Wenger spotted with big gun shooting himself in the foot… again

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The first goal went Wigan’s way in the shape of a penalty. Charles N’Zogbia broke into the box, Kozzer stuck a leg out, he went over … the ref blew up. Many are saying it was a dive, for me, it was very close. Once again, it’s a shoddy piece of defending from our centre back. More importantly, where the hell was Eboue in this situation, or more to the point, why would you rest your only fit left back and put a right back who ALWAYS struggles at left back in his place? The penalty was rifled home by Watson.

The next half an hour was absolutely diabolical. The players lacked focus, match practice and the know how to dismantle a plucky Wigan side. Thankfully Diaby picked up an injury and Jack Wilshere managed to find his way onto the pitch. You really have to question the worth of keeping Diaby about. He’s hugely inconsistent when he is fit… and being fit really is a rarity. He’s never had a good season, yet we place so much importance on him as a first teamer. A waste of time.

Arshavin went from zero to hero after he acrobatically turned in a saved Nik Bendtner shot. 1o minutes later he was at it again when he picked up the ball in the middle of the park, whizzed round a few Wigan players, slipped Nik in who was on hand to slot home for what we hoped was the winner.

The second half started like Wenger had shown the boys a few card tricks at half time. They came out with hardly any focus or drive, seemingly content to just play out for 2-1. Not the mentality I would have taken with a defence as shambolic as ours.

Arshavin went close but was denied by a good Al’Habsi block.

N’Zogbia set the warning light off when he forced a good save from Fabianski. The Frenchman was causing alsorts of problems until he decided to head butt Wilshere. He was sent off, you hoped the game was over, but sadly, it wasn’t.

Wigan won a corner. Arsenal set up for it with virtually no one communicating with each other. The corner was flighted to the back post, Fabianski thought about it and didn’t go for it, Sagna and Koscielny kind of followed the ball, Rodallega nodded back, Squillaci wasn’t goal side of his man and he bundled it home for their equaliser.

Typically, we’d conceded from a set piece (50% of our conceded goals come from set pieces).

Wenger, despite seeing his team struggle, only made substitutions in the 84th minute. Theo and Nasri were brought on to shake things up, which they did but it was to no avail. We dropped 2 crucial points in the Premiership battle against relegation fodder and Wenger once again showed himself up as a man who can’t be trusted to make the right decisions.

There will be plenty of people banging the, ‘it’s not such a bad result’ drum this morning, there always is, however, I think they’re missing the point. Dropping points has a psychological impact on the team. Putting a winning sequence going was of paramount importance. Capitalising on dropped United points was also important and we failed to do it.

Why make 8 changes to the starting line up? Did Ancellotti, Ferguson or Redknapp do that for their teams? Of course they didn’t. Perhaps that’s why United fans didn’t have the same reaction to their draw as Arsenal fans have to last nights farce.

Our players didn’t need a rest, they already had one after the Stoke game was cancelled. If resting is so important, why don’t we train less like United, Spurs and Chelsea? What is the point in having the youngest team in the Universe if their fitness is poorer than older teams? Wenger is the man who has said on numerous occasions that making more than 3 changes to a squad in a summer is disruptive. If he sees that, why can’t he see making 8 changes to a starting line up is probably going to end in tears?

People will point out that I was full of praise after the Chelsea game and now I’m not. Well, of course I’m not. The Chelsea game was about superb selection, the right mentality and great tactics. Last night was about over cautious team selection, jiggery pokery in the extreme and a lack lustre performance.

I could accept 3 changes from the weekend, but 8? What the hell was he thinking? He disrespected Wigan and he disrespected our title challenge. How can Wenger not share the same winning mentality the fans do?

We’re still up there in the mix but we’ve got a coach who is making silly mistakes when there is no pressure to make them. Yesterdays team selection was almost a show of petulance from a coach who still refuses to believe there is a huge amount of deadwood in the squad. Here are the mistakes…

  • Dropping your best defender in the air against a team who toppled you from set pieces last year.
  • Starting far too many players who weren’t match fit
  • Making subs too late in the game when it was obvious we were struggling
  • Playing Nik Bendtner outwide when he’s clearly a striker
  • Playing a right back at left back
  • Admitting that his players don’t communicate from corners.

We’ve conceded 22 goals and kept 4 clean sheets in 19 games. This off the back of a promise to sort out the defence in the summer. It’s not good enough and we’re kidding ourselves if we think defending like that for the next month will leave us in the mix for the title. Wenger needs to admit he made mistakes signing cheap foreign imports and get his cheque book out and remedy his errors before he blows the best chance he’s had in 6 seasons to win the league.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this Wenger pearler.

‘I felt we produced an outstanding performance and we are frustrated not to have won the game.’

Am I being blinded by the wool Wenger has just pulled over my eyes?

Here are some additional comments on the game from the Grovers.


Eboue at LB? WTF is wrong with Clichy, as much as I want glass ankles Mk II to take over, I would rather Gael than EE.

Fabianksi made agreat save just before the goal after some very average defending from several players, but he was nowhere for the goal.

Squid was poor tonight, why oh why was he wrong side of the guy for the goal, he had no chance once he was on the wrong side, he was either going to head it in or his man would have.


We are on course to concede 44 goals and keep 8 cleansheets.

Since 02/03 on average you need to keep 19 cleansheets and concede 24 to win the pl.


I am not going to be too critical of Wenger’s changes tonight, these are 1st team squad players who could and should have done better.

I am critical of his lack of nonce in changing it when it looked like they were creeping back into the game though, and sadly it is a trait we see from him over and over again.

I would not even mind so much if he learnt from it, but when you hear his post match, it is like he sees a whole different game.


Yes we should be looking for penalty decisions. Look for everything you f*cking can from the game, people whack skippy over Fergie and his teams, they’ll do everything they possibly can to win.

You don’t stand there and accept it when you know it’s wrong, do something about it.

I think in all seriousness that’s transmitted to the players now. Diaby was right, there simply isn’t enough fan pressure.


I cant agree we need to up our c*ntitude.

We up the c*ntivity and the refs take it upon themselves to protect the home team.

Take the Evra case from last year.

Was very proud of my team for the rotational fouling but the ref started handing out yellow cards for first time offenses.

We get nothing.

But more importantly we also shoot ourselves in the foot.

Wenger is brilliant at shooting himself in the foot.

Finally, a video that sums up being an Arsenal fan from Dan & Telarse

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662 Responses to “Wenger spotted with big gun shooting himself in the foot… again”

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  1. TKing1982Gooner

    You can’t defend properly if every game the defenders are changed. When was the last time we had a 2 central defenders playing two games in a row together?

  2. Richaldo

    Woeful last night… it was like the players slept through the 2nd half…..

    Can’t argue though, no one can come here and say we deserved to win that game. Wrong team selection, wrong application, wrong drive…

    We still have a long long way to go if we are going to win this league, and it’s not like everyone else isn’t giving us any chances….

    Still… legendary goal from Arshavin!!!!

  3. Doublegooner


    You can add to the comments;


    His decisions would get lesser managers the sack.

    This drives fans mad..but face facts..
    Redknapp is currently a better manager & tactician than our egomaniac. People says being stubborn is clever..Quite the opposite in Wengers case.

  4. telarse

    If Spurs get Scott Parker next month and finish above us I’ll thqueam and thqueam until I’m thick!!

    Wasn’t that match an exact repeat of the West Ham match where we didn’t bring on attacking subs when we were dominating and went on to drop points?

  5. dennisdamenace

    As per last night……

    Once again Arsene Wenger is the single biggest factor that will cost Arsenal any chance of the title….

    The same defensive problems that have cost us for the past 3, 4, 5 seasons are there for EVERYONE to see, and yet STILL Arsene Wenger has not addressed them.

    Play your best team EVERYTIME, trying once again to shoehorn too many substandard players into the first team to prove that the likes of Eboue, Denilson et al are worthy of being Arsenal first teamers. The mug will never learn, and as a result we will never win this league.

    Poor players, poor coaching, poor management………..normal service has been resumed.

  6. nuudles

    Great post, agree completely. Eboue took the ball up and then hovered around the box (but not in the mix of things mind you) for at least 30 seconds, he should have realised that his job was done and tracked back thereby covering NZogbia…

  7. nuudles

    A case of what could have been… Their penalty was not a penalty, the clear handball on our late fk, Arsh should have done much better when he was through and 1 on 1, Eboue was camping in their half when he should have tracked back leading to their penalty, … all massive errors.

    But according to me the biggest mistake was Fabianski’s positioning when they scored their second: neither here nor there, just like he was in no-man’s land with the Chelsea goal. He didn’t really challenge Rodallega in the air, nor did he cover his near post (where he should have been), he was just somewhere in between. If he was on his near post he could easily have tracked back when Rodallega put the header across and tipped the ball over/punched it clear. It really seems like Fabianski is just a man with good reflexes and who is quite acrobatic (and with decent kicks), those qualities alone a good goalkeeper does not make… You need to have a great positional awareness, command authority, and effective decision making (clearly his biggest weakness otherwise he wouldn’t so often find himself in no-man’s land).

    Denilson had one or 2 ok moments, but for the biggest part he wasn’t moving and put in shocking passes (i.e. gave away the ball). We looked much more solid defensively when Wilshere was on, even though he made a number of rash challenges, at least he tried. Sagna’s defence was immense, he saved our bacon on plenty of occasions.

    Arshavin was absolutely no-where, yes he put in a spectacular finish and assisted Bendtner on the second goal (nothing special from Arsh on the second, he just passed to Bendtner). He didn’t even look at the ball at times, something big is wrong with our little genius… And don’t get me started on his “defence”, it does not help you try to cover someone but then you give them 4-6 yards space, to close someone down you really have to close them down.

    Bendtner was mostly absent, he showed that he is a cool and calm finisher (and once again Chamakh showed he does not know how to pull the trigger). Chamakh’s hold up and linking play (and movement) was decent, but him + Bendy don’t work at all together.

    Squillacci had another shocker, I think we are just a level too high for him. Kos was ok apart from the penalty, he won quite a number of headers and made good tackles like when Rodallega ran at him, not the easiest thing in the world…

    Rosicky tried but somehow tried too hard and his passing was way off on many occasions.

    As a team we were too absent for too long periods. The end of the first half we made a lot off passes and closed effectively, they looked dead and out, but then we were completely absent for almost the full second half.

  8. shootsscores

    top post.
    30 mins from the final whistle u could see that the 1 goal lead was not going to last so why didnt wenger make the changes then!?
    For someone with such brains, hes quite stupid

  9. nuudles

    Sorry to keep banging on about it, but Fabianski out!!

    Either the kid Chezzer needs to be promoted and we have Fabianski as back-up (and dodgy backup at that) or we need to get in Reina or similar and play the kid as back-up.

    Fabianski is not a goalkeeper, he is simply a shot stopper (a decent one at that), but shot stopping doesnt help if you are in the wrong place half the time.

    A decent keeper like Lehman would have stayed on his post, tracked back when the header came in and tipped it over. I know that that is what Chezzer would have done…

    Feels like a loss!

  10. choy

    Morning all..

    We can’t defend, we can’t keep clean sheets when it matters.

    It will be a miracle if we win the league!

  11. GoonerT1m

    Excellent Pedro, love the clip at the end. When will the manager learn?….I think it’s too late for him, he’s lost his ability to judge a good player….also the playing of players out of position is sooooooooo annoying. As for the gk….arghhhhhh

  12. nuudles

    bnsb, THAT was not a penalty because we really did not deserve to win, yes one do have matches where you grind out a win by scoring the odd lucky goal, but even then you win because you defended well/better than the other team, last night we did not deserve to win save from the last 10 mins or so in the first half

    agree that it should have been a penalty, but we didnt deserve it still

  13. Timzy2

    It’s a joke, we might as well have just drew against Chelsea and won at wigan. SORT IT OUT wenger, overyone else in the whole world know that we NEED a new top class defender, stick chezzer in goal or sign some1 better, and a decent DM, we already have some class midfielders but we need a real DM

  14. simon mcmahon

    fucking lack of respect costs us again
    1. lack of respect to the opposition
    2.lack of respect to the fans
    3. lack of respect to the players who played a blinder against chelsea.
    4.lack of respect to the Idea of actually defensive coaching .


  15. Sahara

    Rosicky seems to have lost it. Save for 1 assist some games ago, you never get the feeling that he will make a telling contribution. An incredible slump.

  16. nuudles

    choy, it is impossible to win the league when we defend like that, even against chelsea when we were 2 ahead just after they scored I felt “here we go again”

    I can bet you a manc supporter does not feel they will lose the lead if they are 2 up with their current defence (vidic+ferdinant+van der sar+2 fullbacks) playing

    we throw away too many leads/have to dig ourselves out of too many holes because of our leaky defence, it should be better when we had players like henry, bergkamp, bobby, etc to make the digging easier, but even then they could not score all the time

    look at all the past world cups, they were not won by the most flamboyant attacking teams, they were won by team who first and foremost had a solid defence, and then a decent attack in front of the solid defence

  17. Gooneroo

    Last season, Chelsea at the emirates and wigan away we took 0 points, this season we’ve taken 4..although this is an improvement, it should’ve been 6!!!!!

    Btw, nailed on penalty. Geoff/Pedro: what’s your take on the peno, and who do u think was at fault for conceding late???

  18. simon mcmahon

    rosicky is playing on easy street, and thats wenger’s fault, no big game performances since everton at home last year, he is finished ,he got his new two year contract and is now strolling on the pitch , looks fat and slow, and wenger makes him captain ,it’s a disgrace to our club that wenger whore’s out the armband,

  19. goonnneeeerrrrr

    Like we didn’t know the Chelsea game was a one-off as far as this team is concerned.
    The Arsenal will never again win a thing with AW in charge – that’s including the Carling Cup but excluding the Emirates Cup.

  20. SUGA3

    as I said last night, there are only 2 people that are to blame here: Wenger and Fabianski…

    I don’t blame AW for making all these changesthe first XI, as we would have won this game, had he pulled his head out of his arse and made the necessary subs…

    by waiting to make subs until the 85th minute after conceding the second goal, he disrespected the away fans who sang their hearts out, clamouring for the subs from about 55th minute when we were getting overrun and conceding was only a matter of time (with 35 minutes left, that is)…

    as for Fabianski – well, we have seen Fabianski of old and I am really not interested in seeing if he bounces back or not – Szczesny in!

  21. Rocky7

    Yesterday I spent most of the day watching 100 best goals in history of premier league and champions league. Loads of our goals were featured…

    Fuck, how we used to steam roll our opposition… Squeeze the life out of them , batter them in the tackle, and counter in a split second.

    Our present team couldn’t batter a mars bar .

    Last night really came as no surprise, we all knew he was going to ‘rotate’ , and everyone groaned when the team shite was announced.

    Same old usual suspects. I doubt denilson would get into any other team in the premiership.

    Fabianski would struggle in the championship.

    Bendtners goals don’t disguise the fact he is woeful.

    But on a good not nice seeing AA23 trying to prove a point, he still has it in him, if he had some decent players around him last night he would probably bagged a hatrick tho.

  22. Matt

    This team cannot defend a one goal lead to save our lives. It seems the only way we can see games out these days is if we are two or three goals up.

    If he wasnt going to start with Nasri and Theo, he should have brought them on earlier.

    All his talk about beating Chelsea means nothign if we dont beat Wigan, and then he makes that team selection. Absoloute insult and slap in the face. Arrogant, arrogant old twat!!

  23. nuudles

    To add to my previous point on the defence and what you can draw from compos such as the previous world cups: look at the winning teams’ goalkeepers: Cassilas and Bufon, both tremendous gk’s, both dominant in their areas, both shouting at their defences, and good shot stoppers. Fabianski can only stop shots, if we want to be one of the big boys then we need a true ig boy goalkeeper, Chezzer looks like he could be one, but he is possibly too young still, either play him or get an established older gk with the required characteristics untill Chezzer is ready (if he is not already).

  24. alfie noakes

    Biggest crimes last night:

    1. Dropping JD
    2. Dropping Clichy for Eboue..????
    3. Not selling Diaby, how is he still there.
    4. Bendtner as a winger..????
    5. Admiting there is no communication between defenders.

    There was one wigan player in the arsenal box, surrounded by about 6 Arsenal players when Squid headed that into the goal. I think Wenger has lost the plot, either that or he wants to win the title in the hardest possible way, so he can appear even greater..

  25. greg

    To whom it may concern.

    I know that to you this may be an insignificant e-mail and I know that you may pass it off as an impulsive act. However,I can assure you that there are thousands of Arsenal supporters, in the DW Stadium, in London, in England and around the world that have the same impulse running through them at this exact moment.

    I’m talking about disappointment, regret, anger and even embarrassment at the fact that we had to watch a team like that walk out wearing such a famous jersey and put on a display which belonged to the Sunday league. It is even more disappointing considering the enormous respect the team and manager earned after the win against Chelsea two days ago. I feel like the club, the manager and to a lesser extent the team, have taken us the fans for complete and utter fools. We follow our Arsenal wherever they may go, we fill up the stadium week after week, we buy memorabilia and scarves and shirts and yet when it comes to rewarding the fans with quality, the club has come short.

    These are not thoughts based on tonight’s game alone. We have endured five years now of this media- spun hope, or rather hype, and then the ebb and flow of inconsistency, low quality and poor delivery from a team that is clearly lacking in key areas. And yet the club continues to take us on this ride even as supporters become more restless, former legends more critical and the most knowledgeable if football pundits saying the same thing year after year. I truly hope someone at the club is assigned to gauge the mood of the fans on websites and blogs and columns because then you would have a better idea of what I am talking about. The unfortunate fact of the matter is: Arsenal Football Club are being ignorant and naïve and this is a sad fact. The club may not lose many supporters now but if things are not rectified quickly and efficiently you may lose the future supporters for good.

    Tonight I feel truly embarrassed by what I witnessed. I cannot believe that the manager thinks the fans want to see a team like that wear the Arsenal shirt. It was dismal and it was pathetic. I feel disrespected because I cannot believe that you think I will accept this. This is our football club and I feel that the we have been taken along for a ride for which we have been ripped off. If this is the culmination of the grand plan for Arsenal’s future I am ashamed for the club. If this is how the manager treats the fans then I will inform you that I am disgusted.

    One fan may not be able to influence what happens at our football club but I hope u realise that we will not be taken for fools. I don’t expect this to be read by anyone that really matters but that is ok. I love this club and I don’t want to see it lose its passion and pride. The fans and the club will be here long after the people who are slowly demoralising us leave. I just hope that when the do, they leave a legacy to be proud of and not of vacant promises and unfulfilled potential.

    Yours sincerely
    G. Charalambous

  26. Pedro

    Guys, I have two spares going for the City game… £120 for the pair.

    Anyone interested before I put them out to the masses?

  27. SUGA3


    I would rather see Szczesny make a few mistakes and learn from them, rather than Fabianski who can string a run of a few good games together, then all of the sudden do a few fuckups (arguably, he was at fault or the Chelsea goal and the equaliser y’day)…

  28. Hitman

    ‘We’re still in the mix’? I dont think so.
    Watch Utd and City (post Dzeko) zoom ahead.
    Unless we buy a decent centre back we are goners. Laurent & Hardy (another fine mess) are two of worst signings Wenger has made in his 14 years at AFC.
    We have the weakest squad, mentally weakest and worst defence of the top 5. My prediction – we end up 5th unless we buy quality in the window

  29. Wengclough

    Villa away we conceded a header in our 6 yard box, Chelsea home we conceded a header in our 6 yard box, last night we conceded a header in our 6 yard box. That is the goalkeepers domain and Brian Clough mark 2 looks all confused that we continually concede from these situations?

  30. lordhillwood

    bang on the money sadly, as long as wenger won’t do defensive drills in training this flood of dead balls will not stop , how is it a 30 yr old centre half doesnt know he must be goal side of the guy he is marking?

    8 changes and diaby not even match fit absoulutely ridiculous and disrespectful to our fans who travelled up there and cataclismic to team moral instead of keeping 8 out of 11 who beat chelsea resting rvp and dj and cesc out via suspension we had a patchwork quilt with a fucking great hole in the middle sewn by diaby who clearly isnt up to the task at all, i suspect he inherited the sex dvd of wenger pascal cygan had and passed to senderos , and denilson . Please dont quote stats yes he completes a lot of passes mainly sideways ineffective passes, he needed jack to run the game. diaby cannot run a bath, so we threw away 3 points but its bigger than this. If wenger stopped rotating aka fiddling with winning teams confidence would be higher and we would be 9 points better off top of the league and laughing instead we again waste effort and need to rely on other , buy a dm cos we need a song replacement and get a defensive coach and put Szczesny in goal , how many fuck ups by Fabianski do we need to see he is Almunia 2 ?

  31. ore

    the 2nd goal was coming for a long time and he didnt make any tactical changes to prevent it
    wenger needs to take long at himself as a manager or brings some one elseto help him out

  32. big ernie

    Quite simple – our first team (even with a rocky defence)on their day, they can mix it with the best. The squad is not good enough, that is why we will miss out again this year. Arsene won’t admit it, as it would be conceding that he is wrong and he won’t / can’t do that, it would mean he would have to change and break out of his inner delusion. Don’t get me wrong, I love what he has done for the club, but I now want more – 5 season without a trophy is a long time for a top club. I was baffled by last night, 8 changes, replacing top players with sub standard players. Eboue at left back ? Diaby and Denilson in midfield ….. WTF ? sorry Arsene, I think you are starting to loose it and your delusions are hurting the club now – wake up or ship out !

  33. Hitman

    When Cloughie spent record transfer fee on Peter Shilton eyebrows were raised. So much money on a keeper?
    But Cloughie knew the importance of a great keeper.
    A league title and 2 European titles later so did everyone else.

  34. nuudles

    agree SUGA3, give the kid a chance, even the manager compared him to Van Der Sar who started at Ajax when he was around 19 years old in the 90’s, saying that if you are really really good then you can. Arsene put your money where your mouth is and play Chezzer, in the games he has played thus far he has not done much wrong, and much better to let him learn from his mistakes than Fabianski not learning from his…

    In Fabianski’s defence: he is not a goalkeeper, not at this level at least. One cannot teach effective decision-making and goalkeeping positioning (to a degree) as it is heavily based on instincts for natural born keepers like Reina, VDS, Cech and even evident in Chezzer.

  35. galviniho

    6 points from the next two games and we still sit pretty. I think overreaction by Arsenal fans is a joke sometimes.

    Vermelean is desperately needed. I agree we should have made only 4 changes and really keep the defence the same.

    You have to question Fabianski for their second goal. I think Chesney would have done better and for me I’d rather see him in goal.

    I would also call Lansbury back as Diaby is not fit. Lansbury has great energy and that is what you need off the bench.

  36. SUGA3


    to be honest, all AW needed to see was Fabianski’s game against Shakhtar when he still played for Legia Warsaw – fuck me, same shit: going walkabout, flapping and all that…

    ZERO progress!!!

  37. bnsb

    bnsb, THAT was not a penalty because we really did not deserve to win, yes one do have matches where you grind out a win by scoring the odd lucky goal, but even then you win because you defended well/better than the other team, last night we did not deserve to win save from the last 10 mins or so in the first half

    agree that it should have been a penalty, but we didnt deserve it still

    Wow, great explanation 🙂

  38. Arse&Nose©

    Diaby was awful, hate to say it but his injury was a blessing in disguise. Wilshire turned the game in our favour. Shame our CB’s kept getting caught out, Sagna was the only one holding the back-line together.

    Its January in a couple of days, if we don’t solve our defensive problems say bye bye to the season.

  39. ramcesc

    Comfort Zone

    1. Wenger comfortable finishing within top four
    2. Wenger preserving his kids
    3. Kids playing with no urgency

    Only fans are uncomfortable…..

    Where is the Hunger for more……….

    No killer instinct
    No Hunger for More

  40. Wengclough

    Clough was a genius back in the day as pointed out by hitman but he left Forest when after getting them relegated. Even the very best decline and Wenger is on the way down.

  41. Tunde

    I doubt we will end the season out of top 4, vermy will soon be back and will most definitely partner djourouh, squilcielny will go back to the bench i pray so my prediction for the season will be a top4 finish and the carling cup.

    PS: one of the two clowns will have to rotationally partner one of djourouh or vermy in the carling cup, play them both at the same time and that will be goodbye to the carling cup.

  42. Joppa

    Spot on as always LG. A real shame this came so soon after the Chelsea game as I think other teams would would have looked at that performance and been worried.

    Wenger is going to do it his way though and for the third time in four seasons it looks as if will shall blow a great chance to win the title.

  43. nuudles

    so spuds are 3 points behind us and play fulham at home while chelsea are 2 behind us and play villa at home, what are the odds we lose away to birmingham and they both win, moving chelsea 1 in front and spuds equal on points? (althoug we will still be ahead on goal diffs)

    the match thereafter spuds play everton away and chelsea play wolves away while we play citeh home, so it is quite possible that we are 5th this time next week, would that cause wenger/the board to wake up?

    on the other hand a win from all 3 our next matches and we could be very close to leading the table as mancs have 2 away games (one at the spuds) and a tough home game to stoke, so what is the possibility that we can suddenly perform consistently?

  44. Rocky7

    The truth is no team fears us any more…. They know if they have a pop at us they have a chance.

    I respect a man that holds his hand up to mistakes. AW has never, nor will ever…

    Hence Alumnia The Spanish waiters mystery injuries.( prob dropped the plates in his foot)

    it’s clear fabianski has no natural instinct for goalkeeping. He can stop a shot. But a goalkeeper he definately is not.

    But you can’t really blame him, denilson etc etc

    they don’t pick the team…..

  45. nuudles

    also we are going to be playing man city at a difficult time as they are in decent away form taking 4 wins and a draw from their last 5 away games, gonna be a tough january!

  46. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – Doesn’t Wenger sit down with his coaches to discuss ‘possible’ lineups for up and coming games then??

  47. Pedro

    DDM, he’s a dictator. No one speaks out against him. I think it’s him and Pat Rice… that’s it. I very much doubt Pat has a pop either.

  48. In off the squid

    Winning the league is about continuity ie continuing a winning run for as long as possible by fielding your strongest possible team and allowing its confidence to grow without interruption perhaps resting one or two as required.Last nights team was put out without a forceful leader, without an established play maker and a midfield hard man.We used to have all three in PV4 The result was we gave away 2 points.Not much logic in the selection- surely the time to rest players is at home-not at places like Wigan.

  49. 78692

    Lassana Diarra will be at the centre of a bidding war in January as Manchester United and Tottenham both prepare bids for the Real Madrid midfielder.
    Full story: caughtoffside.com

    Arsenal and Manchester United are on the trail of Barcelona midfielder Thiago Alcantara.
    Full story: talkSPORT

    Arsenal striker Carlos Vela is being chased by a host of La Liga clubs, including Valencia, Villarreal and Atletico Madrid.
    Full story: talkSPORT

    Meanwhile, the Gunners are set to sell 20-year-old Norwegian defender Havard Nordtveit to German side Borussia Moenchengladbach in an £800,000 deal.
    Full story: Daily Mail

    However, striker Nicklas Bendtner says he will not be leaving Arsenal in January after vowing to fight for his place. The Dane has previously voiced his frustration over his lack of first-team football.
    Full story: Daily Mirror

  50. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – So, (for instance) if the defensive coaches drill (yeh that’s happening isn’t it) the defenders against set pieces, and they make the professional assessment that defenders A, B, C and D will be the right unit against say Wigan, Wenger just goes with his own (unbalanced) decision?

  51. 78692

    Spuds after Beckham

    Tottenham head a list of six Premier League teams attempting to sign midfielder David Beckham on a two-month loan deal from Major League Soccer side Los Angeles Galaxy.

    Full story: Daily Mirror

  52. Pedro

    DDM, every decision is Arsene Wenger’s at Arsenal. He is in total control of everything. That’s why our methods are so dated.

  53. dennisdamenace

    It seems to me that players are picked not on form, not on the up and coming opposition, but for (in some circumstances) to rest/rotate, but more obviously to give perennial failures yet another chance to not fail….

  54. Talia

    We draw against Wigan and you lose it big time.

    “Did Ancellotti, Ferguson or Redknapp do that for their teams?” Well no, you’re right there.

    Ancellotti – because he’s got no one else to play, a job to protect, and anything other than a win would spell further freefall and a mug of Polonium.

    Ferguson – again no. Again he’s got a nada bench, and it tells you something when his best player in the Birmingham fiasco was Giggs.

    And Redknapp? Honest Harry? Our next national manager? Difficult to know where to start with this one, so I won’t even bother. Shame on you.

    You do remember the last few seasons when, by this time of the year, all our important players were out injured and we had to fudge teamsheet after teamsheet for our ‘big’ matches?

    Last night we put in a 3-1 performance, but came away all square. Big deal. Get over it. Move on.

    And it’s nice to know that you only support an Arsenal with some select players and not others.

    You do realize football is a team sport? And that team includes the supporters.

    Mmmmmmmmmm? Thought not.

  55. realistic tony

    the worst arsenal defense i have ever seen. AW and the chuckle brothers in central defense!…what a joke!.3-0 against chelsea and we were all biting our nails. In the adams era…1-0 up and you put your feet up and relaxed watching the game finish 1-0 to the arsenal. Why drop djourou???? centre backs dont usually suffer tiredness as much as midfielders….ebouie????? nuff said!!! awful, lightweight sloppy…..

  56. dennisdamenace

    Those players who played against The Chavs (only two days ago) would’ve been flying, full of confidence, gagging to play again.

    What a ridiculous decision to make eight changes, to a winning team.

  57. TonyS

    One look at that Jo Yeates landlord and I was screaming at the TV “ARREST HIM NOW!!!!!”

    You didn’t need Luther or Lester Freamon to solve that case.

  58. Mark

    The old mans lost it, I think he got confused with win the league and win the cup, AW at home with Misses, All the other teams have played and we have Wigan so must be league cup, i’ve got a team for that! At JJB PR hey boss what are you doing you’ve got the wrong team sheet! Ops a bit late oh well no one will mind if we win……

  59. goonermichael

    Former Arsenal captain Frank McLintock reckons Andrey Arshavin is one of the most frustrating players in the Premier League.

    The Gunners legend knows how talented the Russian is, he just wishes he wasn’t so bloody lazy…!


  60. SUGA3

    look, it was pretty simple and it was the same basic error AW made last season in the same fixture: not making subs early enough to give the opposition something to think about other than how to construct another attack!

    the whole second half was all about Wigan knocking on the door and leaving stupid amount of space behind them – introducing Theo and Nasri for Rosicky and Bendy/Chamakh would simply do the bloody trick!

  61. boozy

    i said this earlier, that arry is a far better tactician than venger.

    the spuds have played there last 2 games with 10 men, but arry technical adjustments were just outstanding.

    that said – i’ll take a win against chelsea and wigan draw, than the other way anyday.

  62. patthegooner

    “Nobody looks from the outside to take charge on the organisation side,”

    “There is no voice when the focus drops a little bit. You don’t feel that anybody takes charge on alertness and we need to communicate much better than that.”

    Arsene what you are calling for there is leadership. Sadly this is not something you can work on in training, it is a natural trait that players either have or dont have.

    So who would be responsible for this organisation. in my mind it would be either the keeper or one of the two CB’s. What do they have in common? they are players that Arsene has brought to the club, two of which came in last summer. So who is responsible? WENGER.

    This is what happens when your transfer policy is to buy cheap with a hope they might come good, and I am sorry but one of either Squilacci or Koscielny were bought as the 1st choice partner for Vermaelen. And both are poor. I cant understand people sticking up for Kosser, maybe we have been slowly brainwashed into accepting poorer quality, so when they do the basics right they are suddenly WC. Bullshit. put it plain and simple, how much better were Sol Campbell or Tony Adams than Koscielny or Squilacci? At least ten times. They are not leaders and even if they were, I feel they are too worried about their own games given how out of their depth they are to worry about sorting out the defence for a corner.

    But anyway, in Wenger’s words he has identified (correctly) where the problems are. The only snag is he will do jack shit about it.

    There are two ways we can solve the communication issue with the keeper and they both involve getting Almunia and Fabianski out of the club. You can either promote Sceszney NOW who does organise his defence, or you bit the bullet and buy a top top keeper (which we should have done when Lehmann left)

    As for the CB’s, the only way is to spend the kind of money that buys you a top top CB, and Arsene have a look at their leadership traits before signing them.

    We have the money and I am convinced we could get Reinna and Per Mertersacker in Jan

    And I would not leave it there either. Once again Denilson has been given the nod to stand in for Song and once again he has been shown up for what he is….Average and out of position.

    Why do we persist in this. FFS buy a fucking DM. It should have happened when Gilberto, Flamini and Diarra left, but oh no, lets use the square brick round hole policy to fix it.

    So three players are still needed, without them, we have only a mathematical chance of winning this title.

  63. abnet

    it took him one year to dismantle the invincibles and it took him one day an invincible team performance i think he is improving his shityiness

  64. big dave

    went last night totally blame wenger for this his team he put out the subs he disrespect for the fans players out of position , Denilson why? diaby why? poor CB cheers Arsene!

  65. Rokabox

    I agree with patthegooner,wenger should’ve made changes earlier when some of the arsenal players were obviously ran out of steam and wigan were pressing harder and harder. Happened many times you wonder what the heck!?

  66. dennisdamenace

    ptg – He says that like it’s a surprise, like it’s suddenly just dawned on him!! FFS, what has he been watching for the past three or four seasons??

    Don’t get your hopes up though, this is the same fella who “identified’ our pro

  67. SUGA3

    funny thing is that withe right subs at the right time, we could have and should have pulled that off!

    so, it’s a case of AW’s matchday management and tactical ineptitude exposed – again!

    to be honest, I begin to think that us beating Chelsea happened in spite of him, thanks to the players pulling their shit together to regain some pride rather than thanks to his ‘genius’…

  68. dennisdamenace

    ptg – He says that like it’s a surprise, like it’s suddenly just dawned on him!! FFS, what has he been watching for the past three or four seasons??

    Don’t get your hopes up though, this is the same fella who “identified’ our problem with dealing with high balls down the middle and stated he would deal with the problem.

    Clueless, just fucking clueless, and all those words of wisdom for £6m + bonuses a year…..

  69. LAzer

    I am sorry but that was absolute amateur management. We were probably lucky to lose Diaby, Wilshere played amazing in midfield.

    And why the fuck is Rosicky captain, he never fucking does anything. Typical typical Arsenal. Wenger you senile fucking miserable blind cunt. A child could have seen we needed a sub in the 60th min.

    A shockingly bad game by Eboue, Denilson, Diaby before he went off. Squillachi didn’t do himself any favors, I think overall he has been a shit cheap buy. At least with Kos you can see the potential. Fuck you mr. Wenger for these 2 pts lost.

  70. azed

    Wenger and d board are comfortable cos we d fans accept shite n complain on legrove….remember 2 seasons ago when we booed eboue at the emirates?? wenger took him off..
    I have given up on d prem already…would gladly take 5th if i’m assured there’ll be no denishitson, or squlacci or eboue next season..

  71. This is England

    big dave if only the team showed as much passion as you away boys,you were outstanding again last night and deserve better.

  72. LAzer

    These are the kinds of days I would want to be in front of Wenger and tell him I don’t give a ffuck if you won two days ago, a mistake is a mistake is a mistake now swallow your damn pride, admit it and don’t ever fucking make it again. What a bastard. And than the bitch has the nerve to say we will see in the end if the 2 pts make a difference. No fucking shit sherlock they will make a difference.

    Alright boys rant over. We ain’t winning this thing. Lets take the kiddie cup home, maybe we can get a FA in there too somehow.

  73. Gooner4Ever

    Very good post Pedro.
    Agree on nearly everything you wrote,but I think,you left out a very important moment in the match,and that is the clear penalty in yhe last minute,from Nasri’s freekick.It was exactly the same offence Cesc did against the Spuds.A case of two referees applying the rules against Arsenal.Web awraded a penalty against us while Probert ignored the infringement

  74. LAzer

    Ya the prem ain’t happening, we will barely get top 4 and thats about it. Not with Wenger pulling shit like that, the miserable cunt. Brum is gonna cause us a lot of problems, the confidence will be shot all over again. Good fucking mess AGAIN Arsene.

  75. SUGA3


    we can pretty much assume that we will get a shit ride from the ref more often tham not and it is the manager’s job to make changes and take actions to take the game out of the ref’s reach, simple as that…

    last night it was bleeding obvious that we needed to change things no later than around 60th minute, yet OGL sat on his hands and did fuck all…

    even if the subs were to be made to knock them out of their rhythm, which was improving with every minute played…

    clueless cunt!

  76. nuudles

    good comments pat, completely agree that denilson is not good enough cover for song at the moment, either loan him out somewhere he can get constant game time (he is still young and although he is slow he might come good, he has captained brazil at every youth age group, says something) or sell him! point is we CAN NOT afford to give him lots of game time when he is playing so rubbish!!

    I would loan him out and get a proper dm: Mascherano if we are feeling spendy (haha, yeah right), Flamini, M’Vila…

    Question for you guys: do you think we could make a proper hybrid DM out of Ramsey & Wilshere combination? Or are they both too attack-minded to alternate the proper DM duties? (for me we could play both and have them alternate the dm duties depending on who is making a run, and when we are under pressure/defending a lead (ha again) then they could both drop back)

  77. dev

    the problem with AW is he is an idealist never a realist. maybe some delusion of grandeur thrown in with that. just pass him some ritalin or adderall he will be alright

  78. nuudles

    note on my previous question: i would still play song as my number 1 DM, but use Wilshere & Ramsey combination if Song is out/injured/rested.

    If we buy proper established DM I would alternate playing Ramsey & Wilshere and likewise alternate between Song & new DM.

  79. LAzer

    Give me a break about blaming the ref, no penalty blah blah blah. Wenger threw this game away, plain and simple. You can’t blame anyone else but him for this one. He is going senile.

  80. Doublegooner


    Wenger is indeed in control of literally everything.

    Fiszman is ill & not sure now how strong he is, other than him we are rudderless.

    Ivan does what he’s told.

    Thats why our club is in a state of total limbo.

    Pat Rice isnt allowed to say or do much other than agree with ‘Le Boss’

  81. azed

    We d fans need to protest……anything that would make our displeasures heard….
    for 2 seasons now, we’ve been complaining in blogland.. how abt makin our voices heard???
    wenger promised to sort things out b4 d world cup cos they knew d fans where not happy plus it was time for season ticket renewals. if we wait till the end of season, same thing will happen.

  82. LAzer

    Come on you fellow Gooners….I can’t make it to the Emirates week after week but god if I could I would pass flyers, stage a sit in, wear an absuive t-shirt, write a fucking open memo to management…anything, absolutly anything to let the cunt know when hes made a mistake. I feel for the players at times…They must be muttering amongst themselves what a shit display of management that was.

  83. LAzer

    totally agreed Sug…this one is on Wenger. I want to make a 6 ft tall iron cast sign of the number 2 for the pts Wenger threw away and shove it up his ass.

    What a cunt. We will not win against City and Brum away is a tougher fixture than this and look what just happened.

    Can’t someone take a poster to the Emirates that says Arsene give us back our 2 pts.

  84. woody

    Funny how Wenger has gone from his statement “WE DON’T NEED TO BUY”-To “WE ARE VIEWING PLAYERS DURING THE JANUARY WINDOW.????????????????????”

    The man is answerable to NO ONE,AND WHILE HE’S the manager we will not go forward with the players we have.

    Common knoweledge really.

  85. SongtheGreat

    great post ..

    and me i simply hate wenger thats it…hate him deep down…

    when winning becomes secondary you have right at all to be a manager…football will always be about winning…take that away and there is no football left…

    dont really know why im bothering being angry..this is what you get when you’re club is run by a blind dictator…why cant you just feck off wenger…

    and gazidis mate you are one feckin rotten egg…

  86. incesc

    despite koz and squid being the worst defensive pairing in the league and fabianski not being able to deal with any kind of cross, wenger wont buy anyone.

  87. LAzer

    Those are doctored fucking twitter posts…they would never post a single comment we would make here on le grove cause not one of us would say that is an acceptable result or it is understandable he had to make eight changes.

    What utter rubbish. Geoff can’t we do something about this farce?? Can’t we arrange a sit in or something, at least some sort of show from the fans. You and Pedro have brought Gooners the world over, I am sure you have a lot of influence with the blog community and at the ground. Lets organize. Yesterdays result is unacceptable. So many things wrong with it and they are all solely Wenger’s fault really.

  88. nishanth

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we find out on feb 1 that Vermaelen is out for the rest of the season and then Wenger can blame it on that injury

  89. LAzer

    Gazidis doesn’t give a shit abt winning or us…hes just a corporate yes man who looks for ways to make more money.

    Denilson and Diaby need to be sold, Eboue is good for nothing apart from a laugh, Fabinski isn’t good enough nor is Squillachi, Arshavin is either given up on us or just is a lazy bastard who will never change and Wenger needs to sort his shit out.

    FUCK U Wenger!! post that on your fans page Arse.com you bullshit propaganda machine.

  90. incesc

    if he signs a massive nutter of a keeper we might do it with vermalaen coming back.

    im fed up of playing fifa and having a shit keeper who lets everything in.

    especially online where everyone is barce or real and they have great keepers which are harder to score against.

  91. SUGA3


    with his ‘return date’ set for the last week in January, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will play one game and get subbed midway through with a ‘recurrence’…

    then it will be ‘too late’ to buy a replacement!

  92. incesc


    why you laying into arshavin?

    without him we lose 2-0 last night.

    superb goal and great ball for the second, he nearly got the 3rd…

    great player.

  93. azed

    agree with lazer
    Geoff/pedro we need to organise a serious protest this january…
    imagine if we could boycutt d shitty game??
    That would send a big loud message.

  94. patthegooner


    I think we should try Sceszney against Birmingham and City. If it works great leave him as No.1, if it doesnt, we need to buy in Jan

    Fabianski has cost us 5 points already this season, Keepers cost us a lot more than that every season. When will Wenger learn???

  95. SUGA3

    Arshavin is a type of a person that loses his respect for the management if they are making shit decisions – IMO, he will perform under anybody who can make well reasoned decisions, team selections, subs and choose tactics!

  96. patthegooner

    The time for protest isnt now.

    We still sit 3rd and only a few points behind a stuttering Man Utd. We also have a Cup semi coming up and are still in the CL.

    Wenger is not going to leave now, and nothing you could do next week will have any effect on what he does in the transfer window.

    If a protest is to happen, then you should wait until May and see where we are.

    personally I would have liked Arsene to step down a couple of years ago, but there is no benefit in him leaving now.

  97. SUGA3

    AW doesn’t rate the roles of a good GK or a good, vocal captain, then he is surprised that no one takes responsibility for the corners and other set pieces!

    you just couldn’t make this shit up!

  98. incesc


    last season i worked it out that our keepers cost us 12-15 points.

    Its crazy.

    I do like chesney, but is a young inexeperienced keeper really the missing piece to win us this league??

    not sure.

  99. incesc

    oh and if our keepers hadnt cost us 12 points we would have finished top last year!

    still cant believe he had all summer and didnt buy a keeper.

  100. patthegooner

    Nor am I Incesc, but I think you have to give him the chance. age is not important, if he is good enough, get him in there. I guess at least he will learn from his mistakes.

    Mind you I said that about Fabianski and he doesnt learn

  101. patthegooner

    And I think Wengers comments about no communication points to the younger pole getting the nod on saturday.

    Communication and organisation are traits that come naturally and whilst training helps it wont be enough.

    Koscielny, Squillaci and Fabianski don’t have those traits naturally.

  102. incesc

    also this whole, our defenders get exposed because of our attacking philosophy thing is bollocks if we conceded 50% of goals from set peices where everyone comes back to defend.

    its just so frustrating, why wont he buy a proper keeper and defence. They dont even have to be world beaters, just above average and we will walk the league. Why does he insist on having absolute dross at the back and in goal?

  103. nishanth

    We have looked a lot better defensively when chesney has kept.I know he has played only like 4 games.But even against united they didn’t create that many chances(I know we did play a stronger lineup that day but still).Denilson should really play for Arsenal again.I can’t remember how many times i have said this.

  104. SUGA3

    ptg, incesc,

    having watched Polish league and other games where they might have been involved, I have seen enough of both Fabianski and Szczesny before they even came here to know that the former is pants and the latter is the mutt’s nuts…

    I have been saying that Fabianski keeps on making the same mistakes and learning fuck all, no?

    whereas Szczesny has all the ingredients to become a top, top GK!

    I’d say get him in NOW, he won’t do much worse than the other clowns we have!

    and no, we won’t win the league this season!