for penalty decisions. Look for everything you f*cking can from the game, people whack skippy over Fergie and his teams, they’ll do everything they possibly can to win.

You don’t stand there and accept it when you know it’s wrong, do something about it.

I think in all seriousness that’s transmitted to the players now. Diaby was right, there simply isn’t enough fan pressure.


I cant agree we need to up our c*ntitude.

We up the c*ntivity and the refs take it upon themselves to protect the home team.

Take the Evra case from last year.

Was very proud of my team for the rotational fouling but the ref started handing out yellow cards for first time offenses.

We get nothing.

But more importantly we also shoot ourselves in the foot.

Wenger is brilliant at shooting himself in the foot.

Finally, a video that sums up being an Arsenal fan from Dan & Telarse

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  1. Samir Nasri Is Infact Andy McNab


    I’ve been to Newcastle, Wolves, Wigan and will be at Birmingham on New Years Day. I love away days!

    Newcastle is a great day out and good for after match traffic. I parked my car in the Metro Shopping Centre carpark, got a taxi back to my car and was able to get straight back on the motorway and back home.

  2. gambon


    I’m very clear in my thoughts. I thought wenger should be sacked after 07/08, and I’ve thought he’s a cunt since the end of 08/09….and a 3-1 win over Chelsea didn’t change my mind.

  3. Rohan

    When Cesc leaves, I’d hand the captaincy to Nasri. He can more than handle himself on and off the pitch and is becoming more and more vocal…Proper legend he’ll end up as.

  4. Arsene Nose Best

    And what fucks people off with this french cunt incharge is,him coming out with that bollocks on communication,that is just disgusting,it is his job to make sure they talk to eachother.im so sick of him he needs to fuck off.

  5. Samir Nasri Is Infact Andy McNab


    I think we should. He’s got the same nasty streak in him as Cesc. He’s more mobile, has more pace and with the added responsibility he’s finding, his ‘football’ brain will only grow.

  6. nuudles

    gambon and rohan, nasri and cesc are apples and oranges, both play in attacking midfield, but their styles differ vastly, no use in saying who will be better, i like having both in the team and playing a storm

  7. big dave

    That for me has to go down as wenger worst fuck up ever along side resting AA in the cup semi . And what else piss me off is when he spouts crap like I cant find any better then what we have errr Denilson Diaby (if he were a horse he would be shot by now) nick . eboue who is a crap right back so why play him at left back ffs to many average players at the club for me

  8. DaleDaGooner

    Tops lads…wouldn’t even bother to read through the post, ONE WORD fot the crap last night…WENGER

    Can’t even begin to explain what the ef he did and do wrong from beginning till end. From the wack 8 change selection, to persisting with a Goalie that isn’t ready, to buying Squillaci when he could have gotten a better experienced defender, to his constant moronic 70-80 minute change (Djourou should have been on at 60 minutes to protect the lead) to playing personnel out of positions and for coming out with such a disgusting comment as ” The Frenchman was pressed as to whether the display would prompt him to shore up his back line in January, and he said: “No, we focus on the players we have and I think we have enough quality. The players are conscious of that and will rectify that.”

    And i heard we sold Nordtveit….what was the point of having him around and bouncing him around mediocre teams on loan only to sell him for whatever without giving him any real chance?? Could it be he was shit in training???

    I saw Denilson make some beautiful tackles only for me to see him jog when N’Zogbia was peppering the left wing manned by “Eboue”

    I wasn’t surprised by yesterday’s cack, it’s the usual.

  9. Keyser

    I’m not really angry, I was thinking all sorts of things at 1-0 down, it looked like no-one cared, but then Bendtner got off his aSs, Arshavin scored a quality goal, Bendtner forced himself through two defenders and for once one of our players went down when someone headbutted them.

    I remember last year when Boateng Poked Bendtner in the eye, stamped on his foot, pushed him over and stole his lunch money.

    We made 8 changes, went a goal down away to Wigan, came back, and then lost it. disappinting, but no the end of the world.

    Quick group of games coming up, see what happens at Birmingham now.

  10. Paulinho

    Nasri cannot replicate Cesc’s intensity game per game. When fully fit Fabregas brings it every time, whereas Nasri is naturally timid.

  11. Keyser

    Paulinho – You mean he seems it now or overall ?!

    I think it’s telling the differences in the way they’ve been brought through and how quick Fabregas’s edumacation at Arsenal was.

    Nasri can step it up, but still needs the sort of help Fabregas was getting earlier on with us.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    I understand the need for resting players after Chelsea game, but 8 changes was just too much, Diaby had no business starting, Eboue at left back to contain N’Zogbia was nuts, Walcott should have started and benched later on, Djourou should have held his place instead of Squillaci and if you wanna make changes, Szczesny should start since you are resting players, don’t want to abuse players, But Denilson is not fit for the system, if we considering letting Vela, Nordtveit and who knows who go, then Denislon should make way for a proper box-to-box midfielder with pace, aggression and direct passing ability.

  13. big dave

    For my sins am doing Brum away also cant wait to see us defend up against their giant striker. He should had said to himself get 3 point at wigan then see how it goes for brum and city but no he stops the flow of getting us going when we were up for it after the chav match and plays a CC team against a team fighting for their lives

  14. incesc

    why is he even talking about frimpong?

    the guys hardly ever played for us, get a 26 year old world class midfielder to replace diaby you imbecile

  15. DaleDaGooner

    arsenal4ever..Frimpong is more than capable, he will be better than Denilson for us. Hated that he got seriously injured, Denilson and Diaby would have found it hard to get in the team at all. With Coq coming through next season….i feel sorry for any of the average joe’s.

  16. Keyser

    TonyS – He played 60 minutes and Forest had scored 4 by that point, the match report said he put Earshaw through aswell on goal, but he missed.

    Didn’t mention him much after that, they had reguarl reports on Sky Sports, so someone might have heard something.

  17. BillikenGooner

    It almost makes me wish for the days of knowing that once we got 1 – nil, even in the first minute, the match was over and I could comfortably sit back.

    Actually, it does make me wish for those days.

  18. YANGKAMP 10

    Nuddles – saw your last post on the keeper debate. Something of an agreement there i reckon!
    I think as a club we need to start thinking more about the NOW. Only under wengers Project Youth has the concept of protecting the careers of younger less proven or inexperienced players.
    If you can get Reina or Steklenburg (who are currently better than what we have) now you should,. It then challenges chezzer to meet or exceed their standard. IF he does, play him, if not dont. Arsenal wins either way.
    Hart is playing for city now because he is deemed better than Given, not because they owe him a career.

  19. DaleDaGooner

    Also, don’t want to whinge about officiating, the stupid penalty, Kos stuck out a leg, ok, but no contact, and Diaby actually stuck out a leg first and was out of the box, anything at all, it would be Diaby’s first “ghost contact” outside the box, the non call penalty (friggin hand ball in the box, same Cesc was penalized for vs spuds)

  20. Keyser

    BillikenGooner – Honestly, how many days were there like that ? It’s not like it was every week and the match was never over.

    I remember loads of times thinking even if we go a goal down it might kick us into action, because we were struggling to get it going, difference back then was we’d completely overwhelm teams after that.

  21. BillikenGooner

    Well, you are right.
    Most of them seemed more like 60+ minutes of edge of your seat at 0-0, then lock down mode.

  22. DaleDaGooner

    The bright side is, “IF” we beat Brum, then i guess nothing changed, seeing as Brummies usually draw with us at their place. I just hope we don’t lose that game and a win is the only acceptable result…BUT why are we even complaining, i wrote this season off anyway…IF we can win the CC and throw in the FA cup for good measure, i’d be satisfied with 3rd or 2nd place in the league.

  23. Keyser

    Frimpong would’ve been great yesterday, Wilshere was absolute quality worked his aSs off and him having his best mate from age 9 behind him we would’ve probably been better off.

    Have no idea if he was his best mate.

  24. YANGKAMP 10

    Dale – You remind me of how disapointed i was with Diaby’s token gesture of a challenge on N’Zogbia. I have seen Jack make a half season nearly of effectively closing people down in similar circumstances.
    Denilson doing his customary job back just like against ManU in the CL filled me with rage.

  25. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Totally agree with everything Pedro put in the post. Although our squad players should be able to beat Wigan and if it means he plays a full strength side for the next two games by doing this and we take 6 points, then it won’t be too bad. Remember fellow Gooners, we ain’t gonna win every game we play.

  26. DaleDaGooner

    I did get two idiots behind me on a day out. I quote, “So, where’s Fabregas?” and my favourite…”We should put Walcott on at RB to use his pace”.



  27. Rohan

    I agree that they are sort of different players in that Nasri doesn’t really have the same eye for a defence splitting pass that Cesc does.

    And Paulinho, that “timidness” is exactly what he’s shedding this season. If he continues improving at this rate, he’ll be a big big player.

  28. Hitman

    Did any one notice when the Zog was running in on goal and our mate Denilson instead of tracking back, ran the in the opposite direction? You couldnt make these things up.
    Some of our players lack the absolute fundamental basics it is scary.
    Eg goal keeper who cant jump or read crosses,
    defenders who dont notice strikers running beyond them,
    players who cant cross a ball
    strikers who pass instead of shoot
    midfielder who dont follow runners

    It is these basic errors especially in defence which are costing us points.

  29. Paulinho

    Keyser – Just think Nasri has to remind and force himself sometimes to be more dynamic and not fall into the trap of just passing it sideways, like he did before. Whereas Fabregas just has it in him to go for the throat now from the off.

    Wilshere showed last night what I’ve talking about with our central midfielders. That’s how a midfielder presses and goes about his business. Diaby and Denilson are like two zombies in comparison.

  30. Keyser

    Hitman – Yeah the goalie takes his share of the blame, but there were two headers in the box made from a corner, we lost both of them.

  31. DaleDaGooner

    Paulinho..correct, top man for noticing that (i’m sure we all did too) I expected Nasri to play more direct, instead he caught the disease of sideways passing when we had 4 minutes to win it back.

  32. amit

    The misery of being an Arsenal fan under the Wenger era…on one hand he says this league is the most superior in Europe and that any team can beat any other team…on the other hand he fields a team with 8 changes…

    Its sheer overconfidence and arrogance…I could understand if the team had won titles over the last 5 years…but who are we kidding, the team is yet to get a trophy…Just one win over the out of form Chelsea, and people start thinking…’amazing, men from boys, the evolution finally happened and how’…but what they are missing is this..the blues haven’t won in the last 6 games, till yesterday…

    And the worst thing, the chump has the courage to compare this side to Barcelona…the difference between Barcelona and Arsenal is not the player quality…man to man, Arsenal can take on Barca any day…the real difference is the coach who has been disrespecting the opponents..history is witness to this…

    Its a pathetic feeling…when a fan does not sleep, watches the match till 4 in the morning and reports to work the next day…this freak of a show still goes on…thanks for making my day Arsene!!

  33. Keyser

    Paulinho – I don’t think it’s that, it’s like the Liverpool game he tried to be the player to link the play up between the strikers and the midfield, but he had little to work with.

    No-one running off him or showing and Liverpool contained it with ease, it’s not forcing yourself, it’s knowing when to make the impact.

    Fabregas from day one had players who would do all the things he needed from them and he simply had to concentrate on making it work.

    You don’t have to tell Bergkamp or Henry when and where to show for the ball or run in behind, we don’t have the same experience or understandings throughout the team unless Van Persie or Fabregas play really.

    Arshavin does that and when he reigns it in he can play the simple balls and keep it moving, but he’s not happy doing that.

    Difference with Wilshere is that he’s done it from day one for us, through the youth setip and because he’s young he just gets on with it, no-one’s going to slate him if he messes up. Look at how adventurous he was in the reserves compared to now. So the responsibility has affected him to.

    Nasri on the other hand is a 13 million pound player and knows that he can’t mess up or the team suffers, so if he doesn’t see the pass he’s looking for or an opening for a shot, he’ll make sure he keeps it safe and doesn’t lose the ball instead.

    Denilson, Rosicky and Wishere looked comfortable together, we struggle sometimes to get it flowing, when we bring in soo many players from a cold start.

    If you look in comparison to how quickly Ramsey, Merida, Wilshere and say Randall adjusted to Carling Cup games it says quite a bit.

  34. Keyser

    DaleDaGooner – We’ve always done that, I was more surprised we didn’t play it through from the back rather than lump it, it’s not just passing it sideways but looking for the right opening to play it through.

    Think he could’ve seen Walcott through a couple of times though.

  35. DaleDaGooner

    I was at the pub watching the game, and i suggested 3 players

    1. Eden Hazard …we need more direct and creative attackers, he offers this more than what we have, honestly, Cesc has that killer forward thinking pass, Nasri will twinkle toe it, AA23 will try to power it through, TW14 will run through it, RvP will make chances and baffle..BUT EH can take on players and beat them square, also plays a mean free kick and is fast, we don’t have the combo of technique, pace and an eye for goal in what we have..maybe Nasri, but he dances too much sometimes. Hazard offers what CR7 did for Manure.

    2. Suarez, killer instinct, fighter, fitter than RvP, play across the front line, pace and can defend from the front…People told me he would be to costly…fuck it, about time we broke the bank for a player like him.

    3. Ok, i suggested we bring in Chris Samba in Jan, and a Congolese in the bar immediately said no, HE IS SHIT. But at the moment, i’ll take him over Squillaci.

  36. melvyn

    good footballing sides have within the team good partnerships – looking at ours last night :

    1 – Defence – Chuckle brothers – worst CD partnership in premiership and would struggle in Championship.

    2 – Midfield – Denilson + 1 – he has no partnership with anyone , too slow and far too weak – how many times was he knocked off the ball

    3 – Attack – hands up how many people would have put Cham & Bendy together (other than our esteemed manager)- every team sheet I saw on Le Grove had a slash between the two meaning either or – whilst I wouldn’t choose Bendy at all even if I did rate him I would neve partner him with Chamakh.

    4 – Coaching – AW & PR are not a partnership they are a master and servant and AW never gets questioned.

    5 – Arsenal – Fans & Team this should be the strongest partnership but AW wants to replace fans with AW he sees it as his team not ours.

  37. patthegooner

    Dale, good suggestions, mine would be

    1) Inler. We seriously need cover for Song, he gets injured and we get denilshite for the rest of the season.

    2) Per Mertersacker. Height and international quality. He is a first choice for a country that is not short of CB’s. Kosser cant get a game for his despite them having few options.

    The last is a choice

    3) Reinna. but only if Wenger is not willing to give Sceszney a go.

    3) If he is, then I would then look at the Striker options and try and get Suarez or Benzema.

    I think Hazard is a given in the summer, as soon as we accept a bid for Cesc.

    But who are we kidding, the only signing we could hope for is another Koscielny with no quality, no experience and no leadership.

  38. DaleDaGooner

    People can blame Koscielny or even Squillaci…but we have had a goal keeping problem for 6 years, coincidentally, we haven’t won a trophy since then….Fabianski was at fault for most of the dead ball goals we conceded in the last 2 games, people want defenders to do everything, how about a goal keeper taking control of his 6 yard box?? I have also been unfair on Squill, yes he hasn’t been right for us, but goodness, Fabianski IS poor in the air…my realization??? Well i just remembered Cech, Chelsea would have lost by 6 if it weren’t for a solid goal keeping effort…..I’d rather Szczesny in and learn how to distribute OR can we just fucking get a solid goal keeper???!!! They win trophies!

  39. patthegooner

    its the whole package Dale

    We have a shit keeper and two shit CB’s in front of him, and it all stems from a lack of ambition and trying to do it on the cheap for the last 5 years.

    I said it earlier, but I think Szczesny will be given the nod on Saturday. Wenger voiced his displeasure about the lack of communication, but you cant train players to do that, they either have it or they dont. Fabianski doesnt Szczesny does.

  40. YANGKAMP 10

    Dale – I’m all for serious talk about Jan signings. That is the only thing that will win us the league.

    I dont know much about Hazard’s goal return though…Another creative midfielder we dont need! Someone more willing to run in behind defenders is required on the flanks IMO. Nasri has replaced Pires, we need a goal threat in the Freddie mould.

    Suarez would be a great signing along with perhaps Scott Parker or Inler etc…?

  41. gambon

    I would sign Reina, Cahill, Parker, Hazard & Benzema…….while selling Almunia, Fabianski, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Rvp, Vela, Nordveit (done), Hoyte, Barazite, Randall, Murphy, Sunu.

    I know its a lot of changes but what does it Matter, the ones leaving are all shit.

  42. DaleDaGooner

    pat…lets ease up on the Koscielny thing, seriously, yes he isn’t top drawer right now, but he sure isn’t shit, just cause he doesn’t play for France, YET, does not mean he is shit. He is better than Silvestre, Campbell and a declining Gallas from last year, it was a head scratcher when we got Squillaci, Koscielny would be playing 4 th choice had we got in Metersacker, Hangeland or Cahill like we wanted.

  43. BillikenGooner

    8mil for Van der Vaart… friggin 8mil.

    We could not worry about Diaby or Rosicky in the lineup again (and Arshavin getting some more sitting time when he’s sulky)for a measly 8mil.

    And he and RvP were schmoozing all summer… ugh.

  44. gambon


    Wenger won’t be signing anyone, he’s desperate to prove this pathetic experiment can work…kids and cheap unknowns.

    I loved that saying last night…we’re 6 years into a 5 year plan…lol!

  45. DaleDaGooner

    Who said Benzema was for sale? Maureen is moaning about not having enough strikers, i don’t see Benzema as an option….again, lets be realistic….Wenger is a stubborn goat, but by no means should we think we can get any player we feel we demand. Real would never sell Benzema to us, not with Maureen in charge, Liverpool were not prepared to sell Reina to us, when we inquired. Was Bolton really looking to sell Cahill? If they did, was the price really fair? I would assume Manure would stiffle us to get him instead of getting Chris Smalling before we could get him. Again, was Scot Parker for sale? Other wise Man City or someone else would get him before us, we are all calling for quality signings, lets also not forget that the competition for obvious quality players has been ruined by the likes of Shitty.

  46. Keyser

    Of course he’d get credit for Van Der Vaart, look at people sucking up to Redknapp now.

    No-one out, players in if anything, bollocks to this constant change, every year we see players leave and others come in.

  47. gambon


    Morinho doesn’t make the decision, the president does, if we match their asking price we get the player….either way RVP needs to be replaced.

  48. patthegooner

    Dale I think you are numb to shit signings,

    Regardless of whether he plays for France or not, he is a poor poor player, and at 25 you have to question whether he is going to get much better.

    The three you mentioned are what we should have got.

    We won our titles with Adams, Keown, Bould, Campbell, Toure as CB’s

    How we have fallen. Squillaci and Kosser arent good enough to lick their boots clean.

    And I dont buy this shit that they are supposedly 3rd and 4th choice. Absolute rubbish. Wenger does not spend 8m on a 3rd or a 4th choice CB. Kosser was bought as Vermaelens partner. Squilacci to replace Silvestre.

  49. zeus

    Gambon @ 16.14

    Thats too much players to come in in one window, especially the winter one. We have too much business to do to make this squad near perfect to do it in one go.

    Inler for sure for me though.

    Also Pedro not sure it sends the right message to say ‘thank god player x got injured.’ We can’t be ahppy that players are injured no matter how crap they are.

  50. patthegooner

    And I tell you

    Any top top manager comes in to replace Wenger

    Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson, Diaby, Koscielny, Squillaci,

    The lot would be shipped out as soon as possible

  51. patthegooner


    Sadly I dont agree with that. I was over the moon last season when Denilson got injured and was last night when Diaby got injured.

    I know its not nice but these mugs are costing us points, so the further away they are from the team sheet the better.

    Never used to feel like that, Wenger makes me this way.

  52. gambon

    Dale. Your constant argument that no players are ever available is ridiculous.

    Koscielny ‘wasn’t for sale’………Arshavin ‘wasn’t for sale for less than £20m’…..Reyes ‘wasn’t for sale’…..Wiltord ‘wasn’t for sale’……..Berbatov ‘wasn’t for sale’………Marscherano ‘wasn’t for sale’……..Milner ‘wasn’t for sale’.

    When we signed Squillaci rather than say a Jagielka or Cahill we spent £4m…..and wenger even said price was one of the major factors…..his priority is being cheap, not signing quality.

  53. DaleDaGooner

    We can sing the Inler song..(myself included) fucking stubborn goat won’t buy him….that’s the annoying part..I am all for buying quality, and i can understand that buyin them when they are the flavor of the month is quite difficult, but when the market on them is dead, you return back and make an offer..This is where Wenger is a cunt. No one is really looking at players like Inler right now, at least not the more ambitious ones, but he won’t, Wenger needs to come out and explain to us why he prefers to take credit for bringing unknowns in, it aint working anymore…and the obsession on certain types of players and buying up youth is failing, I’d argued that before, but seeing we SOLD NORDTVEIT outright, Wenger just proved that he is fucking stupid, I don’t know if he was any good, but what was the point of having him without playing him in one single game that mattered? Perhaps business gone bad behind the scenes with Agents..

    again, my last comment has to do with the behind the scenes issue with getting quality players, but coupled with that, there is an air of arrogance with Wenger’s management.

  54. Keyser

    PattheGooner – No-one’s selling you it, it’s there to see, Vermaelen’s fist choice, Djourou’s been at the club longer than both and he plays as long as he stays fit.

  55. BillikenGooner

    The fact is, and we all know it, that Wenger won’t buy anyone this winter, and if… if he does, it will most likely be someone we haven’t heard of or barely heard of, so throwing around any big or semi big signings is just daydreaming.

  56. patthegooner

    Djourou has been fit most of the season, but hardly ever got a look in. Kosser and Squillaci are probably even considered his first options with Vermaelen out.

    Everyone has been banging the Djourou drum all season, but it is always the French back four.

  57. DaleDaGooner

    gambon, AA23 wasn’t for sale for less than 20m, we paid 16m and i think at 20m, it would have been a rip off.

    Again, Berbatov wasn’t for sale, i still think at 32m, it was a rip off…

    Reyes, at 18million would have been outright rip off, good player, mental wasn’t there.

    Mascherano at his price, to sit on the bench and not get played often? is looking like a rip off…and you suggest him cause you think we should have gone for him…AGAIN, you misplace the players mental state, DO you think because we are ARSENAL, we can command anyone to play for us?? Masch wanted out of England! period, no amount of money would have kept him in England.

  58. gambon


    Why does it matter if we make so many changes?

    The only first XI player being sold in my list is Flappy, who is fucking useless.

  59. Keyser

    gambon – and replace him with Benzema ?!

    The only business we need to do is to bring players in, fuck this Championship manager stuff, it’s retarded.

    Van Persie’s got until the end of the season now, if we’re bringing Benzema in it wouldn’t be to replace Van Persie, we’d need someone different.

  60. patthegooner

    Its honest though Keyser

    And I bet you there are a lot of gooners out there that are secretly pleased when certain players get crocked. They might not admit it but I bet a lot are thinking it.

  61. patthegooner

    And if I heard that Denilson was out for the season I would be over the moon especially if it meant getting Ramsey back at the club and forcing Wengers hand to buy some cover for Song.

  62. Keyser

    PattheGooner – You’re talking rubbish now, would people drop the french back four thing, that has to be one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.

    Because Djourou’s what ? Chinese ? He speaks French as it fucking is.

  63. DaleDaGooner

    pat…JD himself twitted that he was still trying to find his full fitness….we don’t want to break him before he gets that, do we?

  64. patthegooner

    And do you know why I feel like that?

    Because the only way that Wenger drops the muppets is for them to be injured. If they stay fit, he plays and plays and plays them until they put in a one in ten average performance and then trys to say “see I told you so” even though they are dog shit for 95% of the time

  65. DaleDaGooner

    Keyser…CORRECT! I’m as upset as anyone, but rational thinking and choice words should be in perspective. Djourou was born in Ivory Coast, a French speaking West African country, he grew up in Sitzerland and speaks swiss and French as many Swiss do..so stop the “French back four” “abuse” if it is…it makes your comments seem irrational.

  66. patthegooner


    I bet you that even if Djourou was 100% fit, he would not get the nod above Kos and Squil.

    Keyser it is not stupid at all. It makes perfect sense, Wenger is french and has always favoured french signings.

  67. gambon

    Lol, it is funny the way people talk about JD.

    Let me spell it out to make it easy for you….HE IS NOT OUR FIRST CHOICE CB!

    Hence why he’s been on the bench most of the season.

    All that talk about his injury is bullshit, he’s been running since March…..it doesn’t take 9 months to get fit.

  68. patthegooner

    Sorry, its my opinion

    I have seen games this season where previously either Kosser, Squil or Clichy have fucked up big time. Both Djourou and Gibbs were fit and yet the french back four gets the nod.

    i dont think it is completely a French thing, I think it is the stubborness that he has bought and has faith in his two new signings and sticks with them.

  69. A

    gambon JD has said he’s still not 100%. Yes it can take that long to get fit, he didn’t start getting fit properly in footballing terms until pre season, and he’s just about getting there, improving with every game.

    I’d expect him to start any big game now, certainly until Vermaelen is back.

  70. patthegooner

    And when Vermaelen does get back, I just pray that he plays alongside him.

    I think our back five with those two Szczesny in goal, Sagna at RB and Gibbs at LB would be very good.

  71. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Djourou speaks French, you make little sense with that and I’m going to put it down to frustration because you sound a bit hysterical if you truly believe it.

    I’m just going to sound rude if I carry this conversation on and you deserve more than that, so sorry.

  72. A

    I do rate Koscielny pat, he has alot of talent and I think he’ll become a very good player for us but I agree atm, JD would compliment Vermy much better. JD and Kos individually against Chelsea were superb and worked very very well as a pairing. It would be the same make up with JD and Vermy in terms of style of play, although Vermy is better than Kos!

    Why Szczesny in goal?! Fabianski still hasn’t done anything wrong…. I agree about Gibbs too, hopefully he’ll be fit sooner rather than later

  73. Keyser

    gambon – Our squad is supplemented with a lot of youth players making it through, to sell soo many and to bring that many back in is just going to perpetuate the inconsistency we’ve seen over the past few years.

    You either bring players in now and let them fight it out, or you leave it until the end of the season and see who you can get rid of.

  74. DaleDaGooner

    Just a refresher, at the beginning of the season, Djourou and Vermaelen got the games, Djourou looked unfit and looked bad, a lot wrote him off, Djourou was to start last season before getting injured, he would have gotten the games Gallas couldn’t be fit for. the problem to the equation of our 4 CB was waiting so long and getting Squillaci last minute and admitting money was a factor…other than that, I would have been happy with a partnership of Jagielka and Vermaelen, with JD and Kos as back ups. That was the original plan. AGAIN, Because I am stuck in 1998, Moyes is never keen on selling players to rivals, he’ll make sure he gets well above the players worth. I’d give up on signing Lescott if it was proving difficult and would never cough up 25 million for him..i’m sorry, that’s me, I’d pay 15 to 17 million, but not more than that…does that make me cheap? Well matter of opinion.

  75. patthegooner

    No worries Keyser, It is a frustration that has built up all season.

    A, Newcastle and last night against Wigan, I know you dont think Fabianski was at fault, but I think even Arsene has admitted that he was. I have watched the replay of that goal time after time, and I honestly think that most keepers would have dealt with it.

  76. patthegooner

    Jagielka would have been a good signing Dale

    As would Cahill and Jones, and I am sure the latter two would have been available.

    Lescott was overated imo and built his reputation on the fact he was playing with Jagielka.

  77. Keyser

    Jones ? Wouldn’t want any of those players, if we’re bringing someone in it should be someone who’s quicker and stronger than either of them.

  78. A

    pat I agree about Newcastle, although I have no idea how he could be blamed in any way for last night. If it had been any other keeper in the prem the result would’ve been no different and noone would have batted an eyelid….

  79. Keyser

    Pat – I looked at the goal, and honestly if we concede a corner and there’s two headers in the box and we lose both, I don’t think you can blame the keeper.

  80. patthegooner

    Phil Jones at Blackburn Keyser

    I think he is going to be an awesome CB. He is already playing well beyond his years.

    Crocked for the season now though.

    Another frustration is that Wenger has called for the leader in the defence, yet he has just bought these two!!! Surely that was a trait that would have been looked for during the scouting process.

  81. Keyser

    I say blame, I mean don’t blame him too much, I still think he did ball watch a bit and should have held his position a bit more.

  82. DaleDaGooner

    I also think we are getting it wrong with the statement “financial quality, as a factor” He wanted the Hangeland’s,Jagielka’s and Cahill for excess over 10 million he offered close to 17 for Jags, Moyes wasn’t interested. Now Jags is an injury prone defender, so spending 20 million on a half fit player is reckless, In my opinion, the financial quality he was referring to was in terms of getting Squillaci for 4 million, not his other targets, but that particular last minute target, he had tried to get the players at what he valued them for and the selling teams DID NOT want to part, Mertesacker was well on his way had his team been interested to hear an offer, Had Moyes really wanted to let Jags go (after letting Lescott go) it would be for something only Man City would offer, maybe we are suggesting we should always go to war with Manchester City..that is where i argue with fantasy signings, As much as a lot of us like to think we are lining Wengers greedy pocket, i think there is a limit to the madness of throwing money at make or break flavor of the month signings. I agree that you set your self a target of 17m to 20 million for a SOLID centerback, not one that shows today and turns off tomorrow in a mid table, or just cause they are English, I like Jags, but he isn’t worth 20+ million, he sure won’t change what we are experiencing in our defense. Gallas didn’t change it and he was way better than Jagielka, Cahill or Jones.

  83. A

    pat i agree about jones, he looks like a good prospect, far better than the ridiculously overhyped cahill, and previously lescott

  84. patthegooner

    And who lost the headers Keyser?

    I dont think Fabianski knew what to do, he panicked and he was neither here nor there. I think a better keeper would have dealt with the ball when it was headed back across

  85. Raynor

    I make you right Dale. I think Jagielka is better than what we currently have, but I’d honestly be pretty gutted if we paid anywhere near 17m for him. Stupid, and much over-inflated prices due to him being English. Gallas even now still better than Jagielka.

  86. DaleDaGooner

    I also think Spahic, instead of Squillaci would have been a better option, A lot groaned about it, but he is better at closing down than what Squillaci is showing…Problem is, he said he was on his way to Arsenal, his team said NO, that was an unknown, who captained his national team.

  87. JJ

    Why don’t we ever let the ref know when they have made a bad decision? Koz should have let him know. You may say that arguing with the ref gets you nowhere but I disagree. I think we may have got the handball in the second half if we had let him know he made a mistake on the first. If we put pressure on the ref (like other teams) then the calls are more likely to go our way.

    By saying nothing we tell the ref that he is getting the calls right and is not going to help us in the rest of the game when he has tough calls to make. He knows that if he rules against us we won’t complain so that is always going to be his easiest option.

    We have seen this time and time again with this weak-minded team. Cesc is the only one who pressures the ref.

  88. Keyser

    Never really paid attention to Jones, did he play in midfield for them at one point ?!

    Fabisnaki could have done better with his positioning, Squillaci should have been more alert with his man.

  89. DaleDaGooner

    A, then that proves my argument, as much as i still think Wenger has his issues, it’s not all him, he’d be stupid and really unfit if players he wanted were available for a fair price and the player absolutely wanted to come…players like Arshavin, even if Barca was a 1st choice, he considered us second choice and paid his own way to us.
    Chamakh is a gooner and was free
    Now we wnated Babel (not saying his great or good) but Ajax preferred to sell him to Liverpool rather us, we could afford him, the selling team just chose.
    Jagielka, even if we offered 20 milion, think he wasn’t keen to come.

    Frimpong was tweeting with Andy Carroll to move to the Emirates, he pretty much told him to fuck off, hell no! in a nice tweet. Point is even if we paid the over inflated price for Carrol, would he want to move to us?

    These are the things fans should consider when accusing and naming fantasy players for us.

    VdV WAS CHEAP, BUT THERE IS A MYSTERY as to why Manure, Bayern, Chelsea etc didn’t get him before the cocks, i mean, the cocks got VdV for 8 million, it sneaked right by all the bigger dogs. Maureen must have not wanted to sell to anyone but the cocks.

  90. zeus

    The transfer window opens on Jan 1st?

    The only thing that Wenger will be on the look out for is a CB. And he already has his excuse in place for not buying. TV5 will be back at the end of January. Until he doesn’t.

  91. BillikenGooner

    That is the truth.

    We will hear all January long that we have 3 quality CBs with one to return at the end of the month so there is no need to disrupt the squad, then come February we will learn Vermaelen is out for the season.

  92. Rickys had enough

    While wenger is incharge I will never go to another arsenal game.


    (Im expecting some backlash from the wenger faithfull for this) lol.

  93. DaleDaGooner

    It’s the usual, Arsenal makes money during January window, rather than buy, we will make a lot of loan money, and not buy (unless it’s dirt cheap or we are in OBVIOUS crisis) We have started by harping on how Nordtveit will be the future and Now has been sold for a tidy profit…Board is in it for the bi’ness!

  94. Samir Nasri Is Infact Andy McNab


    Thankyou for your earlier comment!

    The Koscielny debate will rage all season until he does not play with Squillaci on a regular basis.

    Koscielny looked a wall in the Emirates Cup and more so against Liverpool when partnered with Vermaelen. In the times he’s partnered Djourou, we’ve beat Newcastle 4-0, where both looked immense and more to the point, against Chelsea. Yes, Koscielny could and should have done much better for that high ball, but he’s done much better than the likes of Gallas, Senderos, Vermaelen etc in recent seasons when facing Drogba. Isn’t that a marked improvement?

    Naturally, he’s the new kid with the hefty price tag and as a defender, his price tag will mean people are straining their eyes upon him.

    My finger of blame, lies at the feet of Squillaci. He looked solid in early games, where he was fresh, yet I don’t think neither he, Wenger, or anyone else expected him to play as many games as he has done. He’s simply not acclimatised to the league and it shows when put next to Koscielny. The two cannot play together.

  95. leon

    i realy dont think wenger expected squillaci to be starting that many games i see him as squad player a backup and as for koscielny has very good future needs time but i dont think they are good pairing,that was part of problem i think its baout time wenger starts thoe and put aa on the bench who has been the pits this season.either way wenger will do all transfer business in the summer unless players leave

  96. Hitman

    The whole defence was at fault for the equalizer. Flappy lost the flight of the ball…twice! The two defenders at the far post werent dominante enough. Squid got wrong side of his man ball watching. Basic errors you wouldnt expect from a pub team.
    But I agree that if Flappy has stayed on his spot there would have been no danger. He just cannot deal with crosses. Its a fatal flaw in his make up. Dont they practice this is training?

  97. goonermichael

    However, and this is a big one, Wigan managed to escape conceding a last-minute penalty in what could have been a huge moment in a hard-fought game. Somehow the officials missed a blatant handball by James McArthur who deflected Samir Nasri’s free kick away for a corner… off the palm of his hand! It was almost as bad as Birmingham’s equaliser against Manchester United on Monday night, but I’m going to avoid that argument for the time being.

    This is from a Latics fan site

  98. Hitman

    Kozzer looks like a retard. Plays like one as well. I do not understand anyone who thinks this guy will make it in England. Has 2nd division written all over him.
    He has cost us enough pts this season already. He was abysmal yesterday.

  99. Hitman

    Sir Harry Rednapp. Gooner fan & winner of treble in 2011 and Euro 2012 would be the automatic choice to replace the underachieving Monsieur Wenger.

  100. gambon


    Mr Bean could do a better job. Plus he doesn’t talk so we wouldn’t have to put up with all the bullshit post match comments.

  101. kenyangooner

    wenger has no idea how difficult it is being an arsenal fan esp in kenya.when the mancs beat us at the grove in the cl match, an arse fan commited suicide.on monday when we beat the chavs, some 2 chavski fans, angry at the result, beat an arse fan to death…

  102. Rohan

    Koscielny was not abysmal yesterday. Have some perspective.

    And I agree goonermichael, I can’t stand the thought of cunts like Mourinho, Redknapp, Big Sam et al being our manager. I take Wenger every fucking day.

  103. Rohan

    I don’t know whether you were trying to be funny but the very fact that this is on an Arsenal blog is nothing short of disgraceful.

    Hitman says:
    December 30, 2010 at 19:23
    Sir Harry Rednapp. Gooner fan & winner of treble in 2011 and Euro 2012 would be the automatic choice to replace the underachieving Monsieur Wenger.

  104. Pedro

    I don’t know why people worry so much about life after Arsene Wenger.

    Whoever comes in will have loads of money, the best facilities in the world and a great youth set up.

    Pelligrini would be a good manager, Van Gaal, hell, even Moyes would interest me. Maybe not Owen Coyle, only because he’s a bit dim.

  105. goonermichael

    That’s what I meant about genius or a cunt gambon. Wenger will probably never win the league again but he’s better than most in the prem. redknapp has done fuck all yet so I’d wait until he does before I praise the twitchy cunt. Hodgeson was supposed to be a good manager look at the bindippers. Wenger isn’t good enough for us anymore but he’s not a “retard”.

  106. rrobbins

    it astounds me that they lacked drive and aggressiveness in the second half given the results of sitting back this season. why he changed the defense made no sense. its crazy