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Yesterday Chris Samba of Blackburn persuasion made it clear to his new owners that he would like out this transfer window, if he had the chance. The thought of not playing stylish football under Big Sam was just too much for the boy to handle.

Now, I know he’s probably not world going to be winning any Ballon D’ors in the next couple of seasons, but he’s big, strong and extremely capable in the air. He’s also been playing for a team that’s given us enough grief over the years. He’s battle hardened, he’s 26 years old and he has over 100 appearances to his name in the Premiership. Could he be an option at the back for us?  Would it do us any harm to have a leader and a communicator in the team? Could he be the beast to Vermaelen’s beauty?

According to many Arsenal fans… no.

It was flagged to me he would be incapable of playing Arsenal’s highline defence. Well, in retort to that accusation, I have to ask, can our of our defenders play in a high line?

I don’t have his speed stats to hand, all I know is that he is dominant in the air and he is a traditional defender. John Terry has never had bundles of pace, yet he has plenty of trophies in his cabinet. Sometimes you need a mix of players each specialising in different areas.

Now, I’m not saying lets run out and buy him, I’m merely asking why Arsenal fans get more excited about Sakho and Spahic than they would over a prove Premier League defender?

Why do Arsenal never look to the league for their defenders when there are clearly plenty of good ones who could do the job

Phil Jagielka is a top defender, I don’t think there are too many arguments against that. Gary Cahill has been having a good season over at Bolton. Brede Hangeland has been ever present in the Fulham starting 11 for 3 seasons now and would be a great asset for Arsenal. How about Roger Johnson at Birmingham? He’s been bossing their defence over the past season. Why not Leighton Baines of Everton if Clichy buggered off to Real Madrid?

Arsenal seem more interested in buying unknown French quantities than they do in looking at the less fashionable names who are already doing it over here. Who’s to say that put in the right environment with better facilities, better trainers these players wouldn’t flourish? I get the impression that if the old back 4 were available today, we wouldn’t have signed them… for me that is sad and disappointing.

Sometimes, it would be nice if substance over style were on the minds of our scouts.

In other news, many Arsenal fans were excited concerned when they read this cryptic message on Denilson’s twitter…

_denilson15 Will take arsenal with me to the rest of my life…….

Yeah, some of us were ruing the moment we prematurely celebrated the Brazilians excellent career at Arsenal. Yep, that vintage bottle of Dom certainly didn’t taste as good when I read this a few hours later…

_denilson15 4 the last time guys….. l am arsenal 2day…..2moro..and….4ever

Oh marvellous. I’m so pleased for him…

I have to say, I’m not too fussed, that £11million would have only sat in the bank gaining a miserly amount of interest anyway. If we did happen to sell Denilson to the highest bidder in the summer, who could we sign?

Well, there’s Etienne Capoue, officially scouted by the Grovers over the past few seasons. He’s a tough tackling, no nonsense holding midfielder who is French and on the under 21 scene. There is also his team mate Yann M’Vila who has also been a scouting target of many of the Grovers. He plays for Rennes, has all the attributes needed to succeed in the Premiership and his name is nice and easy to spell.

Failing that… let’s get Lee Cattermole in!

In other news, another of our European scouts has been checking out Barcelona to see if he can detect and weaknesses, Colm Naish had this to say on his recent visit to the Camp Nou…

‘ Bilbao held Barca to a scorless draw the other night at the Nou Camp. they forced them wide by keeping the back four very narrow (it looked like the 4 backs were in place directly in front of the 18 yard box)   then dealing with their crosses. Barca ended up having the likes of Pique running into the box trying to get on the end of crosses to score. they couldn’t play through the middle the way they like to. With effective counter attacking this might be something to think about…Hope Wenger was watching.’

Colm, that’s a sweet thought, but we can be pretty certain Wenger wouldn’t have been watching! Anyway, there’s some food for thought there… perhaps someone should write out a banner with the word tactics emblazoned on it at the Emirates, you know, jolt his memory!

Finally, Johnny saw Le Grove as the most culturally relevant art football blog in the blogosphere and has asked us to showcase his new piece of work titled, ‘The Professor of Science 14’, which represents the players of Wenger’s 14 seasons at Arsenal, there’s a shot of it below and you can follow the link to buy a print of it and see it in the gallery.


Click image to see the detail

Have a great day Grovers, don’t drink and drive!
P.S. If you like David Dein, this article is a no go for you… scathing! If you expected shiny new players this January, don’t read this

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Yes, A, that’s why i put a quotation on his reported 17 million, i reckon Arsh is our record signing at 15 to 16 million GBP.

  2. David

    Reyes cost us 17million to date.

    That money has already been accounted for, what he initially cost us has nothing to do with how much we paid.

  3. David

    If by toss you mean loan then yes Dale that wouldnt be a bad idea.

    It would be nice to acquire a defender that has EPL experience for once.

  4. A

    Don’t know who is quicker David, just the general impression I get. Vidic isn’t constantly done for pace or Utd would concede more, he is at times, and Torres did give him a torrid time in one or maybe two games.

    Generally Samba is big and slow when you watch him, Vidic isn’t quite as big and isn’t as slow.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Ok, David, so you want Chro Samba then? just so i understand…i’d like Chris Samba to, but he’d have to come in for good price and he’d have to prove he should start over Koscielny….right now, we are debating about nothing..Kos is what we have and i’m tired of people moaning about nothing, the dude is not poor, far from it, not because i say so, but because i can see he is a good footballer, just cause France has not called him up does not mean he is poor. Drogba exploded on the scene well after he turned 26.

    I rate some players at 20 or more..infact if Barca offered us Xavi, as old as he is, I’d take him at 20 miilion

  6. A

    Reyes didn’t cost us £17 mil at all David.

    Reyes COULD have cost us £17 mil with all the add ons, if he’d scored a certain number of goals, played a certain number of games, and lifted certain trophies with us, but he didn’t. Reyes will ultimately have cost us around the £10 mil mark

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Why loan him out? to who? I wonder why Yoonited didn’t loan Vidic out when he was poor his first few months…

  8. DaleDaGooner

    Agree with A, Reyes NEVER cost us 17 million up front or even till date…even Koscielny has not cost us the full 10 million everyone seems to harp on about…there are certain things he needs to accomplish before we can pay 10 million to Lorient..Walcott is now nearing cost of 12 million..just nearing.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Pienaar had a chance to move to Yoonited, but he said no and is considering the cocks…hmmmm, the cocks must be putting stuff in the tea they serve over there at WHL.

  10. David

    oh ok A,

    I must have read that wrong.

    Dale Untd didnt loan out Vidic because he was an established international with bags of experience. He was the player of the year at every club he played for and was captain for both previous club and country.

    Just who the fuck is Koscienly?

  11. A

    Wouldn’t even say that Theo is nearing the £12 mil mark Dale – it’d be dependent on trophies as well, which we havn’t managed! £x mil for prem, £x mil for champs league.

    As you say Kos will be instalments too

  12. DaleDaGooner

    An Arsenal player….I guess we should HAVE LOANED OUT CESC FABREGAS, WHO THE FUCK WAS HE IN THE SPANISH SETUP? He constantly is benched and sometimes don’t even come of it. While we are at it, why didn’t we loan out Clichy, between Evra and Abidal and other establish French left backs we never stood a chance.

  13. A

    Actually yeah Vidic had been a regular for a season or so when he signed for Utd, because he was (a bit) hyped in that qualifying, euro or world cup.

    nothing like subotic/sakho etc hype though

  14. DaleDaGooner

    A…maybe if Koscielny accepted Polands call it would make fans like David sleep better that he is an established International. Chris Smalling, how many caps for the senior side? Yoonited will loan him out, who the fuck is he.

  15. A

    Koscielny’s start to life in the prem is no worse than Vidic’s was – I just hope he settles and develops in the same way!

  16. DaleDaGooner

    Because Koscielny is an Arsenal player, he’ll be looked at and maybe you can be satisfied that he is an international player. That makes a world class player.

  17. David


    Ofcoarse Vidic was a regular for them they didnt call them the “famous Four” four nothing.

    Why didnt we loan out Fabregas?



    What sort of question is that.

    Well for starters Fabregas came in and hit the ground running.

  18. Rohan

    David would you really take Smalling over Koscielny?

    Have you even seen him play this season? He’s been worse than Silvestre.

  19. A

    Smalling has 9 premier league starts to his name, Koscielny 12.

    That’s how many league starts Smalling has in professional football too, compared to some 90 for Koscielny.

    To compare the two in terms of experience is just laughable.

  20. A

    David international football doesn’t do shit in terms of making you a better player!!!!

    All international football is used for in terms of rating a player as a categorisation of how highly they’re thought of, if they’ve been rated highly enough by their national manager to be called up.

    It does nothing for how good a player is, bar POSSIBLY give them a bit of confidence

  21. Stu

    When you’re talking about such few games comparing EPL experience between Koscielny and Smalling is pointless. Neither of them have any.

    Also, international experience has fuck all to do with anything at club level in this case. Smalling has only had a call up because the defender availability crisis in the engerland set up…as well as Capello being a bit of a twat with his team selection.

  22. David

    Lmfao A!

    Youre a funny one,

    How bout you go and look up the minutes theyve played just for old times sake.

    EPL experience is more valuable than second division french football. But you see things differently.

  23. DaleDaGooner

    A…hey, i’m only saying, Maybe Yoonited should loan Smalling out now…seeing as he is to replace Rio very soon. And I bring up Smalling cause it was Smalling we were supposed to get, not Kos…i bet you he would be much accepted than Kos…

  24. DaleDaGooner

    Stu, A, Rohan….no point in arguing with the boy…hknows fuck all about what he is saying, yet calling people retards. Smalling??? compared to Koscielny?

  25. David

    Youre a shocking idiot Dale,

    See i tried to keep it civilized but youre just too thick to reason with.

    Arent you the one that brought up smalling in this debate?

  26. Stu

    Smalling is absolutely shit now too. I dont know why we or united even fought over him. He has literally cost his a team a goal in every game (last season anyway, havent seen him this).

  27. sixx pac

    I was one of those who called for a Samba signing last year. I think he’d be a good 4th choice behind the first team pair if Kozzer and Verm and backup Johan.

  28. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro, with the amount of quality players out there, how can you say International experience justifies paying huge money? It does benefits players in terms of how they are regarded and confidence, but it isn’t everything, there are too many players even a country struggles for selection.

  29. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro…can you tell david to stop trying to be a smart ass when he is having a talk with anyone? I believe this is why Jacob was canned.

  30. Pedro

    Dale, if you’ve been selected to play in a world cup, you’ll have more value to your name.

    As a player, if you’ve never done it at a world cup, you’ll never be remembered in the same way as those that have performed.

    Like Andy Cole… or even Ian Wright.

  31. DaleDaGooner

    I disagree with A sometimes, but i don’t think he is a troll, far from it. I don’t call you a troll Pedro, far from it too and we have numerous disagreements. But please check how many times David feels he needs to respond to me with insults.

  32. DaleDaGooner

    Well, Lucas has been selected to play for Brazil…does that make him worth a bunch of money? We are talking of any form of International call up, not just World cup..that’s different, that’s special occassion. Ronaldinho wasn’t called up last WC, he’ll still command a hefty fee if he were to move within Europe.

  33. DaleDaGooner

    Lets not get lost in the International thing…someone who didn’t know how to debate brought that up as a criteria for Koscielny being shit ATM.

    My point is, lets stop writing the lad off, we all know deep down he has footballing qualities there. With the right tactics, he’ll be very effective.

    Chris Samba is a welcome addition, but not the solution.

    And I asked, Would it make the Kos bashers happy had we got our target? Chris Smalling?

  34. David

    Even by your own reckoning A,

    Surely a player with more confidence is better than one without confidence?

    Prime example could be Fabianski?

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Evidence that Wenger had plans to get a future number 6 was when he went after Smalling, Obviously Djourou was to partner Vermaelen while Smalling and whoever would be back ups.

  36. David

    I never brought up smalling but since you brought him up

    Smalling has started 8 times in the league and kept 4 clean sheets.

    Koscienly has started 12 times and kept 1 clean sheet.

  37. Pedro

    Dale, a troll is someone who comes on a site under multiple guises… I can assure you, David isn’t a troll.

    You also called him a cunt in the last ten mins! Six of one, half a dozen of the other!

    This is the blog of love… can’t we all just get along!

  38. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro, I assure you, David an a few others you allow to post here are trolls

    “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

    David has time and time again provoked unnecessary arguments with me, why insulting me…i only responded to his provocations.

  39. zeus

    Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho says he should be the front-runner for all the major individual accolades in 2010 for leading Inter to a historic treble last season.

    Mourinho guided the club to Serie A, Coppa Italia and Champions League success in the 2009-10 campaign before joining Madrid as their coach in the summer.

    However, having led Spain to their maiden World Cup triumph in South Africa in the summer, Vicente del Bosque appears to be in pole position to win the Fifa Ballon d’Or award in the coaches’ category, and this, Mourinho, believes, is unfair.

    “Me, I’ve made my choice. 11 months’ work, 57 matches played, three titles including the most important of all, ‘THE’ tournament – the Champions League,” Mourinho told la Gazzetta dello Sport. “I have won everything, I could not do any more than that, equally so for the players.”

    The Portuguese further slammed the omission of Inter playmaker Wesley Sneijder from the final three nominees for the Ballon d’Or award in the players’ category.

    He added: “If the winner is Andres Iniesta, who unhappily was not able to play for the first five months of the year because of injury, but after that played six matches and scored a goal in South Africa [the winner in the World Cup final], then anything can happen in the year of a World Cup final and the rest counts for nothing.”

    Mourinho also praised AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who joined the Rossoneri from Barcelona in the summer.

    “I am only sorry that they didn’t get to know the real Ibra: the one at Barca wasn’t him and I don’t know why,” said the 47-year-old.

    “But he is a phenomenon. I don’t know if you understand: he has won nine league titles in a row in nine seasons with five teams.”

    Talk about COCK-y.